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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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*February 23, 2015
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One of the ways that churches and governments control people is to make them think that their leaders are infallible. In churches, it’s priests. We are told they speak the word of God & the crimes they committed against children went on for so long because the children and their families had no credibility against a man who speaks God’s words from his own mouth.

The government maintains an aura of infallibility despite the many failures over the decades and the destruction of all that was built by previous generations and administrations, mostly through their ‘agents’ and ‘agencies’.  The FBI carries an air of infallibility, but we know they are flawed, deeply flawed, and corrupt. But they keep parading their heroes out there as ‘experts’ and ‘authorities’ and of course, we assume that if smart men of such great character belong to the FBI, then all of the FBI must be equally infallible and of good moral character--- by association. After all, why would a man of such high integrity as whomever they are parading on media, belong to an organization that is corrupt?

That assumption of moral high ground trickles through all of the government agencies, especially law enforcement because after all, with the all powerful, high integrity FBI peering over the edge of their pedestals, surely they would bring down any corrupt agencies beneath them, in order to maintain their high standards, right?

Sanely, we know none of that is true, but it is reinforced in media and subliminally on other levels to the point where we give credibility to some of the most corrupt, most abusive abusers of power, trust and authority while we reflexively discredit their victims. 

We hear about generations of child rape through the churches, in every location on the planet, and yet we convince ourselves it’s an aberration, a ‘rarity’ and further, we convince ourselves that those much higher up knew nothing about it because they speak with God (nothing more powerful than God, amiright? ) daily and surely GOD would strike them down if they knew and did nothing.

And then we learn, of course that the highest offices in the church facilitated the cover ups, intimidations of witnesses & harassment of victims as well as the transfer of pedophile priests so they could prey on yet another community’s most vulnerable… we hear, but we want to not believe, or we want to find a way to excuse both the pedophiles (blame the children) and their protectors (somehow ignorant of all violations despite reports handed to them.

And the same is true with the FBI and just about every level of law enforcement. More lies than truth. More cover ups than investigations, always protecting the politically powerful and the well-connected from consequences.

To show how shoddy and sloppy and inept the FBI is,

Google “crimes committed by FBI agents” and you will have thousands of hits, including cases where their top dogs were actually spying for foreign nations, selling our secrets to foreign governments so they could afford the luxuries in life and a few strippers, some drugs… such as the case with Robert Hansen, who even dodged the obligatory, mandatory yearly lie detector tests for over a decade without anyone above or below him raising a suspicion.  He got sloppier and sloppier and that’s how he got caught.

Agents below him who were suspicious of his behaviors were quickly moved out, transferred, demoted… and no one put the dots together.

Nothing has changed at the FBI. Little has changed at the Churches. They are both considered “infallible” and they both, despite their corruption, abuse, and worse, maintain high credibility and it makes no sense whatsoever.

We all suffer the consequences of unpunished pedophiles continuing to feed on our children, turn them into Human Wreckage or worse, into predatory monsters like themselves, to carry on and multiply the abuses and we see the end results of that every single day. And it costs us.

You know your government is run by criminals when you see people report crimes to law enforcement and those witnesses/reporters are fired, harassed and threatened. Those are not the actions of a government that has high moral character, good intentions or even a shred of decency. Those are the acts of criminals who protect other criminals.

Allowing Tim Purdon to strut his exit out of the USAG office as if he has been heroic or noble in his endeavors, is nauseating. 

What is it that our politicians feel we must preserve in salvaging his image despite his failures, his lies and his crimes?  How does protecting the pedophiles’ protector make any of us safer or even feel safer? Who, ultimately, is being protected? You? Me? The children? Our economic stability? Hardly. Human Wreckage costs us billions and we get nothing for it but more Human Wreckage.

What do they get out of it? They get to cover each others’ crimes. The bigger, the better. Those who can cover bigger crimes rise higher in the ranks and hold a special kind of power over others, in that they are more ‘needed’ and they can themselves, get away with more indecencies and more misbehavior, even crimes, because of the network of protection that has been constructed for decades, shields them.

Not A Single Drop of Blood

That’s how, when Eddie Peltier was beaten to death, those who committed the crime were able to not only get it covered up, but to force a false scenario onto the public at large, claiming it happened miles away and was committed by a group of people who A: Had nothing to do with it; B: Did not even like each other and would not be ‘partying’ collectively anywhere, much less conspiring to murder Eddie, or conspiring to cover it up.

They had no power. They had no motive. They all had alibis, and there was not a single drop of blood connecting any of them to Eddie’s murder, the false location, or to one another.

In fact, there was less than 7cc’s of blood in Eddie’s entire body, and yet, not a drop of blood on his clothes (which turned out to be Quentin Yankton’s clothes. Eddie’s clothes were never found), and there was not any blood on the road where he was reported found. Just a “watery reddish looking liquid” which happened because two girls were forced by James and Quentin and Roger Yankton, to bathe his body and dress him in clean clothes to hide the evidence of his murder at their sister Celeste’s house.

