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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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December 15, 2014 ----Printer Version (5)

Word came last week that John DuBois was found frozen to death in Minneapolis, Minnesota. John DuBois was one of the witnesses who saw, and stated that he saw, Eddie Peltier with Quentin Yankton shortly before Eddie was murdered.  The USAG at the time, Lynn Crooks, made sure that he was never able to testify, or even be known to the defense.

But John DuBois talked to anyone that would listen, and told what he saw, what he knew. Perhaps, John can speak from the grave someday. I encourage you all to again, donate what you can to Incident at Devils Lake Project that is a documentary being put together, nickel by nickel, dime by dime, by Todd Trotter. You can watch the trailer for his documentary and go to his funding sites from that link.

To this day, the real killers of Eddie Peltier have escaped Justice. Those same people are involved in much of the crime that runs that rez, all these decades since Eddie’s murder.

The release of an innocent man, Richard LaFuente from prison does nothing to dull the passion of those who know that 11 innocent men were convicted, their lives set to ruin, some surviving it better than others, and that injustice is what continues to drive Todd Trotter’s work on the documentary.

That yet another Indian has frozen to death is a disgrace to our nation. The Federal Government thinks that by shoveling billions of dollars into the pockets of corrupt leadership that they absolve themselves of the responsibility for what happens to the people whose lives they have ruined for generations.

Nothing fixes this. Shoveling even more money at the corrupt won’t fix this. Only one thing will fix this: JUSTICE.

Bring Justice to the rez and the healing will begin. Protecting corruption, protecting known predators and criminals, drains our funds and sends lives into downward spirals that cannot be recovered.

How many frozen bodies do we have to step over in Winter before we quit accepting this as ‘they did it to themselves’? Clearly, it was done to them, over and over again, for generations, and only Justice can stop that, turn it around, and make the rez a less violent, less toxic place for children and the Elders. 


I think we all know that Justice is the cornerstone for any society that wants safety and security.  It’s the one word you won’t hear uttered by anyone making flowery speeches about what they have done for the Good People of Spirit Lake, nor of what they intend to do for the Children of Spirit Lake. Only Congressman Kevin Cramer ever stated the word “Justice” in his efforts, and only he ever pursued any actions to achieve it.

Let’s see what the new year brings, shall we? More Justice? Or more dead children, more frozen to death Indians.

The demonstrations you are seeing happening all over the country are not about race, but about Justice. That’s what millions of people are getting together to demonstrate for: Justice. Justice will bring equality, fairness and security to this nation.

The one thing that has been missing in communities all over this country is Justice. Nowhere is its absence more damaging than in Indian Country.  You can dance around it, talk around it, pretend it is something else that ails us as a nation, but clearly, what ails this nation is the lack of Justice.

If someone robs a bank of $100 that person goes to jail. When the banks rob all of us of trillions of our dollars, they get a bailout. That too, is an injustice. Injustice is killing this country.

In the latest rush through Bill in Congress that was supposed to fund the government to keep checks rolling so we could keep government running, there were items slipped in that would again allow banks to gamble in high stakes risky ventures, and reap all the profits, but if they lose, we, the taxpayers will again be on the hook to bail them out, just like in 2008 when the economy crashed.

That’s one thing they put in the Bill. Another thing they put in the Bill was a giveaway of thousands of acres of Sacred Lands in Indian Country, for specific mining companies to go in and take what they will, destroy the lands, the waters and poison it for the people. They can frack and kill the water tables too.

That’s Injustice.

We know now, just the tip of the iceberg on the torture that was illegally committed on prisoners in Gitmo. We also know that that torture not only did not yield any real information of value on the enemy, but that it silenced those that had been captured and had been revealing information under professional interrogation techniques. 

The taps of information were turned off the minute the torture began, and the prisoners said whatever their interrogators wanted to hear.  That is what Torture is designed to do. It’s the only thing torture was ever designed to do: create propaganda via false confessions.

Our nation went to war on lies. We lost thousands of our own sons and daughters who fought and died on foreign soil for those lies. We tortured captives to make them say things that would make those lies seem “Justified”, but it was just more lies.

We are still tangled in that web of deceit, and we have destabilized the entire region in the Middle East, causing more death and more destruction.

We have, in order to keep the arms manufacturers profitable (and endless wars all over the globe were not enough?) militarized the local police departments in ever State, no matter how tiny the town.

Demonstrations always turn violent because the police instigate the violence. They need to use their toys to justify spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in the upkeep of those toys, so they come dressed for violence.

