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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not respond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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June 29, 2015
Corruption Without Interruption
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While Heitkamp is busy vouching for the BIA’s putrid attempt to circumvent every family court in the land, making the BIA and their lackey’s on Tribal Court Benches literally, in charge of who can be adopted, or which children can be removed from any home, anywhere in the country, at anytime—even years after ‘final’ ensuring that no adoption is final, even years later, if a Tribal Court decides they want that child for themselves, with or without documentation or any kind of proof that the child has one drop of First Nations’ blood… while she’s busy conspiring to make that ludicrous and ridiculous rule a law that over rides every other court in the land, the corruption on the rez continues unabated.

Myra, Naked Lawn Ornament, fired one Tribal Councilor without petition or following any of the Tribe’s Constitution nor rules, and installed her friend’s brother, Aaron Green as Tribal Councilor, making that twice she has illegally appointed tribal councilors since she took over from the previous corrupt Tribal Chair, Leander Russell McDonald, who took over from yet another previous corrupt Tribal Chair, Roger Yankton, proving that the chain of corruption remains unbroken on the rez.

Rules and Laws, procedures and protocols mean nothing to the BIA, nor do they mean anything to NLO so who ya gonna call?

For those who do not know, Roger Yankton is related to NLO by virtue of him and his brothers all having a child with her, and since those children were conceived in her drunken stupor days, where she ended up passed out, naked on the Yankton Front Lawns, as school children walked or were bussed passed by, and being that she is the mother of two or more of their offspring, she has special relations with the Turdclan and their pals. Pun intended.

Russell McDonald is also a relative of the Turdclan. A full-blooded cousin.  As you can see, the reigns of power have never really left the Turdclan’s control.  The corruption has continued, uninterrupted for decades through this family ties method.

You might say that Myra, “NLO” acts as if she ‘owns’ the tribe.

Recently, Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Roberts-Greene was petitioned out and when it came to a vote, she managed to save her position, a non-voting position, within Tribal Council. 

People wanted me to help swing the vote one way or the other. I didn’t for two reasons: 1) I have no idea what she has or has not done that is so bad they want her out and 2) NLO would have just replaced her with another relative, say, her bastard son, Brian, whose father we think is QBall of the Turd family. No one is sure, not even Myra, for the reasons described above, and why she is called NLO.

When Brian, aka Zit Puppet, was Secty-Treasurer last time, he and Mommy raided millions from the Tribal Accounts and set themselves up real well.  And while they robbed the tribe of $9Million just in one of their many deals with Ronin, they cut the tribe’s ration of casino profits from what should be tens of thousands of dollars per enrolled member per year, down to a paltry hundred or less in some cases. 

The only ‘renovations’ or ‘improvements’ seem to go back into the casino and resort, as well as the homes of the well-connected.  Others still live with sagging roofs, black mold, busted pipes and no heat as well as commods (the food distribution) that most would not feed a stray dog. I know. When I was out there I tried to feed it to a stray dog and the dog would not touch it.

And now, she’s back and when she doesn’t think a petition vote will go her way, or that her pick will get in, she merely makes up new rules by ignoring actual rules, and fires the uncooperative and replaces them with a crony.  She covers her bases, regardless of how obvious it is.

And, in the same spirit, Kevin Washburn of the BIA along with his cronies at the top of ACF, all of whom are incestuously tangled (metaphorically speaking) (I hope) with Casey Family Programs, think they can just make up things as they go along, without care for the damage they do to the children in the process.  

They cover their bases no matter how obvious it looks. The smoke & mirrors they use this time is their new and “Improved” ICWA law, which is not really a law.

Although Heidi Heitkamp aids and abets their efforts to guise themselves as saviors of the very children whose lives are put ever more in danger by their ignoring protocol and the laws already in place and refusing to investigate or even to call for an investigation into a single case as reported on the 13 Mandated Reports delivered by Thomas Sullivan, Director of Division VIII before he was illegally prevented, by his supervisors at ACF, from doing his job, making reports, talking to investigators, etc.

You see, on the rez, if you want to keep corruption in place, you have to keep the corrupt in place, in an unbroken chain.  You also have to keep your bases covered, all the time. I imagine it is stressful, especially when the runners are closing in from more than one direction.

In Government it’s a little more complicated, but runs along the same principles.  You keep those who profit from the corruption, and the abuse, and the trafficking of children in key positions at all times. By keeping players who are closely connected to the corruption in key positions in as many agencies as they can, such as the ACF, BIA, HHS, etc., and that is precisely what they do by intermingling employees between ACF, the BIA etc, and Casey Family Programs.

No one really understands Tribal Governments from the outside so no one really looks too hard.  If they do, they run the risk of ‘offending’ some fake dignity of some corrupt Tribal Leader, when the truth is, no one in the community has any respect for them, because they know they are being screwed, but they have nowhere to turn with their complaints because the BIA, FBI, etc., are all infested with cronies of that same corrupt module.

No one really understands how all these government agencies interact with each other because they seldom teach any of that in school. Media more concerned about gaining ‘access’ to hot information than in doing any real investigative journalism, much less having to educate the public on the ins/outs/details of how these departments/agencies work. There isn’t enough column space and people don’t really read books anymore. (That’s why we have bloggers: to feed us the info, give us the documents, help us connect the dots).

“Bureaucracy” is a bad word. It sounds like tangles and knots; sticky spots and trap doors leading nowhere; a design to defeat the average person from gaining insight or advantage of those who travel those silk roads that intersect like a spider’s web.  It’s intentional. They don’t want you looking or knowing or understanding. Their power resides in our ignorance of how they work and with whom.

It scares the mind of the common person to where they just shrug and feel like there is no way to comprehend any of it and that they will just have egg on their face if they try.  It is designed to discourage scrutiny. By lack of scrutiny, the corruption thrives, and takes more ground.

But in truth, it is simple. There is a simple and very straight path through this entire web of tangles, knots and sticky spots: Justice. Justice makes all visible. It blows away the smoke and makes it clear. It shatters the mirrors and the deceptions no longer hold. Justice is the Key.

The laws are all supposed to be designed to protect the vulnerable.  You cannot protect the vulnerable, in this case, the children, if you refuse to investigate and prosecute the predators. 

By refusing to follow the laws regarding Mandated Reports, the ACF reveals itself to be corrupt. By refusing to investigate the 13 Mandated Reports and lying to media reporters not only saying he had investigated them all (provably a lie) and that they were found to be all lies, the USAG’s office proved that they too are corrupt. The FBI destroying evidence and colluding to lie about investigating also proves they are corrupted.

Designed to Fulfill Intention

The restructuring of the ICWA law is written in such a way that First Nations parents do not have say so over their own children. It is up to their Tribal Courts as to who has custody. Parents are just there to make more babies. The babies are then the Property of the Tribal Courts, and even Parents are powerless. Especially if they want to move their children away from the corruption, abuse and futility of their own reservations.

Imagine that if you lived in a town with a corrupt Mayor and corrupt police and corrupt courts and you wanted to give your child up for adoption, but the law was written that you had to relinquish your child to the mayor, that court or those cops would come and take them from you, regardless, and do what they wanted and you would have no say so.  That good family that you had done all the background checks on and whom you knew would give your child a real chance at life, doesn’t get to adopt your child because your Mayor wants that child to go to someone else. Someone who has a criminal and abusive history, which the Mayor and those courts have expunged from their records in order to make them ‘qualify’; does that sound like a law that is designed to protect children? Or one that is designed to market them?

