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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

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For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.



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May 27, 2013
The Future ---Printer Version (4)

In the future, because of the past & the present, there will be medical breakthroughs in cancer research. A new cancer test for pancreatic cancer has been developed. It's faster, thousands of times more accurate and costs a fraction of the ones they have today.  It was developed by a 15-yr old boy.

We will also be able to recharge our cell phones and other batteries, in seconds, rather than hours, because of an innovation invented by an 18-yr old girl.

These are young people who were allowed to reach their full potential. Can you imagine what they will accomplish in the next year? The next decade?

And they are not alone. They are the generation we are counting on to clean this mess, make our lives better, end our diseases, and fix all that we have broken.

They are no different that kids anywhere else, including the Rez.  The only difference is that the kids on the rez have more obstacles to overcome. They have a corrupt system that robs them of their education, decent food, decent housing and their money. 

They live with the knowledge that they can be raped, beaten up, murdered.  They have watched family and friends die young.  Addiction is all around them.  Instead of being nurtured to reach their full potential, they are weighted down, knocked down, and betrayed by their tribal government, State, and Federal Government.

The parents, social workers, teachers, foster parents who fight for these kids, are ignored, ridiculed, threatened, harassed and threatened.

It's not an accident. This doesn't "just happen". It is by design. It is with the full knowledge and cooperation of every government official who turns their back, looks the other way, and then lies to the public saying that things are being taken care of.

Nothing is being taken care of.

The future is being squandered while Hoeven brushes off a constituent's concerns about why not one of the child rapists on the rez has been arrested, not one child rescued, by telling them that "The BIA is handling that."

The same BIA that arrests a mother for filing rape charges, and sends her 13-yr old daughter to a detention facility out of state for being raped, but that allows the 38-yr old rapist, who happens to be the nephew of the Tribal Chairman, to shrug it off as if he was the victim.  Purdon likes to say on that one in particular that "There are two sides to every story." But yet, he won't tell us that compelling 'other side', the rapist's side, that justifies his ignoring that rape, along with the child rapes that grow weekly, only a fraction of them finding their way to the Mandatory Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan's office, not ONE of which has been followed up on by the mandated protocols. Not one.

Can you imagine what the kids on the rez could do if they had even the slightest chance of not being beaten up, raped, robbed, or murdered?  Can you imagine what it would be like if they lived in houses that were not moldy, where roofs don't leak, where walls aren't broken?

Can you imagine what changes would be possible if the money for the education, the programs and the housing actually went to those programs instead of into the pockets of the criminals who run the tribe?

What if these babies had decent food, safe homes, and didn't have to live with predators that teach them they are nothing more than meat, another mouth to feed, so earn your keep, rape?

What if, just say it's possible, the Good People of Spirit Lake could count on a just system? A system where the victims were protected instead of the predators? A system where, if you report a rape, you are not the one arrested? Where if you report a crime, it is investigated?  Can you imagine how different the future would be if we actually made the elected and the appointed accountable to the laws that are supposed to define us as 'civilized'?

None of that exists on the rez now. Why? Did Indians screw themselves up? Are they lazy? Are they stupid? Or have they been systematically abused by Agents, Agencies, and Authorities that created an environment that encourages only corruption, discourages any integrity?  Who benefits from keeping American Indian Communities broken, addicted, intimidated, under-educated?  Do the resource extraction companies like sweetheart deals where they pay off a couple of lazy, corrupt officials and in turn they get to take all the oil, timber, minerals they want? What if for a few more 'incentives' they get to dispose of their toxic wastes any way they feel like? In the rivers? In the landfills?  Who's going to look? You? Me? Out of sight, out of mind.

We trust our government to keep us safe.  We have laws designed to keep us safe... or so we think. But if those laws are not enforced, are we safe? If entire communities are kept in a perpetually damaged state so that we can, all of us, be ripped off by billionaires who light their cigars with the money they steal from Indians, from our Resources, our Lands and our waters... all of us are losing.

