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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West


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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not respond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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August 31, 2015
Death As Politics
---Printer Version (4)

Had one of those disturbing dreams the night I wrote the last posting.  I was in the kitchen with some Elders, and we were preparing the meal for later when a young girl walked in. 

She seemed a bit distracted as young girls can be.  She was not really connecting to anyone in the room and I wondered if they even saw her.

So, I started to talk with her so she would not be alone.

“Can I ask you a question?” She asked.

“You just did!” I said trying to get a smile out of her.

She just looked up at me and kind of beyond me, as if she was looking at a different place somewhere over there, where I could not see…

“Will I feel anything when I die?” She asked.

And then I woke up.

We’ll revisit that image later.

Emergency! Crisis!

After spending years harassing anyone and everyone that ever mentioned that the children in Spirit Lake were in danger and in Crisis, the Tribal Council and NLO have finally found a way to cash in on their plight.

They’ve declared a state of emergency because of one or two drug overdoses last week. 

They have no real plans to deal with the root causes of the drug and suicide crisis that plagues the children, but they are declaring that they will allow outside police onto Tribal lands to investigate/arrest drug dealers who have been running the place for the past 30 years or so…

Suddenly, they noticed? After years of people complaining that the meth dealers and the meth cooks are a hazard to the community… and after arguing that children who were forced to live with crazed drug freaks, and in homes poisoned by drug manufacture, suddenly, because it was the Grand daughter of one of the Tribal Councilors who himself had been protecting the dealers in his family from investigation, she ODs and dies… so now, NOW they want to ‘deal with this problem’? Seriously?

All the other deaths, OD’s and suicides really not so important that they would notice they had a problem, but when Duane Jackson’s chickens come home to roost… suddenly, it’s a ‘crisis’?

Duane Jackson, who, along with the other Tribal Council Members, protected the child rapists and abusers, even allowing a sex offender who plead guilty to sexual assault to stay on as an elected member for years, Joel Redfox, who left after he felt like not dealing with the petitions against him. He’s now gone back to being a barber, in case anyone is wondering, but he remains a convicted sexual offender…

Apparently, as long as the tribal councilors can protect their family from the consequences of investigations and arrests, there is no ‘crisis’, but when it’s one of their own family members who dies from those drugs, then it gets their attention?

Dancia Dawn Jackson was a beautiful looking young woman. She had her whole life ahead of her… I’m sure she’s missed and they are grieving… but they let the snakes of drugs and alcohol run through that rez, consuming lives, destroying futures, while they petted and protected them, some making money off of those same snakes…

Now they want the snakes gone? I don’t think so. I think they will aim the outside law enforcement at the lower echelons of drug manufacture and dealing out there. Sort of clean out the competition, but not really damage the main pipeline of poison which so many are still too invested in to even consider giving up.

I figure that will go nowhere.

The other Big Plan under the heading of “CRISIS” is that the children are in crisis. Really? I thought it was just people like me writing about that because I liked gossip? That the children were all protected, safe and sound on the rez… and it was none of our beeswax if they were being raped or had no homes?

But now it’s made the ‘real’ newspapers and the plan is this: Build a Child Center where the children can be taken care of while their parents are incarcerated.

Remember: These are the same people who don’t want those pesky background checks inhibiting who can or will be able to access children, work with children…you know, that whole new ICWA thing where they can get their criminal histories expunged so that no one knows if they are drug dealers, sexual predators… all that pesky stuff. 

So, here’s what I think the real plan is, from what I have seen of their Big Plans in years gone by:

Get a few million dollars from the government to build this so-called child care center.  That money will go mostly into the pockets of those who handle the funds and that center may or may not ever be completed, that is if it is even ever started…

The money will disappear and then they will ask for more, because *Holds up picture of badly abused children* … the children are in crisis!

Who will run, operate, work in that ‘shelter’?  Friends of the Tribal Councilors, that’s who! People whose records are or will be later, expunged.

The children will have nowhere to go where they can report sexual abuse, violence against them. It will all be ‘contained’ in that arena where no outsiders can investigate and no arrests are made.

Those who do report abuse, violence, or even drug dealing and drug use in that environment, such as Betty Jo Krenz did when she saw flagrant abuse of the children, blatant corruption in Tribal Social Services, will suffer the same fate she suffered: They will fire them, harass them, intimidate them, run them off the road… and the FBI, BIA, HHS and the AFC will join in to discredit them, harassing them as they did her, and as they have done to Thomas Sullivan because he dared, DARED to write the legally mandated reports. 

