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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Jan 26, 2015


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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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January 26, 2015
Sorry I’m Late
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I was travelling on less than 5 hrs sleep in over 36 hours, so by the time I arrived home, got unpacked, ate dinner, I was ready to fall asleep.  I am told I did fall asleep; Right in the middle of my dessert.  It was not pretty.

No Boundaries

I’m hearing from more people, some current and former students of Corey Plioum, on his sexual harassment and sexual encounters with his students and others.  He is a fifth/sixth grade teacher at Oberon and it doesn’t matter how many times it is reported, nothing is done about it.

Corey’s daddy is the Principal of the school and the Superintendent of the school is afraid to say “Boo!” to him, so, that pretty much wraps it up in a nutshell.

Corey’s dad, Kenny Plioum is also the bus driver. So he makes money as both the principal and the bus driver. He also schedules school when other surrounding schools give vacation days, and then he penalizes students if they don’t show up on those days.

To make an additional pile of money, Kenny then drives the bus route again (to pick up students who didn’t show up the first time) and gets paid for that second round as well, regardless of whether more students get on the bus or not.

Kenny also sexually harasses students and staff, and fears no consequences.  Even people who do business with them, are subject to their whims. The wives of their friends are put in ‘awkward’ circumstances. There are no boundaries. Period.

So, is it likely that with decades of ‘getting away’ with everything from double dipping into the school fund to child rape, that Corey would perhaps feel immune from any investigation into the death of one of his former students? One that had one or more of his children?

When people operate either above the law or immune to any laws that surround their criminal activity, they only get worse and do more and more serious crimes and expect to get away with it. They have no sense of boundaries.

When you check the political hierarchy of that small town, that tiny community, you see some fairly ignorant, weak-spined types that gain office because not enough people care enough about their town, their school, their State or their Nation for that matter, to really educate themselves on the issues and on the character of those who are running. Whomever gets the slick ads, wins. Nothing more.

And you wonder why our country is going to Hell in a bicycle basket with streamers and a bell?

People have nowhere to report a crime, especially crimes against children, because politicians higher up, quite frankly, don’t want to be bothered, or are so corrupt they could not care less, and everything is kicked down to the lower echelons of local control and that, my friends, is where the monsters dwell and feed upon those who would dare to say a word against them, their friends or political allies.


The recipe for corruption is simple: A community so small you can buy or bully your way into power.  Family connections helps. All corrupt people make sure that they have family involved in order to keep control of both their community and their family.

The other thing you need for corruption to thrive is money. Lots and lots of money.  On the rez, the State and Federal governments supply most of that. It comes in and goes out without ever being tracked.

Casinos provide even more of that. All cash. Guess who’s doing the count in the backroom?

And now, OIL.  Big Oil has come into North Dakota and money is spilling everywhere. Cash. You did see that yacht that Tex Hall bought for himself, right? His people don’t have decent housing, decent food or schools, but he purchased a multi-million dollar yacht. That’s how he runs his rez. He’s not in charge now, but he’s still in power. He still made sweet deals with the Oil Boys and their man camps, their toxic waste disposal… all of it worth millions to him, most of it deadly to his people and to the rest of us. 

Like A River, It All Flows To Our Door

Whom do you think is going to have to clean up all that radioactive waste that comes from those frackers? You think the Oil Companies are going to pay for it? Why, they will say they already paid for it. Where it went, they did not know nor care. That leaves taxpayers on the hook for generations, to clean up that mess, along with the mega oil spills that are now going into the drinking water of Montanans and North Dakotans. Sure, just the small towns are affected at first… but you do know that those waters keep flowing, don’t you?  Look at all the spills, all the towns wiped off the map… think it can’t happen to you and yours?

So, you see? The problems of child rape, Human Trafficking, illegal radio-active waste dumping, illegal toxic chemical dumping, all enabled by corruption, do eventually affect us all one way or the other.  Everything flows like a river. Eventually, sooner and later, the effects and the damages end up being our problem, not ‘someone else’s’.  Stop it now, or keep letting it happen.

All of this could have been prevented had we as a nation, and as individuals, banded together to defy the corrupt and to hold them and their political puppets accountable to us. 

All we had to do was insist that the laws be enforced.  But we were told it was none of our business. We were told that it would ‘hinder the “Free Market” ‘.  By the way, “Free Market” means no restrictions, regulations or laws on those who are the biggest, take the most away from us and pay the least back to us.  We do the work, they get the profit. We take the risks, they get the profit. We pay the taxes… they put all their profits offshore … and our roads fall apart, our bridges crumble, our power grid fails, our schools are ranked among the lowest in the world, our health care costs us 35 times more than anywhere else, and we get less for it, and we rank near the bottom in overall good health of our citizens… and yet, we keep letting it slide. We suffer the damages, they get richer. Seem fair to you?

We listened to illogical policies for the past 40 plus years that have devastated us. Policies that have focused on high profits for the biggest wealth takers, lowest wages for the workers, as if somehow expecting Corporations to also contribute to the overall health and strength of the nation was ‘rude’. 

We have crippled investigations and enforcement by both cutting funding to those agencies, and allowing laws to be passed that made it legal to pollute, steal, not pay taxes if you make billions, and we look the other way while children are being raped and sold, poisoned and killed by pollution in the air they breathe, the water they drink and the products that fill their daily lives.

Because now there is so much wrong, so much out of balance, people want to throw their hands up and give up, go buy another slave manufactured electronic toy, and forget where it all started.  Everyone wants to complain but no one looks at the root of the problem.

Remember the last financial crash? It was caused by decades of deregulation of the banking industry which then allowed banks to literally, gamble with our savings, put ‘toxic assets’ into a bundle and sell it to our pension plans… all of which, when it collapsed, threatened to bring down the entire global economy.  They got bailed out because we didn’t want a global depression such as the 1930’s, again.