Are First Nations Children less worthy of equal protection from predators? Or does this law get around that by making every child in the system, everywhere in the country, equally vulnerable to Tribal Court whims? That is how it is designed, so that must be the intention.  It’s not a typo, it’s the foundation of the entire thing.

But that is exactly what the new ICWA is designed to do. Children are considered property of their tribes – even if they have never been enrolled. Even if neither of their parents is enrolled… for those children caught in that web, there will be no escape and it will be illegal for any agency to investigate their well-being or safety or to report on the abuses, rapes and trafficking.

You might say the ACF acts as if it owns the FBI, USAG, BIA or they just get them to do their bidding. Or is it the Tribal Chair that gets the ACF, FBI, USAG, BIA, State AG, to do her bidding? Who owns who in this Zoo? What if someone we have yet to uncover actually owns all of them and is pulling all their strings?  The more they try to bury it in bureaucracy, the more it shows  us where to go and that there’s more to know.

Corruption Interruption

You see? We are seeing a chain of corruption in this web of bureaucracy that leads us to the next step, and the next… important people are involved. Connections unseen before can be scrutinized.  They must be scrutinized. If they were not all connected to the same thing, they would not all be lying to protect each other and to protect the predators.

In fact, if they were not all connected to the corruption, one or all of those agencies would have demanded that there be an investigation into the 13 Mandated Reports, and into the reports of child rape on that reservation.

Odd, isn’t it? That with more than 30 child sexual assaults being reported every month on SLN Reservation, and yet, the USAG refused, during the years he was posted in ND, to investigate a single case, until he decided that he would investigate ONE  and that is only because the perpetrator did not live on the rez nor was he related to any of the key players on the rez.  One, out of over 1000. And only on that rez. Nowhere else was his record that bad. Just that one place. Think about it.


The reason they can’t or should I say “don’t dare” investigate any of the child rapes on the rez is because it has been going on for so long that all the child rapists, the sex offenders are connected in a web of money and corruption on that rez.  You can’t investigate one without them leading you to another, and another, on up until you get to the top of that heap, and see who they are connected to, people in positions from the sheriff’s department, people who are in the State Agencies that are also compromised, via their political connections and money… the chain of corruption goes higher and farther and wider.

Worth noting that when Steven Bruce Cartier was busted with over a MILLION kiddie porn images, over 300 videos (many of children on the rez) and other contraband, it was at the time the biggest kiddie porn bust on the planet.  Yet, the USAG who prosecuted it, who has friends who own or manage the local banks where the Tribe banks, and whose family is prominently connected to other prominent families in the region, did not investigate a single case connected to him. Not one.  He was part of a network and she turned it into a prosecutorial dead end, took a bow and smiled for the cameras.

Think of how many they could have brought down, especially on that rez where he was working with several of the registered sex-offenders of the time. But they took him and closed the files. They didn’t even connect to those who were depicted on those videos, some of them as young as 3 years old, and who were being raped by multiple perpetrators, they just closed the case. Ever wonder why? I do. He was part of a local, regional and global ring, and they stopped at him and only him. Really.

This is where, if you ask too many questions, they play dumb and act as if ‘Gubmint too complex and those who work in it too stupid’ and we are supposed to look away, shrug off our exasperation, and give up.  Bet you had forgotten about Cartier, didn’t you. We didn’t.

Seeing Clearly

It may sound daunting and even impossible, but all you have to do is look at two things: Who is not investigating the crimes against children and who is harassing those who are.  You will find they are the same people.

What does that tell you?

It tells you the truth by uncovering their lies. What they do is what they are. What they say is what they want you to think they are.

And since that chain of corruption goes further, farther, wider than just that one rez, the corrupt are in a state of panic right now. They have to find a way to cover their tracks, their connections to each other so that no one can make those connections if anyone would ever look in the near future or ever.

That explains why the BIA sent in a “Strike Team” ostensibly to ‘investigate’ the child abuse and corruption at the SLN Tribal Social Services, which, because of the Mandated Reports and the children being brutally murdered, and local media drawing both heat and light to that otherwise dark spot on the map, instead of investigating any of the child abuses, or any of the corruption, the Strike Team began snatching children away from safe and secure homes, even the safe and secure Foster Homes on the rez, and putting them with abusers and criminals who could be trusted to not make waves because, well, they were actively engaging in criminal enterprises and child sexual abuse themselves. 

The Strike Team also engaged in a 14 hrs. a day non-stop shredding of files for every child in care, 7 days a week, until every file was shredded. That was Kevin Washburn’s big plan. Destroy the evidence, media loses interest, no one asks why none of the 13 Mandated Reports are being investigated, until more children listed on those reports show up brutally murdered, and again, it is only local media that looks into it, and then only for a little while as there are of course, other issues and the media has a broader spectrum to cover than just the rampant child abuse on one rez.

Greater media, with the exception of a few very well-written articles in the Grand Forks Herald and the New York Times, people in general have no idea how serious this is, how wide-spread it is, and how it absolutely affects many aspects of our lives, so, unless you want to be considered a “fanatic” (I don’t mind the label) is unable to draw the connecting lines to educate a general public that has been failed, for generations, by flawed history taught by robotic rote minded class rooms.

But you are starting to see through the web’s smoke and mirrors. You must be speaking out, writing, and applying enough pressure that the spiderlings on that web are panicking, and that is why they have, collectively, the ACF, Casey Family Programs, the BIA and of course the good Senator Heitkamp from ND, conspired to circumvent existing laws, protocols, practices and of course the boring ritual of actually writing and passing a law through congress, that would meet their needs in such a way that no one ever would ever be able to investigate another case of child abuse they don’t want investigated by any agency other than those firmly in their web of corruption: Tribal Courts and their minions.

Panic is why they all came together to write changes to the laws that would make Tribal Courts and their rulings supersede any investigation, court ruling in any case that involves any child anywhere in the US.

Think about that. Look at the problem they are supposed to be addressing: Child abuse. More correctly, child rape on the rez, just that one rez, but instead, because they know that any real investigation into THAT rez will lead to not only the corruption and child abuse, child rapes and child trafficking on other reservations, but a far greater and wider network of corruption, involving people much higher and in many more places, high places.

So they wrote an all-encompassing “Get Away Free” Card law, that is designed to stop any investigation anywhere at anytime for any reason, regardless of jurisdiction.

The law in no way makes or even pretends to make any crime against any child on any reservation, something that needs to be investigated. Instead, it is designed to throw dust and salt in the eyes of anyone that dares to look, and to thwart anyone that would dare to speak out.

That includes Foster Parents, on or off any rez. That includes adoptive parents, on or off any rez, if they speak out or if the child discloses abuses that if investigated could begin that domino effect they are so panicked about at the present time.

And because it was written to cover every crime of theirs, and contains no protection for any child, only protections for the Tribes and tribal courts which would presumably rule any way their handlers need in order to prevent a domino from ‘falling’, it is easily seen through and torn apart by those in Child Protection Agencies at all levels, who actually take seriously, their jobs of protecting children.

It was so poorly written that it is easily visible what the intent was, and what it was not. It shows.  And it bears the seal of approval by Kevin Washburn and his superiors at the Administrative level. It bears the Kiss of Heidi Heitkamp and of course of their mutual friends at both the ACF and Casey Family Programs.

They know it is flawed. They are hoping that they can use it to slow down any potential investigations into their network of connections and corruption for a few years. They know that all they can do with this is buy themselves some time to restructure and revamp their network and protect themselves and others from scrutiny.

