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Eddie's GraveThe ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for


All the pages are not yet hooked up, but as they fill out, I will post a note here and you can go and see for yourself. 

New (2nd) Contact page is hooked up.  You can find information on contacting the Parole Board to Free Richard, HERE


Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October Issue, available at newsstands now.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.

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March 19, 2007 Printer Version

Election Time

Amazing! There is an election for Tribal Council, but most of you have no clue!  It is April 17, 2007 9 AM to 7 PM.

They would not think to post on their web site because no one ever goes to that hunk-a-junk.  They put it in their once every-so-often newspaper!  I say, those of you who have the newspaper, keep it as it will be a collectors' item for failed enterprises of the SLN!

They give you almost no notice of the upcoming election.  No one has been campaigning.  This gives them absolute expectation that they will again, be elected for another 4 years.  I say, get together NOW and talk amongst yourselves as to who will run for what and get behind that person and support them. 

Look around, you KNOW who the decent people are.  They don't have to be YOUR friends, just people you know are better than the garbage that is in there now, ripping you off and making you feel helpless.

My source on this tells me that there is more info:  This is how they make it so that no one can run against them:  Keep it a secret, notify the public as late as can be, and restrict anyone's ability to oppose them.  These are crooks, thieves and they need to be pulled out of there.

Here's the rest of the "requirements"

I just started looking at the blog - the election is Tuesday, April 17, 2007 the times are actually 9 am to 7 pm - that can be address later, but in reading the finer print a second time, this needs to be posted:

The dates/times for candidates to file!!!

MY-RA! Yooo-Hooo!

Myra Hunt, who was very helpful to the Tribal Council in in her position as Clerk.  Helping Myra Pearson, and her offspring, Zit Puppet to disregard petitions, is now carrying a petition of her own to be reinstated!  Seems that she too, has found that she is "disposable" to the Turdclan and their covey of crooks.  She wants her job back.  Been out of it for a month.  Well, so much for "real friends" eh, Myra?

Your daughter, Deanna, the still-married-to-Mark Lufkins-who-follows-*Village-Bicycle-Woman-like-a-puppy-dog, better look elsewhere for her favors now.  (*The Village Bicycle is one that everyone has had a ride on).

Not that Mark is worth keeping, and probably will not survive his over use of drugs and alcohol, what with him presently bleeding through the nose uncontrollably, and all.  But he was your connection to all the perks, and now, you got Zippo the Hippo, Nada-bo-Bada, Zilch. 

Should have done the good work of helping the people when you had the chance.  Now you are just a Turdclan throw away.

Drunks Do Not Get Slam Dunks

Despite it being an "open secret" that Coach Sean Gourd supplies the Basketball team with drugs and alcohol, many of you, and I don't blame you, hung your hopes on them keeping it together to make you proud, and they let you down.

They all went with Coach Gourd and got drunk and puked out their energy the night before the big game.  Some of you still want to call them heroes because, after all, they had such huge hangovers, and they played anyways!  Talk about your twisted logic!

The team, the Home Town Heroes were total Zeroes on the court.  They were laughed at by every team out there.  What a display of drunken Indian stereo-typing.  If you want the stereo-typing to end, then stop being it.

You never cared for the people that supported you and believed in you.  You were only in it to be popular, get indiscriminate sex and the diseases that go with that, be one of the "cool dudes" and you are losers!

You have no team spirit, no sense of integrity or of how much you let the people down.  You flat did not care.  All you want to do is party.  I give you an A in partying.  You can figure the next two letters after that for yourselves.


Your School knows you are a bunch of drunks and druggies.  They know the coaches and the teachers encourage that kind of behavior.  For as bad and destructive as all that is, I hold the coaches and the teachers, the principal and the school board accountable.  The team is made up of kids.  Their brains not yet fully developed and by every account, still very much in the "unable to connect the dots" stage of life.

You allowed these drunken, druggie coaches and teachers to "guide" them.  Where did you think it would take them?  To a championship?  To better living?  To a better future?  YOU, all of you who get paid to guide these children, are responsible for this criminal activity.

YOU allow the coach to coach and the teachers to teach and YOU ignore the complaints by parents and other teachers regarding the illegal and dangerous activities going on both on school grounds and in the homes and under the supervision of your Coaches and Teachers.

Those kids can't do better because the payoff is only if they go along with the bad behavior.  YOU are destroying the future of SLN!  You are contributing the criminal activity and YOU are responsible for any addictions and deaths as the result, direct result of your coaches and teachers fostering this behavior in those kids.

The team is taking the hit for this.  And they should be ashamed of their performance as clowns out there.  They made the whole community look bad.  But you should also keep in mind that it could be no other way because your corrupt system only allows those who are corrupt to rise to the top and get the big paychecks and have influence over these kids!

That coach should not only be fired, but investigated for criminal activity, child endangerment and contributing the the delinquency of the minors in their trust and care.

So, as those boys and girls are hanging their heads, your heads, ALL of them, should roll on this one!

Could you have made the point that your students are wasted, drugged out, clumsy, and drunk in a more embarrassing venue than STATE Championships? 

What are you waiting for!

Remember:  You gave thousands of dollars to people to party on, while an old woman had to choose between food and some heat for her home at her own expense.  Clearly, your values are not the kids, not the community and not the elders.

Your values are strictly and only, party time. 

When is the next funeral?  Gee, everyone gonna be surprised when another kid doesn't make it?  When another family buries a child?  When would be a good time to learn from these mistakes and disasters?  After the next child suicides or OD's?

Hey, Coach Gourd get a bonus in his pay for his hard work?


You can see how bad it is getting.  You must come together.

Yellow Fat

I see the Turdclan did finally do the give-away for James Yankton, Sr.  4 days late, but hey, they wanted to watch the game too!  Time was when there was a funeral or a memorial, Indians respected that event and did not go to the fun things, regardless, but to the respect events first.

Not so anymore. 

