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Eddie's GraveThe ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for


All the pages are not yet hooked up, but as they fill out, I will post a note here and you can go and see for yourself. 

New (2nd) Contact page is hooked up.  You can find information on contacting the Parole Board to Free Richard, HERE


Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October Issue, available at newsstands now.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.

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May 15, 2007 Printer Version

Barking Spider Posse

It looks like Turdymomma and her Turdy chillens is chillen all weekend with a big ass party for her birthday.  Y'all be paying for it so figure you should get a fly-on-the-wall perspective of the festivities.

It will be held outdoors as much as is possible because Turdymomma, party animal that she is, has her own posse of Barking Spiders.  (*Ooops!  There goes one now!) 

Allowed to roam free in the open air, people can politely get away from them.  However, indoors, they are both noisy and deadly. 

(Barks Twice barks twice) What's that you say, girl?  Going to have to repaint her walls again?  (Barks Twice whimpers, lays down and crosses her front paws over her nose) Oh yeah?  And the wall paper trim is dying too?  Barking Spiders got all of that? (Barks Twice rolls over, plays dead) Wow, I guess they are bad this year.

Outdoors, under the canopy, Turdmother can expect that people will be polite and ignore her posse of Barking Spiders.  Behind her back, her turdlings fan the air and screw up their faces. 

After she has more BBQ and cake and whiskey, she will probably start shouting, then crying, and everyone will gather round as she sits in her throne chair, to comfort her.  I have to warn you guys, don't do it!  It's a trick! A ruse! An ambush!  That is when the Barking Spiders suddenly cut loose, in streams that can last up to 40 seconds!  You will NOT be able to get away!  Save yourselves!

Since I am writing this, off and on on the weekend, the rest of y'all enjoy your weekend and stay upwind of Turd-a-thon celebrations.  Barking Spiders can't swim upwind!

Gotta go for now, I hear the band is starting to warm up!  I hope they crank up the amps otherwise they could be drowned out if the Posse cuts loose without warning!  Loud music has saved Turdmother's dignity in the past.  Well, now you know the little secret so you can imagine what is going on as you hear the too-loud speakers.

Another word of caution here:  When they bring out the cake and she goes to blow out the candles -- do not, I repeat, DO NOT stand behind her!  There was a horrible Barking Spider attack on Pisster a couple of years ago.  Blew her hair sideways, ate up most of her face.  Well, just look at her!  She has never recovered!

There are others with tales to tell of being scathed by the tailwinds of Turdmother and having a Barking Spider cling to them for hours! 

Beware the Barking Spiders.  You have been warned!

Invited to The Party?

Looks like Bent is Back! Yea!  I guess the wife's fun is over for awhile.  But he is back and I hear he has a briefcase.  Whatcha got in that briefcase, Bent?  Presents for Turdmother?  Barking Spider repellent?  A wish list? 

Don't unpack just yet, the Turdlings are stirring and they don't trust you.  Might just get you another ticket outta town. 

Oh, and if that is your band playing at the Turd-a-bration, better crank up the amps--- waaay up!

So, how ya been?

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better...

Along comes my new bestest friend in the whole wide world, Kaylee Walking Eagle!!! Take it away, Kaylee!!


I could have sworn that in the previous letter (blog 37) she said she was at Jamestown. I thought she said she was there.  You read that last letter and tell me.  Is she lying? Or just so confused?

Poor thing, her mind is going.  Must be the glue? Has to be, because she is coming undone! (Slaps knee with a yee haw).  I have tried explaining to her that God is not a "person" but apparently, she thinks God is a person.  I also explained that there are other judges that deal with criminals, but she seems hopeless lost in this God as a Person that is going to judge her Papa when the last foul breath leaves his seething wretched body, and no one on this earth can judge his crimes until that day comes. 

Her spelling is atrocious, isn't it?  Poor thing!  Think she will ever find a job?  I am sure her Papa will give her one.  Hope they don't need her to write letters.  My spellchecker just rolled over and played dead when it came to her 'note'.  . (Alas, of all the nice things her gramps gave to her, and education wasn’t one of them. Dumb as trash that poor chile!)

Well, this most recent missive from the little miss convinces me (*Pop) that she is really a very happy and content little person.  Not at all unhappy (*POP) in any way.   She seems vaguely aware that she has no real friends... I just love hearing from her. 

And, I don't care what anyone says, I know her well to know that she doesn't eat toast! (Probably too old of a joke for some of you out there). 

The letter before this one, she was bragging about all the nice pretty things her Papa gives to her.  Apparently, she doesn't care that elders don't have heating in the winter because Papa steals their money.  As long as she gets pretty things from him, she is allll his! 

And, about that Jamestown thing--  You Go, Girl!

Getting Rid of Evidence

It looks as if the Feds are moving full speed ahead, damn the torpedos, to destroy the kiddie porn evidence against Steven Bruce Cartier.  First they do the Forfeiture Notice (in last weeks paper and blog 37) and then they hold public auction. 

Conflict of Interest

I would tell you to write to Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad, but since they are such frequent flyers at the casino (so I have heard), why don't you just stop over there and break up their fun time and see if you can get their attention, directly, on that matter.  I am sure they won't mind.  Afterall, if they are at the casino as much as I have heard they are there, it could be considered their second office!

Wonder how that works for them?  Is anyone looking at the potential for this to be viewed as a conflict of interest?    I mean, they do funnel millions of dollars to the Tribal Council and never do an audit or follow up to see where the money is really going.  That $400,000 to Golden Eagle Wireless was small potatoes to what they have been dumping in there since. 

And I don't blame them for going to the casino.  They are among friends there.  Good friends!

It just looks bad from here.  Real bad.  Kinda smells too. 

Oh, just mention the evidence being destroyed, they'll probably know what you are talking about. 

I can only imagine how many people in high places are having nightmares, waiting for Steven Bruce Cartier to get out of prison so they don't have to worry about him talking.  They promised him they would get him out, and by golly, it seems to be headed that way like a freight train.

Dynamiting Fish

That whole murky pond of corruption, murder, extortion, blackmail, greenmail and more murder out there, I knew was harvest from hell.  I had some idea of what was below that inky black surface, but I did not know for sure until recently. I mean I KNEW there was corruption up high in the Halls of Justice, and in Offices of Government throughout the land, but I really did not know for sure in how many places nor how much would reveal itself, all connected to the rez. Strings being pulled by those trying to keep their castles built on corruption in that rez, from crumbling. My-O-My!

And then, the kiddie porn case broke the way it did, almost without a sound.  The biggest child pornography case in North America, they said, and the government set out immediately to stop the investigation.  And now, they want to destroy the evidence and make it look like an error. 

But people keep talking about it.  Questions keep being asked.  So pressure begins to be applied further and further up the line.  Marks are called in as due and payable NOW.  Careers are threatened, and people forced to pressure other people in ways they never dreamed they would have to act, in order to put a stop to the footsteps that seem to keep marching up the stairs, higher and higher.  If one goes down, they all go down.

More people are becoming involved, and more people are seeing what is and who all are, involved.  Things that should not be a big deal, are coming forward like fireballs and threats are made to this one and that one to put a stop to this, and that, and prevent this or that from going any further.

People are waking up, some terrified of being exposed, others to the fact that they are being threatened if they don't cooperate, threatened if they ask questions, and now I look across the land, and more than 7 States have activities directly related to this case, to the rez and the corruption and dealings there, and all are being shook up by that stick of dynamite, the Kiddie Porn case, tossed into the lake, just to see what would float up.

So anxious to get rid of it, have it aired as a mistake and forgotten that they are stirring the waters, drawing attention to themselves.  Not just me seeing this, knowing this, connecting the dots, others as well.  Some of them good people being pressured to do bad things, for reasons they are not allowed to ask about, and they are afraid to say no. 

This thing is consuming so many of them that the waters are foaming with activities below and more visible from above. People who thought nothing was there, now find that what is there, is the ugliest underbelly of government and politics at their worst.

I look around at all the fish going belly up, their perfect silver bellies glistening in the light of day in ways they never dreamt would come down to these drastic plays, and I know one thing for certain:

This kiddie porn case has involved in it, people in government, law enforcement, and politics at every level.  They are all feeling the concussion of the slo mo explosion in their midst.  And they are all, despite their thrashing and splashing like big fish, dead in the water. 

That murky, stinking bile of corruption and evil that has been to so many of them, the spring from which they drew their pleasures, and now, what poisons one, poisons them all.  One stick of kiddie porn dynomite and one by one, they go belly up.

Not sure who they can bully into making it stop, and afraid to come after me directly (too high profile) they attack whatever is handy to them.  Even, one another. 

And, knowing their character as well as they do, one to the other, they lose that bond of secret trust, and promises of silence are broken.  Red meat for the raptors, they will feed their friends, their underlings, their bosses to talons of inquiry that shine the lights in any direction near them.