We had to fight GOP obstruction to those laws passed, that would have insured that the banks used that Bail Out money to help home owners and small business owners remain solvent. We lost that part and all across the land, people lost their homes, and businesses closed.

We had to fight the GOP to get Dodd-Frank laws passed that made it so that the banks would not be bailed out again and they could not use our savings to again gamble casino style, and dump toxic assets into our pension plans, again ruining our retirements.

Soon as GOP got into power, the first thing they did was erase Dodd-Frank, and now they have made it so the banks can again take all the money, gamble, keep all the profit and when they lose it, when they lose your money and mine, when they empty those retirement accounts, the government has to bail them out again. Them, not us. The banks will stay in business, and the next crash will be even bigger than the one we avoided.

Why? Because those who make the most money have the most power and those are the only people that most of the legislators we send to our capitols listen to.  They don’t care about this nation. They don’t care about you. They know how to lie to you and how to feed you mindless propaganda that makes you think that if a woman is raped and she opts for the morning after pill, that, THAT somehow should be more important to you than the banksters dumping your savings into their pockets, crashing the economy, again, only worse.  So you voted for the people who would make sure that a woman who is raped has nowhere to go to prevent a pregnancy, and a woman who needs an abortion cannot get one. That became your priority. That became your focus.

You were distracted, misled and emotionally reactionary. There will come a poverty so great that all you and I can do is fight each other, blame each other, and no one will look at those who robbed us. We will blame immigrants who labor in our fields and make it possible for us to have food on our table. We will blame teachers and we will blame minimum wage earners for all our woes. We will not look at those who did the damage and who are doing it again. We will fight among ourselves, weaken ourselves and they can continue to get away with more and more and more.

We’ll never recognize that our anger stems from our sense of powerlessness and our sense of powerlessness comes from our inability to band together and stand up for ourselves collectively. We could win if we did that, but clearly, we are convinced that doing so would be ‘wrong’. We are stupid as a nation. We really are. And it is embarrassing.

All this corruption began a long time ago. It began when our government looked the other way as children were being abused, raped, stolen and sold. It started back then with Indian Agents on reservations. They answered to no one. They controlled all the wealth, all the food and the government backed them up with force, if anyone dared stand up. And look where it is today! A thousand times worse, and counting.

If you stop the wholesale abuses of these children; if you begin to investigate and charge those who commit these crimes, you will find they are connected to even more people who are responsible for even more crimes. All of them connected to very powerful people, many of them elected or related to elected.

None of these people who commit crimes against children are people of strength. They simply have political power and the force of an apathetic nation that doesn’t want to look into those dark places, that enables them to get away with it.

Those dark places are where all that ails our nation, our people and this world, reside.

If we don’t enforce the laws against child rape, and we keep ‘studying’ the problem, wasting millions and millions of dollars that would otherwise go into the prosecution of the criminals, then we may as well admit it: We sacrifice more children every day than the most brutal of Aztec and other ancient civilizations ever did in their entire existence. 

Ancient civilizations sacrificed to their gods hoping for prosperity and wealth.  For what do we allow the sacrifice of our children?

Clearly, there is wealth, but not for us. Clearly there is power that feeds on that wealth and that sacrifice.  We must realize that the children being sacrificed are our future, and those who consume them, from the sexually perverted teacher in a tiny town, to the massive rings of child pornographers who make billions of dollars off their suffering and their deaths, are not people whom we should allow to be in our society, much less control the levers of power that do run our society.

We are already killing the children and dimming our future hopes and security. We are also killing Mother Earth, which has sustained us but will not much longer.

How about we insist upon the laws that protect the children and which protect us all, being enforced? How about we punish criminals who do these greatest of crimes with actual jail time instead of tiny dollar penalties?

Just start insisting on the enforcement of child abuse laws. Those who interfere with that enforcement are considered accomplices and accessories and they too, should feel the heat of Justice upon their necks.

Without Justice for the children, there is justice for none of us.

Go ahead and make Mother Earth unlivable. There is no future here without the children, and they are being destroyed, made into monsters, and murdered at an ever accelerating rate.

It starts on the rez. It starts in Oberon School. It starts in Williston. It starts in all those tiny dots on the map that no one ever thinks twice about. Like the mole on your back that turns out to be the cancer that eats you alive.

If we can’t see that we must work together to save ourselves, I may as well be talking to a brick.

Political action is required. Political awareness is required. Political education is required. Or all we will have is violence.  None of us will survive the violence when it comes.

Our Government was created with Checks and Balances that were to protect us all. It’s time we looked at how far undone that has become through corruption and ignorance. It’s time we demand the return of checks and balances that protect us all.

And if some oil company loses it’s profits, and has to stop, and has to pay to clean up the messes, the back taxes, and their owners go to jail, well, that will just break my heart--- NOT.

Start with the Children, or there is nothing worth fixing.

Our economy will collapse because we allowed the corrupt to hold power. Our security is weakened because we allowed the corrupt to do horrible things to our children and our government protected and paid those entities that caused great harm and death to our children.

The criminals today, the violent ones, did not come from nowhere. They came from homes where violence was a legacy. They came from homes where they saw violence committed with no penalty. They came from homes where they learned that violence is privilege.

We start with the children. We will need them to be healthy and whole to help fix all that we have allowed to be broken in this world, in the future we leave to them.

Or we sit and wait for that river that comes to our door brining poisons and toxins from the profiteers who exploited our resources with reckless indifference, from the gulf to the plains, the mountains to the canyons.

We live in a generation where no one remembers blue skies, clean waters, or soils not contaminated by wastes, pesticides and chemicals.

We live in an economy that enslaves all but the wealthiest, rendering us unsure, suspicious, ignorant and afraid.

Only the children of the future can begin to fix all of this. But first, we must protect them.