Now it is "do the respectful thing when it is convenient and doesn't interfere with any parties."

I hear they had a Medicine Man named Yellow Fat perform a ceremony that took over an hour.  The ceremony was to prevent Evil Spirits from coming in.

Apparently, either it did not work or ol' Yellow Fat not very good at it.  How do I know?  Because had the ceremony worked, Turdmother, for one, would have 'sploded like a rotten dog in the hot summer sun!

She was fine. So, not sure about ol' Yellow Fat there. 

I wonder if he knows their other, stronger, more favorite Medicine Man, Joe Tiona.  Ol' smokin' Joe is all Black Road and has done all their work for them in the past.  They just had to give him tobacco, the severed fingers of a dead man from time to time, and yes, a little boy that he could play with and do what he will for as long as he want. 

Wonder how they paid Yellow Fat?  Anyone missing a little boy? A severed finger?  No? Hmmm, wonder if Yellow Fat knows just how filled with evil that place was that he put all that smoke?  Most people, Medicine Road or not, would know.  They could smell it.

White SUV

No one seems to know what exactly happened to that stinky Zit Puppet that got busted driving a white SUV last Wednesday.  Considering that he doesn't own a White SUV, the mystery deepened.  However, and this could merely be co-inky-dink, the Badgers have a White SUV that they use.  I know Zit Puppet would just as easily walk over there and take whatever vehicle he wanted to.  Probably figured that driving a Law Enforcement Vehicle would make him untouchable.

He is untouchable, but it has nothing to do with what he drives and everything to do with what he rides.

The Question

The Question that we left off with in the last blog has received some interesting responses from out there.  A good question will do that.  Bring in more answers than anyone would expect.

Like I said, we will be examining that same question, from time to time, from this aspect and that, from this angle and that, as the blog continues rolling along.

Here is one person's take on it: I 2 I

Like the question at the end of your blog on the 16th. My answer to that question would go something like this:

In a perfect world we would be able to go back and change not only the injustice of the past done to all races but be able to change the mistakes made in our own lives by our OWN wrong choices--also know as 'the wisdom of 20/20 hindsight', but it isn't a perfect world.

The government does give out plenty of money to compensate for the broken promises of the past. Where does that money come from? It comes from the taxpayers of all races of this country.

Where does that money end up? At the Spirit Lake reservation it ends up in the bulging pockets, bank accounts, and scam ventures of your very own ELECTED tribal council.

Just maybe, instead of spending so much wasted time looking at what the 'white people' did to the ancestors, we should all look in the mirror. Ask yourself : Am I standing up with courage and doing anything to change the injustice, or am I just part of the problem by hiding under my blanket?

The only guarantee we have in this life is the present and if we don't stand up to the 'thugs' then we have lost this day's chance to help ourselves and our families. Life is all about change, life isn't the same each day, except in movies like Ground Hog Day.

The question: "How did the white man suffer." Maybe they were just being 'human'. They were trying to find a better life for themselves and their families. Yes, the ancestors were all forced to live on reservations, that wasn't right.

The fact is no one OWNS land, we use. we borrow, whatever patch of ground we call home, we truly OWN nothing but our body and spirit. We own our bad choices, we make our own happiness. The racist attitude only helps to keep us prisoner. If you need to blame anyone blame yourself, for letting innocent people rot in jail, blame yourself for letting the murderers and crooks run the reservation government. Blame yourself NOT THE WASHICHU (white man).
Cat, one thing your blog does is to make people think so you must be doing a good job.


I thank the writer of that piece.  There will be more.  I will put mine in and you can put yours in.  Keep it constructive.

I hope the writer is right and that what I am doing here is making it so that people think.  Thinking is important.  Just reacting plays into the hands of the powerful abusers who have, from contact, made the harm in your lives and everyone else's. 

They were the government sponsored genocides (Cavalry, army), the Government supported Churches: Catholic, Anglican, and others; and now the Government supported Thugs that run your lives into the gutter to this day. 

The rest of the country is forced into ignorance by bad history telling, racist mentality fostered from on high, and forced to pay for it all through taxes that only support the corruption and the corrupt.

Those who made their fortunes from exploiting the Indian Lands and all the lands, never paid a dime. 

So, either see that we are all in this together and we must save ourselves by working together, or continue your racist self-pitying ways and watch as your way of life continues to crumble in contempt and decency erode while you whine.  Do something.  Be and Indian you can be proud of!  Be an Indian your children will look up to!

You know where to find me.


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March 20, 2007 --Printer Version

Scaredy Cats

I have heard this from a number of people.  Essentially they are blown away by the way the Tribal Council has structured this election, and put the notice of it out in such a way that most of you would not even know it was in process if not for this blog!

They know that if there was a fair election, with time for a real campaign, and people to think about it, and pick the right person, they would not stand a chance at holding their chairs.  Now, they cancelled the meeting at the end of February so they would not have to discuss this at that time.  I guess, two weeks would have been too much for them to risk? 

So they rush this through, hoping no one will be able to sign up and run.  We should get the UN in here to observe how they do these "elections".  The third world dictators do it much the same way.  Only here, the Justice Department sanctions it.  So much for spreading Democracy around the globe!  We can't even be bothered with installing here, in the heart of the Turtle, where the people have been oppressed since contact!

Well, to start with, you know the Tribal Council is all afraid of y'all.  Stay persistent and keep at them.  Whatever you do, don't quit and lay down like a rug for them to walk all over you ever again. 

Not Qualified

Well, it looks like, according to the requirements to run for Tribal Council, neither Carl Walking Eagle nor Myra Pearson qualify.  As you can see by the Ronin documents in the documents section of this site, they list their addresses as somewhere in Minnesota, NOT in Spirit Lake Nation or Fort Totten. 

How many addresses can you have and still qualify?  Who knows!  I know that if any of you who are away at school can lose your home because it is not your address, even though you live there and are only away for schooling, even though you have lived in that community all or most of your lives, that the same should hold true for the Tribal Council. 

