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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not respond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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April 22, 2015
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Because the Election Board is so corrupt and that they illegally disqualify candidates that should be allowed to run for elected office, they have taken away your choice and more or less, just spit right in your eye.

This latest election you had only the corrupt to choose from.  Your choice for chairman is now boiled down to NLO Myra who wrote the rules her way, regardless of legality and who, along with her bastard son (one of her bastard sons) Brian Pearson, stole millions of tribal dollars putting at least $9Million directly into Ronin, giving you only a few pennies in return, year after year.  It was Myra who put Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield in charge of Tribal Social Services despite his having no credentials and no qualifications, and who literally, trafficked children into the hands of felons and pedophiles, and those children and many others are still in that same predicament .

She also put in place the rule that allowed her to stay in office previously by arbitrarily (with the help of the Election Board) disqualify petitions ot have her removed and then made the rule that after a petition failed you couldn’t start another one for another year.

Then there is Weenie Boy, who was petitioned out of office and who had to be pried out with a crowbar. Weenie Boy and his family are notorious for rape, incest, drug running, Human Trafficking and every imaginable crime against the Tribe.

Those are your two choices for the Chairman runoff this time. There is no daylight between them. They are both equally as evil.  The Election Board is attempting to make it so no one votes by giving these kinds of bad choices and eliminating, wrongly, the more qualified. 

If you don’t vote, then you lose standing in other functions, such as recall petitions, etc. That’s why I encourage you to vote, but to vote in this way: Spoil your Ballot. Write “FART” or “LOUSEY” or whatever you want in bold letters across your ballot. They have to count the ballot, but it will show that of all the votes cast, X many who spoil their ballots are ‘rebelling’ and saying: “We have the right to vote, but you have taken away our choices and we are not happy with you.”  It shows people care about their community, but despise the ugly corruption that has embedded itself throughout the system.

They can’t accuse you of not caring, of not participating and blame you for the reason things are so bad. Your spoiled ballot is you spitting in their eye.

Speaking of Failures

Remember how after Russell McDonald got petitioned out of Chairman position and he immediately went to become President of United Tribes Technical College?  He was laughing all the way.  He got fired this week.

Not sure what the circumstances were, but it had to be big for them to fire him. They put up with a lot of incompetence and corruption from NLO when she was President, and from others. In fact, they are kind of known for it. 

Yeah, Russ failed at the no-brainer job.  I’m wondering if they put him through rehab a few times and he failed at those as well. He’s been in rehab more than 20 times you know.  He goes to get clean enough to get a charge dropped, or to make it so his next high is stronger.  His next high is generally on the way home from Rehab.  His family has never seen him clean or sober.  But, being a cousin in the Turdclan means that he probably got a nice severance package and will have another position in the new Tribal Government real soon.

Who Needs Congress?

The new ICWA law was apparently all written outside of Congress, by Washburn and his Casey Family Programs (they lobby for laws that make children more in danger and harder to remove to safety.  Their philosophy is that it is more traumatizing to a child to be removed from their rapist than it is to leave them in the clutches of their rapists.  They call it “Keeping the Family together.”  Thousands of children have been horrifically murdered every year because of their being the designers of policies throughout the country, that all DCF/CPS agencies must follow. They are backed up by the head of the ACF, in this case, a woman with no qualifications other than political connections and she was once a Foster Mother: Marrianne McMullen.  McMullen who is thwarting Thomas Sullivan’s attempts to have child abuse investigated on Spirit Lake Nation. (She forbad him from writing reports, attending meetings, speaking to law enforcement or members of congress.)

Well, the new ICWA law that makes it illegal to investigate crimes against children or to remove them from their rapists on Tribal Lands, and which even goes further and enables any tribe anywhere to claim any child in the USA as their member and prevent any adoptions or foster care, regardless of documentation or proof of any kind… that ICWA law--- is not legally a law as it was created by bypassing Congress altogether.

That’s right. The BIA just changed the laws to suit themselves without it ever going through Congress. That will probably retroactively clear them of the crime of destroying documents and evidence on Spirit Lake, but seriously, it’s an illegal modification of the ICWA law, and it will be enforced despite it being illegal.

Now, what’s to stop any of the other agencies from writing any of their own laws that absolve them of all responsibility despite their agency’s title?

The DEA Top guy just got fired for allowing his agents to party with prostitutes supplied by Drug Lords and their Cartels. He could very easily have written drug laws that made that okay and passed that off, right? Oops, no, because the public got wind of it by some journalist actually doing their job and investigating the behaviors of those agents and reporting it.

Now, if any of the local journalists were to report how badly written and illegal this ICWA law was, people might just rise up and rebel against that as well. You know, speak out and demand answers and accountability.  Maybe they’d want to know who really wrote those parts of the “Law” and what they stand to gain from there being more broken children.

We know it does not serve to protect the children and that means it does nothing to protect the future.  It makes things worse.

Most of the Tribes are opposed to the changes in ICWA as well. And that’s a problem for the BIA.

According to Tahlequah Daily Press

“The big legislative fix would be for Congress to amend the ICWA,” Nimmo said. “Tribes are really opposed to that, because if we open it up for amendment, the opposition will come in and demand their changes be addressed as well.”(Emphasis Mine)



From the Grand Forks Herald, April 18, 2015:    

“Deputy U.S. Marshals teamed up with Three Affiliated Tribes police and the tribal sex offender registry officer on Thursday and Friday to conduct a first-ever sex offender compliance check at Fort Berthold.”

Apparently, they took Heidi Heitkamp along for show.  Many readers were not impressed. This one put it about as well as any of them.

“The Bismarck tribune did another story on bad old Heidi, said she rode all over the rez up here checking on all the registered perverts and where they live, and she was with the tribe. lol Not one word of how many really live with child victims, surely her reports won't tell on that or how many are still raping the little kids. So do you suppose she is after more money for fake programs that only teach victims how to speak another language cause saying help I'm being raped in English isn't good enough? Or is she revving up her engine for a political scam cause she needs Indian votes? Either way I bet none of her reports will help any victims, sounds like it was a oilfield search party where she didn't kick any rocks to check under them to find rodents. Today or yesterday's Bismarck tribune has this set up uncaring expedition.   Still watching........ Still caring.........”

Yeah, they went ‘door-to-door’ or some such. Funny how they found all those pedophiles but didn’t mention that any of them had children living in their homes or that they had access to those kids.  Worse, that no child was removed from that situation.

Even funnier is how she went to Ft. Berthold for this Dog and Pony show.  She could have gotten a guided tour on SLN from people who have been reporting children being placed with pedophiles, registered sex-offenders and worse.

If they wanted to show how much they as law enforcement care, or how much Heidi cares, they would have gone to SLN and taken with them the people who have been filing the reports and rescuing those children, but no, this was more like a door-to-door survey.

Couldn’t really take the chance of removing a child from someone like Clifford Littlewind or others who are too politically connected to reap any consequence. In fact, the one time a Tribal Judge dared to have the tiny tots removed from Clifford he got that judge fired! Yes, the kids are sacred. Ask anyone, they’ll tell you. And the pedophiles who are politically connected on SLN can have all that they want.

Heidi is less brave than the Tribal Judge. Heidi would not want to be anywhere near a child being rescued from the clutches of a pedophile. That pedophile might be connected to one of her big donors. 

But she does put on a hella act, doesn’t she? You see her serious face? Ask her why if she’s so concerned she has done nothing to support those who were risking everything including life and limb, to report the sexual abuse of children on the Spirit Lake Nation Reservation.

It’s just a show. No one is impressed. Heidi’s not fooling anyone. Well, she is fooling enough to get elected, but you can fix that next time around. Meantime, ask her some real questions. Ask her why she supports those who are harassing, threatening, intimidating Thomas Sullivan and why she has never met with him, or with Betty Jo Krenz, or any of the people who were making the reports.