This is not an “Indian Problem”. They didn’t cause it. It’s ALL of OUR problem and it’s most visible in their backyard. It’s a corruption problem. It’s visible. It can be dealt with. But we have to start or it will only get worse.

You know where to find me.







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January 19, 2015
Oh My Aching Alibi!
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Get a Clue

In the board game, “Clue”, you have a little black envelope in the center of the board. That envelope contains three cards that tell you: Who Did it, Where it was Done, and With What it was committed.

The game is always predicated on a murder and it is up to you to figure out by rolling dice, picking cards, moving your token, and ‘guessing’, Who committed the Murder, Where the Murder was committed and HOW the Murder was committed.

In the game, the Dead Body is never a suicide, so right off the bat, you know ‘someone did it’.

Now there are video and digital versions of the game where when you as the player make your accusation, the character responds with their ‘alibi’.

So, here we are, with Rainy Hill supposedly having committed suicide by hanging herself, but even before the autopsy results are in, her boyfriend, Cory Plioum, has given at least three different alibis of where he was when she died. (There may be even more versions of his alibi by the time you read this) :

  1. He was in the garage
  2. He was in the den
  3. He was at the Bar

And he gets pissed off if you ask him where he was when she died.

Briefly, for new readers, (my long-time readers already know) that Cory Plioum was a high school teacher who raped his students, and has gotten a few of them pregnant before he quit working at Four Winds High School on the rez.  The rez is a great hunting ground for all child predators because the FBI and the USAG think that if a child is raped, they ‘asked for it’, so consequences to predators are pretty much non-existent. Those who disclose, however, suffer at the hands of the authorities as well as harassment from peers and Friends of Predators. (Let’s call them “FoPs”).

Cory Plioum had at least one child with Rainy. He is about 6-3 or more, and is “Hillbilly” type of person.  That means he just goes and does what he wants, he doesn’t care who gets hurt.

Several people saw Rainy’s obituary where he was listed as her daughter Madysen’s father, Cory Plioum, “Fire Chief of Oberon”… a descriptor that was puzzling as to why it was included, and then more puzzling as to why it was removed.

One writer put it: “He wanted to make himself sound like ‘Mr. Citizen’, but Oberon doesn’t have a Fire Hall, just a bar and some houses.”  

I am assuming that Oberon has a volunteer FD like many rural towns do, but I’m told that it depends on nearby towns for ‘fire-departmenty’ things. So that makes Cory a sad 40-ish man running around with a “Fire Chief” hat or badge, signifying nothing for the most part.

But, you have to admit, it does make him seem important. I do wonder how many little girls he had access to that were impressed by his Fire Chief Hat, if you know what I mean.

At any rate, we have a woman whose neck was broken after having a fight in a bar with her 6-3 or taller, current or former boyfriend, the father of her daughter, Madysen, and he can’t seem to get his story straight from the outset, and he gets angry if you ask him where he was. 

I’m thinking there’s a little black envelope on the board somewhere, and somebody knows Who, What, Where and How and they just haven’t revealed it yet.

Then again, the game has really just begun.

Cory is good friends with Paul and Doug Yankton, so maybe they can be his alibi?

After all, who would think that someone with the name of Yankton would be anything but upright citizen and have nothing to do with any murder or cover-up, especially out there on the rez, right?

Eddie Peltier was murdered by ‘the other’ Yanktons, so let’s not get ourselves confused here. Who knows? Maybe they won’t be his alibi anyway. But the man has to try, right?

And then there is the bar. Yeah, but that is a problem. Too many people would have to say he never left.

Of course the dog won’t say one way or the other. I mean, if he did, he’d end up ‘missing’, right?

Now, the daughter. That might be a problem. She may have seen or heard something. Cory will have to work on her real hard to make sure she has no credibility, or that ‘she was only dreaming’ and besides, who’s going to believe a child, right?

Not to worry, Cory. I am assured that law enforcement out there really doesn’t care how an Indian dies, and they’ll write it off and close the case without even really sniffing at it.

I’m sure they’ll give you four or more chances to say where you were and when, and when you all work out one that ‘sounds right’ and clears you, that will be the only one on record.

After all, Rainy was just a mother, a sister, a daughter, but mostly an Indian. You, on the other hand, are a ‘Fire Chief’ of a phantom Fire Hall, in that tiny stinking town of Oberon, ND. I’m sure you can be taken at your word.

Let Me Help You Out

The trick here is to maintain consistency. If you are going to tell a lie, make sure you have it memorized and that you yourself believe it. It does not help if you change your story to 3 different locations when talking to different people. It kind of trips little red flags, and may ring some bells.

Stay consistent. If you can, get your Yankton friends to NOT be your alibi. You can figure out why.

Do try to get USAG Tim Purdon to give you a hand. He and his favorite FBI Agents, Trout and Cima, are great at covering up murders. Just let them know if you have any incriminating evidence you need destroyed. They’ll be happy to oblige. They’ve done it before.

If you can, try to at least muster up a few authentic looking tears. Vick’s Vapo rub under the eyes helps with that. It’s what Glenn Beck uses when he wants to look tearfully sincere.  Just don’t get too close to anyone because they will be able to smell it on you. You really don’t want people sniffing around you too close, now do you?

And lastly, that little black envelope? The one that stays on the board until the truth is revealed? Try to not be staring at that.

I’ll be peeking into that envelope from time to time, just to let you know that those cards are still in there.

She may not have mattered to you, but she mattered to someone. People may not care if you are a sexual predator who preys on young girls, and some may not even care that you may have been involved in her demise one way or the other, but maybe some do.

You know they will be checking that envelope from time to time, so, try to not look guilty if you can. Watch everything you say so that you don’t slip up in front of the wrong person or persons.  Make sure you have complete control over Madysen for the rest of her life, just in case she saw or heard something you don’t want her to remember, or that you don’t want her to be believed if she speaks it.