There is a saying: If you want to know who intends to cause violence at a demonstration, take a look at who comes dressed for violence. That goes for the violent infiltrators within the ranks of demonstrators as well as it does for the police, who come on tanks, aiming sniper rifles directly into the crowds.  And many of those infiltrators turn out to be undercover police. There are endless You Tube Videos documenting clear cut cases of police masquerading as demonstrators (in Canada and the USA) to instigate violence so they can justify using their tanks, tear gas canisters, etc. on people who are non-violent.

If there are violent people within the demonstration, those are the people that the police should go after, but they don’t. They don’t pursue the looters, either. They watch, and then they ‘kettle’ peaceful demonstrators, as if they are the same as the violent ones, and they start gassing them.

Nothing gives more cover to the violent rioters within the ranks of peaceful demonstrators, than smoke bombs and teargas. It causes chaos and confusion and that’s when the violence upon those demonstrating for Justice, really begins.  

And of course, the obligatory older model abandoned police cruiser that just happens to be parked in a place where no other cars are parked, seems to ‘catch fire’… anyone wonder how many false insurance claims have been filed? That too is a crime, but chaos covers many offenses and that is just a small one.

One person said it best. I can’t remember who they are right now. It was on Twitter: “Imagine watching a football game where only one side had to obey the rules and the other side could do/use whatever they wanted.”

That’s the best summation of the ongoing Injustice I have read thus far. It applies to the constant, chronic and wide-spread injustice both in Indian Country and throughout the land.

The laws should apply to everyone: Police, Banks, Elected and Appointed Officials, and to all their friends.

It is Injustice that is killing our economy, our nation and which has become so blatant that the USA is no longer able to stand on High Ground and condemn other nations for their abuses of their people or their acts of inhumanity, war crimes or torture.

By the way, there was no ‘ticking clock’ necessity for the torture that was rendered. That’s a lie. The man whom they tortured the most and who had been giving valuable information under professional interrogation techniques, was, when he was handed over to the torturers, first put in complete solitary confinement for 47 days, with absolutely no Human Contact. How ‘urgent’ was that?

It doesn’t matter if it is one murdered Indian, one Frozen to Death Indian, or a school house of children being slaughtered so that Gun Manufacturers can sell their products without any limitations on who can have them.  If the NRA has you convinced that you too, must have a Military Assault weapon, and you are that stupid that you think somehow that will keep you ‘safe’, by all means, spend the better part of your family’s income buying weapons that your children will more likely die from them being in the house than they will be defended by them--- there’s profit to be made by scaring the stupid.

If you think that allowing Bankers to gamble with your savings, keep all the profits for themselves and then when they lose it all, go to the taxpayers for another trillion dollar bailout, by all means, say nothing about that and just wait until the next economic crash, and the next rash of banks stealing homes from people who owed nothing on them or didn’t even bank with them.  Economic Chaos is profitable to those criminals. They call it ‘the Fog of War’ kind of thing where so many crimes are committed no one can keep count, so no one goes to jail, but you lose your home and your savings.

Oh yeah, the new congress? They will also be giving the trillion dollars that is in Social Security (money you already paid in, mind you) to ‘privatized’ holders such as banks and companies that make risky investments.  Remember when George W. Bush wanted to privatize Social Security? Remember him bragging up how much better off those funds would be in the hands of companies such as Enron? And then Enron collapsed.

Well, GOP has both the House and the Senate and they are going to do exactly that. They’ve stripped away the protections that were to prevent another financial collapse and on top of that, they are giving away Social Security and with that, Medicare to be the playthings of those ‘privatized’ wizard types.  Medicare presently only has a 2% overhead cost, and the rest goes into services for those who are on it. That will change to become much more costly very quickly.

Brace yourselves.

This is what Injustice on a massive scale is. It will create more homelessness, more poverty, more violence. But hey, those wealthy donors who bought and paid for their Senators and Congressmen (both parties) well, they’ll be fat and happy.

If we don’t start fixing the injustices in the small places, even just to prove that we can right the wrongs and that we can have Justice, if we can’t do that in Indian Country, we deserve whatever is coming to us.

There will be more cold winters coming. It will be more than just Frozen Indians next time. Because we let it happen.

If you want Justice, you have to work for it. You have to make sure it exists for everyone or it is not Justice and you are not safe.

Murderers and thieves, rapists and child abusers need to be brought to Justice, regardless of how well or how poorly they are dressed; regardless of how well connected they are to people in positions of authority, fame or fortune.

