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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West

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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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November 20, 2014
The Children
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The tragedy that struck Melissa Merrick-Brady this week, with the sudden death of her 15 yr old son (sired by Richard Street, the fake Indian, fake Medicine Man, her ex-husband) is nothing anyone would wish on their worst enemy.  He died after being airlifted to Minnesota, and it was determined he had contracted a very rare form of meningitis.

Her grief must be immense. I can’t even begin to imagine. I do know that her lack of concern for the safety and well-being of children who were forced to live in violent homes, and who still live those nightmares, hourly, may now be equaled by a loss of her own.

That may sound cold to many of you, and I would agree that under other circumstances I would never say such a thing. Nor would I even think it. But in this case, my sympathies, my concerns, my compassion and my efforts are still focused on the children who are in danger, being raped and abused, the very same children whom Melissa Merrick-Brady turned her back on. I have no sympathy for her.

The loss of a child is the greatest pain a parent can ever know. It is second only to knowing the constant torture and abuse of children, sacrificed by the corrupt within the system, for their own personal gain, narcissism and other even lesser motives.


The death of Baby Laurynn at the hands of her murderer, while her family looked the other way, even pretended that her crushed skull was ‘SIDS’ or “Natural Causes” deeply affected those who had tried to have her removed from those dangerous hands, but who were ignored by those who had the power to spare her and her twin sister the constant abuse and neglect, but who chose also, to look the other way until it was too late.

Sadly, her death, horrific as it was, was not the first nor the worst slaughter of the innocents out there. Those who allowed it to happen are still in positions of power and authority and that has to change. There are other children suffering. There are other children in grave danger, being ignored. The fight goes on.

It is ironic, or cynical, or just plain darkly stupid that NLO, as Tribal Chair, carries on the tradition of her predecessors: Ignoring the obvious dangers of Children placed in unfit homes, many with Registered Sex Offenders, drug dealers, thieves, and abusers, and then when someone like Betty Jo Krenz speaks up, raises funds to carry the fight to Washington, DC, that’s when Myra steps in to demand that Betty Jo Cease and Desist using photographs and videos of Baby Laurynn on her fund-raising site, because it’s too painful for the child’s family…

That’s right, “too painful” for the people who allowed her to be beaten, neglected and murdered.  Her concern is not for the child who suffered and died, nor for the children who remain in danger, just for the hurt feelings of the very people who tormented and killed her. Yes, THEY are the ones that need the protection of the Tribal Chair. The children, on the other hand, can just suffer and die.

Myra has not only never written a letter of concern over a single child out there, she has refused to respond to emails and formal letters concerning the incompetence, lack of qualifications and outright corruption of the man she appointed as Director of Tribal Social Service during her last term as Tribal Chair, Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield.

But let a family get upset because the child they allowed to be abused, neglected and murdered, was being featured in a fund-raising page that sought funding to protect the children through awareness in Washington, DC, well then, NLO gets up on that High Horse and sends a letter right away! How dare anyone try to protect the children!

The irony of it all is that none of the pictures or videos that are being used on the page were created by the family. They never bothered to even take a picture of the child the whole time they had custody of her! She and her twin sister were that worthless to them. They were a welfare check, nothing more.

Further, they all lined up for the Funeral checks before she was even off the autopsy table, but they couldn’t bother showing up for the wake or the funeral.  Nor could they be bothered to pay for the funeral, or even to purchase the tiny gown she was buried in. That had to be donated.  Yeah, they’re ‘heartbroken’ over her loss.  Just ask them.

Further irony is that the fund-raising page was time-limited and had expired months before NLO fired off that faux-righteous letter to Betty Jo. The page was down, the images were down….

So, how did Betty Jo respond to that pitiful letter? She put up another page for funding!  This time bringing attention to Elders & working families who are also neglected by their corrupt leadership, and who will go cold this winter. Their homes will freeze, pipes will burst,

Why? Because the only way Tribal Leadership seems to notice a problem, be it child abuse, neglect, rape or even the neglect of Elders, or the struggle of working families who ‘don’t qualify’ for assistance, but who desperately need it and who go without, is if they think Betty Jo is bringing attention to it. They do nothing about fixing the problem, but they do attack her for trying.

Pipes burst, people/children get sick, and hypothermia is a real issue. Maybe if Myra is so focused on what Betty Jo is doing that should embarrass the crap out of Tribal Leadership, maybe just maybe, she’ll see that there are Elders and others on the rez that really should not be allowed to freeze or go hungry, this winter.

But, at the speed with which NLO becomes ‘aware’, it will be February before she notices.  But it’s worth a try.  Let the irony proceed.  I guarantee you two things: All donations will go to meet the need, and all donations will piss off NLO.

I posted some new Tribal Council Minutes. I’m going to see if I can dig up some more from years past.

I know that people complain about Nancy Green as Secretary-Treasurer, and she did get off to a rough start, but she is the only one that seems to bother with getting the minutes out.  Myra’s bastard son, “Bri Pie Pearson” as he calls himself on FB, but whose raging acne has led to more colorful names, when he was Secretary-Treasurer, never put out a single page of Minutes to be published.  He and his mommy robbed the tribe of millions of dollars at a time. No wonder Elders went cold, and without medical care!

Her priorities aren’t any different this time around.

Battle Cry

The battle continues. No one is quitting. The stories will be told and the corruption will be brought out. The opposition thinks they are immune from consequences.  They have been immune for a very long time.