Oh, that little show she did on the rez where she sat in a panel and almost listened to what they had to say? No one was impressed with that either.  Her deepest concern for the children of Spirit Lake would not even get your ankles wet.

If she really gave a flying crap about any of those kids, she would have been doing that door-to-door on SLN years ago, when it was being reported and she was busy funding her committees and channeling money to her sister, Thomasina’s department at UND. You know, to ‘study’ the ‘issue’.

Again I say: Child rape is not an ‘issue’ it is a CRIME.  So far, the BIA, Children’s Bureau, ACF, FBI and USAG have only found ways to silence those who report it.

You know where to find me.






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April 20, 2015
Pattern, Policy & Pretense
----Printer Version (9)

Connecting the dots, a theme I go to when trying to explain that none of these abuses of power are “coincidence” or “one-off”, is hard for most people because most people are not up to their eyeballs in research as are my researchers, sources and myself.  We can’t see it because it is never discussed in media.

Media used to be Radio, TV & Print (Magazines, Newspapers) and there were over 3,000 individual ownerships over most of that. But, with accelerated mergers and unbridled acquisitions, we now have 4 corporations that own 99% of the media, including the “wire services” where stories used to land and were disseminated throughout the Media and were considered ‘credible’ because they researched those stories with real journalists and editors before they ever got to the public.

Now, it’s Twitter and Facebook for the most part, and none of it is researched and people don’t seem to care if a claim is supported by facts or not. Worse, people don’t seem to care whether or not the constant drone of TV & Radio is feeding us relevant information at all. Things that matter in our lives and which shape the character of our nation.

We get a steady stream of distraction stories, usually celebrity gossip.  Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, all, their every move and misstep reported as if ‘news’ 50x a day, while information of real scandals, such as government cover-ups of corruption, abuses of power from School Principals to Presidents is barely touched.  Unless of course, the President is someone the 4 corporations that own the media hate, in which case, it’s relentless and mindless and again, not based in facts.

This is how our lives are filled with ‘noise’ and how things we should be informed about, things that might drive us to become more politically aware, more informed and demand accountability from those in authority regarding issues that literally shape the security of our future economically and ethically, never reaches us unless we surf blogs, or garner links to stories that are reported, but not widely, but should be.  We get the distractions to the point we can’t connect the dots.

In the most recent blogs, I supplied links to stories that are current and ongoing that show how the powerful in government are both abusing children, and covering up for those who traffic in the sale of children because exploiting children is the greatest taboo, therefor, the greatest thrill for those who have become bored with average corruption and exploitation.

It’s hard to wrap one’s head around how so many children could be so badly treated, neglected, raped and murdered in a country where we trust government, especially the Justice Department and the “infallible” FBI, to protect us and our children.

We have TV programs touting the virtues of the FBI and of the Department of Justice brainwashing us for generations. There are no programs or series out there that has ever steadily revealed the corruption of those who run the FBI or the Justice Department.

By ‘run’ I don’t mean those political appointees that come and go with each new administration. Most of them are buffoons who are being rewarded not for their good work in the field, but for their political connections, their fund raising for whomever wins, that sort of thing.

So, here we are in Spirit Lake Nation, North Dakota, and we have seen, repeatedly, proof that those who abuse, rape, traffic and even murder children, are given cover by the very agencies that are supposed to protect those children and the community at large.  

We’ve seen the USAG in the person of Tim Purdon, lie publicly about investigating the 13 Mandated Reports that were filed and sent to his office. He never investigated a single one, and children died because he ignored those reports. He was never held accountable.  He was allowed to resign and he and his best buddy from the office of the USAG, able to jump into an even greater and more lucrative law practice, dedicated to the defending of Indians--- and by Indians, they mean those accused of corruption, child rape, child trafficking.  Not one single reporter challenges the fact that his resignation was not his choice and that it came the day after he was scorched to a crisp in a Congressional Hearing. Even that Congressional hearing was kept from public view. There is no transcript. There is no video.  He was protected in much the same way as he protected those whose rapes of children he refused to investigate.

That alone, should be alarming. That it would happen, even if it was JUST in that one tiny speck on the map, that remote Indian Reservation in North Dakota, should be alarming.

Worse is the fact that these abuses of children, rapes and murders are happening in all of the reservations throughout the country. I have to, because I don’t have staff or an office, focus only on Spirit Lake, but I get heart-breaking, stomach turning letters and sometimes phone calls from people in other reservations asking that I please, please, PLEASE do a story about what is going on in their reservation.  News stories I have gleaned or that have been sent to me by researches sharing their work, bear out the truth of their claims. It is as bad and in many cases even worse, in those other places.

Now, we should be seeing a pattern emerge.  They all have the same patterns of corruption in leadership, and leadership bullying the community, using thug tactics to ‘win’ elections by every illegal and unethical trick in the book; taking the money designated for programs, pocketing it for themselves, threatening, beating and even removing anyone from their rightful home on reserve if they dare to question any of it or challenge them in any way.

The other part of the similarities are the ‘charities’ and ‘organizations’ that are involved that are supposedly there as the middle-man between the government that shovels millions of dollars a month into this or that reservation, but things only get worse.  Social Services is always headed by someone who, regardless of the qualifications (good or non-existent) of those on staff, manages somehow to allow the worst offenders to keep having access to victims, many of whom end up more abused, addicted, alcoholic, unable to function as a productive member of any community, typically with more rage and violence in their own behaviors as they grow older, bigger, stronger, have children of their own… or they resort to suicide and everyone cries, and promises are made to fix it… but those organizations do nothing but take the money as middleman, and the Law Enforcement always steps aside and allows the worst offenders to continue because they are usually connected to the families that hold leadership and power in those communities, for decades.

The BIA, we have seen, ‘solved the problems’ that enraged not only The Good People of Spirit Lake, but people all over the country, by sending in a Strike Force… which sounded impressive, until you realize that all they did was shred documents and destroy evidence…

And now the head of the BIA has written a new ICWA law that makes it illegal to investigate crimes against children unless those in charge of the Tribe allow it. Then it has to be approved by the Tribal Court, the judges all of whom are appointed by the Tribal Leadership and whose qualifications are simply that they please those in power and never rule against any prominent individual.

So, we now know that this ‘problem’ of child rape, child trafficking and the protection of predators is epidemic in Indian Country, and that it is supported by the BIA, the FBI and the DoJ in that they put their energies into not just protecting the predators, but in harassing, threatening and intimidating anyone that would dare write a report, file a report or speak out.

Considering there are over 500 tribes in the US, that should be alarming enough.  We cannot ignore this as ‘just that thing that happens over there in that one place’ but something that is systematically inflicted upon children throughout Indian Country not only by the perverts that rape those children, but by their accomplices and accessories in the top government agencies such as the BIA, FBI, DoJ and let us not forget the ACF, where Marriane McMullen as head of that agency, is singularly unqualified to hold any position in the ACF, much less be the head of that agency--- her only qualification being that she was once a Foster Mother…

We have seen her heavy-handed amateurish, and questionable tactics in harassing, threatening, smearing and abusing Director Thomas Sullivan because he dared to address this as a problem.  The ACF has questionable leadership for more than 2 decades now and McMullen is just as bad, perhaps a little worse than her predecessors who also thought child rape, child abuse and child trafficking were kind of a joke and took sport in harassing, threatening and smearing anyone in their agency who actually thought it was incumbent upon that agency to take action.  She has forbidden Thomas Sullivan from ever issuing another Mandated Report. That is why there are only 13.  That is against the law. You cannot interfere with an investigation or a Mandated Reporter, but somehow, none of the agencies who should be investigating and addressing this are lifting a finger. 

They are literally all banding together to protect those who protect the worst predators of children. They are all joining in to prevent those who disclose corruption and abuse, from doing their job.