Now, you may want to ask yourself why it is that all those Muckety Mucks so high up on that Food Chain Ladder are twisting themselves into such bent shapes to protect what should be, if public perception held, just a ‘few bad apples’ who rape, abuse, traffic children and who steal the funds intended for their care, upkeep and future.

The answer is simple: They wouldn’t, unless they had to. Now, why is that?

I suspect that all those smoke and mirrors are blowing away and shattering, revealing an ever more direct line to the core of this evil and the network that surrounds and supports it.

It’s because of you, those of you who keep asking questions, keep demanding answers.  And it is because of people like Thomas Sullivan who keep demanding Justice.

Simple Justice would solve the corruption problems on Spirit Lake. Simple Justice would solve the child abuse, child rapes and child trafficking epidemic on Spirit Lake Rez. It would also save millions of dollars a month in our tax dollars that are currently going into the same holes of corruption. 

It is Senator Heitkamp who is also asking not for Justice, but for more money to be squandered into those same, unaccountable, uninvestigated, failed holes of corruption. 

I would have thought that with her background of years as the State AG for ND, her first instinct would be to call for Justice, but she hasn’t and she won’t because that would mean “Investigations” and those can lead so many places….

So many places she doesn’t want you to look. So many places the BIA, the ACF, the FBI and the USAG doesn’t want you to look--- because they know what you will find.

Heitkamp and McMullen may never have had the reputation of being sprawled naked on the front lawns of criminals, but believe me, they are just as tied in and ways far worse.  And just like NLO, their behaviors are starting to show who and what they really are.

Washburn and his cronies think they have all this handled. Then again, they thought that shredding all those files would be the end of it.

As long as I’m here there is no end to this, until there is Justice.

As long as you keep pushing, there is no end to this until there is Justice.

If Justice can bring all that to one reservation, think what it can do to dismantle that web all across the land. You know it goes all across the land because they wrote those laws to cover every court, every investigative agency, all across the land. They revealed it’s scope when they did that.

Now, imagine the billions of tax dollars that will be saved all across the land when the corrupt, the predators, and their protectors are all brought in. 

It will take years, but it can be done. Dominoes my friends, they always fall. None of these players is strong enough that the others trust them. They share a common bond of fear because they all know what they are.

And by their acts and deeds and by the sloppy new ‘laws’ they try to inflict upon the system, we begin to see them just as clearly.  We know they are lying and now we know why, more and more.

What they hoped to conceal, they have revealed.

Still think that what is happening on that tiny rez doesn’t have anything to do with something bigger? Much Bigger?

You know where to find me.




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June 22, 2015
               --- Printer Version (9)

You know the rule: “If it Bleeds, it leads.”

Don’t have much info on this one, but a few days ago, BIA Cop Terry Morgan shot and killed Joe Charbonneau at Mudget’s house.

Here’s what I know: Joe was 31 years old. He had recently gotten out of prison and was “not going to go back”.  Mudget’s house is a known drug hangout. Supposedly they were cooking meth there, but I think they were cooking it somewhere else and using/selling it there because the house had no electricity, no fuel, not even a woodstove so not sure how they managed the ‘cooking’.  Not saying it was impossible, but chances are it’s irrelevant to the tale being told.

Joe allegedly had a shotgun and other weapons and a lot of ammo.  All sounds pretty straight-forward, right?

But here’s where it goes sideways: Terry Morgan shot him but no details are disclosed. NLO says she can’t get any information out of him and he’s her son! And no other details, or even WHY Terry was at the location are being shared with the community.

That only happens when someone needs to cover up something and needs time to fabricate their side of the event. Joe being dead means Terry is having trouble explaining what happened and how it happened.

The scanner chatter was limited to Terry asking if the Lieutenant would be dispatched to the scene. Now, who is “the Lieutenant”? If it’s Ray Cavenaugh, he’s the expert on killing people, beating them up for no reason and getting away with it. (He also likes to rape, but then again, most of the BIA cops do that as a job perk anyway.) 

Other problem is that there was another cop there, and a civilian witness. I guess it takes time to beat, threaten and torture that witness into reading the script.

What seems to be the problem? One story I was told was that Joe had put down his weapon and was surrendering when Terry blew his head off, from behind.

So, that would explain the ‘delay’ in saying anything to the community as to what happened and why. 

This is all just conjecture at this point.  That’s what happens when you shoot a guy dead and then don’t explain a word of it to the community for days on end. “Nature abhors a void”.  So, while Terry and the “Lieutenant” whomever that is, concoct what they think will justify this shooting, people are left with only rumors and guesses on which to build answers for questions that are not being answered.

I have no idea what the hold up is on this. I really don’t. If it was a good shoot, it would have been done and told right away. Drug house, ex-con, weapons… it would be a simple story to tell.  Simple that is, unless the body tells a different story.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens and how many versions of the story Terry tells.

He really should get FBI Agent Trout involved. He’s really good and covering up crimes committed by the Turd Clan. He’ll move, hide, destroy evidence, and even threaten witnesses and find a fall guy.

There, Terry, solved your problem for you.  You just have to know who to call.

Other Subject

I guess Heidi Heitkamp has her ears burning from the “letter to the Editor which I posted here last week and which also was carried by the Grand Forks Herald yesterday.

Heidi’s only position is narrowing down to either A:) Too Stupid to know what is going on, or B:) Maybe just a little too tight with the people causing and profiting from the suffering of children to care.  

She’s been aware of the problem for years because people have directly told her, yet feigns shock & surprise with a dash of “horrified” to learn of the abuses happening to the children on the rez.  Odd because as the State AG she was also aware of these issues, as they had to have crossed her desk then, unless she wants to pretend that she was so naïve all those years that she never guessed the basics of crime on the rez, despite the reports she received… maybe she just never wanted the crimes investigated?

I’m guessing it’s the latter. She took $4 MILLION in our tax dollars to ‘study’ the problem and her solution is to throw more money into the same corrupt system, agencies as have had the whistle blown on them since 2010--- she never once mentions ‘investigating’ the crimes against any of these children and she never even suggests investigating a single one of the Mandated Reports of crimes against these children. Just ‘more money’ and that also means more money to Casey Family Programs (now in all 50 States) whose entire program has been debunked as a scam by the Harvard Study, and a few other studies for over two years now.

But Heidi & Casey Family are very good friends, very tight and that money has to keep flowing into the pockets of those who keep hurting the children and placing them in danger so she and her politically powerful friends in CFP and other “Child” oriented organizations can keep getting not only our Tax dollars tax free, but all their income tax free.

And, as a bonus, they get to make the rules, that keep that money coming in and keep putting children in more danger.  Behold the new ICWA laws that CFP wrote up for the moron Kevin Washburn who apparently doesn’t know that laws are made by Congress, not by the different agencies; also doesn’t know that writing a law that made his agency and Tribal Courts supersede every family court in the nation was probably an ‘overreach’ of such magnitude it would reveal is ignorance and arrogance at once. 

He also doesn’t know the laws protecting children (why should he bother? He specializes in shredding documents of child abuse, not in reading them), or even why they were written or how they work….

These are the people that Heidi Heitkamp has aligned herself with.  They are stupid but they are powerful. They are connected to people even more powerful, politically and socially and every which way but loose.

Heitkamp is taking millions of our tax dollars to study the problem.

I’ll save the Nation a few million dollars on the next ‘study’:  What ails Indian Country and what is at the core of poverty, abuse, addiction and violence  is the lack of Equal Justice in Indian Country.

