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Richard LaFuente served almost 30 years for a crime he did not commit, while the real killers roamed free, and still do, to this day.

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Introduction: The same corrupt system that wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned eleven innocent young men is the same system, with many of the exact same players, who are currently profiting from rampant sexual abuse of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in North Dakota, as well as most if not all reservations in Indian Country, and beyond.

This Blog is documenting ongoing events at all levels of government. Events on the rez itself, often require someone to speak up and speak out, but since those who do are often abused, assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the abusers in authority, this blog is their voice.

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February 8, 2016
Worth Remembering ---Printer Version (3)

Ran across a saying that seems to sum up a lot of what people don’t understand about women in this world. Thought I would pass it along.

“A woman’s strength isn’t just about how much she can handle before she breaks. It’s about how much she must handle after she breaks.” -- Tammy Trent @tammytrent.

Think about that when you see a woman you think has failed or is broken. Think about how we put it on her for her failure when in fact we should be putting it upon all ourselves for having failed her when she was a child and failed to help her when she was no longer a child. Easier to blame and shame.

Mandated Reporters Are Mandated To Report

The Boston Herald has a story where again, as we have seen repeatedly in North Dakota, the Attorney General (I’m assuming State Level, not Federal, but same situation, regardless) has moved to protect not only the predators who raped a child, but to protect the Mandated Reporters, in this case, School staff and authorities, who failed to report the crimes, by blocking the parents of the victim from suing the very agencies that were supposed to protect their child, and instead protected, concealed and shielded the predator and the enablers of that predator.

A judge has taken exception to this behavior on the part of the Attorney General, who is supposed to be protecting victims and pursuing predators and instead protected the predators and protected those who shielded the predators.

“Who speaks for the children in this case,” Judge Dennis J. Curran wrote. “Not the Attorney General’s office, charged with protecting the public safety, not a few university administrators who seem to have forgotten the original purpose of an educational institution: to seek the Truth. Instead, we see only petty bureaucrats scurrying to protect themselves.”

I love that last line: “….Instead, we see only petty bureaucrats scurrying to protect themselves.”

The children victims in this case were aged 4 and 5 years old. They had not only been preyed on by the employees, but by the system that sought to protect itself by protecting the predatory employees and the government that sought only to protect it’s political connections in the very institution that was endangering the children, rather than to speak for the victims.

How the parents ever found a judge that was not part of the web of political power and circle of enabling, I have no idea, but we need more like that judge.

We need judges who understand that the laws on Mandatory Reporting are there to protect both the victimized of today and prevent more victims in the future. A judge who understands that the Laws of Mandatory Reporting apply to ALL Mandatory Reporters and that is everyone that has any authority over any child in any government system or supervised activity. That includes the Attorney Generals, at every level: Federal or State.

In my opinion, the Attorney General should be sued for Breach of Trust, Violation of Oath, and sued on two levels: One as part of the government agency, and Two, as an individual who became an accessory after the fact by trying to prevent the family from reporting and seeking criminal charges and compensation.

When at every stage of the Mandatory Reporting Ladder is corrupted, no child is safe. If everyone who is supposed to uphold the laws violate those same laws, no society is protected.

Mandatory Reporting is there for a reason. Refusing to make a Mandatory Report is a crime. Ignoring Mandatory Reports is a crime.

At Ritacco’s arraignment, Plymouth Assistant District Attorney Amanda Fowle said a series of teachers had gone to Ritacco last March with concerns that Loughlin was touching children inappropriately at the center, but she told the teachers not to contact authorities, saying she would “keep an eye on him.”

Ritacco was in charge of running the center where the children were harmed. Her first instinct was not to protect the children, but to allow it to continue. She failed as a Mandatory Reporter to report the crimes as “Mandated by law”. She obstructed Teachers, themselves Mandated Reporters, from making reports to Law Enforcement.

When we decide that we have to protect predators and the agencies/institutions that are failing, we are doing so AGAINST THE LAW. That makes those who engage in these failures and cover-ups, criminals.