Worse, the BIA and the upper echelons of the ACF both intermingle their staff.  Worse than that, they also mingle their staff with Casey Family Programs.  Hard to find anyone in the ACF/BIA and Casey Families upper leadership that are not recently staff or appointee from one or the other of those agencies.

Those worst practices are not accidental. They are Policies.  It shows in the pattern of how those things just keep happening.  Their pretense is that they are ‘helping’ children.

They are not. None of those Departments, and certainly no one in Casey Family Programs keep any track of how many children go missing, are raped, murdered, trafficked or suicide. No statistics whatsoever. Not even a chart.

Now, how can any of them say they are ‘making it better’ when after more than 40 years they have no provable records to show for any of it?

They claim to have ‘studies’ but those supposed ‘studies’ are never examined to see if they are anything more than self-promoting theory and myth.

The excuse offered by California Representative on the first congressional hearing when then Chairman Russ MacDonald was being grilled, was that “SLN is not the only place where these problems exist.” 

The meaning behind that was “Until we clean it up everywhere else, don’t look at us for blame for our failures to protect our children.”

It was the dilution tactic. If something is provable in one place, a series of crimes against children, that instead of cleaning that up and making changes, let’s just say “it is happening in other places too, so leave us alone.”

This is where we have to start cleaning it up. Why? Because it is proven to exist. There are provable lists of children that have gone missing, have been forced to live with registered sex offenders, and who have been brutally murdered, with no one who is in charge, being held accountable, and with no arrests of the predators.

One tribal judge did step in and remove a bunch of small children from Clifford Littlewind’s home. He’s a registered sex offender who was allowed to foster children and be paid for it… but Littlewind’s are a big family out there, and cousins to the Turdclan and they had that judge removed immediately.  Clifford has all the little children he wants to amuse him now. No one is going to stop him. Not the Tribal Judges, not the Tribal Leadership, Tribal Social Services, BIA, FBI or even the biggest baddest US Attorney General.

Yes, it is happening in all reservations. But guess what? Those who are powerfully and politically connected, Money and Politics, are getting away with these practices against children all over the USA.

Why? Because the system is so crippled by the corrupt that agencies cannot function to protect children and reflexively put their efforts into protecting those who abuse children.

Good and loving Foster Parents have been harassed to the point where most have left the system.  They are a threat to the agencies because they, in their love for the children, when the children disclose prior abuses, file Mandated Reports, which means that someone has to take some sort of action in agencies where taking action to protect a child is seen as a threat to powerful people and a system that is rotted from the top down.

Reporting child abuse puts those who report in in a mine field of threats and harassment, intimidation and smears from the very people who should be allying with them to protect those children.  It also puts the children at risk of being taken away from that home and placed in another… where reports are less likely to emerge, regardless, because they either don’t care, or they themselves are abusers.

Every Foster Parent who takes that step to protect the child walks that tightrope and there is always someone at both ends, cutting it with a political sword, to essentially make it go away.

This is how it goes when you privatize the care and protection of the vulnerable. The government absolves itself of responsibility for both the child and for overseeing that agency. It costs us more because the Middleman always takes the lion’s share of the funding, and the problems keep getting worse.  You see the pattern repeating.

Now you know why.

Now you know how.

Now you know whom.

The only way this could possible have gotten as bad as it is, is by the active assistance of those politically connected.  No one else could have the power or the authority to shut down these investigations.  You’ve seen how the BIA, ACF, FBI and the Department of Justice does this in Spirit Lake.  Do you really think they are not doing exactly the same thing in every reservation? 

Here’s another nugget to chew on: These same agencies, their one common thread being Casey Family Programs as Middleman, let’s just say “Middleman” as common thread, this is how every State’s DCF/CPS is functioning. 

The most vulnerable are the children in the system. They have no lobby, no voice and unless they win the lottery and get placed in a safe home, they have no chance. There are fewer and fewer good homes all the time. Fewer because the practices and policies of those agencies makes it more and more impossible for Good Homes to survive, much less help the children to heal and thrive.

This is our future. These children, the ones that survive are the ones who will either be the compassionate productive citizens, or they will be the angry, violent, addicted whom we buy layers of security and locks to protect ourselves from.

Over There

England is just this past year coming to grips with the depth and breadth, the scope and the reach of child predators that infested every level of their government, including Scotland Yard, as well as the entertainment industry where TV celebrities who were frequently reported for assaulting  children, but who also had close business and social connections to those who were both politically powerful and of permanent Upper Class Status.

If you were wondering what those who attempted to get these pedophile rings investigated back in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and well into this century went through, you can well imagine their experience was not that different from Thomas Sullivan’s or Betty Jo Krenz’s or anyone else who has dared to file a report that would, if it was investigated, open up a whole can of worms, and set that domino effect in motion.

That domino effect in England, is starting to gain momentum.

What is striking about the pedophile rings in England is their mirroring of the pedophile rings in the USA (and probably other nations as well). 

Over Here

The only way to end it there, and here, is to hold those we elect, those who are appointed, and those who are failing to do their jobs, accountable.  But not just ‘letting them resign’ and move on to enjoy their lives with no consequences, but to charge them criminally for their part in the cover-ups and by extension, their part in the rapes and murders of those children we know about.

Without consequences, without criminal accountability, we remain a nation of two sets of laws: One for the very wealthy and powerful, and the other for the rest of us. Equality requires accountability.

We have evidence of crimes and we have evidence of those covering up those crimes and aiding and abetting the rapists… by definition, they can be criminally charged, all of them.

I never personally bought the ‘Public awareness of their failure, the embarrassment of their failure is punishment enough’, excuse for not pursuing those who have not just failed to do their jobs, but who have profited, some excessively, from criminal activity.

We are essentially being ruled by a criminal syndicate at all levels of our government if we can’t hold them accountable for their parts in protecting rings of pedophiles.

We see the pattern. We see it in England. We see it in Florida. We see it in Spirit Lake Nation, and we see it in Seattle and we see it everywhere we look. We see the results of those crimes going uninvestigated, those criminals going unpunished in the ever-rising violence in our own society.

There are extremes of violence that are being inflicted into our communities. It’s being inflicted by those who are immune from Justice because they have these connections and those connections care nothing about the future, nothing about the children, and they take our money, billions of dollars of our money, every year, to protect the wrong people.

And we wonder why it’s getting worse? We wonder why we have less and less to show for our hard work?  We get mad at people of other religions as if THEY are the enemy. We get mad at people of other races as if THEY are the problem. We get mad at IMMIGRANTS (but refuse to fix the immigration process) … we find all these ‘other’ targets because the media that drones endlessly gives us distractions that mean nothing in our personal lives, such as Justin Bieber, over and over again, as if it is a report about a fire burning down the neighborhood, while feeding us over simplified sound-bytes of stories that are not researched or verified but which we are made to believe epitomizes the “Others” we are supposed to hate/target/resent.

They do that because as a society we must remain wounded and too stunned to defend ourselves by defending and protecting our children.  A wounded society, one in constant “shock and awe” is one that is much easier to control and mislead, less apt to question authority, be it political or Corporate.

(NOTE: The Shock Doctrine by Ann Klein is superb for clarifying this on a national, international level, explaining the mechanisms that jerk our psyche’s around like Chihuahuas on strings)

To that end, the more they can abuse, rape, traffic children & create successive generations of ‘discredited Human Wreckage’, the more they can take away from us in money, rights and security.

Canada’s Parliament is passing a law that will declare every person who protests or speaks out against anything in anyway that might inflict economic harm (such as going after banks for fraud, or corporations for environmental damage) can be designated as a ‘Terrorist’.   There, everyone in Canada, essentially will become a ‘discredited person’ on the spot if they speak out. They want to make it impossible to protest, demand action, or even to ‘think’ about protesting…

Just think of all the pedophile rings they can protect that way if they deem it would ‘cost’ the economy to investigate or pay damages?

