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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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August 25, 2014
If A Dog Is Abused
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Watched a horrific news story last night of a well-to-do man, in an elevator of his upscale high rise, kicking and choking his dog, which was cowering with no way to escape, throughout the entire ordeal.

The man was clearly unable to control his anger and he felt it was perfectly okay to punch, kick, strangle his dog… I had to turn it off, it affected me so badly. Other people I talked to said the same thing. Seeing that kind of abuse on a dog that could not defend itself stirred up anger and disgust in all of us.

Here’s what happened to that man: He was identified and will face charges. His dog was taken away from him and put in a foster home where it will be safe and receive the kind of reparative nurturing that will enable it to become a more stable, well-adjusted companion for someone else.

When people found out about the abuse, they took steps, got the dog to safety and exposed the man for his abuse, and he will face charges and his business is now in question as contracts are being withdrawn.

That will happen for a dog.

Our law enforcement does that for an animal whose abuse is witnessed and reported.

Why does our law enforcement do nothing for children whose abuse is witnessed and reported?  

Why are 960’s shredded or ignored? Why are these children forced to stay with their abusers, their rapists and why do law enforcement and other government agencies harass those who make the reports?  Why are there no penalties for those who ignore the 960’s, and who fail to investigate?

USAG Timothy Purdon had reports of abuse, children being forced to live with sex-offenders, children reporting sexual abuse and rapes, and he did nothing.

He claims to have ‘investigated all of them’, but if he did, why was Baby Laurynn forced to stay with the woman who mistreated her and who eventually murdered her? Why were those children in Grand Forks that the Grand Forks Herald reported the constant and horrendous abuse they were subjected to, not removed by USAG Timothy Purdon more than a year earlier when the reports of their abuse were given to him to ‘investigate’?

Why are none of those 13 Mandated Reports to this day, properly investigated? How many more children have to be murdered for him to actually open an investigation? How many children are going to be forced to live with their rapists until they are able to run away and hit the streets, because he refuses to investigate?

Clearly, if any of these children were dogs, and the reports of their abuse had been made public, there would have been outrage and there would have been swift action, and those children would have been moved out of dangerous hands into safe homes where they could receive reparative nurturing so that they could overcome the trauma of their young lives and grow into stable, healthy, more balanced adults, productive, creative citizens themselves.

If they were dogs instead of children, what is happening to them would draw outrage and swift action.  They would be rescued, their abusers exposed and charged.

But they are children. They are political poker chips. Their abusers, the predators are protected.  Those who report the abuses against those children are threatened, harassed, ridiculed, assaulted and attacked.

Do we see now, something extremely wrong, extremely corrupt, downright evil in our system? Or do we just think that dogs being mistreated is a wrong that must be addressed and children who are tortured, raped, abused, murdered are not our problem?

It’s not like these abuses are not reported. You’ve seen what happens when people report them. They are retaliated against by those higher up the legal and political food chains. Outraged?

I guarantee you those children are being kicked, choked, and worse, and they can’t fight back.  It has been reported, multiple times. They have been investigated ZERO times.

Professionals have reported it and been ignored, threatened, harassed, and assaulted.  Isn’t it time we ask “Why?  Isn’t it time we held the predators and their protectors accountable?

Great Britain is in the midst of a huge decades deep scandal of political and official involvement in protecting one of the most pernicious pedophile rings that preyed on children from charities, to juvenile detentions; involving celebrities, politicians, and every level of government that participated and that covered up the crimes against these children, for decades.

They waited until the Key Players died fat and happy in their old age before they even started to investigate, or were allowed to investigate. They had to, because had they investigated and arrested those key players, they would have rolled over and revealed thousands more victims and hundreds more participants and it would have brought the government crashing down.

The scandal grows weekly. It has grown for the past two years, weekly, and you hear almost nothing about it even on European TV ‘News’.  They want it to go away. There are still very important people in very high places, that are being protected.  They feed freely on the blood of innocent children, knowing that their high rank, their celebrity status will protect them, and that the politicians with whom they are involved will do anything and everything to prevent themselves from being either revealed or tainted by the scandal that creeps ever closer to their own doorsteps.

It makes the Penn State Scandal, which was cut short in order to prevent revealing even more such key individuals from being revealed, look like amateurs.

What we have in Spirit Lake alone makes Penn State look like a walk on the beach.  But it is emblematic of what greater, darker Evil resides in Indian Country, and it comes from ALL levels of government, encouraged and protected by both State and Federal Agencies that refuse to investigate reports.  That’s why they don’t want to fix it in Spirit Lake. It ties to too many high value players who are not yet dead of old age, immune from prosecution, and who would, to save themselves, reveal others, both higher and lower than themselves.

It’s long standing corruption and it deeply infests the highest levels of our government, both elected and appointed. It will take great courage to root out just this part of the evil, because it is connected to so much more, and so many more. It’s time we united, in this one effort.

Die-Hard Democrat

Those of you who know me personally, and who have gleaned from my occasional political rants in this blog, know I am a die-hard Democrat, lifelong.  Nothing has been a greater disappointment to me than the supposed Democratic Politicians in North Dakota, and elsewhere, who have sided with the predators and the corrupt, either outright, or by refusing to lift a finger to help these children get to safety.

No one has been a bigger disappointment than Heidi Heitkamp and her ‘study’, “commission” and her whole song and dance around this has been to come up with the solution that has nothing to do with making the children safe now, or in the future. It has nothing to do with calling for Justice.  She wants more language and cultural funding for the tribes. Yes. Her answer to rampant child abuse, child rape, Child Trafficking, is literally, song and dance.

Kevin Cramer is running for re-election in North Dakota.  Kevin has taken great political risk in addressing these crimes against children, and to try and get legal action and high level investigation into these crimes, and the surrounding corruption that has protected the predators and threatened those who blow the whistle and report.  He and his fellow Republicans on the Committee are the ONLY ones that have looked this pervasive evil in the eye and without personal or political self-concern, has worked to bring it into the light and to dig it out, and to make it something that can and will be addressed by every level of government that presently is happy to keep it corrupt, and keep the children in danger, torment and worse.