They list their addresses as elsewhere then elsewhere it is!  They are NOT qualified to run for office and should be struck from the ballots!

Zit Puppet, Serial Arrests

Looks like Zit Puppet was also arrested two weeks ago, in Devils Lake, that time was with a man named Phillip.  How many arrests in a month does it take for him to not be qualified for office? 

Your Tribal Council cares nothing for the people as they bring shame on them from every corner.  I hold them and their supporters responsible for the damage done.

You know who their supporters are.  You see them stand up and shout on their behalf in the meetings.  They are the audience plants, there only to make it sound like the evil they do is legit. 

Feel free to shun them and their families as well. 

I have not gotten the details on ZP's arrests yet, but I know that at some point, they will come out.  Stay tuned.

Logical Question

One reader, so far, dismayed that the Basketball team was treated so badly in this blog.  That reader thinks it cannot be true, the drugging and the drinking.

I say to you all, the logical question should have been asked when Mike Meade was murdered:  What was he, and other members of the Basketball team doing at Kalum Yankton's house?  Kalum Yankton is known for one thing and one thing only: He is the biggest drug dealer on the rez.  Yet, it seems acceptable then and now, and no one wants to ask the question or even begin to think that the one bright and shiny hope they had, is so fouled by drugs and alcohol that they cannot use them to hold their pride up to the rest of the world.

Let go of the "Pride" crap now.  Save those kids' lives!  Make it important and absolute that no one can drink or do drugs, or behave in a way that is not representative of Honor.  Give them something that is worth staying clean for and they will give you a team that is worth living for!

Save the kids first.  Or, stay in denial and we can have this discussion over and over again, perhaps at the next funeral.

Up to you. They are just kids and they NEED you to do the right thing in order that they have a chance to stay clean and sober.  Sad to think that kids need an excuse to not be involved in drugs or alcohol or indiscriminate underage sex, but it is what it is.  Give them a fighting chance by making it a solid requirement.

How hard is that? If you can't do that, kiss all their puppy asses good bye because they don't have a future in B-Ball or anything else. 

Hard Work

It is not easy standing up for yourself.  Especially when so few will stand with you.  But you who are doing the hard work of standing up for yourselves are making a difference, even if you can't see it yet.

Persistence"Endeavor to Persevere"

The trick is to maintain persistence.  Never quit.  Ask the same question over and over again until you get an answer.  Make them accountable.

Not just the thugs that ruin your lives out there, but the government and the media that drives it.

Write letters to the media, especially to Dateline and tell them you want to know why, WHY was the investigation into the largest kiddie porn bust in US History, stopped cold?  Tell them you want to know why they have never looked into it. 

Wait a week and write again.  Email them and write to them and demand that they respond.  All of you do that, and continue to do it for 60 days.  If you still do not get a response, your write another letter: 

Dear Dateline,

I have been writing to you repeatedly for the past 60 days on a matter of great concern regarding investigating people who harm children, and have received no response from you. 

I have now decided to boycott your sponsors (list the sponsors) and not buy any of their products for 3 months until I hear a response from you on the serious matter of the largest kiddie porn bust in the US being ignored by media and government and the investigation stopped cold.

This is a matter that concerns all of us and our future and the safety and well-being of all our children.

I wait to hear from you.

Sign your name.

CC under your name to the sponsors at their headquarters. 

List the products you no longer will buy from them. 

At first, you will hear nothing.  But be persist ant and encourage your friends to do the same thing until there is a response.  You are not boycotting because of their programming, you are boycotting because of their lack of concern over something that is vitally important to all of us.  All you are asking for is a response, a reasonable explanation as to why this is not of concern to NBC or Dateline.

It takes awhile for a movement to develop.  Stick with it.  American People have lost their sense of persistence.  "I tried once and it didn't work, so I gave up." 

Evil counts on you giving up. 

I am talking to everyone, not just to the people in Indian Country. This affects everyone. We all must be involved.

Don't give up.  Make this your twice a month job and purchase competitor's products for the duration.

Stand outside of stores and have people sign petitions to send to the media.  They will have to realize that they will lose money if they don't respond. 

They can put pressure on government.  You can petition the Gov  all you want, but because taxes have to be paid, regardless, they suffer no financial wounds and could care less. 

I say, write to them as well, the Gov and everyone in it, and when the media does get involved, they can then hold those people accountable for not responding.

If good people everywhere do not get involved at some level, we are all just pathetic victims.

I know a lot of you read this blog for the entertainment value.  I am asking you to do something that will make a difference in this world.  Something that has worked in the past.  Get involved, and stay persistent.

Make them accountable to you, me, all of us.  Right now, government is a joke and we are the butt of it.  We are so distracted by toys and noise we don't hear the end coming at us like a freight train.

We used to know how to come together, and how to make a constructive difference in our lives, our communities and in the world. 

Now we are all little separate bubbles of isolation, peering in at the entertainment of a war, a genocide, and the slo-mo holocaust in the heartland.  We are bystanders not realizing that what we are observing is our own demise. 

We keep thinking someone else will do it.  We donate money to save the whales, protect the animals but we don't pick up a pen and paper and write the letter to the people to whom we give all our money, by taxes or purchases, and tell them we want an answer.

We have lost our persistence. and we are going over the cliffs of apathy and denial. 

Indian Country, my friends and readers, is just the symptom visible in the malaise of our time.  Ignore that, and we sicken ourselves beyond any chance of ever curing the evil or the ills that affect our lives.

Do something.  Stop just being one of the droids that grooms the machine that consumes our spirits. 

Well, that's the rant for today.

Next time,  we will mention and perhaps you will be able to have some information on, why so many cars are being burned up in Indian Country.  What evidence of kidnap, rape, drugs, murder or worse, are they destroying and why is no one investigating this frequent event? 

Just another "mystery" in Indian Country? Perhaps. 

You know where to find me.


