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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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July 26, 2014
When We Were Human
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It’s a theme I’ve touched on before so much of this will be old hat to many of you, but I’m going to blog it again, regardless.

Look at the world of hurt that confronts us at every turn these days: Political viciousness, the horrific acts of terrorism and wars raging within just about every nation’s borders, and the desperation of young children fleeing their home countries because of corruption, terrorism, and then being met small, hate flinging mobs with badly spelled signs, declaring they are unwanted, ‘vermin’, rather than refugees from nations whose governments were in fact, broken and corrupted by decades of US policies… and the US Government functioning more like Lord of the Flies pursuing corporate agendas and deliberately creating more struggle as a political objective, than as a thoughtful, deliberative body, a collection of leaders with regional interests, and national interests that would make our lives better.

You would never guess that we Human Beings are witnessing our own extinction, the loss of all that makes us Human.  We Human Beings were not designed to war with each other, and we were not designed to mindlessly attack one another.  We are, when we are being Human, reaching out to help one another, especially in times of crisis, strife or struggles.

We are creative, and the dreams of our children carry us all into a future of greater practicality, with inventions and innovations that advance our technology for everyday life, and who find cures for diseases that have plagued mankind for generations.

When we were Human, we thought nothing of risking our lives to rescue a total stranger or strangers, in crisis. People have run into burning buildings to rescue another person, dove into icy waters, rushing rapids, or worse, to save someone from drowning.

When we are Human, our hearts are broken by advertisements of children suffering from extreme poverty or sickness and we donate, sometimes too much, a bit more than we can afford, hoping some of that money goes to making their lives a little better in some way…

When we were Human, we were appalled by armies bombing civilians. We were shocked and angered by police attacking peaceful protesters within our borders or any nation’s borders.  

When we were Human we were disgusted when we found out that our elected leaders were corrupt, or that they were in fact protecting the corrupt.

When we were Human, we would not accept any lame political rhetoric that excused the ongoing rapes of children without any investigations by our top law agencies, we would demand the investigations NOW and demand those who have lied about those investigations, lied to us, be fired and investigated themselves….

We used to be Human.

Now we shrug and say: “Politics” as if that excuses everything; as if those children are less than our children and whatever price they are paying is the way it has to be because we have forgotten how to hold our elected leaders to a much higher standard.

When we were Human, we would look at what was being fed to us, and know when it was crap. We’d ask more questions. We’d hold people accountable.

When we were Human, we spent time talking with each other, and not glazed over staring at some screen, missing everything that is going on around us, near and far, high and low.

We’ve become less than Human because we have allowed the haters to speak as if speaking for all of us. We have become less than Human because we don’t question the why or wherefore behind any major event, even when it shows up at our borders.

We no longer connect the dots with rhetoric based policies of the past 50 years that have led us to the inevitable collapse of civilizations in nations, all of which connects to us, from the past, to the present, to the ever darkening future.

We have forgotten what the past was like, and have no clue how we got to where things are this bad, and are fed a steady “dumb beat” from media that makes it sound like everything was perfect, until it wasn’t and things ‘suddenly’ went bad, when the truth of the matter is that things were steered off the path long ago, and now the wreckage is piling up.

We have assumed the worst about others not like us. We have created in our corrupt policies towards other governments, and within our own, extremists and radicals that cannot be reasoned with, and who threaten all that we hold sacred.

We have accepted corruption as part of the process and that is where we have gone wrong. Corruption is at the core of everything that ails all of us in this world.

Treating addicts as if they are criminals creates more criminals, not the healing that would make our society a safer, more secure place. But someone makes money off of that. We lose because we lose people, and we lose the dreams they could have brought into this world, but someone makes money.

The real criminals are the corrupt and those who protect the corrupt. They are the ones robbing us, creating more desperation and disconnection within our borders and beyond.

But we don’t even question them on their ethics any longer.  Media just nods their pretty little heads and say “Thank You” without asking the logical follow up questions that would, if asked, collapse their web of lies. 

The Truth is not important. The Truth if heard at all, is countered by utter and absolute bullshit that comes from some PR expert, and that is considered “Balance”.  The Truth versus the factless as if both are equal. You decide.

We don’t need ‘Balance’ in media, we need facts. We need facts backed up and supported by science, research, investigation… not political rhetoric, and not corporate spin, all of which is designed to mislead, incite, and divide us against each other.

When we were Human, they could not do this to us. We were connected. We talked to one another. We saw needs and helped one another. We were strong. We protected our children and we protected children that were in danger.  We knew the truth because we lived it.  It was obvious to us. We could not be so easily fooled.

But we are not strong now. We have become disconnected by political divides intended to weaken us and keep us divided and weakened so that policies of destruction, within our borders and towards other nations could be carried out without anyone stopping them.

Corporate agendas are being met, but our needs and our dreams are not. Our government protects corporations, foundations and other politically powerful elements that have taken over. We are the expendables, the casualties, and the poverty we see all around us is driven by our ignorance and our apathy towards and about those to whom we have given our trust and our power.

When we were Human, we would ask: “How did this happen? Where did it go wrong? How can we fix this and keep it from happening to others?”

But we were silent as the banks robbed us, homes were stolen, people lost everything, including their health, and many died waiting for their ‘case’ to be heard. Banks walk away with small fines, not even equal to one day’s take, and bankers never go to prison for lying and defrauding and cheating people and destroying our economy, but if a child falls behind by a nickel on that school lunch bill, the food is thrown in the trash in front of them and they are humiliated. If their parents owe on past due bills, they face jail time in those private prisons that make so much money off of artificially created despair… bankers go to fund raisers.

We watched, silently, as brutal police tactics, even military style weapons were used on peaceful demonstrators who were decrying these very injustices, while the government cowered and fled when actual laws were broken by gun toting militia who literally aimed at the heads of Federal officers trying to get a millionaire rancher to pay his land use bills.  Months go by, not a single arrest. 

There was a time when we would question that kind of unequal force, unequal justice. Now we just assume, based on which side we support, that everything is just that way and one side had it coming while the other was ‘bold’.

The message becomes more and more clear that the laws do not apply. More clear that the laws do not protect the innocent. More clear that if you are the bigger, badder criminal, be it a banker or a domestic terrorist drawing a bead on the back of Federal Agent’s head, you need fear no laws, ever. Do what you want.

We have seen on the rez that children are still in the hands of rapists, registered sex offenders and being trafficked and sold wholesale, while those who are supposed to be investigating these crimes declare they are not happening and that they have investigated… without ever talking to any of the witnesses or reporters… and we let that slide too.

When we were Human, we would not let child rape go under the rug like this. Never. We would not tolerate the highest Law Enforcement Officials threatening and ridiculing, harassing and denying the witnesses and reporters.

When we were Human, our outrage would have been as one voice of outrage and there would be no place for USAG Tim Purdon and his political allies to hide, much less fundraise and lecture.

And when these children, the ones who survive these brutalities, grow up, and they become violent, or addicted, or chronic victims of abuse or Human Trafficking, we will not connect the dots on how they got that way. We’ll assume they were ‘born bad’ and they ‘made bad choices’… We will have forgotten they are Human Beings like us and that our apathy made this nightmare that is their lives, possible.

We will become more afraid and try to protect ourselves with better locks, bigger guns, gated communities… and still, like those zombies in the movies, everywhere we turn, we will see them coming across our borders, into our space, needing our help or wanting our blood; we won’t know which so we will slam the doors on all of them and declare them vermin…

When we were Human, long time ago, we would have rescued them. We would have seen the damage forward into our own future and the futures of our children, and we would have stopped it there.

But now, we can’t even connect the dots. We think political slogans are philosophy. We think everything ‘just happens’ and there is no cause and effect. We can’t see and we don’t even know where to look to see the core cause of what ails us as a society, a nation, and in the world at large.

When we were Human, we could see this. We would have, as our instincts led us, jumped in to save, rescue, prevent, defend, every child from the evil.

But now we accept corruption to the point we don’t even consider it as part of the problem, when in fact it is the very root of the Tree of Evil. We swing at the branches, carry off the twigs and occasionally rake the leaves, but if we were still Human, we’d be strong enough to pull it out by the roots and toss it into the fires, never to poison our Society again.

These children at our borders are escaping nations with the highest constant criminal horrors in nations where we destroyed their governments because we wanted to install governments more friendly to our corporations and their missions of resource exploitation.