There was no blood found at the scene that was claimed to be the site of the ‘brawl’, and in fact, two FBI agents who were scouring the area for witnesses remarked that the Cavenaugh residence was neat and clean. She was, at that time, a born-again Christian and she maintained her house and yard and lifestyle in a ‘respectable’ manner. So, yeah, there was no ‘party’ at her house either because there was no evidence of any event at her home.

Unless you want to believe that 11 of 30 Indians got so drunk they piled on Eddie, and then ran him through the woods and across a field, beating him again, and then finally, beating him to death on the road, and then all ran up and tidied up the yard, cleaning up evidence such as beer cans, bottles, broken anything….

The other thing about Eddie, his body and his clothes and his shoes, aside from them belonging to someone else, was there was no blood and no dirt on any of them.

How did Eddie get beat to death at a party, run down a hill, through the trees, across a muddy field and onto the highway and not have a speck of blood on him, and no dirt on him and no dirt or even a pebble in the soles of his shoes?

But the FBI was ‘infallible’ and 11 Indians had no credibility against them and their lies. The jury convicted them without a drop of blood, a speck of dirt, or even an eye witness that did not contradict themselves, change their stories multiple times…

This is what “infallibility” gives us. Pedophiles that roam through our children at will, and murderers who get their crimes covered up.

You know there has to be a lot of money along that twisted trail. Money that comes from you and I and which never goes where it is supposed to go, but manages to endear top politicians and politically appointed agents, to some of the lowest scum of the earth types.

Those types make our society sicker and sicker. They make us more insecure. They cost us more and more money.  Money that could go to our schools, hospitals, our roads and bridges. Money that could repair our 100+ year old sewer systems.

But no, it goes to the privatized prison industry, it goes to Security Firms that get paid big bucks for making it so that Human Wreckage cannot break into our homes and rape us, steal from us… except they still can and they do.

We pay higher and higher taxes while the rich and powerful, especially the billionaires and the billion dollar corporations, pay nothing. We pay more taxes than the wealthy, and our money fixes nothing. It goes into their system of corruption, and it goes into the pockets of those who protect the politically connected pedophiles.

I think we deserve better.

I think that when a child is raped and that rape is reported, the rapist should be investigated, and that the 13-yr. old girl should not be blamed for her own rape by a 38-yr old man who just happens to be a relative of those who killed Eddie Peltier, and got away with it.

I don’t think the girl should be punished (she was) and the rapist never arrested (he’s still raping).

Blame The Messenger

Common practice among the corrupt is to blame those who report their corruption. The Chairman of Spirit Lake and some of their political cronies like to blame “bad publicity” (This blog among that esteemed category) for them being unable to hire qualified or competent Social Workers.

I maintain that it has nothing to do with me. It has to do with the fact that when a Staff of Social Services reported the crimes and corruption, (Betty Jo Krenz) she was fired on the spot and has endured nothing but harassment, intimidation and violence since, while those who committed the corruption and the crimes and the cover-ups, continue to draw paychecks.

It has to do with the fact that the Labor Board will not protect anyone that works on any reservation. They will not file a single case against any Tribe regardless of how badly the employees are treated, sexually harassed, threatened or intimidated.  They claim “Sovereignty” and the tribe is immune from all damages or crimes they commit.

So, tell me, who wants to go to work in a place where the corrupt can do what they want, including rape, and there is no protection for any of the employees? You think that might have something to do with the tribe not being able to hire from a willing pool of the qualified and competent? Maybe? Hmmm?



Chairwoman Myra Pearson, Naked Lawn Ornament, was airlifted to a hospital in Minneapolis on Sunday. Anyone know why? What happened? Did her black, corrupt little heart suddenly bite her back? Did one of her raping, murdering relatives lash out in a bad mood? Or did that thing in the Lake reach out and strike her?

You know law-enforcement wouldn’t do it. They’re all in her pocket. She gets hurt, they go broke. Or they have to find another Black Road Walker to attach themselves to.

Let me know what you find out.

You know where to find me.


*Updated 2/23/15 1:00 PM

Myra apparently had a heart attack. The truth is, if she had a hangnail, she would get airlifted. She’s the ‘important’ one. She doesn’t have to endure the laughable emergency system she has allowed to fall apart for decades. The ambulance can barely run, is not up to standards: too many miles, bad brakes, failing transmission, bad tires.  Typically she has allowed the most unqualified to drive the ambulance with the most notorious Cheryl Ironhawk who was too often naked in the hay with her co-workers and their friends and who ignored the emergency calls, and who was never trained to begin with.  That’s the“standards” set by NLO for the rest of the tribe.

I don’t know if Cheryl is still driving it or not, but whoever is driving it may or may not be certified or qualified, and for sure, the ambulance itself is in poor running shape and under equipped to handle any emergency.  That is ONE of the many reasons people die out there on the rez.

But for Myra, the important one, she gets airlifted.  If you need emergency help, you get the joke. If she needs emergency help, she gets airlifted. The tribe pays for all of it, the joke and the airlift. Let me know if you are happy about this or not.

Let’s all wish her a speedy recovery, shall we?