Yes, it’s always more than corporate, but corporations are the first beneficiaries of all restrictions on our Free Speech, Right to Assemble, etc.

Now, take a look at how in England they have treated peaceful protesters: Brutally. Once people start demanding their government respond appropriately, the government makes it clear you are not the boss of them, regardless of how many millions of you there are.

The US has met almost every peaceful protest of any size with violence and then incarcerating the protesters they abused.

If you want to preserve your rights, if you want to guarantee that your government works for you and not for corporations and not for pedophiles, you better wake up and speak up and stand up while you can. 

The closer we come to waking up to what has been going on, the closer we come to realizing how interwoven the corrupt are with our government and our agencies. Just like in England.

If you want to take the power back from the corrupt, you have to take the profit out of protecting the corrupt. You have to hold every politician, from the Mayor and council to the President, accountable. You have to demand investigations into the pedophile protection racket that you know and have seen, is operating at every level of government. Insist that every case of kiddie porn is investigated including every connection that pedophile has with other pedophiles. 

One thing I can guarantee you, none of them do this alone. They share their conquests. They brag.

Another thing I can guarantee you is that most of those investigations are stopped when they start reaching into the mutual existence of government officials, celebrities and the powerfully rich.

None of this would be possible if not for very powerful people, those in constant power, were not making it possible. It simply could not exist without government helping them to get away with it.

That is the purge we need to make. We need to seek out every connection that is contaminated and hold them accountable.

It’s going to take a very, very long time to do this. It’s going to take constant vigilance and dogged determination.  This didn’t happen overnight. We’ve been far too trusting of those in authority. We’ve been far too accepting of those in media.

We have to learn Critical Thinking Skills, and question what we are told until we are satisfied that it is true, and then move on to the next and the next and the next.

Instead of dumping more money into another stupid, unnecessary war, let’s spend those billions rebuilding our own country. Let’s rebuild the highways, the sewers, the power grid, the healthcare system… and let’s re-design how we care for the children and the disabled, and make it so that the money goes to those who are caring for the children and for what that child needs and not instead, to ‘Middleman’ Organizations that improve nothing but their own bottom line.

Let’s demand there be real proof of results, real improvement in the lives of these children and the disabled. If we can’t do that, then we may as well sit back and watch the world we let go into ruin, destroy the lives of our children and grand-children.

Someday, just like in England, these horrific scandals will be revealed here.  Just like in England, there will be constant and growing rage over the decades of inaction, incompetence and corruption.  Just like in England, there will be the greatest rage at those who knew and did nothing.

We know. Can we do nothing?

It’s happening in a small speck on the map where we can, because it is so small, fix it if we demand it be fixed. Or it is happening everywhere and we should keep ignoring it because ignoring it has made it –worse?

That one small speck on the map is in the Heart of the USA. Fix it there, and the ripple effect begins to sweep over the entire nation. It’s a starting point. There are Mandated Reports to prove it. We can demand it. We must demand it.

If we don’t demand it there, we cannot demand it anywhere. If we do demand it there, it will shake that Evil Tree right down to it’s roots and we will see those roots and we will put an end to government protect pedophile rings in our Nation.

We recognize the patterns, we’ve seen the policies at work, and we no longer buy the pretense.  Start by ridding agencies of their privatized middlemen.  Take the profit out of harming children.  Let’s stop pretending to believe their pretense.

Do it before someone passes a law that makes you a terrorist for protesting the protection of powerful pedophile rings. 

You know where to find me.






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April 13, 2015
Things Unseen
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Most of our world is unseen by us. It’s there, but we just don’t see it. We don’t even think about it until something breaks. Even then, it’s a mystery to the point where we generally rely on those with the ‘skills and expertise’ to fix whatever it was that broke.  And then, when we don’t see evidence of a problem, we go back to not even thinking about it.

Typical house has: plumbing with lots of underground lines to and from the house; Electrical wiring which we only see the switches or outlets; a roof which we don’t even think about unless it starts leaking; ductwork that is a maze we don’t even want to think about; and don’t get me started on the furnace/heating/cooling apparatus!

We see our walls, we can lock our doors and we feel safe until something breaks and then we feel vulnerable because we can’t fix it ourselves and we have to rely on ‘repairmen’ and hope we are not getting ripped off. We always suspect we are being overcharged, regardless, but we want it to work and we don’t want to feel vulnerable or uncomfortable again. We want to go back to our “everything is okay” life. We expect things to work.

Our cars are something even more mysterious. We turn the key and it starts—or locks, or unlocks…and we go where we want and expect to get home via the same vehicle. But then there’s tires, brakes, electrical systems, the motor itself, brake lines, and of course the windows, the body work and the upholstery… we do our best and some of us limp along in less than safe vehicles because, well, we have no choice.

But even those driving rust buckets have gotten used to the rattles, the odd smell of something burning, and the “personality” of our vehicles.  I myself, have driven my share and then some of ‘temperamental’ toads on the road.

We know it’s not perfect and if we could afford to fix it or buy better, we would.

Pretty much the same thing with our government, legal and service agencies. We expect that they will work. We expect that if something breaks, the government will, in the interest of keeping us safe, fix it.  Most of it is a mystery to us. Only when it is revealed in scandals do we get to examine the pipes and wiring, conduits and ductworks by which everything seems to flow and be connected.

Only when we have the walls temporarily opened up do we glimpse the whole other world behind what we thought was just a wall in the house, not only what is broken, but also what is corroded, and could possibly be affected say, if that waterline breaks and leaks onto that electrical outlet. Or if that furnace motor runs too hot because the filter, which was the wrong size, never properly fit and was filthy, catches fire… and if not, we can at least see how much dirt and dust and filth has been blowing through our ductwork, out our vents and into the babies’ room… we get alarmed.

We get warnings that something is amiss. We smell a bad small, hear a noise, or get water dripping down from our ceilings and walls or the plumbing backs up and we can’t flush… we get warnings.

We expect that the house or car would have been built right to begin with. We expect that repairs fix the problem, not just tape over them and wait for it to happen again and again. We wouldn’t live like that and expect to feel secure.

We’ve been getting warnings about ACF at the Federal level and even more warnings about DCF/CPS at every state level, for decades now… children, we are told “fell through the cracks” when we hear outrageous stories about how reports of violence and abuse towards this child or that one, led to their horrifying torment and death.

“Cracks”? We’d expect those ‘cracks’ to be sealed up and for no other child to be falling through those same cracks ever again… but they do. And we are told that “lessons have been learned” and that the cracks are repaired… but they aren’t. They never are.  Those responsible are never held accountable. Those at the ground level often are fired or transferred and the same events repeat themselves and multiply.

What if you caught your repairman knocking more holes in your roof? What if you found out that their boss ordered them to not fix the leaks but to make more? What if that is how that company made money? Lots and lots of money. The more leaks, the more calls the more money and you HAD to pay? What if that practice was the way every roofing company conducted itself? After all, it has ‘Roofing’ in the business name so it has to know what it is doing, right?

What if you called the police and the police said that they were doing their job and you had to be patient?  How long would you live in that house? How long would that house stand?

If a repairman came to our house and fixed our leaking roof, and the next rain it leaked worse and in more places, we’d be furious. Apparently, not so when it comes to our children, the most vulnerable among us, when they are in the system.

The system has no intention of protecting children. There are good people in the system who are determined to protect and help the children, but they are not the ones running the system and they are not the ones allowed to do the work. 

The system is there to protect itself and to do that, it has, while calling itself by some child-friendly title or name, actively works at not protecting children, but to create more and more victims of children because the more children in the system the more money they made.