That meant that we allowed governments to be bribed, police departments and military to become corrupt because it disconnected those nations from their people and from one another and that made them weaker, unable to resist or fight back as their lands, their air and their waters, all their livelihoods were polluted, poisoned, destroyed for profit.

We broke them so badly they cannot be put back together again. Drug lords run the governments, the police and the military. They make a profit and become more powerful. Corporations don’t care because the more corrupt the government is, the easier it is for them to gain access to the resources without regulations or restrictions.

These children are at our borders because we destroyed their futures  50 years ago. The chickens are coming home to roost. And we throw them back into those pits of hell, and tell them they don’t belong here. Many will be murdered, trafficked, and there will be more desperation overflowing their borders into ours. Corporations will continue to rake in record profits from these broken nations.

Failed foreign policies built on corporate agendas created this mess. Protesters flinging hate like monkeys fling poo, at these children and their mothers, terrifying them with hate, and then tossing these desperate children back into the countries where beheaded corpses show up on the sidewalks the way dog crap shows up on ours, will do nothing to alleviate the despair and will only create more, and they will keep coming until we remember how to be Human Beings again.

The gangs, the violence, the things we fear in our everyday lives; the things that make us lock our doors even when we are driving our cars, are all brought to us by failed policies towards children who were denied rescue or refuge based on some illogical theory that children are less important than the fictional image of ‘family’ and for that reason, they are given no rescue, no refuge and are thrown back into those dangerous environments, with no thought about the damage being done to them, showing up later in some horrific crime, mass murder, murder suicide such as we saw in Idaho where that cop killed his family and himself after abusing them for years, because he was a child who received no rescue… the cycle doesn’t end, it only gets worse.

It’s all caused. It’s all created. They behave as less than Human because they were denied their dignity and Humanity and so they grew up without it… and we blame them?  Why don’t we blame and hold accountable those who repeatedly failed them? Why do we give more and more political power to those who failed them? What do we think we will gain as a result? Why are we surprised when what we gain is more violence, more sexual predators, more gangs, more addictions and more and worse levels of crime?

If we protect the children, we stand a chance at gaining a future based on their dreams. If we protect their predators, especially if we don’t question decades of failed ‘theories’ which succeeded only in siphoning off billions of dollars that could have gone to rescue and recover those children, what we get is that the nightmares they grew up with become ours. They come to our doors, into our lives, the same way as those little children come to our borders: wave after wave, and more are on the way.

If you are still Human, you will find a way to connect with others and stand together and grow your numbers and raise your voices and demand investigations into this one small speck on the map, and the crimes committed against the children there, and you will uncover a system of corruption that goes all the way out and all the way up into every level of our government and affects all our lives.

They want you to turn away. This is where it is revealed and they want you not to look and not to act and not to question them. They want you to forget. They don’t want you to look deeper. They want you to look away while they continue to protect the predators, the traffickers and their political allies.

But here is where it is revealed and here is where it must be dealt until it is done. This is where the rock has been moved and revealed the vile corruption beneath. We can follow that corruption to everywhere it leads and begin to save our own nation, our own society, our own lives, and our own future if we don’t let them make us look away.

When I first started this blog, I knew that Eddie’s murder was covered up and the innocent framed because of corruption. How deep and how far that corruption went, I had no clue. Now I see that it goes to the ugliest of all places and hurts the most innocent of children.

If they can continue to get away with it on the rez, they can continue to get away with it everywhere. Penn State was a drop in the bucket.  People stopped looking after Sandusky went to prison and Joe Paterno died. But you know, or at least that fragment of what is Human in all of us knows, that had gone on for decades and had been reported for decades and that those who reported it were threatened and harassed, intimidated and silenced… We know that because we have seen how that process has worked on the rez with the USAG helping to cover the crimes of the predators, for political reasons.

Politics more important that protecting a child from their rapist. That’s how far it’s gone. That is what it is today.

Eddie’s murder and the framing of eleven innocent men for the crime took more than just tribal corruption to accomplish. It went way up the ladder.  It was public pressure that got Richard LaFuente freed at last. It will be public pressure that gets him exonerated when that documentary is made (check the link at the top of the blog and donate what you can).

That corruption is tied to other corruption and the corrupt protect the corrupt. They have to. Sandusky went to prison, but those who acted with him have never even been named. Think about that. You know parents and kids who grew up filed reports and charges but it was all swept under that political rug because no one looked. When people looked, and the pressure became too great, the corrupt threw out a sacrifice and the investigation stopped with Sandusky.

No one runs a child rape club without help, a lot of help, for decades. And that help came from very high offices in the state and in the Federal government. Those predators are to this day, still protected because they are tied too closely to political power players, and those with the power protect the corrupt.

We are seeing it happen in Spirit Lake Rez so we know how it works. And they have done this before and expect they can keep doing it, but first they need for us to forget about it, look away, take their word for it… while they burn, shred and hide the evidence.

They can commit murders and blame the innocent and get them convicted. They can rape children and the USAG won’t even try to investigate. What else are they doing? What else are they getting away with? Who all is tied to this and how far does it go?

It goes all the way to the very top because those people have been there the longest and they get to stay there by not letting any of the ugly show where we can see it, root it out and repossess our power.

Vicious Cycle

Meanwhile, the sacred ceremonies are being mocked. People are hungry for ceremony, so they follow those who are on the Black Road because they are in so much pain from following those on the Black Road.

Kevin Dauphinais, who trafficked in children and who admitted to shredding documents, and who robbed the accounts of foster children until they were zeroed out, declares himself to be a Medicine Man. He took it a step further at this Sundance held by Black Road practitioner, John Chaske, and declared himself Heyoka Medicine Man. Heyoka are the most powerful of all the Medicine People and they are rare indeed.

But since ceremony is being mocked, and people hunger for power, he thinks he can fool the Grandfathers. He performed the Kettle Dance and he failed. He reached his hand into the boiling water and he got burned, badly, despite Chaske’s and Arapahoe’s “help”. He pulled out the boiled head, juggled it, dropped it and it broke to pieces on the ground. He still declared himself as succeeding.

The Grandfathers are here, I tell you, and these mockeries will not be tolerated. What he and Chaske have brought upon himself and upon those who danced with them, is a greater hell than ever they have known before. They were warned, but they danced anyway. Dance with the Devil, you get the Hell that follows.

Mocking the Kettle Dance Ceremony is a higher offense and that will cost even greater. 

Everyone who danced there gave their power to the Black Road. It will not go well. But they were hungry for ceremony. They were broken in their own lives and they were hoping that if they went with good intentions, it would be okay.  It was not. It is not. The damage is done. It will show up in broken hearts and broken minds that no one can mend.

All Related

Those who danced the Black Road didn’t want to be wrong, but it was. It will lead to harsh consequences. It can only be one way and that is the way it is, not the way they wish it was.  They will try to ignore the connection between their Dancing on the Black Road  and the consequences in their lives.

They will not want to connect the dots between their own suicidal drives and the rules they broke that led them to such despair.  Their children will suffer for their mockery, but they blame everything and everyone else. But, deep down they will know, because they were taught, they will know.  And that will drive them deeper into despair, guilt and powerlessness.

Their lives will crumble around them, and they will seek healing, but there will be no Red Road that they can see, most of them, and they will return again to the Black Road and dance again, hoping for healing, but finding only more spiritual despair.

The bodies are broken, the spirits are confused.

It’s time we stopped the breaking of children, the confusing of their spirits. It’s time we held accountable, the corrupt who have been feeding off our young, spitting their bones at our feet, dancing on their graves, and forgetting they ever had names.

Indian People are the strongest people I know. They are surviving hundreds of years of genocides, including residential schools that left mass graves of broken bodies never to return to home. Residential Schools, where priests threated their victims with God and flames of Hell if they did not submit sexually, spiritually and surrender their names, their braids and their dreams.

Indian people are surviving the abuses and corruptions within their own tribes. Corruption that is supported and enforced by State and Federal Government, that will not allow crimes against their children to be investigated.

They have survived corruption, the enforcement and support of corruption, stereotyping, racism, addictions, alcoholism, economic disparity… they are suriving all of that. But what they cannot survive, nor can any of us, is the breaking of the children on the scale that they are being broken in Indian Country.

Window Open

And what we find in Indian Country, we find in Florida, California, Pennsylvania…. all over. We see that window into that corruption that is protecting predators in Spirit Lake Nation.

