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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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September 22, 2014
Failing to Learn From Failure
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Failure is not a bad thing if, after experiencing it, seeing the result, we all learn something from it and do things better next time.

But we live in a corporate, upside-down world these days and no failure so horrific tht we don’t fail again and again in the exact same ways, doing the exact same things with the exact same people running the exact same programs.

In 2009, with George Sheldon at the helm, Florida DCF had a record number of children killed while in the system; more than 160.  He used a little accounting trick to rid himself of that pesky high number, and only counted those who already had coroner’s inquests, and failed to accept the coroner’s inquests as ‘final’ for long enough to keep the number down to 69, which was in itself, higher than the grand total of all children killed while in State Care, from all the other states combined. That’s 49 other states, added together, could not match the 69 number that Sheldon claimed.

He later claimed success measured by how many children were no longer in care. Yes, children who were dead, counted as ‘success’. Children who had been removed from safe Foster homes, and handed back to the very people who had abused, neglected, raped and assaulted them previously, counted as ‘success’.  No wonder the real total was drastically higher!

And we don’t know if there were more than 160, 200, or even 300 children murdered that year while in George Sheldon was at the helm of DCF, because the Miami Herald, who dug up the data, was not given full access to all the records.

Why did he count the number of children who were placed in danger or who had been murdered as ‘success’?  Because that is the criteria set forth by the Casey Family Program that oversees and directs the Departments of Children and Families in most states, if not in all the states by now.

CFP is basically a lobbying organization that has somehow gotten into the system as the private overseer of all these programs.  CFP has one over riding philosophy: Foster Homes are Evil, and children are better off staying with their abusers than to be placed in Foster Care.

You would think that after the first child died, horrifically, they would see the fundamental flaw in their plan. But they didn’t. Nor did they see it when the 10th, 50th, 100th child was murdered… they changed nothing. They kept the criteria for ‘success’ the same, and that was the only benchmark that these agencies had to meet in order to qualify for funding. 

Less and less goes to the children, more and more goes to CFP and the agencies, and Foster Care is left with less and less support, all throughout the land.

That was 2009. Nothing has changed in the CFP overriding principal philosophy since then. Nor before then, for the 40 or more years that they have been infesting children’s services, all the way to the very top of the ACF (Federal) and beyond.  Children died?  That’s one less child in Foster Care, one less child in the system—“Success!”

CFP pats themselves on the back, frequently.  They have a lot of support from the congressmen they have lobbied over the years.  No one asks them for proof that their ‘program’ is working, nor the facts behind the ‘numbers’.  CFP never keeps any accounting of any child deaths. Ever. They can never tell you how many children died while in care, nor how many were killed after they were removed from care. They don’t count those kinds of things.

Nor can they tell you how many children were placed back with rapists and felons. They don’t count those numbers either.  They have been the shadow behind all failed Child Services agencies in the country, and they have made billions off of it, most of it tax free.

September 23-24 they are ‘putting on a show’ at the  Ft. Totten CCCC Amphitheater called: “Spirit Lake Children’s Symposium”. 

You may think CFP is new on the scene of the ever increasingly dysfunctional Tribal Social Services debacles, now headed by the one person that has the least qualifications to the point of having NO qualifications, Melissa Merrick-Brady, who will be one of the featured presenter at this ‘symposium’, but in fact, CFP and their hacks have been guiding Tribal Social Services on the rez for more than 10 years.

Yes, 10 years and they have continued to make it worse and worse. They have learned nothing from the slaughter of the innocents, and they continue to support the worst offenders, while harassing those who would make it better.

They have to support the worst offenders because if those guys go down, they expose the CFP for it’s culpability in these harms and murders to children over the past 10 years.  As children were being raped and murdered, neglected to the point of needing hospitalization, and no one outside of their little club knew about it, some children were actually placed in Foster Care homes outside of the rez, because even with nine qualified homes on the rez, it could not meet the demand of over 100 children needing refuge and care.

Once it got noticed that children were being forced on the rez to live with sex offenders (Registered sex offenders) and in one home, 3 Registered Sex Offenders, none of which are related to the children forced to live with them, it became a matter of ‘showing good numbers’.  Children were yanked out of safe and secure Foster homes, and in many cases, the very homes that had nursed them back to life after severe abuse and neglect, and placed them back into the very homes that were dangerous for them to begin with. 

That covered two areas of ‘data’: 1.) Since most of these Foster Homes were not receiving the payments for the children’s care, (those checks went into someone else’s pockets) so they could clear the books of those, and 2.) removing children from Foster Care was seen as ‘Success’!

In all those thousands of files that were shredded under the orders and control of the BIA when they took over Tribal Social Services, you can bet that they were covering not only the abuses and sex crimes against those children, but hundreds of thousands of dollars that had gone into the pockets of the corrupt who were running Tribal Social Services.

Children with severe medical needs were ripped out of safe homes and handed over to the people who hurt them to begin with, with little or no notice.

That was done with CFP fully aware of what was going on. After all, CFP had been directing the policies and procedures of that department for 10 years. They had to know about all of it. There is no way they could not have known.

Just like in Florida, in 2009, where a one-year sampling is gut wrenching, CFP has overseen and supported the increasingly bad actors in charge of Tribal Social Services.

Further, the BIA and CFP and ACF all ‘intermingle’ their players. People go from CFP directly to work in either the BIA or ACF and vice-versa.  One might say that they have a vested interest in not allowing the corruption in any of those agencies to be revealed or investigated, even at the cost of thousands of tiny lives, brutally cut short and thousands more, forever bent and ruined by constant abuse.

So, if you attend the ‘Symposium’, do ask Anita Fineday of CFP why they don’t keep records of how many children are murdered and how they are murdered and why, if they have that information do they not learn from it over the past 40+ years, and stop putting children in the exact same dangers that lead to their deaths, torture or destruction?  If she tells you she doesn’t have those numbers, ask her who in CFP would have those numbers and that data?

Ask Melissa Merrick-Brady when and where she obtained her Masters in Social Work, which is required to head that department. (She has no degrees that qualify, so expect a really interesting song and dance).

Ask Anita Fineday if CFP in fact did pay for the attorneys or legal fees and travel expenses for Russ McDonald, and why?

And do show up for the Recall on Russ. It’s Today. Some failures can be ousted. Others, like CFP, thrive at the expense of children’s lives and our tax dollars.

You know where to find me.




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September 18, 2014
Meet Your Congressman
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Kevin Cramer will be at the Woodworth Fire Hall, October 7th, 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM on October 7th.  Now is your chance to meet him in persona and discuss with him anything that’s on your mind. 

He’s the only politician in North Dakota willing to take on the Child Abuse/Child Trafficking issues in Indian Country. That says a lot to me. No politician is perfect, but when you find one that has the guts to take on a very well-established system of corruption and risk his seat to do it, that’s the fighter you want in Congress.

