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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not respond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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March 26, 2015

The Enemy Within  --- Printer Version (8)

*Programming Note: this has to count as Monday’s Blog. I will be on the road Saturday, Sunday and Monday and not able to do any posting.

2nd Note: I heard today that Thomas Sullivan, who is meticulous about how he conducts his work and his office, was suspended for two weeks, without pay because Ms. McMullen was demanding that he return to work after his surgery, and before his Surgeon had cleared him to return to work, because suddenly, she wanted to have a meeting with him.  She is earning her Harpie Wings in GOLD as she finds even new lows, new ways to harass the only man in her agency willing to actually report Child Abuse/Child Rapes and who tries to prevent their murders. Link to the Correspondence.

In the previous posting I showed you just a tiny bit of the child rape scandals that are rocking Great Britain today. Scandals of reports of abuses, rapes and trafficking that went uninvestigated for decades because people very high up in government, very politically connected, people of high standing, were involved.

Reports that one town had been rocked off it’s feet when it was learned that reports had been filed more than a decade earlier, and the police, and all the authorities did nothing because it led on up the political ladders into high places.

I recently found a piece in The Guardian that proved these reports had been ignored and these pedophile rings protected from the 70’s and 80’s, and how even Margaret Thatcher knew her ministers were involved, and instead of putting a stop to it, investigations were shut down, victims threatened, harassed and silenced.

It points out that something as horrific as child rape can only continue in societies where governments protect pedophiles because they are connected to them. It goes on for decades with predators creating thousands of victims each, because those who are supposed to be protecting victims, investigating crimes are instead, protecting pedophiles.

The same is true in the USA and probably everywhere else for that matter.  It’s not ‘created’ by one Administration, it’s embedded in the fabric of every agency in our government. Just as in Great Britain, where national leaders are elected, come and go, but the problem continues to grow, it is because government has two main parts: The Elected and the Permanent.

In the USA, the Elected can be gone in 2 to 4 years, or stay, as in the Senate, for decades or until they die. They are the politicians you see, but they are not the backbone of government.

The Backbone needs consistency. You can’t change the entire framework of a nation’s government every few years, it would be chaos and destabilize government itself.

In fact, most people who are elected to high office don’t have a clue as to how the system works, or even how to write a Bill or how that Bill becomes a law, they are more just there for ‘show’.  They rely on ‘staffers’ and on lobbyists to do all the ‘writing and stuff’, and then they are told how to present it, and when, and more or less walked through the entire process. 

Staffers rely on the permanent employees embedded throughout all the agencies and departments, to make things run smoothly, regardless of ‘who is in charge’.  There are alliances created because the politicians rely on the staffers and the staffers rely on the alliances in the departments and agencies, as well as staying in favor with the lobbyists who made their elections possible.

The ‘heads’ of these departments, like the politicians, typically know nothing of the agencies that they are running. They rely on the political rewards game to get the job, and on the permanent government employees and staffers to ‘make them look good’. (That’s one reason ‘staffers’ always take the blame when things go badly. Staffers are as itinerant as politicians in many cases, and they are just there to make connections for business ventures later in their careers)

That’s how we get the head of  Cyber Security for HHS (under which is the ACA) who has no clue as to what is going on in his agency, or how to secure data: He’s a political payoff usually related to donations or political networks that got the President/Congressman elected. They are not expected to know anything because their job is not permanent. They go when the elections turn them out.

That’s how we get the Head of the ACA whose only qualifications are that she was once a Foster Mother and her degrees are in Public Relations. She relies on Staffers and permanent government employees.

So, the clue for these massive pedophile rings in the USA is similar as it is in Great Britain: Get to the permanent Backbone People and everyone watches everyone else’s back.

The problems show up when someone like Thomas Sullivan of the ACA is not ‘a team player’ and is actually trying to get child rapes and abuses, and even child trafficking investigated.

There is a well-established network of pedophiles in places high up and permanent that needs to protect itself and keep things running smoothly with no one looking.

That is why, when Eddie Peltier was brutally murdered, it was so easy for James Yankton, and his pals, to get people in the FBI, BIA and the DOJ to help him cover up what he and his family had done, and to frame 11 innocent men.

With that much child rape going on, and no one really caring about Indian Country, and stereo-typing of Indian People as lazy, drunks, addicts and of sexually precocious when they are children, it was easy to find those high enough up who had been compromised one way or another by their behaviors, and who could not afford to have those behaviors exposed. (We’ll get to the proof of that in a bit).

The DOJ has been covering up child rapes, child trafficking throughout and by those in government; Federal and State, for decades.

And now, James Yankton and his brothers and his sisters and his family continue to feel protected, even when one of them viciously rapes and mutilates two small children, because if they go down for that, any of them, they have plenty to trade off and to bring down many, many others high up in both State and Federal Government as well as in local governments.  He always said that if he went down “I’m taking everybody else with me.”

Everything Leads to Child Rape

So, here’s how it works:

Can’t investigate child rapes and child trafficking and corruption because that might lead to someone spilling the beans on the murders or on the pedophiles operating throughout the system.

Can’t investigate murders if those who committed those murders also can bring down people in high and low places connected to Child Trafficking.

Anyone who dares speak out has to be silenced, one way or another. Usually they are ignored, but if that doesn’t work, then there is always harassment, threats, smears, tampering with and creating criminal records on them where they have never committed a crime, and that can only come from very high up in the DOJ, and at the State Levels. It’s done to both discredit the person speaking out and to ruin them financially by preventing them from qualifying for a job and they may never know why.

Deals With The Devil

Think about it: If someone has videos or other proof of someone in government engaging in child rape, they can essentially control that person and make them do anything to prevent exposure.

Then there are the people who cover up the crimes but have never committed the crimes. They become both power players in that they can get pretty much anything they want from favorable bank terms, excessive loans, to political appointments and other jobs they are not qualified for; and they can, if they cover up enough, become accessories to those very crimes and that vulnerability can be used against them by yet another power player, or someone who is already being protected by them can start demanding more and more of their ‘services’ for more and more heinous crimes because ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’, there is no turning around when you make your pact with the Devil.

How Do I Know This is Happening?

Well, my first clue was when the FBI began harassing the whistleblowers and Thomas Sullivan and the USAG and his minion, Tim Purdon, refused to investigate the numerous cases that were reported to him involving clear cut cases of Child Trafficking and Child Rape, even to the point that children were murdered for his failure to protect them--- and he gets to tap dance out of office, into even more lucrative business of ‘lawyering’ to even more well-connected prestigious clients.

When something is that backwards and goes up that high, you know it involves more than one person.  You know it involves more than one department.

It’s like hearing that scratching noise in the attic. You don’t want to look because you are afraid of what you will find up there, over your head and you don’t know if you can deal with it if it is what you think it is: An Infestation of Rats.

Now, if you find an infestation in your house, whether it is rats or termites, you have to deal with it. If you don’t deal with it, if you just close that door, or seal off that hole in the wall, it will get worse.  You get more rats. You get more termites and the very thing you think of as your Home Sweet Home, becomes a constant practice of denial and avoidance, hoping that no one who visits will smell it, hear it or see it. After awhile, you just keep sweeping up the debris and pretending like it’s ‘normal’.

Play the music louder so that the gnawing in the walls can’t be heard. Sweep more under the rugs and rearrange furniture to cover the ‘soft spots’ in the floor, and hope nobody looks up and sees the rat urine stains on the ceiling tiles (tell them the roof leaked, but it’s fixed now)

Then you try to sell your house to someone and hope they don’t look too closely. Maybe, if they don’t know what they are doing and they don’t care and someone else is paying their way into that house, they won’t look too closely.