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March 22, 2007 --Printed Version

Getting My Hopes Up

I had news come in that Kalum Yankton, aka Kalum Ironshield, was busted by the SWAT Team from surrounding municipalities.  But I have yet to confirm that.  And I have been trying!  Usually, something of that magnitude would register a 7.4 on the Richter Scale and everyone would be talking about the shake-up.  So far, only one person and they are not neighbors or anything. 

So, for a brief time, I did get my hopes up! 

It was a very dramatic description of events, even had bullets flying. (*Sigh, if only!)  Of course, the believable part was that the Badgers were not involved except at an earlier stage where they were trying to arrest him, but he brought out the ugly Rottie (The same one that more than 4 months ago, a Badger was 'determined' to have put down because it bit him--ya, right!) and their boss told them to leave him alone because they were making him tweak out.  That later, there was this plan and the Law Enforcement from outside of Ft. Totten came in and nailed him. 

I really wanted that to be true!  Perhaps the writer is psychic and is foreseeing events that have yet to occur but will?  (*Sigh) One can only hope. 


Imagine if we all will, just for a moment, that the biggest meth dealer in the area was removed?  Imagine that there was such a thing as real cops!  Imagine the stories Kalum would tell to save his sorry ass.  About the family criminal operations, connections...

Not likely it would get that far.  Poopsie still has tightly pulled strings attached to the short and curlies in high places.  They would move all powers to have Kalum released back into the community that he has been poisoning for almost a decade or more now. 

They could not risk Kalum ratting them out.  And people in high places would shiver, shudder, as they always do just before they jump to do the bidding of the Turdclan.

State Attorneys, US Attorneys, the FBI Poodles, and people ensconced in the marbled foyers of well-known politicians, all, ALL would fear exposure.

Bring Kalum down?  Not likely. 

Too many dominoes would fall and people in high places fear that clickity-clickity sound of dominoes coming to their door.  Anyone order a pizza?

At The Top

We have all seen in our Great Democracy, the ugly truth recently exposed about the US Attorneys and how they get and keep their jobs.  How, if they pursue real criminals that are connected to people in high places that are in current favor with the top dogs, they lose their jobs. 

The same is true for Federal Judges.  Federal Judges, by the way, do not receive their positions because of the merits of their past rulings and decisions.  No way! Rather, they are appointed to these delicious plum pie jobs based on how much they have supported, campaigned for and brought in money for the party that is currently in power!

The Justice Department is run solely by favor, not by merit. 

The most corrupt FBI Office in the land is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The same office that oversees all of Indian Country in the Heartland.  One of their agents, Colleen Rowley, exposed the rampant corruption and really, nothing has changed since. 

She had to have security and body guards to protect her life and limb when she went into congress to testify as a whistle blower. 

If that does not shout "CRIMINAL CORRUPTION" from the rooftops, nothing will!  But, none of them have lost their jobs.  Especially none of them that are the root of the problem, at the very top of the branch!

Show Dogs

Justice is standing on it's head in more ways than one:  The corrupt are protected and they feed money and worse to their protectors.  The "root of the problem" is at the top, not in the dedicated individuals who naively think they are working for the Law and protecting the people and the country from criminals.  They are, those who have distinguished themselves in Child abduction cases and the like, the show dogs for the agency.  They make everyone feel good and look good, but it is an illusion.

Ever notice that we don't have any of the bright and shiny episodes of Crime Syndicates being busted?  Well, yes, once in awhile.  They bust the lowest on their list of supporters and allow the remainder to thrive with less competition, but they never really root out the problem? 

They so often use the vehicle of "Confidential Informant" to protect those who render information against the competition to their criminal enterprises, so that the rats can get more and the competition gets nailed.

But nothing ever changes except crime grows, gets worse, and we are all less safe, every day, in our homes.

No show dogs show up to bust the corrupt in the Justice Department any more.  Operation Grey Lord was the last and that was in the last century!  And that operation was stopped because it was taking down too many top Federal Judges and was leading to some really big fish!

The power to stop in their tracks, nip in the bud, prevent from ever seeing the light of a jail cell, any criminal operation, is what the Justice Department is about these days.

That and the Witch Hunting where the Powerful in the White House can sick their dogs onto the opposition parties, create chaos and worse for the innocent, just because they are angry that that State or that individual did not support the Republicans in the last elections.

US Attorneys who did not pursue cases against close elections where Democrats won, were fired.  Even though they thoroughly investigated, at the cost of millions of tax dollars, to see if a crime had been committed and found none, they were fired!

Tell me again what it is the Justice Department is supposed to do?  Protect the People?  Or be the hatchet man for the Administration? 

Also fired, were US Attorneys that were in hot pursuit of criminal activities that were real, but could possibly lead to more scandal for the current White House.  Anyone alarmed at this?

Just me?

Where Did It Go Off The Tracks?

Again I tell you all, it started down this rocky road a long time ago.  The first people abused by our government was not the slaves, but the Indians.  Betrayed, attacked, massacred and those who perpetrated those atrocities upon them held up as "heroes and Legends". 

Back then, when we were unable to know what our government was doing in our name, we were all going down the wrong road.  We were betraying ourselves by betraying our Brothers and Sisters who were here to show us how to live in this land of Abundance. 

They were not without flaws and all was not idyllic, but betrayal, and greed made it all worse for all of us.   All but a few of the wealthy and powerful and they have been dragging us all down ever since.

And, by treating Indian People like property of the Bureau of Land Management, supporting only the thugs and criminals, reinforcing the corruption and sending in the military if the people stood up against the criminals, the wrongs continue to grow and to spread. 

By having a Catch-22 Court system that can pretzel any logic to support rulings that are outrages against innocent and wronged Indian People, continuing to send them back to the same Tribal Courts that abused them repeatedly, until they are exhausted and without means to take another step,  we, all of us, have doomed ourselves by a little rule called "Precedent".