We are all being robbed. We think it's just the Indians. We think that's not our problem, but it is.

The one thing we are being robbed of the most, is the future. We don't have the best possible future because we have the worst possible present. We are all being held back by that.

Murder Is Easy

Dustin Jackson's murder was so brutal, so extreme, it reminded many of us about how brutal and extreme Eddie Peltier's murder was 30 years ago. 

Clifford Monteith was arrested.  The family was assured that "We have enough to file murder charges on him." I assume that was due to witnesses' statements, evidence gathered at the scene, etc.

Funny how evidence has a way of disappearing around the FBI out there. We've talked about how FBI Agent Trout ordered the destruction of evidence at the scene of the two murdered DuBois children.

Funny how 'witnesses' suddenly disappear or recant or won't talk....

Funny how suddenly, with no explanation, "We don't have enough to charge Clifford Monteith with anything so we're dropping all the charges."

He's free now. Just like the murderers before him.

Free to murder again.

Yeah, the kids in that place can only dream of a safe home, with no violence or addictions.  They can only dream of not being raped, battered, abused. They can only dream of a time when their funds are not stolen from them while the USAG's office just shrugs their shoulders, and then goes and has lunch with those who stole the money.

Other kids can dream of how to cure cancer, make batteries charge in seconds, devise ways to repair what pollution has damaged, fix our economic system, create new buildings, accelerate our space program....

But the kids on the rez, they have US ATTORNEY Timid Purdon, protecting the criminals that abuse them, rob them, mistreat them.

We have Timid Purdon lying to us about things being dealt with. We hear his whining that there are two sides to every story about a 13-yr old girl being raped and that's why there's no charges.

We also can feel good about ourselves as we make donations to charities that see the suffering in other countries and want to fix that.  We want to help. But we don't want to believe that the horrors that need our help, are here, in our own backyard. 

We don't want to face the fact that those we have elected, and those they have appointed, are protecting the abuse and sickness that takes place in Indian Country, but which affects each and every one of us, with diseases like cancer, we have no idea how we got it. We don't see the chemicals going into the rivers, the toxins into the air, the carcinogens being dumped into the landfills....

We only see very rich men who don't pay their taxes, and who have very expensive lunches with politicians, who tell us that everything is being handled. Politicians who tell us the BIA is dealing with it.

The Future is being robbed from us by stealing it from the children who would invent it for us.

The present is being stolen from us as our family, friends, loved ones die from diseases that never should have been, and cures that never see the light of day, locked in some child's nightmares of everyday life.

Pick up your phone, call them. Keep calling them. Keep demanding answers. Email them. Demand answers. Demand to see proof that they are doing their job. Real proof. Smooth talk is cheap. Keep faxing them. Keep showing up on their doorsteps. 

Don't quit. The Future is ours only if we fight for it now. We know what is possible. We've seen it. If we want to have it, we must stand up for the children who will bring it to us. All of them.

You know where to find me.



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May 20, 2013
Don't Forget The Children
--- Printer Version (3)

Back in March of this year, Betty Jo Krenz had an email exchange with USAG Tim Purdon.  Purdon, in his slightly annoyed tone, attempted to dismiss Betty Jo Krenz's concerns, out of hand.  He assures her that all of this has been investigated, however, since none of the protocols for investigating these reports were followed (and she quoted to him the protocols), it is untrue for him to say that any of these concerns in any of the (now) 13 Mandated Reports issued from Thomas Sullivan's ACF Office, have been 'investigated'.

Unless, by "Investigated" he's following the Bentley GreyBear methodology of not taking a rape report, not collecting evidence when a just turned 13-yr old girl reports she has been raped by an almost 40-yr old male.  Then, weeks later, asking the rapist if he did it and then taking his word for it that it was consensual. Or worse, she 'wanted it, so what could he do?' 

Since Timid Purdon directly aligns his 'professionalism' with that of the BIA and Bentley GreyBear, we can assume he is every bit as 'professional' as they are.