Like the newly elected politicians, they will just figure that it has stood for this long without anyone having to fix it, they can ‘get by’ without fixing it either… and it just gets worse and worse. It’s too expensive to fix. But it will cost us more and more later on.

Would you want to raise your children in that house? Would you want to raise your children in that Society? You are. And it’s getting worse.

I was given a link to a CNN report from back in 2011 where CNN Anderson Cooper is talking about a huge pedophile ring that was uncovered by virtue of an ‘international internet sting’ that among others, found more than 1,700 Government, DoD and other government contractors, actively downloading, buying and viewing child rape on their government computers!  The investigation began in 2006 when an Immigration & Customs Sting operation “Operation Flicker” nailed these and more than 4 thousand additional contractors/employees working for the government. But it was suddenly shut down. These were just in the DoD! ONE Agency/Department out of more than 50! (Read the links at the bottom of the posting and you’ll see no agency/department can claim to be clean. Some are more infested than others, but none are clean. )

The Pentagon shut it down The Pentagon consumes more than 60% of our Tax Dollars. It’s the most powerful Department/Agency in our Government. But they could not shut it down if the DoJ and the FBI had not allowed them to. Think about that for a minute.

The investigation started, but then, suddenly it was ‘shut down’ with no arrests and no one losing their job. Downloading Child porn was a crime back then. Why was the investigation shut down at only 264 suspects out of  more than 3500 that worked for DoD and more than 5K that worked indirectly as contractors.

How many other investigations have been shut down? How many have been thwarted before they ever got the chance to begin?

If Spirit Lake Rez is any example, you know that it’s probably hundreds and that it is still going on because the DOJ and BIA and the FBI all refuse to investigate a single Mandated Report relating to Spirit Lake Nation, and it’s been going on for years.

In fact, Washburn of the BIA is very proud of the legislation he got passed that put ICWA on steroids and made it illegal for anyone to investigate crimes against children on the rez, any and every rez, if such an investigation could possibly ‘undermine’ the tribe. Think about that.

Here are several more links for you to read and watch. They detail how government is not just failing to stop pedophiles from raping children, but they are in fact protecting the worst offenders.

Killing Eddie Peltier was easy. Covering it up was easy. The very people who were supposed to be ‘investigating’ were protecting the murderers. They were doing it to protect people in high places whose ‘peculiarities’ would, if found out, bring them down.  And, if they go down, any of them, there’s a whole lot of other people above and below them, that they can bring down with them.

If we don’t start protecting the children, we have no future. We have a monster factory of Human Wreckage, more lateral violence, more addictions, more violent crimes against other communities… and more missing and murdered children.

All this while our tax dollars are being used to shield the every growing scandal of pedophile rings in our system that reach into every department, every agency, and which has a firm grip stemming from the Permanent Backbone of our government, and reaching every organ of our national body.

Our National House is infested and all the singing of praises for those who have ignored and allowed it to worsen, can only eventually become a greater national scandal and a stain on our nation.

Great Britain is reeling. More and more is getting exposed. And the anger that is welling up in the people is increasing when they realize that their top levels of government and their ‘pure’ Scotland Yard, participated in those cover ups and created the increasing crimes against children and society in general, by doing so.

People are not going to get over it. They’re only going to get angrier. It’s become so obvious now, that people have to resort to an almost catatonic state to pretend it’s not happening, and is impossible to be happening in any great numbers or as high up as I am saying.

But think about this: There is no other way it could be happening. The cover ups, the harassment and the threats and intimidation of those making the reports happened immediately. Clearly, this was not new to the BIA, the FBI nor the DOJ.

And as Anderson Cooper reported back in ’06, other agencies are also involved. And since all government is politically co-dependent, if we don’t demand that everyone from the PTA Board to the President address this, and if we don’t hold them accountable when they fail to address it, we become complicit in the downfall of our own house.

Once we realize that our tax dollars have been feeding this infestation, and we get mad about it, we can start moving together to clean it up and root it out.

It will take a very long time. Let’s not wait, as England did, until most of their top pedophiles died fat & happy. Let’s demand Justice now.

With Justice there can be healing. Without Justice, only more anger.

We start in Spirit Lake Nation and we investigate and we demand arrests and trials and suitable prison time. That will set the bar, set the standard for every tribe and every town and every village and every city, no matter how big or how small.

If we fail to get justice in this one small dot on the map, we may as well see ourselves listening to loud music, putting out food for the rats so they don’t bite us, knowing that they are multiplying in our denial at a rate that terrifies us, and we are leaving that for our children and their children because we are cowards.

You know where to find me.


More Links/ Notes

 (R) Senator Lamar Alexander’s Chief of Staff Arrested…

Former Undersecretary of the Navy and Official in the Republican Administration

Retired Navy officer gets one year prison in child-porn case

Former Local Chief of Immigration & Customs

Army Prosecutor & Judge Advocate (Infant Sodomy among other charges)

Maine Assistant Attorney General (Specializing in Drug Prosecutions)

Dr. David F. O’Brien Nuke Chief Scientist

James Cafferty, State Department

Andrew Warren, CIA Station Chief << mostly drugging women, flashing, exposing himself…

The list goes on… I’ll probably post more in the future. Notice how most of these say ‘former’? That’s because they suddenly resign when it’s going public so as not to embarrass the government. Yeah, they do that.

These are people in powerful positions. Only a handful of the almost 300 that were caught, were investigated. It was growing into a huge scandal so the government abruptly shut down the investigation. My guess? It was getting too close to home?

And, for good measure, a Former Tribal Judge from a rez in Oklahoma…

So tell me, where will these children find Justice in a system that is infested with pedophiles and their protectors all the way up the line?  A system that can, when it gets too close to home, shut down the investigation of hundreds of pedophiles within their own walls?

The agencies include: Department of  Agriculture, HHS, Air Marshals, Immigration & Customs… and more. 

My source on these links (Post Script) came from someone who found >>>”Dr. Lori Handrahan’s forthcoming book Child Porn Nation: America’s Hidden National Security Risk details America’s child sex abuse epidemic. Her Ph.D. is from The London School of Economics. She can be reached on Twitter @LoriHandrahan2”


Guess who tried to shut down that investigation? None other than the Head of the DEA and the FBI.  Those prostitutes that the Secret Service agents were partying with prior to Obama’s arrival in South America? Drug Lords supplied them to the FBI Agents who supplied them to the Secret Service. Oh yeah, the Infestation is getting harder to ignore.

The more compromised a person is, especially in government, especially by sexual misconduct, ultimately by child porn and child rape, the easier it is for them to be ‘persuaded’, bribed, blackmailed, co-opted into covering up more and more crimes.

We pay for it. We’ve spent almost a trillion tax dollars in the ‘War On Drugs’ and it has only gotten worse. Now you have an inkling why, and how wide-spread the infestation is.  Only those in very high position can call off or shut down an investigation.

Child abuse leads to lateral violence in our society, creating more violence, more addiction, more ‘perversions’ against children, creating more violence, more addictions…. More murders, more suicides… and look who’s at the very top of these agencies, trying to stop us from seeing who they are really protecting.

The violence and criminal behavior in our country has led us, the USA, to be the Number One Incarcerator of our Citizens. No other nation imprisons more of their population than does the USA, and that is getting worse and costing us more.