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February 16, 2015
Lassie Classic
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My generation grew up with idealistic TV shows. We had the “Untouchables” which portrayed the FBI as incorruptible in the person of Elliot Ness, but we now know that the FBI, despite many idealists in their ranks, is corrupt from beginning to end, and from the core to as far out as it can reach, all in the name of protecting the most corrupt, the most profitable corruption, and keeping it unseen by those of us who would be shocked, disgusted, and dismayed at how we have, as a nation, been betrayed.

No idealist in the FBI will ever rise high enough in the ranks, nor will they ever be able to band together in a way to root out all that is rotten and evil at their core. They investigate themselves. There is no oversight.   Congress is ignorant of the intricacies and of the intrigue, and they prefer it that way. Yes, both of them.

Moving on. Another classic was “Lassie”, that smarter-that-all-the-Humans-around-her, Collie dog. (SPOILER: “she” was always played by a male dog. I know, I know, I was so crushed when I found out, too.)

Lassie’s job seemed to be solely to watch over Timmy, to the point where to this day we hear about Lassie in jokes:

Lassie “Barks twice” (which is what I modeled my blog dog, “Barks Twice” on)

Someone: “What’s that Lassie? You say Timmy fell down the well?”

Everyone: Run in the direction where Lassie is running to go rescue Timmy from the well.

Timmy always knew that no matter how much trouble he got into, Lassie would bring rescue and he would be just fine. Happy Ending.

Well, “Timmy” in this case, is Tim Purdon.

By now, everyone has heard that he is ‘stepping down’ as USAG of North Dakota. He pats himself on the back on his way out the door, portraying himself as a hero to Indian Country for ‘making it safer’.  He moves on to private practice on a National Scale, and that, my friends, requires a whole lotta moolah, and I’m sure he has plenty stashed away.

What is not mentioned in any of the media is that his ‘stepping down’ is actually him being in so much hot water, so deep in the well of corruption, that a Congressional Subcommittee Hearing last Wednesday, nailed his balls to the floor.

But as bad as it was, and him having to lose his job, it’s not a fraction of what should have happened. He should have been criminally investigated for among other things, accessory to child trafficking and tampering with witnesses, giving false statements, and very likely, much more, much deeper corruption.

Instead, he is allowed to ‘quietly leave’ and enjoy the profits from his malfeasance in office.  He should have been handcuffed and frog-marched into a holding cell, but he is not only allowed to walk away a free and wealthy man, but allowed to promote himself as the hero of Indian Country.

I’m sure his private practice will be well-funded by eager clients. His close ties with the Yanktons, their close ties with Tex Hall, and all those child traffickers, child rapists that he refused to investigate or charge, will fill up his client list very quickly.

So, while it is notable that he is stepping down, I remind all that it comes at a steep price to everyone except Timmy. People lost their jobs, were threatened, harassed, attacked, and worse, because he was protecting predators.

People, good and decent people, courageous people risked everything to first bring him information and then suffered the consequences as he used his high office to attack, threaten, and harass those same people.

But they didn’t quit. Under great threat to keep silent, they spoke out.

It’s a pity that all they got for their efforts is his walking away without consequences for his actions.  He has 45 days to destroy his hard drives, paper trails, and any other evidence because no one locked him out of his office.

He is being replaced by someone just like him. A man who was his Right-Hand throughout all of this and will doubtless carry on the same as Timmy Purdon did, and for the same reasons.  He knows better than anyone, the crimes committed by Tim Purdon, and unless his first move is to arrest him and charge him with those crimes, nothing has changed.

People risked their personal safety to testify at that hearing. But there is no video of it and so it is not likely that Purdon will ever suffer even the mildest professional humiliation of being called out for his corruption.

I have asked for a transcript, but the likelihood of that happening are as remote and cold as the days of Black & White, Wrong and Right TV and TV shows.

Children are no safer now than they were before the hearings took place. Predators are still free to abuse, rape, buy, sell, murder the children and everyone will be so busy thinking something big changed, no one will really notice.

This was not a hearing to end the harm, it was cleanup operation designed to give the aggrieved a chance to be heard by a handful, and to feel like what they have done has changed things.

It’s also designed to discourage anyone from ever trying to root out the evil ever again. It’s a lesson to others:

“Risk your life. Be attacked. Lose your income. Be ridiculed. Be ignored. And if you persist, if you will not be silent, we will have a small, tiny hearing in a closed room and we will move one of the pieces out of play, but there will be no consequences for those who committed the evil and no consequences for those who continue the evil.

You merely get to wear yourself out doing the right thing. There is nothing in this for you.”

They won’t even publicly embarrass Tim Purdon. It’s a mockery.

The best people I know have put everything they have into this, but the system is still so corrupt and that corruption run so deep for so long, that it is immune even, to public scrutiny.

Children are raped, forced to live with registered sex-offenders, their reports of rape ignored a thousand times a thousand, and Tim Purdon gets to dance his way off stage in a storm of congratulations for a fine job.

They won’t even let us look in and see what was said and done. We’re supposed to be happy, satisfied that one tiny pawn in their scheme was sacrificed. That’s supposed to make all this go away.  We’re supposed to think we’ve ‘won’ something.