Make them show themselves, for what they are. 

I say to you all, on the rez or not, write to everyone in Congress and everyone in the media and demand that they look into this case of Child Pornography, and why it was so quickly stopped at the smallest fish in the blackwater pond. 

Make the government work for you. You have a right to know if that DA or that Judge or that congressman or senator in YOUR state is involved or not.  You have a right to know who stopped this investigation and why. 

They are afraid of you.  They are afraid of us.  We have the right to know.  Dateline, Nancy Grace, 60 Minutes, CNN Anderson Cooper, and your local news.  Write to them.  All of them and tell them this is a story that matters to you. 

Unless of course you are okay with the fact that the biggest fish get away with this. 

Up to you all. Up to all of us.

You know where to find me.


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May 17, 2007 --Printer Version

Opportunities Abound

Yes, I know, the blog entries are not as daily as we would all like them to be.  But given that you are all much busier this time of year, you can imagine that more is going on here as well.

With Mark Lufkins being ousted by Bernadette Brown in the last election, there is much scrambling and trepidation amongst the thieving incumbents, who, now with a new person to contend with, have to feel their way more deftly. 

Can they bring her in?  Will she, knowing what she knows, demand more than Mark did?  Or worst case scenario for them:  Will she be upright and not go along with the corruption and the river of money that once flowed so freely begin to dry up because someone is watching?

It remains to be seen.  What is being seen is more documents are showing up, almost as if by "magic" (*POP!).  Old "insurance policies" so-to-speak, surfacing as the corrupt begin to fear exposure at the hands of one another.  What each one held as "collateral" on one or more of the others, is now showing up in the darndest places (hands) and decisions need to be made.

Will these documents, which reveal so much of the criminal activity and the players involved out there be used to enhance the position of old players and new?  Will they keep them for their own private benefit?  Or will they bring them to me and allow them to be aired so that everyone can see and then everyone can act together, to end the ordeal of corruption and abuse by the Tribal Council and their puppet masters, the Turd Clan?

It depends on whether or not the persons holding the documents want to find peace on their journey.  If they keep them as leverage to gain wealth, power and to position themselves where they would not normally be able to go, then they become a part of the chain of corruption, the body of corruption that has sickened that rez for decades.

If they choose to give those documents to me, they choose to do something to help the people and to end the Black Road ways that have for so long made it deplorable for so many Good People of Fort Totten/Spirit Lake Tribe.

The choices these people make is crucial.  Either way, they cannot go back and do a do over.  They do it and they live with that choice, for better or worse, until the day of death, and then it will be either the light that guides them and Peace on The Journey; or it is the darkness that confounds them and the weakness in their beings that makes them crawl the hard road forever.

Think about that one, just a bit before you go buy yourself a new car.

Fearing the Truth

Looks like Turtle Mountain has found a crime more serious than drugs or murder:  They banned a blogger from their rez because he brought up the abject, abhorrent conditions in which some members of that tribe are forced to live. 

These are not the privileged members, these are the desperate who have no voice and live in squalor. 

The tribal council, instead of addressing the needs and desperate conditions of these people, for  years, have also just taken care of the few and privileged in their own circles of power and influence. 

They only want the successful, wealthy, well-to-do types to be shown to the world.  The poor, the needy, the neglected, to them, don't even count. 

Their shame is that they have found comfort on the backs of the elderly, poor and needy.  Anyone that dares shine a light on that area is considered a menace to the tribe!  So, under am "exclusion code" established in 06 that was intended to rid the tribe of dangerous criminals such as drug dealers, the elite Tribal Council, without warning, banned the blogger from the rez!

So much for Democracy, eh boys?  You don't ever have to worry about spending money on the truly needy in your tribe because you can silence any and all voices by banishment! 

The Shame of poverty, neglect and abuse of power, however, remains a stain on each of you. 

Yet I am sure and certain that there will be more grants given to you by the Feds, for all these shameful things, and you will, like the SLN TC, spend it entirely on yourselves! 

Until Government wakes up and realizes that fostering these kinds of power centers which only leads to more abuse and neglect, is not worth the kickbacks in Campaign Donations, until that time, the shame of this Turtle Mountain, SLN, and all the other Tribes funded without audit, will remain on all of us.  OUR TAX DOLLARS FUND THESE ATROCITIES IN OUR OWN BACKYARD.

Shame on all of us!

But it does show how much the corrupt fear the bloggers!  We are considered a threat to their dealings, their illegal dealings.

Anyone that goes to any Indian Casino or resort, including the biggest and the brightest with big name entertainers, realize that the money from those ventures is never tracked and the people of the rez are never treated fairly.  Also, that the games and drawings are NOT regulated the same (anymore) as the regular casinos. 

Ask yourself how much that kind of entertainment, at the expense of the poorest of poor people in our country, is worth to you.  Maybe you want to go to other casinos in other venues.  There are plenty to choose from.

Your choice.  Be a part of something ugly or choose to go have your fun elsewhere.

Read More on this most recent event in the Say Anything Blog Here

Remind me to make that link a permanent one on the links page, will ya?

So Little So Long

Well, thought I would have lots more for this episode, but too much going on over here for me to get to it. 

One thing is kind of humorous.  You know I have been getting those weird ass letters from Kaylee Walking Ego, and she can't speak properly, can't spell... well she had someone else write a letter for her, all nicely spelled, only one misspelling, all punctuated and looked real proper.  I wonder who she had write that for her? 

Apparently, it was very important for her to impress me.  She's just a kid, and I do expect stupid stuff from the kids of these crooks, so no surprise.  But she is trying awfully hard to impress me, and I am wondering what all is missing in her life.  Maybe despite all the bragging and prancing around, she is just one lonely little girl finding it hard to grow up.   I ask that you all give her a little room.  She is just a kid and her out there attitude tells more than she knows.

She may never grow up, but maybe she will someday. 

That's a wrap for this blog today.  Too much going on here that needs my attention and I have a lot on the go.  I will write when I can!

If you don't hear from me for a day or two it might be that I am out of town.

You know where to find me.


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May 18, 2007 --Printer Version


If you want to control a group of people, you have several ways to do it.  The most effective and egregious is the controlling of information.  If you keep people so divided and mistrusting of each other that they don't discuss any perceived wrongs, or even want to hear the other guys side of things, you have already locked in the key element to controlling large groups of people.

By not having a free press, and by not putting information regarding meetings and plans and such out there, the people are left to guess and to assume.  By telling one thing to one person and another to the next, and yet another to subsequent listeners, you keep them from ever having all the information they need to make logical decisions that affect them as individuals and the community as a whole.

Fostering the mistrust between people who do not know one another is a way of guaranteeing that no one will be able to unite and throw you out of office.

The rub comes when the people start to see the whole picture more clearly, share information and reveal the hidden agendas that have been used against them, individually and as a community.

Controlling Information

Controlling information is key to controlling perception. Easy to mislead, misdirect, confound and conceal.

By not having a newspaper come out that carries the truth about what is going on, but rather having a newspaper that shows up irregularly and only carries the information that is supportive of the Tribal Council, the people then only have propaganda to work with and finding the truth is much harder.

Having the paper run by those who are in favor with the Tribal Council and who curry to their preferences, the people do not trust the reporting, nor the 'reporter' and so they say nothing and real information remains hidden.

By misdirection the attention of the people on the outside of the rez by only allowing stories of success and the wealthy speak to the concerns of Indian people, and by banning anyone that dares to speak the truth of the inequities that occur and the lack of recourse that the common member of the tribes have, those in power better secure their positions and remain untouchable.

Those who suffer from the injustices are led around by the nose by Tribal Courts that make no secret of their ignorance and their bias, and a Federal Government that can intervene but chooses not to do so, leaves those who are mistreated with no voice. 

The perception that reaches the outside world is that millions of dollars goes into the rez and those who live in poverty and squalor just don't know how to manage their money and are too lazy to get jobs. 

When a reporter goes in, and talks to those who are economically and physically bullied by the people in power, revealing the corruption that leaves millions of dollars every month unaccounted for and people in ever deepening poverty, while the few who control the money become fatter and wealthier, all of a sudden, it becomes a racial pride thing and the anger against anyone lifting up the rug to show what has been swept out of sight, is labeled a threat and a racist!

The ruling families need to have the desperately poor close by.  They use them to generate more money for themselves.  They show pictures of them and plea for funding so that these conditions can be addressed, using the poor as their poster children for more free money.  Once the government signs the checks, the poor remain poor and are not brought up again until the next funding needs to be validated. 

Politicians take bows for their good work, and they praise the leaders for being able to get the money.  They never look because they don't want to see, where the money is really going.

A reporter goes in, talks to the people, and they do not complain because they know it will only get worse if they do, but the conditions are undeniable, and they are blogged.  Immediately that reporter is banned from the rez, in a manner totally illegal, but nothing new in that.