As you can see, Betty Jo put her strongest points in RED. Purdon ignored the RED.

He also shared the email exchange with several other people in the chain of failure.

At this point it is good to remember that Purdon has not once consulted with any of the people reporting these rapes and abuses regarding the rapes and abuses other than in this email wherein he dismisses all concerns as lacking 'evidence'.

Again, we go to the Bentley GreyBear School of Police Work. Fail to report, fail to file reports, fail to gather evidence, shrug your shoulders and say: "There is no 'evidence' ", and walk away.  Jokes on you, victims of rape and abuse. Jokes on all of us, Taxpayers who pay BIA incompetents and their USAG accomplices.

By not following protocol, USAG Purdon guarantees there will be no investigations into any of these abuses.

Or, as in the case where the DuBois children were slaughtered, Purdon can have his crack FBI Agents destroy evidence at the scene. Then of course, when you decide to make an arrest, just about anyone except the real killer will do nicely.

That also requires that witness statements be ignored. Also, ignore the obvious: The father lied about where his children were.  The house reeked of their decomposing bodies which were in between the mattress & box spring of his bed.  Let's all pretend that he just didn't notice, shall we?

Remember early on when the father was arrested and Purdon gave a statement "An Arrest has been made in this case"?  Turns out he arrested the daddy, not for murder, but for some minor charge of 'Child endangerment'.  Yes, for raping, torturing and mutilating his children? Or just for 'allowing' it?

I'm not sure how they find FBI agents so dedicated to covering up, aiding and abetting the most heinous of crimes and criminals. I'm not sure why they do that, but I know they do it.  Especially when it comes to protecting the Turdclan and their family from any investigations.

Since so many of he charges of child rape, sexual abuse contained in those Thirteen Mandated Reports, point directly to The chairman and his family, Purdon and his 'crack' team of investigators have been busy trying to make it all go away.

He never responded to Betty Jo's second request: The part where she asks him who it is that reports to him and whose word he's taking for it that there is no substance and no evidence (because none is gathered, intentionally, or destroyed). 

These kids are not safe. To this day, all we have had from Purdon, the BIA, the STATE and County are abrupt resignations, some disguised as 'retirement', and a lot of dramatic denials and professional posturing, but not one child has been removed from their rapist.

Well, wait. That thirteen-year old girl was removed. She was placed in a juvenile detention center far away from her mother. Her mother has been charged with child endangerment, but the rapist? Nothing. Nada. *Shrug*. 

Those who report get punished, harassed and defamed. Those who do the rapes? Nothing.

So, while we are all enjoying the summer storms, the floods, the tornadoes... and thinking about how inconvenient all this is to our daily lives... don't forget the children and what they are going through.

And don't forget Tim Purdon. He gets to sit in his ivory tower, looking down his nose at anyone that reports crimes against children on the rez.  Seriously, I'm starting to think this is one of the things he really enjoys about his job. He must. He makes no attempt to carry out the law against any of his friends in the Turdclan.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

I don't know why he is afraid of them, but he is. They got to him in a hurry.

It can't be that he knows that if they go down, they take down some very important people with them. Maybe it is some of those people that Purdon is protecting? Hard to say. No investigations, so all we have are guesses.

In the absence of any serious action, and in the presence of a constant screaming Chinese Fire Drill from the Federal, State, and County Governments, we can only each reach our own conclusions.

These are the people whose salaries, pensions, healthcare and vacations are all paid for with our tax dollars. This is costing us millions. We are paying them to allow children to be raped. Think about that. Could we perhaps demand our money be put to better use?

Such as investigating the corruption in the BIA? The State? The County? The rest of the alphabet soup?

Imagine: what if they actually investigated? What would they find? How many more victims? How many more predators?

You only know about the predators on the rez. You don't know about the people who enjoy the fruits of those vile labors. You don't know which judge, which politician, which cops are also involved. 