That window shows us political involvement that reaches into every community. That is the window we have open right now and we can reach in and we can grab that beast and we can drag it out into the sunlight, and we can begin to dismantle that beast and it’s system of protection, and save not only the children of Spirit Lake Nation, but all of our children.

We had that chance when Penn State scandal blew that window open for a very brief time.  But then, politics closed that window. Media never looked any deeper. No one remembered being Human and knowing that there were far more connections, far higher up and wider out in the political power grid for it to have been protected for the decades that it was protected.

We lost that opportunity. They made us forget. They made us hate each other more than we care about children. We failed to ask more, look further, dig deeper.  Let’s not lose this one.

Let’s be Human Beings again, and get our priorities in the right order. Let us not be distracted by the media, the corporate hype, the politically charged rhetoric that serves only to divide and disconnect us from our Humanity.  Let’s question how things got broken, and what it will take to fix them. Let’s not keep letting the same people who broke the system, take our money and tell us they are fixing it. They are not. That road leads only to more despair. We give our power to them if we fail to keep on the path that leads to the Truth.

You know where to find me.






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July 16, 2014
No Holds Barred
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Thomas Sullivan has pretty much laid it all out in his latest to-be-ignored-letter sent to Marrianne McMullen. I totally agree that she, and those who have conspired with her to ignore and obstruct the investigations into the system-wide child abuse should face criminal investigations and charges.

If we don’t start putting the interests of these children; their safety, their security, first, and we keep allowing the vague references to ‘Sovereignty’ to be the excuse for allowing child rape, Human Trafficking, to continue, we are creating monsters in every community, and allowing those who create these monsters to profit from it, at our expense.

It’s out of the shadows now. The ACF, BIA, IHS, CFP, the DOJ, the FBI are more and more revealed as putting their efforts into silencing the reports, harassing those who report, and protecting the pedophiles over the screams and shrieks of children they hurt.

It is as if they have no clue as to how to investigate crimes against children. Or, more likely, the crimes against children have been going on for so many decades, it is the expected subject of protection in all those agencies.

The United Kingdom and Australia, are both reeling from ever growing revelations of pedophile rings that infested every level of government, society and the media.  Only now, after several of the key and most prolific child rapists are now dead and immune from trial, where they would doubtless name names of many others involved directly and complicit in their wholesale abuse of children in schools, orphanages, camps, and care facilities, only now are the media ‘free’ to reveal that it happened… as if it is not still happening.

Mass graves are being dug up, piled with hundreds of tiny unnamed bodies of the disposable children. Some were infants, some mere toddlers, some young teens… but they had no value and were thrown away to keep the crimes covered up—buried—for decades.

Are we waiting for the ringleaders of the pedophile rings to die, here in the USA before we actually even begin to look at who’s raping our children? Before we even look at who is protecting them? Before we look at who is making money, gaining political power from allowing the rapes of these children?

Are child rapists so powerful in our system that we only begin to pursue their crimes after they are dead? What does that say about our country? What does that bode for our future?

We know these children are being raped. We know who many of the rapists are. They have been reported, and those reports are ignored. Why are we allowing those in political office to ignore these crimes and why do we let those in power protect those who are committing these crimes and why do we allow them to silence those who are making the reports?

Why are we letting them lie? Are there no consequences for child rape? Are there no consequences for lying to Congress? Are there no consequences for the USAG not doing his job and for lying about it?

What does  “Sovereignty”  mean, anyway? Does it mean that there are no consequences for corruption, child rape and assault? Is that really the “Culture” that Tribal Leaders are claiming to defend?

Aside from the letter Thomas Sullivan sent to his “Boss’s Boss” yesterday, Betty Jo Krenz got a response to her urgent letter from President Obama.

Obama’s response was as pathetic as his photo op. She writes to him about Human Trafficking on the rez and he responds with a litany of how many good things he’s done for Native Americans.  Not even a robo signature attached. Obama knows nothing about and has no intention of learning about, the crisis of child trafficking in Indian Country.

The worst kind of racism is the kind where the original people here are treated as objects for photo ops, and as ‘things’. Ignoring the flesh and blood, ignoring the broken bones, tape on eyes, sexual mutilations, child rapes as ‘cultural’ or ‘sovereign’ issues, rather than as crimes against those children, is in my book, the highest or lowest form of racism.

Very few leaders have any clue what really goes on in Indian Country or on the rez. They never need to know so they never learn and don’t care. Indian Country is where things happen, money goes in, goes missing and magically appears in campaign donations. That there are flesh and blood Human Beings suffering from horrific generational & governmental abuse, including rape and worse, means nothing to any of them.  Indians are a big mystery, too complex to wade into, look at, and know.

I long for the Day when Indian People can be seen as Human Beings, and receive the same rights and protections as all citizens in the USA.  I want to see, and soon, an uprising of all of us, raising our voices, writing letters, demanding answers as to why these children and the reports of their rapes, abuse, and their being trafficked are being ignored by every agency that is supposed to be protecting them.

I want to see outrage over the fact that the very agencies that are supposed to be protecting these children have extended their authority and their efforts to silence those who are trying to get help for these children. They are protecting the pedophiles, outright.  Isn’t that a crime?

If they do that, in this one tiny speck on the map, you must know that they are doing it everywhere where children are considered ‘throwaways’. 

You want to be ‘tough on crime’? Investigate and charge those who are hurting these children. Investigate and charge those who are protecting the pedophiles. Investigate and charge those who are failing to do their duty: Police, Prosecutors, USAG, FBI, … or is that the problem?

Is the problem so great that it will topple our power structure? Are pedophiles and their protectors so much a part of the structure beams, walls and floors of our governments, from tribal to county to state to federal, that if we start bringing down the little ones, the bigger ones will fall?

If that’s the case, shouldn’t we start now? Those in power are not protecting us. They are protecting pedophiles, Human Traffickers, people who steal and sell babies….

How many of them have to die rich and fat in their old age before we begin to look at the cancer they have nurtured in our society?

Should we all just shrug and give up? Too much corruption so why bother trying to bring any of it down.

Should we just walk away and block our ears, pretend we don’t know what is happening to those children?

Is that what we are? Too busy to care?

Well then, look at what the monsters create: More monsters, more Human Wreckage, a costlier future where more services are needed than can be provided, and those who don’t get services will resort to violence and crimes to survive--- because that is ALL they know.

After all, they grew up knowing that the laws and those we pay to uphold them, refused to protect them when they were babies. Don’t expect them to respect the laws, don’t expect them to respect you… they can’t even relate to you.  They can’t relate to anything but violence, despair and abuse.

These children today are what the future holds for us tomorrow. The insecurities we have today were brought to us by those who failed the children of the past, over and over again.

They would like to tell us they could do nothing about it because they didn’t know it was happening. Well, they know it’s happening. I have a feeling they knew it long before the whistles blew… because they were already trained to shut down and target anyone that dared to report these crimes, singularly, or on the massive scale we see in that one tiny place.

Our government is either so impotent that it is afraid to challenge the corrupt, the child rapists and their protectors in that one speck on the map. Or, our government is so afraid that bringing down the corrupt, the abusers in that one place will reveal far more, far worse and much more wide-spread corruption/abuse/trafficking and step on too many powerful toes.

Which is it? And will we just let this keep happening now that WE know it is going on?

What have we become as a society? As a Nation? As Human Beings?


You know where to find me.




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July 14, 2014
We Just Got Here, What’s The Problem?
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A little shocking to see Anita Fineday of Casey Family Programs appear on the scene and pretend like they just got to the rez and have to study the situation to know what is going so terribly wrong with the Child Abuse, and over 100 Children missing.

People are talking about CFP as if they are new to the scene, and they are the experts now taking this crisis and going to be the ones to recommend how to fix it.

They are not new. Not to this rez, and not to any other rez. They have been, for over a decade, dispensing the criteria for Tribal Social Services handling of children in crisis. They are the ones who have been unable to learn from decades of failure in Indian Country, in Florida, or in any of the 23 or more states where they are the ones who direct policy and procedures for child services for the past 50 years.

In Florida, more than 160 children were murdered or died of severe neglect while in Social Services. Yeah, “Fell through the cracks”…

“Cracks” are small things that go unnoticed in an otherwise solid foundation. “Cracks” are something that when you notice them, you repair them so that the damage stops there.