Corruption goes very, very high up, and very deep into the agencies that are supposed to be protecting the children, but which are run by those with ambitions leading elsewhere. It’s the same template, everywhere, including the rez.

The Sandusky/Penn State Scandal continues. The top investigator, The State Attorney General, is being forbidden from investigating because she found that many involved in the investigation were in fact, exchanging porn, violent porn, some of it involving children, amongst themselves. Top investigators, a judge, and more…

So a judge, who is desperate to protect the corrupt, has used his office to stymie her investigations. She was shocked by what she found out. Her curiosity was piqued by the fact that it took three years to even open an investigation into Sandusky, after the first parent came forward. It actually took a lot longer, but for argument’s sake…

Common sense will tell you that Sandusky was not in it alone. He never could have pulled it off for the decades that he did unless he had others involved that could and would, and DID, protect him and his pedophile ring.

In the end, because the silence could not be bought or threatened, or intimidate it was going to be exposed. (That’s what took three years, ya think? )  And that’s when it had to have been decided amongst those in power who had as much or more to lose than Sandusky, that he would take the fall and investigators would not look into his connections and associations, all of which would lead higher up and wider about.

Does anyone seriously think that one man could, for more than 30 years, rape and abuse boys and none of those boys ever speak out? Of course they came forward! But there had to be a system in place that would protect the pedophile, intimidate the victims and their families and keep them silent or make sure their reports never saw the light of day. There had to be a ring of them. There is always a ring of them. They can’t do it alone.

Think of it. Parents or adult aged former victims would contact police, District Attorneys, lawyers, elected officials, Penn State officials and media… there had to be a system in place to shut it down all along the line.  One man could not do all that himself.

The State Attorney General knows that also. Imagine how scary that is. She knows that there is a chain of corruption that goes so high up, so deep in, that it can stop her from investigating known crimes of those who were supposed to be investigating the crime! They can stop her from doing her job!  Look at the levers and hammers coming down on her for even trying to investigate!

This is why we have to come to awareness and why we have to stand behind those who are, despite the overwhelming odds, the threats, the ugliness, are fighting this Evil. 

We have to take a stand. Wherever we find this, we must oppose it for all we are worth, or the Children will never be safe. Not from these monsters, not from the monsters they create, and there is no protection in the system if we don’t demand accountability and make it known that this is important to us.

How long has this been going on? Longer than I have been alive. We all were sleeping, in that we trusted our government, and especially these agencies that we were brainwashed into thinking they were all the Good Guys. 

The ‘Good Guys’ are being smeared, threatened, harassed and intimidated.  The ones with the power, they are the ones infesting the system, bleeding it of all integrity, and sacrificing small children on the altars of their ambitions and lust, thinking they are safe from our ever finding out who they are, or wanting to know what they have done. They think they are unstoppable.

But the Truth is Coming Out. People with courage and integrity, even within the system itself, are considered a threat to their entire web of deception, corruption and power, are exposing the ugly truth, everywhere they find it, over and over again, at great personal risk.

We need to know the Truth so that we can seek Justice. When we have Justice, we can begin to Heal. Nothing short of Truth and Justice will change anything for the better. Throwing money into the same sewers of corruption changes nothing.  We need the Truth and to get it we must stand with those who are Speaking it, bringing it out, and demanding accountability.

I don’t think that what ails our nation is “Political”, I think it is the acceptance of Evil as part of our fabric.

We are run ragged with bigotry and mindless fear mongering, especially designed to distract us and to keep us mistrustful of one another so that we will never realize our true strength and power in unity against real Evil.

Hurting children is Evil. Stopping investigations into crimes against children is Evil.

They are also crimes. They would have been punished long time ago if those in high places of Laws and Enforcements were not themselves, protecting Evil. That kind of Evil permeates throughout every aspect of our lives, including our economy, our crime rate, the insecurity and violence we feel and hear about daily.

There are some very powerful people out to destroy us as a nation and leave us weak and confused so they can take what they want.  Violence against children creates generations of trauma legacy, increasing with each generation.  Those who commit those crimes hurt all of us and make our future more insecure. Those who allow it, and who protect the predators, are in the service of Evil.

Everything Counts

The sooner we face it, the sooner we can wake up from this confused, distracted stupor we have been in, and admit that things are way darker than we realized and we are all in greater danger. The more we wake up, the more we see.

The one thing they don’t want us to see is that we, all of us, can stop them and change the future. We have to find ways to trust ourselves and to unite with one another, and become the force for Good that is in all of us, and that is the greatest fear of those who do this evil.

All the wealth and power that has been constructed by evil, especially the darkness that takes our children, screaming, and spits their bones at our feet, laughing at our pain, will crumble. All the wealth that has been built on helping one another, will thrive. We will become stronger and stronger in Unity.

Choose the Future you want. Know what you have to do, and then just keep doing it. Something as small as $5 donated, a letter to your congressman or Senator, speak up at your community meetings… just don’t be silent any longer. Everything counts.  What you do or don’t do, all counts, all adds up. Decide where you want it to go.

You know where to find me.



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November 17, 2014
Dark Side of The Moon
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Just for reference, y’all know there is a dark side and a light side of the moon, right? The light side is where the light shines all the time and that’s the side we see.  The dark side is in perpetual darkness, with no sunlight shining on it, and we never see it, and most of us are not even curious about what is on the dark side because we are content with the joy that the brightly lit side gives us.

Besides, we don’t really know that much about the moon. It’s up there. It shines. Leave the rest to experts.