Since all of them are so quiet, I can only assume, hating the vacuum, that many, many of them are involved.  If they weren't, they'd be screaming full volume the way we are.  But they are not. In fact, they are dismissive.

They don't want us to look. They don't want us to think about it. They don't want us to ask questions.

Look. Think. Ask.

You know where to find me.



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May 13, 2013
Deadman Dé Jà Vu
---Printer Version (6)

It’s been awhile since the rez has seen such a monstrously cowardly act as was the Turdclan beating death of Eddie Peltier. But, lo an behold, with last week’s cruel, barbaric and cowardly torture and beating of Dustin “Cricket” Jackson, we are once again reminded of both how bad it was then and how bad it still is.

So far, and from only the sketchiest of information, we know that Cricket was seeing a woman who Clifford Monteith thought he owned. Clifford had been in prison and she went on with her life. That involved her being involved with Cricket.

Instead of moving on with his life, realizing that he wanted a woman that did not want him, Clifford and a few of his friends ambushed Cricket, beat and tortured him, left him dead or dying out in a field by Rolling Hills.

A waste of a life. All over petty, insipid jealousy. Do people really think they own people? Do they think that no one can choose for themselves? Is Fear and Intimidation how you keep a ‘romance’ together? If so, it means that the people who become violent when jealous, hold the deepest insecurity a Human Being can hold.

This one doesn’t seem to involve the Turdclan, but it sure brings back that scene of Eddie being pounded, stomped, kicked and beaten to death, doesn’t it? And you all know who did that one. They are running the rez. They are the biggest offenders on every level, from drugs, to incest rape, to murder, and they get all the wheels and levers to steer that rez into deeper and deeper shame.

One of the murderers of Cricket has been caught. I hear the FBI is looking for the other two, or more. If one or more of the ‘other’ is a Turdclan member, they will never be found, even as they walk around like they own the place.

If they are not a member of that elite protected group, they may or may not be found. If Cima and Trout are the FBI’s looking into this thing, evidence will be missed, destroyed, hidden and the case will probably fall apart. Courts and juries may actually want to see ‘proof’ this time around. The guilty can possibly go free, again. Like they did in Eddie’s Murder.

Into Darkness

There is a darkness over the rez. Thirty years of despair since the murder of Eddie Peliter. The guilty, with the help and cooperation of the FBI and other Federal and State agencies, intimidated, tortured and abused people in order to suborn perjured statements and testimony, in order to conceal, cover up the Yankton Family’s horrendous crimes, including but not limited to Eddie’s murder.

Eleven innocent men were convicted in the biggest farce of a trial as has ever been seen in the State of North Dakota. The judge, Paul Benson, openly bias towards the prosecution, often addle-pated, unable to follow the proceedings or make rulings on motions that even made sense.

The Turdclan still holds these same agencies close to them, under the threat of exposure for their participation and perhaps many other crimes, and they still get protection, cover-up for everything from their drug dealing to their rape and murder of little children. They still have access to the tribe’s funds, whenever they want it. They still get preferential and illegal advantages on the Federal Lands that are sold or leased through the BIA.

(BTW, Roddie Cavenaugh was not retiring, he was fired. Still, they threw him a party & he demands additional payoffs. He’ll get it. The system feeds itself.)

Children grow up abused, neglected, threatened, intimidated and sexually exploited. Suicides are common, even among those under the age of ten. Addiction and alcoholism are the only escapes, and they bring more darkness and lateral damage into those family and community units.

And then we have a murder of little children. We are appalled. There is a sham of an investigation and after more than a year, despite the witnesses saying there were two men involved and describing Jr. Herman to a “T”, only one person is arrested, and it is not the father who hid their bodies under his mattress for three days, and it certainly isn’t the nephew of Roger Yankton. We know for a fact that evidence in that crime was destroyed by the FBI Agent on the scene and by his orders. We know that evidence was missed and other evidence ‘went missing’, again, under Agent Trout’s direction.

But, that murder seems to have faded from the memories of the surrounding communities. Meh.