When multiple warnings, reports, filed 960s are ignored, and children continue to show up in media as the horror story of the week, you don’t have ‘cracks’ you have a seriously flawed system based on seriously flawed theory, run by people at the top who either have no idea how to protect children and care only for protecting their political alliances, or they are disturbingly sick individuals with no redeeming traits whatsoever. 

It matters not, because although it takes higher education, degrees in Social Work/Early Childhood Development  or other field related education, certification and experience to get a job in those agencies; those who run it need only political connections to get appointed.

Those who are appointed rely on the guidelines, goals and missions set by the Casey Family Programs & Bush Foundation guidelines, both of which get hundreds of millions of tax dollars in Government Grants every year, as well as other big Corporate donors.

Those agencies must rely on, meet the criteria set out by Casey Family Programs or there will a problem with funding, bonuses, raises, etc.

Those goals are basically predicated on the theory that Foster Parents are villains and children raised in Foster Care are worse off than children kept in dangerous homes.

In Florida, with over 160 children dying in one year, but only 60 of those deaths being reported as occurring while in Florida DCF, and those 60 being more than the sum total of all the remaining 49 states, clearly, DCF in any state that follows CFP guidelines, is not concerned with the safety or health of the children in care.  The proof of that is the fact that those children all followed a pattern of warnings that were ignored, reports ignored, 960’s ignored because the primary goal is to “Keep the Family together” and to reduce the number of children in the system by more than 50% by 2016.

If the focus was on the safety of the children, the first time a child was horrifically murdered while in care would also be the last time a child was horrifically murdered while in care. 

If this first one was a ‘crack’, it would have been noticed, and repairs to the methods applied immediately to prevent any further damage.

But it was not fixed with the first child murder, nor the second, nor the tenth, nor the 50th, 60th, … it just kept happening with the only thing being changed was the definition of “child murder” being tweaked to make the numbers look less shocking.

They fixed the “paperwork” not the crimes against children. Their goal was then and remains now, covering up their failures, not fixing them.

Think about this: That number reached by the Miami Herald in their series, “Innocents Lost” was for only one year. And they did not have access to all the records. How many more were there that year? How many the years before? How many since?

Play Stupid

George Sheldon, who presided over that snake pit of child horrors in 2009, touted among his ‘successes’ how many children had been ‘removed’ from the system.  Not how many children were being cared for and were safe, but how he ‘got those numbers down’… and he included the numbers of dead children as ‘no longer in the system’ as his bragging point.

He went from that job where no one above him questioned him, nor listened to anyone who raised questions about his performance in that job, straight to the second in command under Marrianne McMullen at ACF.  He went from massively failing the children in Florida, to massively failing at the Federal Level, and he used his position at ACF to harass, threaten, intimidate and obstruct Thomas Sullivan and others, from making reports of extreme concern happening on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation.

He then abruptly resigned that position to run for State Attorney General in Florida when one of his successors at Florida DCF suddenly quit, bailed out and left the post. As State AG, he can shut down any investigation into the DCF, before it ever begins. Or at least, make it a lot harder for any investigation into the deaths of those children to ever leave the ground.

He now says he was ‘unaware of the depth of the problem’ in Florida under his watch.  The ultimate copout: Play “Stupid”.

Political Marriage

We know that the BIA is closely aligned with CFP. So is the ACF. In fact, CFP recently created a position within their organization for a long-time employee of ACF, Gina Jackson.  Marrianne McMullen cited this as “Golden”.  Indeed, I am sure that with the billions of dollars that go into ACF, BIA and CFP, this little political ‘marriage’ is “Golden” on several levels.

We know that the BIA came into the Social Services Crisis at the tribe and hired people to do “nothing but shred files from 8 AM until 10 PM” for weeks on end.  That is how the BIA ‘fixed’ the problem of children being put in dangerous homes: Destroyed any records of the children and their placements.

We have seen how the Head of the ACF, Marrianne McMullen, and George Sheldon,  were angered that Thomas Sullivan kept filing reports of Children in Danger, and they obstructed him from filing any other reports. They also kept him from appearing before the Indian Affairs Congressional Subcommittee Hearing.

Anita Fineday, of CFP appeared there and spouted the typical CFP claptrap, none of which addressed the fact that children are still being forced to stay in unsafe homes, many of these children having been abruptly removed from safe, caring, nurturing foster homes.

Anita Fineday and CFP state that their priorities in their publications. They talk about the children as if they are property of the tribe, not as Human Beings who deserve protection. They even state that children should only be removed to care outside of the tribe “IF it is beneficial to the Tribe”. 

Somebody explain to me how that criteria can ever be met? How can the safety of the child in crisis be weighed against the Tribe’s interests? If not in the tribe’s interest, that child is denied refuge.

As long as the tribe can gain hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars a month from the government as long as the child is within their exclusive control, it will never be in the Tribe’s interest to allow that child safe refuge anywhere.

Because of corruption, extreme, wide-spread, far reaching corruption, these children are seen as dollar signs. There is no penalty for corruption. The people cannot vote it out because whomever they vote in will have to go along or get out. Reporting the misuse, embezzlement, falsification of records, outright theft of millions of dollars does not move the Federal nor State Governments to move against it.

Corruption thrives, children die. When Russ got up there and said that “Children are Sacred” line, he should have added: “but not as important as keeping the corrupt in power”

Until the government deals with the corruption and makes it safe for people to report it and makes it not safe for people to indulge in it, no child is safe on that rez. No home is really secure on that rez.

Millions of dollars intended for the care of children vanishes and no one looks. Hundreds of children disappear, overnight, from the records (shredded) and no one looks.

Nothing gets better on that rez or any rez, until the corruption is investigated and the corrupt are punished.  The allies of the corrupt are powerful in politics inside and outside of the rez. They go all the way up every agency ladder from County to State to Federal. ALL THE WAY UP.

It has been allowed to go on for so long, the system is designed to protect the corrupt, not the people. It’s so corrupt, for so long, that it goes now to extremes to protect the pedophiles, registered sex offenders who are reported, 960’d, raping children… and the ACF, BIA, Tribal Chair (Don’t call him “Chief”, he’s no “chief”) and the CFP go before Congress to say how much things are improved…. Even though more than 100 children are unaccounted for… and who knows how many more?

Melissa Merrick-Brady who heads two departments can’t even tell the committee what is needed to improve the dismal results in either of those departments!

The Tribal Chair got up and lied to smear the reputation of Thomas Sullivan.  Congressman Raul Cardenas was happy to assist. What is Cardenas’ connection to CFP? All he knows about Thomas Sullivan is what he just heard from Leander Russell McDonald? Suddenly, he’s condemning Sullivan as if he’s a villain? Or does he just habitually leap to conclusions based on no evidence? He sports a very expensive haircut, watch and suit. Politics has been very, very good to him.

The children in care are worth money to the tribe. The tribe gets money based on how many children are in care in that tribe.  By removing any child from the tribe, placing them into a safe, nurturing, loving foster home outside of the rez, the tribe still gets money for them (which is supposed to go for the care and keeping of that child, but as we have seen, it usually winds up in the pockets of those running the programs).  If that child is adopted and given the security of permanence in home/family in their life, the tribe loses that money.

If that child remains in the crisis environment, that child will either die or survive. If that child survives, that child will likely need additional services as they become adults: Addictions, alcoholism, untreated PTSD from growing up in an violent home, will create an adult with low self-esteem, little or no education, no job, a tendency to either be violent or the victim of a violent relationships.

The child remaining in crisis, having more needs, growing up to create more children in crisis is a never ending gravy train that there is no incentive for stopping.

Oh yeah, and they will likely have several children of their own whom they cannot support, will mistreat, abuse, all of whom will end up in the system, creating a generational “Cash Cow” for the tribe and for the Foundations, such as CFP and Bush Foundation and others, who all proclaim themselves as “helping” while getting enormous government grants, tax exempt status, and a lot political power through their political alliances, such as the political marriage between ACF & CFP mentioned earlier.

It keeps the money rolling in for the tribe, the BIA, ACF, and their “foundation friends”.

A lot of money is a lot of power.  Our tax dollars not only fund all of this, but those foundations are also tax exempt!