If I lived in North Dakota, I would vote for him. Just on that alone. Nothing will get better, none of this will do anything but get worse, if we don’t have someone in there that is not afraid to stand up to it, and stand up to the corruption that supports it.

There will be a mighty campaign against him, I guarantee it.  Just think of those who oppose him and who refuse to address this ugly monstrous evil of children being abused while politicians and law enforcement look the other way, just think of them as the ones protecting the abusers or who would protect the abusers.

It is very important to me that Kevin Cramer be re-elected. I can think of no stronger message to those who have committed these crimes against children, and to those who have protected those pedophiles and abusers, no stronger message than to re-elect their worst nightmare, Kevin Cramer.

Lose Kevin Cramer, and you take away from those children, any chance of high level investigation or rescue.

I wish you could watch the video of that dog being kicked and choked. It would make you as angry as it made me and everyone else that acted to save that dog and expose that abuser.

I wish that the lives of these children meant as much as the safety of that dog.

Another Infant Has Died

Another infant has died. The mother is a young woman who has a very troubled history. I’m waiting for more details.

The death last week of the 1-1/2 yr old boy that fell out of the vehicle because he was not safety belted in, no car seat, has been ruled a “Vehicle v Pedestrian” accident.  As if the child was outside of the car, strolling, before he was run over?

I wait for details on this newest death of an infant and I wonder if it will be ruled something ridiculous in order to make it seem less shocking, less horrific, less unnecessary, less preventable.  They rule this way to prevent, minimize investigations.

Color me skeptical at best.

It’s like watching that video, over and over again. I wish I could turn it off, but it just keeps playing.

You know where to find me.  And VOTE.






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August 18, 2014
Not Protecting The Sacred Children
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A tragedy has come home to roost for Russ McDonald, and his entire family. Saturday night, his one-year old grandson was accidentally run over by his own mother.  She was driving down the road, the child was not in a car seat, not in a seat belt, and fell out of the vehicle while she was driving, and was run over by it.

I can’t imagine the horror of that.  I can’t imagine the grief of that. I can’t imagine someone not taking care to secure their child in their vehicle these days. But I have to say, from what I know at this point, it was just an incredibly stupid mistake that that young woman will have to live with for the rest of her life, regardless of what is or is not done to her.

Saying “Children Are Sacred” is one thing. Actually protecting them is something else, and it requires real thought, and it requires action. If you see someone doing something reckless or stupid, and there is a child involved, speak up, say something.  You may get flack for it, and you may even lose a friend, but that sure beats going to a funeral or seeing your friend, the one who caused that child’s death, carrying that guilt around for the rest of their life.


Saying “Children Are Sacred”, and then protecting the pedophiles, protecting the corrupt, and harassing those who have spoken up about the dangers the children are in, is not how you show you value those sacred children.

Tying this all in as a metaphor for the ongoing fight to protect the children from the pedophiles and their corrupt protectors may seem harsh to many of you. Others will say that The Grandfathers are demonstrating to Russell McDonald how he is not protecting the children, in a real close-up, personal way, to make their message more clear.

If you don’t protect the children they get hurt and they die. Sometimes, the child that dies is one of your family and someone close to you.  It boils down to the more and more simple: “Protect the Children or lose those whom you love most.”

So, put your little ones in car seats. Put them in seat belts that are age appropriate restraints while driving, even on the rez, where it is not the law that you have to keep that child safe in your vehicle.  Protect your children or they will be hurt and they will die and you will be crying for the rest of your life.

By the same token, protect the children from the predators, or they will be hurt and they will be murdered or they will survive for awhile, become addicts, become suicidal, become offenders, become violent themselves.

It’s simple and obvious to everyone. Either way: Protect them or lose them.

So far, Russell has taken part in the harassment and smear campaigns against those who have tried to protect the children. He has protected the predators and the corrupt.

Russell has chosen which side he is on. He has chosen to not protect the children. This is his community and his responsibility. Being Chairman is like being the father of the community. He has failed the children of the community and he has failed his own children.

The tragedy of this accident could easily have been avoided. That is the part that will haunt him and haunt his daughter, forever.

The deliberate abuse, trafficking and raping of children is also something he could stop, but he has chosen not to.  He has allied himself with the Black Road, the greed, the lies, and the money.

All it has cost him, so far, is one grandchild.

This is just the beginning. The lesson will be learned. Children are Sacred and those who fail to protect them will be held accountable—one way or another.  He thinks his friends in high places can keep him from the consequences. Clearly, they are not high enough, powerful enough, to take the stone out of his heart.

I warned him.  Others have warned him. Mocking the Grandfathers, saying “Children are Sacred” while protecting those who hurt them, is offensive to The Grandfathers.

My sympathy is to his daughter.  She had no foresight. She was taught that the rules for protecting children don’t apply. She has made a tragic mistake. She will pay the price for this, day and night, every day, every hour of her life, regardless of any charges that may or may not come from this.  She needs healing. She needs to be able to face this and go on.

I feel for his family. Nothing harder, more searing, more surreal and real at the same time than the pain of burying a child that you loved.  Regardless of circumstances, there is no ‘easier’ way to do this.

I feel only pity for Russell. He refuses to protect the children. He mocks the Grandfathers. He thought they were not listening. He thought they would not do anything. He thought there was no penalty for his stroll on the Black Road.

You may think I am harsh on him, and I am. Too many children have been buried. Too many children are being raped. Too many children have been trafficked and are being trafficked still today, and he has done nothing, NOTHING to stop it, and everything to make sure that it is not stopped.

His suffering on this is nothing compared to the suffering he has brought to generations of his community.

It will get worse. Both for him and for others beside him. It will continue to get worse and more horrific until he tells the truth, about everything, about everyone.

This tragedy is something he could have prevented by speaking up sooner, and by doing the right thing and not allowing his daughter to think it was ok to drive a child without a car seat. That’s all it would have taken.

All it would have taken for him to bring an end to the child abuse, child trafficking, child rape, was for him to tell the truth. Instead, he lied. Countless children are suffering and he knows it, and does nothing.