The same is true about government, and especially government agencies, and the FBI, in particular. There’s the bright side that is perpetually lit up and we see that one all the time. It’s heroic, it’s smart, it’s full of courageous, decent men and women who want nothing more than to stop crime, rescue children, arrest bad guys.

But there is also a dark side to the FBI. The side that is never talked about, even though it is known throughout the agency, just as sure as the bright side of the moon knows it’s own darker half. 

That dark side becomes more apparent to those who must live with the constant consequences of being subjected to the Dark Side of the FBI.

The Dark Side is full of toxic agents, scheming for themselves and making alliances with some of the most evil of all criminals and taking profits and exploiting the victims of those crimes, and nowhere is it more evident than in Indian Country.

Indian Country is where no one looks.  The government gives billions in grants and loans, intended for programs that either don’t exist or never see a dime of the money. Thefts and embezzlement are reported, in the thousands, even in the millions of dollars, but no one goes to jail. More money is poured in, and no one asks questions.

Casinos run by different rules in Indian Country. They are run by the Indian Gaming Commission, and that is run by those who stand to gain the most from those casinos.  More than one story has come out of Spirit Lake Casino of a ‘Big Winner’ being given so much alcohol they can’t see straight and then having a Casino Driver drive them home, only they never see their money again, and more than one has never seen home again.

You or your family have a complaint? Take it to the Indian Gaming Commission. You might be talking to the very person that has in their pocket, what you lost. Still not satisfied? You say the death of your loved one who won that big jackpot is suspicious? Well, that would fall under the jurisdiction of the Tribal Police and the FBI.  Good luck with that.

How The Bright Side of the FBI Works

The way it works in the side of the FBI that we all see is this:  Agents are posted for no longer than two years in any location, and then transferred to another posting, typically several states away so that agents won’t become compromised or co-opted by the criminal elements they are supposed to be keeping in check.

Typically, they can hold onto their ideals for a couple of years, or knowing that they will be transferred and have to start all over, not be so tempted. Or, if they do partake in the ill-gotten gains, they are removed before they can network too far or too deep. 

The FBI knows that money is an easy temptation for agents, many of whom, especially those just starting out, barely make ends meet. Taking down major crime, and watching all that cash pass them by, is often too hard to resist. You know: Pay the bills, fix the car, get something nice for the wife/husband and kids to make up for all that time away from them… The FBI knows it will happen and that’s why they have that rule.

But they also have a reputation to maintain. They have an image to keep polished. They have credibility that can’t withstand the stains of imperfection or the scrutiny that a stain, no matter how small, can draw. 

Dirt: Pretend It’s Not There

Little stains lead to bigger stains, and they all lead to dirt that could damage the reputation and credibility of the bright side of the FBI, casting doubts on their testimonies and procedures in cases big and small. All the stains lead to only one thing: Dirt.

And that’s why the FBI, regardless of how badly the agent fucks up, or high the crimes they commit, they are never fired. Never. To fire an agent would indicate that there was a flaw, a weakness in the hiring and supervising process. That could lead to questions, and to answers that are not accepted on faith in the agency alone. Illusion of Infallibility must be maintained at all costs.

Perfect Record

Even when the top agents commit high treason, like Robert Philip Hansson, who was arrested, was never fired. He ‘resigned’.  They announced his resignation and his arrest in the same breath.

There have been others.  Special Agent Connolly, who was convicted of murder after he became the pet poodle of Mobster Whitey Bulger and even helped him elude law enforcement, was Bulger’s “handler” and it was Connolly’s idea to treat the serial murdering mobster as an ‘informant’, which gave him special privileges and protection of the FBI, even as he was murdering a score of people, and as he never gave any useful information to the FBI. Connolly also ‘resigned’, around the same time he was being arrested.

Further, for some reason, an agent of Connolly’s status, started strutting around in $1500+ suits, sporting huge rock rings on his fingers, wads of cash stuffed in his pockets… for years, Agent Connolly looked & acted more like one of the gangsters than an FBI Agent and no one in the agency ‘caught on’ until he disappeared along with Bulger, only he got caught.

There are hundreds of stories like that, and worse. The FBI agents easily slip into the tempting, exciting role of thugs, even with that ‘two-year’ posting rule.

In Indian Country it’s even worse. Agents who are posted there are already a problem in the agency.  They are drunks, druggies or other low-level types with no real future, but either somehow tied to larger cases, ongoing or past and cannot be fired, or they have found enough dirt on their superiors to get them to look the other way, lest they go down as well, and those agents end up in Indian Country, and they end up posted there, sometimes for decades. It’s the junk drawer for the FBI.

So they know that any agent posted in a high crime area for more than two years is susceptible, and there is no higher crime area than Indian Country, what exactly are they expecting?  They are expecting that no one will look, no one will see and their impeccable reputation will carry them over, regardless of what the truth is.

Notice how neither the Hansson case nor the Connolly case involved any deeper investigation or scrutiny into any of the levels of the FBI that were in fact, responsible for the decades of failures? Failures that are spectacular in that the evidence was staring at them for over a decade in each case, and they simply ignored it?

They didn’t all ignore it. There were agents who raised questions, alarms… but they were shuffled on out and away, quickly enough. 

Organized Crime, in general, rakes in billions in the cities, towns and states. You’re thinking drugs, counterfeiting, fixing races, etc., aren’t you?  Want to know what is even more profitable than drugs? Has lower risk? Human Trafficking.  Yes, the buying and selling of people, especially women and very young girls, is the highest profit of all the crimes committed by organized mobs.  The buying and selling of babies is even more profitable than the buying and selling of Women, Boys and Young Girls. Babies.