If he’s willing to take that on, he’s willing to take anything on. You have an issue you would like to discuss with him, he’s approachable and he’s intelligent and he listens. He also acts on behalf of his constituents. 

One of the more corrupt, incompetent figureheads out on the rez has tried to paint him as an abusive racist, but she herself has fallen into more piles of stinking disgrace than I can count at this point. Her credibility is zero.

The campaign against him has been more of a campaign against anyone questioning the corrupt or investigating the abuses, and corruption within the Tribal Social Services and the BIA, too many of which have lead to the deaths of children, on the rez.  But, despite the opposition, false accusations and extreme exaggerations of what he has said or done, he has steadfastly persevered to break open the walls of corruption and demand protection for the children and justice for those who have been abused. 

He’s still working at that, despite the political pressure and political opposition to his efforts.  That Takes Courage.

So, go and talk to him, about that, or anything. There are issues that concern North Dakotans on several levels: Oil, fracking, Man Camps, Agriculture, Workplace safety and protections… he’s there to represent you.  That’s all you can ever expect from someone you elect.

Oh, I forgot to mention, there are Free Hamburgers for Lunch at that meeting. Make mine a cheeseburger with onions and jalapeños!

Yes, I’m still a foaming at the mouth Registered Democrat that thinks the GOP has collectively lost its way, but I know a good representative when I see one.  Anyone not willing to investigate and demand justice and a plan to put an end to the child abuse, is not someone that cares about you now or the future that shapes up under their watch.  I have seen only political  *Mexican Hat dances from the North Dakota Democrats on this one.

*Those not familiar with Mexican Hat Dance, the hat is thrown on the floor and the music plays, the singers sing and the dancers stomp and clap all around the hat but never touch it.  Heitkamp is a great example of Mexican Hat Dancing technique.

So, if it is an issue that concerns you that you feel is important, take it up with Cramer.  He does more than just ‘listen’.


I was thrilled to hear that people on the rez are asking for yard signs to show their support for Cramer.  It’s a twofer: They show support for Cramer and they get to publicly post a slap at Melissa Merrick-Brady and her over the top drama.  I would also suggest, for those wishing to make a clearer statement about Ms. Brady that they make their own Yard Signs with a ‘fainting couch’ prominently displayed. Post that in your yard.

Mystified McDonald

Poor Russ McDonald. He’s being recalled and he has no clue why, so he says. Claims he didn’t even have an inkling that it was in the works. So, let’s add “Stupid” to the rest of his crimes:

As the Director of the Elders’ Program, he failed to get a single grant because he did not properly file any of the grants on behalf of the tribe and the Elder’s program is now in a shambles with Elders unable to even get transportation to their medical appointments, and the meals have been cut out.

This from a man who claims to have a PhD? What in? BTW, even though he failed to secure those grants he was still paid the bonuses on top of his salary as if he had successfully achieved those bonuses.

He tampered with the St. Mike’s re-vote, twice: Letting them have the re-vote and then cancelling it on them twice.

He lied to congress about the conditions in Tribal Social Services, and he lied about Thomas Sullivan, saying that Sullivan had not responded to him when he had, and that Sullivan was offered a job with the tribe, which was laughable at best.

He has put the least qualified person possible, as the Director of Tribal Social Services, Melissa Merrick-Brady, who is at best clueless. Clueless when she testified before congress and could not answer a single question, and humiliated when she spoke at United Tribes a few weeks ago, to a conference of Social Workers, who gave her a drubbing.  She was a failure, and blatantly corrupt as the Victims’ Assistance Director, and is even worse at Tribal Social Services Director, which actually requires basic qualifications, of which she has none.

He was instrumental in the firing of several long time directors from various departments and handing those jobs over to less-than qualified people who are less apt to question the corruption and misbehavior.

He has allowed two of the Tribal Councilors, Mardell Lewis and Joel Redfox, both married to other people, to openly carry on an affair, travel together, fail to show up at meetings, etc.

On top of it all, he never should have been allowed to run for any office because he was not an enrolled member of SLN for the required 1 yr. prior to holding office. (Again, see Doug Longie, Election Board corruption).

That’s just a short and recent list. If people were not so desperate to get rid of Roger, who really needed to go, Russ would never have been placed in there.

Russ is ‘stunned’ by all this. I guess he thought you’d buy his BS forever?

No one believes a word he says because he’s been caught in too many outright, stupid lies. He’s as big an embarrassment to the tribe, if not moreso, than is Melissa Merrick-Brady.

The Tribe has been up in arms, passing around and signing petitions and showing up to vote on those recalls, several times in the past two years.  There’s going to be more petitions and more recalls until the corruption is rooted out. Those who get into office should know by now, that SLN is not going to lie down and just take it anymore.  If you are corrupt or incompetent, there will be a recall and people will show up.

Russ is counting on people showing up to support him 10:00 AM, Monday September 22, in the Casino Auditorium. He has taken the tribe even further downhill and embarrassed the Good People of Spirit Lake, one too many times.  From what I have seen, even his own family is disgusted with him. I want number tallies as soon as you get them, folks.

I know it is tedious to keep having recalls, but until there is firm legal action to remove all the corrupt (you can start with Doug Longie and his gang), this is how it has to be. Your elected leaders may be (for now) corrupt and incompetent, but by showing up on the recalls, you show you are not their fools.

I strongly suggest you have someone of integrity in mind to replace him with.  Otherwise, we’ll be going back to this in a very short time.  He absolutely needs to go, just like Roger, he’s a stain.

You know where to find me.





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September 15, 2014
STFU Freeman Whiteshield
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It seems Freeman has a bug up his butt because Betty Jo Krenz is using the picture of Baby Laurynn to fundraise in order to get people to Washington, DC to speak before Congressional Committees regarding the level of abuse and corruption in Tribal Social Services.

Freeman is sick and tired… “of that woman using pictures of my dead grandchild to get money.”

You see, Baby Laurynn died at the hands of her grandmother, Freeman’s wife. She had been abused, neglected and battered by that woman and others in that house, ever since Tribal Social Services wrenched her and her twin sister away from the safe, secure, loving and nurturing foster home a few months earlier.  Freeman did nothing to protect her.

Neither did Timothy Purdon, who claims boldly that all the 13 Mandated Reports submitted by Thomas Sullivan months earlier, in which Baby Laurynn and her sister were both profiled as in danger, were thoroughly investigated.  He has never answered as to how or why, if he investigated all those reports, Baby Laurynn and her sister were left in the care of a woman who was clearly unfit and unsafe. 

Back to Freeman, who has this indignant Indian act he puts on about that ‘woman’ when he refers to Betty Jo Krenz, whom he wants to “Shut Up,”  “make her stop talking.” 

He gets a lot of sympathy from the assembled drunks and abusers at the General Assembly meetings.