And no one questions their repeated failures. No one mentions when it becomes a public horror story, such as the Florida series, CFP and their ‘guidelines, goals’ that were being adhered to.  That’s because those agency heads that are politically appointed will go on, almost directly, to another high paying political appointment for which they most likely have no qualifications, because they have a political alliance behind them: ACF, BIA, CFP, or other political heavyweights.

They do not point the finger at those who gave the directives or whose missions and goals they were aiming for when those very same people are the ones that will return them to the fold and find them another appointment, another fat paycheck, and keep them in the political swimming pool as a player.

So, here comes CFP, crawling out of the crevices and the shadows from where they were all this time, to pretend they had nothing to do with the previous failed policies and that they are here to ‘help fix’ the mess that their policies, procedures, missions, goals and political allies all created.

I strongly suspect CFP was behind the move to exclude Betty Jo Krenz from speaking at the subcommittee hearing. It was primarily because of her sustained campaign of bringing these tragedies in the making, ongoing crisis to the attention of that committee and she most certainly should have been on that panel, making her statement, answering their questions. No one on that panel had any personal reason for preventing her from speaking. 

But Anita Fineday had every reason to keep her from speaking. Betty Jo would clearly point out the facts of what she saw, what happened when she reported, and who did what, and how deep the crisis remains.  The ACF, BIA and CFP want everyone on that committee to think that things are all under control now, nothing more to see.

CFP has a goal of ‘reducing’ numbers of children in care, which actually leads to generational abuse of children in that legacy, and generating even more need, more crisis and more cash for ACF, BIA, CFP and the Tribes.

Someone clearly identifying the problem, surrounding issues, illegal behaviors of those who fail to do their jobs in Tribal Government, BIA, ACF, IHS, etc, would bring more scrutiny into those policies and procedures and the fact that the mission is to protect the tribe, not the child, and that would ultimately lead to drastic changes which might just exclude CFP from further contracts with the government, not only at the Tribal Levels, but also at the State, Federal levels as well. Bye bye Billions!

They were all afraid to have Betty Jo speak, and that is clear and that should raise big fat red flags to everyone on that committee.  That someone with a lot of political clout was able to push people on that committee who knew nothing of Betty Jo Krenz and who were not threatened by anything she would reveal, to block her from speaking, points in one very clear direction: CFP.

The BIA would not be able to dictate to that committee whom they should call and whom they would not allow. Nor could the ACF. Only the politically powerful CFP has that kind of clout, access and also motivation.

The CFP is not new to this crisis. They had a big hand in causing it and now in trying to minimize the depth and scope of it to ‘cover it up’ in the same way that the BIA shredded files for weeks.  Erase the trail, silence the whistleblowers, hope that the public never looks behind that curtain and sees who all has been involved and for how long, and how much money they have been making off of all of us all this time.

But CFP outed themselves. They stepped out into the light and came to the Committee Hearing to announce that things were much better now…

With only 9 Foster Homes on the rez and more than 130 children (that we know of: Remember, they shredded files for 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week, for several weeks) – 130 or more children in crisis, only 66 of them do they know where they are (and we are to take their word for it that they are ‘safe’?) what about the other children?

Many children, more than 100 were removed from safe, nurturing foster homes, abruptly and returned to the rez, just before the Great Shredding took place.  Those children came from extremely dangerous homes and were returned, many of them, to those same homes. 

Children who were near death and hospitalized and then nurtured back to health and happiness by Foster Families, suddenly ripped away from those safe homes with no safe homes ready for them, no services available for them, and their records shredded, what is being done for them? What is being done to them?

The BIA, ACF, IHS don’t care. They have a mission, a goal, and a way to make those numbers dance in any direction they want them to, or shred any record that they ever existed. 

There is an unholy alliance with the ACF, BIA, ACF and CFP. That unholy alliance is allowing children to be murdered, raped, beaten, terrorized, tortured, and the CFP wants no one to listen to Betty Jo Krenz, Dr. Tilus, Thomas Sullivan, nor anyone else that will tell the Truth about how the system is so corrupt, it can only fail.

That corruption is making a few people very, very wealthy and giving a lot more political power to people whose names and affiliations you would never know, except now, one of them, CFP, has come out from behind that curtain to tell the audience that everything is under control because ‘now’ they are here.

They’ve been here all along. At least for the past 10 years In Indian Country, 50 years everywhere else, making it so that nothing changes, cracks get bigger, children suffer, and they get richer, more politically powerful and no one has figured out that they are behind every major child protective failure for generations.

It’s time to point out that child abuse, especially sexual abuse of children, creates monsters who then prey on others.  The cop in Idaho that recently killed his wife, his children and his mother-in-law, and then himself, left a note talking about how he was sexually abused as a child, and how he hated abusers, and he never got over that his mother refused to protect him from abuse.  He confessed to drugging and raping his wife and video taping it, several times.

This is a man who, on the outside, looked like an upright citizen. He was a cop. He was a ‘good guy’, but behind closed doors, he was a monster and he hated himself.

This is what becomes of children who are abused and who are not rescued. This is what happens when sexual abuse is ignored. This is what happens when there is no one there to tell that child they have a place in this world and that what happened to them, all those bad things, was not their fault. 

These are the monsters walking among us today, some looking like ‘good guys’ until they snap. Some looking like good guys until their children grow up and ‘snap’.

This is the thing we have to stop now. NOW. We have to put children FIRST. If there are not safe homes for those children on the rez, then safe homes must be found and those children must remain in those safe homes until they grow up and use the nurturing they received in those homes, to fight off the demons that will haunt them as adults.

Yes, it costs a lot of money because it has gone on for so long. We can start by cutting off the hundreds of millions being drained into CFP and Bush Foundations and any other Foundations that have never been examined for their failures… and we can apply that more directly to the care of these children, including the therapy they will need to feel safe and worth being loved in this world.

The money we save won’t show for a generation, but it will be a reduction in crime, reduction in violent crimes, reduction in addictions, and other symptoms of a life spent in violence and futility.

We can expect more and more productive, healthy adults raising healthier, happier families and needing less and less services that are violence and abuse related.

We can drastically cut the numbers of childhood suicides, especially on the rez if these children see there is rescue for them and there are consequences for those who hurt them and there are consequences for those who put them in danger.

If we are ever to restore the balance in this world, and make our future more secure for our old age and for our own children and grand children, we must absolutely go after the corruption, go after the abuse, go after the failed theories, and put the children first.

There are some new laws being considered that will, if enforced, make the world a safer place for Indian Children all across the land. Those same laws, without enforcement, without penalties for those who break those laws, will only create more “looks good on paper” while children are being dragged away by monsters in the real world outcomes.  Monsters who spit their tiny bones out at our feet, and laugh as we rail against their corruption.  Their laughter sounds like hundreds of machines, shredding files.

You know what they look like now. They’ve been forced to come out from under their rocks, out of their crevices and from behind those pretty curtains… Keep the light on them, hot and hard.  CFP is not new to this scene. They did not come here to “Help the children” they came to make it look good on paper, make it go away from public scrutiny, and quickly as possible go back to ignoring the reports, the cracks, the 960’s.

Ask Anita Fineday how many children she as either Tribal Judge in White Earth reservation, or as the key person in CFP, how many children in crisis has she personally recommended be removed to permanent foster care outside of the tribe?

How bad was it for those children and how many children that remained in the care and custody of their abusive families have died as a result?  Let’s see if she comes up with those ‘facts’.

You have the Florida cases from one year. You have the SLN ongoing crisis. You know there is much, much more. They don’t want you to look. They don’t want it fixed. They want it shredded, erased, invisible.

But I am here to tell you, this is why we lock our doors not just at night when we are sleeping, but during the day, while we are home. And this is why we lock our cars even when we are driving. And this is why we see so many prostitutes, addicts and so much violent crime. We don’t connect the dots when we see violent or addicted teenagers and adults, to the little child being abused and that abuse being reported and those reports being ignored. It is a straight line.

It’s how we all got here: Them and Us, together, today, sharing the same world in vastly different ways, with drastically different outlooks. And it costs us today because we failed them yesterday. It will cost more tomorrow because we are failing them today.

The Human Wreckage, the violence we have today did not just happen, it was created, practiced, covered up, allowed, and those who tried to stop it were ignored, harassed, threatened, intimidated or silenced.

We have already, at least 50 years of failed policies and practices inflicted on children, who grew into violent adults, and had children of their own. We are generations deep in this course of failure. It’s time to change course.

You know where to find me.