Guess where they can buy and sell babies and young children the easiest? Guess where no one is looking? Indian Country. Indian Country where predators are protected by every level of government and victims who dare to speak up are threatened, harassed, assaulted and murdered. 

And whom do we ‘trust’ to investigate those crimes? The FBI. Yes, in the greatest crime area, with the most indefinite postings ever, in an agency that refuses to investigate itself, is incapable of investigating itself, and where FBI Agents have actively destroyed evidence in some of the most jarring, horrendous murder and mutilation cases, of adults and children, in order to protect the very evil that indulges them in their wants and needs: Be it money, drugs, or perhaps some of that young stuff that some of them are so fond of.  Indian Country is a corrupt FBI Agency and Agent’s Paradise.

It’s the dark side of the moon to us. Indian Country; where the government turns their back, flushes money down the sewer of corruption, and where the worst of the worst in the FBI, find safe haven among their own kind.

Silly Woman

The election was a complete bust for Democrats in North Dakota. Their own fault. They tied everything to a pointless campaign strategy that did nothing to address the real concerns of North Dakotans. 

Congressman Cramer easily walked all over his Democratic opponent, whom I think relied too heavily on the misconception mythology that the smear campaign whipped up by Melissa Merrick-Brady was either credible enough or wide-spread enough that it would damage both Cramer, and discredit the courageous work he has been doing in Indian Country by labeling him a racist, and claiming that he personally, threatened her personally…

Merrick-Brady carried her tall tale to FaceBook and to blogs and anyone in media that would listen… and it became more terrifying each time she told it.  It was a Road Show to beat all Road Shows. She was frequently in the company of Heitkamp and other political allies, with whom she claimed a personal friendship.

The thing is, no one believed her. She had no credibility. She was known far and wide as a con artist, a grifter, a thief, and a liar.  I guess Heitkamp figured that it being the Dark Side of the Moon, no one would really look that close, nor would they care?

But you have been looking, and researching and you saw right through Merrick-Brady and in the end, she was able to help no one, while promoting herself as a political asset.

She became, in the end, just a political ass. Like Joe the Plumber, who mistook his role as stage prop to the Shrilla from Wasilla, after the election was lost, he wrote a book, hoping to cash in on his ‘fame’, thinking he was important or relevant… and there he sat, at his book signing… didn’t sell a single copy…

That’s kind of where Merrick-Brady was headed after the election.  She was more toxic to Democrats than she, or they, realized, until Cramer not only won in a landslide, but was the first ever Republican to walk away with the vote in Indian Country, (Merrick-Brady’s ‘turf’), ever. 

She couldn’t even deliver the Indian Vote! A Vote every Democrat has been able to count on, whether they showed up or not!

But, there she was, riding high, or was just plain high, thinking she was about to embark on a whole new career in politics.  She quit her position as Director of Tribal Social Services (again, must for the record state: She had no qualifications or Credentials for that position, nor for her other job, Director of Victim’s Assistance), and she headed to Bismarck to start building her political crew and prepare for a run for Congress herself, next term!

Loud Frog, Small Pond

She was so used to getting high pay for positions she was not qualified for, she figured this would be just as easy. And it would have been, except she had been revealed more as a political toxin than love potion for voters.

She has now returned (triumphantly, according to her own accounts) back to the rez, having given up her political ambitions in the Big World, after 1 week, for the simple assurances of nepotism, corruption and alliances of the rez.  She’s working at the college. Yes, she’s working at CCCC under the protection of Cindy Lindquist, and Cindy’s henchman, Lane Azure.

All Merrick-Brady has to do is keep those two happy, and she’ll have a job that she’s not qualified to hold, for as long as she wants. Lane Azure is a man of simple needs and I am sure Melissa will find it easy to keep him in hand.

Cindy is a bit more problematic. Cindy needs allies, but she doesn’t trust ambition in other women.

I’m sure Senator Heitkamp will gladly throw a few million dollars towards the college to keep Melissa Merrick-Brady tucked away and out of trouble, for awhile. Cindy likes large sums of cash to run her operation on the Dark Side of the Moon.  As long as Merrick-Brady can bring that in, everything will be fine.

One leedle itty-bitty problemo, however… GOP is running the Senate and the House now. That cash may not come as easy as it used to. And, just for the fun of it, someone may want to investigate the Dark Side of the Moon, or at least the Spirit Lake Nation that dwells in that place that no one ever wants to look… it could happen.

Then again, the corruption that runs rampant through Indian Country didn’t just start yesterday, or even in the last decade or two--- it’s been there from the beginning, and it’s been nurtured by those in power, either party, the entire time. 

There will be obstruction and there will be obstacles… and they will come from every corner.  But the old alliances are fractured, and the walls that kept it all out of view, are crumbling. There’s an honest man from North Dakota, and I trust him to take on whatever comes his way, or whomever comes at him, on this.

We’ll see what happens. We’ll keep watching and we’ll keep demanding accountability.

There are children being bought and sold in Indian Country. There are top agencies and the heads of those agencies, that are complicit in allowing it to go on. Billions of dollars are made on the sale of drugs, gambling, embezzlement and worse, but all that pales in comparison to the profits made from Human Trafficking, especially the sale of babies and young children.

All that cash, flowing like a river, under the noses of the FBI agents who cannot resist, and who, right up to the top, justify indulging themselves at the expense of our laws, our children and our future.