Precedent is determined by Federal cases wherein a ruling, bad as it might be, wrong as it might be, and as illegal as it often is, stands because it was either unchallenged, or the individual who suffered from it is without means or assistance to pursue it.

Once a bad ruling is allowed to stand in Federal Case Law as "Precedent" it can be used to support and it is, many more outrageous rulings against the rest of the country. 

Corruption becomes the law.  Democracy as we know it, or believe still exists, is eaten away to the point that if we were to look at it, would be appalled at what is left, bleeding and clawing, trying to survive.

Only when our own fall into the abyss of cockeyed legal logic, whereby the courts can acknowledge that a man was wrongfully convicted, and is in fact innocent, but do nothing to right that injustice because they feel that even though the jury was not given all or true information, they would have convicted him anyways, and he remains in prison while the courts know the guilty are running free, only then do we realize that our breath has been knocked out of us. 

The Justice System has nothing to do with Justice or even the Laws of the Land.  The Justice System has been co-opted by politics to the point where it is solely there to protect the system that rendered bad rulings and outcomes!  It protects itself at the expense of innocence; creating a loss of Democracy and security by the hour. 

In order to "prevent further scandals" upon the courts, they rule in favor of the corrupt in order to keep it quiet. 

Who pays? We all do. 

Where do we go to make this right? Well, we can go everywhere and spin our wheels, or we can go to where it all went wrong in the first place.  We can go to Indian Country and shine the hard light onto that dark corner of our history and not stop until we have made it right side up again.

Only when we go to where the root started and from where it gains its fuel and power, can we protect ourselves. 

Only when we end the corruption in Indian Country and expose the billions of dollars of Federal Funds that go into that abyss and are not ever accounted for, can we choke off the creeping network of corruption that feeds the criminals in this country and starves the rest of us.

But we must be prepared to face the loss of our illusions of Democracy first.  We must rebuild our democracy with clean hands and clear minds. 


What we have now, is wearing so thin, none of us are safe.   Drugs will continue to ruin our children, our families, our communities. Child exploitation will continue to create more damage for generations to come. Corruption will continue to protect the most toxic and foul in our midst. None of us will ever feel safe again, unless we step up and get involved. It is our life, after all. We must stop being spectators in our own demise and do what we can to make it better for the future.

The future, where our children and their children reside. Are they looking back at us and asking why we did nothing? Or are they grateful that we gave them a chance to have a decent life. What we do now, matters. What we do now, counts. What we don’t do, allows the tragedies to continue and leaves the landscape of the Future in shambles.

You know where to find me.


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March 23, 2007--Printed Version

Testing, One, Two, Me, You

This little ditty making the rounds in emails so I thought I would post it here.  I know, I know, an oversimplification of the problem of poverty and drugs, but worth thinking about.  Now, after reading this, the question becomes: "what to do with the ones that fail?" And more to the point, "what about the mothers that fail?"  Do we just throw them away?  Take their kids from them? 

No, the system is not equipped to handle more foster children.  It cannot even serve nor can it protect the ones that it is responsible for presently.  There would be children raining down on the system like a flood if we were to implement this... and our prisons already too full (yes, we could and are building more.  In fact, prisons are the number one growth industry in the US, no joke!), but is that the answer?

No.  I say, implement this drug test and those who pass get a nice place to live, decent checks and food, and help with their education.  Those who fail, get help.  Spend some of those wasted billions of dollars (Our Generals and the Contractors in Iraq lost *Sit down for this one* 350 TONS of currency.  No accounting.  "Fog of war," more please..)  We take some of the billions we waste trying to kill the world, and we use it here, at home, to heal our own.  Rehab, structured aftercare... and the answer is "yes, they are worth it."

More importantly, WE are worth it.  We, who feel we make up the better part of society, deserve to know that our money is going to help, rather than to incarcerate the addicted.  To heal, rather than to punish the sick, addicted and mentally ill.  We deserve to feel good about where our money is going, for once!

Okay, here's the email:

True Test

Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work,they pay me.

I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as they see fit.

In order to get that paycheck. I am required to pass a random urine test, which I have no problem with. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test.

Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check, because I have to pass one to earn it for them?

Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sit on their behind.

Could you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? Pass on if you agree

Candy Dates

We have a sure fire winner running for Tribal Chair.  Mary McDonald!  Yup, our favorite dispatcher and perjured witness, is running for the top job with the backing and full support of the Turd Clan.  A man sits in prison, to this day, because of her lies.  She has never done the right thing, and come forward and admitted she lied. 

Now, she wants to have the top job of running your lives!  That's one little piggy I would throw off the rez! 

I also see that there are Walking Eagles on the ballot.  I wonder if that is true?  What would Carl Junior say in his camp pain speech?  "I promise to give back all the equipment, riding mowers, saws, tractors, TV sets, Stereo equipment that I stole from the Rec Department if you elect me!" 

Or would he tell the truth and just admit he will rob you blind and not care a whit about your suffering?  That would be just like him daddy do.

More pain for you, more gain for them.

Not sure who all is running for shore besides Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (too fat to make it? Have to go with the outgoing tide?).  I am expecting to see the list at some point.  Then we can have some great discussions!

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

So far, still rumors only, no eye witnesses to tell me what happened with Kalum and the SWAT Team.  Don't know IF it really happened or not.  IF it did, a lot of questions about which agencies were involved and how they got onto the rez when we know Poopsie and the Poodle stand guard to prevent anyone from coming in and cleaning up the trash.

What is true is Kalum beating the crap out of his woman on a regular basis.  She has three kids with him.  He kicks in her windshield, she phones in to K-BOO-HOO to dedicate songs to him; your typical Turdling Romance. 

The SWAT Team would be just more romantic background noise at this point. I have details to the drama, but no witnesses.  Seems like something like this go down, there would be a witness, maybe a photo?  Or two? 

I do know that if Kalum got busted, he would turn into Witness Protection so fast, he would not even blip the radar.  His uncles and him daddy, the Granny Turd of them all, would be filling their shoes, and boots waiting for the next ugly awful to come there way.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

Zit Puppet Explodes?

