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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not respond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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May 25, 2015
The Art of Racism ---Printer Version (4)

Racism is a tool used by those who wish to oppress people for personal, political, financial gain.

To sell a racist theory, one has to diminish the target as both ‘different’ and ‘lesser’ than ‘us’.  It’s what has held us back as a nation from Contact, Slavery, to present day.  It’s what keeps us divided, unable to unite against the politically powerful oppressors who are only powerful, despite their lesser numbers, because they have convinced each of us that we are potentially victims of those who are ‘different’ and ‘lesser’ by virtue of their race.  Bigotry takes care of the continued ‘subdividing’ of our peoples by religion, credo, gender, sexual preference, biological differences, none of which would affect our lives, but which we feel we must deny them in their lives in order, somehow, to feel ‘safe’ from people who are ‘not like us’.

Truth is, most people are just like us, despite their different color of skin, different religions, gender, or whom they wish to marry.  Most of us want the same things. To love whom we love, marry whom we want to marry. We want to be treated fairly when we apply for schools or jobs and we want to be viewed as politically equal in our differences, and we all want to be treated equally in matters of law.

Sadly, we are not. We are a nation so out of balance, so unable to rectify that balance that those who wish to exploit our differences, drive theoretical extremes as if somehow ‘factual’ and present it as basis for enacting even more abusive, more divisive laws that weaken us as a whole, widening the gap of inequality, and creating more and more imbalance, which drives more insecurity, which drives more reactive ignorant beliefs and actions against one another.

The worst thing we can do is to assume that babies and children of those defined as ‘other’ and ‘different’ than us, are in fact lesser than us and that their needs and how they love, bond and develop is somehow ‘lesser’ than us by virtue of their race.

But that is exactly the seed that is planted in the overtly racist NICWA lobbying effort, which is featuring as its centerpiece, the Casey Family Programs racist theory that children of First Nations are ‘lesser’ in their needs for safety and security, and that they bond less with their nurturing parent/guardians than do children of the ‘Euro-American’ (think “WHITE”) model.

Page 6, last paragraph contains the most overtly racist, patently ignorant theory to justify keeping First Nations Children from being removed from abusive families:

“In addition, the literature suggests that the scientific validity of bonding and attachment as a component of the best interests test is weak, particularly as it is utilized in practice in the courtroom. Moreover, even if the test is viewed as having some probative value in the context of Caucasian children who are in family court, its application outside of the Euro-American culture from which it was derived has been seriously questioned as concepts of healthy emotional child development can vary significantly between cultures. For example, Native cultures tend to emphasize multiple caregivers, as opposed to the mother-infant dyad which is the focus of attachment theory.

For all of these reasons, the BIA’s proposed regulation in terms of bonding and attachment is defensible as a mechanism to promote compliance with the ICWA.

This paper was prepared by the Association on American Indian Affairs pursuant to a contract with Casey Family Programs.

Notice the vague sourcing of the ‘theory’ presented as fact: “the literature suggests” . It does not cite a valid scientific study.


Even animals that have been studied, BOND, with their parent/caregiver/guardian that they are most secure with.  That was proven over and over again in a study that was incredibly cruel that was repeated for over 25 years with monkeys.  The infant was removed from its mother and put in with a ‘wire frame’ mother and a ‘cloth’ covered wire frame mother.  The wire frame mother had the feeding bottle which the infant needed to survive. But the cloth mother had the impersonation of warmth that the baby needed to feel ‘secure’.  The baby would go to the wire mother only to eat. It clung to the cloth mother the rest of the time.

Further, they tortured these baby monkeys by removing them from cloth mother, or by changing cloth mother into other cloth mothers to the point that the infant could not ‘bond’ with any of them, and many were so depressed they just starved to death. “Failure to thrive”.

When it was placed in a group of other monkeys of the same age who had been raised by their parents or by foster monkey parents, it could not relate and was depressed, bullied or violent towards the other monkeys. The other monkeys, the ones allowed to be raised in a consistent nurturing environment, were all well-adjusted in their peer groups.

The conclusion was always the same: Infants needed the emotional and psychological comfort of consistency and normalcy. Without it, they could not adjust, not adapt and not ‘fit into’ a society of their peers.

The experiments were consistent and consistently yielded the same cruel results. They were, however, the way many Universities garnered grants for their departments so, until the cruelty and the consistency were pointed out, and until the public became outraged, the same experiments with the same dysfunctional results were repeated over and over again… for money.

It was inhumane. There was no way to justify it after the first results, and especially after the 500th results.

For Money

Casey Family Programs is using First Nations babies and children as part of their money making scam.  They don’t care about those children any more than the Universities cared about those monkeys and the emotional, psychological and physical torture they put those babies through.

Harvard University has thoroughly debunked Casey Family Programs and their failed theories.  Further reading can be found HERE:  “Family Preservation Falters in the Heartland” Dealing with Minnesota’s failed CFP experiment on Human Children.