Things Seen

The children are dying of the same ‘mistakes’ and “falling through the same cracks” as all the children who were raped, tortured, abused and murdered before them.  Why? Because the same people running the same disastrous illogical policies are in power, pulling all the political levers and making sure that it gets worse and worse.  The worse it gets, the more money they make, the more political power they gain (they lobby like crazy), the more control over the system they get.

Innocents Lost” a series by the Miami Herald last year revealed scandal upon scandal of children being forced to stay in the worst possible homes despite better homes, safer homes being an option. Those children investigated by the Miami Herald in that groundbreaking series all died. Each death more horrific in torment and torture than the one before it.

Where George Sheldon, who was Director of Florida’s DCF in 2009, counted as number of children who died on his watch as 69, a number which was greater than the sum total of all other 49 States combined, it turns out that the real number was much higher. More than 200 children died that year, under his watch.  He later said he knew nothing about it.

He was the head of that agency and he knew nothing and that is supposed to absolve him of any accountability, which it pretty much did. In fact, it got him a plum job as Undersecretary at the ACF, hand-picked by Marrianne McMullen, the Agency head, a political appointee whose only qualification for that job was that she was once a Foster Mom. No other educational qualifications whatsoever. 

When the Miami Herald series broke, Sheldon’s successor as head of Florida’s DCF, who vowed to make changes which to him meant not changing anything “stay the course” as he put it, abruptly bailed on his agency (got another cushy politically appointed job so he wouldn’t miss a paycheck) which prompted, George Sheldon to abruptly end his career at the ACF because he had a sudden impulse to run for State Attorney General of Florida. You know, that would be the guy who could decide which cases got investigated and which were round-filed.

He lost to Pam Biondi. I have no idea if she has investigated any of the scandals at DCF in Florida, but I know that George Sheldon would have buried as much shit as possible in the same ways he hid the real numbers of children who died on his watch in 2009.

At any rate, nothing in Florida’s DCF has changed. More children still being placed or forced to home with their tormentors, torturers and rapists… and guess what? More children are dying in the exact same ways as the hundreds before them died over the past years. 

One case stand out because it so well illustrates the ‘worst practices’ philosophy of that agency, and you can be sure, every agency that uses the same ‘guidelines’ set out by Casey Family Programs or any of their look-alikes, all of which say that children must not be removed from their abusers because “removing a child from their abuser causes more trauma. “

Let that sink in for a moment. Rescuing a child from their rapist is bad. Leaving a child with their rapist, or the person that beats them, burns them or is incapable of caring for them, is better for the child? That is their philosophy. That is their practice.

In fact, children who have been rescued by relatives or by Foster homes that protected and helped them to begin healing, were often snatched out of those safe havens and placed again with their tormentors, rapists, torturers… and ended up dead… again, again, again, and again.

One case, where a ‘social worker’ placed a child and kept a child in a dangerous home in 2013, turns out that the ‘social worker’, Shani Smith, didn’t have the proper credentials to be a social worker.  You’d think she would be fired, right? No, no, no! Well, not until March of 2015, when she was still not credentialed, still working for the same agency as a Social Worker, she got caught falsifying reports and the only reason she got caught was because another child died. 

LOCAL10 has the story. It appears to be based on an investigation by the Sun Sentinel. (I would hope that law enforcement would investigate, but typically, they won’t unless a newspaper shames them into it first. Eventually they do get involved. News Media can’t ‘arrest’ anyone, afterall.)  She was only investigated after the child died even though she never had credentials and it was known she didn’t have them. Only then was she arrested and only after she was arrested did she ‘resign’.  That’s right, they still did not fire her. They say they fired her but she was allowed to resign. So, which is it?

So, who’s accountable for hiring her and keeping her on? How many more Shani Smiths are working in that agency? How many more children are at risk? How many have died? How many more will?

I use this case (and check additional links at the end of this posting) to illustrate how low caliber is the mentality directing not only the Florida DCF, but every State’s DCF/CPS where identical horror stories can be found if anyone cares to look.  That same low caliber, fix nothing, make it worse philosophy is what got George Sheldon hand-picked by Marrianne McMullen at the top Federal Level. 

George Sheldon, along with McMullen and her minions such as Murray and Kennerson, have relentlessly harassed and tormented Thomas Sullivan, Director of Div VIII, because he dares to file Mandated reports of rampant abuse and corruption in the system that oversees Spirit Lake Nation in North Dakota.

Back, years ago, when he filed his first Mandated Report, wheels started turning to silence him, discredit him, torment and thwart his efforts to reform the system, or even to make those in charge of the system abide by the current laws that are supposed to protect the children.

In one meeting, November of 2013, Mr. Kenneth Martin of the BIA became very agitated and claimed that Thomas Sullivan was a proven liar and that he was fired for his reports at the ACF. (scroll to last two pages)

The fact was that Mr. Sullivan was not, and as yet has not, been fired. When pressed for facts to back up his statement Kenneth Martin in an email said that he ‘misspoke’.

Note: The highlighting and underlining in that document are mine. The bolding is not.

That right there shows you that the ACF is coordinating their attacks on the only man in the ACF who dares to report child abuse of Indian Children, with agents of the BIA which is supposed to be the Federal Arm of Law Enforcement in Indian Country. 

That means that not only is the roof leaking, but that it’s also gotten into the electrical circuits. When you read further into the email (go back to the top) you see that not only was the BIA coordinating attacks on Thomas Sullivan with the ACF’s Director, Marrianne McMullen, but also invited in Timothy Purdon who was the USAG in North Dakota, and he has recently abruptly resigned after a Congressional Hearing seared him, but did not punish him for his corruption and breach of trust, in order to pursue the even more lucrative practice of protecting and defending the most corrupt in Indian Country outright. He’s going National!

That means that all this crap that is falling apart in our “house” is also in the ductwork and we are breathing in that crap every time they pat themselves on the back saying they are ‘improving lives in Indian Country”… we must wonder whose lives? It’s certainly not the children! 

All the while, these people at the top of the ACF, BIA, FBI, DoJ are all pounding more and more holes in our roof, causing more leaks, more mold, more despair, more dysfunction and more crime and violence. It’s how they get more money and gain more power.

Purdon, btw, is not alone. Several USAGs have moved quickly from Federally protecting the most corrupt into private practice that caters especially to the corrupt in Indian Country. It’s very, very lucrative. Sky’s the limit. Our tax dollars working against us and against those children.

We would not accept this kind of destruction upon our homes. Why do we accept it upon our children? It’s not just children on reservations that are living in nightmares. As you can see, the experiment in Indian Country has proven so lucrative, it’s being practiced in every state. Nowhere is it more in view than in Florida, where no matter how many times the scandals break, those who run the system are never accountable. The worst they get is another politically appointed job at tax-payer expense. Most become more and more politically powerful and well-connected.

Once in a Blue Moon an unqualified social worker takes the fall, but it never goes up the ladder another rung. They always have one or more “lowlings” to throw to the masses should a scandal break.  A bone tossed to the media dogs to quiet them down.

…And then it happens again.

Meanwhile, Marrianne McMullen and her Merry Men spend more effort in thwarting investigations than ever they have in investigating a single Mandated Report. That’s right: Not a single Mandated Report that was filed years ago, has ever, once, been investigated.

They’ve all been dismissed by a woman whose only qualification is her political connections and she was once a foster mom, her minions, and the BIA which openly proclaimed that Sullivan was a proven liar, but then had to backtrack because there was not a single fact to support that statement, and a now former USAG who claimed all the Reports had been investigated and found to be false… and then another child listed in those reports was killed at the hands of her abuser.  He gets to move on to even more lucrative private practice defending the scum cakes that made it all possible.

They’re pounding on our roof, but they aren’t fixing it and we’re not buying it.

You know where to find me.



Florida story:


Emilio Benitez is the president of ChildNet, which helps DCF with "community based care" in both Broward and Palm Beach Counties. He said during the hearing that from every tragedy "we learn something" that makes the system better. Sen. Thad Altman agreed. 