Thirteen Mandated Reports on sexual abuse, neglect, exploitation are handed in and dismissed, out of hand, by USAG Tim Purdon who thinks teachers, social workers, Clinical Counselors, Psychiatrists and the Director of the ACF, to name but a few, are ‘not qualified’ enough to give the reports they are giving. So, instead of following protocol for these reports, he waves them off as ‘not factual’ without so much as conferring with a single one of those who made the reports.

Meanwhile, a girl who only a few days earlier turned Thirteen, was raped by a 38-year old man who admitted doing it, but says it was her idea. He’s still walking around free, but the girl and her mother who reported the rape, were and are being punished. She was removed from her home and family, and her mother was charged for neglect. The rapist? No prob.

If you report the rape, you will pay dearly. If you commit the rape of a child, hey, whatta man! Just ask Tim Purdon. He seems to think this is just fine and that things are going well out on the rez. He has never answered any questions regarding that rape except to say that there are ‘2 sides’ to every story.

One is the rapist’s side, and we just have to go with that. Right? The other side, the victim’s side, well, you know how kids are!

This is the man who wanted to make a difference in Indian Country? He’s become as much a part and party to the crimes and abuses as his predecessors and the other agencies who indulge their greatest, most perverted weaknesses not only on the people of Spirit Lake and elsewhere, but on taxpayers who pay their salaries and benefits, and who never know how much money is being stolen through specious land deals and who, exactly, is getting rich from all this corruption.

That’s us, folks. That’s us that are also in this darkness. And it’s costing us. All of us. It’s costing us Billions.

If anyone dares to speak up and say they don’t think things are fair or just in Indian Country, well, they are instantly the targets of character assassinations by the most abusive in the ranks of Tribal and Federal government.

If you and I don’t know where billions of dollars in resources goes, and we don’t realize how much we are being cheated, do we care? Maybe we should.

The same darkness that is smothering the rez, making violence, rape, addiction, murder and corruption a way of life for those suffering and surviving under the system, is also creating for us all, aside from the billions already stolen from us, a legacy of more of the same, as well as the fact that this spreads well beyond the borders of the rez, and has, for decades, spilled out into our lives, where we can see it, smell it, fear it, but never realized what we could do to make it stop.

We make it stop on the rez. We do that by holding accountable every elected official, every State and Federal as well as municipal agency. We demand thorough audits. Yes, audits cost money. But they also show us where the money went and we might be able to either get it paid back to us, or prevent it from continuing to drain away.

If the North Dakota Legislature can spend millions of tax dollars to make it impossible for women to have safe, legal abortions, or even for poor women to have health care, cancer screenings and prenatal care, or even birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy, then by golly, they can afford to have audits that tell the public where the money was spent, by whom and for what.

By the way, abortions were happening long before they were legal. Desperate women suffered and died. Families were left without mothers, daughters, and all because they had no choice. Taking away choice makes women desperate and they fall into the hands of the butchers.

No one ‘wants’ an abortion. It’s a hard choice. It’s a personal choice. It’s not your business. If you want to see both more abortions and more desperate women dying, keep making access to care and health choices unavailable.

At the same time, keep punishing women who are pregnant or who are single mothers or abused and battered women by shutting down those shelters, taking away the safety net, and not supporting those who are trying to get on their feet and make a better life.

Or become Human Beings and stop being led by rhetoric and political nuttery.

We are all in darkness right now. But we think we can target the other guy, point our fingers at people who are falling down, save our praise and respect for those who made great fortunes in ways we will never know because it was all done behind closed doors, at our expense. Somehow, that makes us both angry and feeling like victims.

We are not the victims when we allow this kind of endless crap to go on. We are the perpetrators by our ignorance and apathy.
Racism is easy. They look ‘different’ they must be ‘lesser’. We can carry that on to religions different from our own. They are different so they must be the problem.

We take only the most extreme acts of the most violent people of any race or religion and we paste that over the entire race or religion, ignoring the fact that in our own ranks are far more evil, more violent and more corrupt.