Without Justice, no one is safe, anywhere.

Push for Justice in Indian Country so that Justice will exist when it comes around to your community and what your community needs.

If you doubt that Injustice exists, and that it is protected and supported by the police and all the authority figures, go out and join a peaceful demonstration. Let me know how that turns out for you. You’ll get a taste of what is to come, in ways you never thought would happen.

You won’t do that though because deep down inside, you already know it’s true.

John DuBois told the Truth, despite the overwhelming injustice that prevailed. If we don’t unite together, the Truth will have no value in our Society, to anyone, and we may as well all freeze to death.  At least, for what it was worth, he tried. He never quit trying.


Fake Medicine Men: Do they bring the darkness? Or does the Darkness bring them?

You know where to find me.





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December 8, 2014
Roll Call of The Corrupt
--- Printer Copy (7)

I asked a few people about the drug busts that happened a couple of weeks back, that sort of swept the rez, so-to-speak. I opined that they may have been, “more for show than for go”, but like you, I also get my hopes up that someone somewhere is finally lighting a fire under the Justice Department and bigger fish are being fried. 

In the end, always, and this time as well, it is the only the small fry that have been scooped up, paraded around as if made of whale bones.

The last bust, which took place at the casino properties, including the marina, most recently netted a squirming batch of small fry, otherwise known as the competition for the cartels on the rez that have been operating, untouched, for decades.

Keep in mind that when the US Marshall’s went in and busted Jr. Herman for child rape a few months ago, he was on House Arrest, wearing an ankle monitor. He took off and raped another child and got hauled in by the US Marshals, but since he is related to the Bigger Fish, the Cartel, out there (no, they don’t call themselves the Cartel, but they operate like one, so I call them that), those charges were dropped to him ‘lying about where he was’.

Yes, the charges of him raping yet another child were whisked away for the ‘more serious offense of lying about where he was’ (*snark alert*).  His punishment? House arrest and he has to wear an ankle monitoring device. Pretty much as ‘nothing’ as you can get in a Nothing Burger.

Imagine if you can, a team of US Marshals sweeping into a neighborhood, hunting for a man who ‘lied to them’: A misdemeanor from a felony. They would not. This is how it works out there. They can’t stop child rape because too many of the ‘important, well-connected’ people are involved in it. So they put on shows that are supposed to satisfy the community, and the public at large that they are ‘doing something’.  In fact, it’s just poorly staged exercises, with even more dubious scripting.

I, and several others, remain convinced that he, Junior Herman, was one of two participants that raped, sodomized, mutilated and murdered those two little children whose meth-addled father either allowed, or was too stoned to stop.  But the FBI Agents on the site were too busy destroying evidence, having neighbors cart off basket & box loads of clothing and other evidence, never to be seen again, and very busy ignoring witnesses who say they saw him there.

Then, Tim Purdon puts on a big show about arresting and putting on trial, the uncle of the children, a man with a simple IQ, who had both an inadequate defense attorney, and was up against a system that has been covering up rapes, murders, Human Trafficking and other crimes for the Cartel, for decades. Hence, the removal and destruction of evidence and the harassment, intimidation and threats to witnesses to any crimes, including that one, if it involves any of the well-connected.

So, we come to the most recent ‘raid’. *sigh*

I have a list of the names, but it is not a complete list. Some are repeat offenders and some of my sources may have mixed up that raid with the previous raid. I’ll notate it and we can discuss it later, when we all have time.

Shawn Charboneau

Bennet Blackbird

“Huck” William Cavanaugh Jr ,

Lacey Cavanaugh (she was one of Kalum Yankton’s girlfriends at the time of his death)  Kalum had recently gotten into conflicts with the rest of them. Kalum couldn’t help himself. He was as big a user as his customers were. He’d gotten away with every crime he ever committed for the most part, until he became a problem for the overall operation. He couldn’t

*Sally Alberts, who had her house busted a few months back because she and the men she was shacking up with were bringing in a lot of ‘product’ and also manufacturing meth in her home.

Sally is either a repeat offender on this latest bust, or this info relates back to the previous time this year when she was busted.  Also, you will recall, that shortly after she was busted the first time, then Tribal Chair, Leander Russell McDonald appointed her to run the Elderly Assistance Program, which meant that when any Elder needed money, for medical or a house repair, or for food, they had to go to Sally to get that money.