Until Purdon and the rest of them are frog-marched into criminal court, until the videos of the hearings are made public and splashed from coast-to-coast, nothing is won.

We either redouble our efforts, our attention on what is rotten in Indian Country and we refuse to accept this crumb of a victory as if the whole loaf, and we continue to learn more, pursue more, demand more.

We must continue to support and be vigilant over those who put so much into this so that we take this small chip out of the wall and we all keep swinging at it by demanding those we elected answer personally for what they have or have not done to rescue those children they know about in Indian Country, specifically in Spirit Lake Reservation.

Good people started this. Good people have been fighting this. Good people have given it their all. Media only covers a sliver of it. Elected only send form letters in response. They expect us all to go quietly now, now that they have given us a crumb.

I won’t. And from what I know of those who put their lives on the line to get it this far, neither will they.  Our silence is the only thing that will defeat us and those who are in there, fighting. We must make our voices heard. We must continue in every way we can, to contact, inquire, and demand answers.

It’s up to us to not allow Timmy to have this Happy Ending. It’s up to all of us to hound him from every level, until he faces criminal charges for the crimes he has committed.  It’s up to us to see to it that he does not profit from not charging adults who raped children, beat children, trafficked children. 

The crimes against those children are crimes against all of us, and against our future.  Those fighting to expose these crimes are fighting for our future.

History of Abuse

Corporations have been at war with the environment since Contact.  The wealthy have used the politicians to give them free reign over land, water, air with no consequences for the damages they create.

If you rob a bank of $50 you go to prison. If the bank robs you, all of us, of billions, they get a small fine, get to keep their ill-gotten gains, and stay in business, get huge bonuses and get to rob us all again.

If you and I commit a crime against a corporation, we go to jail. If they commit a crime against us, stealing our money, our homes, fouling our air, poisoning our water, they get a small fine that doesn’t even begin to touch the profits they reaped as they destroyed the environment, the economy, and our communities.

Corporations and their henchmen get richer, more powerful and we have less and less power, and we can’t even trust our water for drinking, bathing, or washing. Our children get sick. Our animals get sick, and those who spread that sickness get richer and more powerful.

One of the perks of the powerful, their proof of how powerful they are, is in the types of crimes they commit and get away with.  The powerful can rape, and even rape children and get away with it, because they have a network in the system that favors them, protects them and they have no fear.  Rape is the ultimate proof of power.

It is as if when the wealthiest, the most powerful, the politically connected or celebrities with clean images (thanks to lawyers) commit crimes, those crimes don’t count as ‘real crimes’. They are reduced to ‘mistakes’, ‘misunderstandings’, and small settlements are reached behind closed doors, sealed by non-disclosure agreements that only protect the predators.

We allow ourselves to judge every crime in our social discourse, from robbery to murder, but when it comes to rape, we suddenly want to make sure no one says anything bad about the accused rapist.  An excellent piece was recently posted by comedian Bobbie Oliver in her blog. It describes the dynamic of social resistance to even looking at rape. She uses the current issue of Bill Cosby, a powerful celebrity, vs his accusers and how his accusers are presumed to be the attackers. It portrays our acceptance as a society, of rape, as being the fault of the victim, or casting the victim as a liar.  I highly recommend you read it.

In the same way we accept that children who are raped are either ‘mistaken’ or ‘lying’ or ‘put up to it’, before we even investigate. Especially if the accused is a person of power, influence, wealth or celebrity.

We all pay the price, in our tax dollars, in how little we have for our own needs, and in our lost sense of security.  

Our environment is being damaged to the point that it’s a wasteland. We do not yet know how to heal the environment from the damage that is being inflicted for profit. We do not know how to cure the sicknesses that come from the poisoned air, water and soils.

Children, these children are the ones that are going to have to pursue the dreams and do the work of healing all that we have allowed to be broken.

That can never happen for any of us if we don’t stop the powerful from breaking our children.  The only thing that will stop them is consequences.  Criminal charges have to be laid and pursued and we have to be the driving force that pushes for that to happen.

We know this is happening everywhere. But we also know that in Spirit Lake Reservation there is a clear and bright light shining on who the bad guys are and we know where the wounded children are--- this is where we must begin.  We cannot turn our backs on what we already see so clearly if we want to ever even begin the work of rooting out the evil that infests all communities, we must start where we see it the most and where we know there are already fighters battling the evil.

It is as though Betty Jo Krenz, Kevin Cramer and Thomas Sullivan and all those working with them have knocked out a clearing that gives us a clear look into what was previously hidden from us by ignorance and political glad-handing and the accepted fiction generated from the days of the penny novels up until the present.

Here is where we can see it. And we can see that it is connected to so many more powerful agencies and organizations that also indulge in the corruption and protect the predators.  It’s in the very heart of America, and for that reason, we must put all we have into that spot because it’s already been cleared for us to see.

We can see the crimes. We can demand Justice. Without Justice, nothing changes except the names of the predators’ apprentices. 