How dare he dispel the stereo-type of the drunken worthless, lazy Indian and the all wise, all knowing noble indian, that our society and our Federal and State governments are so enamored of.

How dare he shine the light on the truth when tribes work so hard to foster a perception that keeps the money coming into their pockets.

The corrupt know that keeping the perception and mastering the illusion of the stereo type Indian is key to them staying in power and being able, on our tax dollars, to abuse their own communities without consequence, without oversight and without audit.

We must all understand that the corrupt are feeding off the taxpayers and worse, cannibalizing their own culture, abusing their own people in order to stay in power.  The corrupt are in places of power and they support one another for the same reasons. 

They are Congressmen, US Attorney Generals, FBI Agents, State Attorneys and Governors, all who give the perception that they are working for us, when the truth is, they work for only themselves and their cohorts.  How can they NOT know?  Simple.  They refuse to look or to listen.

They foster the perception that if this all goes belly up that they knew nothing of it and were duped. 

The perception that our Justice Department will go after child pornographers is a lie.  The biggest kiddie porn bust in North America was stopped from any further investigation than the one low man on the totem pole.  Only people in very high places with a lot to lose or to gain are in a position to stop something of that magnitude. 

We need to force media attention onto this. It is up to us all to make our government work for us not against our best interests. 

Just knowing that the investigation was stopped as it was and now the government is working fast as it can to destroy the evidence against the only man arrested, is something we all should understand the magnitude of before we sit down to watch a box full of consumer distractions.  Those in the highest places of our government are involved or beholdin' to those who do the worst sexual offenses to our children.  It is, essentially, the perverts that are controlling our government.

Until we change that, no one is safe and no child is safe. Any government unwilling to stand up to the obvious, blatant and numerous injustices committed by the corrupt in Indian Country is not likely to be able to protect any of us at any time because their only interest is in controlling the perceptions of their character and dealings, all the while they are only serving their own needs and the needs of their masters.

Looking For A Hatchet Man

That is a term that is used when someone wants to start trouble or bring someone else down but doesn't want to be viewed as the person doing it.  They hand the "hatchet" (information, in this case) to anyone that is willing to do their dirty work for them.

That way, when the trouble starts, say with Shelly and Lois (current targets of the Fecal Family), they can play both ends against each other. 

Case in point:  Weenie Boy is going around trying to get other people to do his dirty work.  He was seen telling other people to go to the District Meeting next week and to stand up and ask questions about funding for certain programs and to directly attack both Seashelly and Lois!

No takers so far, and most people feel that if Weenie Boy is so concerned and he has these issues, he is perfectly capable of standing up and asking the questions and making the statements, which are his to begin with, himself.  He can do his own dirty work. 

Which will make it harder for him to appear sympathetic or uninvolved when Seashelly and Lois come crying to him about what to do! 

Weenie Boy, do what you know will work!  Pay some of your drunk buddies to get up and speak your words for you.  That way Seashelly and Lois will never catch on!  There, now, everyone act surprised when that goes down at the District Meeting next week, okay?

And, to whomever gets paid off to do this, make it a big one.  Don't settle for anything less than $5 thousand.  They have that much in their pockets at any time.  They have millions.  Don't let them buy you off cheap like they have been.  Make it worth your while to do their dirty work.

There, problem solved.  Everyone should be happy now.  And don't worry, Weenie Boy, I won't tell anyone what your plan is.  I don't have to.  You already told too many people!


Seashelly? Lois?  What have you two done that has put you on the outs?  Make your plans now for your future.  With the Fecal Family out to get you, it will only be a matter of time before you are out.  For you to stay quiet on what you know about them and the others (Myra wants you both out, btw.  Hush!  That is a secret still!) make sure they give you high paying jobs to keep you comfy.  Maybe they can send you to Mystic Lake like they did with Mary Nicholson.  (Talk to Skippy on that one.  He is the one that engineers a lot of their false genealogy and helped them create that tribe.  He is the go-to guy for all things Mystic Lake) 

Or, you can start funneling those documents to me.  You know I will know how to use them.  Up to you both, but don't expect an easy ride.  Weenie Boy is out to get you both!

Draining Mystic Lake

Now, with the Wolfchild suit going to the courts, it appears that the invented genealogy of Crooks and his buddies might be unraveling.  For those who are not aware, Mystic Lake was created in order for people who are not indians to get money that was intended for real indians.  The members of that tribe get over $27K per month!  Skip Longie helps to validate genealogies that are as phony as tits on a rock.

In return, Mystic Lake has been funneling money into the Spirit Lake Tribal Council in the form of loans that will never be paid back.

Now, the problems that are coming up are numerous and complex.  Save to say that Russ McDonald has so messed up things that some of the money faucets have been shut off or squeezed down to a drip because he really has no skills or education (he must have bought his degree, seriously, a Fifth Grader would do better than he has!) and he has misfiled, missed deadlines, and failed to follow up on key grants. 

This has not stopped him from shoving tons of money into his own pockets, but the Tribal Council is having to rob more Peters to pay themselves and Paul is sending out overdue notices left and right. 

Naked Lawn Ornament who is one of the most familiar with the Peters around there, is now being looked at to pay off the loan she gave herself ($3MILLION) in order for the rest of them to have spending cash for their fun and games.

Now, Skippy is being dispatched to Mystic Lake to put the squeeze on them for more money.  Lots more money.  Otherwise, some previously validated genealogy papers can be looked at more closely a second time and there might be some changes have to be made at the very top as well as those who came later. 

Mystic Lake is resenting the pressure to pay more.  They are calling it "extortion".  That would be accurate.  Inasmuch as they are in the process, ongoing, of stealing millions from the government every month, this could put them in a bind. Yes it could!  They are being drained, and their sugar ride is coming to an end.  The pipeline of money is going directly into the pockets of Skippy and his pals.

Cannibal Days and Cannibal Ways

Naked Lawn Ornament is rather unhappy with what she has been hearing lately.  And the fact that the Fecal Family showed up for Mary Mac Truck's campaign and not a dime nor a sandwich made on her behalf, which meant she had  to use the money she had stolen for herself to pay off Sam Merrick and others... How UNFAIR!

You can see where they are all coming unglued and lost now, in their own swirling illusions, trying desperately to undo one another (now that they know just how crooked the "other one is" and how much they have been "cheated out of"), and at the same time emerge themselves as Champions of the people.

Make no mistake: They will each and all turn to you to help them.  There will be money handed out and promises made.  They are all desperate to knock one another out of the box.  They are all desperate to hold the absolute power out there. 

Almost funny in a sad way to watch them cannibalizing one another. And in the process, revealing more about Mystic Lake, more behind the scenes players.

These are desperate times. These are Cannibal Days and these are Cannibal Ways.

Hand Wringers

No wonder the Feds are getting nervous.  If this continues to fray, and seeing how the strings are being pulled, fraying at the speed of bloggery, they too will be exposed as key to the problems.

Their own deliberate ignoring of the facts and the truth will eventually be their undoing as well.

Byron Dorgan adoring corrupt tribal chairman, Tino White (ousted by petition after this photo)Meanwhile, that picture of Dorgan staring up at Tino White (in 01) like a dog waiting for a bone, just can't get it out of my mind.  One corrupt leader is replaced with another and Dorgan the dragon doesn't miss a beat handing his leash over to the next in power.

One has to look at how he fits into the picture.  What is he getting out of this?  Satisfaction that he has done right by the Indian People?  He never addresses the corruption and those who tell him of problems and ask that he put an audit on the funds, never hear back from him.

Those who have been mistreated by the same people whom he backslaps and gladhands at photo ops, are told they have to seek remedy elsewhere. 

Above all, even though this picture is older, it portrays to me that he will not bite the hand that feeds him.  I am sure that if we were to look at his campaign donations over the years, we would see some very familiar names.

But the perception is that he is there, for the people.  I think that "the people" he is there for are probably a much smaller circle than what he would have you think.

He could have called for that kiddie porn investigation to be ongoing.  Not a peep!  I am sure that he will tell you that he is satisfied with the results, limited as they were to just one individual, and that he has implicit trust in the Justice Department to do their job. 

Even when he knows they are not doing their job.

You don't get to be a successful politician these days unless you sell a part of your soul.  Sometimes you have to keep tearing off another little piece to keep the beast at bay.

I could be completely wrong about all this.  He could be, as we speak, sparking up a special committee to investigate the whole kiddie porn scandal.  Do write and tell me I am dead wrong about that man.  Even if it is just the perception that he is not the lackey I think he is, I would find that most comforting.  At least, temporarily.

It is a toss up these days as to who wrings their hands more:  Dorgan or Lawnie.  He used to tap his fingertips together in anticipation, but now, a deeper furrow in his brow, sweat upon his upper lip, giving away the perception of cool as a cucumber, revealing strings connected to parts of his anatomy that are uncomfortable when tugged.