My sympathy for his family; my pity for him. My pity because I know that he still thinks nothing more can reach him, touch him, put a stone in his heart. 

The Grandfathers will hold all accountable.  The Black Road will demand payment: Your sanity, your children, all that you love or care for.  The innocent will pay. The innocent always pay.

Only by speaking the Truth, by standing up to Evil, will any of this stop.

The more you protect those who hurt children, the closer to home this will hit.  Tragedies, grief, families torn apart, all the result of protecting Evil.

“Three shall pass before the Stone is turned.”

Buckle-up. And while you’re at it, put your children in car seats, and age appropriate safety restraints. Children Are Sacred. But are they worth the ‘inconvenience’? Ask Leandra. I’m pretty sure there are a hundred things she would have done differently, if she knew then what she knows now.

Russ has known for a very long time. But he refuses to do anything differently.

“Children Are Sacred”.  Mock the Grandfathers at your peril--- or the peril of those you love.  

You know where to find me.






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August 11, 2014
A Sense of Wonder
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Ever wonder how a sex-offender like Joel can be on Tribal Council?

Ever wonder who is on the Election Board that allowed him to run?

Ever wonder why so much effort has been put into silencing Betty Jo Krenz, Dr. Tilus and Thomas Sullivan and anyone that speaks up about the abuse of the children and the corruption in the system, and no effort has been put into investigating the crimes they have reported?

Ever wonder why someone who is annoying to those in power gets floated off the rez, perhaps 15 minutes to pack everything and what is left behind is forfeit, including pictures, computers, animals, clothing… and they are subject to arrest if they ever step on the rez again--- ever wonder who gets all of their stuff?

Ever wonder why no sex offenders are ever floated off the rez?

Ever wonder why a judge who signs the order to remove children from the home of a registered sex offender is fired, but that sex offender and his family are never floated off the rez?

Ever wonder why they say ‘Children Are Sacred’, but then force those children to live with their rapists?

I do. A lot of people do.

But billions of dollars goes into Indian Country every year, unaudited, unaccounted for, untraceable. Those who control that money, much of it in cash, especially from the casinos, have a lot of power. 

That power goes far beyond just what the money itself can bring. There are lands that are leased and lands that are stolen through forgeries and other trickery. Lands that are worth a lot of money, that people never know about.  Then again, there are lands worth almost nothing, such as that chunk of rocks and slopes that Myra sold to the tribe at prime prices as she was exiting the Chairman’s job. She and her mutant son stole during their tenure as Chair and Secretary-Treasurer.

There are also crimes that pay big and fear no investigation on the rez. Drug dealing, if it is big enough, will never be touched. Child sexual exploitation is a going thing. I always wonder if it is the money, or the forbidden fruits of sex with children that prevents people like Tim Purdon from investigating these crimes on this one reservation.

He even went to the extreme of throwing out the confession of the father of Destiny and Dustin, who kept their bodies between his mattress and box spring for days, as a “false confession” because he was too drunk and too drugged up to be able to kill (mutilate and rape) those children.  He then went and sought out a fall guy whom he could pin the entire crime on.

Trust me, the kid’s dad/step-dad as it were, did not act alone and the guy who took the fall and was convicted in court probably had nothing to do with it. But it was important to Tim Purdon to make sure that father never stood trial and that confession was never seen by anyone--- because it named an accomplice whom Purdon has to protect unless that accomplice’s family, in order to save that accomplice, reveals certain details about Purdon to the public and to Law Enforcement. So, was Purdon bought off? Or does he have other ‘guilty’ indulgences that force him to be complicit in the cover ups? That forces him to refuse to investigate the child rapes that are reported to him?

So, Purdon, what was it? Money? Child sex? Drugs? Political Aspirations? Maybe a combination of all of the above? What is it that stops you from investigating? I really wonder.  I wonder about you the way I wonder about Tom Corbett. You have any investigators you might have to let ‘disappear’? Or do you trust them all? You know you are caught on this, right? Questions will have to be answered, sooner or later. Ever wonder how bad it will be? Ever regret taking that first step into the Dark Side?

Ever wonder what exactly it is that not only stops him from investigating, but makes him lie about it and say he did? I do.

Ever wonder why so many on reservations where billions of dollars goes in, no taxes go out, live in shanty shacks and broken down trailers? Where does that money all go?

Now, let’s look again at the investigations that don’t happen. What could possibly persuade a USAG to ignore the reports of child rape on that one reservation? What could possibly persuade the FBI to not investigate child trafficking on that one reservation?  What could possibly persuade all the entire Justice system, IHS, HHS, BIA, FBI, DOJ, etc., to harass, intimidate, threaten, ridicule those who report these crimes?

Is some of that missing money, millions of dollars in cash, land or other forms of payment, going into their pockets? Are they somehow involved directly or indirectly with Human Trafficking, Baby Selling, Kiddie Porn?

Why do investigations into these crimes stop only at the one person they catch when they know there is a ring or several criminal rings, involved?  Ever wonder about that stuff?

What we have on the rez, just that one rez alone, Spirit Lake Nation, is a child trafficking organization that is much bigger, much worse than the scandal at Penn State.

Like Penn State, it involves many highly connected people at all levels of government. That’s how Sandusky got away with raping boys for so long. The rapes were reported, and those who reported were silenced, one way or another, until those who would not be, could not be silenced, came forward…

And then they only put Sandusky on Trial and never looked beyond him to see who else was involved in his criminal conduct, both at the University and at his ‘Second Mile’ charity. That was the clincher for me: He got to rape little boys that were dependent on or participated in his charity—He was a tax deductible rapist. Millions of dollars poured into that operation.

That operation also had very strong political connections. It took decades before the case was investigated, and one of the investigators, Ray Grico, disappeared and his body has never been found.  His boss, Tom Corbett, hinted from the start that Ray was a little bit attracted to men and maybe he had a bad encounter. Corbett was then elected to Governor of Pennsylvania… From USAG to Governor, and all it took was help and support from his pals at Penn State, and the disappearance of one of his key investigators. 