Bring in real Justice, real investigations into crimes of child abuse, corruption and trafficking and Indian Country will heal, become stronger and … that’s exactly what our government does not want. 

Does not want because strong, healing Indian Nations can then throw a big fat wrench into the status quo such as the deal snuck into the Must Pass NDAA Bill by Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona.  That amendment to the National Defense Bill Funding that they inserted had nothing to do with national defense, but which gave sacred Indian Lands in Arizona to a foreign mining company.

That’s right: Indians lose their sacred site, Taxpayers get nothing because the foreign owned company won’t pay taxes here, and McCain and Flake get a powerful, wealthy donor to their campaigns; money that cannot be traced or tracked because of Citizens United Ruling by the Supreme Court that sees no problem with foreign money funneling into our national and State elections (or our local municipal elections for that matter) and we are not entitled to know who those donors to those campaigns are.

Big money is not the problem in politics. It’s being able to conceal those donors behind a curtain so no one knows who is paying whom and how much, so we don’t know to whom the politicians are beholdin’.  My guess is that the two Arizona Senators felt they owed something to that foreign mining company and this was the payoff.

This sort of thing, giving lands away, selling resources to companies to that pollute and pay nothing, and those who get sick will contribute nothing to the economy and be shamed as a drag on the economy if they require medical or living care that they cannot provide for themselves.

That’s the small stuff. The bigger stuff is the human trafficking.  Police could stop it if they had the will and the back up from State and Federal Agencies. They don’t.

And the one place where child abuse, child trafficking, child porn is the thickest is in Indian Country. That is billions in underground economy, and it makes a lot of people very wealthy.  Those people pull the strings and they control the Justice system from the BIA (run by Kevin Washburn the moron) cops all the way up to the USAG in each state and doubtless, all the way into DC. 

Tim Purdon actively harassed whistle blowers who reported directly to him, child abuse in Indian Country. He lied to the media saying he investigated the Mandated Reports and they were all lies. He investigated none of it.

Eric Holder knew about it because he had a 45 min conversation with Betty Jo Krenz, and he did nothing about it except to praise Tim Purdon for great work in Indian Country.   “Great Work” ignoring 13 Mandated Reports and up to 600 reports of child rape in Spirit Lake Nation during his tenure. He did file charges on one case, but that one case didn’t involve anyone connected to the politically powerful in SLN, so it was ‘safe’ for him.

So, the abuse thrives, protected all the way to the very top. The children who report are put in more danger (to teach them to keep their mouths shut). Those who try to get children to safety are threatened and harassed, and their reputations smeared.

Look at the harassment and lies being inflicted upon Thomas Sullivan for the past four years!  That all comes from the very top Federal Administrator, a political appointee with no qualifications in child development, who herself claims only that she was once a Foster Mom.  Given the glee she takes in harassing and tormenting Mr. Sullivan, she must have been one hella Foster Mom.  I wonder how many welts that child has to remember her by?

None of these people in high places gives a crap about child safety. Those who do are run off, or smeared or made to suffer and not allowed to do their jobs.  Behind all this is CFP making rules and policies that continue to place or keep children in danger, and their dead bodies are never officially counted and CFP doesn’t keep statistics on their failures, especially those who are tortured or died as the result, so there is no ‘learning curve’ to rely on.

It’s all about funneling money into the hands of politically powerful people. As a bonus, being able to actively conceal crimes of the most heinous nature in Indian Country. To do that, you have to keep the people broken.

Injustice keeps them broken. Injustice keeps them discredited and unable to stand up for themselves or their tribes and prevent billion dollar land deals that sell off their sacred sites.

Keeping them broken to where they are in a constant cycle of addiction, violence and ignorance as well as complete mistrust of the political or legal system, is how this keeps on keeping on.

Break that cycle, bring in REAL JUSTICE, and the core of the problems becomes clear and it is weakened and the people can gain their strength.

Justice is simple. The laws already exist. All we need is the Justice Department to bring it in and deliver it, over and over again for the next 20 years.

That will break the generational legacy of violence, abuse, addiction, hopelessness.  It will create a trust in the system replacing the mistrust that has been taught up until now by all the failures, all the corruption that has beaten them down for so many generations, and which has cost us billions we will never see again, and many more billions we never hear about because it all goes through those dark corridors of trafficking and abuse, and into the pockets of those who play power games while we watch the circuses they put on, never knowing that if we just pull back that curtain, their games come to an end.

When their games come to an end, we all win.

The only way their games can come to an end is if we take them down where they practice their darkest work at the expense of our most vulnerable children: In Indian Country. 

Bring Justice To Indian Country. Demand and keep demanding that those 13 Mandated Reports get investigated and demand an investigation into every agency head that participated in the harassment and threats, the smears and the assaults upon the whistleblowers. 

Once we investigate those who protect the corrupt and harass those who report it, the children will begin to get Justice and can grow up in a safer world.

How We Are Divided

Or, sit back, do nothing, and demand nothing of media or journalists as far as their part in either digging this up and showing us the underside of those rocks they can turn over, or just the bullshit arguments that Obamacare is killing people. (It’s not. It’s a law that makes insurance affordable for those who need it.  ND doesn’t have it so the Insurance companies can screw you over all they want. But keeping you distracted with false targets, getting you mad for the wrong reasons, does disable you from being able to critically think about what is going on, how it happened, and what needs to be done to remedy it.

The divisive crap keeps us from uniting to protect what is important to us: Justice, our children, our future, our sense of security in this world. 

I’ll also tell you now that Social Security is an earned benefit, not a cost to the government. You pay into it and your employer pays into it. The government never pays into it. Cutting social security and pretending it’s going ‘bankrupt’ is a ploy to take more than one Trillion Dollars in reserve for Social Security and give it to ‘privatized’ handlers--- they will run up the costs, give themselves bonuses, pay off their political lackeys, and we’ll never know how much less we are getting every month.

But you listen to ignorant media talking about How Much Social Security ‘Costs’ us, and you are being misled. In fact, the SS fund has been so huge that presidents from Nixon on up have “borrowed” from it to balance budgets while cutting taxes to the billionaires, and cutting services to the general public. Look at our collapsing roads and bridges!  Many of them more than 30 years behind replacement/repair schedules.

But we are misled into debating and fighting with each other over “Entitlements” without critically thinking about what is being done behind the scenes and what it really means. We are misled about the ACA law which made insurance affordable, and now politicians literally get elected on the promise to take that away from people.

We are a very stupid country. We act as if the elderly should starve because they are no longer ‘productive’, and as if demanding a livable wage is somehow ‘hurting business’.  Do you know what a livable wage does? It improves the economy and it cuts social assistance down dramatically. Corporations that make billions but which put people on welfare for food and housing are not ‘saving you money’, they are costing you money--- your tax dollars.

All anyone wants in this world is a fair chance at a life. They can’t get that if the Justice system is corrupted by the wealthy and powerful.  We can’t make this a more level playing field unless we make it level for everyone. The place to start is Indian Country.

Oh, and read up and study the issues. Know when you are being played and your rage misdirected. Someone is benefiting from you not keeping your eye on the ball. Someone is benefiting by us not being able to unite for our common good.

We demand Justice in Indian Country, Equal Justice not some complex, nonsensical special rules that protect politicians and predators but which leave Indian Children without any safe refuge, no place to turn, and which make it illegal for anyone to investigate the crimes committed against them.