All this because bloggers are out there, dispelling the perceptions and illusions so cleverly crafted over decades of no one looking, no one caring to look on the inside.  And generations of those on the inside not having the information, the will to stand up against those who are oppressing them, is coming to an end.

Because it is non-violent, this awakening, the Feds are helpless to send in the troops and shoot at will and blame the deaths on the innocent, as they have in the past. The corrupt are left to twist in the wind, trying to choke one another to stay in position.

The Feds do nothing to help the people with legitimate issues and complaints, hoping that those who are so mistreated will rise up in anger and become violent and the old stereotypes of "savages" and "renegades" and my personal favorite "Indian Uprising quelled by Troops" cannot play out in the public perceptions.

The people cannot resort to violence because that is how the bad guys win.  You must however, continue to stand up, speak up and to help yourselves and one another.

Continue to send me documents, information and I will do what I can from here to make sure everyone has the same information at the same time.

But it is up to you, each and all, to do this work.

You can see by the way they turn on one another that they are afraid.  You can smell it on their foul breath, like burned metal, as they try to whisper in your ear to do their dirty work for them, that they are afraid.

They are not used to being the ones afraid.  They want you to be afraid.  Don't buy it.  It is only a false illusion and a desperate perception they are trying to foster to save their own sorry butts.  Those in high offices that have supported them for mutual satisfaction, can do nothing but watch the card houses buckle.

You know where to fine me.


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May 21, 2007 Printer Version

Smoking Stapler Hunter

I heard that the cops up in Red Lake are looking for Donovan Wind.  They have even been searching my site to see if he is in there somewhere.  Not sure why they are looking for Dono, but I told them to not bother him just yet because he is still on a very important case and is expecting a breakthrough (or breakdown) at any moment.  He is still hot on the trail of the person who staples to the blog together and shares it with y'all and he is still searching for the smoking stapler to prove it. 

I know there are rapes and murders, drug dealers and robberies, all going on out there, but we don't have time for any of that stuff, the really important things are left up to the fiercest Badgers of them all, and right now, Dono is it! 

I hear he has a task force looking for the Smoking Stapler.  Oooh!  I get chills!

So, Dono, give the boys up in Red Lake a call, I am sure they would like to hear from you!  Maybe use your expertise on some Date Rape case or something?  Hey, anyone that can sniff out staples and interrogate staplers, is just the kinder cop they are looking for, I am sure! (*POP!).

Wow, Spirit Lake Rez really lucky to have him wearin' the badge and carryin' the gun!  (Barks Twice laughs) Wow girl!  That was a first!

Judge Knot

For those unfamiliar with the consistent chain of inequities out in Indian Country, allow me to enlighten you.  Indians have no rights.  They are the only group of people in the US that are legislated out of any Human or Civil Rights.

This is how it works:  Whomever is in charge, controls everything, including the jobs, the financial assistance, homes, and the Tribal Courts.  They also control the police, and the FBI agents who "assist them in securing peace" which often means, quelling any "uprising" and what can be called an "uprising" is anything that displeases the people in power. 

The Badgers have no training in police work, some don't even know how to handle the sidearms they are issued.  Some get up to (drum roll, please) 27 days of police "academy" training!  The cops are never drug or alcohol tested and neither are the Tribal Council nor the Judges.  Even if they were, they also control that person's job!

So, with Judge Dubray now suddenly out of the picture, and using the information she stole from Myra's safe to A.) Prevent Myra from blackmailing her any longer and B.) She can now extort $$$ from Myra!  (and others); the Tribal Courts were without a "judge". 

Enter Skip Longie.  He is now the Tribal Judge on the Ft. Totten/Spirit Lake rez.  He has no law degree, whatsoever. (*See Correction below on who was the judge) He was also running the farmers and ranchers grants applications and distribution a few decades ago, wherein the farmers and ranchers did not get their money, but he became very wealthy (coincidence?).  When the other farmers and ranchers complained to the Feds, they were told to first seek remedy through Tribal Court.

Skip Longie just happened to also be the judge at that time and ruled against them, delayed rulings for years, effectively killing the financial resources of the complainants, who pleaded many times to the Federal Courts in charge of Indian Lands, for relief and every time, they were slapped back to Tribal Court, despite the fact that the very person they were filing against also held the Judge's seat!

The Federal Government, your representatives and senators, state and local, see no problem with this set up.  It seems to suit them well!  "Sovereignty" is used like a hammer to beat down any Indian that tries to rise up against the outright, blatant corruption and unfairness. 

And people on the outside wonder why Indians who live in poverty feel so hopeless and appear to have quit trying to 'help themselves'???  Apathy and indifference grow as the only keys that will crack open the doors of survival.  It is in many cases, only subsistence. 

Worst case, someone annoys the Tribal Council and its powerful by pointing out the inequities and the abuses, and out comes the "Banned from the rez" on the spot motions, carried and passed without hearing, trial or petition, such as the rules require. 

A person that points out the inequities, the hopelessness, and the outright injustices of how people on the rez are being treated, become to those in power, "criminals, threats to the peace and safety..."  The drug dealers, however, remain open air marketers with no fears of any consequence because they are often and in the case of Ft. Totten/Spirit Lake Nation, related to the powerful.

Those who complain against them are penalized to the highest degree.

So, America, do you think this toxic soup of criminal safe haven and injustice to the good people who try to stop it is NOT going to spill out into the neighboring communities?  You think it won't ride on the rails to all of the United States and beyond? 

You think those in power are happy with stealing government funds for themselves and they will leave the rest of America in peace?  Where do you think the biggest money laundering and kiddie porn scandals have emanated from lately?  Jack Abramhoff was directly tied to Indian Country and to 10's if not 100's of congressional big wheelers.

And what happened to that scandal?  Tom Delay stepped down but was never charged and evidence seemed to disappear.  Abramhoff plead guilty, got a sweetheart sentence and will quietly be released in another year, his ill gotten gains, estimated to be over $100 Million, untouched by Federal Fingers. 

The largest kiddie porn bust in North America quietly reduced to the arrest of only one person and the evidence ready to be sold at auction this month. 

That is how it works out there.  IF there is the outside chance that the Feds are forced to act against the mighty and powerful in Indian Country, they manage to get one fall guy, and the investigation is stopped cold. 

All that the fall guy has to do is keep his mouth shut for a short time, and he will emerge intact and much wealthier in a very short time.

Meanwhile, those whom the Tribal Council know for a fact are the most corrupt, become the knot in the flow of judicial justice on the rez.

There is a separate document called "The American Indians Book of Civil Rights."  It is meaningless as toilet paper because there is no recourse, other than "civil" for anyone who has been abused by the powers supported and sustained by the Federal Government.  Civil Suits?  Who among any of us has the money to go up against the juggernauts of bottomless government funding to file suit to get our rights? 

With no access to Federal Courts, except to have them slap whomever gets that far back into Tribal Court, and most Indians who are mistreated are financially distressed and unable to access funds for any kind of civil suit, the term "Civil Rights" is without meaning in Indian Country. 

How can we, as a country, as a "democracy" find a "loophole" that allows for this kind of abuse and never move to remedy it?

People unaware that so much crime that afflicts all of the nation is centered, given safe haven, in Indian Country.  If we want to save ourselves, we must demand that there be no safe haven that is actively ignored wherein the worst offenders can scoff at our distress. 

If we work together to remedy this, and work hard we must for there is much to overcome, especially the indifference and apathy that has made it all possible for over 100 years; we can then start to see our own streets become safer, our own homes less threatened. 

But if we continue to ignore this as "Indian Country, Indian Problems" as if we are not all in the same country, then we all get exactly what our intentional blindness and deafness deserves.

Meanwhile, all is well in hell.

Unity of Human Beings

This is why the people must put aside their petty grievances against one another and act as a block to put a stop to what is killing their children, and turning the future into a dark tunnel from which few if any Indians will emerge to tell the tale of how they were mistreated.

I tell you this: Your jealousies, and family rivalries are being exploited by those who hurt you all.  They keep you mistrusting of one another and they continue to feed at the financial troughs like pigs.  They even wrap their hands around the hands that feed them the money and power, and pose for pictures to remind you that they have stolen from you, with the help of Senators, Congressmen and the Justice Department, that which was supposed to be yours all along.

Your houses are too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter and your food is commods or worse.  You ask for the money and you are given a slap across the face and told that the Tribe is broke and just suck it up. 

Meanwhile, they travel like kings in their gas guzzling vehicles, new every 4-6 months, you paying their ride in full.  They live in comfort, travel in style.  They foster your denial and curry your anger towards anyone that points out what they are doing to you.  They need your to be angry at those who bash them for their corruption, their crimes and their disrespect of Indian Ways, and they want you along side of them, to support them as "all Indians standing against racism", but you know it is not racism on the part of those who peek in and are appalled at the conditions you are left to struggle in.  It is brotherhood and unity that they fear.  That outsiders would come and stand with you, help you to stand up for yourself where the powerful have beaten you down; give you a voice where you have been silenced by violence and threats, is of grave concern to those who have their boots upon your necks.