Compromised elected and appointed officials, especially those with permanent positions not subject to ‘retirement’ when new elections bring in new ‘leaders’ are, too many of them, accomplices in the ugliest diseases of our society: And we are paying more and more for it.

Another bridge just collapsed, this one in Texas, because congress has refused to pass a Jobs Bill that would spend billions on fixing our beat up roads and aging bridges and sewers and water systems, and that would create millions of long term jobs, and lower the unemployment, increase our tax base, and we’d see greater and greater returns on all levels, but we are instead being forced to face a congress that only wants to allow the Keystone Pipeline, despite the evidence that it only leads to 35 permanent jobs, and will cause massive environmental damage to our lands, and our waters, and none of that oil, by-the-way, is to be refined in the US (it can’t be) and all is for sale overseas. That will make the billionaires who own the oil in Canada richer, and the rest of us more at risk.

Why does congress lie to us about KXL? Why do they push for billionaires to take our lands and put us at risk? Why do they refuse since 2009 to pass the infrastructure bills that would benefit all of us? Maybe prevent more bridges from collapsing?  Are they compromised? Or just corrupt?

Raping children, allowing children to be raped and sold and exploited, creates a government that fails to protect children, and which robs us today and of our future.  The infestation of our government, at all levels, is killing us.  We must start at the root: We must protect the children first. When we do that, when we get Justice for the children, we begin to rid ourselves of the rats, termites and can begin the journey of fixing our roads, bridges, water & sewers,… of healing our country from the sickness of what has infested our house for decades. I’d think that by now, we’d want to.  

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March 23, 2015
Friends & Family: The Ties That Bind (& itch)
-- Printer Version (5)

All In The Family

When Heidi Heitkamp managed to finagle a $4M paycheck… er ‘funding’ for her committee to ‘study’ child abuse, you knew there had to be even more connections being paid off, or allowed to benefit from that largesse, and that the children would still remain in that snake pit of Tribal Social Services because Heidi had not yet figured out (hence she needed to ‘study’) that child rape, child abuse, child trafficking were all crimes.

She never once put any effort into seeking investigations or arrests of those who were raping children, nor those who were deliberately delivering them via the tribal legal system, into the hands of their rapists.  I think I found where about $300K of that ‘study’ money has gone. I could be wrong, but we’ll see.

Heidi, as it turns out, has a sister who works at UND. Her name is Thomasina Heitkamp. The July 13, 2013 Article in the Fargo Forum:

Grants received by the university along with a partnership between UND and tribal communities are improving the lives of American Indian children and their families, according to former department Chairwoman Thomasine Heitkamp. This wouldn’t be possible without the expansion of the department itself, she said.

They describe her as ‘former’ Chairwoman. I wonder why they didn’t talk to the present Chairperson? Oh well. Wanna bet there was some Sibling in the Senate making those grants flow more easily?

I do take exception with the statement Thomasina made about how their work is pro-active and ‘directly intervenes’ to protect vulnerable children, in this following paragraph: (emphasis  mine)

“Social work research is unique in that we don’t just ‘study and report,’” said Melanie Sage, a child-welfare social-work researcher at UND. “Research is often change- or action-oriented, and involves direct intervention for vulnerable populations as well as development of best practices.”

Seriously? Name some ‘direct intervention’ anywhere. I guarantee it won’t be on Spirit Lake and frankly, I doubt that it is anywhere.  I just love the way PR crews assemble parades of self-congratulatory talking points that have no real connection to real life or facts on the ground, and media just repeats them without so much as asking for proof of any of these statements. They’re Good Guys doing Good Work, just take their word for it, regardless of reams of documentation to the contrary, k?

And along with finding Heidi’s Sister, I found her Brother-in-Law: Alvin Bouchard, who happens to be a lawyer on the State of North Dakota’s Supreme Court.  I wonder if he defends child rapists? I wonder if he defends Corrupt officials?

I wonder if he will go into practice with Timothy Purdon, the disgraced USAG/ND who has yet to be charged with his part in the crimes against the children, including his failure to investigate ANY of the Thirteen Mandated Reports, which would have prevented Baby Laurynn from being murdered by the abuser whom Tribal Court and Tribal Social Services demanded she and her twin sister be forced to live with. She almost made it to age three. Not a single tear from Purdon. He should have been jailed for obstructing the investigation, but instead, gets to retire, open up a very lucrative practice and never have to answer a single question in criminal court.

I do know that when a department at a college is reeling in the big grants from the Feds, they are paid very, very well for it. Heidi did say the $4M was to ‘study’ the problem, right? Joke’s on us, taxpayers, now, we have to figure out where the other $3.7 Million went.


The Rule is clear: If you are arrested for a violent crime, you are not allowed on casino property… unless of course, you’re really good friends with Jackie Yankton. A man who was working on a construction project on Casino/Resort on the rez was being harassed by Jackie Yankton who wanted her son, Lance Young, to have his job. Her Sister, Valerie Yankton, also wanted her nephew (Lance) to have the position, so she also tried to get the construction worker fired.

But he made no mistakes and did his job well, so there were no grounds to fire him. This put the Yanktons in a tantrum/hissy-fit mode and they of course get others to do their dirty work. In this case, since Valerie runs the TERO Board (employment Board for the rez) it appears that she somehow got one of the supervisors to assault the worker. 

The supervisor was arrested. This would mean that he could not return to the project until he was cleared either by court or by the worker dropping the charges. 

The worker would not drop the charges, so Jackie Yankton declared the worker as banned from the casino, so he could not make a living, and he had to sue his employer for unemployment. Jackie doesn’t have the legitimate authority to ban anyone from the casino, but Yanktons do what Yanktons want to do and rules don’t apply to them.

Paul Matheney intervenes and tries to get the worker to drop the criminal charges. The worker refused. Matheney then made a call to his ‘personal friend’, James Wang (NOTE: James Wang functions both as a State Attorney, and as a Defense Attorney… go figure that one out).

The worker also called Wang and told him outright that he did not want the charges dropped. Wang said he’d look into it and something to the effect of: “If I did drop the charges, I will reinstate them after the work at the casino is finished,” which is head-spinning. What’s the point? Oh yeah, punish the victim of a crime and continue to reward the abusers, bullies and in this case, a man with no control over his violent urges.

Guess who’s out of work and guess who never missed a paycheck on that one? You got it.

Corruption at every level. If there is money in it, there is corruption attached to it. Sometimes it’s a construction worker being assaulted, and sometimes it’s high school grads having their scholarships stolen from under them. But all the time, day and night, it is the children paying the price. The most vulnerable have no voice and the new ICWA laws make sure that the walls are higher, and that no one will be able to speak for them. They will suffer so the corrupt can profit and so that those who really like to abuse and rape children, especially those in government, have some place they can go and enjoy themselves with no worry that anyone will ever look there.

The DOJ does not keep records on how many government officials are arrested for Child porn/sexual assault/sexual assault of a child.  They don’t keep records. They want you to think that every time some heroic reporter uncovers that filthy little activity, that it is a one-off case, an ‘aberration’.

It is far from an aberration. It’s an epidemic. And the worst part is that the political alliances that protect the abusers means that the web of deception, abuse, rape, and even child murder, involves many, many accomplices… all of whom profit, one way or another, from never ending the abuse, never allowing criminal charges to be filed against those who are at the core of all that is evil, especially in Indian Country.