All of this work, taken at extremely high personal costs to those who fought this fight and who continue to fight this fight, means nothing if we don’t demand real Justice. We have to say that the crimes committed are crimes, not ‘mistakes’ and not ‘misunderstandings’ and the predators and their protectors should not be allowed to pat themselves on the back as they walk off the stage.

Now we must demand to see and learn more. We must, where we can, support those who are filing reports, stepping forward, giving statements. We must demand that those who are elected, those whom they appoint, are all held accountable.  That those who have committed or covered up crimes are brought to Justice, not to fund raisers.

This is where it starts. This is where we strike at the roots of evil. This is where we must stay focused. There will be attempts, PR both subtle and overt, to discourage  & distract us from that focus.

It’s our future at stake. If we can’t make safe the children on that one reservation, it means we can’t make children safe anywhere--- because we accept rape and child rape as the fault of the victim, and not as a symptom of a corrupted system.

Black & White TV, Wrong & Right shows inspired us because it’s how we want to believe we are.  It’s what we want us to be. That’s going to take work.  We have to learn to work together because the opposition clearly works together to take all that we hold near and dear, all that we think we are, all that we want to be, away from us.

I’m not naïve. I’m not Pollyanna (another classic that misled us into thinking that the world will play fair if we just believe it will play fair).  I’m a person who has seen some of the worst and absolutely the very best in Human Beings and I have seen it on the Rez.

I know that what is missing from the rez is Justice. I know that what is in abundance on the rez is corruption.

I know that if we work to bring Justice to the rez, the community will begin to heal because there are that many good people still there, still doing the right thing, despite the overwhelming force of the opposition.  They’ve been doing the right thing long before I started this blog.  If we abandon them and their efforts, we squander the one opportunity we will ever have in our lifetime, to come together and support those efforts with our voices, letters, emails, faxes and political will.

Tim Purdon is a domino. Demand he be investigated. Demand he be uncovered for his crimes and for his protection of predators. He’ll spill on those above and around him that are also involved if we give him nowhere to go where this doesn’t follow him.

Pursue the questions on him, and all the others. Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield and Myra Pearson, Kristi Whishinsky and her trafficking of children to felons… make them answer. At the very least, make them uncomfortable.

But whatever you do, do not let them praise themselves, do not let others praise them as heroes when the truth is that they have done nothing but protect predators and profited from it at our expense.

Most of the criminals and the violence we fear today is because of the violence committed upon children who survived and became criminals themselves.  They were shown, for generations, that the laws don’t apply to the worst of the worst, only to those who lack political protectors.

We have to not accept that the wealthy, the powerful, the politically connected are not real criminals when they are committing real crimes.  Equal justice is the only way we can have healing of our communities and our environment.  It starts with the children.  Protect them and we begin to protect the future.

We have to look at rape as real. We have to take accusations seriously and investigate them seriously.  Those who make false accusations are not to be tolerated. But where in cases such as Steubenville, OH and other places, there are videos of unconscious girls being raped and gang raped, we cannot accept that ‘they asked for it’.  We cannot accept rape, and especially cannot accept child rape as ‘boys being boys’ or worst of all blaming the victims. 

Where there are multiple reports of children being forced to live with registered sex-offenders, abusers, we cannot assume ‘it will work itself out’ or ‘they’ll get over it’… would you? Would your child?

We have allowed too much privilege to the wealthy, the powerful, the celebrities and the politically connected. We have given them a green light to rob us, rape our children, and walk away with no criminal charges, no consequences for too long.

If we cannot expect Justice to be delivered equally, then essentially, we do not have any Justice, we have only the illusion of Justice and illusions, when they shatter, can bring down a nation. Our nation was founded on Equal Justice for all. It’s time we employed that simple foundational concept more fully.  It is intended to serve us all.  It was never intended to allow “too big to jail”, “too big to charge in criminal court.”

This is how and where we ‘take our country back’. We take it back from those who have exploited us, broken our children, sickened our future, poisoned our waters, lands and the very air we breathe.

We cannot heal ourselves, we cannot help others to heal until there is real Justice.  Justice. Not money thrown into the same corrupt system. Justice.  

The hard work has been done by those who managed to get this to a Congressional Hearing. All we have to do is see it, and to know what it is we are seeing.

And then the real work continues.  It’s up to all of us to find a way, to make this happen. Thank and support those who have risked everything.

Never quit.

You know where to find me.




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February 9, 2015
Chinese Fire Drill
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Back in the day when young adults could do things that were both stupid and fun with relatively few consequences, Chinese Fire Drills were all the rage.

For those too young to know, it involved a carload of us, stopped at a Red Light and suddenly all the doors fling open and everyone scrambles out of the car and runs around it, frantically, (our rule was that you had to make one full circle of the vehicle or you got dropped off), and then everyone climbed in again, typically with a different participant driving. Arms waved, shouting, and running in a circle. Hilarious.

It was stupid and it was somehow, hilarious at the time. The befuddled look on the faces of other drivers just made it funnier.

The goal of the game was that everyone ran around making a lot of noise, but nothing really happened, nothing really changed, except the driver of your mom’s car. Typically, by the second or third round, the original driver was back behind the wheel.

It was a lot of noise, looked like an ‘event’, but nothing at all changed. Nothing.