Indian Country is where they practice this the most. It’s where they get away with their biggest crimes, out of sight and out of mind because no one really goes into Indian Country and no one really cares about what happens in Indian Country because no one really knows.  We have politicians like Heitkamp telling us it’s a mystery and she’s ‘studying it’ like a bug, for $4 Million and of course, her conclusion is millions more… change nothing, just throw in more money… our money, into that snake pit, to fatten up the snakes, before anyone catches on… which we won’t catch on because we chase political issues that should never be political issues.


Climate change is a fact of science, but it was made into a “Political Issue”.

Women sometimes need abortions and they should have access to them, but that has become a political issue instead of a hard decision by a woman and her doctor. Women are dying again from the results of not having safe access to abortions.

Bridges are crumbling because politicians would rather see people die than to see people employed and the economy humming with good paying jobs. So unions have become the political football because they make wages fair and we can’t have that. We should just trust employers to pay us what they think we are worth… and we can qualify for social assistance if the pay is too low and working 60 hours a week at 3 different jobs isn’t enough to keep a roof over our heads and our children fed and clothed.

Social Assistance keeps people from being on the street, vulnerable to crime and sickness.  But those who seek social assistance are politicized as ‘takers’ in this world and our political enemies.

We are told that the oil pipeline will create thousands of jobs. If you are against the pipeline, you are ruining the economy. The pipeline will only create 35 permanent jobs. All the oil goes to China. We don’t have the capacity to refine crude that sour into gasoline. All the profit goes to the Canadian Oil Barons. All the risk stays in the States where those lines rupture about 3x a month (but those are not reported in media because Oil Companies are “Job Creators”. The rest of us are just ‘Takers’)

Trains blow up pretty regularly, and the oil companies don’t pay for that either. Neither does the railroad. Guess who foots those bills? Guess who loses their homes and their fishing and drinking waters?

But we are supposed to keep fighting each other, going at each other’s throats.

Here’s the solution: If you don’t want affordable insurance, don’t use the exchanges. Pay a high price and hope they don’t deny you coverage. That’ll show Obama!

If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one. But don’t stand between a woman and her doctor when she needs one. It’s not your business.

You don’t like unions? Don’t work where unions build wages and safety standards at work.

You think Human Caused Climate Change is a political issue and not a scientific fact, grow up and get an education.


You think Social Assistance is bad? Starve if you suddenly lose everything because you can’t afford your medical bills because you didn’t get your insurance through the exchanges and you work at a job that underpays you and gives you no benefits.

If you think common sense gun laws are taking away your freedoms, then maybe you are one of the crazy, unbalanced, violent people who should not have a gun because you go out and mass kill people.

Yes, those are all the hot topics. Those are all the things that divide us. You can foam at the mouth on all of those all you want or you can push it aside and realize that of all those things, the thing that affects your life the most is Justice.

If you can’t get fair and equal justice, you are not safe anywhere from anyone. You can be robbed, you can be raped, you can be abducted and trafficked for sex and you have nowhere to turn.  Nothing else matters because you are not safe from violence or corruption.

So, push it all aside and look at the ONE thing that really counts, that really affects YOUR life, and that’s Justice. Not inflicting your religion or personal beliefs on others, but in Justice that makes it so people have to respect your right to live free of violence and abuse.

If you don’t stand up for Justice for those kids in Spirit Lake you don’t stand up for Justice anywhere. If it’s not there, it’s not equal anywhere.

No one is safe if the laws don’t apply to certain ‘special’ types who have ‘special connections’ politically and socially.

We may never know why Terry Morgan shot Joe Charbonneau dead. We may never get the truth on that. It happened in Indian Country and that’s the one place where Justice never looks. Especially when the killer is someone related to a very powerful family and whose relative, his mother, is again the Chairman of that tribe.

Maybe it was a good shoot, as they say, and maybe, just maybe, it was murder because Terry was in a mood. It’s happened before, in that family.

Maybe Terry was in charge of Tribal Justice that day and that’s what he felt like. We’ll never know the truth because of all the layers of secrecy and protection put in place by politicians like Heitkamp and Governor Dalrymple, and political appointees like Tim Purdon (now in private practice) and Marrianne McMullen.  The list is long and it goes both high and low, far and wide.

This is where our devils live and thrive.  Only Equal Justice will change that. Only Justice will let the people rise up from the ruins. THAT should be our job as Human Beings.

We see it is where their darkest work is done because of whom their victims are. We know they create victims throughout the system, but we see them most at home in Indian Country, inflicting as much injustice as possible on the most vulnerable: The children.

That is where they feel the safest in doing evil and that is where we must take them down.  Because it is also where they are the most revealed, and that makes them the weakest right there. All we have to do is look, see and demand.

Every connection in that web of corruption runs through Indian Country.  Bring Justice to Indian Country, starting with Spirit Lake, and those connections rattle apart. They open up and they reveal every other connection.

They are revealed first by their lies and second by those they protect and most of all, by those whom they befriend. Indian Country is where the dominoes begin to fall and keep on falling through all 50 states, unraveling corruption scams that have been in place, tied to powerful people, for a very long time.

When we realize we don’t need to fight each other, that we are not the enemy, we can focus on the real evil, and drive it out.

Shouldn’t children be safe? Shouldn’t we know if it was a self defense shooting or a cold blooded murder? Shouldn’t we know where billions of our dollars are going?

But it can’t happen without Justice. Putting more money into the corruption is, as the Letter to the Editor described it—insanity.

Let’s get sane.

You know where to find me.






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June 15, 2015
View From Inside The Sausage Factory
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This “Letter to the Editor” sums it up pretty concisely.

Addressing the Need for Victim Services in Indian Country.

To the editor,


On June 10, 2015, the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs held an oversight hearing "Addressing the Need for Victim Services in Indian Country." We fully agree victims of assault in Indian Country, as everywhere, need help. We disagree with giving more money to tribal leaders.


There is the adage that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. But there is also a reality that crime and corruption are never made better by giving those responsible for the crime and corruption more money. 


  1. One witness at the hearing reported there’s one rape or child sexual abuse reported every other day and another witness stated violence accounts for 75% of the deaths of Indian children between the ages of 12 and 20.

  2. It was admitted that many people in leadership positions contribute to the abuse

  3. Senator Heitkamp stated she is "horrified" to hear these things – despite having been told about it numerous times by many sources over the last few years. A few minutes later, she admitted the stats are the same as in the 90s when she was AG. She went on to tell everyone that additional funding to tribal government is the only solution.



The Senate Committee and the BIA has long been aware of well-documented and rampant sexual abuse and suicide of children on many reservations. It is appalling that, in light of these reports and the circumstances surrounding them, Senator Heitkamp says she still doesn’t understand why these children are going into foster care in disproportionate numbers.


It is well known how crime is rampant on many reservations due to the protection many receive under ‘tribal sovereignty.’ The last two U.S. censuses show that 75% of tribal members do NOT live in Indian Country. Many of our organization’s members state they left due to the crime and corruption. Many, despite the claims of tribal leaders, are not interested in what tribal leaders deem culturally appropriate and necessary. Despite the many deaths of children and mass exodus from Indian Country, Federal government has looked the other way while tribal leaders claim to speak for everyone. Federal government has literally made the decision to protect tribal sovereignty at all costs – even at the cost of our children.



Please insist our political leaders put children first. Tribal “leaders” do NOT speak for everyone of heritage nor know what is best for every individual child of heritage, and giving some of these leaders additional money and control over abused children is not necessarily the best or only way to help the victims of this corrupt system. 