I know it is a lot of work, all this covering every possibility. A real hassle. But as long as you stay in that tiny town, you should be able to pull it off.

If anyone doesn’t buy what you are selling, you just slap on that Fire Chief hat, show them a badge, and stand up big and tall like the Yahoo Country Boy that you are.

You are sure that your kinfolk don’t care that Rainy is dead, right? I mean, they did blame her for you raping her while you were her High School Teacher, right? *nods*

And those people who have talked to you since her death, none of them are suspicious, right? You’ve got everyone believing your stories, right?

People do talk. They do compare ‘notes’ on what you have said. Maybe they are talking about you, maybe they aren’t. Maybe they go quiet when you come in because … of something else. Whatever you do, don’t get paranoid. People will notice that.

Yeah, this should be a piece of cake. Don’t sweat it.

Uh-uh-Uh! I said, don’t stare at that envelope on the board. You might draw attention to it.

Good boy. I meant ‘Fire Chief’.

One more question: You don’t believe in Ghosts, do you, Cory? You know, the Restless Spirits who want the truth to be told?

You know where to find me.







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January 12, 2014
Simple Things
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People ask me about the corruption that goes on in Spirit Lake and do I think it is the worst rez in the country. I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible and to explain my focus on this one tiny speck on the map and why I think it is important both to people on the rez and to everyone else.

First, I don’t think Spirit Lake is the worst rez or that the corruption there is the worst. It is the worst kind of corruption, but it is not the worst rez--- I’ve heard horror stories from too many reservations to think that Spirit Lake is the single or even one of a handful of the worst rezzes out there.

But what it is, is a place where the corruption is blatant and revealed and where the connections to corruption in at all levels: Internal and external, local, State and Federal, are more revealed. 

The stories I hear from other rezzes mirror the corruption that I report on in Spirit Lake.  Spirit Lake is the one place where it all shows clearly. Spirit Lake is in many ways, the story of every other rez in the country.  The Good People struggling for Justice; the children paying the price of ignorance, abuse, addiction, and corruption, leading to even more despair and desperation and a cycle of violence that both keeps the people down and the corrupt in power.

Spirit Lake is where it all shows and where people can understand how these mechanisms; the levers, the funding, the strings and the connections all work.  Once you see how it all works in Spirit Lake, you understand how it works everywhere.  Once you understand how it works, how those who have their fingers on the levers, how the strings are pulled and the politics play into everything; once you see how the behind the scenes puppeteers pull on those strings, press those levers and create the show that they present to the rest of the world, blinding us to the truth, concealing their involvements and how they deceive and profit from the suffering they cause; and once you see the long term effects and how it affects not only the lives of people on the rez, but the rest of the country as well--- once you actually see that, you can’t be fooled any longer.  All the rest of it becomes more and more clear. 

Once you can see it: See both what is wrong and who is making it worse, you can also see who is working to change it, fix it and you can better see what has to be changed in order to fix it.

Once you see the effects and know the causes, you begin to see and understand the causes of what ails society in general. You know why there seems to be more and more sex crimes: Predators are being created by a system that protects the powerful and politically connected predators. More violence, less protection creates more violence, less protection.  More violence equals more crime. More addiction equals more violence and more crime. Crime costs money, lives, and robs us all of our sense of security.

The system of corruption is more exposed in Indian Country, but the same wheels are turned, same strings are pulled throughout our nation. You realize that when you see how many of the same players that create the toxic soup in Indian Country also have fingers in the pies of departments and agencies that take our tax dollars and do the same damage to the children in the system that have the same vulnerabilities as the children in Indian Country.

And when you realize they’ve been playing the same game for over 50 years, you might understand why the crimes are worse, more violent and why the criminals are more “unlike” us. Why their eyes look so ‘empty’ or ‘angry’.  We can’t ‘understand’ how ‘those people’ get that way and can do things like that… but maybe now, we can start to understand.

Understand, not to excuse their crimes or the violence they create, but understand to see how it was created decades ago and how it is still be created and what we must do to stop it, stop it now, so that instead of there being more and worse of it, there will be less and less of it.

We begin to see and to understand what we are facing and once we see it, more clearly in the light.  Then we can see ourselves more clearly and what it is we can do, both individually and collectively. We’ll see that we are more surrounded by allies than opposition because we all want the same thing and the same people are working against us. 

We’ll see how those who profit from the strife and suffering, and how they create ‘issues’ that keep us in opposition to one another rather than allowing us to unite and oppose them and their agendas. We’ll see how radicalizing issues creates divides and solves no problems, only creates more problems, more suspicion and more struggle with others whose lives are different from our own in ways that have no effect on our lives nor our lives on theirs.

Maybe we’ll stop fighting amongst ourselves and start working together. Maybe when we start working towards justice for those whom we know are wronged in Indian Country, in Spirit Lake, and we know how they were wronged and who did it to them, we can start to dismantle the machinery of corruption and bring down those curtains the powerful have hidden behind and call them out, hold them accountable.

Imagine: Holding the bad guys accountable, bringing Justice to those they robbed, abused and worse… watching the empire of deception crumble and those who had profited from it, fall. Imagine how that would feel to all of us. Empowering.

It’s in the simple things: The Truth, Justice. That is the path to healing generations of violence, abuse, and worse.  Without Justice, all the money that gets thrown into Indian Country only fuels the existing corruption and makes an even greater mockery of all of us as a Nation and a People.

What ails Spirit Lake ails every reservation across the land; some worse, some not as bad.  What ails Spirit Lake has its roots in a corrupt system that touches every one of us, regardless of who we are or where we live.