The DOJ doesn’t even keep records of how many government employees are caught viewing child porn on their government computers!! It is as if, at the highest levels, child porn, child rape and even child murder, is an annoyance to them and that only when someone is caught and it becomes public knowledge.  If our government had any desire whatsoever to end Child Rape, they would actively pursue the Thirteen Mandated Reports, pursue charges against those who have conspired to silence the whistle blowers, and pursue charges against those who have been profiting from the abuses of these children.

But no. Instead, they make laws that make it illegal to investigate child abuse on the rez unless the abusers who are running the rez and the tribal courts, agree to allow it.  Think about that one.

This so-called Big Deal Congressional Hearing that happened last month in DC, which left Purdon dragging his sorry butt out of the USAG’s office, was nothing more than a ‘show’.  No one has been arrested. Purdon gets to skate out into a very lucrative new practice and will do nothing but profit from his time covering up and protecting the pedophile rings on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation. 

The Good People of Spirit Lake have nowhere to turn. Nowhere to send reports that doesn’t involve getting approval from the corrupt, the child rapists themselves.  Good people are fighting for those children, but our government made it illegal for them to even raise their voices because it would ‘undermine the tribe’. 

And you wonder how they got away with murdering Eddie Peltier and framing 11 innocent young men? Look at the web work of evil they employ running through both State and Federal agencies, to protect themselves from having to even answer for the placement of babies in the hands of registered sex offenders, felons, rapists.

With millions of dollars flowing so freely, with no auditing or accounting, from Federal & State governments into the hands of the biggest criminal organizations within our borders, do you really think that this will get better without us standing up and raising a stink?

Across the Pond

The system of government concealing and protecting evil, especially evil perpetuated against children is nothing new, nor is it confined to Indian Country. That doesn’t mean that knowing about it means we don’t have to do anything about it.

A picturesque little town of Rotherham, England was rocked by explosive reports of decades of child trafficking in their own town, and made worse by the police refusing to investigate and the elected officials doing nothing.  The people of that town, when they found out not only what was going on, but how wide spread it was and how long it had been going on, and how the reports had been ignored, raised the roof, repeatedly. Sadly, aside from a few arrests, none of those who covered up the criminal acts and protected the criminals, has been charged with a crime.

They did, however, force the entire police department and the entire town council to resign. I’m sure they all got hefty pensions.

As pitiful as that result is, the investigations continue, so maybe there will be some real meat-on-the-bones arrests of those who conspired, and who were accessories, on down the line.  It is not enough as it is. Considering the horrors those kids went through and how government facilitated the abuses (there are several child sex scandals boiling over at various levels of Great Britain’s Government), it’s a huge success compared to the milk toast responses from our own government.

You will see huge similarities in how that network of child rapists operated and how they operate in Indian Country.  The biggest difference? You are no longer allowed to report those crimes in Indian Country to anyone, especially not to media who might make some very prominent pillars of the community, uncomfortable.

As long as they can continue to get away with these horrific abuses with no fear of consequences; as long as the government continues to protect and nurture the abusers and fund their corruption, nothing will get better.

Until these children have the same rights and are deemed to deserve the same protections from their abusers as any other child, we will only see it worsening. As long as children are viewed as property of their Tribe, they will have no rights, no protections.  Nowhere is that more clear than in Spirit Lake Nation.

The bravest most courageous people I know live in Spirit Lake and they are fighting for the children, and they are only being threatened, harassed and intimidated by every level of government. That makes all of us, by virtue of our apathy and our tax dollars paying into the pockets of the corrupt, indirectly responsible for it getting worse.

We have to raise our voices and we have to make THIS the topic of discussion at every political venue. Any politician who is not prepared to protect these children as the first priority, do not have anyone’s better future in mind--- only power and personal gain. Weed them out.

As long as media doesn’t treat this as the epidemic that it is, people will assume, as they did in Rotherham, before media took it seriously and opened it up to daylight… it will only fester in the darkness and ignorance of the public at large.

At least the community of Rotherham in England, stood up and spoke out making their rage against the evil in their system, flee from their sight.

They system of child abuse, child trafficking, child rapes and worse, are global. That doesn’t mean that we can’t clean up our own back yard.

You’ll be surprised if you ever get them arrested, how many other crimes they will be connected to.  We can’t make this better if we refuse to look or if we make excuses for those who fail to do their part to protect those children in that one small dot on the map. If we excuse it there, we excuse it everywhere. What does that make us?

You know where to find me.






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March 16, 2015
First Things First
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Following the events of Desi who is a 12-yr old boy enrolled in Yakima Tribe, but living in Tennessee with his Foster Parents is something we should all do. It reveals again and again that the travails in Spirit Lake Nation where children are subjected to abuse, rape and abandonment while the Tribal Leaders and Federal/State Agencies turn their backs on desperate conditions and events, is in fact a wide-spread and common practice among all tribes.

The Yakima Tribe, after threatening to remove Desi and return him back to his abusers if his Foster Family tried to get any government agency involved in securing his much needed heart surgery, which the Yakima Tribe had refused to allow (Despite it being paid for and of no cost to them), was then confronted with a public outcry and blowback, puts on their “We-care-about-out-children” and “We-never-tried-to-prevent-medical-care-for-Desi” faces and made a public statement as such and allowed a mere 30-day Guardianship to the Foster Parents to allow the surgery to continue.

Bear in mind that the former Foster Mother who was the one who neglected and abused Desi in the first place has had several children die in her care, but with no investigations. The conditions in her home are appalling and she is a mean-spirited wretch of a woman, but for some reason, Yakima Tribal Leaders find her more suitable as a Foster parent than they should.  No one holds her accountable and no one holds the Tribal Leaders accountable. No one holds Tribal Judges who sign off on these ‘snake pits’ accountable. Not in Yakima, not in Spirit Lake, not in any tribe.

That is the danger that ICWA should be addressing, but instead, they have, at the Federal Level, made it illegal for anyone to investigate or even complain about the hazards, dangers, abuses, and rapes of children because reporting it or investigating it would be deemed “detrimental to the tribe”.

If criminal investigations into child abuse, child neglect, child rape and child murder is deemed ‘detrimental to the tribes’, WHAT exactly is ICWA protecting? It is absolutely not the children.  It appears to be protecting the corrupt, the pedophiles and the predators and all of their political allies, while completely washing all Federal, State and County hands of any responsibility to act in cases of reported abuses, rapes or child trafficking.

There is money to be made in the buying and selling of children. There is money to be made in trafficking of children for sex or slavery. There is money to be made in Kiddie Porn. And if there is a network of locations wherein it is safe for the predators to carry on this business, say a network of some 500 or so reservations where they need not worry about reports, investigations or even of children being tracked (Birth Certificates are missing, children are missing by the hundreds in many if not all reservations as it is), then you have the perfect set up for predators, rapists, kiddie porn sales, traffickers and even for those who murder children for thrills, with absolutely no agency at any level of government that would be willing or even able to investigate.

Any child that survives these nightmare obstacle courses in their lives will grow up with a lot of damage. They will have a poor or non-existent education. They will have anger, addictions, destructive behaviors and will, many of them, become violent and predatory towards others, and towards children themselves.

By Design

This is exactly the design that Casey Family Programs has been encouraging and developing throughout every agency for the past 40 years.

It is no coincidence that children in care of the State or the Tribes are suffering major abuses, being forced to reside with registered sex offenders and known abusers, on and off the rez.  CFP has never provided a single shred of proof that leaving children with their abusers is better for the child than removing that child to safety and security of a consistently caring and nurturing home.