"A new era of child protection has begun," Sobel said early last year, in a move to "overhaul" the child welfare system in Florida. 


Since her remarks, there have been more deaths of children with a history of abuse. Earlier this year, there was the death of 5-year-old Phoebe, after her abusive dad threw her over a bridge in St. Petersburg, police said.


Note: “Child Net” implies “child safety net” the same way “Casey Family Programs” sounds like it’s good for families. These are privatized organizations/corporations that are heavily if not solely government subsidized which means that they are getting millions of dollars that should be going directly to the agencies themselves to help children and Foster Programs. It’s a way of siphoning off millions away from protecting children while claiming to be protecting children.


The result is the same. More children raped, abused, tortured and murdered. More money spent, problem continues with exact same practices and policies. I included the links to Benitez and Community Based care so you can see how slick they present themselves.  Yet, the proof of their failures is there for all to see if you understand what you are learning every time a scandal breaks about one child’s murder in the system. Know there are always more and more and more that are not covered. Tip of the iceberg.


Interesting also in that article is that the DCF points fingers at the Tribe. No one at the tribe is held accountable and no one at the top of DCF is held accountable. Yet together, they make the abuse possible and they make rescue impossible.


If you report them, say to the FBI or the BIA or the ACF… what do you think happens? Never mind, we’ve already seen what happens… and is still happening.


ALSO READ the Comments:

            Gems such as this nugget:

Comment: charlie_oscar 3 days ago

Let's back up a few years - Miami US Attorney Dexter W. Lehtinen

becomes house council to the tribes... At least 2 more Miami AUSA's would follow.


Both Miccasouki and Seminole. Since then, it has been "hands off all crimes Indian" (money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement) - Nothing less than Mafia 1.0 Unbridled corruption and payola golden parachutes for the Miami AUSA office. If the feds are running interference for the tribe - how can DCF have any capacity to even investigate? Just look at DUI manslaughter cases - Troopers had nothing less than obstruction from every angle trying to bring the tribe members to justice.


You see? We’re  not the only one (by a long shot) that is seeing the web of corruption at the Federal/State/Tribal levels.






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April 8, 2015
Well-Worn Path
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Remember back in the day after Dennis Fisher helped to frame 11 innocent men for the murder of Eddie Peltier, he became, essentially the personal attorney for the Turdclan, while still holding office as a AUSAG?

When Poopsie’s daughter, Angie, was 14 and Poopsie was raping her and she tried to run away, he split her lip, but she managed to get all the way to Fargo with help from a friend who took her to a Social Worker, Bruce Hart, who immediately began taking her report of incest rape when all of a sudden, in his office, appears Dennis Fisher using the authority of his office to return her to her father, with no investigation. 

He was able to do that over the strenuous and even over the written report by the Social Worker, who pleaded in vain with his own supervisors, to take the girl into protective custody.

Even back then, the USAG’s office was bent on protecting rapists, especially child-rapists, as well as other criminals in the Turdclan and others who were well-connected.

When a few years later Roger Yankton was hauled in for embezzling funds from HUD department he ran (which was amazing because he could not read and still can barely get through a primer).  An exhaustive investigation proved that Roger, aka “Weenie Boy” had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He was arrested and arraigned and at the arraignment, who shows up to demand that the charges be dropped? Dennis Fisher! There should have been serious questions then about which side he was on, considering the side that was paying him (our tax dollars at work) were not enough to keep him from acting as the personal criminal attorney representing the very people he was supposed to be investigating.

After he left the USAG’s office… oh, how that happened was that he was caught, at least three times, shoplifting high-end sports equipment such as fishing reels and other very expensive gear, so after that disgrace, he went into private practice in Moorehead.  It was amazing that he had enough cash to start up a law office, especially after the disgraceful exit… but apparently, he had money coming in from somewhere.  My guess is that the criminals he protected while he was AUSAG paid him very, very well.  Those who embezzle millions, those whose corruption is unbridled,  prove to be the most lucrative clients/partners.

Fisher even had one of Leonard Peltier’s paintings hanging behind his desk. Oh, the irony! If you only knew about the early days and how that went… oh well, another time.

Fisher’s career ended once again, when he was caught shoplifting yet again, in a sporting good store, only this time it was a really big hunting knife.  He was handcuffed to a chair awaiting a trip to jail when he claimed to be feeling sick, so that the security people would bring him a waste basket to barf in.  They left the room. He wasn’t going anywhere. Apparently, they were unaware of the second even bigger knife that he had concealed on his person when they arrested him.

He chair hopped while tied to it, over to the basket and in the most clownish, awkward moves, wiggled the knife out from under his shirt (or wherever it was concealed) (no, I don’t think it was up his ass) and dropped the knife into the waste basket to ‘hide the evidence’. It was all caught on film. 

Back in the day when the Fargo Forum used to pursue these kinds of stories, they had a clip of that movie posted on their site. It was hilarious.

I don’t know if he ever resurrected his law career or not. Standards are pretty low in North Dakota/Minnesota, anything can happen.

Present Day:

Timothy Purdon, now portraying himself as a noble defender of Tribes, has gone into practice with another attorney from his former AUSAG office, both of them dedicated to serving those poor Tribes who would normally not be able to afford good legal representation. Yeah, right.

If anyone knows the ins and outs of investigations into corruption, child trafficking, child rape and how to protect the offenders, it’s Timothy Purdon. And if ever there was a lucrative, mostly cash customer, it’s the corrupt Tribal Leaders whom he is now dedicated to serving and protecting from all those bad people who keep reporting rape, corruption, embezzlement, child trafficking… you know, that pesky stuff.

You can read the article where Purdon and his partner claim that they left the USAG gig for reasons other than the Congressional Hearing that had, earlier that previous month, nailed him 12 different ways and forced him out.  Here’s another article on the same topic.

I’m sure that the law firm they joined will not be bothered in the slightest by their record of harassing, silencing, intimidating victims and those who file mandated reports which they also ignored. It must be nice for Robins Kaplan LLP to have on board a man who claimed that the rape of a 13-yr old girl, on the night of her 13th birthday, by her mother’s 38-year old boyfriend, was just a case of “there’s two sides to every rape story”, despite the fact that he infected her with an STD.  They must be so proud!

Gives you an idea of what kind of clientele they are pursuing, doesn’t it?

How long before Purdon has a public fall from grace or two, and ends up handcuffed to a chair, trying to dispose of incriminating evidence? Nah! He’s much slipperier than Fisher was.  

He’s still able, with a straight face, to claim he made things much better for those in Indian Country.  I’m pretty sure that the people he’s referring to are not the children, some of whom were murdered because he refused to investigate reports of their abuse and endangerment. 

I’ll bet they make partner in the firm instantly. I bet they bring in some really big clients. You know, the kind that can’t afford…

ICWA Not Good For Indian People

Remember: ICWA was written and designed by the top dog in the BIA, Washburn. Remember that this is the same guy who sent in a Strike Force when reports of abuse and child trafficking in Spirit Lake was making headlines…. and ordered them to do nothing but shred documents and destroy evidence for 14 hours a day for weeks on end. Do you really think he or anyone on his team want to ‘protect Indian Children’?  If you do, I have a bridge you might want to buy, out in Brooklyn.

Indians are pissed and starting to take a stand. I’m quoting from an email I got that contained the following:

“Families across the country are victimized by people who call themselves Child Protective Services. The corruption is widespread and has surpassed epidemic proportions. In Indian Country the corruption and destruction of families is no less severe. It could be said that it's worse, as it goes unchecked and those who exploit and profit from all this hide behind an extra veil of secrecy, called sovereignty, & an outdated, prejudice set of laws called the ICWA. There's no limit to the number of families on the White Earth Reservation that are affected by the corruption. Look around. What happened to this place? It's safe to say that everyone knows someone, whether it be your own children, grandchildren, your niece or nephew, a cousin, a friend or a friends kids trapped in this endless cycle of legal kidnapping, abuse, drug abuse/addiction that creates an environment that can sustain itself indefinitely.”