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July  7, 2014
Dance of Lies
---Printer Version (6)

The lies told at the Congressional Subcommittee Hearing are not without consequence.  The lies by the BIA’s Mr. Black are provable lies. The lies by Joo Yeung Chang of the ACF, very provable lies. The lies told by Leander Russell McDonald, again, provable.  Ms. Fineday of Casey Family Programs has yet to answer a hard question, or even a real question.

For instance, Ms. Fineday, how many children in Florida had to die before your organization realized that ‘keeping the family together’ even when that family was abusive, dangerous to the child, would lead to more children dying? When over 100 children die in a year because a policy is being adhered to that makes no sense, why does our Federal Government continue to fund that organization to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and tax exemptions?

Why does the Federal Government continue to defer to Casey Family Programs when they have no successes, and the death toll racks up faster than the price of gas at the pump?  Casey Family’s goal is to cut how many children are in Foster Care. Casey Family Programs looks at numbers, not at bruises, cuts, burns, broken bones, sexual assaults of children.  Casey Family Programs believes that Foster Care is damaging to children, and also that removing children from their abuser is more traumatic to the child than the abuse itself.

Why is that Organization still draining hundreds of millions of dollars from agencies that should and could better use those funds to hire people with the education and qualifications to run those agencies and programs, and to better fund the Foster System which cares for the most vulnerable children in our society?

The more we cut funds and services to the Foster Care System, the more we put children in danger, and for some reason, this is the goal of Casey Family Programs. If not the goal outright, the outcome of their policies and practices over these past 40+ years.

We are currently living with the consequences of generations of failed policies towards children. Policies put in place by CFP and their political allies to the point that heads of these agencies can be appointed with no regard whatsoever for their qualifications in the field.  Appointees who are immune from firing or from criticism. Appointees who oversee and badly manage, those who are eminently more qualified by both education and experience.  Those are the people that the political appointees fear and resent the most.  As we have seen, the harassment of those who are more qualified becomes paramount to the political appointees who are immune from accountability and who rely almost solely, on the direction given by Casey Family Programs.

Here’s a hint: If more children are dying every year, whatever you are doing is failing.

When those in charge conceal the deaths of children in order to score political points, they are failing. 

When the same problems exist of reports being ignored, children being forced to stay with or return to abusive homes, why is everyone so surprised and why do those in charge, and why does Casey Family Programs spokesmodels always act shocked and horrified?  Why are they allowed, essentially, to investigate themselves and decide that they have made changes when they have made no changes, except to harass and intimidate those who raise the alarms, even more?

It’s time we took it seriously, this business of protecting children. We can no longer accept the “Fell through the cracks” excuses, because there are no cracks, only failed policies and practices put forth by the same guiding organizations that have failed every child for almost 3 generations, leading us all to have even more violence in our communities, more insecurities in our daily lives.

The more damaged children, the higher the revenue raised per child. The more that child will grow to become an abuser themselves, creating even more children that will enter the failed programs, directed by failed theories that have never been supported in any real world outcomes, ever.  Creating an ever increasing cycle of more children in the system and fewer children with access to competent, protective, nurturing Foster Care. 

All that leads to more money for Casey Family Programs.  None of that leads to safer homes for children. None of that leads to a safer, healthier more secure society for us or our children or their children.

It is the exact same ‘mistakes’ repeated over and over again, year after year, for decades, that leads to these horror stories of children being raped, abused, mutilated, murdered.

The problem with outsourcing the key responsibility for coming up with policies and procedures to a private entity, is that no one in that entity answers to us. They are not elected by us and we cannot make them answerable to us.  They are not government.  And government, by virtue of outsourcing to organizations that fly by wrong-headed theories, is that government removes themselves from any responsibility or accountability.

They merely throw more money at Casey Family Programs and tell them to solve it, as if they are the authority rather than the cause of the malaise! 

It’s time Government took the responsibility and hired qualified people to run these agencies and were answerable and accountable to all of us, via our government, when the programs fail.

Presently, with CFP in the middle position, no one is accountable and children are dying.  They are dying on the rez. They are dying in Florida, they are dying everywhere CFP or any private organization is the middleman.

The horrors of the rez are only now starting to be uncovered. When that Stone is Turned, what will be revealed will horrific, shocking and all the powers that be will try to convince us that the problem is isolated to Spirit Lake Nation, when in fact, it is epidemic on most if not all reservations, and in a town near you.

What is happening on the rez is that all the agencies, all the powers that should be protecting children are, instead, hurting them, selling them, trafficking them and killing them--- and refusing to investigate any of the crimes against them because any investigation into any crime against a child out there will lead immediately to more and more crimes uncovered and more and more people, higher and higher up the ladder who are directly or indirectly involved and profiting from the harm done to these children.

On this one rez, it is being revealed and this is where we must strike. This is where we must concentrate our focus, because here is where they have been so sloppy, so greedy, that it shows.  We reveal them on this one rez, not just the corrupt on that rez, but all of those in positions of authority, power, and who are elected, who have made it possible—for decades.

Fix it on this one rez, and it will open up everywhere because here is where the hub is. This is a center of great evil, and courageous, brave people are fighting for their children, fighting to protect those children, fighting to reveal the crimes committed against those children.

And you have seen who is opposing them. You have seen who is lying about them. You have seen who is lying to you. You have seen who is lying to congress.  They would not be lying if they didn’t have something to hide.

The Tribal Chair lied. The head of the BIA lied. The representative from the ACF lied. Casey Family Program lied. The only one that told the truth at that live testimony, was Molly McDonald, the former Tribal Judge.

So, when the liars are all protected by those in every level of government all the way up to the White House, and those who tell the Truth are attacked by every level from the White House on down to their own Tribal Government, you must realize that what is being uncovered is very evil and very big.

This is why it requires all of us to become engaged and stay engaged.  They would not lie to us unless they were afraid that we would hear the truth and believe the truth and know the Truth. Ultimately, all their power, as Evil as they are, they fear the Truth and they fear us knowing the truth.

It’s time we all stood with and supported those who tell the Truth. It’s time we all pointed directly at the liars and called them out and made them confess the truth.

We cannot continue to build our society on lies. It has crumbled at the foundation and nothing we do to patch it up here and there will make it level and right again. The only thing we can do is dig up the lies, make them reveal themselves, and then build again on level ground, based on truth telling.

It is a disgrace of the highest order that Russ McDonald told the lies he told, especially the lies about Thomas Sullivan.  It is a disgrace that he tried to dilute the seriousness of these crimes happening in his community by saying they also happen in other places.

The thinking behind that is: Until you fix the problem everywhere else, you are not allowed to fix it here. 

You fix the problem where the problem is revealed. You hold people answerable for crimes against children where those crimes against children have been revealed--- not some far off time in the future when all the other places have been cleaned up first.  You do it here and you do it now.

Russell McDonald revealed recently that he has been raising 5 children who were just dumped on his door years ago.  No services, and no one ever checked on them or inquired about them.

Here’s the thing about that: The list that Betty Jo Krenz gave that had 134 names on it, did not have those names. How many other children are out there whose names never appeared on any lists for services?  How many are with good families? How many are with pedophiles and abusers? We don’t know because those records were either not kept or were shredded.  Who shreds records of children in the system? Someone who has a lot of criminal behavior to hide.

Immediately, Joo Yeung Chang tried to say that the list of 134 children that Betty Jo gave to the authorities was only 100 children. Right off the bat, they lopped off 34 names with no accounting for them!  Now, add the 5 children being raised by McDonald, with no idea who their parents are… now guess how many more are out there.

This is why it is imperative that we have these programs managed, all the way to the very top of the food chain, by educated, qualified people, not appointees who harass, threaten, intimidate the educated, qualified people. 

These children on the rez and elsewhere are OUR future. Our government needs to be accountable to us and to their safety and security.

If we as a nation cannot or will not protect our children, what can we expect our future to look like?  We’ve see our society go from secure enough to leave our doors unlocked, secure enough to pick up strangers for a ride, secure enough that our small businesses thrived, to one where there is more violence, more theft, more abuse, more insecurity.  We got this way because we allowed our children’s safety and well-being to be outsourced to failed theories, and for political appointees with no qualifications to take the top jobs in agencies that are supposed to protect children.

It’s time we demand our government become directly responsible. It’s time we spent the money on the children: their safety, their security, their healing from abuse, and not on privatized organizations like Casey Family Programs. 