Their greatest fear is that the impossible will happen, and we will all see it, and them, and it will all fall apart. They fear the light that could reveal the Dark Side of the moon and all that abides therein.

I’ve seen pure Evil out there, and I have seen the most powerful Good standing up to strike at it, again and again, with courage beyond anything I have ever imagined. I have seen tragedies and I have seen miracles.

And now I watch as a political wall of protection crumbles away from the Evil, even as it tears the nation apart, and I have great hopes that out of all this we will, perhaps even in my lifetime, be able to make it safe for the children to live and grow up in Indian Country, and our future, all of our futures together, will be better for it.

Meanwhile, Joe the Plumber couldn’t sell a single copy of his book and his career as political stage prop is a joke he still hasn’t caught onto… and there’s Melissa Merrick-Brady, strutting off to Bismarck, slinking back and now pretending she was anything but a political stage prop, as she again holds a job she is not qualified for in the only place that will have her: The Small Pond where Bullfrog Cindy keeps a wary eye on her, her mouth smiling when she looks at her, her eyes searching for that hint of competition or betrayal.

I shall dub them: The Paranoia Pair.

Tick Tock

Psst! Cindy! She’s already plotting to overthrow you. And…she’s way smarter than Mardell was. Way. I should start a Doomsday Clock just for that coup, shouldn’t I. (Not a Question)

Lane Azure is reading his dirty magazines again, imagining that Melissa is that for him, every time he sees her.  I’d love to have a picture of the three of them together, in their tiny, slimy pond. Then again, most of you can already see that in your minds now, anyway, can’t you. (Not a Question)

You know where to find me.





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November 10, 2014
Lost & Found
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Sadly, the two young men who went missing last month were found dead in their car, in about 15 feet of water.  The lake took ‘em.

Young people out at night think nothing can happen to them. They think that when their parents worry about them when they come in late, that it’s just silly… the possibility of never coming home, is very real.

When your parents are angry because you were not where you were supposed to be, or because you are hanging with people they don’t trust, or you stayed out all night, just know that the fear you put them through is the fear that you’ll be found dead, like those two young men; or worse, never found at all.

For those who think they can take care of themselves, remember that those two young men were as smart as you, and probably a lot stronger than you, and they still ended up dead.  They could ‘take care of themselves’. Know what I mean?

Stay in touch with your family. Don’t make them sweat this sort of thing. Be where you are supposed to be. And yes, wear seatbelts so that if something does go down, you might, just might not be knocked out cold and you might, just might, be able to save your own life.

Yes, you will get in trouble and they will get angry for you doing what you were not supposed to do, with people you are not supposed to be with, in places you were not supposed to go. They will get really angry. But they will get over being angry. They will never get over burying you.

We make a lot of mistakes when we are young. I am here today because I survived my own stupidity growing up.  Just know that you will do stupid things and your friends will do stupid things and give yourself a chance to survive stupidity.

Of all the pain I have seen in this world, nothing comes near that which burns through those who must bury their children. Nothing. Show respect for your families. Don’t put them through this.

Sadly, this is neither the first nor will it be the last time I write about this sort of event. Too many do not learn from their mistakes and they keep making them. Worse, they do not learn from the mistakes of others, either.

Show & Tell

Congressman Kevin Cramer won his re-election by a landslide and for the first time, the votes in Indian Country went to a Republican. Cramer is a different kind of man, which is why I supported his re-election.

He’s not working for the party he’s working for the people. Also, he is the only one with the guts to stand up for the kids, and demand investigations into the corruption of the system at all levels: Tribal, County, State and Federal, to address the rampant child abuse and the insanity that has been the government at all levels, supporting and protecting the predators and their accomplices. 

When he denounced the corruption that he felt put both the innocent at risk of violence, and of an unfair Tribal Court system, he was wildly attacked by Melissa Merrick-Brady, who twisted the conversation to try and make it sound as if Cramer were threatening violence to Indian Women, and of course, herself in particular. (What good is an outrageous lie if you cannot make yourself the star, center stage?)

Cramer did not come in and promise millions of dollars to go into programs that are already so corrupt they are doing more damage than good. He made no big show out of anything he has done.

He just kept doing what had to be done despite the relentless smear campaign against him by Melissa Merrick-Brady, relentlessly painting him as a racist, and that he threatened her safety… For the record, he said he wanted to strangle the corrupt… so I guess the shoe fit, she wore it?

Further, she was joined in her attempts to smear him by getting her wildly exaggerated, twisted version of events, posted & published by some prominent Indian websites that do no fact-checking,… and her relentless FaceBook campaign against the man…

I’m sure that Ms. Melissa, her fainting couch in tow, and her BFF Heidi Heitkamp were confident that they had their Democratic Candidate, Sinner, a shoe-in, because of all this. 

Worth noting that Sinner, the Democratic Candidate that ran against Cramer, offered nothing in the way of promising investigations or carrying on the good work of Congressman Cramer, should he be win. In fact, he offered nothing. Never mentioned the children once. Never once.

Sinner’s campaign and his family did join in with the smear force, on FB at least, along with Monty Stensland, the ‘defrocked’ former attorney. (“Defrocked” was as close to the “F” word as I wanted to get in this posting.)  Reposting the fairytale as told by Ms Melissa…*there she goes, done fainted again. Get the smelling salts.*

Apparently, the credibility that was lost in Indian Country, was that of Ms. Melissa and her entourage, and those political allies who tied their reputations to hers.  