I’ve had about enough of that crap coming from him. He did nothing to protect that child or her sister.  When he ‘found her dead’ bruised, broken, he tried to declare it was ‘SIDS’ which is the go-to excuse for a lot of dead children on the rez, in case you have ever wondered.

No sooner was she carted out of the house than he and his family were down at the Blue Building, collecting their ‘death/funeral’ checks from the tribe.  None of them went to her funeral. None of them went to the wake. None of them paid for the burial. None of them even bothered to buy a gown for her to be buried in. That was donated by people who were clearly NOT her family.

So, Freeman, looks like the only one you think should make money off of a dead baby, one not even three-years old, is you and your family.

Those of you cheering him on, think about it: You’re cheering for a man who allowed those tiny babies to be neglected, abused, and one of them stomped and kicked to death and then tried to claim it was ‘SIDS’.

You are cheering for the same ASS that collected funeral checks off her dead body and then never bothered to even show up at the wake or funeral.   She was buried in a gown that was donated because her family, the ones that all collected their checks for her dead body, spent all the money on themselves.  Didn’t Even Buy That Child A Gown.

The family is not ‘grieving’, they’re greedy, abusive and a disgrace to Indians everywhere.  The man has no shame.

Most Human Beings would be too ashamed to stand up in public and proclaim themselves outraged at the woman who is, at great personal risk, and personal financial output, fighting to put an end to the corruption and abuse that is destroying so many lives, young lives and families, out there in Spirit Lake Nation.

Not Freeman. He stands up and proclaims Betty Jo to be the problem.  He does not see that he is the problem. He and those like him, who allow their children and grandchildren to be abused and neglected in their own home, under their own noses and then try to pass their murders off as ‘accidents’ or ‘SIDS’.

He and his family had no hesitation in collecting funds for that child’s funeral, which they never used for that child’s funeral.  If you stand by and allow him to speak with no one telling him to STFU, then you all support the abusers, the greedy, and the numbers of dead babies will continue to stack up like cordwood while you say nothing to those who blame others for their crimes.

Freeman wants the support of the Tribe to silence Betty Jo. If she goes silent, who will speak for the children? Who will speak out against the corruption that is robbing every single one of you? How does anything get better if those who abuse and those who allow the abuse tell you who can and who cannot speak up?

If you don’t care about the children of Spirit Lake, stand with Freeman.  If you care about the Children of Spirit Lake, tell Freeman and those like him to STFU.  You have to speak out FOR the Children or you become part of the silent support, the cowardly, who allow this to continue.

Take a side, stand up. We’ll figure out who you are sooner or later.  So will the children who grow into adults, and know if their community cared about them or their community abandoned them to the abusers, when they were just babies.

They’ll know who perpetuated their nightmares. They’ll know who turned away from them. They’ll remember who stood by their abusers.

When you see Freeman, turn your back. When you see anyone in his family, turn your back until they stand apart from him. Pity the children still in his home.  The ones that Suna Guy has unlimited access to, despite being a registered sex-offender, despite charges of child rape already hanging over his head.

Freeman is a piece of work. It takes a lot of nerve for someone with his dark track record, and a grandchild beaten to death by his wife while he looked the other way, to stand up and say anything at a General Assembly. Then again, Spirit Lake is so used to corruption and abuse, they tolerate the abusers in their presence and seek to find ways to make them happy.

Freeman wants Betty Jo excluded from the rez. Yeah, the abuser wants to exclude the person who speaks up; the person who tried to prevent the death of his grandchild.  Tell me how that makes sense to the Good People of Spirit Lake.

Maybe the person that needs to shut up, is Freeman. Maybe the person that needs to be excluded from SLN is Freeman and his family, especially Suna Guy.  Maybe if The Good People of Spirit Lake were thinking straight, that would have already happened.

Road Trip Without A Map

Good news! The petition against Russ McDonald has been turned in with plenty of signatures. Bad news: No one has any plans for WHO will replace him.  So, out of the frying pan and into the fire? Folks, you need a plan.

You also need to get rid of Doug Longie from the Election Board. He runs that like his own little Kingdom. He has allowed the convicted rapist, Joel Redfox, to be elected when he never should have been allowed to run.

And, I have learned after searching for months and months, that the disqualifying of Robert Old Rock who was running for one of the council seats, was fraudulent. There is no Felony on Robert Old Rock’s Record.  His record is cleaner than Joel Redfox’s. So, why was Robert Old Rock thrown out of the election at the last minute?  The Election Board won’t say, and they should, because it was not legitimate.

So, as long as you have a crooked Election Board that allows sex offenders/rapists to be elected, but disqualify people like Robert Old Rock, without cause, you will never have anyone to replace the corrupt you petition out of office.  That will leave you with only more corrupt to replace them with. So, what’s the point?

I’m happy you all are showing your disapproval for Russ. He’s a liar, and, I am told, he has used tribal funds to pay off his debts.  He lied in front of Congress and he too, is part of that ongoing conspiracy to discredit those who are working against the odds, to protect the children. He needs to go, but with Doug Longie running the Election Board, you will never have a qualified candidate to replace him.  SLN will be in a constant state of Petition until people just give up on it altogether, which is exactly what the corrupt want. They want you to quit so they can do whatever they want, with no regard for the tribe, no regard for the laws, the constitution and most of all, no concern for the children who are abused and murdered while they stuff tribal cash into their own pockets.


Boo! Hiss!

Melissa Merrick-Brady has made a complete ass of herself in front of room full of real Social Workers and people who know what Social Services and Victim’s Assistance is.  She got up and spoke at a United Tribes Conference, and was immediately called out and dressed down like a turkey, by members of the audience, because she clearly had no clue about what was involved in either agency, despite her being the Director in both agencies.

It was humiliating for the Tribe to have her laughed at and scolded publicly as she ‘represented’ Spirit Lake Nation.  I’m sure she’ll go back to her fainting couch and declare that Congressman Cramer (who was not in attendance) was so mean to her that she lost her confidence in Public Speaking. It was more like a Public Spanking for her, than a Public Speaking.

All she could do was stand up there, stammering, unable to respond to a single statement, and say: “I’ll have to look into that,” over and over again.  Spirit Lake becomes more and more the Joke of All The Tribes when people like her ‘Represent’.

She’ll feel much better shortly. Her pal, Heidi Heitkamp has just gotten a huge financial windfall for Melissa Merrick-Brady’s department.  I say ‘windfall’ because that money will not be spent where it is intended, but on more shopping and more junkets, and more utility bills paid for Ms. Merrick-Brady.  Remember how she took the emergency credit cards intended to help battered women and children get housing, food? Yes, she took them and paid her bills with them and declared that she was entitled to do so because “I’m a victim too.”

 Imagine what she’ll do with all these new funds at her disposal. She denied assistance to some of the most abused women & children out there when she ran Victim’s Assistance Department.  Imagine what she will do now that she has access to all the funds that are supposed to go to the children, who have no voice?