We start to fix it in Spirit Lake, and the core of the corruption will begin to weaken and fall. It cannot exist anywhere unless it exists everywhere.  Each Rez is connected to the corruption at its core.  Every city is connected to the same core. Pull the plug on that core, anywhere, and it bleeds everywhere.

Justice is the only thing you can use to bleed that evil out of the rez, out of the nation.  Studies instead of justice, are just a dance that the powerful do to pretend they are doing something while avoiding doing anything.

Giving more power to corrupt Tribal Courts does not empower the abused and battered women of the tribes, only Justice will.

There is no reason why Indian People cannot be entitled to the same Justice System as the rest of the nation is entitled to. Every violent crime, every Felony, is the responsibility of the Federal Justice System and they have failed to do their jobs and now they want to hand over responsibility to Tribal Courts to keep it out of sight of the rest of us. Sweep it under the rug and say that by doing so they are ‘empowering’ Indian Women--- which is a joke.

Felonies and violent crimes should remain the responsibility of the Federal Government and they should not be allowed to shirk their responsibilities for the messes that their corruption creates in Spirit Lake Nation nor any other small speck on the map. 

The Good People of Spirit Lake and the Children of Spirit Lake deserve Justice. To serve anything less is to deny the most fundamental pillar of any civilized society: Justice.

Justice ends corruption, makes it less attractive. Justice is the beginning of healing from trauma.  Healing is what ends the violence, the despair, the desperation. Justice is the beginning of healing.

Odd Ball

I noticed that on Rainy Hill’s obituary, Corey Plioum is listed as the father of her child. Okay, so far so good. But then I could have sworn I saw Corey’s name listed, in the Obit, as Fire Chief of Oberon… which struck me as odd… then I went to check it again and that title is no longer listed there.  Anyone else see that? I thought it was a weird thing to give his title like that in her Obit. It’s not there now.

Be interesting to learn if he attended her funeral and if he was given sympathy by her family and friends. It was with him that she argued in that Oberon Bar the night she died.  He was her teacher when he started dating her in High School. Is that really the kind of character that gets respect out there? I’d like to know.

It would also be interesting to see if there was an autopsy, and if it is true that her neck was broken in too many places for it to have been suicide.

Anything But Murder

Suicide and SIDS, Accidental and “Natural Causes”, Heart Failure, Hit and Run, all seem to be easy and quick answers to suspicious deaths on the rez. Tribal Police couldn’t investigate a fleabite on their own butts, much less a murder, and the FBI is never in any hurry to do a proper investigation either.  Yeah, back to that “Justice” thing. 

As long as life is cheap and living is hard, nothing will get better. As long as children or their mothers can be quietly removed with no investigation as to their whereabouts or what happened to them, things will only get worse.

That ‘Problematic’ Case

The euphemism used to describe one case of child stealing, and that stolen child being an infant stolen from her mother the day she was born and given to a friend of Kristi Wishinsky when Kristi worked as a social worker under Kevin Dauphenais in Tribal Social Services (yes, all the puns are true) and that friend being a felon who would not qualify as a Foster Parent nor adoptive parent, was played down in that House Subcommittee meeting as ‘Problematic’.

So, a newborn was stolen, and then sold to unqualified parents, and the authorities know all about it, including who has the child and who sold the child, yet no one has been arrested and the child has not been returned to her mother.

Does anyone think this is the only such incidence of this kind? And yet, the Federal Government pretends it has no importance, no relevance and that they have no obligation to seek justice in such a case.

And anyone who thinks this only happens in Spirit Lake is kidding themselves. It happens everywhere that the Federal Government is allowed to shirk their responsibility. It happens everywhere the Federal Government supports and protects the corrupt.  If the Federal Government will not enforce the laws when it comes to Human Trafficking, whom do we hold accountable?

Or do we pretend that this also is not our problem? Do we let that child grow up in a home that is headed by a felon who would not qualify for adoption, and do we ‘hope she’ll be okay’? Do we also hope that the children she later bears and who also grow up will ‘be okay’? Is that how we sleep at night?

Or do we demand that she be returned to her mother and that those who stole her are charged and that those who bought her are charged?  Who gets traumatized in this case:  That child and her mother. Regardless of whether we do something or do nothing, that child is going to suffer and be traumatized. 

The only way out is for there to be Justice. If there is Justice, maybe that child can grow into a healed adult. Maybe not. But for certain sure, if there is no Justice, that child and the thousands like her, will have no chance.

This is how generations of despair, PTSD and desperation are created. This is just one child. There are thousands out there that this happens to while the Federal Government shirks their responsibilities, protects their abusers and predators.  Those abusers and predators are connected to people who put large sums of cash into their campaigns and other ‘charities and organizations’ that those Politicians and their cronies are affiliated with.

That essentially puts the Federal Government into the business of Human Trafficking, doesn’t it? Human Trafficking is running rampant in the USA. Don’t tell me there is nothing we can do about it. The truth is that too many who have the authority to do something about it are up to their eyeballs involved in it.

Human Trafficking creates Human Wreckage and Human Wreckage, my friends, is what you see that repulses you, scares you, menaces you and causes you to buy alarm systems, put more locks on your homes and doors, and it’s why your children can’t walk to school.

None of this gets better. All of this only gets worse, unless we demand Justice. Unless we demand that those who are corrupt, those who profit from the corruption, are held to account.

The Good People of Spirit Lake are fighting the battle for their own survival and for the children to have a chance at life. We can stand with them. We can fight by their side, and we can demand accountability and Justice; or we can wait until the violence and the wreckage come to our door.

You know the cause. You know the cure. Make the choice. Allow more poison in the waters, rivers and streams of our society, or clean it up.

Look around you. Walk downtown. Walk uptown. What do you see? How do you think they got that way? No one chose that way of life. It was all that was left to them.

We can change how it will be by demanding justice for what was done, for the wrongs and the corruption we know is ongoing.