And a link to the FaceBook page is here.

Another FB Page of interest in this is here  They are calling for people to tell their stories because there is a group of attorneys interested in pursuing a class action suit or some such. Take a look. See if it is something that will inform or serve you or someone you know.  

It’s about getting connected and organized. It’s how we find a way to work together. The more we connect, the more we open doors and the more we can be heard.

It’s a page worth following and keeping up with the discussion. FB is known for people speaking their minds, right or wrong, without the media filter that tries to make it sound more sanitized. People whose lives are directly affected are speaking out.

You’ll see how broken the system really is where corrupt Social Workers abuse children and where abused children who are reported by Social Workers of integrity, are instead left in the most abusive, dangerous, sick environments.

Read it with caution as there are always infiltrators trying to put their version out there. 

The Bottom Line is that ICWA treats children as property of the Tribe and subject to the whims of the Tribal Leaders, themselves, many of them, most of them, corrupt and abusers themselves. 

Families have no protection from false accusations and the removal of their children or the placement of their children in abusive, criminal environments, or taken away altogether.

ICWA can only protect the corrupt. The child has no protections. There’s nothing in ICWA about mandatory investigations into claims of abuse or rape. None. Worse, no one is allowed to investigate from outside the tribe because that is deemed “undermining the Tribe”.  Think about that.

It is the same as if you lived in a drug-infested, crime ridden neighborhood with a corrupt mayor and corrupt police. Say you had a child, the result of a rape, and you wanted to give that child a chance to escape by having them adopted out of the neighborhood, into a safer home, and the Mayor comes in and takes your child from wherever you have placed them and puts them in the home of one of the worst rapists or drug lords… and you had no say over any of it.

Say you tried to report the rape of that child and the police in your neighborhood were as corrupt and inept as could be. You try to get an outside agency to investigate and you are told that the Mayor and town council will decide whether or not there is any investigation and you have no say over any of it.

That is what ICWA does to Indian Communities.

CPS is broken.  Money intended to go to agencies and to the children are more and more being siphoned off by politically powerful organizations such as Casey Family Programs, Bush Family, etc… Good workers, the kind that do their jobs in the same way as Thomas Sullivan does his job, are harassed and threatened and tormented in the same ways as Thomas Sullivan is being harassed, threatened and tormented by his agencies bigger dogs.  

Most burn out, give up, walk away.  The worst offenders, the most incompetent, the kind who would never dare question those above them and the insane practices they pursue, they get to keep their jobs with little or no trouble.  The system itself, becomes both the only hope for abused children and the worst tormentors of the children, depending on who is conducting the file and who above them is protecting criminals who are politically well-connected.

Our kids, all of our kids, deserve better than this. There are dedicated people in these agencies who have the credentials and the know-how and they would make drastic improvements in the lives of these children and the future would be more secure for all of us, but they are not allowed, because of the criminal network that controls these agencies from deep inside and from the top down, to do anything constructive.

Casey Family Programs has failed from the very beginning.  This is why there are more and more horror stories over the past 40 years, instead of fewer and fewer. This is why these horror stories all seem to have the exact same pattern and the exact same excuses to absolve both the agencies and Casey Family Programs whose policies must be followed in ordered for those agencies to gain the necessary funding to operate at all.

The proof is in the Prisons

No one has any proof that CFP has helped anyone. We only have their word for how great they are and their extremely questionable ‘studies’ which they cite without providing any framework, guidelines or parameters for those supposed ‘studies’, which they claim prove they are ‘helping’ improve the lives of children.

CFP only helps CFP get richer and more powerful. Nothing good comes from it.  They refuse to even keep track, all these years, of children who die while in their care or under their policies, much less how they died.  They also refuse to cite any studies (because they don’t do them) on how damaging are the results on children who survive their idiotic policies and how they turn out. 

All they have to do is walk down any downtown street and ask the addicts, the prostitutes, and the fallen how those policies worked out for them when they were children.  Or go to any prison and ask the most violent offenders or chronic offenders how those CPS policies that used CFP policies and practices worked out for them.

Tell Them

ICWA sponsors are all excited about their new and improved version of child abusing laws that prevent investigations and protections.  They sent out a letter to all the Tribal Leaders (whom I am certain are just tickled) and asking for input.

You have until May to tell them what you think of this monstrosity. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you as well.  After all, you are a taxpayer, a citizen and they work for you, right?

We look forward to your comments on this proposed rule. Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Rodina Cave, Senior Policy Advisor to the Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs, at (202) 208-7163 or”


Give them an earful. Demand to know how any of this protects children who are abused and whose communities are controlled by corrupt tribal leadership. Ask them where in that law are the protections for the children and where is the oversight and by which agencies, who is accountable, when those children continue to be abused, raped, or even murdered.


I’ve posted a link to their entire memo, on my website.


Without checks and balances, there is no governance, there is only tyranny.


You know where to find me.






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April 6, 2015
First Things First—Elections
-- Printer Version (5)

Looks like Spirit Lake Nation is going to be facing an election cycle with no candidate that is not corrupt, devoid of integrity, and/or who belong to a family notorious for their murder of Eddie Peltier (and others) and the rapes of children, as well as various other corrupt and criminal behaviors.

The Elections Board, now known for illegally refusing to allow qualified candidates to run, in favor of those who have a criminal history.  Notably, how they allowed Joel Redfox to run and hold office despite his admitted guilty plea to a sexual assault. Good thing he and his bimbo, Mardell, decided to take their love affair public and elope, both of them quitting their tribal council seats on the same day.

Now, of course, there is Alberta Redfox (related) who gets to run for the seat she was just handed by NLO when Mardell bailed.  Alberta’s son is a rapist and Alberta told one of his victims (and there are more than a few) to stay quiet because “now I have a job where I can give you money…” so, she gets to run…

Rape runs rampant throughout Spirit Lake and other tribes, but with the BIA, FBI and the DOJ refusing to investigate the reports of rape, regardless of how young the victims, victims may as well ‘take the money’.

The ballot will be full of Yanktons, Redfox and every other corrupt has been, and there appears to be no good choices for your vote.

You might think I would tell you to not bother to vote. But that’s not what I think you should do.  I think you should vote. All of you should vote. And you should mark your ballots with a big red & Black line saying: “NONE OF THEM!”

That will spoil the ballot, but spoiled ballots have to be counted. One way to register your contempt for the offering and to show your displeasure with the Elections Board is to spoil a large portion of the ballots.  That also makes it possible for you to vote in any recall elections that follow.  Think about it. Your primary  is April 21, 2015.

Tom Sullivan Responds

I encourage everyone to read Thomas Sullivan’s response to his agency’s attempt to intimidate and torment him by suspending him instead of paying him both his sick pay for his surgery and regular pay for his working from home based on some trumped up excuse on their part that has no basis in fact or reality, much less decency. 

Tom Sullivan levels a blistering response to his supervisor and to the Department Head, Marrianne McMullen, a political appointee whose only qualification for running the whole ACF is that she was once a Foster Mom.  (Her education and greatest qualification is in Public Relations, i.e., ‘spin’.  That is what earned her the political cache to get named to head an agency for which she is entirely unsuitable and unqualified.)

The unprecedented bullying by his supervisor and the Agency Director is clear to see. They have made it a sport to not only thwart investigations into child rape and child trafficking, but to also torment and intimidate Thomas Sullivan in order to silence him or to force him to quit.  He apparently, is someone they greatly fear.