Booing and Hissing is not enough. She needs to be criminally investigated. She needs to be removed from the Director’s position at Tribal Social Services. She has NO qualifications, other than her palling around with Heidi Heitkamp, and a few others.

People need real help out there. Rape and abuse damage the social fabric of the entire community and the surrounding communities also get dragged down when there is no refuge, no rescue and no oversight of the agencies that fail the community so often and so badly. Only allowing the corrupt to oversee or direct these departments, hurts the community.

You can’t get qualified people in there because the Tribal Council only supports the corrupt and the abusers. There are no consequences for the abusers or their enablers.  No one who is qualified is going to sign on when they have no way to carry out their duties and no protection from the abusers and the corrupt tribal councilors.

For that reason, Social Services and Victim’s Assistance need to be removed from the Tribe and the Tribal Council entirely and moved to the County or State Level where there will be some accountability.

As it is now, millions of tax dollars just go right down the toilet. Merrick-Brady is one of those toilets.

Heitkamp can make all the long-winded speeches she wants. But she always ends up failing to demand Justice and failing to demand investigations into the abuses and corruptions. Her response to the crisis of Child Rape on the rez is “More language and Cultural classes & events.”

How does any of that prevent child rape? How does any of that protect the children who are being raped? 


Heitkamp was the State Attorney General for years. She wants to say either she never heard of this problem before, which would make her one of the dumbest State AGs ever, or that she couldn’t do anything about it when she got reports back then? Now that she’s a senator, she wants to solve the child rape crisis not with investigations, not with accountability, not with rescue of the children and not with Justice, but with Language and Cultural funding.

This latest purse-load of cash is coming via VAWA.  There will be no accountability for how it is used by people like her brunch buddy, Melissa Merrick-Brady, or any of the others like her.

That’s Ms. Heitkamp pretending to do something when in fact, she also, for some strange unknown reason, wants nothing to be done.

By her actions, her lack of support for Betty Jo, Dr. Tilus, Thomas Sullivan, and her unlimited support of Merrick-Brady makes it clear that she too, would like Betty Jo to just stop talking. She and Freeman have a lot more in common that way, than perhaps she wants you to know.  They’re so close, I’m surprised she doesn’t have fleas.

You know where to find me.




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September 8, 2014
Disconnection From the Shared World
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There was a time when we were all connected to one another, to the land, the water, and all the creatures that we share this world with, and we were aware of our place in this world, to one another, and we were aware of the effect our actions and inactions had on the world around us, other people, and all the creatures we share this world with.

Right and Wrong were not things that were taught in schools or in churches, but were inherent in each of us, as natural as breathing.  We made mistakes, suffered consequences, and learned from all of it and taught each generation how to respect nature, respect others, respect themselves.

It was not a perfect world, but it was a world in balance. We understood what was coming at us because of what we had seen happen or what had been done. We knew what to expect and dealt accordingly.  We understood balance and consequences.

We knew that if we did not hunt and gather, we would starve and we would perish. We knew that if we mistreated others, we would be outcast and unable to survive on our own.  We knew that if we took all of the fish, there would be no more fish. We knew that if we sickened the water with our wastes, that we would become sick from that water.

We knew that if we took all there was of a plant, that plant would not be there the following year, or perhaps ever again.  We took what we needed, and we left the rest for others and for other times.

We knew that if we allowed our children to be mistreated, our children would grow up to mistreat others; that they would not take care of us when they were bigger and stronger and we were older and weaker.

They would either become mean, or confused, or they would not survive and we would have no one. The Future is Shaped In the Present.  We understood that; as natural as breathing.

We knew that if someone was acting out, out of balance, mean, or dangerous that it was not because they were born that way, but rather because they were shaped that way, by what happened to them when they were little.

Somewhere along the line of our evolution, we became disconnected from all that. We lost track of cause & effect, especially with our own actions and the effects upon those around us, for generations to come.  We mistreat the lands & waters & wonder why we become sickened, and why there is so much hunger.

We allowed children to suffer, and did not demand justice for the living or the dead. Justice became more and more uneven, out of balance.

We see the high crime rates, suicides of young people, addictions, violence and we assume ‘it just happens that way’ or people are ‘born that way’.  We know better, but we chose to pretend it has nothing to do with us, or what we allowed to happen to them when they were children. We shake our heads and say it is a crying shame, but we don’t know how to stop it or who to blame.

We see horrific tragedies unfold on the news and we would, if we could, in our rage and our horror, we would have stopped them if we could. We would have changed the outcome if we could. If only we could.  We could have. But we didn’t.

We can.  The events that horrify us: the suicides, the rapes, the murders, the overdoses, the prostitution, the violence, the worst of the worst, all started taking shape years before that person who committed them, became an adult.

All those events, and the events yet to come, are all being set in motion now, in homes where children are being horribly abused, neglected and mistreated.  If we can stop the mistreatment of these children, we can change their future, and our own, as well as the future of everyone around us.

We have agencies that are supposed to protect children, but they are not doing their job. We have law enforcement that are supposed to investigate crimes against children, but they are not doing their job. We have a USAG in North Dakota, who refuses to investigate child rapes that are reported to him, or even to respond appropriately to the 13 Mandated Reports sent directly to him.  We have the head of the ACF harassing people who report crimes against children. We have the BIA refusing to investigate crimes and in many cases, becoming complicit in crimes against children and adults.

We have Casey Family Programs infesting every level of child protection with the goal of “Making it unnecessary to have children in Foster Care” as if Foster Homes, the very refuges that these children need to rescue them from the abuse and neglect, are the villains.

The goal is not to protect the children, but to deny them rescue.  CFP has drained billions of tax dollars out of our system, money that would have better served the children had it gone to their care, rather than to the political machinery that grinds them up and spits them out as adults, if they survive.

CFP has no proven method for protecting children. Their failures are monstrous and many. They don’t keep records of how many children perish while their methods are being enforced. They don’t keep records of how many children are raped, molested, or go missing while their policies and practices are being enforced.  They don’t count.

The 69 children reported as having died while in care in Florida in 2009, while George Sheldon was that State’s Director of DCF, turned out to be more than 3x times that number of actual deaths! We will never know how many children actually did die that year because the records were hard to find. You see, there were ‘tricks’ used to conceal the number of failures that resulted in child deaths. Delaying approval of the coroner’s reports meant that those deaths were not ‘counted’, was one trick.  

Yes, they played ‘political numbers games’ with actual dead children.  How many other states have the same practices and policies? How many other states use ‘tricks’ to conceal the deaths or disappearances of children so that ‘they don’t count’?

We would be outraged if we knew. So they don’t tell us. Because we don’t know, we can’t deny them billions more in our tax dollars, as they carry on, failing the children, more and more every year.  They never have to prove anything with any real numbers, ever. And they have OUR money with which to bribe/lobby our elected officials to make laws that suit them.  Yes, they lobby with our money. No one asks how many children died under their watch. No one asks them why they didn’t learn from the first death, or the tenth, or the thousandth… It’s all politics. We are not supposed to ask. We are not supposed to know.