CFP has fought to return children to their abusers over and over again, to the point that children who have suffered or died from horrific abuses and mutilations are the only ones that get media attention, and CFP is never mentioned, despite it being their policies and procedures that every State and Tribal Agency has to follow in order to get funding.

In Florida, more than 200 children were murdered at the hands of their abusers in one year alone, and CFP did not alter their policies of fighting to return children to their abusers or to leave children with their abusers, despite multiple urgent reports, even when those abusers are not blood relatives. 

They premise everything as if they are the Protectors of Children and know what is best, but every act they commit puts vulnerable children in more and more danger. They have enormous influence in our State and Federal Government and they receive hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the Federal Government alone… money that should be going to the care of these children and the investigations of crimes against them, which they simply use to increase their political clout, and to stop investigations.

I doubt that they are unaware of the predation because they have taken the side of the predators and their protectors time and time again. Whatever it is that CFP is doing, they need to be stopped. We must petition government at State and Federal Levels to cease all funding of their ‘programs’, which have only their dubious ‘studies’ as ‘proof’ they are worthy.

They have made things worse for every child in State or Tribal Care in every State, every Tribe. I can only assume this by their track record in Florida, California, Washington State, Colorado, Utah, Minnesota…. You get the picture.

Not Isolated Incidents, Only Isolated Reporting

Government and Tribal Leaders would like for you and I to believe that these abuses are not wide-spread and not related to any failing policies or practices.  Most of the rapes are not reported. Most of the deaths are classified as something else, SIDS being a favorite, and it is rare that there is ever an autopsy done on any Indian Child or Teen… not because of ‘religious’ opposition, because frankly, most don’t practice any religion (and POWOWS are not “RELIGIONS”), but because a traumatic history will likely be revealed, as well as a true cause of death and that might lead to an investigation and that might start the domino effect of bringing down the powerful and their allies, one report at a time.

Most Foster Parents stay silent when threatened with the removal of children they have rescued from abuse and have nurtured back to health. They have nowhere to turn. The State will protect the abusers and the corrupt. We have seen it repeatedly. The Federal Government, especially the FBI and DOJ, will harass and intimidate, attack and threaten anyone who reports the abusers… there is nowhere for them to turn. Desi’s family has taken a very brave step.

They want to hear from you. They want what I want: Documents, stories, anything you have, regardless of where you are from, that they can then compile into a more and more comprehensive evidentiary case against the present system and those who profit from it at the expense of the children.

No Accountability

Despite Tim Purdon’s upcoming glorious exit from his office as USAG/ND, he has still failed to investigate the worst cases of rape and child rape on Spirit Lake Reservation. To date, he has only investigated one, and that involved a perpetrator that was from off rez, and therefor not likely to be connected to his partners and allies within Tribal Leadership.  ONE. With over 30 cases a week being reported on SLN, he has investigated only ONE.  He wants you to believe that there is no evidence or that the victims change their stories, or that in the case of the 13-yr old girl who was raped on her 13th birthday by her mother’s 38-yr old boyfriend: “There are two sides to every story of rape.” The mother’s boyfriend, by the way, is Jackie Yankton’s son.

So, the murder of Eddie Peltier, which cemented the Yanktons in solid with the most corrupt of Federal Agencies, continues to pay off for the Yanktons in that no USAG will touch them, even for child rape, lest a Yankton go to prison and start talking their way out by giving evidence for even greater crimes involving even more powerful people, all connected politically to one another.  To that end, Purdon had the victim removed and put in an institution and her mother charged, but the rapist was never charged.

So, if you are wondering why so few rapes are reported… just take a look at what happens to any victim that makes a report.

If you are wondering why qualified and capable social workers are not applying to work in that snake pit of SLN or any tribe for that matter, just look at how horrifically they treated Betty Jo Krenz when she was the only one willing to do her job and file the reports. 

The State told her she was on her own. The Labor Board said that by working for a Tribe she was not entitled to the protections given to people working anywhere else. It was carte blanche for the tribal corrupt to abuse, threaten her, alter reports, lie, and then fire her… all the while smearing her name.

Tell me, what Social Worker would want to go to work under those conditions? It was well-known that her boss, Kevin Dauphinais thought it was a job requirement that any female he wanted would submit to him. That meant any female that worked for him or who was in his charge or under his supervision.  That meant clients of any age. Get it?

Now, would you want to work knowing that if you reported being harassed, or the sexual exploitation of others, including clients by your boss, would mean you lost your job and you had no legal protection?

No wonder they have had so many bad Social Workers such as Paul Hutchinson, who actively worked to return some of the most and worst sexually abused children back to their abuser before he went to prison.  Hutchinson had his license suspended by the State only after super human efforts on the part of others who insisted on reporting and testifying against him.

Had he been a member of the tribe, however, nothing would have been done to him.

He still lists himself on Linked-In as being the Director of Tribal Social Services. It’s been a couple of years since his license was yanked. I’m sure he’s found another tribe by now. Another snake pit where he can encourage the abuse of children and where he can lie about those who have been protecting those same children.

The fight goes on. I focus on Spirit Lake because that is the place I know best. But you can see, it goes on throughout Indian Country. But if we can bring it down in SLN, we can bring it down everywhere.

Fight where you can, how you can and support those who are actively engaged in these battles. We may not ‘win’ in my lifetime, but our efforts are the only way any child anywhere will ever have a chance at a safe & secure life.  We fight for Justice. Only Justice will bring this down. Only Justice will bring healing to the lives of children, their families, their tribes and our nation.

You know where to find me.






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March 3, 2015
Vicious Circles Create More Dead Children
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Tribal Cop, Bundy Littlewind who, along with three of his children died tragically in a car accident last year,  was desperate to save his own children from the fatally flawed Tribal Social Services system in Spirit Lake Nation.

He reported to Social Services that his children were disclosing to him, abuse, neglect and drug use by adults in the home.  He also reported that he had seen obvious dangers in the home, such as a loaded gun sitting on a table in the front room.

Social Services told him they needed “Proof” before they could act or investigate. They told him to go to the Tribal Court and the Tribal Court would issue an order for an Investigation. Also, that because he was a Tribal Cop, he could not personally ‘investigate’.

He went to Tribal Court and the judge told him that he needed to ‘bring substantial proof’ before he could issue an order. Also that he would have to get Tribal Social Services to initiate an investigation. And, that he himself (Bundy) was not allowed to investigate.  He needed to have ‘concrete evidence’, but was not allowed to investigate or gather it.

“Bring Proof” without being able to investigate, before either department would begin an investigation?

Both agencies lied to Bundy. It is up to those who receive reports to do the investigation, gather the evidence, provide proof, make the case. 

To say that a person or persons cannot be investigated without ‘proof’ is ludicrous. A person cannot be ‘convicted’ without proof, but the purpose behind making reports was to make authorities aware of the dangers and potential dangers, and it is incumbent upon those agents/agencies to do the investigations.

But they don’t want to. So they excuse themselves, remove themselves and shrug their shoulders.  Children die.

Timothy Purdon refused to investigate and children died, were raped, and their rapists still walk free, and still rape more children.

The BIA refused to investigate the 13 Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan.  And to make sure no one else could investigate, they sent in a ‘Strike Team’ whose sole effort was in the massive 16 hours a day, shredding of documents and files so that no one would ever be able to track or start an investigation.

Washburn himself issued those orders.