Elizabeth Sharon (Lisa) Morris


Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare (CAICW)

Round & Round We Go

So there it is.  Heitkamp, who by the way took a nice fat $4 Million of our taxpayer money to ‘Study’ the issue of child abuse in Indian Country, has yet to conclude that child rape is a crime and that those who are raping children, and who are being reported as offenders, many of whom are already on the sex offender registry, should be arrested. 

She has never asked for a criminal investigation, not once. And she has done nothing despite being very aware that the head of ACF District VIII, Thomas Sullivan is being prevented from doing his job and forbidden to issue any further “Mandated Reports” despite the previous 13 Reports not being investigated over the past 4 years.

She has done what, exactly with the $4 Million Dollars? Did some of that cash go to her sister at UND? We’ll never know.

But we do know she has no intention of rescuing a single child on those mandated reports that she also ignores, nor does she intend to call an investigation into why the head of the ACF is preventing a District Director from filing Mandated Reports, and she sure as hell is not going to rain any kind of investigation down on the Tribal Council, Tribal Social Services, or her pals at the BIA, HHS, etc. 

Heitkamp acts horrified, as if she is hearing these things for the first time. Truth is, she’s known about it for years and years. Maybe we should be in touch with her?

She is, however, asking for “MORE FUNDING”. As the writer of the Letter to the Editor stated, this is the very definition of insanity.

You know where to find me.




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June 8, 2015
Let Me Count The Ways
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Washington State has sent a letter to the top ignoramus in Indian Affairs this week addressing, point by point, in a 15 page document, how incompetent the BIA in its entirety, (let’s remember it was Kevin Washburn & his pals at Casey Family Programs who wrote the new ‘Rules’ into ICWA without going through the congressional process (where laws are passed, changed, etc.), but just took that power for themselves, making the BIA the most powerful wing of the United States.

This letter, very patient and professional, dismantles the ICWA as written by the BIA and CFP, eloquently. I strongly encourage you to read it, and then to re read it and take notes.

The gist of the letter is that the ICWA laws that Kevin Washburn is so bouncing-on-his-heels proud of, is illegal, unconstitutional, and it is a case of the BIA giving themselves authority over every court in the nation, every jurisdiction, which far exceeds anything remotely true about the real authority and jurisdiction of the BIA.

Reminder: The BIA only has authority in Tribal lands on Federal lands and it’s nowhere as far reaching as little Potentate Washburn and his flying monkeys would like it to be.  He clearly has no idea of the function of his agency, the limits of his authority, and no concept of how The Constitution applies, nor how Laws are made.

The letter also states that whomever concocted the new rules for ICWA were placing Indian Children at far greater risk, putting them into greater danger and treating them as inferior to any other non-Indian child in the country by removing any protections from abuse that would be standard in any real court of law.

Letter also states that whomever wrote the new ICWA rules was not only missing those basic components of understanding, but also had no clue on how to protect children from abuse!

That would be Casey Family Programs at their finest. No clue as to how to protect children, and that explains why so many children die, over and over again, every year, for decades because CFP is in a position to demand compliance from agencies and they don’t have a clue as to how to protect children. 

So they keep giving them to the most dangerous people possible, and they keep getting murdered, and CFP keeps raking in the government funding, and those like George Sheldon, who allowed over 200 children to die in one year when he was head of DCF in Florida, keeps getting jobs related to protecting children.  He went from failing horrifically in Florida to the Number 2 spot under Marrianne McMullen at ACF, herself one of the most profoundly unqualified ever to reach that position, and then he left that position to fail at running for Attorney General of Florida (so he could stall, thwart, prevent investigations into the deaths on his watch?) and he is now proudly proclaimed the new head of Illinois DCFS and he promises to bring the same policies and practices that got so many children horrifically murdered in Florida, to Illinois… Does no one do a background check on these monsters?

The letter rips apart the BIA, Head-to-Toe and tears them a new one. So glad that Kevin Washburn was so eager to share the credit for that incredibly stupid, poorly thought out “New Improved Rules for ICWA” with the Casey Family Programs. It proves neither he nor they know what they are doing.  It also proves that Ms. Elizabeth Appel is clueless about how stupid her agency is and the morons that are stuffed in it.  But let’s give credit where credit is due: This is Kevin Washburn and Casey Family Programs at their best: Insanely incompetent and just plain stupid.

Does no one supervise these monsters that are killing our children?

Also, during George Sheldon’s tenure as head of Florida DCF, Another disturbing case where a seven-year old boy was given to a man who had the previous year lost custody of a foster child, also seven-years old, because of suspected sexual abuse. That predator then raped and sodomized the second seven-year old for years.

The kid is suing now, and naming Kidnet, and K.I.D. (“Kids in Distress”, isn’t that cute?) all of which follow the exact same failed/debunked AR/DR methods of keeping children with their abusers.

What happened to the first seven-year old? He committed suicide shortly after being removed from his rapist, receiving no therapy and no justice. A seven-year old commits suicide and George Sheldon closes the file, doesn’t investigate and hands over another seven-year old a year later. Read about it here

Are you reading this, Illinois? Or do you care whom you put in those good paying top jobs that are supposed to be about protecting the children? Does failure of this magnitude mean anything?

Hastert Rules

Denny Hastert is a man who has always abused his position of trust, authority and power. As a high school wrestling coach, he sexually abused teenage boys.  Hastert was always politically active. He was considered a Pillar of his Community.  The boys knew that it would be their word against his and that no one would believe them. He got away with it the entire time he was the coach.

He later became the Speaker of the House. That, for those who don’t know, is the person who is third in line for the presidency.  He abused/misused his authority there as well. He covered for more than one Republican Representative that was (because he was a Republican and his team needed cover) who was sexually abusing the teenage interns and pages that worked in congress. 

For years, complaints came in on Rep Foley (FL) for inappropriate touching (groping) and correspondence (sexting and cards and letters), all of which were given to Hastert to follow up with an investigation. He never did. Foley, and others, got away with it for years.

It wasn’t until one of the victims handed over the sexts and cards and told their story to media that any investigation was done. And Hastert cut it off by allowing Foley to walk away without any marks against him. Foley became a Furniture Salesman for an upper class furniture store in Florida after that. Still got his pension. What he should have gotten was a police record and to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Victims are told that their predator has ‘suffered enough’ by being exposed, or losing their job. They don’t. Their victims suffer because their victims never get justice. At best, they get a payout, and that makes them feel like prostitutes; Fees for services.

Justice is how you end victimization. Payouts only let the predators walk away unscathed.

Until recently, people assumed that Dennis Hastert had done nothing to investigate because he didn’t believe such behaviors were possible from such an upstanding man as Foley, same as himself.

Well, turns out that Hastert very well knew what was going on.  It was the same behaviors that he himself engaged in, so there was no doubt that ‘it could happen’.

As a predator, Hastert was protecting other predators below him. In exchange, he climbed higher and higher on the political ladder, gaining more and more power, and does anyone doubt how he used and abused that power? Look at what he did as a wrestling coach and small town political Pillar of the Community.  Does anyone believe for a second that he ‘changed his ways’ and was in fact squeaky clean?

And now, those skeletons are falling out of his closet.  And those skeletons are, if anyone takes the time to look, holding hands with more skeletons of his and those whom he protected.

He got away with it for decades and decades. Only this past week did any light shine into those dark places revealing him.

If anyone had reported Casey Family Programs incompetence or failings to him in the 90’s when he was third in line… If anyone had reported that CFP was pushing children into the homes of predators, abusers, pornographers, do you really think he would have done anything to stop them? Or would he have continued to make sure they got the millions and millions in our Tax Dollars, to ensure they could keep doing what they were doing?