They are afraid that people will come together and demand that human beings be treated as human beings and demand an end to the flow of money, unaudited, that supports the ever worsening tyranny, right here, in the heart of America.

Light it Up

They fear the voice, the camera, the truth getting out in any way.  They know us as Human Beings well to know that once people really see, really know, what is really happening to the Good People in Indian Country, the powerful will be called to account for their part in each and every crime committed. 

The masks will be torn off and the ugliest of realities of who has been in power and what they have participated in or allowed to happen or protected from justice, will be revealed.

It is time that we all, as a nation, as Brothers and Sisters, stood up to save ourselves.

This only continues because we allow it.

Those on the inside must do the hardest work and in a peaceful but strong way, to change their lives.  Indian People are facing extinction at the hands of their own leaders and with the help of the US Government that has sought the extinction of Indian Peoples all along. 

You say "not true"?  Tell me how tying the rules of Justice into trick knots and blindly funding the perpetrators of true evil as well as protecting them from prying eyes of the rest of the country could lead to anything other than genocide?

Our government is patient.  No smoke rising from the ovens to give concern to the locals.  Just constant abuse, mistreatment and injustice at every level.  Taking away the hope, the dignity, and supplying plenty of alcohol, drugs and apathy; what, pray tell would be the expected outcome?

Time to look beyond the stereo-types: all good or all bad, and see the injustices and the system that perpetrates the blackest stain on our nation to date.

We must demand inquiry, and we must be vigilant in overseeing that no rock is left unturned, and that this rampant, pervasive evil that spreads from the rez to the neighbors to the nation and to the world, is stopped.

We must not be afraid to shine the light on what is there.  We must not be afraid to look at what the light reveals.  Our discomfort and our shame is temporary if we work to fix it.  It is ever growing if we continue to ignore it.

If we fail to do this one thing, we are all hypocrites and we deserve what we get.


An Innocent Man remains in prison and an entire community is being bullied by the real murderers. Even the Badger, Bentley Grey Bear, whose own family was dragged into this mess, is groveling to pretend to know nothing and serve them as his masters.  He KNOWS they murdered Eddie Peltier and he never ever talks about it!  He supports them and does their bidding, time and time again!

An INNOCENT man has not breathed FREE Air in over 24 years!  And I am sure his Parole Hearing went just the way it always goes.  There were threats made that anyone that showed up to support him would be turned away!  Even Eddie's Sister was not allowed to speak at his hearing!

Where have you ever heard of the Victim's Family Members not being allowed to speak at the hearing? They are so afraid that if he gets out, the real killers will be in danger of being revealed.

This hearing they even threatened that if anyone showed up outside the prison walls to support Richard LaFuente, that he would be shipped immediately to another prison and denied any communication with any of his family members or anyone who supports him.

See?  Even though they have robbed him of his freedom all these years, they can still take away and terrorize him in order to keep their filthy secrets safe!  The Parole Board are merely reinforcement.  They have at their discretion to release him, but they choose, each and every time, to keep him behind bars.  What do they gain from this?  I have no idea.  All I know is that they are there to support the system at its most corrupt.  They are not elected, they are appointed.  They are paid well and they can be dismissed on the spot if they do anything that stands up against the abuses they know are going on, but are content to HEAR, SEE and SPEAK no evil.

They are the gatekeepers to Richard LaFuente's Hell.  They do their job well.

But the fear this time, especially since the video of Pete Hager (star witness against him at trial) wherein he yells that the party was at Celeste Herman's home the night Eddie was killed, does scare them, for some reason. 

Lynn Crooks has once again stepped up to the plate and cut a deal with a witness to QBall's rantings, that if he keeps his silence, he gets a very minimal sentence.  However, if that witness speaks or signs an affidavit, he will be sorry.

Imagine how the Justice Department must stink over deals wherein criminals get less time and better treatment if they promise to NOT tell the truth!

I wonder if they are so afraid that the system, as corrupt and controlled as it is, might actually act in a Judicial manner? Might actually free the innocent and open the case into the true culprits of that murder and others?

How many card houses will buckle in that judicial breeze?  No telling.  So far, the Justice Department has succeeded in protecting itself against any and all investigation into it's wrong doings.

What would it take to change all that? Simple awareness and proactive participation by all of us.  That is how the Civil Rights Act came into being in the first place.  Time to make it apply to all people who are US Citizens.  Even the First Citizens of this land deserve fair treatment. 

Until we are willing to Free the Innocent, we are all in our own prisons of ignorance and apathy, denial and self-betrayal.

Culture of Irrational Fear

Our government would have you believe that if we were to allow fair treatment to Indians, they might hold to account all the broken treaties and take all our property away from us.  That would never happen.  But that is the underlying subconscious fear instilled in every otherwise rational mind out there.  It keeps us willing to look the other way.

Well, better open up our eyes, because it is coming and has been coming, our way for a long time.

Only after it is fixed can we see how long we all tolerated a level of criminal activity in our government and against ourselves as well as what was on the streets killing us all.  Only after it starts to become better rather than constantly escalating into more and more fear and reactionary behaviors, can we see what was lost and what needs more to be done and fixed and how to go about it.

But first we must start. The place to start is in the Heart of Our Democracy, in Indian Country.  Until the heart is safe, it is pointless to put band aids on the imaginary wounds that distract us.

You know where to find me.


*Ooops!  My bad!  I had a stack of documents here, and I got Skip Longie's mixed up with Billy Dean Cavenaugh's!  Skip was not the Judge on that case with the ranchers, it was WDC.  Well, most of you already knew that out there.  I really MUST get this filing done!  Working from sliding stacks of documents can lead to little moments like this! For the record, Skip and Billy Dean are best buddies.  Easy to see where I derailed on that one! (You can all stop laughing now!)

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May 22, 2007 --Printer Version

My Bad

I need more office space!  I had my files on both Skip Longie and Billy Dean Cavenaugh open at the same time and got them mixed up.  BDC is the Judge, and was the judge back in the 80's when he was able to preside over cases filed against him.  Oh yeah, Indians have rights all right!  They are just designed to make it a joke!

I am also working on so many of Skip Longie's episodes, the most recent being that he acquired another (as in several before) Million Dollars from Mystic Lake for Varsity Bags biz.  He got his 15% of that right off the top.  Some say he gets up to 50% but it does not matter because ultimately, he gets all of it.

How much money has gone into V B already?  Who knows!  But the vendors are not being paid on time, and some not at all and suits are being filed.  No matter, everything they do, that little group, is all a scam anyways.  And when the company goes under, there is no one to file against. 

All part of the plan, Stan.


I have had no word as of yet on how the Parole Hearing for Richard LaFuente went.  Well, for one thing, I am writing this on Monday, AS the hearing is in progress.  It will be a day or two before I can get any info on what went on and what their decision was this time. 

Not sure it will be any different than any other time so it is a wonder to me that Lynn Crooks and the rest of the accessories after the fact, as well as the Fecal Family Five (new singing group?) were so jumpy and making threats against Richard's safety if anyone spoke on his behalf. 

Weird, eh?  But they probably know more about behind the scenes investigations into their connections and activities than I do.  My insiders on that track have to be careful about contacting me.  It takes longer for me to hear anything.  The other guys are wired right in.

They have a pipeline through the USAG's Office and the FBI out of Minneapolis (Most corrupt in the nation), and they are forewarned about investigations and findings.  That is how Poopsie knew to get rid of all the brand new computer equipment a week before Steven Bruce Cartier got busted for the Biggest Kiddie Porn Collection in North America. 

Their activity back then made me wonder what the word to them was at the time.  Only took a short while to figure it out. 

Wonder when I will get the word on what is scaring the diapers off of them lately.  Especially where Richard is concerned.  Richard can't hurt them at all.  He was innocent, never did know anything about the murder except what he heard in court, so not like he could talk and give them up.

Must be something really big to have them call in so many IOUs from so many in high places to threaten him.  Also tells me that people in very high places have much to lose by this thing airing out.

So, we'll see if anything untoward happens to Richard or not.  If it does, I will know better where to start looking.  Only certain people in certain places can pull those kinds of levers and strings. 

It might just be Pete Hager going off on how the murder happened at Celeste Herman's house that night (Pisster).  Perhaps I should stream that one on my site?  Have to figure out how to do that.

If nothing else, it is comical to see the pure terror in his eyes and the contortions on his face.  Bizarre!

Well, we'll continue the blog a bit later.  I am behind on chores right now. 

Too bad I gave away that I was working on Skippy and Billy Dean.  I like to sort of spring those when the time is right.  Oh well. 