 It gave Sally unfettered access to an enormous amount of money, which again, is never audited nor accounted for in any meaningful way, so, I’m sure that even if she was busted (again) this time, she still has employment and access to funds that will never go to the people they are intended for. NLO kept her in that position because, well, it suited her to do so.  I suspect they both got a cut from the monies that Sally was in charge of. I can think of no other reason to put her in that job nor keep her in that job, unless it was profitable for the corrupt.

Tyler Rainbow, a small fry in a field of small fry.

Morgan Bercier Jr, who was at best a low-level distributor.

There are others, and as soon as I get those names confirmed, I’ll pass it along to you. But they are all small time, small fish. The big money out there is being made in the millions, not the pennies, not the $20’s and not the $1000’s. It’s BIG. Big enough to keep government agencies in their pockets for the past decades.

This shit is, can I say it any more clearly? Just a show.

A show for the FBI to ‘appear’ to be dealing with the drugs that are ravaging the community of Spirit Lake Nation, when in fact, all they are doing is moving the uncooperative lesser competition out of the hair of the much bigger, much better connected Cartel that runs all crime on the rez, for profit and for pleasure.

Rest assured that the amount of drugs coming in, being manufactured, being sold on the rez won’t skip a beat. More kids will die. More lives will be ruined.  No one in the DOJ will get within a yard of the Cartel and their minions. In fact, they will deny there is a problem out there, and point to their amazing record of recent arrests, which in itself is an oxymoron.

Eric Holder recently released a statement that sounds, to all who read it and know nothing about Indian Country, as if all problems have been solved and all criminals held accountable (*dusts off hands, takes a bow, exits stage Left*)

So, yeah, I get my hopes up when I hear there is a bust. I ride that rollercoaster as far as it will take me, until the ride slows to a stop… I get off, we all get off, and wait for the next rumble, hoping the next ride will actually go somewhere.  It won’t just be for our entertainment or momentary thrill.

Nothing changes until there is Justice. It just gets worse. All the shows in the world won’t change how that works. It’s basic and we all understand it

So do those who profit and prosper from the corruption. Why do you think just about every politician who discusses the ‘problems’ in Indian Country, never ever mention the word “Justice”? They never ask for an investigation. Why is that?

Turnip Truck

Heidi Heitkamp, who was the State Attorney General for years before she became the Senator, surely she heard about the child abuse, child rapes, child trafficking and worse that comes from that rez and others… but what does she opt to do? “Study” the ‘Issue’.  Not “INVESTIGATE THE CRIMES”, but ‘study’. She is told that children are being raped today, and she wants to ‘study’ the ‘issue’, not “investigate” the “crime”.  Think about that.

Does that sound like someone that wants to take effective measures to stop the crimes, and especially the crimes against children? Or does that sound like someone that just fell off the proverbial Turnip Truck and isn’t sure that the rapes and trafficking of children is a crime, or maybe it’s just not a crime when it happens in Indian Country.

How well does she really know the law? Apparently, well enough to dodge or thwart any action that would lead to criminal investigations that would of course, lead to people who are very, very helpful to her in her political career.  She took $4 Million Tax Dollars to do that years long “study”.  Well, it appears child rape has been very profitable for Ms. Heitkamp and her pals…they get millions to ‘study’ it. We pay.

I sometimes wonder if her Just-Fell-Off-The-Turnip-Truck act is really fooling any of her peers in Congress, especially the Senate. Are they that dumb? Or are they all just that involved?

Either way, children are being raped, abused, trafficked and she’s taking millions of our tax dollars to essentially do nothing about it, and Eric Holder is taking a bow, telling us all the “promises were kept, all the goals fulfilled”. 

Promises to whom? I wonder. Like every Attorney General before him, he has found his comfort in avoiding any serious investigations into any serious crimes. Especially where children are concerned.  Too many political boats would be rocked out of the water if the DOJ did anything.

Like every AG before him, he has to drive the Turnip Truck. Of all the crimes committed in this world, the one that pays the most is Human Trafficking, specifically, child selling. And we allow our government to do nothing? We allow Senators to ‘study’ known cases as if they are not crimes? What are we expecting? Exactly what we get: Nothing.

You see people protesting, by the hundreds of thousands in the streets over injustices.  It is in our nature, as Human Beings, that when we become aware of injustices, especially long-running injustices that target specific groups of people, we want to change that. We want to right those injustices and hold those who committed crimes against those people, wherever they are, accountable. 

We know that when there is Justice, there is Peace and we are all better for it. Communities heal and communities thrive where there is Justice.  We know that we all thrive together.