And now, Washburn had a heavy hand in redesigning ICWA so that the Federal Government has absolutely no responsibility in protecting any children in Indian Country.

ICWA, as written now, completely authorizes Tribal Courts, with no oversight and answerable to no one, to be the beginning and end of all child protection on the reservations.

ICWA as it is now written, puts up yet another, greater, more impermeable wall to prevent children in Indian Country from reporting abuse, rapes or assault and any of the reports from ever being investigated.

One of the things destroyed in the Strike Team’s great work, was the files on more than 40 children who were, all in one day, illegally adopted out by Kevin Dauphinais in a fraudulent “Hunka Ceremony”. 

We don’t know to whom those children, many of them infants, went to. We do know that Kevin made a whole lotta cash money from performing these ‘ceremonies’ and with the high cost of adoption, you can bet, he made a fortune on that one ceremony alone.

We also know that Kevin allowed Kristy Wishinsky to steal a newborn and give it or sell it to friends of hers who, because of dangerous felony convictions, were not allowed to adopt a child, so we can be assured that the safety of the children in that one ceremony, or the qualifications of the ‘parents’ was not a concern to Mr. Dauphinais. 

What we don’t know, because of the massive shredding, is how many of these ceremonies and fraudulent ‘adoptions’ were committed, or even who the children were or where they went and what has befallen them in the meantime.

The Tribal Chairman, then Russell McDonald, when confronted with a list of at least 60 missing/unaccounted for children, cut that list in half or better, no doubt using the same tactics of shredding files.

The one he couldn’t deny was the one that was illegally adopted out by Kristy Wishinsky to her friends the felons. The Tribe, The BIA, the FBI, all seem perfectly happy to just let that one slide.

Betty Jo Krenz risked her life, was relentlessly attacked, smeared, threatened and worse, merely because she ‘reported’ both the crimes against children and the corruption involved.

She and Thomas Sullivan of the ACF, were treated as if they were the enemy. Clearly, the FBI, the USAG and his puppet AUSAGs were all on board with threatening and harassing, intimidation, smearing and worse, of those who dared to make the reports AS THE LAW REQUIRED THEY DO.

They were punished to obeying the law. Those who broke the law and who still, to this day, are breaking those laws, remain secure in their jobs, and are praised and lauded by those in political circles whose networks rely on secrecy and loyalty above all.

There have been no arrests for the rapes. There have been no arrests for the child abuses. There have been no investigations of anyone except Betty Jo Krenz and Thomas Sullivan.

The criminals, the predators, the pedophiles have no worries about investigations or arrests. Neither are those who protect them concerned that they will fall from their lofty perches in high government offices.

Tim Purdon was forced to step down, but he goes out in a blaze of glory and can now use the wealth he acquired and the political capital he gained while he was ND USAG, to fund an even broader career at a national level.  He doesn’t even have to bear the disgrace of being confronted with his lies, his failures and his criminal negligence.

To be clear: The reports of children being illegally placed in dangerous environments can now be legally ignored by every law enforcement agency, every branch of Child Protective Services, and every Mandated Reporter risks being harassed, threatened, intimidated, attacked, smeared or worse, with absolutely no recourse, if they do their job.

The children will remain in the homes of pedophiles and abusers, regardless of the danger to them. When the child is raped, no one will respond, no one will file a report and no one will investigate. When the child is murdered, the Tribe will be able to close off any investigation by anyone other than their own Tribal Courts and those Tribal Courts are not required to investigate anything, and no Federal agency will have the authority to force them to even report the deaths of the children.

In  the case of Baby Laurynn, the step Grandmother went to prison for her murder. But those who illegally placed her in that home after removing her and her twin sister from a safe Foster Home, never have to answer a single question. Nor did the Tribal Courts that okayed that placement and ignored requests for investigation the same way they ignored Bundy’s requests. 

And neither does Tim Purdon ever have to answer a single question about why he refused to investigate the Mandated Reports that included her and told of the dangers she was in.

Everyone who threw that child into the snake pit gets to walk away, squeaky clean, while the severely damaged woman who killed her is the only one that faces consequences.

ICWA, as it is written now, guarantees even less protection for even more children in even more grave danger.  It also guarantees that you will never know their names, and never hear their stories.

The women in Grand Forks whose torture and abuse of the babies in their family made for gruesome headlines, had they waited until this ICWA law passed, would never be mentioned in any police or newspaper report because doing so would be considered “undermining the tribe”.  A vague, catchall term used heavily in ICWA to justify removing all outside law enforcement from even investigating any crime against any child deemed by the tribe, with our without proof of enrollment or blood quantum, to be ‘theirs’.

It absolves all government agencies from any responsibility or even the ability to protect children in Indian Country, even if they wanted to. It prevents anyone from knowing anything about any child abuse in Indian Country.

ICWA, as it existed before, did nothing to protect Baby Laurynn. Nor did it do anything to prevent the massive child trafficking operation run by Kevin Dauphinais and Kristy Wishinsky.

This new version of ICWA is a thousand times worse for the children.  It does, however, secure the Federal Government neatly in the category of ‘not our business’.

Crushing poverty, addiction and violence don’t exist in Indian Country because they are so good at taking care of their own business. It exists because corruption, greed and collusion between very powerful forces of Corporate Greed, Political Power, and willing criminal enterprises have all found common interests in Indian Country and have crushed the will of the majority of Good People. 

Now they can indulge in their corruption and abuse with no fear of any repercussions. The Windows have been closed and nailed shut. The doors have no handles that any children or their protectors can reach to open.  Even those who try to protect their community, their family from the worst of the worst in their own tribes, will have no protection, no rights, and no recourse.

Saying that everything is up to the Tribal Courts, the most corrupt cog in the whole corrupt machine, is to eliminate all hope of healing from communities already battered by generations of corruption and abuse.

Yes, it’s a tragedy. And people are getting very, very rich off of the lives and the bodies of these babies.

By removing consequences, all hope of any justice for any child abused or murdered is removed.  Without Justice, there is no hope. Only more violence, more addiction, more suicide, more crimes against more children will occur.

Is that really what we wanted? Are we really going to allow this to go on without saying something? Without questioning those who allowed this? Why is Washburn, the man who shreds files to ‘solve child abuse’ able to have his job?

Living Example

There is a little boy in Tennessee named Desi.  He lives with his foster parents and his two brothers. He is from the Yakima tribe in Washington State.  Desi was abused and neglected by his tribal Foster mother to the point that would infuriate you and break your heart at the same time. He was rescued by his new Foster family, who cleaned him up, nurtured him and united him with his brothers who were also in their care.  He needs a heart surgery. I urge you to read the articles at the bottom of this posting, and to watch the videos.

They are not asking for money. They are asking for your support. You see, the Yakima tribe will not allow the surgery. In fact, because the family asked them for permission to have the surgery that will save his life (and the surgery is paid for, but not by the tribe) the tribe has threatened to remove Desi from their care and return him to the same vicious Foster mother on the Yakima rez.  They have threatened that if the new Foster parents go to the State for determination or assistance, that he will be removed immediately, and placed in that snake pit, with no possible rescue.

All the family wants is for people to support their efforts to get the Yakima tribe to grant permission for the surgery that will save Desi’s life and give him a chance at a more normal future.

The article points out that each child in care generates a certain amount of money for the tribe. Children with special needs, such as Desi, generate considerably more.  None of the money given to the tribe for Desi’s care and keeping has ever made its way to the Foster Family that is caring for Desi.  But with his needs so much more profound now, the tribe can, if they regain possession of him, generate hundreds of thousands more from government grants, never having to spend a dime of it on Desi or his health or needs, care or keeping.