I hear that Zit Puppet is threatening to go to the media and tell all he knows about Vincent Greyhorn, Lonna Jackson, and one other...

He is angry that the petition to remove him is going forward, March 27, 10 AM, in the Casino Auditorium.

He swears that if he is going down, he is bringing them all down with him.  That will, of course, set off a chain reaction of disclosures and scandals that will reach right up the trunk of that whole Turdfamily tree! 

Yup, now his own family can fear his stupidity! I am told that he stuffed letters saying just that in every mailbox.  I also hear that Weenie Boy went in and removed most of them.  Oooh!  Tampering with the mail!  What else is new?  Whom do they fear more? Me or their own uglies running around in the genetic cess pool they like to call family?

I like it.

Do show up for the recall petition meeting.  I do want details!

You know where to find me!


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March 24, 2007--Pritner Version

Kalum Chronicles

This is one of those "laugh and cry" episodes.  The mystery of whether Kalum is/was busted is now cleared up.  He is in Jail.  Yes, the SWAT was called in because the Badgers couldn't get a hold of the lady cop from Belcourt to do their work for them... bunch of untrained sissies!

Not sure if it was SWAT from Devils Lake or Grand Forks.  Not sure for sure who all was involved. 

However, he is being held in the Ft. Totten Hotel Jail.  His family would not risk him going to a real jail. He is sitting in there, cooling his heels and his friendly dispatchers and other cops who suck up to his family, are bringing him whatever him little heart's desireth. 

So, not sure if he is getting massages or conjugal visits from girlfriends, dispatchers or pay-by-the-minute, and that is really not important.

They are all making sure he is really comfy, so that he won't say anything to the real cops in real municipalities, and the family and the crooked, drunk, untrained Badgers can also live without fear.  As long as he isn't mad at them.

It is really important to all them big bad Badgers that Kalum knows they are not mad at him.  Especially, Donovan Wind.  Right, Donny Boy?  Any late night visits planned or unplanned? (*Wink, wink).  Best to reassure him now, rather than have him show up at the foot of your bed and scare the lady of the house!

Oh, that's another story.  An old one, but very durable.


The irony of this all, for the Turdclan and for Kalum, is that they think they are saving him.  Actually, they are killing him.  Had they not supported him and his meth dealing, had they let him go to jail a long time ago, he might have gotten help and been a better person. 

But they could not, would not risk him telling their dirty secrets of murder, embezzlement and such, so they "protected him" and will protect him to death, proving once again, that their murders from the past are killing them now.  They are, in order to protect themselves, killing their children and grandchildren.

Of course, they will want all sympathies when he dies, or is gunned down, or he kills one or all of his children. 

The pity parade is endless in those days to come. 

"Don't say anything bad because we are victims and we are suffering.  Bring us comfort and sympathy,"  Yeah, right.

Now that, my friends, would be laughable!   Feel free that when these funeral announcements are made, to spit on the ground at their feet and tell them that is all you have for them right now.  Come back after they have answered for the murders of the others, and the theft and the rapes that they have committed; the child molest and the worst that they have done.  Then and only then, maybe some pity will be around.

Right now, they are bringing it all down on themselves.  By protecting Kalum by keeping him in tribal jail, like a hotel, almost a spa for those of privilege, such as the Turdlings, they are leaving only one exit open for him. 

And, of course, they would rather have him dead than to be revealed for what they have done.

Pity that!

Delectable Electable

Hearing from a lot of you that you are rather openly laughing at Tony McBony and his wonder child, Mary Mac, who is running for Chair in the Tribal Council.  Her name is Mary Mac, like Mack Truck.  She is as big as one but not as useful, unless you need someone to lie through her teeth and put an innocent man in prison while the guilty give her candy.

Her daddy got land and cattle for her lying.  Family became wealthy.  Of course, Tony McBony let his cattle die, and now, only gets more and more money because of the secrets and lies the family keeps in order to keep the Turdclan safe.

Time to remind you all that Demus McDonald was there when Eddie was murdered at Pisster's home.  Demus put his fingers to his lips: "Hush!" when Fred Peltier woke up from a drunken stupor and wanted to go help his brother.  "Say nothing!" and later, Fred lied too, and claimed the murder happened somewhere else. 

Lies, threats, intimidation, torture and beatings perjured testimony put the innocent in jail so the guilty could live free and well and continue their evil ways, supported by my tax dollars and your denial.

And then there was Mary.  Who by now and even long ago, could have told the truth and set an innocent man free.  But she chooses the comforts of her friends, she sucks up their evil while her mother sings sweetly, the hymns of Christians in the background.

Shun them.  Confront them in public over what they have done and what they are continuing to do.

"Tell the truth!" say it to their faces, every time you see them. Tell them: "Tell the Truth!"  make them feel the discomfort of their lies.  Hold them accountable for their part in this prevailing evil that shadows your lives and drowns your children in fear, hopelessness, drugs and apathy. 

Anytime you see any of them, tell them "Tell the Truth!" say it over and over again.  Let them fear you until they tell the truth!

Go to her campaign rallies and speak up: "Tell the Truth!" be your chant until you hear them admit, again and again and until the innocent are free and the guilty brought to justice, make that your motto, your greeting to them, your response to each and everything they say. 

Say it behind their backs and to their faces.  Say it to their children and to their supporters. 

Make them eat those words with each waking minute of their lives.  If they suffer, so be it.  They could end it all if they told the truth. 

Free the innocent, bring the evil to Justice and this blog will stop hammering the point and we can all move on to better things.  When they say they want this blog to stop, all they have to do, is TELL THE TRUTH.

Indians would know how to do this.  Indians would not give up.

Indians would persevere and Indians would win.


Richard LaFuente's hearing is May 21st (or 23rd?).  Send your letters of support to the Parole Board Members at the addresses in the Contact page.