No one asks any questions because Sandusky keeps his mouth shut about who else is involved, was involved, and the world somehow believes that such a pedophile, with decades of child raping in places like the shower stalls at Penn State, was the only one involved.

Ever wonder why he felt he could rape a child in the shower stalls and get away with it?  Because everyone who knew about him covered it up and it paid them well. If they talked, it hurt them; career wise, for sure.

That one assistant coach, McQuarry, who witnessed it, did nothing to stop it. Oh the power!

Yeah, we were outraged at that. But ever wonder why no one looked any further into his activities and those who were in a position to know and did nothing?  Of course you didn’t. Media made it look like he did this all by himself. But you know, in that place of your brain that knows common sense, he had a whole lotta help from a whole lotta people in in very high places.  So much so that he was raping boys in the shower stalls, not even worried about being caught or stopped, or reported.

Now, take a look at Spirit Lake. Children are still missing. Children are still unaccounted for. The hired help did nothing for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, for at least two weeks, other than shred documents and files of those children.  Ever wonder why that is not being investigated?

Now, are you beginning to wonder if maybe other tribes are having the same criminal activities on their reservations and no one is stopping it? Ever wonder how good people on those reservations can know and not report?  Well, you have seen what has happened to staff who report. You have seen what happens to Doctors who report. You have seen what happens to a District Director at the ACF when he reports.

Now, don’t you wonder just a little bit more, how much more there is that we don’t know about or are not talking about? Ever wonder how much worse it really is?

You already have seen the horror stories that come out. Those children who were tortured in that one family, they were on those 13 Mandated Reports that Purdon said he thoroughly investigated…  I guess he missed them.

Baby Laurynn and her sister were on those reports. I guess he missed them too? Ever wonder if when an Indian child is murdered it counts? Or do they just say “SIDS” and hope you will never investigate?

Ever wonder what really happens to the millions and millions of dollars that go into the programs?

People are still living in Third World substandard housing with leaking roofs, sagging walls, black mold, broken floors, no insulation, vermin infested shacks with broken plumbing. Do you really think it’s their fault?

If our government won’t investigate child rapes, child trafficking, corruption and incompetence, and they won’t investigate the misuse and embezzlement of millions of our tax dollars designated for people and programs that never see a dime of it, do you really think they are going to investigate upper levels of government that are encouraging the corruption and the criminal activity?

Children are Sacred--- and they are worth a fortune if you can sell them! If you run the rez, you can sell the children. If you don’t investigate the buying and selling of children, you can be assured that your political career, like that of Tom Corbett, will only go higher.

Shouldn’t we all be wondering about that?

You know where to find me.




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August 8, 2014
McMullen Refuses to Respond

You would think that a letter as critically important as one describing a wider, deeper, greater crisis of child abuse, rapes and the resulting trauma, mental health issues (as well as legacy of ongoing, increasing abuses, rapes, trauma, etc) would be of concern to Marrianne McMullen, head of the ACF. But they are not. They are annoyances and she ignores them.  We are talking BILLIONS of our Tax dollars going into her budget, none of which she thinks should go to the actual protection of children nor the investigation of the crimes against those children, but rather into the ever increasing funding of those agencies that are complicit in this massive scandal of child rape, abuse, and trafficking.

Here is Thomas Sullivan's third request from Ms. McMullen for a response. It's been at least 2 months.

You know where to find me.





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August 7, 2014

Protecting Evil
It’s What We Are Taught
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You may wonder why victims protect their abusers, or why those who are considered “sports heroes” are, when accused of rape, and there are videos of the rape(s) treated as if they are the victims… and the media joins in most of the time, blaming the rape victim for being where she was or wearing something that wasn’t a nun’s habit, or for drinking… all of that of course gives permission for her to be raped.  Society buys into that.

Rapists who are high profile are viewed as victims because their victims are unknowns, “nobodies”, and those “nobodies” are “bringing down” a celebrity, a sports hero, or a politician by accusing them of rape, molest, or some such.

The higher you go in our societal food chain, the more crimes you can commit and have media and the public at large support you and blame the “nobody-Victim”.

We’ve come to see people who achieve fame, success or notoriety as “Heroes” or “idols” of some sort. We must protect them, at all costs or somehow, the very foundation of our society will begin to crumble.

Prosecutors should be tasked with getting Justice for victims. But too often their goal and what they are pressured to do is ‘convict’ at all costs, even when they know the person they are prosecuting is innocent.

Even if they know that the person they are prosecuting is the scapegoat for someone else’s crimes, and that someone else is politically connected, the scapegoat, preferably a ‘nobody’, will go down.

Evidence and witnesses will be tampered with, fabricated and concealed from defense counsel.  Justice is not the goal here, the streak of convictions is more important.

I say that Lynn Crooks knew the case against the 11 defendants was fabricated from the start.  If he’s half as smart as his degree claims he is, he knew that the testimony of witnesses was fabricated, scripted and he knew that because the real witnesses to the Murder of Eddie Peltier had come forward to him and told him what they saw and knew… and he concealed them from the Defense, and lied to them to keep them silent.

He allowed Richard LaFuente and John Lopez to rot in prison for over a decade (almost 3 decades for LaFuente) even though the cases against the other nine who were convicted were overturned on appeal. You take 9 people out of the ‘mob scene’ of 11 killers and you have two people left, neither of whom even knew Eddie Peltier, much less carried a grudge against him. 

And the victim was dressed in Quentin Yankton’s clothes (which were way too big for him) and his body was clean, not a speck of blood on him, his clothes nor the shoes he was wearing, and less than 10cc of blood still in him (where did the blood go?) so that eliminates both the Hit and Run staging and the ‘mob chasing him through the woods, down the hill, across the field, the whole time beating him to death’ theory.

But Lynn Crooks had a system for convicting Indians and Ham Sammiches.  A corrupt FBI that supported his version, whatever it was, however it changed, complete with a roaring drunk FBI agent who superseded the authority of the Highway Patrol, confiscated all their films from 3 cameras (none of which was ever seen again. “All three cameras malfunctioned or were broken” was the claim)

But using a bit of racism, dragging in a herd of nobodies in shackles, and putting on perjured witnesses whose testimony was not allowed to be cross examined by defense, because a crooked judge who was also a member of the same Masonic Lodge as was Lynn Crooks, made it so.