It’s the same with this. If we don’t start standing and demanding Justice and direct action and investigations into the large scale child abuse, child rape and child trafficking that is going on related to just this one tiny speck on the map, it means that we condone it with our apathy and our silence. 

It means they don’t heal and they don’t thrive as a community and none of us is better off because they are not better off.

Injustice is going on everywhere. It’s not just the people in that one community that need to stand up against it, it’s all of us.

Protest For Justice

The media ignores massive protests because it’s not what their corporate masters want us to see. We are only played portions where ‘Protesters became violent’ or “Protests became violent”.

They don’t tell us that it was the police, especially the over militarized police, who initiated the violence.  Protesters have a right to protest. Those who ‘riot’ are not part of the protests, but are there to discredit the protests and the police stand by and watch them break windows, set fires and do nothing. When they do something, it is to move violently against the peaceful protesters, not the looters, not the window breakers, and there are plenty of videos of police infiltrating protests, causing damage, being ignored by the police and even protected by the police as they are helped to escape behind police lines by uniformed officers.

Staging the Scene To Trick The Audience

These are tactics used by police departments the world over, to justify using violent, military style violence against peaceful protesters.

And then there’s always that older model police car that seems oddly enough, parked in the middle of the protests, as if any police showed up in cars? And parked in the midst of the protests? And then that car gets windows broken, set on fire and the cameras zoom in on that, and since we live and breathe only in symbols, we see the ‘symbol’ of the police being attacked in that car that is being damaged.  Look more closely, and you will see, it’s merely a prop on the stage.

Because the media is complicit in conveying the message that only bad, violent people ‘protest’, and that all protests are ‘riots’ and all protesters are ‘violent’ and that justifies the police using violent military style tactics and equipment against unarmed protesters, who are just citizens, aware of injustices and demanding they be addressed.

At some point, we are all going to end up in the streets, peacefully protesting, as is our right, and getting our heads bashed in while those who do the violence are given a free hand, safe passage with no consequences.

The metaphors are becoming more direct, and more clear. Once you wake up and see the staging, realize the wool has been pulled over your eyes and break out of the fog, you’ll realize you’ve been had. We’ve all been had. We’ve been had by our government protecting criminal operations on a scale that would bring down every major institution, and by media feeding us the scripts, focusing on the staging and the burning props, never showing us the real truth: That those who do the violence both in protests and in our daily lives, serve the same corporate masters as those who showcase the violence, and those who, with uniforms and badges, do nothing.

Just to refresh your memory about Ferguson, which has been in the news a lot: It was protesters who stopped the violence and the looting of those stores. It was even gang members from opposing gangs, who stood together to protect their neighborhood stores from thugs wearing masks, who were out to loot, damage, arson, while the police did nothing except roust reporters, gas protesters and oh yeah, that older model police car that seems conveniently parked in the middle of the protests, set ablaze….

And Ferguson was just the beginning, as injustice from the top of the system on down, becomes sharply apparent in towns and cities across the country. Your local news won’t tell you that in a meaningful way, and the national media is a bigger joke (stick with local news).

But people are waking up, collectively, in communities all across the nation, and it is the stink of Injustice that is waking us all up. They used to see us as their audience. It used to work that way, on everyone. Now, not so much. Not so many. Not working so well.  

In The Awakening Time

What we have in Indian Country is a level of injustice that is even bigger, more long-term, and more brutal, than what the people are aware of across the nation---- so far.

Ignoring it won’t make it go away. It gets worse. Down playing it, doesn’t make it go away. It gets worse. Media misrepresenting what is going on, doesn’t make it go away. Arresting, beating and brutalizing any journalists or citizen reporters who video or report the truth, doesn’t make it go away--- it continues to get worse.

It is chaotic and it is scary, all that is going on now. But to me, it is a sign that people are waking up, and collectively, we are uniting for one thing and one thing only: Justice.

We know that is the cure for what ails communities where Injustice has been rampant and continues to be blatant.

It’s also the remedy for what ails Indian Country.

But it’s up to all of us, to stand together, demand accountability, and not accept this dog-and-pony show that government and media puts on to distract and detour us.

We are uniting, collectively, despite the obstructions thrown into our view. It’s what we do as Human Beings, as Citizens and as people who want a better, safer, more secure, more prosperous nation, built from the ground up, not the top down.

None of it will work, none of it will hold, unless we go to the source where it all began, and where it is the deepest rooted--- Indian Country. We start in Spirit Lake. We fight for the Children. We demand Justice.

We do not do this alone. We do it in the Time of the Awakening. And that is now. This is where we are. This is what is really happening.