This makes Marrianne McMullen and everyone who has engaged in ignoring the Mandated Reports, harassing the Mandated Reporters, CRIMINALS.

And by them all being criminals without consequences, the children on the rez, the children coming across our borders, the children everywhere in the USA, are without protection and their predators, with rare exceptions, can continue to abuse, molest, rape, torture, murder those children with little or no fear of any consequences from any agency at any level.

When tens of thousands of kids can go missing in Florida alone, and someone says they ‘fell through the cracks’, does anyone believe that there are cracks that are so vast that tens of thousands of kids can vanish and no one in charge has a clue? Can we really call those ‘cracks’? Or is it a systematic, ongoing, long-term and deliberate failure of the system. Not a question.

Got One

Jay Littlewind Sr. is sentenced to 30 years, according to the InForum story. Jay Littlewind Sr. lives in Tokio (District) of the Spirit Lake Nation Reservation. It’s remarkable because there’s another Littlewind, Clifford Littlewind, who is a registered sex offender also living on the rez and he has had foster children living with him for years, despite the fact that he is not allowed to have foster children living with him, or any children living with him.

As you recall, two years ago when a Tribal Judge took those children away, he and his wife threw a fit and got that judge fired! He should have been put in jail, but instead, he got those kids back and was given even more kids.

He told BIA Agent, Ray Cavenaugh not to worry about it because all they had to do was leave his name (Cliff’s) off the application and just put his wife’s name on so that he could continue to have children to rape. Ray Cavenaugh obliged. Oops! Sorry, looks like Ray Cavenaugh was not a BIA Officer at the time, but rather a Tribal Court Judge! Well there you have it! Get the one judge fired that was doing the job and put one in that will make it okay for you to have unlimited access to children. Perfect.

We know the law. The law says that those who fail in their official or assigned capacity to protect children, report crimes against children, are criminals. Yet, we have the Head of the ACF, HHS, BIA, and the USAG Offices, all ‘scurrying to protect themselves’ as the judge in Massachusetts declared.

Ritacco was arrested in the Boston Globe story for both her failure to Report and for obstructing others from reporting. I wonder when they will get around to arresting Marrianne McMullen? Far more children are harmed, raped and murdered in her obstruction than in Ritacco’s.

And you wonder why so many homeless are children? You wonder why so many children grow up addicted, violent or worse? The ACF has a $58 BILLION annual budget. That buys a lot of protection… for politicians, very little for ‘children’.

You know where to find me.




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February 2, 2016
“Ultimately”? --- Printer Version (2)

Every time I read the articles about those refugee kids being handed over to abusers and trafficked, literally into the abyss to where in Florida alone, thousands of children have gone missing & ACF, and HHS, and State Authorities all get busy shrugging their shoulders, I wonder how they can live with themselves.

“The minor, who had endured a sexual assault in her home country, was forced to have sex with her sponsor. She appealed to a post-release services provider for help and was ultimately removed by Child Protective Services.” --

The story of that 16-year old girl who was essentially forced into a sexual relationship with her ‘sponsor’, and the story says that after she notified the agencies (who knows how many times?) she was ‘ultimately’ removed…

And that sticks in my craw. “Ultimately”? Seriously? Not “Immediately”? Define “Ultimately” in this case if you will. I know of a case where a 13-year old girl who has been reporting that she was being raped by a registered sex offender friend of her mother’s on the rez, is being ignored for over 2 years now. Maybe three years? When will she be “ultimately” removed to safety? Or does it not count because she’s in Indian Country?

How long did that refugee child have to wait before “Ultimately” being removed from the predator? How long will the 13, now 15 or 16-year old girl have to wait before “ultimately” the predator in her nightmares no longer has unlimited access to her?

I just need to know because I thought the idea of protecting children meant that they would be “immediately” taken to safety, not “Ultimately”.

And what about the kids too young or disabled to be able to fill out the paper work and make the phone calls to be able to “appeal” their placement? What do you think happens to them? What do you think IS happening to them?