Those reports, by the way, would have saved the lives of at least three children that I know of, had they been properly handled by the USAG or the FBI at the time they were submitted. But no, Politics prevailed and those doing the abusing, those embezzling the millions of dollars, were too politically connected to touch, so those who would protect the children were removed. Those who hurt the children and those who protected those who hurt the children, have profited beyond their wildest dreams, and continue to this day, to face no consequences, no investigation.

So, why would building this so-called center for the children in crisis be any different? It would not. It can not be any different. It cannot because those who hurt the children and those who allowed it are still in charge.

But there are millions of dollars that will be drawn in under the pretense of protecting the children… but we all know it’s just a show.

The only difference is that this time, they are admitting the children are in crisis… sadly, it doesn’t mean they’ll do anything to fix that because they are rotten at the core, and the core is sucking the life out of the children on that rez… even those who were always protected from the legal consequences… cannot escape the snakes coiling around their legs, taking them under.

Until there is serious investigation into the corruption, the corruption will continue. The continuing corruption keeps the doors open for the snakes. The snakes feed on the children.

Declaring a crisis without admitting your part in creating it, is just talk.

This is all just a dance to impress the outsiders. Those on the inside? They are not impressed.  They see the snakes playing with children. They see children playing with snakes.

I wonder: How many children have that question? “Will I feel anything when I die?”

When you get serious about fixing this… you’ll bring back those who tried to fix it before. You’ll stand up and admit your corruption. You’ll demand real Justice. You’ll demand that the Thirteen Mandated Reports will be investigated and there will be an investigation into everyone that tried to stop those reports from happening.

You’ll investigate the BIA, the ACF, HHS, FBI, DoJ, USAG’s past and present… and every Tribal Councilor, Every Tribal Social Services Director….

Because until you do that, all of that, this will only get worse.

These snakes you dance around, don’t care about your children or your grandchildren. They will steal the light out of your life as quickly as you stole it out of the lives of children you sacrificed for power, and political leverage.

Until you care more about the children than you care about your own cowardly life, this only gets worse.

Whose child, grandchild is next? We know it won’t be important enough to really make the changes needed, but maybe they can use those deaths to their political advantage, play on the sympathies of taxpayers, and get more money…. Which will never be accounted for.

Dead children are the best political posters you can carry. SLN Tribal Leadership especially NLO, so very adept at the art of using dead children to get more money that never reaches the needs of those children. She can make her voice feeble and crack at just the right moment… snakes taught her that trick. Snakes call her “Mother” and “Sister”.  Just listen, and you will hear them slithering in the shadows when she speaks, waiting to be fed.

I’m sorry Dancia Dawn Jackson died like she did. The irony is that her grandfather could have stood up for her, years ago, by standing up for the woman who was trying to protect the children, all of them, but he chose to obey the snakes wishes, to the point where they became his own.  His part in this will haunt him until the grave, and maybe beyond.

You know where to find me.






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August 24, 2015
------ Printer Version (4)

For those who read this blog and come to the conclusion that child rape, child trafficking is mostly or only prevalent on the rez, think again.

Because there have been so many decades where children were treated as non-sentient, almost valueless Human Beings in the eyes of government, especially the most vulnerable: The poor, the disabled and those in what the elites like to view as ‘second class’ segments of society, they have become, for generations, easy targets for abuse.

When a 10-yr old prostitute or a 13-yr old prostitute is ‘busted’ by police, she has been treated as the criminal, not the victim. It still happens. Even as they let the Johns go free, because ‘how would he know she was underage?’ excuse, despite the fact that prostitution itself is illegal for both parties, it was always the female that was ‘blamed’, and her age meant nothing.

Police had a hardened attitude with little or no understanding of circumstances that would create such a horrific ‘choice’ for the child. It’s still going on. The System is broken.

The Foster Care system is in a shambles, but not because there are not good people who want to nurture, care for and raise children from every walk of life, but because the system itself has been deliberately sabotaged to where it became a political game, not an agency dedicated to the protection of children.

Social Workers who did a good job have been harassed and threatened, intimidated by their supervisors, while those who do not intervene on behalf of the safety of children, who in fact ignore the dangers children are in, are promoted. 

Those who do their jobs are considered a ‘threat to the system’ and must be run off or dismissed at all speed, while those who raise no questions, ignore all red flags, are considered assets to a ‘smooth running ship’.

Taking care of children is messy. They are Human Beings with personalities and Identities of their own and there is no One Size Fits All template you can mash them into.

Factor in that the children in Foster Care or in need of Foster Care are traumatized, many of them wounded or sickened, disturbed to the point of needing more intensive care, and for them, a loving, caring, nurturing Foster Home is both rescue and refuge, as well as their only hope to grow up well-adjusted in Society, able to contribute to the General Good, overall.