Which brings us back to the rez, now with NLO back at the wheel. It is as if all the commotion, all the death and dying, meant nothing as those who caused the grief and suffering, those who profited from the grief and suffering, are all still causing it, profiting from it and the only ‘change’ has been that those protecting them have changed places, but essentially, condensing down the last 18 yrs of struggle and all the events of elections, recalls, more recalls, resignations, and all the arm waving, shouting and lip service by officials at every level, would in a time-lapse video, appear to be nothing more than a Chinese Fire Drill where despite all the racket and the spectacle, nothing has changed.

People are dying. Young people perish at alarming rates, and children continue to be easy prey for politically protected predators that roam the rez with impunity, and who are facilitated by tax funded groups and organizations that essentially, are never investigated for their behaviors, no matter how many children subjected to their policies, on and off the rez, are tortured, abused and murdered when all that had to be done to protect them was to enforce the existing laws against child abuse.

I’m still amazed that anyone buys Heidi Heitkamp’s ‘serious face’ efforts to ‘study the problem’ rather than to demand investigations and arrests of predators on the rez.  It would appear from her eyebrows-raised expression that as a Senator, this was the very, very first time she has ever heard of either child abuse, or of rampant child rape on the rez.  But people forget that she served previously as the State Attorney General for North Dakota. In that capacity, do you really think none of this ever, ever came to her attention?

How do we know that predators are protected by powerful, politically connected people?  Because the whistleblowers and the victims are harassed and threatened, intimidated and sometimes flat out ignored by those in every level of Law Enforcement that are supposed to both protect the victims and to respond immediately to Mandated Reports.

Instead, regardless of who files the Mandated Reports, whether it is a social worker, a teacher, or the Director of ACA Division 8, Thomas Sullivan, the reports are not investigated. The reporters are harassed, threatened, intimidated.

You have the Federal Assistant USAG in North Dakota actually stating that the 38-yr old man who raped a girl on her thirteenth birthday was not worth investigating because “There’s two-sides to every rape story.”

Victim blaming is only the beginning.

The level of corruption is so deep and so profoundly tangled up in every aspect of Reservation politics and operation, and it all goes into the greater webwork of corruption at other government levels, that no one dares to tap that one domino that will, because it has been going on for so long, generations in fact, that that one domino could lead to so many others is terrifying to the system as a whole.

It Quacks Like A Duck

How do we know this? Because the USAG ND, Tim Purdon refuses to investigate all but one case of child rape on the rez. The one he did investigate, and he made a big show of it, involved a perpetrator from off the rez with no political or power ties to key people in his career.  

Why else would he refuse to investigate hundreds and hundreds of cases of child rape on the rez? Why else would he scoff at those who report? Why would he lie and say that the Mandated Reports had been investigated when in fact not a single one has been investigated and the protocols for handling those reports were ignored then and now, (being more than 3 years) as if those laws don’t exist unless he wants them to exist--- and he doesn’t want them to exist.

Clearly, he is involved. I have no idea how deeply he is involved, but given that he chooses to protect a now forty something child rapist while ignoring the suffering of his victim, tells me it has to be very, very deep.

He cannot claim to not know. He cannot claim he was never told. He cannot claim it never happened.  He walks like an accessory. He talks like an accessory. He protects like an accessory.

More Runaround

Just like she did the last time she was Chair of the Tribal Council, NLO is again abruptly and with little or no notice, switching the days and locations of the General Assembly Meetings.  This last time it was suddenly held on a Friday. That way people, especially those who have jobs, will not be able to attend or even begin to make arrangements at work or child care, to attend.  That’s how she likes it.

Remember last time when she moved the meeting day three times in one week and then moved the time and location several more times that day in order to keep people running hither, thither and yon trying to figure out if that was the place or this was the place or over there?

And for those who arrived, finally at the meeting, regardless of whether they were 10 minutes early or 1 minute late, had the doors shut on them so they could not get in.

Well, she’s baaaaack!

Remember also that she is the one who placed Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield into the Director seat of Tribal Social Services, despite his having no qualifications and despite numerous reports of him sexually harassing female staff and those whom his department were supposed to serve, because he had power and authority and she made sure all reports of his abuse, his incompetence and his corruption, went without investigation.

Now, let’s see whom she puts in the Directorship of TSS this time, shall we?

Looking For A New Job

It could be Lane Azure.

I heard but cannot yet verify, that he finally ‘fired himself’ from his position as VP at the Tribal Community College, CCCC.  He was never qualified for that position and abused it daily. He failed to secure basic grants and if not for the above-and-beyond efforts of others on staff, the college would have lost accreditation years ago.

He only had that job because he was willing to take Cindy to bed. He said he didn’t enjoy it, but a ‘man has to do what a man has to do,’ right Lane?

So many of the qualified and competent have left CCCC under Cindy and Lane’s abuse and mismanagement, that there was a mutiny threatened last week (so I am told) that would have pulled the plug on all accredited status leaving CCCC to flop around like a flounder out of water, unable to secure any funding for any programs as the result.