Now comes ICWA, lobbied and pushed for by CFP to prevent anyone from any Federal, State or even Local Municipality from having any jurisdiction over any child they can later define as First Nations if not so defined immediately.

Like the Wire Mother/Cloth Mother experiment, CFP theories have been an ongoing, multi-year experiment in cruelty towards children, from which they have learned nothing except how to change the laws so that they can never be held accountable for the children that continue to live in abuse, forced to submit to rape and torture.

If CFP cared about children or was capable of learning from “mistakes of the past”, there would not be, in 2009, more than 200 children who died from torture and torment at the hands of their abusers in Florida.  Abusers who had had multiple reports filed against them for abuse and as a threat to the safety of the child, often in extreme cases.

CFP has even continued the practice of removing children from safe, nurturing foster homes and placing them directly in harm’s way, to ‘test’ their theory of Foster Parents being the problem, and abusive parents or guardians the answer.  They would have dropped that theory after the first child was raped and murdered decades earlier, but instead, since they must be right, they absolved themselves, were never held accountable despite being the middleman whose ‘theories’ must be adhered to for any agency to be ‘in compliance’ and receive Federal/State funding dollars.

CFP maintains that the Foster System must be ended. Period. Not the abuse of children must be ended. Not that children must be protected from abuse… but that the Foster Care system must be dismantled.

And they have been dismantling it, for decades. They have taken millions of tax dollars every year that should be going to the care and safe keeping of these children, and pocketing it themselves for their role in creating policies and procedures that must be adhered to. Policies and procedures that continue to keep children without rescue, without refuge, without so much as a wire mother for comfort.


Fingers Crossed Behind their Back

The reason they don’t count accurately, not even by a fraction, the number of children who are tortured to death while agencies follow their policies and procedures is because they wrote into those policies and procedures that if it is proven beyond all possible doubt that the child is being abused, then the abuser must sign a note promising to not do it again, and that file is immediately closed.

So, when the child shows up dead, they can say that the child was not under their purview, not in the system. The File Had Been Closed. Period.

Like when we were kids, and someone told us a lie with their fingers crossed behind their backs, it was supposed to mean that it wasn’t counted as a lie (despite being a lie) because their fingers were crossed.

For CFP to put forward that somehow First Nations Children do not bond with a nurturing parent in the same way that ‘Euro-American’ children do, therefore we need not worry about them being shuffled from abuser to abuser within the closed walls of Tribal Jurisdiction, sickens me to the core.

As if somehow, First Nations Children are even lesser beings than those poor monkeys that were ruthlessly experimented on for decades, psychologically tormented, for Government Grant Monies…

They are hoping to justify closing off any chance of any child abuse being investigated on or off the rez if they can say that child is First Nations. That laws in place to protect children do not apply to “THOSE” children. They are “different”. They are “other”. They are “lesser” in their emotions, psychological and physical needs than “Euro-American” children. The BIA, ACF, HHS, DHS, DoJ, FBI, and Senators like Heidi Heitkamp, are happy to go along with that.

I can’t. I. Just. Can’t.

You know where to find me.


Next Blog: George Sheldon, protector of abusers, the new head of Illinois DCFS. The same man on whose watch more than 200 children died in Florida in 2009, but he only counted 69 of them. (Signed notes, Crossed Fingers, out). They fail but they never miss a paycheck. He’s touting his Florida debacle as what he’s bringing to Illinois. God help the babies of Illinois.





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May 18, 2015
Babies & Snakes
---Printer Version (5)

Bear with me. I’m going to try and make this as simple as possible. So simple that even Social Services, even Marrianne McMullen who heads the ACF will be able to grasp the concept.

If you take babies out of safe homes and put them in snake pits, the babies will get hurt, and many will be killed. If you leave babies in snake pits, the babies will continue to be hurt and many will be killed.

When the snakes finally kill the babies, yes, we all blame the snakes because they did the killing, but shouldn’t we also blame those whose job it was to make those babies safe, but who placed them with the snakes instead?

So far, no one in any of the agencies that have ignored the dangers they place or leave children in, has ever been held accountable. At worst, they are allowed to ‘resign’ and move on to yet another high-paying government job, while we all shame the snakes that tortured & broke those babies, killed those babies, but those who really should be standing next to the shamed snakes, facing public pillorying, as the snakes are, never are.

Not ‘learning from mistakes’ is how we continue to make the same ‘mistakes’.  For instance: Children placed with snakes or forced to live with the snakes who were abusing them, raping them, etc, end up dying in horrific ways, and the public is shocked.

We assume that something will change. But nothing has changed for 40 years, except that more and more children are placed with snakes while those who place them there, those who harass people who dutifully report that there are dangers to that child, and evidence of that danger, continue to move up the political and social ladders as ‘leaders’.

If the system has not learned that, after over 200 children died from being left with snakes in one year, then that system needs to be investigated, top to bottom.  Those who continue to enforce the policy of forcing children out of safety and forcing them to live with snakes should be held criminally accountable.