There are bad Foster Homes. Geez, horror stories from those will lead you to believe Hell is here on Earth and Children are being shoveled into it. But how did those BAD Foster Homes come to be?

Again, we go to the Social Workers who are not doing their jobs, and the supervisors  who want no ‘problems’ to resolve, and who are willing to ignore the at risk children, and either leave them in a dangerous home, or place them in a Foster Home with a known record of abuse.

Good Foster Parents have horror stories of their own to tell. How they have nurtured children who were so damaged they had to be hospitalized for weeks because of skin sores eating through to their muscles, from neglected diaper rashes, to wounds caused by whippings and beatings against their tiny bodies. 

Nurturing those children who were only able to begin to connect to Human touch after weeks or months of gentle care, only to have those children ripped away from them and placed back into abusive homes where they were not wanted, just so the agency could pocket the money and show, such as in Florida during George Sheldon’s reign as Director of DCF, wherein more than 200 children perished while in abusive homes, all the reports from medical, police, teachers, family members, neighbors ignored until their bodies were so battered, bruised and broken, they could take no more.

George proudly claims how he removed so many children from Foster Care… counting in those dead children as part of his success.  Where did he go from there? Straight to the ACF at the Federal Level as the #1 Flying Monkey for Marrianne McMullen, the head of that agency, herself having no qualifications other than her political connections to the party in power. 

From there, when his second successor at the Florida DCF abruptly bailed out of that position, around the time the Miami Herald was doing their research on “Innocents Lost” uncovering atrocities, George suddenly decided he wanted to run for Attorney General of Florida--- which, if you have hundreds of dead children whose cases you don’t want investigated, is a good place to be.

He failed to get elected. He barely got his family to vote for him. But, failing children is not ever a bad thing in politics. If failing the children in Florida and stacking up dead bodies in the hundreds, saying that only 69 of the children died on his watch, got him promoted to ACF and now, he’s the man in charge of Department of Children and Families in Illinois!  Failure gets you security. Doing your job gets you fired.

Children who survive the nightmare of their upbringing are then flung into society with absolutely no skills, traumatized and wounded, and we condemn them as young adults for being ‘failures’. 

The Failure, my friends, is ours. We failed to hold those responsible for their safety accountable. We promote those who fail. We praise them for their political prowess. They are considered “Pillars of Society”.

Those are the “Pillars”? No wonder there is so much violence and futility! Better yet, we are set against one another to battle out for ‘limited funds’. 

The very wealthy pay little or no taxes, and it goes on for decades while you and I, and everyone working at any job, pays taxes before we even get our paychecks. The argument is always “How are we going to pay for the Schools, hospitals, roads, libraries, railways, repairs to infrastructure?” As politicians pat themselves on the back for ‘cutting taxes’.  They didn’t cut them for you and I, they cut them for the multi-millionaires.

We are told there is not enough money for better policing, Fire Departments are making cuts, Social Programs are being cut, Food stamps for our vets, our poor, and for children are slashed and people are living on the streets, and we blame THEM?

We know they have needs. But we have no money for OUR needs and their needs. We become adversaries, rather than members of a constructive society.

There’s always money for wars. The US puts more than 40% of it’s spending into the Military. Oil companies, even when they are breaking records for profits every quarter, are given 10’s of billions of our dollars, tax free, as incentives to make more profit, while boldly slashing Veteran’s benefits, and food that would feed hungry children, and I’m not even sure we have childcare anymore… Childcare used to allow parents to go to school or work and get off of welfare, but now we just shame them and blame them.

Funds are not limited for Wars. Those invested in companies that benefit from wars lobby heavily. It’s considered unpatriotic to want to feed hungry children, care for the disabled, or to help the poor to improve their lot in life.

We cut from every agency that is supposed to protect children and protect us. What were we expecting? Of course the failures who let children be abused, trafficked, raped, and horrifically tortured and murdered have no trouble finding good paying employment with our government! They embrace the system and those who break it.

Broken children become, those who survive, broken adults and that gives us a broken society.  We have to change that.

We have to become politically active and we have to start demanding more than cute slogans about tax cuts (they are not talking about us, they are talking about millionaires).  We have to start demanding that the very wealthy start paying their share.

Do you know that the 1 penny tax on stock trades was voted down in Congress? Can you or I buy a loaf of bread or a pair of shoes and not pay tax on it? But they can buy and sell millions of dollars of stocks, but dare to charge them a penny per share and they go ballistic! “Free Market!” which translated means: “Free for the wealthy, very expensive for everyone else.”