That would have left Cindy high and dry. She finally gave up on the bed buddy, and chose instead to save herself. Such sacrifice on her part!

BTW, anyone still buying her BS story of her childhood where she and her brother traveled along on foot, following the buffalo herd, carrying all her kitchen utensils in a pillow case because her mother was a bad mom? Local papers bought that one lock-stock & manure barrel back in the day.

Short memories play in favor of the corrupt out there.

From the college to the Tribal Social Services, to the Tribal Police, the casino, and Personnel.

It also plays to the benefit of Timothy Purdon, several FBI Agents, politicians and assorted organizations such as Casey Family, all of whom conspire to protect the worst abusers, at the expense of the children, and at the expense of taxpayers who pay into billions of dollars of funds, grants and later on, in the aftermath of untreated trauma, and the legacy of violence it spills out into our communities.

I am here to remind you. I am here to tell you that we must stay vigilant and we cannot allow short attention spans to continue cocooning a system of predators creating more victims, more violence far into our future and the futures of our children and grandchildren.

I am here to remind you of the corruption and of the corrupt and who they are and ask that you continue to demand Justice for those children we know about, and also for the countless children whose names you won’t know until their tortured bodies turn up in some gruesome murder story plastered all over your TV for a day-and-a-half.

If we cannot bring justice to that one tiny speck on the map, then we can not hope to bring justice anywhere and we are powerless in the grip of corruption that laughs at our suffering, smugly stares down the horrors of tortured children, all the while eating our future alive and spitting their tiny bones at our feet.

We know where the corruption is. We know who they are and what they have done. We even know the names of many of their victims. If with all this, we cannot force our government to act, we cannot expect that when the violence created comes to our door, that there will be any justice for us either.

We can only spare our children and grandchildren this horror if we stop it now. This is the battle between Good and Evil and this is where we must choose a side and take a stand.

If we fail, all that is evil and corrupt wins.  We are either warriors or doormats. It depends on what we do or fail to do.

Until there are real changes, we’re all just running around kidding ourselves and it’s not funny.

You know where to find me.




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February 2, 2015
Turning Over Rocks, Connecting Dots
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Nothing ‘just happens’. Everything that is happening now, good, bad or indifferent, is the result of a series of events that preceded it.

Even a meteor falling from the sky, crashing into the Everglades (as an example) would have to have gotten its start somewhere and its trajectory set by events that both preceded and surrounded it.

Also, the Earth had to keep turning until Florida (as an example) was riiiiiiight there and BOOM!

So, when you see case after case after case of children being raped, abused, murdered, tortured and tormented, you know it didn’t ‘just happen’.  There were events, reports, circumstances, all ignored in order for it to get as bad as it got and for that level of abuse to continue.

There also had to be a good reason the predators thought they could get away with it. Chances are, it was because they had gotten away with it before. Especially those who were reported and those reports were ignored.

Having laws against child rape will do nothing to protect children if those responsible for enforcing those laws, either ignore them or worse, protect the predators.  Even worse is when those responsible for enforcing those laws blame the victim (the child) and harass, smear, intimidate anyone that dares to report the crime to them.

Take the case of the 38-year old man who raped a girl on her 13th birthday, and gave her a venereal disease during that rape. The rape was reported to the BIA cop, Bently Grey Bear, himself a rapist, and he decided that it was the child’s word against the man’s and he said she wanted it and it was her fault.

Then, the girl was put in an institutional situation, but the man was never investigated, and he continues to carry on doing whatever he wants to whomever he wants, knowing he will never be investigated, much less charged.

Then, when the incident is reported via a Mandatory Report to AUSAG Tim Purdon, he also refuses to investigate the case and makes the statement that “There’s always two sides to every rape story.”

That sends a direct message to the victims: “If you report you will be punished. Your rapist will never be investigated. Your life will be ruined and we will blame you.”  Try growing up with that. 

It also sends a message to the child rapist: “Do what you want. Especially if you are a member of the Turd Clan.” You see, Purdon won’t ever investigate any crimes committed by any of the Turdlings or their offspring.  They are ‘special’ to him and to most of those in law enforcement.

Now, you start turning over those rocks and you start connecting those dots and you end up with a webwork of pedophiles and their protectors infesting law enforcement and politics at every level.

And it goes on for years and years, generations and generations.

With no one to stop them, do you think pedophiles, child rapists get better or worse? Do you think they attack fewer children knowing that no one will ever stop them? Or do you think they will feed at will on children until either they are stopped or they die?

Which makes more sense to you?

The media is not giving us news, they are giving us ‘entertainment’ and ‘infotainment’ but they are not covering stories that do directly affect our lives.  Each of these children that are targeted and assaulted are traumatized, repeatedly. How do you think they grow up? What do you think they become?

Remember that cop in Oregon that slaughtered his whole family? He was repeatedly molested and raped as a child. He never got help for it. His rapists were never jailed. There was no Justice to make him feel safe and to help him to heal. 

But he looked just fine. He looked fine to the outside world. He passed tests and became a cop. But at home, he was brutalizing his wife and kids. He was acting out on them the anger that was raging inside him all those years. He was doing to them what had been done to him… and then he killed them and he killed himself because he could not keep that monster, that rage, that twisted image of himself hidden any longer. 