If we knew, we’d demand changes that would protect the children. We would not allow CFP to get another nickel. We’d remove them from every level of childcare in every agency.  We would demand that those appointed actually had a plan to make this a safer place for children. A plan to rescue those who are abused; not just hide their dead, tortured, mutilated bodies under some mattresses somewhere.

So, they simply conceal from us, the numbers that make them look as ugly as they are. And they keep taking our tax dollars away from the children that need them, and they keep their tax exemptions and their high salaries and their ‘non-profit’ status. It’s a scam.

We have to if we are going to have any kind of future that is less violent, make the truth count and those kids have to count and those who don’t want ‘messy reports’ out there have to be held accountable.

If we don’t hold accountable those who are doing the harm and those who are both letting them do the harm and protecting those who do the harm, if we don’t demand full accountability today, the violence we reap tomorrow, is our own doing. WE allowed it to go on; we allowed it to get worse.  We can stop tomorrow’s violence, addiction, suicides and worse, today.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence

You break the cycle of violence with Justice.  No one can stop every instance, but we can, where we know and there are reports, prevent those from becoming future tragedies.  We can save ourselves tomorrow if we save the children today.

There is no other way. The future is being shaped right now. It’s up to us how it turns out.

When those who are wounded receive both rescue and Justice, they can heal. When they see that those who did harm were held accountable, they reconnect to society and to other Human Beings and feel like they belong, and the laws are fair.  They are less likely to become violent, psychopathic ‘outsiders’ or ‘lone wolves’  or gang members, looking to hurt others.

As it is now, the laws are a joke. They are not enforced. Predators are protected. Victims are harassed, threatened and smeared by the very agents and agencies that should be standing up for them, but choose instead, to protect the predators for reasons of politics and worse.

We have good laws. We just fail to enforce them. We can’t even get the USAG in North Dakota to take the side of a girl who just turned thirteen when she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend.  “There’s always two sides to every rape story” he tells us. The rapist was 38 years old, there are not ‘two sides’ to that rape story--- but he refuses.

He also refuses to charge the registered sex offender who has been raping a girl who is 15 because her mother refuses to protect her from him.

Rape is a felony. All felonies on Federal Lands, including tribal lands, are the purview of the Federal Government.

Of course, like not counting the actual number of dead babies, the criminals who run the tribes are conspiring with the Federal Government to remove Federal oversight from all felonies committed on Tribal Lands.  They want to remove the last shred of legal cloth that is supposed to guarantee justice for those who live in Indian Country. Leave it up to the Tribal Courts, and the corruption that is built into that system.

Billions of dollars go uncounted through Indian Country every month: Resource extraction, casinos, government grants, timber, gravel, mining, farming, manufacturing, etc…. And those who are corrupt control most of it and it gives them tremendous political power at all levels.

They can tell the police what to do. They can tell the judges what to do. They can tell the Senators what to do. They can tell the USAG that a child that reports a rape is not worthy of having their report investigated. 

People get rich from all this. People become part of a political power building machine through all of this.  But the children are paying the price.  And we are paying the price, both economically now and in the future, as well as in the surging crime rates, and the ever increasing violence that comes as a consequence of allowing children to be raped, trafficked, abused, mistreated, robbed and told to shut up if they dare complain.

The violence, addictions, suicides, abuses we see today were set in motion decades ago when the policies became more political and we quit asking questions of those in charge. 

We should have seen it coming.  Those who did were told then as they are told now, to shut up and stop making reports.

We can change that. We can even regain billions of dollars if we start prosecuting those who have profited off of the abuse and rapes, trafficking and neglect of children.  We can penalize those who commit the crimes rather than those who are the victims of those crimes or those who report those crimes.

We can investigate and we can prosecute and we can take back the properties, cash, and other valuable things that were bought with ill-gotten gains (theft from the people), and as we do that, we can bend the view of society towards Justice, and the victims can see rescue, and know they will be safe because the people that did this to them will never be able to do it to them again—ever.  We can give them that and they can become healthier mentally, emotionally and physically as adults.

Or we can just shrug our shoulders and pretend things ‘just happen’ and ‘people are born that way’, and be really disgusted when we see prostitution on the streets, addicts shuffling out of the alleys and darkened doorways, and shocked when we hear of violent crimes, and outraged when we hear of children being tortured and terrorized by people who themselves, as children, were tortured and terrorized.

We should insist that those who are appointed or elected are held accountable for every dead child on their watch. We can insist that organizations that take public dollars and institute nonsensical practices that deny children rescue, are removed from every level of government that deals with child protection. 

We can insist that we know how many children died and how. Every dead child counts. Every living child counts.

Most of all, every living child counts. Every child that needs rescue should have a safe, loving, nurturing home to go to. It’s time we stopped letting organizations such as Casey Family Programs, which doesn’t factor in their failures, which increase in numbers every year for the past 40 years, it’s time we stopped letting them dismantle the safety net that are supposed to protect our children. Stop dismantling and underfunding Foster Care and then claiming that children who are tortured to death ‘Fell Through The Cracks’.

Keeping children in dangerous, abusive homes for the sake of keeping the ‘numbers of children in Foster Care down’ has had a devastating impact on our society, and it’s time we stopped that.

It’s time we had the BIA removed as an agency. They’ve become a cult of corruption.  When 960’s are ignored, children suffer. When files are shredded to cover corruption, children suffer.

Thousands of files were shredded when the BIA took over Tribal Social Services. As if the ‘problem’ of children being raped, abused, trafficked could be solved by shredding the evidence that either the children or the reports of their abuse, ever existed.

When the USAG refuses to investigate Federal Crimes that are reported to him by those who work in the Federal Government, he needs to be investigated.  There has to be a direct connection between the USAG in ND, Timothy Purdon, and those who are preying on those children for him to refuse to investigate or charge, and for him to then lie about investigating, when no investigation ever took place.

Corruption is thriving at every level of Law Enforcement and Government and it’s killing children, and producing monsters who then haunt our daily lives.

Children are paying the price now. We and our children, and our grandchildren, will pay the price when the children who survive, without intercession, without rescue, without Justice, become big enough and strong enough to take out their long simmering anger on those around them. Will it be you? Me? Or their children?

There was a time when we would have known all this. Back when we were connected to other Human Beings and knew our place in this world, and the effect of our actions and inactions upon this world and the future that comes from what we do today, especially the future that comes from what happens to the children today.

You know where to find me.





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September 01, 2014
Pieces of the Ugly Puzzle
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It’s confounding to most people that those who should be acting on the reports of child abuse, child rapes, child trafficking, and investigating the crimes against children, are instead, refusing to investigate the reports, lying about investigating the reports, harassing those who make the reports, and letting children endure horrendous torture and abuse, which sometimes leads to their deaths by murder or accident.