Government hands out checks to failures by habit. Political habits. These organizations lobby our elected officials which is just a vehicle to hand more cash back to those individuals, regardless of how they vote, and regardless of whether the issue or Bill is even related to the issues of Children. It becomes a form of money laundering: Government gives hundreds of millions to these organizations. Those organizations, in turn, return a portion of those funds via lobbying or political activities and fundraising, into the pockets of those candidates.

We’re being robbed, the politicians and the lobbying organizations are getting rich, and the children are being hurt, raped, murdered.

It’s time we put the children first. It’s time we go to the source. It’s time we quit believing the song & dance lies and smears.  It’s time.

In the past, all these powerful people had to do was tell a lie, no matter how ridiculous, and the investigations stopped.  Not this time. Not this rez.

The Other Dance

John Chaske was warned to not hold the Sundance this year. Toy Story has come up to help him run it. Neither of them should be anywhere near that nor any other sacred ceremony.  Those who dance with them, will pay the price. Their lives will not go well and they will sicken.

The Grandfathers are here. The Grandfathers are angry at being mocked and the sacred ceremonies being mocked.  For many, this will be the last dance.

When Russ McDonald says that “Children Are Sacred” and then he mocks the hearing by his lies, he has no interest in helping the children, only in protecting those who abuse those children and only in using those children and their plight to beg for more money to be given to his tribe so that he and those who steal those monies, can do what they want, knowing that even if they are caught stealing thousands, even millions of dollars from the government, from the tribe, nothing will be done to him or to them.

Children are Sacred, and they are worth a lot of cash!

The Grandfathers will not tolerate the sacrifices of these children on the alters of perversion and greed.

Kevin Dauphinais shredded thousands of documents that would tell the tale of what happened to these children. He now wants you to follow him as he dances his way upon the Black Road.

Those who follow can only go to where the Black Road leads.

Those who tell the Truth are the only ones who can lead anyone out of the Darkness.

The choice is becoming more and more clear on the rez: Follow the Truth Tellers or follow those who dance on the Black Road.

The choice is yours.

You know where to find me.





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July 3, 2014 EXTRA  Printer Version (3)

It would appear that  either Ms. McMullen is still unable to perform the basics of her job, or she sees her position as one of special privilege where she can fail to notify Division Directors when they are requested at a Congressional Hearing. Such contempt is worthy of a much harsher note, but Thomas Sullivan is a man of Credentials and Class--- Unlike Ms. McMullen. 

McMullen was sure to send Ms. Chang to testify. At one point, in response to a question about why Mr. Sullivan was not present, Chang read from a prepared script, something to the effect that he was free to attend as an individual, but not as a representative of the agency nor even his department. She then proceeded to lie about his involvement and concern over the Tribe, and the children.

I'm sure Ms. Chang and Ms. McMullen had a High Five afterwards. Smearing Sullivan has become a sport in that department. Too bad they have not invested as much effort into protecting the children in his 13 Mandated Reports.

At this point, I consider McMullen, Murray, Chang as criminally negligent in the performance of their duties to the point where children have been raped, murdered and enduring ongoing abuse.  But hey, to them, it's just politics and a joke.  To others, it's flesh and blood suffering.

Printer Version of Sullivan's Letter (2)

July 1, 2014


Ms. Mcmullen:


It is unfortunate that neither the leadership of my agency nor my department had the courtesy to inform me that I had been invited by the House Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs to testify about conditions on the Spirit Lake Reservation at the Subcommittee’s Hearing on June 24, 2014.


Associate Commissioner Chang’s testimony was, at best, confusing where it was not false. In the second sentence of her prepared testimony she speaks about the Administration’s concerns about child safety and well-being at Spirit Lake. Finally, after more than two years, 13 Mandated Reports and numerous emails to ACF leadership about the lack of safety for Spirit Lake kids, someone, other than me, is saying safety of children is of concern. Of course that contradicts an exchange I had with Mr. McKearn, Director of the Office of Legislative Affairs and Budget for ACF, back in July, 2012 when I was told that the safety of kids at Spirit Lake was not a priority. I guess the leadership of ACF never has to explain their position nor apologize when that position is proven wrong.


Ms. Chang’s claim that BIA has addressed, “…most notably the safety checks prior to placement” is simply false. If the BIA had addressed the safety checks prior to placement, Laurynn Whiteshield would be alive today, soon to celebrate her fourth birthday with her twin sister, Michaela. Instead she has been in the ground for more than a year, dead at the hands of her step-grandmother, who, it was well-known by most families on Spirit Lake, beat and abused her own children so badly they were removed from her home.


Ms. Chang goes on with the assertion about the strengths at Spirit Lake, saying, “Perhaps the most important strength is the commitment of the new leadership under Chairman McDonald and the work of the BIA.” Early on in this process the BIA and Tribal leadership were presented a list of 137 children who were in uncertain placements or unaccounted for at that time. At the Subcommittee Hearing Ms. Merrick-Brady, the Acting Director of Spirit Lake’s Tribal Social Services, explained that 66 children had been found and accounted for. That means that after 13 Mandated Reports, numerous detailed, factual emails about continuing abuse of children at Spirit Lake, 21 months after the BIA Strike Team arrived with much fanfare and ten months after Chairman McDonald was elected Chair there are still more kids unaccounted for than accounted for. How many of these unaccounted for children have been trafficked into the man camps of the Bakken oil fields, just a few hours down the road from Spirit Lake? If the safety of the children of Spirit Lake is our top priority, this performance should be called what it is, “weak and inadequate”.


Most witnesses at congressional hearings are told that if they don’t know the answer to a question, there is no problem in saying so and offering to provide the information requested in a few days. When asked a question about how often I had been at Spirit Lake, Ms. Chang seemed eager to offer her lying answer, saying that I had never been there, giving the impression we had discussed that question just the night before. Ms. Chang has never sought me out to ask me any question of any kind. Why would a woman of her stature lie so blatantly about me? Was she seeking to tarnish my reputation? As I cautioned the Spirit Lake Chair in an email last week, quoting the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan who frequently said, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not his own facts.”


I have been to Spirit Lake three or four times in the last four years. Prior to that time each year I routinely met a couple of times a year in Bismarck with all of the child welfare directors from the four North Dakota reservations. I attended their meetings, spoke when asked and sought to assist them to develop more productive relationships with state human services staff to assist them in reducing their caseloads per worker to the levels prevalent in the majority community.


Thomas F. Sullivan                                                                                                                        

Regional Administrator, ACF, Denver




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July 3, 2014
Suna Guy Clarification
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I learned two things about Suna yesterday:

1: the arrest warrants are not for Child Rape. So, he’s still free to keep raping that young girl.

2: His Parole expired in 2013. So, he was on parole while he was raping that girl, but thanks to the BIA that says it cares about child abuse and takes it seriously, they managed to not investigate those reports either--- or he would be in prison today.

The warrants are on Suna, but he was arrested on May 31, 2014, for a city warrant, and the Abuse and Neglect of a Child charge.  He bonded out.

The two sources I have on this one are both extremely reliable and their information conflicts so let’s go with this one, for now.  Who knows? If the BIA ever decides to investigate the multiple reports of the rape of a child, maybe something will be done. That is, if you can get your Chairman, Leander Russell McDonald to stop shielding him from arrests or investigations.

I maintain that Suna is raping a child, and that the reports are being ignored by BIA, FBI, and Tribal Council. That part I won’t change.

Derp Fest

Leander Russell McDonald lied through his teeth at the subcommittee hearing. He’s such a disgrace that right now, he’s not speaking to anyone, and they have nothing good to say about him.

He made an ass out of himself at the General Assembly on Tuesday. His misplaced confidence and wholesale ignorance was on full display for all who attended when he made the statement that Congress can’t do anything to the Tribe because “We are Sovereign”. 

Yeah, I laughed and apparently, so did everyone at the meeting.  Apparently, Leander Russell McDonald doesn’t know the difference between being “Sovereign” and being “A Foreign Nation”.

“Who do you think gives us the money?” Someone shouted. And yes, absolutely, Congress can do plenty to the Tribe, especially if they find it is acting as a criminal organization.  Congress is well aware that the leadership is corrupt, and that the Good People of Spirit Lake are the biggest victims of that corruption.