Ms. Melissa showed on a number of occasions that she was neither qualified nor credentialed to hold any of the Directorship positions she had.  After the election, she was cast aside as politically worthless. Perhaps her failure as the “spokesmodel” for all of Indian Country so monumental, she is now seen more as a toxic asset rather than as a beneficial one.

How long before she catches on that Heitkamp really isn’t interested in her as an ally and won’t be returning her calls?  About as long as it takes Heitkamp to wake up to the fact that she picked the wrong alliance and her choice was more poisonous to her future as a Senator than it ever was to Cramer’s re-election?

It’s a case of both Ms. Melissa & Heitkamp heaving a bucket of spit and ending up with it all over both of them. But only one has to show up in public and answer for it while wearing it. (“spit”: another successful similar sounding word! I’m getting good at this!)

Ms Melissa abruptly quit as Director of Tribal Social Services, making way for yet another corrupt, incompetent person to take that job. Let’s see who NLO parks in that position. Oh, and they better be able to answer a whole lot of questions because you can bet there will be more Congressional Hearings.

In fact, I’d like to see some congressional investigations into how Ms. Heitkamp has so far, spent the $4 Million she got for her ‘Committee’ that ‘studies the situation’ in Indian Country. You know, the one that does not yet know whether child rape is a crime or has any long-term negative effects on the communities where it is rampant.

What All Governments Fear is An Honest Man in Their Midst

Don’t be distracted by the clown, Darrell Issa and his pointless, factless witch hunts. He’s one of those distractions types that doesn’t want to really uncover any crimes because they would probably lead right to his door, but just wants to create sound bytes for FOX news episodes, and their relentless, mindless propaganda wars.

The real work is being done in Indian Country and in those hearings. Sadly, I expect John McCain to do all he can to thwart any real investigations into the corruption that has thrived under his ‘leadership’ of some committees in the Senate, but I have faith that, especially with your support, Congressmen Cramer & Young will be able to drill down through the protective layers and get to the nitty-gritty.

I have confidence in Cramer that he will stand up and do what is right, regardless of the risk or any opposition from either the Opposition or his own party elites.  Cramer has the People on his side.

My prayer is that there will be the Truth coming out, Justice being delivered and the Good people of Spirit Lake being given a chance to heal and rebuild once the corruption, decades and decades of it, is removed.  Knowing there is Justice is KEY to every community’s survival and progress. It has been absent in Indian Country since Contact.

Hush Money, Honey

When NLO illegally gave the Tribal Council seat to Alberta Redfox, she did it to ‘help an ally’. Redfoxes are raging drunks out there and they want to pretend they believe in the Old Ways and practice them, but everyone knows they don’t. They are just a very large family and NLO wants to keep large families in line to vote for her.

But there’s baggage with Alberta Redfox that is now becoming known… beyond her incompetence and the drinking. Alberta would like to keep a rape victim silent. Her son raped a woman recently and Alberta is telling the woman to keep her mouth shut “Because I have a good job now and can give you and your family money…”

The trouble is, the Truth won’t stay quiet. Alberta’s rapist son should be in prison for what he did. Joel’s relative carries on the tradition of putting a Rapist Redfox out of reach of investigations… Those are the ‘Ways’ that the Redfox clan practices.

NLO also needs allies that have to keep some dirty secret hidden, so that NLO can control her (or him) by helping to keep that dirty little secret hidden. Well, this is one dirty little secret that won’t stay hidden.  Alberta is now an accessory after the fact, which is also a felony and she can be investigated for her part in both trying to conceal the rape, and for using Tribal Funds (or attempting to) to conceal a felony.  NLO doesn’t have the political players in place to cover this up for long.

It just gets deeper out there, don’t it? (Grammar Crime Alert!)

What Ails Us

There is a saying: There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” – Henry David Thoreau

I put that in big and bold so you can find it easier when you go to quote it.

What ails this country is the distractions and shows put on by those striking at branches and twigs without ever touching their blades to the root of evil.  More or less, just ‘pruning’ it, which is why it grows back bigger and stronger every time.

We are distracted, we are misled and we become confused. We get angry at the wrong people. We get angry at one another, and we battle each other rather than that which is sucking the life out of all of us. That’s what racism and bigotry serve—to keep us unable to unite together against the corporate powers that feed off of our labors, don’t pay taxes, destroy our lands, waters, air and economy…. And which grinds our children into the dirt to make sure they also, cannot unite, stand up, or thrive.

Example: One of the big issues making news lately, in a big way, is the Redskins NFL name issue.  Yes, it is racist. Yes it is promoted with clownish, degrading stereotypes.  Yes, they need to get rid of it and people should not support it.

But if you think for a minute that it is the number one issue in Indian Country, you’re kidding yourself--- or just being lied to and misled and a little confused by the media that is designed to keep you distracted and too weary to research or seek facts or even know what is really much more relevant.

In the bigger picture of what ails our nation, or what ails in Indian Country, it is not whether or not some billionaire becomes rich off a racist stereotype name for a sports team. 

Removing the name will change nothing in Indian Country for the better. Keeping the name will make nothing worse. What needs to be fixed in Indian Country is the corruption and injustice that is nurtured from the Federal Level all the way down to the Tribal Governments.

Children are being raped, abused, trafficked, sold, murdered and those who try to stop it, point it out, are silenced, threatened, intimidated, harassed, smeared, and worse, at every level from Federal on down to State, County & Tribal.  EVERY LEVEL.  ß THAT is the #1 issue on the minds of everyone that lives on the rez or has family living on the rez. THAT.