More confounding to many, is why these agencies, particularly the HHS, DOJ, IHS, FBI are instead, forming as much as possible, a political, financial and physical flying wedge to allow the pedophiles, the abusers, the rapists, the traffickers, to avoid investigations.  Clearly, that is exactly what is happening, and we have seen it, openly, on display where Spirit Lake Reservation is concerned.

We’ve heard of massive document shredding in Tribal Social Services--- but nothing is done. No investigations started. Millions of dollars and hundreds of children not accounted for, and no one is looking for either the money, nor the missing children.

There are children that are known to have been trafficked, some of them stolen on the day they were born, and sold, but all the agencies in the Alphabet Soup, are doing nothing to investigate.  They are all of them, instead, pursuing smear campaigns and ongoing threats and harassment against those who make the reports.  It’s blatant. It’s obvious and it’s corrupt. It’s also system wide and deep, nested and infested into every agency, at every level.

We hear about dozens of 960’s being filed on a single case, hundreds filed on other cases, being ignored, shredded, but not acted on the way the law proscribes them to be acted on.  One 960 should be enough to remove the child immediately from danger.  But no one is looking. Those who dare, are out of a job, harassed, threatened, attacked, and their reputations smeared by their supervisors, and their “Boss’s boss”, as Marrianne McMullen likes to say about herself, as she and those below her engage on multi-level harassment of Thomas Sullivan and anyone else that would dare to do their job and try to protect these children by demanding investigations into the abuse of children and the corruption within the agencies that are supposed to be protecting them.

Now, with yet another infant dead last week, a child whose parents are severely addicted and incapable of caring for themselves, much less an infant, we wonder why that child was sent home with those parents, or left with those parents.  It’s an outrage. People get angry at the parents.

But no one wants to look at Tribal Social Services that ignores the dangers that these tiny babies are placed in, over and over and over again.  No consequences for Melissa Merrick-Brady over this latest dead baby. No consequence to Kevin Dauphinais for the other murdered children… no one is taking responsibility.

“Children are Sacred” they will tell you, but not sacred enough to not be raped, tortured, abused or left in fatally flawed homes where parents are so high they don’t know when they have smothered their own child.

Reports get ignored, children are raped, tortured or killed. And the Head of the ACF, Marrianne McMullen and her Flying Monkeys, set out to silence the man who makes the reports that they ignore.

Thomas Sullivan was told that if he hears about a child that is being abused, rather than filing a report, he should “dial 911”.  I’m sure McMullan and James Murray and George Sheldon are still knee slapping and guffawing at that one. “I know! I know! I got it! Tell him to ‘dial 911’!”  It’s how they entertain themselves. Abuse of those who try to stop the abuse of children has become among the elites.

They want you, me, him, all of us to stop reporting Child Abuse. They don’t want to hear about it. They will, if they hear about it, protect the Predators, the abusers, and the corrupt.  That IS what they are doing.  It is what they have been doing for years. They need to answer as to why they are doing it. Why they are not investigating even the agencies and organizations they fund, for how those millions of dollars are being spent, wasted, embezzled every month.  Not even the corruption bothers them.

The corrupt are their best friends, closest allies. It’s a feeding frenzy where money goes missing by the millions and children end up raped, dead or grow into violent adults, addicted, unable to connect to other Human Beings in ways that are not destructive.

Whatever Evil is making them do that is anyone’s guess, but Evil it is, and Evil is what they do.  And we are all living with the end results of those kinds of bad practices.  Our sense of security is diminished. We hear about more violence, more addictions, more abductions, more sex crimes, more suicides, and no one connects the dots to the children whose cries were ignored, and whose abuses were unending.  We just assume “They chose to be that way.”

The agencies and organizations have, for as long as they have been in existence, in Indian Country and in those corners of poverty where people have little education or limited access to assistance, in those places where children are the most vulnerable are considered Fair Game by people in those agencies that benefit one way or another, from the suffering of children. No one in those agencies is ever held accountable for any of it. Not even when they themselves break the laws and refuse to follow legal protocols, are they ever held accountable. Instead, they become political heavyweights and climb the ladders of success, stepping over hundreds of dead children every year, to do it.

Another recent example of Children being placed in danger by the very agency that should be monitoring all aspects of their safety is the Denver Office of DHS, in Colorado. A story that ABC News has been investigating has made a splash: “Denver DHS Admits Fingerprint Background Check Failures, After Multiple Denials”.

That means they were in fact NOT doing thorough background checks on the homes that children most at risk were being homed---and they were lying about it. 

How did a story like this come to light? How did it take a TV Station to investigate when the departments and agencies that oversee DHS failed to do their job? I’m guessing that people got tired of reporting to higher and higher ups only to be ignored, ridiculed or threatened, perhaps harassed? 

And I am guessing that children have been getting hurt, or placed in homes with criminals and it bothered someone or several “someones” enough that they finally went to the media with what they knew.  People don’t go to the media as a first resort, they go after trying every other avenue, in-house, and reporting to law enforcement as high up as the FBI, and getting no investigations for years, and being harassed for reporting, they finally go public and then everyone acts ‘shocked’ by the revelations when in fact, they were told, time and time again, and refused to act.

When DHS in a major metropolitan area such as Denver, Colorado, dodges the basics in protocols that are supposed to protect children, and then lie about it, repeatedly to anyone that dares question them on it, it is because they feel confident that those above them, perhaps even all the way up to ACF’s McMullen, will gladly look the other way, as children are put in danger.

That agency heads routinely, frequently lie when it comes to how children are not being protected, shows they have an interest in something other than the safety of those children in mind and in practice.

This kind of corruption, and it is corruption, is politically motivated, politically supported within the system, whether it is on a small reservation in North Dakota putting only a few hundred children in danger every year, or in a large metro area as big as Denver, or even bigger if we follow the pattern of corruption, and into every town, city in-between. 

This is what I mean when I say that what is happening on the Rez is putting everyone at risk, because it is happening everywhere, and for the same reason: Corruption.

Corruption in the very agency that is supposed to protect our children. Children who will, (if they survive), grow up to be our future.  Our future will be safer or more violent depending on how they are treated today.

The root of the problem is becoming more and more clear. Ccorruption, in every level that is supposed to oversee child safety & well-being, including law enforcement and programs, are failing and failing due to corruption, and it is costing us billions of tax dollars and a future headed for more and more extreme violence that will affect us directly or indirectly, without exception.  We are paying criminals to create monsters that will directly impact our lives now and in the future.

They will, as they become more and more exposed for their corruption, try to declare that “The System Is Broken”.  The system is NOT broken—it is infested with the corrupt.  The laws are clear, they are just not enforced, and that’s where we must start.  Enforce the laws. Hold accountable those who refuse to investigate. Hold accountable those who commit crimes. Hold accountable those who protect those who are hurting children.  Start there. Create a ‘Study’ later.