But they aren’t. They never are. And no one will directly challenge them as to what they are doing and what their policies are.

Presently, these agencies have a policy that after several reports of abuse, even sexual abuse, drug abuse, violence, and even hospital and doctor’s reports, they have the snakes sign a ‘promise’ to not behave like a snake to that child again and they immediately close that file, shut that case so that when the child is murdered, they can say they had ‘investigated’ but ‘there was nothing they could do’, the snake ‘must have misled them’….

But most importantly, they don’t have to count that tiny broken, battered, bruised and dead body as ‘one who died while in government care’ because they refused to care for that child.

See? But remember: The Snakes are the only ones who get the blame. Only the snakes are guilty. If the photos of Agency Heads, including Ms. McMullen’s were featured right next to that dead child, and right next to the mug shot shaming of the snakes, maybe people would start to connect those dots?


Recently, a man testifying on behalf of Florida Government’s Emergency Planning Agency, in Congress, was made the laughing stock because he twisted himself into so many odd, comical shapes trying not to say the phrase: “Climate Change”.

The reason was because another man just lost his job because he had discussed Climate Change. First, he had to be suspended and then was sent for a psychiatric evaluation for having dared to use the forbidden words: “Climate Change”.

Also, in Florida, where the Miami Herald and a TV Reporter are pursuing who is responsible for the death of a 3-year old Ahziya Osceola (Miami Herald Report) led a reporter to question the Chief Of Police about the case and when asked who is to blame for failing the child, the nice Mr. Policeman pointed to the parents, to the grandparents and to everyone that lived in that house.  Yeah, the house was full of felons, violent felons, drug abusers and of course, the woman who murdered the child after 19 months of reports of him being abused. 

Mr. Policeman never said the words: “Broken Child Care System”.  Never mentioned that the policies and procedures that require severely abused children to not be removed from their abusers, was at fault.

He even tried to dilute the issue of known at-risk placements with the numbers of children that die every day…. From “other” causes: You know: Car accidents, guns, cancer, … and how that really shook him to his Mr. Policeman core… and when the reporter interrupted and said “…and from abuse…” Mr. Policeman nodded as if ‘yes, abuse is also a problem…’ So, children who die from sickness, car accidents, accidental poisonings, are what is driving the numbers up. That makes it sound like children being forced to live with snakes is not such a big deal and really, (shrug) what can we do?

He would not say that the reports should have been taken seriously, but he did get right into Police Propaganda Mode when he advised the public “ … If you see something, say something.”

Apparently, for 18 months, people who had been seeing something had been saying something, but, as the reporter notes in his last line, “It doesn’t do any good if the agency you’re reporting to does nothing”.

He also would not say that ICWA, which complicated all of this by adding the layer of Tribal Courts, despite the fact that this particular little Indian Boy was living off rez, in town. Tribal Courts can, especially now that the BIA re-wrote the laws (bypassing Congressional law making) that allows Tribal Courts to intervene in any child custody/protection case, regardless of where that child is living and regardless of whether they can prove or not prove, that child is an enrolled member of their tribe.

Politics, Profit, Policies, Procedures & Poppycock

Remember: The Tribes get money for every child they claim as theirs. They are never held accountable, not financially and not criminally, for any child that dies due to their neglect of that child.

Casey Family Programs and ChildNet should be held accountable for their part in all this.  They act as middlemen between the millions of dollars that go into every agency from the Federal and State Governments, and they set the policies with the stated goal of cutting the number of children in Foster care by 50% by 2020.

Think about that.  Instead of those funds going to improve Foster Care, adequately fund and train Foster Parents, meet the financial, medical, educational needs of the children in Foster Care, and instead of creating more safe, qualified homes for the ever increasing numbers of children in need of refuge and safe homes; they are determined to destroy the only part of the system that can care for children in these horrible situations.

None of those middlemen agencies, all of which have absolute say over whether or not a State Agency is in ‘compliance’ with their policies and procedures, is ever held accountable for the failures, or the deaths. In fact, they never keep records on how many children are murdered as the result of their policies and procedures.

Every year, they get more and more money. Every year they get more and more political clout, with their employees moving into key positions with the very government agencies (ACF, Children’s Bureau, BIA) that are supposed to also be protecting children.  ACF employees go to Casey Family or Child Net, and Casey Family employees go to the BIA, ACF, Children’s Bureau or DHS, or DCF…

They never have to answer for a single dead child, much less the hundreds that die in Florida and more in other States, every year.

Watching Mr. Policeman blame everyone except the agencies and the policies was a lot like watching the guy who could not say “climate” or ‘change” in the same sentence, despite the entire panel laughing out loud, to his face.

Mr. Chief of Police knows where his bread is buttered. He knows where there’s more bread and butter, and it certainly isn’t in speaking out against the obviously flawed practices instituted by politically powerful lobby groups, and the ignorant heads of agencies that go along to get along, while children are dangled over snake pits, for profit.

Yes, the outrage when a child is killed!