Upon all that, Lynn Crooks ‘made his case’, when anyone with a sense of justice or even a degree in criminal law would have thrown the case back at the corrupt cops who filed it.

Convicting Indians was easy. It still is.

Come to the present times, when even more witnesses came forward to tell USAG Purdon that the Yanktons killed Eddie Peltier, and they were there, and they gave sworn statements, what does the USAG do? Does he see there was a great injustice and that an innocent man was serving time? Does he open an investigation into the statements by the witnesses and pursue an investigation into the murder based on new evidence? 

No. He says he will take care of all this. Over the next 2 years or more, he sends letters to Richard telling him to sign saying he won’t sue, and that he won’t cooperate with any investigation or documentary that would prove he was innocent, and he will be released.

After all, Richard was then and still is a “nobody” and there was a high profile retired USAG to protect, and of course the image of the infallible FBI to maintain, so Purdon was doing, not what Justice would demand, but what Protection demands.

We protect Evil at the highest levels of our government. Purdon should be ashamed of himself. Perhaps someday he will be called out on that.

Meanwhile, he continues to protect by refusing to investigate any of the crimes, financial, sexual, or Human Trafficking, including baby selling, on Spirit Lake.  Richard walked free, not because of USAG Tim Purdon, but despite him and his obstructions and his protections of the real murderers and their ongoing criminal enterprises.

He still refuses to investigate the ongoing rapes of children, despite reports. He even lied to the media saying that all of the Thirteen Mandated Reports had been investigated and found to be false when in fact, not a single report had been investigated. 

He is not protecting the Public, but rather the Public Image of some very prominently connected politically powerful people, at the expense of children who are being raped, beaten, starved, tortured and sold, yes, SOLD on Spirit Lake Reservation.

We know that the Tribal Courts are corrupt by nature. They have to do the bidding of the Tribal Council and the Tribal Chair or they lose their jobs. They don’t have to be law-trained. They are puppets.  They won’t bring cases against prominent or well-connected families.  They won’t protect children from families that rape them.

The children are blamed when a family member molests or rapes them.  All sexual assault is by ‘invitation of the victim’.  Families that pursue justice or try to protect their children are met with every level of interference from harassment to threats to attacks.  They are publicly smeared, those who stand up and try to remove children from rampant unchecked abuse and danger.

Casey Family Programs has as its goal, “Protecting Families”, not keeping children safe. They have taken billions of our tax dollars over the years to run their programs into our social safety net, removing children from safe havens and reinstalling them, repeatedly, with their abusers.

It usually fails. Children are further abused and die. In Florida, more than 160 children died in 2009 alone. Each time a child died, nothing was learned and nothing changed. It happened again, again, again… and my bet is that it is still happening because CFP is still driving the policies and procedures in that state and several others, where children are not being protected and their horrific deaths are labeled: “Fell through the cracks”.  The ‘cracks’ where multiple reports are ignored. 960’s are ignored.

It’s not until a newspaper picks up the story, and then there is ‘contriteness’ and the promise of investigations… all lies. If there were going to be any investigations they would have happened after the first child died at the hands of their abuser, or at least the tenth or 20th… but over 160 in a year?

And no investigation ever concludes that the Policies and Practices instituted by CFP wherein keeping the child with their abuser to “protect the family unit” was at fault. Never. CFP, in fact, is never even named in these reports in their final drafts.  CFP is a very powerful political lobby and they can do a lot for those who protect them. They can do nothing to protect children. 

But that name: Casey “FAMILY” Program has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

So the system, from bottom to top, protects the murderers and the abusers, the rapists and the Human Traffickers.  Only when the murder comes to light is there ever a real investigation and trial, and then only of the murderer, and not those who ignored the reports, the dangers and who forced those children into the hands of their killers.

And, if one of those murderers happens to be connected to a prominent, powerful family that has either bribed or extorted every politician with few exceptions, and several judges who have gambling habits or a taste for little boys or girls, or a sheriff who has a vice or two of his own, well, if one of those people is tied to a horrific murder of two little children, USAG Purdon will see to it that any confession made by the father of those two children, who concealed their bodies under his mattress for at least three days, that confession will be thrown out because it also ties in one of those families that must be protected from investigations at all costs.

That confession will be thrown out and a new nobody will be sought out. Preferably someone with limited IQ, no legal representation, who is threatened, bullied and harassed by ‘investigators’ for hours until he agrees to whatever it is they want him to say…. and Purdon will have his Ham Sammich conviction, and pretend to the world that he is their protector, their champion--- a Man of Righteousness *Heroic theme musical chord progression*

Meanwhile, the real killers (and there were two), get off without anyone being the wiser.

So, when I hear of a child telling her mother that her relative or the mom’s boyfriend is raping her and the mother slaps the child and tells her to stop trying to destroy the family, I know how that happens. That mother was probably slapped by HER mother when she reported being raped or molested.   She doesn’t know how to handle it because no one protected her. Her instinct is to silence the child as she was silenced.

Some children do grow up to repeat the legacy. In fact, most do. Some grow up to be almost over protective of their children and others, when they find out their child has been molested or raped, become their strongest defender… and that’s where they begin to heal from what happened to them and that is where they teach their child how to respond appropriately to horrific truths.

Child rape is so ugly it makes people you thought were Human Beings look more like Monsters. Keeping the victims silent keeps the ‘family intact’ (just like Casey Family Programs wants).  The ‘disgrace’ is when the truth is known. The disgrace, instead of falling on the predator, falls on the victim who dared to speak out.

Their families shun them. It happens a lot in Amish Country as well. If the victim speaks out, the victim is punished or shunned or worse.

We grow up in a Society that worships the word ‘Family’ to the point that “Children” are not protected when their family is dangerous. Our prosecutors cheat and lie to convict the innocent so that the guilty who are politically connected, can remain free.