It’s time we stopped all that political red meat chasing and stopped to take a really good look at what is going on, around us, High and Low, Near and Far, Deep and Wide, and what part each of us has played in allowing it to continue. It’s time we realized that we are not each other’s enemies, we are in fact, each other’s greater strength when we stand together, as Human Beings.

You’re a Human Being. I’m a Human Being. They are Human Beings. We can, collectively, come together and solve anything. We don’t need endless wars, constant stream of racial or religious boogeymen to divide us and keep us reactionary. We can learn to think for ourselves. We can add information. We can drop that which is false or has no value and keep that which adds to us and makes us smarter, better Human Beings.

Or, we can keep pretending we are the victims while allowing the most corrupt, the most violent continue to steer us deeper and deeper into darkness.

This fog we wander in, afraid of what we bump into or sounds we may hear but not understand, is put there by those who demand we not ask questions, not seek answers and not hold them accountable.

This fog makes us think we are alone. But we are not. We are legion. We are a nation rising as far and beyond what the eye can see. We allow this fog by keeping our eyes shut or only half-open.

We keep ourselves in anger and fear by listening only to the most vile, ignorant haters who blame simple things on extraordinary conspiracies that involve always, people of color, different religions. We are told that people are poor because they are lazy. We are not told about how the banks literally, rigged the system and stole from us all over the world, trillions of dollars and collapsed the economies.

We are told that the same banks that illegally foreclosed on homes and took everything from hard working families, are willing to pay a mere $100-600 per home they stole, and that somehow, that is a ‘big deal’ for those banks.

The people they threw onto the streets? The pensions they robbed? Well, we can’t support them because they are ‘poor’ and therefore, they must have done something to deserve that.

People who owe as little as $20 are being thrown into jail. Debtors prisons have come back into being after being illegal for over 100 years. Prisons are privately run now, and that means they must and will make a profit. Prisoners not only have to work for pennies, but also must pay for their own ‘keep’, and that runs up the tab on their ‘debts’ and that keeps them in prison.

But a bank stealing not just one home, but millions, gets a small fine? Does this sound like Justice? Does this sound like the democracy you were raised to believe in?

This crap is going on everywhere. We are all Indians now. Everything we have can be taken from us and there is no recourse. We will be mocked for having lost that which is ours, stolen by crooks. Just like it happened to the Indians.

Meanwhile, we have many distractions: Don’t allow gays to marry, because it means your straight marriage is of lesser value now? Don’t help the poor. Let them become more desperate and maybe more violent. Then you can put them in a privately run prison. (The USA now incarcerates more of it’s citizens than any other nation. Think about that.)

Let’s take voting rights away from students? Let’s not have any common sense gun laws, such as background checks to keep weapons out of the hands of felons, and the mentally unstable or people who are on the terrorist watch list? Think about that: If you are against that law because you think you can’t pass a background check, maybe you’re one of the people that shouldn’t have a gun? Maybe that is someone you don’t want to have a gun?

We are kept distracted, politically run like dogs chasing rabbits.

Meanwhile, we are being robbed of our homes, our security, our dignity, our sense of security, and we do nothing?

Into Daylight

We can do something. We can stop chasing rabbits and start looking at those who have the power and authority and who are themselves, stealing all this and more from us.

We know who they are because we can clearly see what they are doing in Indian Country. We can see what they are doing on this rez. You know they are doing it on every other rez.

We can stop them by holding them accountable, now, on this rez, for these crimes. We have to start somewhere. We have to work together.


Purdon knows the truth. So far, he has been jelly without spine nor character. The children have paid the price. The rez has paid the price.

Another funeral. Not just another Dead Indian, despite the BIA’s refusal to report it, but a murder almost identical to one long ago that set all this darkness upon the land. Different players maybe, but clearly, a reminder. Full Circle.

The violence and corruption on and off the rez continues. We see it happening on Spirit Lake, and we can see it in our own lives.