The staging and the props and the misinformation will continue, despite it being less and less convincing to more and more of us, but rest assured, on so many levels, we are moving the stone off of the secrets and finding our strength collectively, as a community and as a nation.  We are not the violent ones. We are the Truthful ones. We are the ones that those who have been robbing the future for decades fear the most.

As the communities wake up, the Nation wakes up and the People Rise up. Oppression can only exist where there is injustice. Injustice can only exist where it is supported by apathy, ignorance and silence.

Vaguely, we have known something is wrong, but we could never quite pin it down, so we could never really fix it. We could not name it so we could not fight it. Now we know it’s name, and we know how to fight it: Injustice.

Wherever we find it, wherever we become aware of it, that is where we must make our stand. That is where we refuse to accept the scripts being acted out for us on media stages. We become aware of the injustices, and we fight against them and we win because we don’t buy the lies anymore. We are stronger and we won’t accept anything but the Truth. We’ll know it when we hear it, see it, taste it, because it will be Justice, not stagecraft.

It’s getting very noisy out there, lately.  Music to mine ears. Don’t fear the Awakening. It was our ignorance that kept us all apart, divided, weakened and in more danger.  This is different.

Shop Small

Meanwhile, the media at all levels will be cracking that whip over our heads to make us shop faster, spend more as if Christmas is a competition.  Shopping is supposed to be our acceptable drug, our distraction from reality.  Put down the credit cards, step away from the Malls. Go to the small stores, where people who live in your community, know your name, go to school with your kids kind of place, and spend your money there. There is more power in shopping small, than there is in massive factory driven consumption of slave-made goods that create billionaires at the top, and people living in their cars while working 3 jobs, at the bottom.

Let’s all be more effective in how we spend our money and our attention and our energies. Let’s do some good for someone. We’ll feel better than if we bought a new car for ourselves. I guarantee it. We’ll take back a modicum of control from those corporate overlords, and start rebuilding our own communities, from the ground up.

Waking up on all levels makes us stronger.

You know where to find me.





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December 3, 2014
And Suddenly….Again
---- Printer Version (4)

Say good-bye to Parker Mudgett. He would have been 18 in a few months. But he was out with his friends, you know the rest… no seatbelts… “Not Planning to get into an accident…” 

Another youth also in serious condition, John Driver (not sure if I spelled his first name properly).  It’s not looking good for Driver.

If it was the pickup truck they were in, Mudgett was driving. If it was another vehicle, it was probably Driver… but none of that matters right now. A family has a child to bury. Perhaps, before it is all said and done, another family will be planning their child’s funeral.

I can’t imagine either the horror or the sustained horror of knowing or waiting to know. The whole insides of those left behind, hollowed out, echoing an agony no one should ever have to endure.

The time to teach your children is not when they are grown or half-grown… the time to teach them is from the beginning.


Kids will do crazy, stupid, dangerous things because they don’t have any sense of the world. They need to be taught, constantly, what works, what doesn’t work, and the most important lesson of all: Respect.

Not Fear, but Respect. They should only fear disappointing you, not your anger at their stupidity, carelessness or other errors of youth.

Respect is the only thing that will keep them from lying to you about where they are going or who they are going with.  Respect is the only thing that will have them deciding not to ‘sneak out’. 

You see, when they learn to respect you, not for your words, but for how you conduct yourself, with dignity and integrity, fairness and compassion—they will learn that is where real strength lies, and where it is they want to be. Respect is something they will choose to grow into.

And they will have more of a chance to grow into it.

By learning to respect you, they learn to respect themselves. When they have self-respect, they are harder for their peers to mislead them, or influence them to do things that you would not respect if you knew they were doing it.

If they learn respect, they learn value, and they are less likely to do dangerous things.

Maybe if you told them, perhaps more often, how much you valued them, they would learn their own value and their judgments would be based more and more on that, and less and less on what their ‘friends’ think about them.

We all need friends. We all need family. But most of all, to get us through the rough patches, we need self-respect. 

I survived my own stupidity and I learned from both my mistakes and the mistakes of others that I knew.  I can honestly say that many of the really stupid things I did were more original, and I was extremely lucky.

The thing was, I knew when I was ‘lucky’. I knew when I had done and survived something stupid and I was ashamed of my arrogance and my stupidity, and I learned.

Many of my friends did not learn. They did not survive. I went to a few funerals in my youngers. Just never went to my own.

The kids need guidance, they need not only their parents and families to care about them and to connect to them in a meaningful way, but they need to connect to themselves and to realize their value in this life.