Also, Zit Puppet's recall is on the 27th of this month!  See previous blog entry.  At the casino auditorium, 10 AM.  BE THERE!

Just received at 5:15, my time, Zit Puppet's rant!  I have posted it on the documents page so all can enjoy it.  I can't begin to describe the idiocy of that creature! Documents page

Zit Puppet Letter Trouble opening that document? Try this one

Fundraiser Follies

Ironically, the same people that are proposing "raising a reward" are the same people too lazy to get out and stage a rally on the courthouse steps ont he anniversary of the Murder of Eddie Peltier or even the on the anniversary dates of the wrongful convictions of their own family and friends! 

Too self absorbed in their own comfort, whatever that may be, to even step up and make a stand one day a year, they now propose one of the most idiotic ideas yet, but one that could give them a little extra cash?

I heard that one person out there is saying "We should have a reward fund, raise money, maybe $5,000 or 10,000 (*Dream on!) to reward anyone that was a witness to Eddie's murder to come forward and tell the truth."

Forget that.  Dumb plan.  Let me just give you a short list as to why this is NOT going to work:

1. That amount of money will not enable anyone to get to safety.  They would have to change and leave their life as they know it because the Turd Clan would kill them.

2.  That kind of testimony would never make it to court because it is "Paid For" and considered perjury because it is said only for money!

3.  I am suspicious of some people who are forever managing "fundraisers".  They are not accountable for the money in, and we have no clue how much is in, and how much they have taken to spend on their own needs, such as Bingo. 

4.  In order for that NOT to be the case, too many people would have to be involved and they too, would all have to be paid for their "work".  The money you think is going to the cause, will obviously have to go somewhere else. 

5.  If no one comes forward to collect the "reward" then that person who is running it, will put it to good use, like Bingo. 

I say that if that person is serious about putting up a reward, that person would have put all the money that would normally go for Bingo and smokes, into that fund.  But as long as Bingo and smokes get priority, I would not trust them.

Remember: It would be pointless to pay for testimony from a witness that was coming forward, with any kind of a story, that would easily be dismissed as "paid for."

People need to come forward because it is the right thing to do.  They need to take the risks and stand up for the truth.  Unwilling to do that, the community continues to suffer.

And those who prosper from the lies and benefit from protecting the evil out there, like Mary Mac Truck, should be hounded by the chant: "Tell the Truth."

You want to disempower the evil out there?  Stop giving them the comfort of your silence!

What, too simple?

You know where to find me.


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March 26, 2007--Printer Version

Nark, Nark, Who's There?

Details about Kalum, the King of Fort Totten, continue to emerge.  Kalum was threatening people with this sword that he keeps  (all royalty need a weapon for show).  That was when the Badgers showed up and got scared of him because Badgers are not trained in any aspect of police work.  Plus, no Badger wants to be the one that loses his or her job for messing with anyone from our favorite fecal family, the Turdlings.

So, Devil's Lake SWAT was called in and they were prepared to bust up the house, use tear gas, whatever.  Kalum, in the presence of actual trained officers, gave up without incident.  He even locked his vicious dog in the bathroom. 

"Don't hurt my dog! Don't hurt my dog!" he kept crying and sobbing.  Yeah, shoulda let them use the tear gas because he was such a crybaby!  He doesn't care about his own children, nor yours, and how much danger he puts them in, nor how he ruins your life and everyone else's by feeding drugs to the kids in your community.  But, his dog, the one that makes him feel like he has a big hard-on when it terrorizes neighbors, well that, is a different story!  Probably because that dog licks him, no matter what he has done.  Ah! Puppy love!

So, now he is in jail and who knows for how long?  What jail?  Well, the one on the rez, of course!  They wait on him, hand and foot there!  His girlfriend, Lacy, brings him drugs and sex, and cell phones so he can continue to run his business, only now, from the protected walls of the cop shop!

They cater to him, bring him whatever he wants and allow him to do whatever he wants.  He has to stay in that jail because apparently, the neighborhood, the community has become less and less tolerant of the bullying by him and his family. 

Can't put him in a real jail because he would nark out the whole family!  As big and tall as that moron is, he can't endure 10 minutes of not being catered to.  He would sell out the entire Turdclan and they know it.  The trembling lip, tears, and whiney voice (honestly, some thought there was a woman in there with really bad cramps by the way he was whining!). 

If he "narks while in custody of the Badgers" all is well!  What would the badgers do with the information?  Go out and arrest someone?  Hah! Go out and bust someone in the Turdclan and make them do real time? Double Hah!

Joke Jail is the only safe place for the little Turd King

Worst of all, the dispatchers would lose their jobs because he would rat them out too. 

So, as they bring him pizza, burgers, tend to his puppy, allow him to operate his business from his cell, they wear invisible ear plugs so they need not report anything they hear, and blinders so they don't have to report anything they see..

Kalum is starting to like those guys now.  Maybe because they licked him?

Real Jail, Real Time

It wasn't that long ago that 18- or was it 19(?) people were arrested in Devil's Lake, Oberon and the rez in a drug sweep.  Mere dust bunnies, super low-level dealers, not one of them big enough or connected enough to rate on the legal Richter Scale more than a tiny blip.  All this while law enforcement tripped over itself to ignore the blatant big timers that continue to run their operations and, in some cases, got to lunch, dinner and party with top law enforcement in that area. 

Everyone is guessing as to who narked out all the small timers.  Considering how small they were, narking them out, essentially consolidated all the drug profits into the hands of bigger dealers.  So, one can only guess and would be most likely accurate or close, regardless of where they throw the darts in the Oh Oh Bar.

Out of all of these "Dealers" caught up in that sweep, several who were already on probation and one or two repeat offenders.. everyone got reduced charges (from tiny to nothing, including those who were on probation and should have been hauled in to make "Probation" actually mean something. 