But where is the outrage over nothing being learned? Nothing being changed? And where is the outrage over the exact same ‘mistakes’ happening hundreds of times a year in just one State, and we know it is happening exactly the same way in at least 30 other States, including North Dakota, where Casey Family Programs has been tied into government, Tribal governments, for over a decade.  The rising body count would be a problem… if they kept track.

Remember: Harvard professors did a study of those flawed programs and concluded they were the cause of children dying while in the system, despite those letters signed by snakes which are supposed to absolve the system of any wrong-doing.  The study was on the Minnesota Model. The Minnesota Model is identical to the Florida Model, North Dakota Model… all the states where CFP and ChildNet have their greedy little hooks into the taxpayers wallets, but are never ‘on the hook’ for any damage they do.

It’s a scam. It’s been in place since Reagan Administration and it’s growing to every State and they are now also in Canada, wreaking havoc on an already damaged system that needed the funds they are taking away, to improve the Foster System and Safety Nets for children.

Until we hold those who make these horrible policy & procedures accountable, we will continue to lose good social workers who are unable to continue battling to have their reports taken seriously without ‘editing’ by politically appointed upper management to make it ‘comply’ with CFP or ChildNet  flawed theory.

Until we hold those in positions of authority accountable for misreporting the process that led to the children being forced to live with snakes (talking to you, Mr. Chief of Police in Hollywood, Florida), we can only guess that they are lying and guess why they are lying and misleading us when it is supposed to be imperative that we KNOW WHY these children are dying, not just that there is another dead child.

People are speaking out. People are ‘seeing something and saying something’, and they are being mercilessly hounded, harassed and marginalized. Mr. Chief of Police needs to lecture someone else, not the public, not the teachers, not the nurses, doctors and social workers, not the neighbors and not the relatives who did all they could, and he failed them and that boy died. Like hundreds before him, it didn’t have to happen.

Look around you. Today we are living with the rising crime rates, rising violence, rising addictions, alcoholism, suicides and rapes that can be directly tracked back to policies and practices that failed those perpetrators when they were just babies themselves, enduring unspeakable violence their whole lives.

You want better quality citizens? You want more productive citizens? Build them. Build them by protecting the children TODAY.

And when someone tells you “It’s complex”… tell them to make it real simple: Children must be protected, sheltered, cared for and cannot be allowed to be treated as poker chips for middlemen who gamble with their safety, well-being and future.

What’s happening on the rez, clearly is damaging to the children who have to grow up there. The same thing is happening in all our cities, across the country, and the same people are responsible for it all. Until they are dethroned, the system will not protect children, and saying something when you see something will just make your life a living hell.

And when that child you tried to save by saying something is horribly murdered, expect Mr. Chief of Policeman, or his equal, to stare dead into the camera and say: “It’s up to us to protect the children in our community. If you see something, say something.” He will blame you, along with the snakes, because you failed.  He will never admit he failed or how the system is designed to fail.  That’s not his job. His job is to protect the system that butters his bread.

So, Who’s protecting the Children? Apparently, just snakes. Some in the homes they are forced to live in, and the biggest ones, in the agencies that are supposed to protect them.

There is no legitimate study that proves CFP or ChildNet theories work. There are some very in-depth, prestigious studies that show it is designed to fail the children.

It’s time we demanded that the Snakes be removed from their positions of authority, if we want to protect the children from other snakes. Hold those who refuse to remove the children from snakes accountable. Hold those who refuse to remove Snakes from the agencies, accountable.

Find a way.

You know where to find me.




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May 11, 2015
Half The Story
---- Printer Version (5)

Seems that when I read stories about the suicides that are plaguing young people in Indian Country, and these Big City Newspapers send in their Cub Reporters, we get a very romanticized, stupidly inaccurate story about what is driving young people on the Rez, any rez, to end their lives.

For some reason, the story seems to stop short of getting to the Truth, opting instead for a shoulder shrugging mysterious, or at least unfathomable ‘cause’, when the Truth is staring at them from every broken screen door, every trash-strewn yard, every bruised & battered body, trying to make it through another day, only to have to endure a system that protects predators while declaring “Children Are Sacred”.

One of the more ridiculous stories I read first goes through the litany of what ails people in Indian Country: Poverty, poor education, violence, drug addiction, alcoholism, and extremely high unemployment… and then added that the suicides were spreading through Face Book and other Social Media, telling the kids to go hang themselves out at such and such place.  And when they got there, a bunch of ropes were already made into nooses, waiting for the kids. 

That’s dark enough, and creepy enough, but then they went to the Indian Version of the Slender Man Urban Legend, calling him the Skinny Man (Puh-Leez! Indians are more creative than that!) and more or less blaming the rash of suicides on kids morbidly enamored of death and following some bs Urban Legend… as IF  that were the cause of the suicides?

It’s not. But that is just the kind of romanticized, ignorant trail they think their readers want to hear. It confirms two major things for the general public: 1: Kids, especialy Indian Kids are very mysterious and 2: There’s nothing anyone can do about that. It’s a mystery!