The family won’t say it, but that is clearly what I see going on as the Tribe’s resistance to allowing Desi to have the surgery and their demanding he be returned to the same abuser that so injured his health in the past.

Children are ‘valuable’ to tribes, not as cultural teachers to the next generation, but for the millions and billions that they can be used to drain grant dollars from Federal and State governments, as well as different organizations that raise millions (tax free) for the children, and none of which is ever audited, monitored or overseen in any manner to make sure any portion of it goes to any child.

Our Federal Government has made it so that they also absolve themselves of any responsibility for the oversight of any money that goes into the tribes.  ICWA now says that the children have no rights, and anyone that seeks to prevent the death of a child can be accused of ‘undermining the tribe’, and therefore, no investigations will be done by anyone except those the Tribe approves and allows to conduct investigations into any child abuse, child rapes, child trafficking and child murders.

Each story you read sounds horrific. Especially when you see how those who do have the child’s best interest are being threatened and harassed and how our own Justice Department refuses to get involved, at any level, in protecting the children from abuse. They take the side of the abusers, the predators, and they slam the door shut, pull the curtains down so that no one will ever be able to investigate abuse or corruption, murder or rape.

You read these stories and you think that it is a rare thing. You think it doesn’t happen that way often. What you don’t realize is that it is happening more often than not, and it is happening everywhere and it is destroying any hope that any child will be safe in Indian Country, and beyond.

A lifetime of neglect and violence creates monsters and Human Wreckage who then do not stay within their own reservations.  These practices are practiced throughout the child care system, and monsters, and wreckage are being created on and off the reservations.

We are focused on Spirit Lake because that is where people in the system, people of great courage, have risked their lives to bring the Truth into the light and show us what is going on.  If we can demand that in this one place they fix this. In this one place they investigate and make arrests, it will set a precedence that will move like a tidal wave through ALL of Indian Country and put an end to the cycle of corruption, abuse, child trafficking and trauma.  It will save lives.

What we demand and focus like a laser on in Spirit Lake, will make the changes throughout the entire system--- ALL of Indian Country, and beyond, to the failed State Systems that grind up the most vulnerable, defenseless children, over and over again, seeming to not learn from the “mistakes” of the past, or even of the more than 200 children who were murdered while in the State of Florida’s care, in one year alone.

It’s time we made child safety, and child care a priority in this country.  We have to investigate these organizations that have taken billions of our tax dollars and put them into repeating the same failures over and over again. Casey Family worked against anyone who reported the abuses on Spirit Lake. They put forth ‘theories’ and ‘studies’ that are not supported by the facts. But still, every year, like clockwork, they get hundreds of millions of dollars, to fail the children over and over again.

They set the policies that are followed by every reservation and which fail in every reservation to protect the children. They go out of their way to pay for the expenses, legal and otherwise, of those accused  of failing to protect the children. They paid all of Russell MacDonald’s expenses. He himself is an abuser, but he will never be investigated. He’s a drug addict who has failed rehab more than 20 times. But he is allowed to have Foster Children in his home. He should be in jail for his crimes, but he was allowed to be the Chairman, appoint his own judges. He was replaced by an earlier chairwoman, Myra Pearson (NLO) who pocketed and prospered from putting Kevin Dauphinais, with no credentials or qualifications, in charge of Tribal Social Services and he trafficked children into the hands of their abusers, murderers, and registered sex offenders.

I am sure that Casey Family Programs will leap to cover Kevin’s expenses should he ever be investigated. But that won’t happen. Casey Family has ‘intermarried’ with ACF, the BIA and any other agency that would investigate and insured that the abuse will continue as surely as the government millions will keep pouring into their coffers.


Big money is protected. Abusers are protected. Pedophiles are protected and given free access to defenseless children. The corrupt are protected. All in the name of Protecting Tribal Integrity, nothing more than a criminal operation protected by every agency that is supposed to protect us from their crimes, and above all, protect the children.  They protect everyone except for the children.

They do this in our name. They do this with our tax dollars.

It’s time to overthrow ICWA and create a rational, practical law that protects Indian Children from their abusers, not one that prevents them from ever escaping their clutches.

Rape as a Right of the Powerful

In Medieval times, the powerful land owners, Dukes, Earls, and yes, Kings, had the right to take any woman to their bed on the night of their wedding or the night before. She had no say in it, nor did anyone else. 

Being able to take any woman, or young girl for that matter, as a sexual submissive was evidence of their power. No one could stop them. They would also take young children, boys and girls, as ‘servants’ and use them for whatever pleasured they felt needed to be satisfied. It was the Law of the Land.  (Guess who wrote those laws)

The same is happening now, with children having no rescue as they are being raped, removed from safe homes, and the “Laws of the Land” making it “legal” and preventing any investigations. These children are being damaged, raped, their lives ruined.

Those who have spoken out have risked their lives to speak Truth to Power, and they have paid the price over and over again.  We have to make laws that both protect the children and which hold penalties for those who fail to do the job, such as Attorney General Timothy Purdon.  But as you can plainly see, he was not punished even though his failure to investigate the 13 mandated reports left children in the hands of pedophiles, rapists, and got more than a few of them murdered.  He gets to take a bow and skate off stage into an even more lucrative career, built no doubt by the great connections he made while USAG in ND.  He failed to investigate a single mandated report of child rape, child abuse and children in danger. He refused to investigate all but ONE case of child rape on Spirit Lake Reservation, despite more than 30 cases a week being reported.  The one case he did investigate involved a perpetrator that was not from Spirit Lake.

Until we punish those who, like Timothy Purdon, make their fortunes and careers at the cost of the most vulnerable, tiny lives, essentially protecting by virtue of refusing to investigate at any level, their abusers, their rapists, their traffickers, nothing will get better for any child on any reservation and nothing will be secure for any of us, regardless of who we are and where we live, if we dare to do what we all know as Human Beings is the right thing to do—speak up to protect the children.

Should laws protect the children or their abusers?  You decide.

You know where to find me.


UPDATE:  Desi has received permission for his heart surgery. But it took media investigation and public awareness. The family risked everything to bring the story forward to save his life. They never should have been threatened with his removal for trying to save his life.

How many other families are out there, unable to get needed help for the Indian Children in their care, because the tribes want to silence them? How many have been threatened? How many have lost their foster children and had them placed back with their abusers (so as to not ‘undermine the tribe’) such as was the case with Baby Laurynn and her twin sister. Baby Laurynn murdered a few weeks shy of her 3rd birthday by a relative that had a history of child abuse and worse. It happens all the time. Foster families try to protect their children and too often, they pay the price by having to surrender the child back into the hands of their abusers.

 LINKS: Yakima Herald March 5, 2015

             Yakima Herald March 6, 2015  Permission granted 

Desi’s battle is not over. The temporary guardianship granted by the tribe is just to stave off the public scrutiny that might expose even more abusers, more corruption.  Their fight is not over. Desi’s recovery will hinge on the whim of the Yakima Tribal Court, who originally demanded he be returned to his abusers. Think about that.  They tried to silence the family that was protecting one of their children.





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March 2, 2015
Have A Heart?
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There is a well-respected, well-known Heart Specialist/Cardiologist  in North Dakota who has a radio show in Grand Forks, who practices at The Heart Institute, Dr. Noah Chelliah.