“Ultimately” in the case of the refugee girl meant around a year. But in Indian Country, on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation, “Ultimately removed to safety” has yet to happen for that one girl, and for hundreds more children who are being actively ignored by the same ACF and HHS that seemed to think they could just ‘skip” processing the guardians to whom they gave custody of refugee children. They “Skipped” fingerprinting, so we don’t really know who they are. They “skipped” criminal background checks so that meant “they’d fall through the cracks” << My all time favorite deflection of responsibility uttered by agencies after every tragedy for the past 50 years…

It’s apparent now that there are no ‘cracks’. Cracks would require a foundation to have weak points and could be mended with patching. There is no foundation under these kids. Not for the kids in Indian Country, not for the Refugee kids and not for the kids in the system anywhere that the ACF, HHS decide to ignore reports of failures as they have ignored the 13 Mandated Reports for going on 4 years now, regarding Spirit Lake alone.

It has to be clear that the reason these agencies are failing these kids is not by accident, but by design. The heads of these agencies are by far the most corrupt or the most incompetent, and it has been that way for decades, getting worse with each new administration, replacing the previous politically paid off hack with their new politically paid off hack who also has no qualifications to hold any position so critical to the safety of children.

You know why they skipped the qualifying round on the sponsors for the Refugee kids? Because they don’t even vet the heads of their agencies or their deputies.

Those kids were shoveled into the snake pits and thousands have disappeared and McMullen can only think about how many ways she can cover her own ass. She has politically powerful friends so she will never worry about keeping her job.

She doesn’t like that her massive incompetence is showing right now, but it won’t be long and the media will look elsewhere for ratings and clicks. It is Political Circus Season and these kids will be forgotten as ‘old news’ in a week or less.

You’ll see them later, the ones that survive. They’ll be on the streets, publicly suffering their addictions, alcoholism, cycles of violence and abuse written all over them. You’ll think they chose to be that way. They failed.

You’ll know most of them will be filling up those for-profit prisons, another politically connected industry that depends on failed kids to become inmates so they can bill the State and Federal Governments billions for their upkeep, while treating them worse than factory farm animals.

You’ll hear of their crimes and be glad they are where they are. They failed.

But the truth is staring right at you right now: They are being failed--- by US.

Every time we let McMullen and the rest of them slide on these horror stories of agency incompetence and failure, we are FAILING those kids and we are creating the failures they become.

So, at least now you know “How they got that way”.

We could change all this, for them and for us. But it takes involvement. Get involved.

You know where to find me.



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February 1, 2016
Fiction v Reality  --- Printer Version (10)

Before we get too deep into professional Dog & Pony show, let me give you some reading.

From Timberjay: It’s a story about a woman who was assaulted, raped and kept drugged, but who managed to escape her captor, and was found wandering alone out in a field by a man who lived in the area, who took her to his home where he and his wife gave her water (she was dehydrated, hungry, disoriented), got her a bit cleaned up and called the police to have them take her report of what she’d been through.

“The man had snuck up behind her while she was messaging friends and family members on her progress and was focused on her laptop computer. It was the last message her family would receive for almost a week.”

“While she had begun her ordeal in Casselton, in far eastern North Dakota, after escaping her abductor she found herself in a remote part of northwestern North Dakota. She said she wandered for at least two days, without food or water, before finally being rescued by a North Dakota man, who spotted her wandering across open country near the tiny town of Wildrose.”

The police came, she gave her story, a description of the man, and an even better one of his vehicle, and the police decided that instead of investigating the crimes against her and possibly getting a rapist put behind bars, they would investigate her.

They found she had an outstanding warrant for a minor traffic violation. They took her straight to jail, would not tell her family where she was despite them having a missing person’s report on her for the past week, and they didn’t have a competent medical exam despite her condition, which worsened while she was in jail.

After a few days in the jail a corrections officer at the jail saw she was in medical distress, made some phone calls, got the charges against her dropped so that she could get her to the hospital where they found she was suffering from, among other things, a severe concussion which she suffered at the time of her abduction.