They are still going to make mistakes. Still do stupid things, but maybe, just maybe, something in them will stand up and say: “Not tonight,” or “Yeah, I wear my seatbelt, because shit happens,” or they will just know when to make that phone call home and say: “Come and get me.”

You will be angry at them for doing stupid stuff; for lying and for being where they were not supposed to be. But you will get over being angry at them.  You will never get over burying them.

The time to talk to your children is now. The time to teach them the strength of respect is everyday, until they are strong enough to survive on their own.

Until then, you all can march from funeral to funeral to pay respects.

My heart goes out to the families, to their friends, and the community which is again, waking up to another tragedy that could have and should have been avoided.

How many times are these kids going to have to die before their friends, the whole community for that matter, learn that hard lesson?

The community has been broken by corruption for generations, and only more corruption has come from it.  The corruption at the tribal level is obvious. It’s easy to see. And it would not exist if not for the corruption all the way up the line.

This is what happens in communities broken and broken again and again…. Children die, often.   Children don’t have as much of a chance at self-respect in a place where there is no justice and where only the most corrupt thrive.

The Absence of Justice

Tell me, how valued would you feel if you grew up in a community where children were bought and sold? Where a 13-yr old rape victim is ignored and her 38-yr old rapist has the USAG, ND (Timothy Purdon) refuse to investigate, declaring “There’s two sides to every rape story,” and no one questions him?

And that’s only one of hundreds of rapes that occur on the rez, just that rez, and Purdon refuses to investigate them if the perpetrator lives on the rez--- because he will be connected to people Purdon has to protect.

And it’s all clear as day.  It’s what kids learn out there, on that rez. That they have no value; That bad behavior is what pays off, and that criminal acts are protected.

Sure, I can tell parents and families to teach their children about respect and self-respect, but until all of us turn the pressure on to the County, State, and Federal governments and agencies, to actually bring real Justice to the rez, something that can be seen, something that can be taught by example, children will think that they are not alive unless they are taking dangerous risks and getting thrills.

They won’t be careful in their activities. They won’t wear seatbelts when they are in vehicles because seatbelts save lives, and life is cheap—worth almost nothing to Timothy Purdon.

Purdon is responsible for more children dying on that rez than anyone realizes. He is the shield that protects the worst criminals out there. He prevents investigations every chance he gets. Indian lives mean nothing to him. 

Rapists, murderers, child mutilators could not get away with it if not for Purdon. Purdon could not get away with it if not for more people up the line, and all around him, who also benefit from keeping the corruption intact, in place--- right under our noses, right in front of our eyes…

These kids dying so young, doing stupid things, not learning from even the very same mistakes that took the lives of kids they knew just a few weeks ago, even as they danced the same dance, with the same fatal outcome, because they learn from all that is around them, by example, and there’s just not enough good examples to distract them from what they know is true.

If they only knew how much they are needed here, and in the future, to make the difference. If only they knew how much the Future needs them.  But they didn’t listen to those callings, because they were so faint, while everything else was so loud.  That voice inside them that said: “Maybe this is not such a good idea,” was drowned out by the voice that said: “YOLO” and they believed, because they have seen generations of it, that they had no value.

It’s not just the parents that have to teach their children, it is all of us.  Parents have to do their part, as best they can in the worst of circumstances, and we have to do our part.

Not all of the children will survive, sadly. But the ones that do should at least have that one major strength, Self Respect, to carry them to a greater purpose, a more true destiny, than the one we are all leaving them now.

Bring Justice to the Rez. Give the kids something they can believe in. 

If for no other reason than to convince ourselves that we, collectively, in the most powerful country on the planet, can bring Justice to a tiny speck on the map, and at least make it safe to be a child and grow up in that one place where we can all already see all that is corrupt, all that is wrong, all that can be fixed if we just insist that the laws, especially the laws against child abuse, rape, murder, were enforced.

Or do we accept that in those shadow lands, life has no value and corruption is the trough that all pigs feed at. 

Now we see and now we know, that the costs are rising, in both money and blood, and our collective future as a nation is at stake.

Perhaps we should all wake up and realize who is at the wheel, and how crazy fast they are going, and how bad this road is… and we are all in it and on it together.

Maybe it’s time we all learned the value of our own self-respect and stopped letting the corrupt and the insane, the greedy and the abusive, have the wheel any longer.

Until there is Justice, “Respect” is just a word. A very quiet word.

Buckle up--- everybody. The Future needs us. All of us. Buckle up. Stay Safe.