The System Is Broken

I don’t believe it is broken by accident, but by design. You’d think that after 45+ years of increasingly horrific and multiple horror stories of children being left in the worst possible circumstances, their abusers not being investigated, that something would have changed in the department of DCF/ACF etc, at the State and Federal levels, but they only get more money, create more damage and put more children in danger.

I fault the Federal Government for mindlessly handing over hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to Casey Family Programs and to Bush Family “Charities” (that’s right, they get hundreds of millions of our dollars that are intended to help children, put it in their own pockets, and pay no taxes on it) and not even gauging whether or not the severely flawed ‘theory’ those organizations inflict upon every DCF in every State, is helping or hurting.

This leads to underfunding the actual agencies that are always short-handed on qualified Social Workers to go out and do the job.  Bad Foster Homes are never investigated, but good Foster Homes are never supported.  Families where there is no abuse are too easily robbed of their children, while families who are extremely abusive and a danger to their children are left to their own ‘honor system’ (“Sign a note saying you won’t rape, beat, poison, abandon your 3-yr. old again” type of notes) and the horror stories you hear are but a tip of the ice-berg of daily/nightly/24-7 nightmares that children must endure at the hands of the most incompetent agencies where only the most incompetent will ever be promoted, while those with innovative, practical, common sense approaches to Child Protection are essentially harassed out of the agency (as we can see, that happens from the very top Federal Levels, on down), and those who are left in the ranks, burn out before they can ever make any substantial changes that in anyway improve the lives of children and families.

Here’s some links to articles and YouTube Videos that can illustrate it far better than I can.  Keep in mind that the pedophile rings that are just now being exposed in England and throughout the British Commonwealth, were also reported back in the 60’s and 70’s and on forward, but those reports were ignored by incompetent agency heads, corrupt police departments, and worst of all, life-time politicians who were, many of them, themselves involved in the pedophile rings. 

It was not until major newspapers such as The Guardian and The Telegraph, did extensive stories on who all was involved, that people became aware and alarmed and demanded investigations which are leading to greater and greater exposures of both current and now deceased members of Parliament that were complicit in protecting these pedophile rings. 

Keep in mind that until we make ourselves, here, on this continent, aware and we become fully alarmed at the politicians who are protecting the predators in our own country, that anything will even begin to be investigated at the level it needs to be to make any significant changes in how our future shapes out.

We can identify those who are protecting the predators by examining how they harass, threaten and intimidate anyone that dares to report large scale or even small scale child rape.  Thomas Sullivan is the most high profile Department Head that is being threatened, tormented, harassed and threatened by those in his agency who are determined to protect predators and to silence the voices of their victims.

There are teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors, and even babysitters and private citizens who experience the same ‘shut down’ when they file reports.

One of the links I will include is the story of a woman who, when she was 11 years old and living in Foster care, was raped by a gang of boys and the police had her arrested for reporting, despite the fact that there was medical evidence of the rape.

Their ‘logic’ for discrediting her and falsely arresting her was that she was ‘in foster care’… Her foster family could do nothing to save her from a system that seeks first to silence all victims and protect all predators. Her story is real, documented and true. Don’t think for a minute that it’s a rarity. What is ‘rare’ is her courage and her strength in coming forward to tell her story.  Most are too damaged, been told too many times that they are ‘lying’ when they are telling the truth, that they just give up.

Nothing changes until we demand criminal investigations, all the way to the top.  Great Britain has, for hundreds of years, created a system that protected predators and it is a system that works in every country, including the USA and every other nation. Children have no value, no voice and no credibility.  There are fortunes to be made in child trafficking, child porn and worse.  Those with fortunes can easily buy influence in government and law enforcement.

Remember how, after decades of children being told they were lying, and that the Catholic Church (and other churches) threatening them and their families with the Fires of Hell if they talked, the depth and scope of Child Rape by priests finally has been exposed, and it leads all the way up to the very top of the church, with the previous Pope being complicit in moving priests around to hide them from investigations and allowing them to rape new communities of children, over and over again? 

Power and those who are powerful people, need to be investigated the same as any ‘typical’ child abuser would be investigated. Just because they bathe and shave and wear nice clothes, hold high office or even run charities does not mean they are above being investigated when reports of sexual crimes and worse, point to them.

Sandusky got away with his crimes for decades, despite multiple reports and attempted investigations which were thwarted by the Department of Justice, until somehow, we became aware and alarmed and then it was a big scandal.

Think about this: He could not have done it alone. Sandusky was part of a huge pedophile ring that reached into every corner of the system and especially into the permanent backbone of the Department of Justice. No one else has gone down for being involved. Don’t you wonder? Just a little bit?

The system is broken. Nowhere is it more broken than in Indian Country and nowhere is it more obvious to all of us than in Spirit Lake Nation.  Now that ICWA has been concocted and twisted to mean that no one can investigate any crimes against children, no one can investigate why no agency is investigating, and where every child is considered the property of the tribe, without any consideration for the protection of that child being primary, but rather that the tribe not be undermined or embarrassed by being exposed for allowing the pedophiles in their powerful and connected families to harvest those children at will, for whatever purposes they so please.

Thousands of birth certificates are missing. Children are missing. And only those who try to investigate are threatened, harassed, intimidated, attacked and smeared. Do you think that pedophile rings that go all the way into the deepest bowels of our government and law enforcement only happen in Great Britain?


In The Best Interest of the Children You Tube over 2 hrs. The first part contains a lot of screen titles that emphasize the pertinent points. It mentions “Illuminati” at one point in one of those screenies, so take that for what it’s worth but do listen to and watch the whole video. The second part is a man who was a police officer and who worked in CPS and knows how the system is broken.  A lot of good stuff in there.

Kids go from Bad to Worse  It’s a Facebook page that contains a lot of comments. Shows you how complex and tangled the system is and how it is hurting children instead of helping. Why? Because those who would help are run out, burnt out or harassed out.  

Star Tribune article which is what the FB page was discussing

Cyril Smith Scandal  Part of the scandal in England where a high ranking member of Parliament (now deceased. Of course they waited until he died before they investigated) was involved in decades of pedophile rings.  It shows how the system failed and could fail again if real changes are not made. You’ll recognize the same patterns as being practiced here, on this side of the pond. Just Google “Cyril Smith” and you’ll get tons of articles, many of which exactly mirror what goes on in our own government.

Tribal Corruption and Dictatorship an interesting blog covering a lot of aspects of Indian Country, Tribal Issues. Worth a read.

Native Women, Easy Prey For Traffickers  Another great Star Tribune Article.  Keep in mind that with the oil patch being the ‘economic boom’ that it is it is also destroying the environment, causing trains to blow up in every state that go through and, there is rampant rape and Human Trafficking, none of which the Federal or State Government has found important enough to get a grip on.  Not protecting our children, our women, our environment… that is the ultimate achievement of money and power.

Child Welfare Worker Pleads Not Guilty to Falsifying Records of Child Killed

11-Yr. Old Girl Blamed for her own rape  She was sexually abused before she was removed from her home and placed into a secure, loving, adoptive home. She was then gang raped when away from home, and the police blamed her for it. She was 11!  This is common. More common than you’d want to believe.

Part of the process in allowing pedophiles and child abusers to go uninvestigated is that the child sustains trauma and damage. That trauma and damage is then used to discredit them later when offenses are committed against them.

This is why so many turn to alcohol and to drugs and to destructive behaviors, and why so many become violent themselves. Do we want a society where we don’t protect children? Do we realize we are living in a society that is, at the very core of our government agencies, protecting the worst predators and threatening and harassing those who would speak out?

Until we become aware… until we become alarmed… until we become proactive and demand investigations, starting at the very top where we can see these abuses and torments played out in the most obvious ways… until those people are held criminally responsible, not just allowed to resign and continue on… until we move in that direction, know that this is getting worse.  Know that those who could of stopped it, prevented it refused to.

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