Hypocrisy At Its Highest

Naked Lawn Ornament does it again!  She has the United Tribes sponsoring a meth conference at the casino from May 30 - June 1!!! Oh yeah, she knows all about the tribe having a problem with meth, after all, she has covered up for the biggest meth dealers on the rez for years. 

Tell you what, get some picket signs and march in front of the conference:  "Kick Meth Dealers OFF the Rez!" and on the Flip side: "Kalum Yankton, Meth Dealer!"  Let's see how sympathetic the UTC and the entire conference is towards the "meth problem".

It's just another ploy to get money and grants that she can put in her own pocket.  If she wanted meth off the rez, she would have booted Kalum off years ago!

Oh, that's right, he's a member of the Fecal  Family.  No touchy the Fecal Family!  Carry on Kalum.

Business as usual.  But there will, no doubt, be "press coverage" and I fully expect the full-blooded wannabe there, to record the hysteric, I mean, "historic" poses struck by Lawnie and her cohorts.

I, personally am a amazed that the United Tribes would want to associate themselves so closely with someone so obviously corrupt.  Wonder what they are getting out of it, aside from a black eye?  (*Shudder!) The possibilities are endless!

Three For Three

I hear that on Fox News last night they named three of the worst sex offenders in North Dakota: Quentin Yankton (Q Ball) Little Joe Alberts, and Lemon Longie.  Congrats to Fort Totten on winning the Trifecta!  Considering that Qball has the keys to all the rooms at the resort (pretends to do maintenance but never does any) and Little Joe is in charge of Emergency Services (I guess that is what they call having sex with Lawnie) and Lemon, who continues to not be investigated for raping his step daughters. 

Rolls Uphill and Down

Wouldn't it be awful, just plain awful if that whole ugly mess out there started to unravel?  What if the investigation into the Kiddie Porn got started up again?  How many heads would roll downhill on that one?

In this case, they would be giving up not only the weasely little greasy guys below them, but they would, as they have always promised, take a lot of people in high places down with them.  Wonder how many are on that hay ride now?  Wonder if they can see the bridge is out up ahead?

How many more IOUs are going to light up and come to life to try and put a stop to it?

From All Sides

Imagine also, now that the young turks are taking over from the old guard, that say, Russell McDonald, who knows all the dirty secrets of the night Eddie was murdered, heard 'em first hand from Demus and Tony, what if he decided to make a power play? 

What if he went gunning (figuratively speaking, of course) for Lois and Seashelly?  And what if they were gunning for Lawnie?  And Lawnie was going after Russell? Would they all turn into a whirlpool of melted butter?

Or would more documents start coming out from secret hiding places.  Tape recordings, videos, and cold hard documents all started to show up, almost all at once.  How would the Fecal Family stay afloat in the ensuing swirling that will carry them all through the plumbing?  Who would be the last to go down? (Put your hand down, Lawnie, I said "Last").

Blanket To the Wall

There are some people out there working and taking big risks to bring this whole ugly mess to an end.  They risk everything to do whatever it takes to uproot the evil and expose it to the light of day.

Sometimes they wonder aloud why it is that some people who could do something to help, people who have key information, and have complained bitterly about the corruption and the crime, just do nothing but sit and wait for someone else to come along and do the work for them. 

Those are the true descendants of the Blanket Indians.  They are how the tribe got its nickname all those years ago.  They sat and did nothing.  They sit and do nothing.  It is another name for 'lazy coward' which is worse than just 'coward' because lazy is just worse.

How much longer ago all this would have been over had those people stepped up and done the right thing.  But even now, they sit and they wait.  I wonder what it is they are expecting at the end of the journey?  A reward?  I think they should all be buried in chairs, so they can sit and watch those who had the courage and the moral backbone to do something, enjoy their eternity. 

Naw!  Not a chair!  Make it a toilet because they are going to....


Remind me to tell you all the story, and post the documents that prove, how Poopsie attempted to steal a sacred C'anupa (Pipe) from a Priest who had it in safe keeping.  He later managed to come back, with Spencer Helleckson's help, to threaten the old man and steal the  Pipe anyways. 

But the story of what happened afterward is rather amusing if you look at it right.  Shows to go ya that those wacky boys can't do anything right, and they destroyed that which they coveted, and now it is beyond their reach. 

Turdmother never forgave them for that.  It was supposed to be her leverage for Black Road Medicine tricks, and after it was ruined, she went crying to the Catholic Church (same as the one her boys robbed of the sacred C'anupa) to see if they would help her defy the consequences of her evil ways. 

You all know how the Catholic Church failed to give her what she demanded and now she is back to the "Old Ways", which is how she got into the mess she is in to begin with.

Retirement Home

I am sure there will be room in the Federal Prison for an old cranky woman who was an accessory after the fact to murder.  Not sure that the Black Road will protect you or deliver you directly to it, but the day is coming sooner and harder and she knows it. 

Imagine her going into prison, and everyone there knowing that her name is Turdmother, and what she raised her children to be.  I hear that it is rough in prison for baby rapers.  What is it like for the mother that concealed all their crimes? 

Maybe she will send me a postcard?

You know where to find me.


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May 23, 2007--Printer Version

Laughing Coyote

The irony of stupidity is often the foundation for many a Coyote story of how not to be.

Case in point:  The ongoing imprisonment of an innocent man.  Those who strive to keep him behind bars, KNOW he is innocent.  But they fear his freedom as something that would somehow expose them!

Think of it: By the time I got whiff of this injustice, Eddie was long dead and all but two of the wrongly accused were free.  John Lopez and Richard LaFuente, both strangers to me in every way, were still locked up for the murder committed by the Turdlings with help from Turdymomma. 

Today, only Richard remains in prison, refusing to admit to a guilt that is not his, even though it would have set him free, decades ago!  A man of moral high ground, which you may never find again in your lifetime, remains locked up because he refuses to say he did something he did not do.

A lie would set him free, but he won't lie. Think about that the next time you complain about how unfair things are for you.  How much is your own doing?  How much is you supporting either directly by lies or indirectly by your silence, the evil that permeates the rez out there and affects every man, woman, child and those yet to be born?

This blog came into being because of the tyranny and injustices I found when I looked at the evidence and the police reports on the murder of Eddie Peltier.  And, what has driven it all these many years, and revealed more and more of what corruption exists out there and who all is involved might never have come into being were it not that the two men who were innocent, were still in prison!

Had they both been released or even vindicated, the Turdclan could have easily kept the case "unsolved" and carried on without any interference or  even a peek-a-boo from me!  That the innocent were and one remains, in prison, is more what drives this effort on my part than anything else.

And yet, they continue to maneuver, foolishly, to keep the only person that cannot hurt them, in a position where I have to fight for him. 

Coyote would love this! They are doing exactly that which exposes more and more of who they are and what they do and everyone can see!  And why? How?  By trying to cover it up and keep it all a secret by putting it on a man who clearly is innocent and has the morals of a saint!

What better way to reveal your crimes than to pick as a scapegoat, the one person that would outshine all and draw attention to the injustice!

They reveal themselves and they reveal those who support them, more and more.

Each time Richard is denied parole, all focus returns to the Turd family.

Unable to rest easy, they create more uneasiness for those whom they claim to have bought and paid for, and people in high places, who thought they would never be exposed, are in danger of being drawn into the light both in numbers and in deeds!

Onion Belly

Everyone that came to drink from the cup of corruption is now experiencing the burn of unease, "dis-ease" as it manifests in their lives, their children and their homes.  Their discomfort a warning of what is to come, and yet they go to the cup, one more time, and time again, to drink of the corruption they know is hurting people and which will bring them down.

All they need to look at is who it is that brings this cup to them.  What other than what is coming would be the logical outcome?

Enjoy your comforts while you can, and think back to a time before you were involved in this corruption, before you drank from that cup and took your fill.  Remember back to that time when you could, in the Eye of God, stand as a Human Being of morals.

What you claim now as your "compromise" to help the greater good is the lie that chokes you in your sleep.  It is the lump in your breast and the burn in your bowels.  What you drank in, and continue to drink in does not buy you peace or comfort and Time is not for sale and is not your friend.  The onion in your belly is only going to leave you in peace when you find redemption through reconciliation with those you have harmed, robbed and denied.

Only then will you return to the comfort of the time when you were not a part of this evil.

Obligation Human

As a Human Being, it is incumbent on each and every one of us to step in when we see a wrong or an abuse being committed against another Human Being or group of people.  Most of us have forgotten that or don't think it applies in the case of First Nations Peoples.  That needs to be rethought and re taught in a way that will remind us all that we are, none of us, separate from one another.  We are all Human Beings and to discard any one of us, to sacrifice any group of us is a wrong to all of us and will, and some may argue 'already has been'  and will be damaging to us all in the present and the future. 