Or, we can do nothing.  Our choices are simple, but not easy.

You know where to find me.



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Alert: January 8, 2015

A body has been found somewhere in the vicinity of the High School and the Pow Wow grounds and it is not yet verified but assumed to be that of Phillip Krulish. The car was found nearby.  Awaiting official notification.  Condolences to Andrea Peltier and those friends and family who loved and cared for Phillip.


January 7, 2015 *
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Apparently, the suicide of Rainy Hill may not have been a suicide after all? It appears that her neck was broken in more than one place, from what I have heard, and that, my friends, changes everything.

The Benson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. I’m sure we’ll hear about it when they come up with something.

Meanwhile, she leaves behind a young daughter… fathered by Cory Pioum So, I guess now he gets custody? Doesn’t have to pay child support? Or did he ever?

Worth noting that while she was his student and he was having sex with her, she was not the only one and the young things he’s with now should take note: They are also not in an exclusive relationship with him. It doesn’t matter if he gets you pregnant, and apparently, those serious fights end badly--- for the woman.

So, we shall see what the investigation reveals on this one.

Just once again, the Oberon Bar is where it all begins. That place is definitely the Saloon Scene from Star Wars.

Trippin’ Down Memory Lane

There is a movement afoot both in Canada and in the US, to allow tribes to change the Blood Quantum requirements as they see fit. No standards, nothing. Skip Longie tried to do that in SLN back when he was chairman (and stealing funds to buy a Zamboni for Devils Lake Jr. Hockey where his son played)… that way, the corrupt can name anyone they want an “Indian” and there is no tracking of who their families are, nor anything that would keep it on the up and up.

I feel two ways about Blood Quantum. One: It is a means by which the government set it up so that Indians would ‘breed out of existence’. The exception being of course, inbreeding, as practiced by the Turdclan and those like them.  A person who has a mother from one tribe and a father from another tribe would only be seen as 50% blood quantum, despite being full-blooded Indian on both sides, just different tribes.

Two: The other side of this is that there are Traditionals who are high percentage blood quantum, in their own tribes, who are then forced to share their lands and incomes with people of other tribes, and those other tribes contribute nothing towards their own people. This puts and unfair burden on the tribe and it creates resentment.

Worse, with people forging documents and taking bribes to ‘qualify’ someone as part or 4/4 Blood Quantum, with no penalties and no investigations into who’s profiting from the corruption of that status, it creates even more resentment and more hardship on those who should, by all legal measures, be entitled to benefits and lands in their own tribes.

Again, without Justice, and with no foreseeable avenues towards any Justice, strife and resentment are exacerbated in communities already struggling with poverty, multi-generational PTSD, violence, addiction, alcoholism, sexual assaults and child rapes. 

Corruption is at the root of all that ails those in Indian Country. Tribal Leaders who are corrupt are fully supported and enabled by Federal, State and Counties that look the other way, fund it, refuse to investigate any of their crimes.

Spiritual Abuses run rampant throughout Indian Country. Maybe five True Altars (if that many) exist, but Medicine Men? Thousands! That’s all Black Road when practiced by those who do not carry a True Altar in the Right Way.

A Good Catholic

And the Church is no help either. Look at Tony McDonald. The man claims to be a man of God, but he’s been caught with hookers, sold his own daughter to the Turdlings, Roger, James, Alex, Q-Ball, for 3 Days and 4 nights when she was just a teenager. He was paid well for it, but it destroyed her life, and the lives of those she gave false testimony against in the Eddie Peltier Murder trial where she suddenly became a star witness to point the finger at Richard LaFuente, whom she had never met, to accuse him of confessing to her that he murdered Eddie Peltier.

The Hooker story is a good one, as told by his brother, Demus, who was angry at him at the time, (in the 1980’s) because he would not perform a marriage of his brother Demus to his second wife because, being a good Catholic and Demus’s first wife still being alive, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.  So Demus went around the rez and anywhere that anyone would listen to him and told of how his brother, Tony, had taken all the Church’s money to Denver to attend some conference for the church, and there he hired a black prostitute who then robbed him of all the church’s money. 

Of course, being a Good Catholic, Tony absolved himself of any wrong-doing.  Divorce is an unforgivable sin, but hiring and then being robbed by a prostitute while attending a conference for the Church? A ‘misstep’.

Also, when Tony McDonald was attending school to become a Spiritual/Religious Leader in South Dakota, he tried to get the tribe to pay all of his expenses.  But someone on the Tribal Council (back when there were honest people on council) did a little research and found out that he had been given a full scholarship and that the Church themselves, paid for his expenses. Oh Snap!

Any church service he leads, despite what he says, is Black Road. Then again, everything he does is fake and he only does it for money. He’s a community minded man.

Now that NLO is again Chair of the Tribal Council, perhaps there will be another chance for Tony to make a buck off of the tribe.

When NLO’s mother, Elizabeth Morgan, would open the Lower Sioux Tribal Council Meetings with a prayer, she would charge $500. She’s dead now.  Maybe Tony can take that gig with the blessing of NLO, and do that to the SLN tribe?

Ask at the next meeting, when they open with the prayer, how much that person doing the prayer was paid. No one should ever be paid for praying for anyone--- EVER, regardless of what your religious beliefs are. Any deity that relies on money is a fraud; especially if it is in their own community. It is an honor, not a ‘career’.

But Churches & Medicine Men are scammers, feeding on the desperate while the true spiritual practitioners are watching from the sidelines, as their beliefs and practices are mocked in ways more offensive than I can explain here.

And yet, the frauds, McDonalds, Richard Street, Arapahoe, Patchet, Chaske and others, are treated with respect and deference when they should have all been shunned and run off a long time ago.