The corrupt who infest the power structure of these agencies need to be held accountable for their failures and their harassment of those who dare speak out.  Harassment that has become extreme and even criminal on several occasions.

Old laws and New Laws are worthless if there are no penalties for those who fail to enforce them. If there are no penalties for those who shred and destroy reports and files, what is to stop anyone in those powerful positions from continuing on with the corruption at the expense of children, whose stories only reveal to us when so horrific their torture or death that media displays it for us.  We can prevent it if we demand accountability.  We can prevent it if we demand that the laws be enforced.

In the meantime, we have Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who is thoroughly apprised of the tortures of these children and thinks that instead of enforcing existing laws, or even demanding immediate investigations,  what is needed is more (funding) for cultural and language programs on the rez.

(Remember: If you know of a child that is raped, be sure to recommend cultural and language programs rather than police investigations or law enforcement. It’s the political solution that changes nothing)

Heitkamp was the State Attorney General for North Dakota and she never took action to protect the children on the rez. One wonders if she made it through her entire career in that department without getting a single report?  Or, did she receive several and then, ran for Senator so she could solve the crimes against children by creating more funding for a ‘study’ and more Cultural and Language classes?  

That she can deliver such nonsensical ‘solutions’ with a straight face shows she is well-practiced in distraction techniques. She has either not grasped the severity of child rape on the rez, or she has decided that too many of her political allies would be upset if she demanded investigations. Either way, she deserves to have her motives or her IQ scrutinized—or both.

It is an evil that permeates our government and law enforcement at every level, from the very first contact all the way up to the White House, and it has infested every agency, rooting itself deep inside the power structure, networked into the hierarchies, and political realms, possessing and controlling levers that go into other networks and other realms.  And it has been decades in the making, so don’t think it is one party or one Administration that is responsible. This is not NEW. This is the core of Evil rotting to the point that it is visible on the rez, and in Florida, and in Colorado.  Turn over any rock in any State and it is there as well.

By now it should be obvious that something very, very dark is upset that there is opposition standing up to them, dragging them out into the light.  You cannot get all those highly placed, appointed and elected types, to join together to harass people who are reporting crimes against children, unless it goes to the very top of each agency and to the very people who appointed them, or who recommended them for appointment.

This is not an accident. This is not an oversight. This is repeated, concerted efforts to silence those who are making the reports and demanding investigations.

One of the people who was at the top echelon of Cyber Security for HHS, is a man named Timothy DeFoggi who was the Acting Director, no less, of Cyber Security for HHS, was busted back in March for kiddie porn and worse.

Timothy DeFoggi, 56, was convicted of "engaging in a child exploitation enterprise, conspiracy to advertise and distribute child pornography, and accessing a computer with intent to view child pornography."

It gets worse, much worse:

"DeFoggi even suggested meeting one member in person to fulfill their mutual fantasies to violently rape and murder children," according to the press release.

His main responsibility at HHS? Operating Systems Internet Technology Security Officer (OS ITSO) at Indian Health Services. (IHS).

Let that fantasy of his, “violently raping and murdering children” sink in a bit.

Now, ask yourself this: With the opposition that Thomas Sullivan and others have faced through HHS, IHS in particular, do you think DeFoggi is the ONLY one in that agency at a high level that indulges in this sort of thing?

Do you think that maybe he felt secure enough in his position and power, and his political connections that he felt he could meet up with someone and just go do a few kids?  Do you think he may have already done this before?  

According to this chart he answered essentially to no one.  His boss was/is a political appointee.

They get those top jobs not by merit or qualification, but as we have seen with George Sheldon and Marrianne McMullen, by their political connections. They too, are HHS. You’ve seen them attack those who report and protect those who rape, torture, murder & traffic children. There’s a lot of slime in HHS and much of it appears to have a common bond: Predation of children. It’s become more visible now.

This is not something that just came upon him and he decided to take it for a whirl.  This is a sick, vile man who has been twisted in this way probably most of his life. He had access to all the computers, could check on anyone’s reports or emails that may be reporting on him or trying to investigate him… He could disappear reports with the click of a mouse.  Do you think that he didn’t? Remember: This is a man who wanted to partner up with someone to go viciously rape and murder some kids, while employed at HHS.

Want to bet those kids would have been in Indian Country? I mean, he had the perfect hunting grounds. No one investigates rapes, murders, missing, or trafficked children. Anyone who reports anything amiss, or corrupt, especially if it is a supervisor placing children with pedophiles, is fired. It would be easy to grab or buy a child and carry out this vile fantasy to it’s horrid conclusion. No one would investigate because it happened in Indian Country.

And, if anyone did investigate, chances are they would find a fall guy with a low range IQ and get the USAG to badger him into a confession. Convicting ham sammiches is all it takes to be a USAG in Indian Country. Injustice starts with the USAG and the FBI who favor the politically powerful predators and care nothing for the lives of children damaged, destroyed or lost.  Frame-ups and false convictions are how the corrupt stay in power and the people stay quiet. “Don’t get involved, they will destroy you.” “You’re just an Indian. He’s wearing a suit. No one will believe you.”

DeFoggi, I have no doubt, would have acted out in Indian Country. He may already have at some point, but the investigation into his behaviors didn’t go that far. They really didn’t want to know ‘who else’ or ‘where else’ or ‘if’…

As we have seen with Betty Jo Krenz, who lost her job because she dared legally report crimes against children, once a person is fired, they are then harassed, stalked, run off the road, smeared, threatened, and worse.  So, yeah, where better to ‘go hunting’ than in Indian Country. DeFoggi is very well connected. And he knows how it works: Anyone reports is fired, threatened, harassed, intimidated, smeared and not just by the Tribal Authorities, but by the FBI Agents themselves and by the USAG, such as Timothy Purdon, himself.

A man with fantasies that sick, has acted them out more than once. He felt safe in recruiting a partner to act it out with him. That tells me, he’s done it before and gotten away with it, and felt that no one could touch him.

Do you think he’s alone in this? 

Look again at how McMullen, Sheldon, Murray, Purdon, and a whole raft of FBI Agents have banded together to protect the predators and pedophiles on Spirit Lake Reservation.  It’s a reflex for them. He could count on them.

They are compelled to do it because they are protecting themselves by protecting the predators. They benefit either directly or indirectly from the abuses of these children not being reported or investigated.  If they didn’t, then they would do their jobs and stop trying to stop others from doing their jobs.

One Cockroach

DeFoggi was just ONE. You know there are more. There has to be. He fits so perfectly the profile of the predators that HHS, IHS, FBI and DOJ, and the Head of the ACF, among others, have been protecting in Indian Country.  

The Spirit Lake Chairman, Russ McDonald, has lied to Congress in order to smear the good name and reputation of Thomas Sullivan. Did he concoct those lies himself? Or did he conspire with agency heads to come up with them? He’s going to need a lawyer. I hear that Casey Family Programs is supplying him with an attorney for some reason. I wonder what and I wonder why.