I’m not sure if they write this stuff because they’re stupid, or because they think their readers really are stupid and will accept a conundrum rather than an in-depth researched article that delves into the dynamics of life in Indian Country, including the corruption and injustice that drives the abuse, alcoholism, addiction, violence and yes, the  murders and suicides. 

There is a third possibility: Their publishers want a story that does not direct attention towards the Injustice/Corruption Connection because that might raise public awareness to an alarming level, where people might want to do something about it, you know, demand investigations and demand Justice and demand that the children who are currently being abused, trafficked, be accounted for and rescued.

Child Trafficking is the most lucrative of all criminal enterprises on the planet. Human Trafficking is overall, more lucrative than drug trafficking and child trafficking is the most lucrative of that trade.

Indian Country is supposed to stay a mystery to you.  There are a lot of very important, very wealthy, very politically connected people that don’t want you looking into those dark places. They want it to remain a mystery to you. Remain as something you can do nothing about. They want you to quietly quit thinking about it, or if you do think about it, assume some urban legend is killing the kids, rather than the truth: Injustice that allows kids to have no rescue from their abusers, is killing those kids.

It bothers me when Big City Newspapers start off paying attention to Indian Country, doing a story on it, interviewing a few people… and then veers off into FAR LEFT FIELD, following some stupid concept that an Urban Legend is behind all the deaths, suicides… and the readers, who could have learned something, instead find themselves out in some field so far away from the Truth or anything close to it, they can’t even get cell service. 

I’ve seen it happen over and over again lately. A story starts off methodical and well, and then, suddenly, the writer/reporter takes readers out on some mad chase down some rabbit trail, that leaves them absolutely no smarter, maybe a little stupider, than they were when they began reading that story.

Yes, kids are killing themselves. I’ve heard of children as young as Three Years Old trying to kill themselves on the Rez. One child, who was six years old, tried to kill himself because his older sibling killed themselves and that left him alone with his abuser.  His older sibling was 9.

All this time, Casey Family Programs, running their theory that Children are more traumatized if you remove them from their abusers than if you left them with their abusers, have been making things worse, as worse as possible, for children on the Rez, and for that matter, children in communities all over the USA, because the agencies that are supposed to protect children are more and more run by appointees who are as stupid as a box of hammers, but who are politically connected. 

Those who make those political payoff appointments think that it doesn’t matter how incompetent the person taking the top job is because Casey Family Programs is in place to ‘direct them’ and make sure they are “in Compliance” with CFP practices and policies.  Being ‘In Compliance’ is how they qualify for funding.  CFP is paid as both a private entity and as a ‘charitable organization’ for this ‘direction’.  They also get hundreds of millions of our tax dollars as Federal and State grants (Grants are tax free).

“Compliance” means that the agency is in compliance with CFP Policies and Procedures, and those procedures and practices demand that children remain with their abusers, rapists, and other violent criminals, because CFP says so, period.


What Would You Do?

Tell me, what would you do if your life consisted of being raped from the time you were a baby, but despite the reports filed by teachers, social workers, even police, you were forced to stay with your abuser?

What would you do if you saw your siblings, older or younger, being beaten or raped and there was no rescue?

What would you do if you saw your mom or dad or both, be violent towards the other, or get beaten and broken, but the victim had no place to go?

What would you do if you lived in a home that was free of violence and abuse, but your closest friends were being abused, raped, beaten?

What if you saw Tribal judges repeatedly force victims to go back to live with their abusers?

What if your school had no heat? What if your home had no running water? Moldy walls? Garbage and filth piled up to the ceiling?

What if you knew that the person who was raping children, or was stealing thousands of dollars, or was dealing drugs, or was raping children and you reported it and you ended up having to apologize to the criminal because the corruption is that deep?

You grow up like that or around that and you have no faith in there ever being any Justice in your life, what do you do?

You may say: “I’d find a way to leave that place!”

Sure you would. But you are twelve years old, you have no one outside the rez that is going to help you, and in fact, you don’t even know anyone outside the rez and it is a 20 mile walk on bad road to leave the rez. And remember, you LOOK LIKE AN INDIAN.

Those who leave are easy prey for the traffickers. You look at them when you see them addicted, scabby, turning tricks in the alley and you say “They made bad choices in life,” and you find peace with yourself because you know you would never have made those choices, so you are safe. 

Congratulations, my friend, you just went down that rabbit trail chasing the Skinny Man Urban Legend.

The Cure

Senator Bernie Sanders said it best: “The antidote for poverty is not wealth, it’s Justice.”

Until there is Justice, these abuses will continue, and they will continue create lives with no hope and nothing left but ‘bad choices’.  Until predators are arrested and those who protect them held accountable for the destruction they have wrought upon the children, past and present, we will have an ever dimmer future, clouded over, more and more by things we fear but cannot understand: Addiction, Alcoholism, violence, abuse, incest, rape--- and the unseen part that drives it all: Corruption. 