This, my friends, is how the Williston, North Dakota Police handle a report of abduction and sexual assault--- when the victim is a First Nations Woman.

Predators know that if they assault, rape, or even murder a non-white woman, there will be no investigation. They can get away with it as many times as they want.

Chances are that the predator that attacked her did so because he knew no one would be looking, regardless of what she said. And they were right. Who knows how many victims just like her came before her? Who knows how many since? All we know is that it is common for police in North Dakota to ignore reports of rape when it’s Indian Women or children who are victimized

Their first response was to punish her for daring to make a report. So a broken taillight, or whatever the minor infraction was that led to the bench warrant, trumped their responsibility to investigate a serious case of kidnap and rape.

Authorities are used to ignoring sexual crimes against Indians. Indians are used to their reports of abuse and rape being mocked, ignored or even for them being punished for reporting it. It starts when they are children and the system demonstrates repeatedly to them that they have no value. The system does that by ignoring them, smearing their names, mocking them, and most heinous of all, by protecting the predators who have been abusing them.

Human trafficking is a growth industry in the USA. No demographic is more susceptible to being trafficked than Native Americans, and in that demographic, no one more vulnerable than children.

We’ve seen what happens to a woman who can give details and describe events. But children, especially the very young, who have no family support, have even less credibility.

Now we see that Human Trafficking has hit the spotlight once again, but for a completely different group of people: Unaccompanied minors who are refugees from the horrors of Central and South American horrors.

First, they are detained like criminals in unsanitary, unsafe facilities, deprived of representation or even common sense needs. Then, to alleviate the overcrowding, agencies have decided to give these children out to whomever wants them, skipping the basic background checks or even the mandatory follow up interviews to ensure the children are not being neglected, mistreated, abused.

This has led to children being handed over to people who slave them out for harsh labors and no pay, no safe accommodations and also slaved out to sexual predators who exploit them a thousand ways.

In Florida, once again, we see that the system that was revealed as broken and a danger to children during the incompetent reign of George Sheldon as Director of DCF in 2007-2009, where in just a one year period more than 200 plus, children in State Care died, but he only counted 69 as “officially dead” there are now reports of thousands of “migrant” children ‘vanishing’ and it all points to failures at the Federal level.

First off, they are not ‘migrants’, they are ‘REFUGEES’. Calling them “migrants” makes it sound like they are able to safely return to their homeland, if they so choose. These children are fleeing from gangs who have raped, tortured, murdered and mutilated their family members.

It’s worth noting that these children are fleeing from the same regions whose governments were destabilized, brutally, during the Reagan Era, Iran-Contra, etc., and which have never recovered socially or economically from the decades long devastation. It is now the active war zones of rival gangs, cartels and corrupt military all vying to control the market for contraband of any and all sorts.

I mention that only to remind us that ‘WE BROKE THAT” and this flood of fleeing children is but one form of our chickens coming home to roost. We should at least try to be prepared to deal with their needs as they seek safety in the very country that destroyed theirs.

Instead, we get a lot of Right Wing Propaganda telling us that all refugees are criminals, rapists, drug dealers, terrorists ‘…and some are nice people, I’m sure.’

That is done to discredit them to begin with. We see them, we assume they are criminally inclined, regardless of age. We are not supposed to believe anything they say. They are not supposed to have any value as Human Beings so that the stories they tell will be ignored.

The Truth is that these children, these refugees are not likely to be criminals. Not by a long shot. It is however becoming very clear, that they will be the victims of criminals and worse, that when they are, no one in the System will reach out to help them. They will be shoved back down into whatever pit they managed to crawl out of, over and over again.

The System Doesn’t Like Reports

That’s a method the System, Federal and State have used for decades to discredit children who are reporting abuse, to discredit them in advance. We’ve seen how ACF has not only ignored provable reports, but they have, from the very top on down and with the assistance of other agencies’ Directors and Staff, not only refused to investigate reports of rampant abuse and neglect, but have used every lever and every authority at their disposal to harass, threaten, intimidate, frag and dismiss anyone that would dare make such a report, especially if that person making the report is someone within their own agency with impeccable credentials and service record.