So, again, Leander Russell McDonald fails at a job he was handed. He failed at the Elders program because he didn’t comprehend how it worked or how to apply for grants, leaving the program stranded (but of course, lining his own pockets with a grant fee despite failing to achieve the grant).  He failed at the college because he again, had no clue as to how to run the department or the programs. Hiring his family on to cover for him was just him proving he was as corrupt as anyone else.

Now, he thinks he can lie to Congress, won’t be found out and even if they did find out, there’s nothing they can do about it. Ever hear of ‘Receivership’ you moron?

Then again, not entirely his fault. So much corruption, decades and decades of rotting corruption at all levels of Tribal Leadership and the Casino, have made all who hold those positions lapse into thinking it’s all their great big piggy bank, with no real accountability.

The problem for him now is that someone is demanding accountability--- and he doesn’t know the definition of “Sovereign” or how that works.

Were you stoned or drunk in school, Leander? Both? Stupid & Corrupt, whadda guy!

Melissa Merrick-Brady

Still scratching my head over her being so proud of the fact that her department has found less than half of the missing/unaccounted for children.  Approximately 68 children are not accounted for, but she’s not even worried about that or them.

Betty Jo Krenz gave that list of unaccounted for children to every agency responsible over three years ago. They didn’t start looking until a couple of months ago.  And they are right darn proud of finding 66 of them.

…oh, and that ONE case that is so complicated….

Well, that’s what happens when you have a felon child abuser working as a social worker… things go sideways if someone bothers to look. And it gets ‘complicated’.

The reason we know things are not better and the children are not safer in Spirit Lake Nation is because they fired everyone that sounded alarms, filed reports and they kept the felon, the incompetent and the go-alongs and the corrupt.

The ACF is still harassing Thomas Sullivan, obstructing his reports and reporting. The BIA, FBI and USAG Purdon, all declaring they take these reports seriously have provably not investigated a single one of them. That proof is in the death of Baby Laurynn, and the horror story of those children that showed up in the Grand Forks Herald story of March 21, of this year.

Children being murdered, children being abused, has done nothing to move any of them to do their job and do it right.  They still, all of them, put their greatest effort into trying to silence those who made the reports.  What does that tell you?

It tells me they don’t care if children are raped, abused, murdered. They get a little embarrassed when it shows up in media, but overall, they think they can lie their way out of it.

How high up? How far deep and wide does this go? It will shock you. It will shock the nation. It will sicken you to the core.

Those who are stepping in to protect the corrupt, protect the predators, are revealing themselves and they don’t even know it. 

This entire web of corruption has depended on no one looking, no one asking and no one caring about ‘them’, those little babies, little boys and girls from those remote, isolated reservations; those specks on the map that mean nothing to anyone.

If not for pow-wows, most people would never even know where the road to the rez leads.  You’d be surprised at how many leave the pow-wows thinking that “They dress like that all the time,” *facepalm*… I have heard that one more than I can stand.

Those little specks on the map are all connected. They are connected to bigger specks, dots and they have some things in common:  Billions of dollars in resources, Federal lands that only benefit those who are politically connected and willing to play that game where everyone covers for everyone else’s crimes; whether it be stealing, embezzling, fraud, assault, rape, child rape, Human Trafficking, or even murder. 

They have to cover for each other because if one goes down… they could bring down the next and the next and one of those is going to be a bigger fish and that will lead to an even bigger fish… and before you know it, some very powerful, very prominent people are revealed as active participants and beneficiaries of the most vile crimes you can think of.

That’s why nothing has changed in Spirit Lake. That’s why things have only gotten worse.  The corrupt are still in place, still doing the damage, still covering for one another, from the lowest man on the totem pole to the very top ledges of Federal Government.

And when I hear of people inside that snake pit of a rez, attacking those who are showing courage and integrity by speaking out and telling the truth, I say to myself: “Yes, there’s another one who fears the truth. I wonder what their connection to the predators and the corrupt is?”

The Truth is being told and it is becoming more clear by the day what it is. Those who rail against it, those who attack those who show courage and integrity, they are the weak ones. They are the fearful ones. They are the ones who decided long ago that Evil was where their loyalties would lie, and they reveal themselves to the entire tribe.

Leander Russell McDonald has revealed himself as corrupt, inept, ignorant and a disgrace to Tribe and to all who know him.

Melissa Merrick-Brady is still trying to salvage her reputation as ‘victim of Congressman Cramer’ but the truth is, she’s a victim of her own greed. All those who have supported her are beginning to see the truth about her, and they are not happy.

Her little empire will fail. Her marriage will fail, all because she is incapable of telling the truth and she fears, hates and attacks anyone that does tell the truth. She and Heitkamp will always be friends, though. You know they are tight.

I’d really like to get a look at how Heitkamp dealt with reports of rapes and child abuses that came across her desk when she was the Attorney General for the State of North Dakota. I’d like to look a lot more closely at all the friends and business connections of everyone that is connected to the corrupt and the predators on Spirit Lake Nation.

I bet I’d find some really stinky laundry.

When they start investigating the rapes of the children out there, and when they arrest Suna Guy for his rapes of that girl and quite likely the rapes of other young girls; and when those who sounded the alarm are actually interviewed about the reports they have filed and those reports are investigated, then maybe – MAY be, there will be a real change on SLN.

Until then, it’s more lies, more scripted fast talk, more political gamesmanship with only one goal in mind: Protect the corrupt, protect the predators, keep those billions of dollars in lands and resources flowing through the hands and into the pockets of the powerful, in places both very, very low and very, very high.

Billions of dollars can buy a lot of friends in High places and low. And when those who rape and abuse children are shielded, it shows.

You know where to find me.




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July 1, 2014
We All Grieve Differently
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The General Assembly today was a sharp reminder of how everyone grieves differently.  The problem topic seemed to be a bash fest on Betty Jo Krenz and Molly McDonald.

Yes, telling the Truth is not yet allowed by those who like the corruption just the way it is.

Freeman Whiteshield was so outraged over Betty Jo using the picture of Baby Laurynn to fundraise, he was at his most indignant Indian best. Look at that face!

It never ceases to amaze me how a family can watch a child be kicked, starved, beaten and abused, and then when that child is finally murdered, try to pass it off as SIDS, line up to get their ‘funeral’ money, never show up at the wake or the funeral, and not even bring something for that child to be buried in (the gown she was in was donated by the funeral home)--- and then show supreme outrage when the very person who tried to prevent that child from being placed in that horrible home, is raising funds to go to Washington, DC to tell her story, and the story of more than 100 other children to get changes made so it doesn’t happen again.

I guess we all ‘grieve differently’ and that by expressing outrage, Freeman doesn’t have to own any of his own part in allowing this to happen. He can portray himself as the victim, and his family as the victim, rather than the child that was murdered.

Well, news for you, Freeman: You don’t own that picture and you don’t own that story. In fact, you never took any pictures of those children. They weren’t anything more than a paycheck from Social Services for you, from the start.

Those who support Freeman’s outrage? Enjoy yourselves.

Painting Betty Jo or Molly as the villain in any of this is the lie you tell yourself to wipe away your own guilt.

The BIA in their corruption, cares nothing for any of these kids. Any of these kids. If you, Freeman Whiteshield, had cared about Baby Laurynn, you would have stopped the abuse and you most certainly would not have tried to pass off a child with so many bruises as a case of SIDS.

You are not ‘still in a lot of pain’ grieving the loss of that child. You are still the same self-centered jerk who let it happen, and did nothing but attack the very person who was trying to prevent it.

If you had cared about her when she was alive, you would have protected her. You would have spoken up. But you didn’t.

If you cared about her after she was murdered, you would have shown up at the wake or the funeral. The very least you could have done was buy that child a gown to be buried in with that Funeral Cash you and your family dashed for at your earliest possible convenience.

Attacking the very people who are calling out the corruption in the BIA, Tribal Leadership and Tribal Social Services really is neither helping nor grieving. It’s a show. You may impress a small mob out there, but everyone else knows who you are and what happened.

It might also be a good time to point out that another member of your family, Suna Guy, has four warrants out for his arrest for child rape.  He’s being protected from arrest by your corrupt Tribal Chair, Leander Russell McDonald.

Where’s your outrage on that?

Sit down, shut up, Freeman. You’re an embarrassment to the community.  Let those who are doing this work, those who are fighting for Justice for every abused, beaten and murdered child out there, do their work. You’re just noise.

You know where to find me.




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