We know they got the money. We know they were never investigated. We know they are debunked by the Harvard Study that says they are a dangerous scam that puts children at risk. We know they keep getting millions and millions of our Tax Dollars to keep putting children in danger, letting them die… so maybe we should insist on some congressional oversight and investigations at this point? Or shall we keep watching the ruined lives, dead babies, stack up like cordwood while people in High Places defend and protect the predators among them?

I often wonder about Hastert and how many other crimes against children were reported to him and how many in his circle of support got away with it, and how many have continued to ply their evil in those dark places, high up in those lofty halls?

Hastert didn’t just molest one kid. None of them ever rapes just one. And I doubt that Foley was the only one who was being protected. I think Foley was just the one they decided to throw under the bus so no one would look to see who else was on that bus.

Why do I think that? Because it is identical to the format of the scandal happening in England right now, where decades of predatory practices were protected by people high up in government, in permanent positions in government, creating hundreds of thousands of child victims over the years.  Children who became drug addicts, prostitutes, violent offenders themselves, those that did no suicide. 

When child abuse is this rampant, and the system failing repeatedly and repeatedly failing to use ‘common sense’, it is not an accident, it is a plan.

Who you going to believe? Some shabby kid with a needle in his arm, or the Pillar of the Community whom he is accusing? The kid has no one to stand with them. The predators have other Pillars of the Community lining up to support them.

That’s why we need Justice. We need investigations. Not every allegation will be true, but every allegation needs to be investigated.  If we fail to investigate just because it’s a child’s word against an adult, or someone of no power against someone powerful, then we protect the predators and their lofts are secure.

Kids As Props & Income

In Arkansas, a politician who presents himself as a devout Christian, adopted two children and then, against the rules, used that adoption and their pictures to win his election campaign. Shortly after winning, he gave the children away, and they ended up in the hands of a rapist.  He claims he’s the victim. Yes, he still got the money as income because they were considered ‘Special Needs’, but he says he gave that money to the person that he gave the children to. 

Special Needs because of behavioral issues because the girl had been raped before. So he gave her to another rapist, but he wants you to feel sorry for him.

Read the story. It will make your skin crawl. Justin Harris ‘rehomed’ the little girls because, they were just props to win an election in the first place. Not unlike Governor Rick Scott adopting a shelter dog for his election and then giving the dog away, ‘rehoming’ the night he won the election. It was just an election prop.

Special Needs kids are similar to dogs in the minds of some politically influential types. Who’s going to listen to a Special Needs kid? Or a dog?  It’s not like they are ‘like us’ you know. Excuse me, I have to go throw up.

Or, if you have a really strong stomach, here’s another: A former Mt. Airy Chief of Police and his wife only get 50 days for abusing the children they adopted. The kids were kept locked in a room for years, given very little food, had to live in their own filth. Years.

Richard and Cheryl Burton originally faced 28 counts of child cruelty for allegedly keeping their four adopted children locked in a room for years with little food.


That got reduced to 50 days… served as 25 weekends. 

The abuse and cruelty those children endured will be with them for a lifetime. They suffered for years. But the judge only meted out less than two months, and then only on weekends.

“The witness list for the defense included law enforcement officers from this community,” Staples said. “Those are the people we go into court everyday and tell the jurors, ‘These are credible people.’ And they were going to come and testify to Richard Burton particularly, but the Burtons’ good character.”

Their crimes were appalling, but look who shows up on their side of the courtroom.  And the judge.  Now, don’t you wonder just a little bitty bit as to why they felt they had to support those abusers? Don’t you wonder why they were not shunned? Don’t you wonder why ….

Well now, when they are abusing the kids – who are the kids going to tell? A police officer? If you tell anyone, they are on my side and I will make things a whole lot worse for you, is a credible threat, regardless of whether it is spoken or not. The evidence is clear: Predators are ‘credible People’.  The victims are just kids. No Contest.

So, you can see how the predators and abusers structure their protective web. It’s police, it’s judges, it’s prosecutors.  We have seen from Spirit Lake Nation how that structure works: It’s tribal Council members and Chairperson, Tribal Judges, Tribal Police, The BIA, HHS, Senators, State Officials, Sheriffs, Deputies, and the USAG of North Dakota…

Is no one seeing what these monsters are doing?

Who’s watching out for the kids? Well, you know who’s watching out for the kids. It’s people like Thomas Sullivan, and he has been harassed by every level of his agency and every supporting agency for even trying. That makes it more and more clear as to who is protecting the predators and who is protecting the kids.

It’s right in front of us, just like Hastert was. We couldn’t see it then for the same reason we can’t see it now: We don’t want to. We keep giving more power, more authority, more influence and more money to those who are protecting predators, and who are failing the children.

Well, we have to start seeing it. It’s huge.

You know where to find me





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June 1, 2015
…And Comes Arizona
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For those who like to read legal briefs, filings, complaints, etc, take a gander at NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR ADOPTION, BUILDINGARIZONAFAMILIES  It lays out the first viable legal challenge to ICWA and it was triggered by the arbitrary, illegal changes in the law which Kevin Washburn (who is one of those specifically cited in the complaint) of the BIA imposed without the trouble of actually going through Congress to have the law changed.

That’s one reason it is such a quagmire of errors and un-thought out  consequences such as giving Tribal Courts jurisdiction over every court in the land, and determining that any child that is up for adoption or Foster Care must first be proven to not be a member, enrolled or otherwise, of any tribe in the USA, by contacting every tribal court and awaiting their ruling before any case can legally move forward… can you imagine?

Keep in mind that the Tribal Judge in Spirit Lake Nation, ND delayed for over six months in awarding custody of a preteen daughter to her mother, even after her father was convicted of raping her, and one of her cousins, for years.  In the interim, that daughter was left in the custody of her father, the convicted pedophile.

Now, multiply that by every tribal court of every tribe and the delays alone would bring child protection cases to a complete standstill in the country.  No adoption would be deemed permanent, even years later, if any tribe decides they want that child as one of their own, regardless of documentation to prove that child had any First Nations’ blood at all, let alone, which tribe!

And, to justify this, they cite a ‘study’ that says First Nations Children don’t bond with their guardians or parents in the same way as the Euro-Western (Think: “White People”) children do, and so yanking them from the only home they have ever known or found safety and nurturing in, is no big deal. 

You can just smell Casey Family Programs stink rising from that supposed ‘study’, can’t you?  You don’t have to. The study cites Casey Family Programs as one of their main sources, supporters.  

Casey Family Programs and their completely ludicrous ‘studies’ have been thoroughly debunked by a Harvard Professor and others, and determined to be nothing more than a scam that takes hundreds of millions of tax dollars every year, providing agencies with policies and procedures that have led to only more abuses, more horrific deaths of children at the hands of their abusers, while CFP neatly stays in the shadows, mumbling “tragedy”, “Mistakes were made”, but changing nothing in policies or procedures, and this goes on now for decades, and dead babies are stacking up like cordwood at their door, but they can’t tell you how many, because they don’t keep count of the children who die due to their inane, insane and vicious policies and procedures, which agencies are required to be in compliance with or lose funding.  This lawsuit will expose more than you think. I hope they pursue it to the point the public becomes aware of more than just the Adoption aspect of it.