But now that these refugee children have their stories of horrors in abuse, neglect, rape and being trafficked explored by media, it reveals that all the agencies that had previously and for decades failed children in Indian Country in exactly the same ways, are now not only failing these refugee children, but enabling those who traffic them exactly as they have enabled the predators and traffickers in Indian Country.

But suddenly, they all act as if this is ‘new’.

Because media shined a bright hot spotlight on the situation with the refugee children and it revealed at best the complete incompetence of the HHS, ACF and every agency they are affiliated with, now the Senate has to conduct a hearing to show that they are ‘angry’.

I love that. The Senators are ‘angry’. Among them, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. The same Heidi Heitkamp who refused to read or have investigated the 13 Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan regarding the snake pit horrors of children in care in Spirit Lake Reservation. The same Heidi Heitkamp who assures us that everything is fine and that everyone is doing their job, is now putting on her show as if stunned and dismayed that the very agencies she’s been having cocktails with, are revealed to the nation as failing these refugee children in horrific fashion.

“Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., stopped his line of questioning and left the hearing after saying that the witnesses were "the definition of non-cooperative." Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., criticized the overly legal tenor of many of the officials' responses and asked if they understood why the senators were angry.” –

I find it hard to take Heitkamp’s ‘anger’ seriously. She’s up to her armpits in this. She’s blown off any and every attempt by the whistleblowers to tell her about these kinds of abuses and failures in the agencies. Now she mad. Oooooh!

Snips from Claire McCaskill’s Opening Statement:

"HHS placed one 16-year old with a sponsor who claimed to be her cousin. In fact, he was completely unrelated to her and had paid for her to come to the U.S. as a sort of mail-order bride. The minor, who had endured a sexual assault in her home country, was forced to have sex with her sponsor. She appealed to a post-release services provider for help and was ultimately removed by Child Protective Services.

“At a minimum, HHS must make an independent finding that a child’s sponsor, quote, “has not engaged in any activity that would indicate a potential risk to the child,” unquote. For many children, HHS failed to fulfill this fundamental responsibility.”

Senator McCaskill seems genuinely surprised that an agency she thought was running so smoothly, has completely failed and it showed. The HHS has been failing in this exact same manner for decades. Had Senator McCaskill read the 13 Mandated Reports that were submitted to HHS, among other agencies, or had she read the reports of the Congressional Subcommittee investigating the charges against Tribal Social Services, the BIA, the FBI and the USAG a few years ago, she might have had an inkling that not all was well amongst the agencies being run by political appointees, many of whom had no expertise or qualifications in the field.

HHS failing in it’s ‘fundamental responsibility’ is absolutely nothing new. It’s not even an anomaly--- it’s routine practice, enforced by the harassment and abuse of anyone in that agency who would dare to make a report showing any failures, especially those towards children.

By punishing those who speak out and rewarding those who keep silent or who silence the whistle blowers, you reap an agency rife with incompetence and corruption unable to do it’s most basic job of protecting children, and in fact, finds itself in the role of protecting the abusers, the predators and those who would traffic and exploit the most vulnerable children, the ones with no voices, no power and no way out.

Moreover, despite clear and unqualified statutory language vesting the care and custody of all unaccompanied alien children with the Secretary, HHS continues to assert that its custody of these children—and by extension its power to insist on post-release contact and services for these children—terminates upon their release of these children to sponsors. So when children placed by HHS find themselves in the terrible scenarios I described moments ago, HHS’s response is “It’s no longer my problem.”

Given these significant failures, we would have expected HHS to have taken prompt and aggressive action to improve its policies and procedures. During an interview with the Subcommittee in October, however, the ORR Deputy Director of Children’s Services indicated she was unaware of any failure to follow HHS procedure in the Marion cases or any potential policy change that would have prevented those events. Nor has any HHS official accepted responsibility for the outcome in Ohio during conversations with the Subcommittee.”