That massive protection of predators, abusers and the corrupt is where the despair and anger in Indian Country, which spreads out into every corner of our nation, comes from. It is the ROOT of all that is evil that preys upon the innocent and perpetuates itself throughout the political system, the economy, and into our daily lives in ways that only dim our present and darken the future.

They, we, all of us, need Justice. We need to know that telling the Truth will protect us, not put us in danger from the very government agencies that should be protecting the children, the innocent and us.

The FBI should not be allowed to destroy evidence to protect their powerful but corrupt allies as they pursue wider criminal agendas. Especially when children are mutilated and murdered by a member of a powerful family.

Start holding people in government accountable. Start holding law enforcement accountable---THAT is what will change lives and the directions of the future both in Indian Country and our nation as a whole.

But for now, we have media pursuing the Redskins NFL issue as if it is the biggest and most important issue in Indian Country.

When there is Justice, there will be healing and progress. When the money owed is paid and goes to where it is intended by law to go, there will be great strides in all directions.  When stealing thousands, or millions of dollars from those programs is punished, rather than rewarded, we’ll see great strides and lower costs.

Give Indian People the full protection of Law and Law Enforcement and there will be a steep decline in addictions, violence, abuse and we will quit seeing a legacy of violent predators created out of children who grow up with no hope for Justice nor even rescue, such as it is today.

Injustice is the ROOT and we should all be striking at it with all we have because our future, and the future of our nation, our economy depends on it. 

If we cannot secure Justice in that one tiny speck on the map where the corruption is so blatant, and where the crimes against children are so well documented, then we cannot trust that there will be justice anywhere for any of us. 

If we can’t do it in a small speck on the map government dependent reservation, then certainly it is impossible anyplace, anywhere for any of us, and that, my friends, is something we should all be thinking about.

If our laws and our system are so corrupt that they will not or cannot fix that one tiny speck, then how wide-spread, how deep-rooted is the corruption that affects us all? Who has been benefiting from all of it? We may just may, find out.

When the USAG-ND can outright lie, libel and smear those who have reported child rapes directly to him, and still hold his office, even receive praise from his boss, what does that tell you about the entire system starting at the top of the DOJ?

It’s been that way for decades. Isn’t it time we held accountable those at the top? Or is allowing rampant child rape just part of the job description these days?  (If only I would be allowed to suggest questions for the next Attorney General Confirmation Hearings!)

I can tell you right now, it’s costing us billions of dollars a month in losses. I think we could use that money for better things than supporting corruption and protecting child traffickers, don’t you? Let’s start with that tiny speck on the map and just prove to ourselves that ‘it can be done’, what do you all say?

There’s been a huge shake up in government. The insane appear to have overtaken the apathetic. The liars and the dark money have stepped in and taken hold with the very real potential, nay, PROMISE to dismantle all that we built as a nation over the past two hundred years, and give it all to private corporations who are accountable to no one and can declare bankruptcy and walk away after they ruin what they take.

But I look at it metaphorically as well…. Overall, there are some raging idiots and racists at the controls and we will pay dearly for that.  But the corruption that was so deep rooted in our government now has to face a huge shake up with unpredictable clowns at the wheels and levers.

Some of them will play along, others won’t. Either way, old party alliances are now broken and beyond repair. That means people will have to find new ways to work together or the nation will go under like the Titanic. If we can’t or won’t protect the children from the most visible evil, then we don’t deserve to survive as a nation. 

The Children ARE the future. If we don’t do this for them, we do nothing for anyone and it will become more obvious as our choices, partly because of the insanityand ignorance of many whom were elected, will become starkly clear or clearly stark. (Still working on that one)

There are some very, very good people in government, from both parties, and it is fitting that they got re-elected.  It is however, the shattering of those old bonds, that will shake the tree to its core.  The Root is more visible, more vulnerable now than at anytime in the past where it was covered over by those who benefited politically & financially from concealing it, pretending there was nothing to see there, moving us along.

One of the key pillars of the nation, the foundation upon which our future is built, the safety and protection of the children, now stands a chance.  If we can save these living, breathing children, we can save our future. We can fix anything we break if we have a future in which to fix it, and healthy adults who knew they were valued as children enough to be protected and fought for, to lead the way.

All that we held politically and economically dear was of no value if the future we created was darker, more violent for our children and for us in our twilight years.  We’d be saving it for whom? Those who robbed us? Those who preyed upon the children? Those who lied to us?

I’m not worried about the Senate being lost for Democrats. It was becoming more gutless by the day.  McConnell will not be able to herd the bobcats that were elected any more than Boehner could control the House. It’s obvious that Boehner has a ring through his nose and has been led around by the crazies the entire time. He is gutless. McConnell is gutless and the crazies that will now take their seats, have no more respect for him than the crazies in the House had or have for Boehner.

It’s going to be a wild-ride, but I have faith in all of us that we can become more pro-active, more educated on issues and more aware of deceptions and demand more accountability at every level of government.

Common Ground is Where We Make Our Stand

If we want a better future, we have to build it; brick-by-brick, candidate-by-candidate, election-by-election.  Good people who show up, answer questions, do what is right despite the political risk, despite opposition even from within their own party.

Or we can elect the very few of either party who have integrity, courage and intelligent common sense, and then abandon them in a sea of insanity, ignorance and corporate sell-outs.  We get what we deserve. Let’s hope we think we deserve a better, safer, more secure, less violent future, and we get people who actually care about Justice, and about protecting the children that are here, living and breathing.