By not questioning the silly excuses of both government and law enforcement for the lame explanations of their misconduct and the increasing insecurity at home and abroad, we blindly walk through the doors that lead only to our extermination as Human Beings.  We become passive and robotic, waiting for the next distraction to become "News". 

It is our obligation to ourselves to be our brothers' keeper.  We must be vigilant for them or we find ourselves, in less than one lifetime, praying for relief from the horrors of our own despair.

If we don't work together to uproot the corruption that thrives in Indian Country, that same corruption will continue to hurt the innocent and continue to hurt us all. 

Serpents Under The Rug

We must contact the media, local and national, paper and plastic and ask them why the biggest Kiddie Porn bust in North American History was stopped cold at one man!  We must ask "Who would have that kind of power?" and "Why would they need to do it?"  We must not be afraid of the answers we will find.  We must not be afraid of what is revealed.

These are serpents we have swept under the rug for far too long and the floor is alive with them and they have grown.  We walk uncertain, knowing something is not right and feeling like there is nothing we can do, but we must, relentlessly do all that we can.

Every child hurt by the porn industry has the capacity to either suicide or become predators themselves when they are big and strong enough to overpower the littler ones.  It is what serpents do. 

Who is to say how many children can be spared rape and murder in the future if we demand that this be investigated today?  Would they be our children? Our children's children?  Very likely, yes.

Where do you think predators come from? They come from the dark and evil that people sweep under the rug and pretend is not there.  They come from the families protecting predators at the expense of the safety of the child just so the family "won't be embarrassed". 

You hide them, and you protect them, and then you are amazed that they flourish and and come after more?

We have the obligation as Human Beings to protect Human Beings, regardless of whether they look like us or not.  Regardless of whether we understand their ways or not.  What is clearly wrong is to allow the corruption and oppression of them as individuals or as groups or as races when we know, for a fact, that what is being done to them is wrong.

Demand to be informed and eschew the distractions that are there to make you not want to do anything to help anyone else and worst of all, to not help yourself.  Wake up the mind that God gave each of us.  Wake up the heart that fires the courage that makes us each the gift from God.

Or stay content to keep your silence, let someone else do it for you, and know for a certainty, that the serpents under the rug will come to your door soon .  It will be too late then for you to wish you had done the Human thing. 

Now is the time.

Keeping Quiet Speaking Out

Interesting how much deliberate misreading is out there regarding the blogger that was "banned" from Turtle Mountain.  I just read Doreen Yellowbird's piece and she makes him sound like a whiner.  I heard no whining. 

They have implied a lawsuit, and that is their attempt to deny him his right to free speech.  THAT is something they cannot do, but it is interesting that they would even mention it.  It gives me the impression that taking away someone's rights is not that removed from how they do business. 

Saying that he was allowed to have his opinion but not express it was absolutely counter to the Bill of Rights, Constitution and common sense.  Perhaps in a some sort of dictatorship, that would apply? They were only a little confused.  Thought he was someone they could intimidate?  He does not sound intimidated to me.  The Tribal Council on the other hand, very blustery.  But, going nowhere.

Rob Port never said he was being silenced.  He never claimed to have lost his "voice".  In fact, seems like he still has it.  She also claims that their banishing him essentially had no teeth.  Oh yeah? So, she thinks that people who are banished from the rez can just laugh it off and come and go as they please?

People who have been banished (Indians and non-Indians) are done so illegally, against the rules, policies and laws set up by the Tribes that then ignore them, and without a hearing, a petition or any of those other messy trappings of fair play, have been banished from reservations on the spot, some not even allowed to get their possessions or feed their dogs before they are run off, and who are arrested if they show up again. I would think that with a name like "Yellowbird" she would be familiar with that particular form of injustice or at least know of instances where that happened.  Maybe not.  Maybe she only knows the success stories, and laughs at all those wild stories about banishment that are told from time to time?  She makes light of things she must know are serious problems.  Or maybe she doesn't know.  I could be seriously over estimating her.  If so, I deeply apologize.

She is telling Rob Port to stop blogging until he gets the facts and she goes on to enumerate the well-to-do, the well-educated and the success stories of the Turtle Mountain Rez.  Whoop de doo!  She is a reporter.  I am sure she can and has done many stories about the successes out there. 

How many has she done on the issues of poverty? And why, when the subject is mentioned does it have to share "equal time" with all the successes?  Why do the success stories not have to share equal time with the issue of poverty? Okay, who is going to "give him the facts"? Would that be Ms. Yellowbird?  The topic is 'Poverty on the Rez': Go!

Port never said that successes did not exist.  He was talking about the undeniable poverty that is also existing and which, apparently, is the flash point.  Perhaps if he had just focused on all the success stories out there, he would still be welcome?  Perhaps if he had ignored the problem as seems to have been the practice all along by those who treat themselves very well, he would still be welcome?

I hear no voices on behalf of the poor coming from the wealthy and well-to-do out there.  I could be wrong, and they could be championing the cause all this time, but never found a way to make it public enough to draw the kind of attention that would perhaps create remedy? 

But there are so many Bachelor Degrees and Ph.Ds, I would think they would have come up with something by now.  Banishing the person that brings the message that this is unacceptable, the conditions not right for Human Beings to have to live in, seems to be sending the message that they want it never to be spoken about.  Banishing Rob Port does not alleviate the poverty he saw. But it would go along way to preventing anyone from ever mentioning it again.  That should be comforting to many.

What is wrong with discussing poverty?  The more we ignore it, the worse it gets.  Poverty is addressed for every other segment of society, why not on the rez?  Any rez, anywhere?

A lot of money goes into Indian Country and is NEVER accounted for.  How are we to assume that the distribution is fair when we see some living in the lap of luxury while others go scrimping couch coins to pay for heating oil in the dead of winter? My references are mostly based on the focus of this blog, but I have no doubt it goes on elsewhere as well. 

Why wouldn't it?  What is to stop it?  What is in place to prevent it?  If poverty on the rez is such an embarrassment, do something about it.  I have an idea, why not banish the ones that can't seem to keep up with the well-educated, well-connected and politically high ranking?  There, problem solved.

The poverty on reservations is jarring because the money that is allocated for programs to address poverty, seldom reaches the people it is intended to help.  When an elder woman cannot get a dime from the Tribe for her heating fuel in the dead of winter in North Dakota, and has to scrape enough together to get $38 worth, and the Tribal Council tells her that she should stop asking for money they can't give her. And then the following week, checks are being handed out by the hundreds for people to go an attend the basketball game at the finals... one has to question the priorities.  OR is that an Indian thing? 

Instead of addressing the issue of poverty, it seems that those well-educated Indians with a voice, are out to declare all the successes overlooked in the Say Anything Blog.  Declare all you want and point to that which looks all clean and shiny and shove the poverty under the rug.  It doesn't change the fact that the poverty is out there and it needs to be addressed.

I feel like someone has come across a traffic accident and is trying to call for help, and the people in the surrounding cars are yelling at him to stop making them look bad and also remind us all that they drive nice cars!  They all start honking their horns as the victim lies bleeding on the ground.

That is about the level of PC tyranny I am seeing from the Indian side of this thing.  Every effort to avoid the subject of poverty, and the tactics of trying to dilute the issue by declaring there are successes out there as well is just plain upside down.

I am sure the successful, the well-educated who have the comforts on the rez are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves.  It is those who suffer in poverty that seem to be without a voice, and a lot of people seem to want to keep it that way. 

I did not read the entire blog entry that has caused all this uproar, but it did not seem to say that ALL Indians live in poverty, nor was he trying to make Indians look "bad".  What I got was that here, in a place that has swallowed millions of government dollars and which seems to have some successes that are highly noticeable, there is also a pocket of desperate poverty that we all should find unacceptable. 

Frankly, I think that if he had mentioned the success stories, the well-to-do out there, the contrast would have been more appalling.  But you can't please everyone, now can ya?

Same sort  of things were written about the ghettos, and the housing projects and the downtown skid row areas of every major city as well as the backwater pockets in rural America.  How does continuing to ignore any of that help any of us? 

I knew people who dedicated their lives and donated their time, labor and money to issues that were important to them.  Some went after hunger, some saved the whales, some wanted chemicals out of our food.  Some wanted to end deaths by drunk drivers, some were anti-drug campaigners, and some were anti-war. 

It was surprising to me that at different events, someone in the crowd would demand to know why, if they are so interested in making things better, they did not pursue other causes as well!

As if by saying that other causes were just as worthy, and yet this one human being was not involved in several or all of them, that somehow nullified the credibility of the cause he or she was so involved with!

Diluting the message is a common tactic of those that do not want to hear it.  For those who say the earth is round, let's say we give "equal time" to those who claim it is flat as a pancake.  How far would we get in any pursuit or growth if we are so easily side-tracked by those who don't like the message?