 (Note: Russ McDonald, who repeatedly says “Children are Sacred” mantra, recently disowned the step-daughter named after him, Leandra, after she accidentally ran over her nephew in one of those ever-changing stories of what ‘really’ happened. He also disowned the baby that was killed. He would not allow his name “ be attached to any of this mess!” Does it get any more gutless than that?)

It’s like that Rock they have all been under, has been kicked over. One gets caught and people see the rest of these slimy things go screaming for cover, and are shocked. 

But really, no one should be shocked, after all, we have been watching the behaviors of those who have the most to fear from anyone turning over any Rocks and investigating any corruption or crimes against children. We’ve seen it escalated to higher and higher levels.

The thing is, DeFoggi was sloppy. He was careless, and he should have been caught a long time ago. I wonder how many had reported him and were fired? Their reports vanished from the servers? I wonder who knew about it and didn’t report it and got a raise, or something extra tasty as a reward?

How many people knew about him and his proclivities, and were covering up for him all this time? And why?

No investigation will go that deep. They don’t want to know. They don’t want to be sure.  They know it’s deep and wide, and very, very dark.

It’s like finding a cockroach in your kitchen. You know there’s more. You know there’s a whole nest or even several nests. You would think they’d want to root it all out and make it clean, wouldn’t you? But they don’t. They want you to believe there’s only one cockroach and they got him. *Applause*

Just like Sandusky. They want you to think that there was only that single person and not a whole network that was engaged in the same behaviors or worse, and covering up for him, protecting him and protecting themselves at the same time.

(Remember: USAG Ray Gricar was investigating this when he vanished, never to be found, his laptop missing, his computer at work scrubbed clean.  Who cleaned that computer and erased his work from the servers? That’s not something he could have done. An OS ITSO could do it though. Ponder that.)

The CISO is a political appointee. Those directly under him are long-term contract employees. They know the complex systems better than he ever can or will.  How many others like him are infested in that agency? Dare we look? Or shall we just do the Perp Walk with him and everyone think that the problem is now completely solved? What do you think?

There will be no ‘housecleaning’ at HHS or IHS or even ACF because they don’t want to know. They already know there’s more ugly there than you can shake a stick at.  They just don’t want you to know it. But you know it because you have seen the results. You have seen the murdered and tortured children. You have seen the harassment and threats aimed at those who dared to try and prevent the rapes and murders.  Will the ‘repeated lies’ soothe your rage?

Fortunately, for the Children in the Denver area, someone there did not buy the lies and they kept going at DHS until they were forced to admit they were lying.  How many children have died, been raped, abused, tortured while they played their political shell games?

Now, step back and take a look at the national map. It’s everyone’s concern.  We pay their salaries, they lie to us, they lie about protecting the children, they refuse to enforce the laws against child rape, they harass professionals; doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, support staff who report misconduct or failures. Can you imagine how much worse it is for the child who tries to report abuse?

This evil has a grip on the levers of power in every level of government. They have groomed, protected their own colleagues, and maintain a wall of lies and threats to protect very profitable corruption that is also politically very powerful.

That’s why they don’t want the reports. That’s why they shred files. That’s why they harass anyone that dares to speak up and try to stop it. That’s why they threaten and smear anyone that dares to try and stop these crimes against children:

Because they are all so deep in those nests, so entwined politically, financially and criminally, that they can’t survive if the nest is revealed and they are seen with all those cockroaches, doing cock-roachie things.  They’ll fall like dominoes, rolling over on one another to save themselves, and they all know it. They know the character of their cohorts the way they know their own: WEAK, GREEDY, Willing to sell out to save themselves. 

Maintaining this corruption is expensive.  We’ll learn more about that when we start auditing them and their offices. Start with the Rez and you’ll end up in the offices and homes of the most powerful people in the nation, I guarantee it. But we can’t begin to fix it if we don’t look directly at it, and see who it is and what they have been doing. We have to stop buying their lies. It’s cost us billions and it’s cost us our future.

We have got to stop applauding when they ‘get one’ and try to convince us there are not more, and more, and more…

You’ve seen their behaviors. You’ve seen the cockroaches, and now another one way high up where information is received, stored, created… did you ever see one cockroach and think: “He’s all by himself and there are no more like him”?  Me neither.  

Now you see an entire agency in Denver, Colorado.  You remember the story done by the Miami Herald in Florida…Add that to all you have already learned about: Threats, harassment and intimidation.

It’s a criminally corrupt system infesting our government and our society. The more they can make us ignore it, the more they will keep doing it. It will get worse. It already has. Outraged? Scared? Speak out. Demand accountability.

You know there’s more. Lots more and more ugly. The ‘dots’ are being revealed throughout the system. It’s time we all saw the connections.  The most common connection among them all is Indian Country--- where “Children Are Sacred”, and government money flows like a polluted river, into the pockets of the most corrupt, most abusive, most criminal--- and then back into the coffers of politicians who keep it all in place, as they climb ever higher into those other nests of corruption and influence.

If we can stop it there, at the rez, we can stop it everywhere. If they can stop us there, they can stop us everywhere.

Pieces of this puzzle are revealed enough that we can start working from the edges to the center. It won’t be pretty, but if we are going to save our future, we have to see what it really is and work to root it out of every nook and cranny, and every high tower, and in every seat of power in which it resides.

They’ve got key people in key positions that cover for, protect them and vice-versa. That’s how it got to be this bad. Imagine having someone as a OS ITSO, able to cover your tracks for you. You’d protect him, right? And if he got caught? You’d make sure he didn’t want to talk or that he couldn’t. 

DeFoggi gets sentenced in November. Let’s see. He’s just one of many, many more. He just happened to get dragged out of the shadows and into the light because he discussed his plans to viciously rape and murder children with an undercover agent.  How many times has he discussed it with like-minded? How many more like him are not yet dragged out into the light? How many worked with him or at that same agency or other related agencies? (Or did you think that all these highly placed appointees were protecting the corrupt and harassing those who report from IHS, HHS, ACF, DOJ, FBI, DHS etc, as a ‘coincidence’?)

How many of those who want to hurt children are working in the very agencies that are supposed to be protecting the most vulnerable? And why are those who report them being harassed, intimidated and threatened by the agencies that are supposed to be investigating?

Why does Russell McDonald say “Children are Sacred” but refuses to have child rapes on the rez investigated? Why does he disown the child he raised because she accidentally ran over his grandchild? And why did he disown that grandchild?

Because: “Children are Sacred” unless there’s a messy death connected to them. In that case, he disowns. Children are sacred and easy to disown, forget, if politically inconvenient. Children are Sacred and worth a whole lot of money to the corrupt in agencies and organizations that fail them, intentionally, for over 40 years.

You know where to find me.






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