All got off, except one.  ONE.  Not the biggest fish in the barrel, but only Blaine Anderson is doing real time.  Seven Years.  He is locked up and here's the rub:

People are spreading rumors that he is narking out everyone while in prison.  Think again.  Here is where common sense would have to intervene and ticket any brain cells that are buying into that dumb logic.  IF he were the one narking people out, HE would not be in jail.  The idea of narking people out is to trade your freedom for theirs. 

Clearly, the man remains locked up, ergo, not talking and not narking.

If you want to know who is narking, you have a better candidates list from those who got off with NOTHING!  Further, remember:  Someone sold these people out to begin with. 

Who is making extra money? Remaining free despite the many encounters with law enforcement?  That is where you look.  Chances are, that person will be much wealthier than the lowly pill dealers who dealt to support their habits. 

Not saying they should not have been arrested and jailed.  They should have been.  All of them, not just the one.  And, with them should go their suppliers and the big boys who actually make a lifestyle by profiting from all this.

Drug trade only barely slowed down in that town after the raid.  The big boys never missed a beat!

Little guys were all small sacrifices, and that is how the game is played.

Want to get the drugs and drug related crimes and behaviors cleaned up in that town?  In that State? Demand jail time and demand that those you know are involved be investigated until they bleed information and their connections are also rendered arrested.

Playing "Nark, Nark" with the little guys, is a waste of time. 

Trying to set up a guy who is doing time to take the blame, is cowardice on top of criminal stupidity.

Yes, it will lead to high places, and familiar faces.  So be it. Lying to yourself, lying to the public, putting on a dog and pony show but letting the big guys go ain't cuttin' it no more.

Dawg, Deputy Dawg, Ma'am

Our favorite Deputy Dawg, loser of the last election, Bercier, has now wrangled a job with the Devil's Lake PD.  You think he is there to protect and serve?  You be right on that!  The question is: Whom does he protect and Whom does he serve?

Keep your eye on that boy, he is there to insure nothing goes wrong with the supply side of underground economics. 

Why, when he was not around for a few months, hardly a truckload of drugs could safely roll in!  But, now he is back!  And close enough to once again, do his part.

Whew!  Ol' Pete was getting piles worrying about that one! 

Bigger Picture

Check out the LINKS page for links to the DailyKos blog.  The more educated among us will appreciate the research and results in there.  Like I say: Trouble with this nation begins and resides in Indian Country.

That blog covers the scandals of Abramoff, the lobbyist that was funneling millions in influence to members of congress and to appointees in powerful places--- all that money came from Indian Country.  It was the Indian Casino Scam where he would play one tribe against the other and get paid by both.  He was paid millions by one to lobby for them to get a casino, and millions by others to prevent that same tribe from being able to license a casino. 

Those millions, my friends, were given to the Tribes for programs to help their people, but diverted to political power players who squandered it all on bribery of officials in high places.  Billions of dollars go without audit or accounting in Indian Country every year.  Let me know when it all adds up for you and you can see that dismissing, refusing to look because it is in Indian Country, is making it worse, not better.

Abramoff took down a top Republican House Leader, Tom DeLay.  And then the investigation stopped cold.  Now, pleading guilty and doing time, the investigation stops cold.  Corruption not worth pursuing? Or were people in high places opening doors and shutting windows to change the light once again? You decide!  But, before you do, know that the same "Justice Department" that investigated and tried him and sent him to prison, is now lobbying for his early release! 

Ask yourself:  "Whom do they serve?  Whom do they protect?"

Now, take a look at the 8 USAG's who were summarily dismissed recently and the whole wobbly scandal that has raised and the lies we were all told to cover that up.  At least 5 of the 8 were working on issues and investigating corruption in Indian Country. 

Suddenly, they don't have a job?

And look at how the departments that oversee the politics of Indian Country are always in turmoil.  No leader allowed to stay for very long before they are dismissed or transferred and the affairs in Indian Country are never investigated because of the turmoil caused by constantly churning the department leadership and never allowing anything to follow through.

Still think this is all about Indians? 

Look around, dear readers, we are all Indians in this one!  If we don't move our political will to clean up and set right the corruption and injustices in Indian Country, our nation will continue to tumble into the abyss of corruption, payoffs, scandals and worse.

The Justice System continues to pretzel logic in order to protect the system, at the expense of our freedoms, rights and our democracy. 

Justifying corrupt rulings and saying they are "sparing the country more exposure to scandal" by sweeping these cases under the carpet and not revisiting the ones they know, absolutely, were illegally processed and ruled upon; by allowing guilty pleas to stop cold, any investigation into corruption in politics, or most recently, stopped in its tracks the investigation into the biggest kiddie porn seizure in North America; we must ask ourselves and demand answers from those who hold the final say over our Justice System: "Whom do you Serve? Whom do you protect?"

By allowing the media to distract us from real cases and causes that affect our lives on every level, and by willfully remaining ignorant because we are "weary of the Scandal Parade", we self-inflict wounds to our future that will never heal. 

Logic and common sense should not be dumbed down to where we accept corruption, even if it is disguised as incompetence, as the way business is done and will be done in our name and with our tax dollars.

If we dare to look in Indian Country, we will see the root ball of the corruption that has vined and twined its way into every seat of power in this country.

Only when we find the courage to step up and demand from our elected and appointed officials, the Truth and the right things be done, no matter whose ox gets gored, only then can we begin to regain all that we have lost both at home and in the eyes of the world that watch our decline like the Last Days of Rome.

I encourage, cajole, and push the Indian People to do their part.  But it won't work for them or any of us if we do not also do our part. 

You see how they are mistreated and you suspect that you are mistreated and misled.  To both the Indians and the Others I say:  It is what it is and it will only get worse if we do not make a stand and make it work clean, as it was designed to do, at inception. 

You would not allow thieves and criminals to take our children from our homes and raise them as their own, would you?  Essentially, by allowing them to run and ruin our way of life and government, that is what we are all doing.

We can see, now, more clearly, that we are all part of the bigger picture.  That we must work to help one another or we are all lost.

You know where to find me.




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