Just like in Florida, under the George Sheldon reign as Director of DCF, once you hand a child over, with or without doing any criminal background checks on the person you are handing them to, you and your agency can close the file and assume no further responsibility. That’s how more than 200 children died under his watch, many of them tortured horrifically to death, and which enabled him to ‘legally’ say that only 69 died. He didn’t feel they were his responsibility because that file was slammed shut before the child had its first night sleep in the home to which he sent them.

Now, the Senate is surprised that this is being practiced on refugee children? Why not? There’s never been any consequence for it being practiced on any other children.

And since the Head of the ACF, Marrianne McMullen is able to obstruct what should be a full-blown Federal Investigation into the corruption and abuse, rapes and trafficking of children on Spirit Lake with no consequences, an investigation that would, if done properly, according the existing laws would have revealed both the abject failures of the ACF, HHS, IHS, BIA, at the Federal level and every agency at the State level, as well as reveal the corruption in those agencies that led to those failures and that if not changed, would continue to lead to greater and greater failures of those agencies, why are Senators so shocked that those agencies are ‘failing’ to do their roles as protectors of children?

The only thing they have excelled at is in stopping investigations! Has Claire McCaskill been living under a rock? Or is she truly naïve? These failures did not happen overnight. There’s been a pattern of incompetence, corruption, neglect and cronyism running like a swamp throughout the agencies for decades. Being surprised is a sign of stupidity. Acting surprised is a sign that you expect the Good People of the USA to be stupid.

The reports have been out for years, just on the corruption, abuse, rapes and trafficking on Spirit Lake Nation. Had those reports been addressed at the time, maybe things would have been more in order by now and these continuing horrors happening to refugee children would not have happened because they would have been dealt with appropriately.

You can read all of the written testimonies given by every agency in this January 28th Hearing on my website. I’ll link to them at the end of this blog. Notice how when you read the HHS and when you read the ACF’s second in command, Mark Greenberg’s testimony, you will see how very disconnected those agencies are from the reality of what the magnitude of their failure is, just in this one case. They have no intention of fixing anything. Not for the refugee children, not for the children in Indian Country, not for the children in Florida or any other state. They can find no fault within themselves or their agencies.

If they are angry about anything, it is that this has received publicity. Publicity is a ‘report’ they cannot suppress, obstruct or harass.

Sadly, this too, will go away.

There is zero chance that any of these Senators will pursue this to the point of making any real world changes in how they conduct themselves. Why? Because if they did, it would reveal very deep connections among themselves and the people in these agencies and who has been involved in, profiting from the trafficking of children. There is no other explanation for why they have, up until this point, ignored repeatedly, the reports from whistleblowers who have risked everything to expose the truth.  This is ultimately a lot of show. A performance, from all parties. They're probably having lunch together right now.

We will again be fed a steady diet of political garbage that will seek to channel our anger and dissatisfaction not at the greedy and the corrupt who destroyed our economy, and not at the incompetent and corrupt who destabilized Central America decades ago leading to this flood of Human Tragedy, or those fleeing the Middle East, a region we destabilized which is yielding hoards of refugees drowning and washing up like driftwood on European shores… all that will be channeled by politicians towards us thinking THEY are the enemy we must protect ourselves from, rather than they are the victims of what our Military Industrial Complex’s ambitions have wrought upon us all.

These children being abused, trafficked are the enemy. The failures of the agencies, most notably HHS & ACF, will be whitewashed. Stern comments will be made by Senators and politicians who will then go to fundraisers sponsored by these same failing Directors and their cronies, and they will fund their campaigns and re-elections from the same trough that is drowning these children, trafficking them into Human Slavery, raping and abusing them, ultimately waiting for them to vanish.

Those who survive, likely they won’t do well. They’ll be the Human Wreckage we see on the streets and in the towns where we live or visit and we’ll assume that they chose to be failures in this life, and they did this to themselves.

We won’t want to see what is clearly falling down at our feet: Our failures to protect the children who then grew up to be failures--- our failures, not theirs.