The corruption runs deep and through the blood and bones of Indian Country and into every community, into every pocket, into every locked door, even if you don’t ever set foot in Indian Country, the corruption that the Good People endure is visible to them, and it should be to all of us, but those not in Indian Country, seem to be blinded by ignorance and worse, by willful refusal to even think about how it all got this way, and what can be done, needs to be done to stop it, change it and make it better, not just for the Good People of Spirit Lake and the Children, but for all of us, and for our children and grandchildren.

Until we open our eyes and see, and until we confront the corruption, until there is Justice in Indian Country, things will only get worse for all of us.  Those who profit from the corruption will profit even more as we lose more and more.


We are kept ignorant and we are kept divided by issues that have nothing to do with us. We are taught to mistrust people of different skin color, different religions, different diets, different hair… you name it.  It is as if we are all put in cages that ‘keep us safe’ from the others who are in their cages, where they are ‘safe’.  Like animals, we fight over the scraps of our society, getting less and less each time, while those who created those cages and who profit from us being in them, divided, unable to unite against them, walk freely, steal from us, and then when we make too much noise, they threaten us that if we get out of our cages, or they get out of theirs, we’ll be in danger.

It’s time to drop the stupidest, most ignorant, flaming prejudices and bigotry and find a way to come together and free ourselves from these cages of racism, sexism, bigotry and everything else.

It’s time we recognize that the only way we are ever going to be ‘Free’ is to free ourselves and to unite against those who control 90% of the power and wealth in this world, and hold them to account. They did not get it honestly. They got it through and they maintain it because of corruption.

It’s time to end the reign of corruption. It’s time to demand Justice. It’s time to work together.

I will not abide willful ignorance anymore than I will abide someone lying to me.

Neither should you.

You know where to find me.


[Correction: I finally found the correct spelling of Corey Plioum and the age of Rainy which is 23, not 21 and not sure of the age of her daughter, and this posting has been corrected to show that]





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January 5, 2015
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Ostrich Racing

Back in the Bad Ol’ Days when the economy was thoroughly trashed by unregulated speculation in the markets and we had the “Great Depression” (which was later nearly repeated in totality as the regulations that fixed that problem were stripped away over a 40 yr process of “Free Market”) there was great strife all across the land.

There were battles that raged between workers and bosses, many of which were bloody and with fatalities.  There were soup lines in every city and town, where the once prosperous farmers now doubly smacked around by bad banking economy and the Dust Bowl, along with former middle-class working men, lined up for a meal or to take a loaf of bread home.

There were no jobs, there was no hope. There was everywhere, the ruins left by greed and corruption. There were sorrows and grief in the eyes of laborers trekking West in hopes of gaining work, leaving behind broken hopes and dreams, finding mostly more abuse and violence.

The ‘relief’ from all of this, for the masses, was temporary at best. For those who could afford it or sneak into a theater, there was the movies, and matinees and between the movies or before the movies began, there were the ‘Newsreels’, which is how most at that time, gained any real news of what was going on in the world and around their own country.

The newsreels did not show the lines of people seeking work, food, shelter. The newsreels did not show the barbaric, crude, crackdowns of police beating strikers bloody, nor of any strife whatsoever. Instead, they showed Ostrich Races. Little jockeys riding ostriches, their giant flightless wings flapping… the birds not really controllable, going this way and that… the people laughed. 

Other silly races were included: Little dogs being ridden by tiny monkeys, or other distractive ‘entertainment’, anything that would make people laugh, or scratch their heads at the stupidity of the activity, but nothing whatsoever that would show the people how bad the problem really was, and how abusive the police, the government and the corporations had become in their greed and mistreatment of workers.  Anything to keep people from realizing the depth and scope of the poverty inflicted on the nation.

People were only allowed to see that in their own journeys along the way. The masses were not informed and therefor they could not organize nor demand greater, more widespread accountability, laws or regulations. They could not organize, because they were not informed and they could not demand justice for their fellow citizens, and therefor more fair and just treatment for themselves.

They were given Ostrich Races, silliness, entertainment. The greater and worse issues, languished, became worse and lasted longer because the people could not see their common connection to one another and the common benefit to uniting against the economic tyranny that was upon them.

Those who were suffering, who were flung into the ashes of poverty, were blamed for their own circumstances, as if the failures were theirs, and theirs alone. History shows it was not, but at the time, it was debated and the stage was set as the winners and the losers, with the winners must have done it right and the losers must have brought it upon themselves.

Today, we still have ostrich races. We have more sports and entertainment than we have as ‘news’ or information. We are given the distractions of celebrity scandals, which in no way have any effect on our personal lives or well-being, but which take up air time, print and discussion, leaving no time for real discussions, real news on what has happened, and what is currently happening.

Through this muddle of noise and clouds of sparkling glitter, there comes a drumbeat that signals not all is well in Indian Country. There comes a curiosity that reaches beyond the noise and glitter that seeks out to find what has gone wrong, and who is responsible.  People must be distracted, and the media, which is now owned by only a handful of corporations where once there were over a thousand, is very tightly controlled.

For some reason, those corporations that bring you the ‘news’ in the form of entertainment, and cults of personality that have no basis in facts, but which are worshiped by virtue of their own self-promotion or competition with another personality, would love to be able to claim, when history reveals more, that they have covered ‘issues important to Indian Country’, but overall, they only seek to find distractions that will eat up the time, the ink and the discussions, that have nothing to do with what is really at the heart and core of what ails Indian Country, and what is most important to those Good People who dwell therein.

This is where the ‘Racism’ is discussed, but in a sideways style that does nothing to change the lives of a single person in Indian Country. They discuss the names of college and NFL teams, and the debate rages as to whether or not the “Fighting Sioux” or “Redskins” should change to something else.

Yes, they are racist. Yes they should change, but they are hardly the issue of institutional and systemic racism that plagues Indian Country, and which causes the grief and suffering that plagues the communities. 