Respect. Justice. Respect.

You know where to find me.







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December 1, 2014
Big Bust? Or Removing The Competition?
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Heard there was a really big Drug Bust on the rez last Tuesday. Details are still hard to come by, but what I have so far (and feel free to add any corrections you like) is that the bust was both at the casino and the marina. That a man in the hotel room was busted and so was his friend who fell asleep in the car in the parking lot, and that dogs were brought in to both the casino and to the marina to locate the drugs.

All that sounded really hopeful until I found out that the Tribal Police and the FBI were involved.  We all know that the Tribal Police don’t go on any raids without the dispatchers and other police personnel alerting their friends that the cops are coming.

The FBI so tied into the corruption and the crime out there, that any ‘raids’ are generally structured to appear to be a big deal, but in reality, they serve only to remove the competition and consolidate the market for their friends, family and cohorts/cronies.

So, despite how big and dramatic this whole ‘bust’ was, it was probably just another ‘business’ maneuver.

Come to think of it, isn’t the Marina area Weenie Boy and Weenie Boy Junior’s turf? Didn’t Kalum take that away from them a few months ago? Well, it doesn’t really matter now. There will still be buyers & sellers for the drugs.  It’s just most likely more profitable for the dealers who are in tighter with the FBI and the Tribal Police.  You know, the ones who get those advance warnings.

Power is shifting on the rez again. NLO and her gang are in charge, so it’s not any big surprise that an intramural struggle to retain power conflicts with some of the upstarts that had established themselves in the interim between her previous reign and her new reign.

Also, this whole ‘raid’ could have been to preclude a real raid by US Marshals or any other outside agency that would have, possibly would have, gone after the key players in the well-established, more ‘permanent’ drug networks out there.

I’m just guessing at this point, but all signs point to more Show than Go.  I’ve been watching this sort of thing go down out there for over 19 years. Forgive me if I am skeptical.

I’ll be even more skeptical if Tim Purdon takes a Victory Lap on this. He has been protecting the most corrupt, most vile out there, his entire career, before and after his ascending to his current position as USAGND.

Remember his last “Big Bust” out there? Spent “millions” busting a handful of people for pills, Turns out that the ‘months of surveillance’ in that operation managed to nail the lowest level buyers & dealers, none of whom had more than $30 worth of contraband on them at the time of arrest.

Not a single one of the bigger players, whom the investigators had to quite literally, push aside to get to the small fry, was touched.  He touted that as a “Major” operation putting a substantial dent in the drug trafficking on the rez… which it would have been if the drug dealers on the rez were making less than $100 a week.  I forgot to ask at the time: “Does anyone buy this?”  It was clear from the mail that I got that no one did. But really, it wasn’t designed for those who understood anything about the rez. It was strictly for those who knew nothing, and never set foot on the rez.

Let’s see how he works this one.

You’ll know when there’s a real drug bust out there. It will take down several of Tim Purdon’s friends.  He won’t say a word. He’ll look sweatier than usual.  He’ll be locking himself in his office more often than not, and those pictures he enjoys will be enjoyed more frequently, to ‘relieve the pressure’.

If the missus is wondering why he underperforms so often, she should try dropping in on him at work more often.  Then again, it’s probably one of those marriages where she suspects everything but really doesn’t want to know.

I’m just guessing. Never met the woman. But I bet she’s a little surprised by how close I come to reading her mind. Know what I mean, Jelly Bean?

So, we have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

Quiet Rage

Still waiting for the Tribe’s outrage over Alberta Redfox using her position and Tribal Funds to try and cover up her son’s rape of a woman.  It’s no doubt not his only rape and her only cover-up.  Rapists rarely only rape once. Well, if they get caught the first time, yeah, but other than that, they keep on until they are stopped.

So, Spirit Lake Nation, how does it sit with you that once again, without skipping a beat, Tribal Council is where the rapists find protection? Will you be upset when the rapist decides it’s time to go after your family member? Or someone you love? There’s nothing to stop him. He’s gotten away with it, and he’s being protected by both Alberta and NLO.

Getting away with it is also half the thrill for those types.

…And helping them escape Justice, is a whole ‘nuthah thrill for those like NLO. It makes her feel powerful over those who must seethe in silence, while she finds comfort in the stench of corruption, and politicians, past and present, whose loyalty is bought & paid for by her silence, and cold cash—your cash, my cash, tax dollars & all that corruption endows. What other incomes does she draw from? Anyone know?

You know where to find me.



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