And we wonder why we have a legacy of more and more child abuse and rape? We wonder why the horrific nightmares, when exposed in a rare investigation, could have been allowed in the first place? They happen because those who are supposed to be protecting us are protecting their own political interests.

They have been for generations.  We have got to demand more and better of those whom we elect and of those they appoint and especially of those who are authorized to enforce the laws that would protect the children and all of us, now and in the future.

The high crime rates we have did not come out of nowhere. They came from Practices and Policies that ensure the child is not protected and the Politically Powerful are protected.

We protect Evil, Evil Thrives.

It’s time we start protecting the children. We need THEM to thrive.

And the New Director of Tribal Social Services Is…

Melissa Merrick Brady! Yes, the woman who had no qualifications to work as Victims’ Assistance Director, and has even less credibility and fewer qualifications as Temporary Director of Tribal Social Services, is now gifted with that job permanently!

This from the same Tribal Council that had offered Monty Stensland the Chief Judgeship in Tribal Courts either despite or because of his convictions for forgery and his suspension from the Bar in ND.

Of course, until Kevin Cramer pointed out that Monty was all that an more, Russ McDonald had no idea because they didn’t do a background or credentials check on him. He says now that the Judgeship offer was never offered. I think he meant ‘rescinded’ but that’s a really big word for someone with all the degrees of Russell McDonald.

So, in their search for the least qualified, one of the most bogus and corrupt, they found, right under their noses, the perfect fit for their Tribal Social Services Directorship.  Dropping standards to the previous all-time low is nothing new for this Tribal Council nor for Chairman McDonald.

He claims now that all the missing children, or at least 100 of them, have been located. There were over 134 that were on that list and that list did not include the 5 children that apparently have been homed with Russ McDonald for years.  So, how many more are out there? How many more are missing?

Let’s wipe the board clean and start fresh, shall we? There. No problem.

That one child that is a ‘special problem’? That child was sold to a couple that did not qualify, for a number of reasons, to adopt.  Russ claims that the mother voluntarily signed over that child.

One: That would still be illegal and

Two: I don’t think so. *wags finger at Liar Russell McDonald*

Children are Sacred…

So, why do you let them be trafficked? Why do you force them to live with their abusers? Why do you not investigate rapes? Why are there no convictions for child rape in those cases? Children are Sacred?? It’s just a saying. It means nothing. Well, unless your testifying before Congress and you want to be perceived as an Honest Indian deserving of respect, while lying through your teeth and failing to protect the children.

It’s all about protecting those with power: Political Power, Financial Power, Celebrity (sports heroes, etc) Power, and those who have the power to make those dominoes fall if they are ever brought down or investigated.

Daughters are slapped for reporting rapes that threaten the family “image”.  Social Workers and Staff are fired for reporting corruption and abuse and handing in lists of children in danger.  The Director of ACF Division 8, Thomas Sullivan, is smeared relentlessly for supporting those who are whistle blowers, and his boss’s boss is a woman with no qualifications for the job in the field of Children or Families, but is a great PR wizard.

We need to change this. It won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen all at once, but we have to stay on it and pursue it and keep demanding that those who have lied to us, failed to protect the children, are held accountable.

We have got to defund and remove the tax exempt status from Casey Family Programs because they have failed, they have lied and they have protected and supported those who have failed, have lied and have allowed the children to be raped, murdered, abused.

It’s our money. It’s our Tax Dollars. Take a look at who supports CFP and who is wise to them. Get the cancer out of Government one tumor at a time.

Build a safer place for children to grow today and we will have a safer, more secure society tomorrow.  They deserve at least that much, and so do we.

You know where to find me.








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August 4, 2014
Breaking the Zombie Effect
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It’s hard for us to believe the Truth when what we have been conditioned to believe, over and over again, via media, movies, dime novels, all of which pushed the propaganda lies so deep into our psyche, we can’t say where our prejudices and assumptions come from, we just assume ‘everyone knows that’.

Remember how Custer was a “Hero”? An image pushed by history books, movies, and TV shows, that was nowhere near the truth of what the person was: A man who was at the bottom of his class, reckless, and just plain stupid.

He raided peaceful villages when he knew the young, strong men were out hunting and all that was sleeping in those teepees, in those early morning hours, were the very elderly, women, and babies.  He massacred them. He did that over and over again, and proclaimed himself a hero.

Reporters got their stories from his stories and that is what carried down through history, without a single stop at the fact check booth by anyone.  So, add to the propaganda machine, the schools that fed the crap to us as facts, for generations.

The schools never taught us about the brutality of the Reservation System, the Residential Schools and the horrors and abuses heaped upon Indian People for generations, on up until the 1970’s and beyond, in fact.

It wasn’t until someone really researched some of the actual history from accounts gathered from diaries and notes of real soldiers, settlers who were familiar with or served under, or witnessed Custer’s antics, that history’s neatly cultivated and constantly re-seeded “false memory” of Custer’s daring and courage, did the image begin to crack, tarnish and crumble.

It was his ego, driven by his inflated sense of who he was, based on the dime novels and other cheesy reporting, that made him go headlong into the Greasy Grass (Little Big Horn) despite the warnings from those much wiser than he ever could be, on both sides: The Indians and his own scouts, and other Generals.

He assumed his reputation would carry the day. But the reputation was built on lies and it collapsed under him, and all his men, immediately. The rest, as the saying goes, “is history”.

Even now, some of you reading this are startled, as what I am telling you does not compute with what ‘everyone knows’ about Custer. Yeah, the truth eventually bores through even the thickest lies, and pierces our sense of Right and Wrong and what was done in our name.

Then we begin wondering about what other lies we were told and how stupid we’ll feel when those myths are shattered by a slow, steady parade of facts, and truths that cannot be denied.

How many still don’t know about the Residential Schools and the horrific multi-generational damage done thereby to millions of Indians, and how that lateral damage is affecting generations just being born and how it will affect generations to come?  Most of you, I presume.  Most still see Residential Schools as the generous White Man and the Holy men & women of the Churches as benevolently trying to upgrade ‘savages’.  You know, “to make their lives better…” (Everyone knows that).