We need to focus on what is real, what is relevant and not be led by reactionary BS that does nothing to make the children safer or our future more secure. We need to actively seek common ground.  It is what will unite us make us stronger, and our children safer. It’s our only chance. We take it, work it or give up.

If we can’t agree that we must first protect those children, rescue those children, help those children to heal and prevent predators from mocking our Justice System from the top on down, then we have no Common Ground. We fail as a community and as a nation.

Meanwhile, the distractions will continue. There will be great fanfare and loud noises as performers put on the manic shows striking at the branches, flinging twigs, but you will know where to look to see if anything that matters, anything that makes a real difference, is going on.

Ghost In The Machine

There are those of us who have been striking at the root of evil for a very long time, Kind of nice to see that a couple of politicians stuck his necks out for the kids, and for the State and frankly, for the future of the nation, by picking up a sword and joining in… and that you supported them, in a very big way. It’s a start.  

“Ghost in the machine” is a theory that once the seemingly impossible is proven to be possible or is accomplished, it becomes easier and more frequently accomplished. It is as if the rules of reality alter or adjust just enough to make the impossibilities of yesteryear, commonplace today.

Once the collective awareness deems something is possible, it comes into being. The Door Opens. Cellphones came from Star Trek. That sort of thing. We see that it can be done, that it SHOULD be done, and then lo and behold, cell phones all over the world. Like that: Impossible to commonplace. Just. Like. That.

Cramer beat the political machine with integrity, courage and bold moves based on what was RIGHT, not on what was politically ‘SAFE’.  It could change everything.

It’s time for very big changes. It’s going to be chaotic and scary, but if what we get out of it is Justice for the children, there will be justice for all of us, and that alone will make all things good and decent more possible for all of us.

It’s time we hold those we elect accountable. It’s time we educated ourselves on the issues and voted in every election, every level, regardless of outcome.

The Good People of Spirit Lake have continued to vote, despite their lack of quality candidates, and despite the system being rigged against them, over and over again. You may think it is an exercise in futility, but it has been making progress in that it keeps shaking out the corrupt, and they get to have their voices heard. It means they have not ‘given up’, they have not ‘surrendered’ and that, my friends, scares the crap out of those who have been oppressing them for the past 250 years.  They have proved it can be done and should be done. We can follow their efforts with our own.

They petitioned Turdling Roger Yankton out, despite his family’s threats and history of violence to anyone that dared stand up to them.

Russ McDonald got in and figured he could be as corrupt as the rest and the people would be too fatigued to stand up against him. But that petition went around and he was thrown out on his lying ass. Yes, of course he got a top job in UTTC, and that says about all you need to know about UTTC.

Myra got back in and right away started doing things illegally. She’ll find out she’s going to be held accountable now that her political allies have lost power.

You voted Mardell Lewis in, stood by her in a recall election, and when she betrayed your trust, you petitioned to remove her and to remove her rapist boyfriend, Joel Redfox… and they both, like the cowards they are, jumped ship before they had to face any of you. They also moved off the rez and appears they got married. Good choice Mardell, marrying a rapist who is involved in other crimes that when they are exposed will reflect upon you as well.

You were warned. Ask Joel about that little trip he and the boys took out to Betty Jo’s place when he thought no one was home. Go ahead, I dare you! Oh, and there is so much more!

The trick is to search out qualified candidates and support them, and hold them accountable. To make them answer if they betray you. 

No candidate is perfect in all ways for all people. That’s not humanly possible. But figure out what will make your life better and what will make your community stronger and keep voting until you get there.

It was, after all, in Indian Country where the Bell rang the loudest and clearest. The people made their choice known, and all the smear campaigning against Cramer did not stop them from supporting him.  You have no idea how badly that shook up those who thought they owned that state, and that election.

Now maybe, just maybe, when Heitkamp makes an appointment to talk to Betty Jo Krenz, she won’t say “Hi, this is my assistant, she’ll be talking to you I have somewhere else to be,” and walk out on her like she did last time. Maybe the other politicians who have been brushing her off will realize that blowing her off is essentially saying they don’t give a flying crap about the rampant child abuse and corruption. Maybe they don’t. But it sure as hell is clear that most of you do care.

I think that counts. Vote, participate, hold accountable. Otherwise all we get are the unqualified who are bought and paid for and who never have to worry about voters showing up to be counted, because they don’t have the perfect candidate.

If they can keep showing up and voting, and petitioning and recalling in SLN, then surely, the rest of us can take the time to educate ourselves on what is going on and figure out who best will fit the bill. 

Everything is at risk. But we have to focus on the root. The environment, the economy, Social Security, Medicare, Education… all at risk, but there is no greater priority than protecting the children, and bringing Justice to make the communities safer.  The other issues are urgent as well, and I admire and support those who are focused on them because our children need something to grow into in that future we are protecting them for.

It is up to us, all of us, to make it possible. We have coasted and become lazy as voters and participants in our own democracy for far too long. It is a disgrace. It is a global embarrassment. 

There’s more to fix than can be fixed in one lifetime. We need a future where things can continue to be fixed, improved, repaired and that comes with the children we protect today.

I would love to see a more balanced, more sane government.  But until more than 36% participate, we’re going to get what we get. Know what I mean?

You know who is making a big show flailing at branches and twigs, and you know who is striking at the root.

You know where to find me.








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