Vicious Circle of Jerks Or: Circle of Vicious Jerks

Corruption is not just at the Tribal level. In fact, it would not exist at the Tribal level at all if it were not for those who profit from it, financially and politically, all the way up the line in every level of government.

That corruption is driving all of this. That corruption keeps Casey Family Programs and all those who follow the same bullshit failed philosophy of CFP, allows them to make hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of the most vulnerable children in the most off the map places and right around the corner from you and I. 

That money in turn allows them to lobby and steer political campaigns and government for more influence and more money.

That allows them to ‘recommend’ candidates for these politically appointed jobs all the way up to the Head of ACF at the Federal level, Marrianne McMullen, who is so tight with the CFP group that she works more to insure their immunity and continued influence than ever she did to protect a single child.

To that end, she has endlessly harassed, threatened and abused anyone in her agency that dares to do their job, to the point where she has actually, blatantly, interfered with investigations at the Federal Level.

CFP has so infested government agencies, that there is a stream of hirelings that move from ACF to CFP and from CFP to the BIA… which explains why when the BIA sent in a ‘Strike Team’ to take over Tribal Social Services, they set about doing two main things:

One was to remove children from Foster Homes that had protected and nurtured them, many from horrific abuse, both on and off the rez, and place those children with unfit parents, or even with unfit Foster Parents, or in more than one instance, selling children (40 at one fake ceremony), and while doing all that---

Two: Shredding all the documents and all the files they could get their hands on for 14 hours a day, 7 Days a week, for the entirety of their ‘stay’ on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation.

It wasn’t a ‘mistake’ or ‘an error in judgment’ it was a blatant, outright cover up.  And no one stopped them. Not the FBI, not the Attorney General of North Dakota, and not the US Attorney General of North Dakota.

In fact, the former Attorney General of North Dakota, Heidi Heitkamp, got herself elected as Senator from North Dakota shortly thereafter. She is very tight with the CFP group, and they all seem to be very mutually supportive of one another.

So, putting those children into dangerous homes, returning them to their rapists, abusers, and those who are the reason many of those children were put in the hospitals to begin with, and shredding all those files, paid off big, so far, for several people.

Now, What Would You Do?

Now, let’s say you are a teacher, police officer, social worker, doctor or nurse or even the Director of Division VIII of the ACF and you tried to report these abuses, and dangers, and the corruption because you wanted these children to be rescued and you wanted them to be safe at last, but you found yourself being threatened and harassed, intimidated, falsely accused instead, what would you do?

It’s not something you can just walk away from. Once you see these kids, know their stories, see their wounds, or had to walk into a grisly murder scene where their bodies were mutilated and battered beyond anything you think a Human could do to a child, what would you do?

You could not read a Big City Newspaper and for a single minute buy into the Urban Legend being the culprit causing the suicides of children in Indian Country.  You don’t have that option.

So, what would you do?

You know where to find me.





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May 4, 2015
Rube Goldberg Would Be Proud
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Make a simple thing so complex no one can follow all the twists and turns and it becomes an art form.  Rube Goldberg was a genius at this. He designed an alarm clock that had so many steps, twists and turns, some of which relied on the laws physics, i.e., a ball rolling down a ramp, hitting a lever, which strikes another widget which hits a row of dominoes, which startle a rooster, which makes the rooster crow, and the chicken lay an egg, which then rolls down a ramp… well, something like that.

You know, you can physically make a ball roll down a ramp, spiral, etc., and strike this or that, triggering this or that other, and then it partially relies on the fictional physics of a rooster crowing and the hen laying the egg…

The idea behind Goldberg’s designs was humor. He made things that should have been simple, so complex, so fraught with possible errors (what if the rooster didn’t crow right on time? What if hens don’t lay eggs the moment a rooster crows?) that a failure in the down the line process would bring failure to the stated intention of the design.

Hold that thought.

Your Call is Very Important to Us, Please Stay On The Line…

You know the voice on the other end of that is a robot, and that robots don’t give a crap about you or what issue you were phoning to complain about or report.  Further, you know that if your call was “Important” (and you, by extension, were also ‘important’ to whomever you were calling) they would have a Human Being answer that call, not a robot that gives you the runaround and bad “holding” music for hours on end, right?

Hold that thought.

A Woman Writes to Assistant Secretary of Child Welfare

regarding the death of a 3 year old little boy in Florida, one of hundreds of deaths of children over the past few years because of DCF following the exact same policies and protocols as set out in Casey Family Programs, policies and protocols that have led to the deaths of even hundreds and hundreds more children previously, deaths from which nothing was learned because there are no changes to the extremely dangerous practices that leave children in the care of their abusers, rapists and worse, who eventually murder them, all because Casey Family Programs will not deviate from it’s Mission to Keep Children With Their Families, even when those families are the most dangerous place on earth for those children. 