Rod Cavenaugh was fired, not retired, but the party was there to convince us he was a good guy & well-respected. He was the bagman for the corrupt. Nothing more. The system protects it’s most corrupt. He’ll never see jail time. He robbed the tribe and taxpayers of millions every year. He’s their kind of ‘hero’.

We know when we are being lied to. We know what the Truth is. We know the difference.

We have all paid the price. It’s time to stand up & demand the Truth be spoken.

The Truth will bring Justice. Justice will bring Healing. Healing will bring reconnection and reunion. That will bring Peace.

That will bring us, our children, our grandchildren, out of the darkness and into the light.

This is ours to do.

You know where to find me.




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May 6, 2013
Just Another Dead Indian
---Printer Version (4)

Last Tuesday, Dustin Jackson was beaten to death and left in a field over by Rolling Hills. His body was not discovered until the next afternoon.

For some reason, possibly following in his predecessor’s footsteps, the new BIA Liaison Agent didn’t see any need to file the report on another dead Indian. Neglecting reports is key to handling that position. Roddie Cavenaugh always failed to either read reports or file them.

The ‘new guy’ is not so new. He was Cavenaugh’s assistant for years. He knows exactly how to ignore reports, fail to do his job.

Good thing the BIA sent in that “Strike Team” (Super Hero chord). Things are ‘so much improved’ now. Really, ‘on the right track’. All that Happy Horseshit.

Valley News sent in a TV Crew to talk to anyone on the Rez that knew anything about the murder. Yes, it was a murder.

The man did not strip himself down to his shorts, beat himself up and wander off into that field.

The Bigger question is: Why is the BIA still unable, unwilling, or deliberately not doing their most basic duties? How many other dead Indians have gone unreported?

Bentley never reported that skeleton out on Devil’s Heart. The head was smashed in, so he left it because it was ‘already broken’. That was years and years ago. How many since?

Now, to keep a lid on this stuff, the Tribe has forbidden anyone employed by the Tribe from speaking to the media—ever, about anything, anytime. Not just during office hours, but EVER.

Tribal Council, rubber stamping the Roger Yankton Dictatorship, passed a new rule: ALL information to the media regarding anything about anyone or anything, will now go through (wait for it) Peggy Cavenaugh. Piggy Cavenaugh is the new Public Relations Person for the Tribe. (She’s Roddie Cavenaugh’s sister, so we know how that work ethic goes).

So, if you work for the tribe, regardless of your job or if someone murders someone you know, you are not allowed your basic First Amendment Right of Free Speech.

Refer all inquiries to Piggy Cavenaugh. She can be found embezzling funds from the clinic and health checkbooks. (Hey, Piggy, remember that Christmas when you bought those brand new computers and charged them to the Clinic but gave them to your family? I know, small potatoes compared to your gambling debts and such that you pay for out of Clinic and Health funds, but wow, how did you know there would be NO REPORT filed on you? Oh, right, your brother … Roddie Cavenaugh…)

So now Piggy, for some reason, is their go-to person for all media inquiries. The most guilty are the most reliable, am I right?

There was one man arrested for the murder of Dustin Jackson, and two more were being sought. I have only 2 of the names so far, and no details. I don’t know if they really did it, or like the beating death of Eddie Peltier and the subsequent framing of Eleven Innocent men, if this is just a rerun of that gambit that has worked so well for the Turdclan over the years.

They murdered Eddie, Gilbert Fassett, Sam Jackson, and others. As a family, they are pretty much serial killers. At least 5 murders, possibly (likely) many more. But considering how the BIA likes to cover up crimes, not report dead bodies, I could be drastically underestimating the body count of the Turdclan.

Was Dustin Jackson another one of theirs? Their family? I don’t know. But look who we have to get to the bottom of it all: A corrupt, inept, bungling BIA whose officers are themselves, some of the worst offenders, protectors of abusers, child rapists, rapists, and almost all have domestic abuse, severe beatings to their own wives & children & other family members.