There are aspects of our general knowledge, the part that assumes “Everyone Knows that” that I refer to as the Zombie Zone.  It’s just there. We don’t know how it got there, and we don’t care. We assume it’s always been there and therefore, it’s true, it’s a fact, and why would anyone (especially us) question it? Too many other things to do.

And so, via the same rails that brought us the Hero Custer, the benevolence of Residential Schools, we are conditioned from our earliest awareness to think that cops are good people, judges bring justice and that our government is pure. We think of the FBI as a raft of Johnny Purehearts, incapable of corruption or sin. (Thank you, decades of dime novels, serial TV “The Untouchables”, “The FBI Story” etc.) because we believe it’s all true about all of them because ‘everyone knows that’.

We believe that if a prosecutor brings a case, it’s because the person charged is guilty. Just look at them, being perp walked in front of cameras, in chains… they look guilty, right? Look at their mug shots, of course they are guilty! You can just tell, right?

And if a prosecutor was ever confronted with evidence that they were mistaken in whom they charged for the crime, their love, nay, their PASSION for the Law, their perfect sense of Right & Wrong, Good and Evil, would compel them to admit to their mistake and seek to undo the damage while determined to prosecute the “Real Criminals”, right? Everyone knows that!

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Prosecutors are political players. “Winning” is important, in fact, it’s the only thing that is important to them. It is their record, and their record is how they climb their political web work of chutes and ladders, higher and higher.

They do more to keep their record perfect than to seek justice, even when they know they are wrong. Winning is the only thing that counts. Not the law, and not the truth.

That’s why when Lynn Crooks came out of his cave to counter the story that Richard LaFuente had been released, he brought up the old hackneyed buzz words that worked so well on the jury that, well, just looked at the defendants and ‘knew they looked guilty’.  His use of buzzy terms like “Death car!” referring to Richard’s El Camino… when not a shred of physical evidence was ever found on Richard’s vehicle to tie him or it to Eddie’s body, which was supposedly run over twice by that ‘Death Car!’, which had in the front seat up to five people, and two of them exceedingly fat… there would have been SOMETHING on the undercarriage of that car, and there would have been something on Eddie’s body besides the clean tire tracks.  You know how low an El Camino rides, right?  Of course, Crooks stupidly put the question out there about the ‘Rogue cop’…. Who happened to have an SUV that rode a lot higher, had a much higher clearance than did the lowly El Camino… Nice tie in there, Crooks. People will remember what Poopsie Yankton drove and how it was more likely the one that left those clean tire marks on Eddie’s body/clothing and more and more how it never could have been the El Camino, much less an El Camino carrying an extra 550-600 pound payload.

He was counting on the Zombie Zone to kick in. He’s the Johnny Pureheart. He’s the prosecutor. He would never lie.

That he never questioned the obvious flaws in his own case tells me Lynn Crooks is either very stupid, and has been played up by an overly eager-to-please media at the time, or with the backing of a corrupt FBI, he was able to fabricate an entire case and get away with it, at least up until now.

Richard’s release without him doing the obligatory confession of guilt (he was prepared to die in prison rather than to admit to a lie) is a problem for Crooks and for the system. Because he did not admit to guilt, and they had to release him (because there was more than enough evidence to show that he was innocent and more than enough evidence being brought forth that proved James, Roger and QBall, along with their sister, Celeste Herman, did the murder, Richard can someday sue the State of North Dakota, and sue big. And if he dies, his family can sue on behalf of his estate and for their own lost time with their father, son, brother, nephew…

So, of course Lynn crooks came out last month to try and reinforce that Zombie Zone. Prosecutors are above reproach….

Zombie Zone Alarm

Ooopsie. Looks like another high ranking member of the Johnny Pureheart club blew that image all to pieces. The former State’s attorney (same job as Heitkamp had before she became Senator) has been arrested for raping a child.  You know, child rape is like potato chips: You know this wasn’t his first, because they can’t stop with just one. 

He was in private practice when he was arrested. All images of his face have been scrubbed from the web, but it was interesting to see that one of his areas of specialty was “Juvenile Justice”… how many of those children went through his special treatment?

They are going to be really harsh on Mr. Christopher Jensen, the child rapist. They are going to make an example out of him. But one thing they won’t do, and I can promise you they won’t do, is investigate his associations with other child rapists, and his connections to politicians and political power brokers… they’ll make it seem like he did this on his own, no one else was ever involved and there were no other victims… (she was just ‘special’? ) And no one in journalism will ask the follow-up questions. No one wants to break another egg and have another Zombie Zone Clean Up problem on their hands. Because once we start looking at these people in suits as no better nor worse than anyone else, we start to look more closely at what they say and do, and we might have questions about a few things.  Best to make this appear isolated, the same way they made Penn State’s Sandusky child rapes over decades seem as if no one else was ever aware, no one else was ever involved, and no one in any high political places ever protected him from investigation.

It will appall us. We will be shocked. But we will assume it all started and ended with that one victim, and just those few times… and there is no earthly reason why we should assume that, except for the fact that we all have this Zombie Zone within us and we desperately want to preserve that because if that starts falling apart, our whole view of this world, those who run it, might begin to crumble and that’s just too much work.

We are conditioned to dismiss the Truth and accept dramatic lies like “Death CAR!” and all is well in our little worlds.  But the Truth keeps on keeping on.

Slowly, it starts to break through our Zombie Zone borders, fences and gates… a little at a time, and sometimes all at once.  The politicians, the media all scramble to put the little Zombie Ponies back in their pens. “Nothing more to see here…” but there is.

There is so much more to be seen.

There is so much more to be heard.

I’m telling you the Truth is that children have been trafficked through Spirit Lake for decades, and those in power have benefited from it either directly by indulging in the taboos, or indirectly by political donations, support from those who more directly profit from the horrors created for those children.

That Truth will keep jumping your fences, stirring up your herd,  until you realize it is one you need to own and you have to do something about it. You have to ask questions and you have to not accept buzzword dismissals. You need proof that these cases Purdon says he investigated have in fact been investigated.