And now, with this particular death, caused by again, the same practices, and with the child being Native American, ICWA being used as the shield to both the tribal government to shrug off any responsibility for the child’s death and no requirement to answer any questions from any investigation into the death of that child; while also enabling the agencies that failed to follow through on multiple reports from multiple individuals about the abuses that child was suffering, the writer sent a very thorough and detailed email to the agency head that was supposed to be giving a crap about the children and she received the following answer (My notations will be in BOLD):

From: "Thomas, Janice" <>

Date: April 28, 2015 12:59:46 PM EDT


Cc: "Vallese, Kriss" <>

Subject: Ahziya Osceola Case



Dear (Name REDACTED),


Thank you for contacting us with your concerns regarding the tragic loss of Ahziya Osceola.  Please know that your concerns are very important to us and we take our role in child welfare very seriously.


Sounds robotic, doesn’t it?


As Secretary Carroll stated in his testimony to the Senate Children, Families and Elder Affairs, the circumstances surrounding this case were extremely complex. In an effort to more fully understand the events leading up to and surrounding Ahziya's death, the Secretary has deployed a Critical Incident Rapid Response Team (CIRRT) to conduct an in-depth investigation of what occurred so we can work to prevent future tragedies from occurring.


Rube Goldberg would be proud. A child dies as the result of being left in the home where he was repeatedly being abused. The simple answer would have been to remove that child and get him to safe keeping. But the policy is to leave children with their abusers. So they claim it is ‘complex’. Complexity is built into the system, by design, to make it fail, while absolving all in authority of any responsibility. A system so complex that the silly public could never ‘understand it’. So they talk down to you and treat you like a silly person for even asking.


Note also the CIRRT. Remember the “Strike Team” sent into Spirit Lake by the BIA? Their job was to shred documents for weeks on end to prevent any investigation. Could the CIRRT be any different?


How does it take a CIRRT to tell anyone that leaving an abused child in the home where he is being molested and beaten, a bad idea? Is it really that “complex”? Or is it just designed to be that way?


The CIRRT team is composed of experts who are examining all actions in the cases involving Ahziya.  When that investigation is complete, the report will be available on DCF’s website at under CIRRT data.


Yes, and what of the hundreds of children who are killed every year in Florida under the same flawed policies and practices? If they didn’t change in 2009 when over 200 children were murdered while in care, and they clearly have not changed in the 6 years since, resulting in hundreds more child deaths each year, what faith can we have that this “TEAM” will actually be anything more but another whitewash?


The death of a child is a loss we all feel deeply. Communities need advocates like you who are willing to stand up for the children who need us most. Thank you for your email and your advocacy on behalf of Florida's most vulnerable children.


The writer is willing to stand up for the children, but apparently those in authority are not.  




Janice Thomas

Assistant Secretary for Child Welfare




Here is where we see the biggest flaw in the system. The agencies all have to be in compliance with Casey Family Programs or whichever clones of CFP are operating as the middleman between government and the agencies charged with protecting the children in each state and county.  


CFP and the others have designed a trick to both keep children in their fatal situations and absolve all higher-ups in the agencies of any accountability.  They make the abuser or rapist, the addicted or the alcoholic, and it doesn’t matter if they are felons or not, sign a piece of paper where they ‘promise’ not to abuse, rape or do drugs or be drunk to/in the presence of that child any more.


I’m serious. That is what they do.


Soon as that paper is signed, the case is CLOSED. That’s right. They don’t even follow up. The case is closed. That absolves all the higher-ups of any responsibility because they can’t be responsible for a file that is closed. 



Get it? And when that child is murdered, because the case was closed (typically that day), the agency doesn’t have to count that murdered child as a child murdered while in care.  Neat, huh?


That was one of the ways George Sheldon, when he was head of DCF in Florida in 2009, he felt he only needed to count 69 dead children, instead of the more than 200 that occurred that year.  Keep in mind that the 69 dead count that year exceeded the sum total of the other 49 States combined.


Florida is one of the States where Casey Family has had the greatest foothold for the longest time.




CFP always declares their policies and procedures are a roaring success. They use numbers too. They use numbers that show more and more kids are being kept with their families.  They never count how many of those kids continue to be abused or who are murdered.


CFP in my book, has been a scam since Day One. It has siphoned off millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars, every year, that could better be spent actually providing care and services to children at risk.


Their practices are called “Differential Response” (DR) and “Alternative Response” (AR), in that they don’t do what one would logically think of doing, such as removing a battered child from abusive hands.


Others are starting to notice. Scathing reports are coming out that point out the fallacy of DR & AR practices (as if hundreds of dead babies in each State that practices compliance with CFP or their clones, is not enough).


Daniel Hempel wrote a thoroughly researched piece in June of 2014


“According to the report, children whose parents had benefitted from twice as much social work time, $400 stipends and a philosophy that stresses family strengths were more likely to be reported for child maltreatment and become victims of substantiated abuse or neglect.


This controverts 20 years of evaluations and assurances that children involved with differential response-type (DR) programs across the country were as safe or safer than children who received traditional child protective services.”