Then, we have the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of the FBI: Agents Trout and Cima. Agent Trout, Timid Purdon’s star investigator, deliberately destroyed evidence at the murder scene of the DuBois Children, so this investigation should be a hoot.

Oh, and Timid Purdon, the cowardly USAG, who bows deeply and often to the Evil that walks the Rez. He knows who is guilty of what. He knows and he does nothing. He keeps the guilty walking free so they can continue to murder, rape children, embezzle, traffic in children, drugs, and make questionable resource & land deals that make themselves much richer…. Those are the people that Purdon protects. Not the children. Not the People. Not the Law.

Purdon also sees his main job as protecting the corrupt who came before him. The System protects itself, no matter who or how many children are raped, murdered.

And it is all tied neatly in a bow of ignorance by the BIA which has been the root of all evil in Indian Country since the beginning.

How does Purdon look himself in the mirror? What does he see? Can he fool himself longer than he can fool his family, friends, and the People of North Dakota? He knows the Truth and yet, he protects the very Evil he rails against.

And it is coming undone on him personally and professionally faster than he can tell his next whopper. Where do you think your problems come from, Mr. P? The Coyote is after you now. And there are more than one.


Roger Yankton has not allowed there to be a General Assembly in over five months. The Laws of the Tribe clearly state that there shall be a GA once a month. He has violated the laws, at will because he knows that if there is a General Assembly, he will be ousted.

That last debacle, where the people voted him out after calling their own meeting was ruled “void” because Roger didn’t attend the meeting (his choice) and therefore it was not a legitimate meeting.

The last few petitions against him had more than enough valid signatures, but since the Tribal Judges do as the Chairman says, they threw out more than half the signatures and then the people had to wait another full year before they ran a petition on him again.

Now, again, they have more than enough signatures. Again, the Tribal Judge will no doubt, arbitrarily dismiss it.
You can see, can’t you? The Good People of Spirit Lake are struggling to do things in the right and legal manner, but the corrupt ignore the laws, make their own, and the people are left with fewer and fewer choices. They keep trying to do this in a peaceful, legal manner, and the BIA always sides with the corrupt. Always.

What would you do? What if the Mayor of your town was raping the children? What if his relatives were raping children? What if he was stealing the town blind? What if he was laughing in your face and when you went to vote him out or petition him out, the cops came down, threatened you for signing, and then threw out the signatures without appeal? How would you live?

We must demand accountability from the BIA. They are a Federal Agency. Sure, they have abrupt “Retirements” at an early age, but that doesn’t mean we can’t demand, through frequent calls, faxes and emails to our Federally Elected Representatives, that they be held accountable and liable for the ongoing disorder and corruption on Spirit Lake Rez. We ALL can do that. We are ALL voters and taxpayers.

It’s time we found our own spines and stand up to the Evil and corruption on the rez, because it’s spreading. It’s costing billions by now. We keep having to pay more, and they keep raping children, murdering and getting away with it.

It’s already touching all of us, making us uncomfortable, suspicious, scared and angry. Now you know what it is and what you can do about it.

Oh, and continue to contact Timid Purdon’s office. Phone and email him. Demand to know what he intends to do now that he knows the truth. Ask him which side he is on: Good or Evil. Ask him whom or what he protects: The People or the System that is corrupt?

Purdon knows the Truth. It is undeniable. It will eat at him from the inside, until it comes out, screaming.

Children are being raped, murdered, because he is protecting murderers. It’s a choice he has made. Only he can save himself at this point. And it would require courage beyond anything he has ever done in his entire mundane life.

And while he’s thinking about it, Roger Yankton has him on speed dial, #3. A very short leash.

Good luck with holding all that in, Purdon. The Coyote is chasing him, and the Truth is eating him from the inside out.

Tick Tock, Timmy. This won’t wait for you. It will run you over like a herd of Buffalo. What’s left of you, after the Truth comes out screaming.

You know where to find me.



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