I can tell you that they have not been investigated. They have been paved over with buzzwords, insults, harassment, ridicule and dismissals and most of all, lies, but they have not been investigated and Purdon cannot prove that a single case out of over 100, has been investigated.

That fact will keep breaking through that sloppy paving job, and it will become harder and harder to cover it up. The facts will not die. The facts will not be silent. The Truth is that an evil many times greater than the even Penn State and that includes what Penn State covered up, a far greater Evil is festering in Indian Country and in one place above all, Spirit Lake, where Timothy Purdon refuses to investigate but lies and says he did.

He would not lie unless it was to cover something up. Now, it gets messier as the cover-up always leads to more crimes being uncovered. Purdon is up to his sweaty neck in this, and just like Christopher Jensen, he’s going to have to face the music of what wrongs he has done to these children; either directly if that is the thing that drives him to protect the predators; or indirectly, for money, support, or something else of value.

So Sue Me

He’s a big time prosecutor. If what I have said is untrue, let him sue me for libel. I’ll bring my case and he can bring his. You’ll all be invited. (He’ll pretend he doesn’t ‘read trash’) (My guess is that he not only reads ‘trash’ but he has a plethora of smut on his computers, hard drives, thumb drives and DVDs) Something is driving him to protect those who rape children and to ridicule those who make the reports.

It has to be something very, very bad. Something that will slay the Zombies that surround the perimeter of his reputation.  He was warned not to attack those who made the reports. That is his “Greasy Grass” mistake.  And now, when he is questioned about it, his upper lip sweats, flop sweat beads up on him and his neck and earlobes turn scarlet.  

This is not confined to Spirit Lake, it spreads like a cancer throughout Indian Country and it involves decades of highly placed politicians and their appointees. There is no other way it could be the way it is today, with USAG’s protecting child rapists and refusing to investigate reports of child rape on the rez, just that rez, mind you, while claiming to be fierce advocates of children across the land.

It spreads like Cancer because those high above the corruption riddled Tribal Councils enable it, protect it, encourage it and enforce it. The corrupt are dupes in a much bigger game than even they realize.

The Good People of Spirit Lake can’t do this on their own. It’s bigger than just them and their corrupt leaders. It’s OUR corrupt leaders, political appointees and those sweet sounding Foundations and Organizations that support those politicians, support that corruption.  It’s a multi-billion dollar machine that uses our Tax dollars to feed itself, protect itself and to hurt our children, your children, and deny us all a future of social harmony, reunion, community and strength.

It’s ego players like Timothy Purdon and Lynn Crooks that figured you’ll take their word over some ‘dirty Indian’s word’ any day. But they sound a little scared lately, don’t they?

Just like Custer, Purdon blows his own bugle and thinks the Truth is so deeply hidden by layers of political players, organizations, foundations, and media softballs that no one will ever get to it.

What he fails to see is that as we are getting to the Truth, the Truth is climbing out of graves, file cabinets, and old pictures, and reaching out to us, ALL of us.

Will our mental Zombie Zone guards be so shocked and stunned when the perimeters are breached by investigations and the Truths they reveal that we will not know what to think? Will we just assume as this breaks through that it was just one or two or a few? Will we retreat back to our corral where we feel safe and the ponies are all in their places? Or will we be expecting it, and know that whatever we are shown, there is so much more that needs to be uncovered, dug up and investigated?

Will we know that we have to keep pursuing until this evil is rooted out, no matter how high up and how deep in it goes? Or will we want the security of retreat into those TV Serials where the good guys were easy to spot and the bad guys always looked guilty and the evil that festers in our society, the Human Wreckage left behind as those who survive try to survive knowing only violence, indignity and betrayal, scares us when they come too close to where we are walking, where we live, or that little store we occasionally shop in that was suddenly held up in a strong-arm robbery by some violent kid from some reservation – “He chose to make bad choices.” (Everybody alreadyt knew that).

Brace For It

What’s coming is scaring everyone. We fear losing the images we grew up with as True, but we can live with that. We can adjust. No one, however, is more scared than those who decided long ago, for money, power, lust, to protect that Evil.

Evil will change its story, try to change its face, name, and make you believe it’s all gone now… but once you see it, you know what it is and you cannot be fooled.

We will never again have the peace and quiet in our sleep walking days, once we are awake. We will see that the battles we have been fighting against one another were never the battles we should have been fighting, as they only weakened all of us and made it easier for that greater Evil to thrive in our midst, as if invisible. That stink we turn our noses up at is not the differences between you and I, not the differences between races or religions, but rather, that stink has been only one of the signals that there was evil in our midst and we were all blaming the dog for its farts.

We’re going to be angry when we realize how badly and for how long we have been betrayed, misled, and wronged. We’re going to be angry and they are going to try every trick in their book to have us turn that anger against one another.  But maybe this time we will be wiser.

The ponies are still in their paddocks. The Zombie Zone is still well guarded. But there is a wariness, and edginess, even a short-tempered, short fuse between them as they sense the approaching dawn--- the one where we all wake up and see the Truth, and will believe their lies no more.

Sandusky did not get away with decades of raping little boys without help. A lot of help from people very high up in the Justice Department and other political ladders.

This latest prosecutor, who specialized in “Juvenile Justice” (among other things) also did not get this far and this deep all by himself. 

The odd thing about that prosecutor and child rape is that Kevin Dauphinais also has been making  trips to Selby, where that Prosecutor is from. “Maybe it’s just a coincidence”, says the Zombie Sentry in my mind. “I’m sure that road leads to a lot of other places,” says the Zombie Back Up system in my mind.

What are the odds that someone who trafficked children, sold them, would have any connection to a prosecutor who rapes children? I mean, what would they have in common? Crap, now the perimeter is sounding alarms. I must have hit a nerve somewhere. I’ll go check on that.

I post this blog late at night. I know that the dawn is coming. I know that you are waking up. When you do, you will see how big of a battle we have to fight. The good news is that we will have more of US to fight it. Once we wake up, we don’t go back to sleep. Not with Evil consuming our children and spitting their tiny bones at our feet.

It’s almost daylight.

You know where to find me.







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