Meanwhile, a woman can be violently abducted, raped, drugged, trafficked, and if she dares to report it, and there’s a broken taillight ticket somewhere, she’ll be thrown in jail, her story never investigated, her rapist free to attack again and again.

He’ll probably keep attacking Indian Women and girls because no one listens to them. But what if he decides that the one he wants is your blonde haired, blue-eyed little angel? How would you feel if you knew he could have been behind bars years before, and no one wearing a badge could be bothered to do their job?

The failure goes from the cop to the top. Is this really the society we want to live in? Is this really what we want spend billions of our tax dollars perpetuating? As long as these agencies are protecting the predators, no one is protecting the children, and the children that grow up won’t be so cute when they are adults. The costs on all levels go up.

All HHS and ACF had to do to avoid this refugee child crisis and the embarrassment of sending their people in to pretend it’s not their fault, had they only investigated the reports by Thomas Sullivan, years ago.

But here we are and it stinks. They’ve been covering up the shit with more shit for so long that it’s an avalanche ready to roll down and bury the entire country if we don’t start digging our way out of it now.

Get onto this story because this is where the media is focused now. Have them dig deeper. Have them show the years of suppressing reports that would have predicted this if only the people knew.

There’s no reason for any agency to suppress reports, especially Mandated Reports unless those at the top of those agencies are themselves involved in profiting from the corruption that is being reported.

I don’t know how Marrianne McMullen sleeps at night. On one hand, she knows she’s allowing predators to rape and traffic and murder children because some of the children in those reports she ignored, were later raped, or murdered or both. And on the other hand, her agency’s failure is now becoming public and those to whom she is politically beholden, want her to make it go away. But she can’t suppress or prevent journalists from making reports the same way she can make her own Director’s reports go silent. She has authority in her agency, but nowhere else.

Failure is not a deterrent to political success. George Sheldon, despite his massive failures in Florida and the Miami Herald’s series of Innocence Lost that disclosed it in great detail, was hand picked by the Governor of Illinois to head the DCF there. Marrianne McMullen won’t ever be without a highly profitable, powerful politically appointed position at one level of government or another. After all, she has done a lot of favors for a lot of powerful people. I assume she has. Unless she’s deliberately letting these children suffer, die and disappear just to please herself.

Her lack of qualifications or any real success will not bar her from a fat paycheck. She holds her position at the top of the ACF based only on her single qualification of having been a foster mother once.

I can think of a lot of current and former Foster Mothers who are more qualified than she is, and who would have, at the very least, compassion for the suffering children. Compassion which is nowhere to be found in the body mind or spirit of Marrianne McMullen.

The political circus season is upon us. We’ll be distracted this way and that. We’ll be pitted against one another based on political promises and lies. Racism, bigotry and misogyny are big this time around. Media plays up this hot mess for ratings and clicks.

What gets lost in all this is what is happening to the children, what is happening to them is what is happening to our future.

I say, ask those kinds of questions to your candidates. Show up everywhere anyone is running for anything or anyone is holding a conference that holds an elected or appointed office. Make them aware, and ask them for real answers and don’t let them blow you off.

If these kids, the kids in Indian Country, the Refugee kids, or the rest of the kids in the system that is failing them are not made safe and secure, nothing in our future is safe or secure.

ACF, HHS and the other agencies are all failing and it shows. We know why it’s failing. Make it your mission to make them fix this.

Or do nothing. Maybe only the Indians and the Refugees will be victims. They’re the enemy, right? Isn’t that what we are being told? Can you sleep easy with that fairytale dancing in your head? Or is the reality becoming so clear it’s scaring you?

Claire McCaskill’s closing remarks:

"As a lawmaker dedicated to improving the effectiveness of government, I am outraged by HHS’s failure to meet its legal obligations and protect the most vulnerable individuals who reach our borders. Today, I hope to find some answers."

Ms. McCaskill should have been concerned long before these children came across our borders. She should have been concerned with the children these agencies have been failing spectacularly, that are within our borders, born and dying here. The reports are out there. Ignoring them has brought us to this. Whereto next?

You know where to find me.



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