Dr. Chelliah has been trying to get access to the rez in order to help Tribal members who have heart issues, and especially those who can’t make the long trek to Grand Forks to see him at his Heart Institute.

He has been unable to get so much as a response from anyone in authority at the tribal offices.

Arlene De la Paz (twin sister to Arliss Krulish, who held the Directorship at the Early Childhood Development Department during which time she was beating her own children so badly they were being hospitalized)… Arlene, who is an RN runs the Tribal Health Clinic like a joke, claims that she turned down Dr. Chelliah’s request “Because he wanted money.”

Two things here: One, why is the Tribe opposed to paying quality Medical Specialists for their work? Are they supposed to be a charity unable to both pay medical bills while at the same time affording First Class travel for Tribal Councilors, a fancy schmancy bus to take the basketball team to away games, that cost over $900K and has luxury appointments?

…And Two, Dr. Chelliah never mentioned costs and never received a response to his offer to come and treat the Good People of Spirit Lake.  Money was never mentioned. A reply was never given.

Apparently, simple courtesy is beyond the ‘professional’ skills required to run any department in the Tribal Government.  Lying, of course, is rampant.

But no worries. If you have a heart attack, you die. Chances are you wait for the broken down, poorly equipped ambulance driven by who knows who, that may or may not have a qualified paramedic on board.  But, the important thing is that if NLO, Myra Pearson, the Chairwoman has a hangnail or a heart attack, she will be airlifted to the best hospitals in the region. No one else matters.

The Good People of Spirit Lake need to know that professional services of the highest caliber have been offered to them by a well-respected cardiologist, but that he was not even given the courtesy of a response. This has been well over a year now.  Arlene still has her job and I assume Myra could not care less.


The BIA, headed by undersecretary Washburn, is doing everything it can to shed from itself, any responsibility for any oversight of child safety and welfare in Indian Country.  Washburn, as you remember, failed to respond to a single one of the 13 Mandated Reports handed to him, detailing both rampant corruption, child rapes and abuses.  His actions when the public became aware, was to send in a Strike Team who spent weeks of 16 hr Days, doing nothing but shredding documents and destroying evidence.

During that period of time, Baby Laurynn was brutally murdered and her killer and family tried to pass off her fatal injuries as ‘SIDS’. 

Many elements went into that murder happening and that tiny life being snuffed out just before her third birthday.

She and her twin sister, who had been placed in a loving, secure foster home which nursed them back from the brink of death (they had been hospitalized due to severe neglect and abuse by their blood family).  They were then ripped away from that family by a Tribal Court Order which determined they should be placed with their extended family, despite the fact that that family’s matron, Laurynn’s step-grandmother, had several times been cited for physical abuse and neglect of her children and relatives’ children placed in her care.

Tribal Court along with the notoriously corrupt Tribal Social Services determined that was the ‘best interest of the child’… oh wait, no, the child’s welfare was not an issue: It was deemed to be ‘in the best interest of the tribe.’  Children are considered property of their tribes.

A few months later, that tiny baby was dead.  In between that fatal placement and her ultimate murder, Baby Laurynn was one of the many children cited in the 13 Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan of the ACF. Reports that have yet to be investigated according to protocol, despite what outgoing AUSAG Tim Purdon claims.  (Clearly, had there been even a partial investigation, those little girls would have been removed from a woman well-known to be a danger to children). 

Those same Mandated Reports were handed over to the BIA and to Washburn, who decided that the best course of action was to shred documents and declare the problem solved.

And now, with the new ICWA rules and regulations set to take effect, there will be even less accountability, and absolutely no oversight by the Federal Government to ensure child safety.  The Federal Government sees their role as that of strictly protecting Tribal Governments.

They leave all decisions up to Tribal Courts, regardless of whether or not a tribe can even prove by written enrollment records, whether or not that child is a member of their tribe!

Tribal Courts, appointed by corrupt and inept tribal councils, subject to the whim of those in power, with little or no legal education or training, will now completely oversee all child placements with absolutely no oversight by any State or Federal Government regardless of how tragic the outcome for the child(ren) is.

In this way, the Federal Government can both protect the corrupt and the abusive, keep the predators from scrutiny while washing their hands of any responsibility.  Kids get raped or trafficked or murdered, so be it. The important thing is that the Tribe is protected.

They even emphasize keeping abused children within the same family circles that abused them, because ‘keeping the family together is most important’.

This is right along the Casey Family Program’s line of reasoning.  I suspect they wrote this law as it makes no sense.

In one part, they say that the tribe can step in regardless of how many States away it is, regardless of whether they have ever had contact with the child or the parents of the child, and they can claim that child even if they don’t have blood quantum, even if there are no written enrollment records that claim any of the child’s family…

They make it incumbent upon all courts (yours, mine, all of ours) to diligently seek out and find out if any child in their court is Indian or has Native American Blood, by them contacting their tribes. That means that any proceedings involving children must first get the green light from every Tribe in the Country.

If they fail to get that go ahead, any Tribal Court can reverse any ruling at any time without concern for the impact it has on the child, even if it has been years since that child was adopted or placed with a family they have bonded with.

They can even fail to respond to inquiries by courts, and then later, during or after the proceedings (years after) reverse the rulings.

Washburn and his agency cite “studies” showing that children who were fostered or adopted out from their tribes suffer from depression and low self-esteem and a myriad of issues, without ever saying how those studies were conducted, or by whom, and what the parameters of the ‘studies’ were.

Further, they do no comparison studies of children who have been forced to remain with their abusive families, forced to live with their rapists, and how they ‘turned out’.

Many of the children who make it into remote Foster Care do suffer from a number of issues, and understandably they would. They were removed because of abuse, often years of abuse and neglect and that has a traumatic, long lasting effect on them as they mature, and sometimes, even the best of homes cannot undo the severe damage done to them.  But since none of the parameters of the ‘Study’ were disclosed, we can only assume it was poorly conducted and by unqualified who were seeking an outcome that bolstered their philosophy that keeping children with their abusers was far better than removing them to safe homes or rescue.

When this law goes into effect, there will be more Baby Laurynns, not fewer. The only difference is that the Federal Government, especially the BIA can turn their backs and say, ‘it’s a tribal affair’.

I say, the abuse of any child is all of our responsibility and we must stop it, not make it impossible for the children to be rescued.  If all decisions defer to the Tribal Courts, as they did in Baby Laurynn’s case, then God Help all the children.

It’s more important that the Government protect the Image of Tribal Integrity by refusing to do any oversight or have any responsibility for the inevitable fatal outcomes or the waves of Human Wreckage that will be produced by this fatally flawed law, than it is for the Government to step in and say: Enough!

An excellent write up on how this plays out is here, at a posting by Johnston Moore. He points out, far more eloquently than I can, how this law only guarantees more harm than good.

Betty Jo Krenz, Thomas Sullivan and countless others, have risked everything to bring these horrors to the attention of Government and the Public so that we can work together to end the carnage, the abuse, the trafficking and the rapes and murders of infants, babies, children and the resulting cycle of violence and addiction that plagues both Indian Country and our Cities where the backwash of everything wrong washes up, and what does our government do?  Finds a way to protect the corrupt, protect the abusers, protect the rapists, and protect their political network. They want to take a bow and tell us they are doing it ‘for the children’. 

Indian Children are Citizens too. They deserve to be protected from predators, not fed to them as political appetizers by an agency that shreds documents to protect predators and political allies.  

You know where to find me.




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