They are the ‘acceptable’ topics for media to engage in without ever getting near the real poison, without revealing the real wounds, and without discussing the real issues and how to make substantive changes that will have a profound and far reaching effect on every person of Native Heritage, and especially in those communities where the suffering is the greatest, the poverty is the most grinding, and where the consequences are the most harsh. Those consequences, the damage done in Indian Country, mind you, reach far beyond the invisible boundaries of the reservations.

The real issues that ail Indian Country are the corruption and most severely, the corrupt Justice system that inflicts injustice, unfairness and which is revealed in the festers and boils we see as addiction, alcoholism, violence, rape, child rape, murders and suicides.

These corruptions are not slick nor sly. They are obvious and they are known. But the Federal and the State governments protect the worst offenders, punish, threaten, harass and intimidate the victims, witnesses and whistle blowers who point it out.

Address that. Fix that. Discuss that and you will find there is real change and real healing in Indian Country. You don’t need to throw millions more dollars into the toilet of corruption, you need to make accountability and Justice – real Justice, something that the tribes can count on.  They need to know that when they report the theft of funds, the rapes, rapes of children, murders, that there will be real investigations and real justice.

Giving the tribal courts more authority and more power helps no one as the problem is with the incompetence of those appointed as judges, and the dependence of those judges on their Tribal Councilors as allies in order to keep their positions and their paychecks.

Putting more money in without fixing the problem of corruption only makes the corrupt more powerful, and it only further disempowers the victims and it only costs us all, more and more, where it need not.

There are serious issues with corruption and Injustice. There are serious problems with sexual assaults that go unpunished.

Do you really think for one minute that people suffering under those yokes of abuse, corruption and worse, really give a flying crap about the name of a sports team?  Do you really think that is the single most important issue that they want addressed?  But, to listen to ‘news’ which is more entertainment, you would think that solving that name of sports teams issue is the only thing they have to worry about in Indian Country.

You’re being given Ostrich Races, and you think you’re being informed. Doesn’t that make you just a little angry? Or are you happy to see millions and billions of dollars go into Indian Country, never accounted for, and the violence, addiction, suicide and sexual predation of women & children, on and off the rez, go un-remedied, and assume that those who suffer because of it brought it on themselves? That no one higher than them, those who profit from the corruption and the injustice is held accountable, are you okay with that? And are you okay with not being informed about that?  They are wealthy and powerful because ‘they are winners’, right?

The Oil Boom is contaminating the land, the waters and creating horrific sexual abuse, more addiction, even murders, in those tiny boom towns, and in the neighboring reservations that are connected to it.

Fort Berthold Reservation, where Tex G. Hall was chairman, is one of the clearest signs of how that corruption plays to those in power, while hurting everyone else. Read this Article from the New York Times.

Tex Hall has never been investigated for any crime, despite the many he’s been rumored to have been involved in, and where his connections are multiple, strong and many. He has grown so arrogant that he bought himself a yacht. Not just any yacht, mind you, but a 96 ft. Luxury yacht, which sits up on Ft. Berthold, sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb, of Tex Hall thumbing his nose at the people, his people, and all of us, while his tribe lives in poverty, under abuse and corruption as blatant as any, more noticeable than most.

It might interest you to know that Tex Hall is a very close and personal friend to Roger Yankton and his brothers. I am told that he has paid many of Roger Yankton’s legal fees when Roger was fighting the tribe to maintain his chairmanship, despite being legally petitioned out.  I am sure he is good friends with NLO at this time, as she and Roger differ only in reading skill levels, but not much else.

Do you think Tex Hall could have gotten away with any of this without the complicity of State and Federal Agencies? Now, a little accountability might go a long way, doncha think? He is only one of more than a thousand of corrupt leaders, past and present, in Indian Country.

Can you see it yet? Or are you still watching ostrich races and thinking you know what ails Indian Country.

Flashback Splashback

Years ago we discussed how Cory Ploem (spelling?) had gotten away with raping a child when he was a teacher, and she was his student. Somehow, through family connections to powerful people, and his family’s ‘good standing’ in the community, no charges were ever brought, despite her young age and the damage done to her.

Many think that men raping young girls doesn’t have any lasting effect on those young girls. Especially if they have those young girls convinced that it is ‘love’… but the damage is everlasting and effects how they think of themselves, how they expect to be treated or mistreated.  It can set them ‘off’ in ways that may or may not show, and that is why it is against the law, and it is a violation of teacher/student boundaries.

One of his victims, (I am sure there are more than one because he got away with the behavior even after it was known, so no consequences yields more and more serious bad behaviors from predators who feel immune, or above the laws that govern others), the one I spoke of at the time, was named Rainy Hill.

There was a fight at the Oberon Bar last week, between Rainy and Cory, and who knows what it was about, but that night, after the fight, in great distress, Rainy went home and hung herself.

I’m sure he finds a way to say it was not his fault and that she was always crazy, and those who surround and protect him will back him up on that. Far as I am concerned, those who do not shun him for the end result of his selfish acts, his criminal acts against a child who grew into a woman, broken in spirit, confused and unable to reason herself away from him as a predator, only seeing him as her “first”, are as stained as he is for what he has done.  Those who blame her and not him, are his enablers and I am sure he has many.

He preyed upon the young in Indian Country and he got away with it. His victims left only to blame themselves, end themselves of confusion, anger and torment.

But, I am sure that if he discusses what ails those in Indian Country, he will point only the pursuit of racist sports team names. People will think of him as a righteous man, with a big heart, “who loves children”?

Ostrich Races are designed for men like Tex Hall, Cory Ploem, and for those with whom they partner for wealth and power while Indian Country withers and the Nation aches for Justice, but are only given ‘entertainment’.

Justice will heal this Nation and all people within it. Corruption and injustice will only make it worse for all of us.

You know where to find me.






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