He was one. There are hundreds of thousands. They become survivors, those who live through it.  Some pretend it never happened, until they become like that cop, and take it out on their family members, or anyone else that is vulnerable or dependent on them. They hurt animals. They hurt children. They hurt women. They hurt themselves.

Others you see as Runaways, Drug Addicts, Prostitutes, and you assume ‘they chose to live that way’… But they didn’t choose to live that way. People like Tim Purdon, Bentley Grey Bear, and all those who collude with them, removed all their dignity, their sense of self, security, and self-worth and left them at the mercy of a judgmental society that views them as throwaways.

The media gives us sports stories and they give us celebrity gossip, and they report violent robberies committed – but no backstory. As if how it came to be, how that trajectory was set, how all those circumstances and those series of events were manipulated and played out, have no meaning.

Even though we see essentially the same stories, different names, over and over again, we learn nothing about how it came to be, and no clue how to stop it from continuing to happen, over and over again.

We never look back at those who were responsible for enforcing the laws and who refused to act on behalf of that criminal when that criminal was a mere child in the clutches of their abusers. 

We only see the result and we think “It just happened”.  We really have to change that.

Presently, Great Britain is in the midst of a long unfolding scandal of pedophile rings that go all the way up to the highest levels of government and law enforcement, with connections to the entertainment industry.

The Saville saga is sickening in both details and scope, but the worst part is when you realize that he was touted as a Pop Icon for decades despite reports of his abusing the children in those orphanages he was so keen on ‘supporting’, and on outings with children from underprivileged homes.

Who you going to believe? A raped child or a Super Star with a wall of photos showing his arms around top political and law enforcement officials?  How about hundreds of children? Nope? Not good enough? Apparently.

They only began investigating him after he died.  In so doing, they have uncovered his connections to rings of pedophiles at home and abroad. Files that went missing from Scotland Yard, the epitome of law enforcement purity, has had some abrupt retirements.

And then it kept on going, those nosy reporters, uncovering more and more and more dots, connections and webworks of conspiracy and corruption.  The more they find the more it turns out that people knew. Especially people in high places and low. Apparently, Margaret Thatcher was warned of pedophile scandals and instead of acting to protect the children, moved instead to conceal them even more. Her image more important that the generations of children affected.

 The 37-page dossier set out how the then Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) decided not to prosecute the diplomat after he was caught with a collection of paedophile material in 1978.”—The Telegraph, UK Feb 02, 2015

You see? Peter Hayman died in 1992, but it was still being covered up until recently. Same as Saville. I can only surmise that is because too many of his close connections and accomplices are still alive and might face trial. This way, they only investigate long after the predator is dead and beyond legal reach.

We are seeing the same patterns of abuse and pedophile rings operating in our own country as well. We know that is what is going on because we are witnessing first hand, the cover-ups and protections of the predators by those in political and law enforcement stations, such as Timothy Purdon, Assistant USAG in North Dakota.

If we don’t listen to the whistle blowers now, if we don’t insist on an investigation not only into the ongoing abuses, but just as importantly, into the ongoing conspiracy of cover-ups and corruption that protect those predators, we will never live in a country that is more secure and where children anywhere are safe.

If we fail to protect the children where we see these abuses of power and predation plainly taking place, then we fail the children everywhere.

If we want to say we protect the children, we have to protect the children by actively seeking the laws be enforced and the predators and their protectors held to account.

Given that there is no political will to disrupt the protection of predators, we must assume that everyone who turns their back, who refuses to respond to the reports, is either a predator themselves or an accessory who derives something of value for themselves at the cost of these children’s lives, and at the cost of our security and the safety of all our children.

Life is cheap on the rez. Children are raped and the USAG ignores the Mandatory Reports. The head of the ACF harasses anyone that dares to make the reports. Witnesses and reporters are publicly smeared and the level of intimidation and threats can only mean that there is a very dark, sinister core in our most powerful places and that, my friends, should make us all queasy.

There are reporters going after it in England, and the media in general is trying to distract all of Great Britain from looking into those dark places where politics mixes with power, and children paid the price for both. But the story is getting out. It’s getting bigger and wider spread as it emerges, but out it will come.

It’s the same here. All the signs are there. All we have to do is start connecting the dots.  It’s the first step to saving ourselves.

I started turning over rocks out there when I began to investigate the murder of Eddie Peltier and that led to a webwork of corruption in law enforcement and agencies… and now, now we see even more of what that sinister core is about, and how far and wide it reaches, and we are beginning to sense how all of it touches our lives, affects us, and relates to our security.

The more we look, the bigger, the more widespread it becomes. As it emerges more and more into the light, it is met with resistance from very high places where we used to assume there would be allies eager to investigate and to end the reign of wrong doing, we find instead, more dots to connect and more rocks to turn over.

It’s time. It’s long past time. It’s been on this trajectory for a very, very long time. It’s visible now, leaving streaks across the political landscape, tearing open places of power, money and corruption. It must be tracked, followed, found, rooted out.

You know where to find me.





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