Failure Is No Obstacle To Political Appointmoint

One of the most notorious practitioners of all things Casey Family Programs, is George Sheldon. He was the Director of DHS in Florida during 2009 when the body count of children dying in care, that he counted, was 69. Sixty-nine dead children in Florida… and that exceeded the sum total of the other 49 States combined.

The Miami Herald did a series last year called “Innocents Lost” which did a more accurate count, and found the number of children who died while in care, while following the CFP P & Ps, was upwards of 200.

But there was an ‘out’ that was put in place by Mr. Sheldon so that he didn’t have to count all the children who died as a result of being placed in dangerous hands, often despite multiple filed reports of those dangers, and often after removing the children from safe, nurturing Foster Homes or the care of relatives who were protective of those babies. That out was simple.

Get the Social Workers to have the offenders who were abusing the children, and that ranged from brutal neglect to savage beatings, rapes and worse, to sign a note promising not to do it again.  That note alone, meant that the ‘file was closed’.

That is correct. They signed a note. That closed the file. So, when the child died, or the rapes and abuses continued, there had to be new reports filed, new investigations started, by new social workers who often had no clue of previous files or cases (because they were CLOSED), and with the over-worked social workers, that would take weeks or months.  That Social Worker would then get the offender to sign a note, and that would close that file.

And so it went until that child showed up dead. File permanently closed.

He failed so spectacularly, and yet he was plucked from the job for which he was desperately unqualified by virtue of his multiple failures and the dead bodies stacking up behind closed files, to be the Right Hand of Marrianne McMullen, who was herself appointed as the head of the ACF, her only qualification being that she was once a Foster Mother.

As the Right Hand of singularly unqualified Marrianne McMullen, who still holds her Federally appointed position as head of the ACF, George Sheldon did everything he could to thwart, stop any investigations into child abuse, child rape, child trafficking in Spirit Lake Nation, by forbidding Thomas Sullivan from issuing any Mandated Reports (Sullivan had already issued 13 scathing reports), and by assuring other agencies, such as BIA and the DOJ, and HHS, that they would not have to follow protocol or procedures which would demand those reports be investigated.

As a result, not a single one of those reports has been investigated, not a single witness has been interviewed, and several children have been murdered at the hands of their abusers.  Children who were listed in those reports.

George Sheldon is one of the higher ups who has harassed, threatened, intimidated, hazed and thwarted all efforts by Thomas Sullivan to do his job. 

That’s what a true believer in Casey Family Programs does.  They prevent investigations. They ignore reports. They close files. They shredded thousands of files in SLN, can you imagine what they have done in the other 535 tribes?

Oh looky! George Sheldon has now been appointed as the Director of DCFS in Illinois! And he says that he intends to bring what he learned as Director of DHS in Florida to the Good People of Illinois!

Let’s refresh:

He learned how to ignore reports, close files, not count dead babies, many of whom were tortured before they died. He claimed he didn’t know it was that many. To be fair, he looked really shocked. Given that it was his job to know those numbers, one can only guess at what other vital information he chose to ignore or to pretend was not important.

Also, when he was in a failed bid to be elected as the State Attorney General of Florida this last round, a sudden urge caused him to leap from ACF, to campaign for that job, which may or may not have had something to do with his successor as DHS in Florida abruptly jumping ship, he was confronted by one reporter who asked about the obscenely high number of dead children on his last watch as Director of DHS, to which Sheldon declared that he had no idea there were so many…

Good luck Illinois.

Meanwhile, Why Bother With Laws?

Naked Lawn Ornament, having succeeded in getting re-elected because her relatives are on the Election Board and they would not allow legitimate contenders to run for any office, did what she does best: Violates the Rules, Laws and Constitution of the Tribe, to suit herself.

Previously, when she got in because Drug Addict/raging Alky Russell McDonald was ousted by petition and vote, she appointed Alberta Redfox to replace Joel Redfox, the rapist, who along with his girlfriend, Mardell Lewis, resigned rather than face the wrath of the petitioners who had overwhelmingly signed petitions against them. 

Alberta Redfox immediately told the victims of her son, also a rapist, to not say anything because she had a position now where she could get them money.  NLO is well aware of those complaints. She chooses to ignore them.

Given that no qualified opponents were allowed to run for the Chair or council seats this last month, Alberta (also related to the Election Board) was elected.

Now, there was another petition, this time on Clarisse Brownshield, and she was going to be thrown out on her corrupt ass.  But, instead of letting people have their say in a general meeting and having the petition heard and voted on, NLO just appointed another good friend, the brother of Cindy Mala (the fraud that runs the college), Aaron Green.

NLO not willing to risk someone not under her control getting onto council. I’m surprised she didn’t appoint one of her bastard sons.

She has never answered to the Tribe for the missing millions from her previous stint as Chairwoman. Over $9 Million went into that Ronin Scam she was and probably still is, so deep into.  There were tens of millions more, and she was the one who placed the unqualified but very corrupt Kevin Dauphinais (Brownshield) as Director of Social Services during the revelations of corruption, Child Trafficking, baby stealing, Baby selling, missing funds that were supposed to go to the children in Foster Care, as well as the missing Social Security accounts, Missing Scholarship funds, etc. There was also a lot of missing heavy equipment which ended up on the big ass ranch that Kevin bought for himself with his scams and schemes.  

Seventy people spoiled their ballots in that last election. That’s what you do when you have no choice but want your opinion to be counted, one way or the other. Good on 70 of you!


So, if anyone is wondering, things have not gotten any better for the children in Spirit Lake Nation Reservation. The same dangers, exploitations, sexual abuses, tortures and worse, still go on.  And why wouldn’t it? There have been no consequences to any of those involved in committing atrocities against those children.

In fact, all the way up to the top of the ACF, there is a string of corrupt officials willing to harass, threaten, attack, smear anyone that dares to try and stop the abuses. Marrianne McMullen and her Flying Monkeys still harass, and threaten Thomas Sullivan, and now, even serial child abuser enabler and pedophile protector George Sheldon has a new high paying job… in Illinois.

Those who suffer are those who speak the truth and those whose truth it is.

But those who told the truth, those who still report it, can’t stop. Neither should you.  This is not an overnight war. This is the Battle between Good and Evil. It’s as old as Time and it won’t go away if we do nothing.

So many doing nothing is how it became so strong in the first place. Politicians treat children as if they are *props for an election.  Agencies raise funds off the needs of the abused to be protected, but none of them lift a finger to protect those children in a real and meaningful way.  I’ve only seen one Congressman, Kevin Cramer, even try.

*Note: That Republican politician used his adopted kids as props in political ads, then gave them away to a sexual predator because he didn’t like them.


We really have to get more involved, more determined and more organized. We can start by speaking out, demanding answers, and demanding that media, whose job it is to inform us, quit giving us clap trap and make protecting children, and what is really happening, a priority in reporting, the same way they do mindless celebrity gossip, sports and stock market reports.

The abused who survive are not likely to respect the laws nor the agencies that failed to protect them, and who ignored their reports, closed their files.

They’re going to be angry, violent, addicted and looking for someone to take it out on. You can’t buy enough locks to make yourself safe.  But you can start protecting the children now so that they don’t grow into those violent failures who are the end result of our failures to protect them and do what is right.

So, the next time you hear of some horrible, violent crime committed by an adult, ask for media to search their history. Chances are, he came from the system we are trying to change, but which is so entrenched in corruption, it won’t budge.

The Future

Sure, we’ll arrest them when they rape, rob, assault and murder. Their past won’t get them a break, nor would that help. But if we want to stop the escalating violence in our society, we must start with those whose corruption creates it.

You know where to find me.




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