I will be looking to see what kind of articles Ms. Yellowbird writes that deal with the subject of poverty, anywhere, and what should be done about it.  Maybe that is not her thing.  She is very good at championing the shiny side, and maybe that is what she should stick to.  We need that as well. Seriously.  We have to see what does and what is working or we lose the perspective of what we are capable of as Human Beings. 

But to me, her condemning the man for speaking about poverty as a Human Being, is like the Anti-War person shouting at the End Hunger in Biafra person as having a message that is worthless or wrong.

Both are right.  Both have a right to speak about what they are passionate about.  Neither is better than the other.  Neither has the right to tell the other that their subject is invalid.  Success if valid and poverty is valid.  That does not mean they both have to be given equal time unless we title it: "How to End Poverty and How to End Success"

I think we have to be grateful that people want to come together and help one another, and especially to right the wrongs and the imbalances.  Don't tell me he doesn't understand.  I think he understood really well what he saw and what he was told. I think we need more people to listen when the not-so-shiny-and-pretty stuff comes up.  Afterall, that might just be what is ailing our nation.  Isolating the poor from someone who speaks up on their behalf is hardly making the Turtle Mountain Rez look really good in that light.  But it does discourage the next person, Indian or not, from attempting to help or get help. (Horns honking as the poor fade into the background)

It has been said that a government and a country is judged not by the wealthiest in their camp, but rather how they treat the poor, the sick and their prisoners.  In other words, how we stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves is how we leave our mark on history. 

So far, I don't see where much is being done that will make us look good, on or off the rez.  If we are not allowed to discuss it, bring it up, and are to be "penalized" for speaking up about the inequity and the injustices, then I think we can all pretty much see where we are going in this handcart.

You know where to find me.


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May 25, 2007 Printer Version

Black Road Dead End

QBall had to move into his mother's house to take care of her full time.  Seems the lynchpin of the Turdclan is on her decline, and sliding fast.  QBall gets to bathe her, diaper her, and comb the spiders out of her hair.

All her dark ways and now it is too late for her to find redemption and Peace on The Journey.  Hers will not be a peaceful passing, but one tangled up with fear and the sticky webs of her lies, all spun out around her.

When she goes, the family collapses.  Sibling rivalry and who's to blame for the trouble they are all in, will find them turning on one another faster than you can shake a stick at them.  Weenie Boy and his dabblings in Black Road Ways will be up against the Fecal Family's Finest, including Pisster and Jerky Jackie.

The inbred offspring, little Turdalingos, will no longer be guaranteed safe passage.  With Turdmother not there to protect them from their parents, auntie mothers and uncle daddies, their criminal adventures will be seen as a liability to the older Turdlings.  The chance that they would be arrested, go to jail and spill their guts on what they know, what was done to them, and how they got to be what they are today, too much of a risk. 

Like I said before: They eat their young.  Kalum, Zit Puppet, probably the first to go. Maybe it will be a little GHB in their drinks, or cyanide (ummm, almonds?) and then a little drive out to the Lake where they will be fed to the monster that legend has it, consumes the evil ones as revenge for their wicked ways. 

Kalum, Zit, consider yourselves as "Peace Offerings" and know that your demise will probably be fairly swift, won't have a chance to fight for your lives, and that you might just buy some time for the Turdlings above you.  For sure you will buy them sympathy.  "Oh! Poor poor Turdlings!  First their Mama up and died on them, and now, their sweet (*Pop) chillins is done drove into the lake!"

And let us not forget that you each will fetch $200 for each family member that claims you, and if you add that on top of what they will all get when Turdymomma starts crawling the bumpy road in the hereafter, you will have all made your family real happy!

Please do not read this to Turdmother.  I don't wish to make her upset.  Do not copy this and mail it to her, and do not slip it under her door and do not scotch tape it to the window next to her bed.  Do not read it aloud on KBooHoo and do not chant it outside her home loud enough for her to hear it.  Unless, of course, you really feel like it!

I am thinking she might opt for cremation, so she can sit in an urn on the mantles (divide her up into half cup servings of after ash to share amongst those she rules in life).  Also, burial might prove tricky as I am not sure Mother Earth will have her.  Might spit her out like a stone.

That would be oh so embarrassing!

And to think that she was thiiiis close (put finger to thumb with sliver gap) to getting all that she wanted from Naked Lawn Ornament.  Hey, you don't suppose that ol' Lawnie was praying for her to ... Nah!  She would never do anything so underhanded!  Especially since Turdymomma showed her some of her secret Black Road Medicine tricks.  Those two have a real abiding respect for one another, yes they do. (Shakes head "no").

Well, since this is going to be Friday's blog, I will let this one simmer for a bit. Oh, and next time you send QBall out for her medicine, tell him that talking on the phone in the store is really rude!  But it does allow those with a scanner to pick up some really juicy information.

Let's all send Turdymomma a Git Well Card!  Mine will have some of her favorites: Snakes, spiders, and other people's hair.  Whatcha gonna put on yours?

I think I warned her not too long ago about the end days for her and how they would be.  Too bad she didn't pay attention, she might have had a chance to save her soul had she spoken the truth in time.  Now, she can hardly speak at all. 

QBall has realized that she won't be getting better.  He has already decided he doesn't have to be nice to her when no one else is around.  I guess she got the only door she left open for herself. 

It's going to be a very long hard summer for them all.  The Black Road comes to a very hard dead end.

Picking The Wrong Horse

And for those of you who tied your fate to theirs, you might just be beginning, some of you, to realize that you put all your worth on the wrong horse.  All those who thought this would go on forever, will see it crumble, and your cover removed as that family and their allies continue to cannibalize themselves trying to take over or keep the power.

I see that Mary Mack Truck's family has decided they want a much bigger piece of the pie and the things that Russell McDonald is doing will undo 3 of the Tribal Council in a few months.  You cannot pay him off, he wants it all.  He has seen the betrayals and won't fall for it a second time. His family holds the key witness against the conviction of Richard LaFuente.  And now they want ten fold what they have already been paid, to keep their mouths shut and Richard locked up.

The greedy and the corrupt have already begun to devour one another. 

When Turdymomma greets the grave, the family will collide with itself in the ugliest of ways.  We all express our grief differently.  Some people cry a lot, some people go off by themselves, others will get cross, but the Fecal Family ferments and then they play Russian Roulette and 'tag' with real bullets.

Politicians will be hiring extra help to shred documents that connect them to the corruption on the rez, but there are copies everywhere.  There are tapes, videos, photos and emails... there is no escape.  Those who came willingly into this cess pool of corruption will leave squishy tracks on white carpet trying to get away from it.

A lot of people will go down because greed, fueled by a false sense of security held together by  apathy that permeates the populace would protect them from ever having to answer for unspeakable crimes, will find they are revealed.  People are becoming aware.  The tipping point for apathy to become alarm was recently reached.  People are starting to think about things and realize that so much has been taken from them, hidden from them, by those who were supposed to be held in trusting high esteem.

Betrayal often leads to more revelations. Poopsie threatened that he would not go down without bringing everyone down with him.  Yet, fools lined up to bet on that horse.  What did they think would happen when the laws of eventuality came into play as it always has in kingdoms past?

Did they not realize that the immutable laws of actions and consequence have always been in force?  What history lessons did they miss wherein the evil that ruined nations, was allowed to continue in perpetuity?

Were they hoping to die rich?

Oh the Coyotes are howling on this one!  The horses are running in terror, unable to stop, foaming at the mouth their eyes rolling in blind fear.  That is how this ride ends for those of you who thought you were betting on the winner of a fixed race.

(Note:  After Friday, this blog will be put in the drawer so you will have to go get it by number if you miss the final install on ol' numba 38!)

Not Her House Anymore

Well, that didn't take long!  Looks like Ol' QBall, while playing the dutiful son in front of others, has already told Turdmother that the house is no longer her house.  That when she dies, it  will be HIS house. 

She has a choice to sign the papers he keeps shoving under her hand, and he will 'maybe' treat her decently; OR she can refuse, such as she has for now, and things might get more uncomfortable for her.

Because he was in prison, he missed out on getting homes when they were being passed around.  He only has the trailer that he stole from that one woman and he really wants the Big House.

Now Turdymomma sees what it is she brought up and that monster is smiling down at her, as he tells her how it is going to be.

Poopsie doesn't know it yet.  Oops, I supposed he just found out! Might be a bit of a rough patch there boys.  If you get mad at Qball and thwart his plan, then one of you will have to move in and do the dirty work that Qball rather enjoys (bathing her, changing her, and the spiders in her hair).  And we all know she will not be put in a hospital.

Not because they love her so much, but because they can't risk her finding a way to confess her sins to a doctor or a nurse or cops or anyone else.  The only way to prevent that would be to have one of them posted by her bedside 24/7 and you know they are NOT willing to do that!

This is going to be a very long goodbye.  Break out the deck of cards, the scoreboard and the Russian Roulette toys. 

Okay, this blog is retired, next blog will be #39!

You know where to find me.





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