“….Propelled by popularity within the child welfare ranks, glowing evaluations and continuous promotion by some of the most powerful players in the field, DR took off. Since 1993, when differential response was first launched in Missouri and Florida, it has spread to as many as 30 states, sometimes in clusters of counties and, in others, state-wide.


“…..In a special issue dedicated entirely to DR that ran in an academic journal called Research on Social Work Practice, Hughes, Rycus and colleagues claimed that the evaluations consistently cited to sate nerves over child safety and tout DR’s overall effectiveness were at best inconclusive and at worst marketing tools used by “knowledge monopolies and research cartels” bent on proliferating the growth of an unproven practice.” “


I strongly urge you to read the entire article and all of the links therein to get a much clearer picture of what independent research into these practices and the agencies/organizations that are profiting from them, and the impact this has on the communities and the children who are failed, by design, and for profit.


Keep in mind: This research was out in 2014. And this month, with the death of yet another child from the same failed and frankly illogical policies of leaving children in the care of their abusers and then closing the files, with no follow ups and no accountability, leads Janice Thomas, Assistant Secretary for Child Welfare, to stupidly ponder the lint in her navel as she decides a ‘Critical Incidence Rapid Response Team’ should look into this.


The incident was ‘Critical’ when the abuse was reported, and each time it was reported.  There is something cruelly oxymoronic in calling this a ‘Rapid Response’ Team.  The kid is dead. A ‘Rapid Response’ was at least a year too late.


But hey, maybe I’m looking at this differently than is Janice Thomas. Maybe the ‘Critical Incident’ is not in fact the child in danger, but the embarrassment of the agency being caught once again, repeatedly closing the files on children who are left in the care of their abusers.  Maybe what the CIRRT will do is find a way to bury the accountability and make it so she and the rest of her CFP trained hacks can keep their taxpayer funded jobs and pensions while more children endure more abuse, rape and damage, possibly leading to their murder, while CFP, NICWA, the BIA, FBI, DoJ, HHS, DCP and all of the Alphabet Club attend conferences and hand themselves awards.


Another article of interest, even more scathing in it’s findings is an article written by Daniel Hempel the following November of 2014:


Titled: Harvard’s Elizabeth Bartholet Takes on Differential Response


The paper is selective, focused almost exclusively on DR’s shortcomings. It relies heavily on her earlier work criticizing what she calls “extreme” family preservation policies. And, in the absence of “radical social change,” it provides an unpopular solution to the existing child maltreatment threat: matching increased resources for families with an increased use of the coercive powers of the state to impose rehabilitative services, and when that fails, faster termination of parental rights.


In other words, removing the child to safe keeping instead of waiting for the child to continue in abusive care, or to be murdered.  I call it “Common Sense”.  How that is deemed “Unpopular” is simple: Those with a lot of political power are benefiting from the system failing the children while profiting the DR/AR Organizations, such as Casey Family Programs.


In other words: She puts the safety of the child first. She puts the authority behind requirements for parental rehabilitation as essential for the parent to keep their parental rights.  That requires enforcement and that requires money.  CFP and their clones have ‘saved States Millions of Dollars” by only requiring an abuser to sign oa promise written on a piece of paper, and then closing the file on that child.”


We have to choose between actually protecting children and in increasing the lucrative profits of DR/AR Middleman Organizations such as Casey Family Programs and ChildNet, and Bush Family, and the whole lot of them.


Personally, I think it will be both less costly in the immediate future to protect the children and in the long term when we have healthy, productive, well-adjusted adults as the result of intervention.


Meanwhile, Speaking of Abusers


The ACF continues to use abusive, bullying and intimidating tactics to try and discourage Thomas Sullivan from doing his job as he is the only one in that entire agency that is not under the spell of Casey Family Programs and their political clout. He is the only one daring to write Mandatory Reports. 


He has laid out the history of abuse in a 29 page document in what I see as a preliminary to a huge lawsuit that is going to rock the entire agency and several other agencies if he or his family follow through with it. You can read it all here.



After you read it, you’ll realize how upside-down is our government and Justice Departments that this could happen in the first place, much less be ongoing for this many years. 


The Stone will turn. When it does, what is revealed will be revealed to all, and all will be held accountable.


The Truth is known. It is becoming harder and harder for the corrupt to bury and the incompetent to pretend they are unaware.


Accountability will lead to Justice and Justice will lead to healing.


The victims will begin to heal and we as a nation, will begin to heal.


But we must pursue Accountability and Justice.


Feel Free to write to Janice Thomas, for starters. But also, get in touch with all political elected officials from your PTA to your President, State and Federal. Demand Accountability and demand Justice.  Notice that she doesn’t have a government email account? Yeah, privatizing is creeping in, siphoning off funds from children at risk.  Ask her what connections she has to Casey Family Programs, ChildNet, or any of the other DR/AR organizations. Ask why she doesn’t have a government email address to go along with her government title.


Feel free to drop me a copy of her responses to you. I’m sure they will be identical, but just for funzies, y’know?


Well, you know where to find me.





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