Demand services for your community. Better schools where your kids don’t have to buy their own pencils and paper, paints and books.

Better hospitals and better libraries.  Better policing, less overtime, less overworked Civil Servants.

Better highways and better highway maintenance & repair. I’m tired of bridges falling down and everyone being shocked.

Better Sewer systems.  Or just wait until they burst and businesses lose value, homes are ruined, property values plummet.

Better libraries where people of all walks of life can go and read and study and educate themselves.

Better services for the poor, the abused, the veterans, and for the luvva Mike, FEED THE KIDS!

Everything I have said here is true about the rez. It’s also true about every town and inner city in the nation. We are all Indians now.

If you want to end the violence, protect the children, don’t use them as political pawns.

If you want to end the violence, and if you want the rez or any community to heal, you have to guarantee real justice and that means FAIR Treatment of everyone.  It means that those who are hurting children are removed from children. It means that those who are corrupt and who steal from programs, GO TO JAIL. 

It means that Justice has to be uniform and fair. We have to start treating each other as fellow Human Beings, not as Upper or Lower Class ‘Other’.

Make the laws mean something. If there are some segments of society that get treated differently, or by lesser standards, with unfair outcomes, the system is broken.

If the system is broken, we are all at risk. No one moreso than the children. The evidence is clear: The system IS broken. REAL solutions are needed, not political slogans and not glad-handing politicians. Make them tell you what they will do to FIX it.

And quit blaming people not like you for what ails you. Unity is strength. Find a way or perish from ignorance.

You know where to find me.





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August 17, 2015  --- Printer Version (4)

“Lateral violence is displaced violence directed against one's peers rather than one's true adversaries. This construct is used often in explaining minority-on-minority violence in developed nations. Members of low-status ethnic minority groups face greater stresses.”

No place is there more violence in the community than on the rez. Any rez. Just about every rez.

Here’s what we see: young girls beating the crap out of each other, one on one or a gang up on one, in school or at an event, typically over some guy, and the guy is never worth it, either way.

Young men attacking each other, bullying others in the school.  Fights breaking out at parties. Parties where there’s a lot of underage drinking and a mix of adults and young people that is, frankly, a recipe for every kind of problem you can think of.

We see that and we’ll call it OUTWARD VIOLENCE because it is the violence we see in public. Or it gets reported in public. But it too, is Lateral violence. We should know what it is that we are looking at, seeing or what it is that is being reported to us, poorly as it is.

We hear about violence in the home. Children, spouses being beaten, raped. We suspect when we see the bruises that is what is going on. Chances are, we are right. There is a lot of violence in a lot of homes.

That’s what is called It’s usually the more hidden kind.  But we know it exists. We blame drugs, alcohol and ‘bad choices’.  The woman made a ‘bad choice’ by being with a violent partner, and not leaving him (nowhere to go, no way to survive, but let’s just say it’s her ‘choice’ even though no options are available).

We are informed by media of beatings and murders, and we see their faces…A lot of them, both victim and attacker, are Indians. We get a sense that violence is a ‘chosen way of life’.  

Frankly, our prison population is filling up with a hugely disproportionate number of Indians as opposed to other races.

But we never ask why. We assume, from all that we have been informed about, that they ‘choose to be violent’. We assume they ‘made bad choices’ and of course, this is all their fault.  They are the bad guys, those outwardly violent types. And they are.

They are bad guys. But they are not the worst bad guys. The worst bad guys are the cause of all this violence.  They perpetuate it and they remain without consequences. They are the bringers of the violence; they profit from the violence; they gain political power from the violence; and our government system protects them from the consequences of their actions against their own people, giving those who suffer from the violence, no way out. There is no refuge, and there is no part of the system that will protect them.

When the Tribal Police themselves are often the ones raping and abusing, and the Tribal Councilors are rapists or related to rapists, and it is the Tribal Chair that appoints the Tribal Judges, the system is rigged to fail the victims, regardless of how young or how old.

Corruption is carried on blatantly, openly and the evidence is so conspicuous, it becomes comical, for instance, when our tax dollars put millions of dollars into housing on one rez, and 90% of the people on that rez continue to live in dilapidated squalor that would rival Haiti’s poorest –AFTER the quake, and yet these fine Senators ignore the obvious ‘failure’ and they conspire to add more millions of dollars into the “programs that are desperately needed”, without ever once putting in place a single check or balance that would dissuade embezzlers from waltzing off with the cash.

Living in squalor is a form of violence in itself. Nobody ‘chooses’ to live in squalor. They choose to survive it.  Poor or no education is a form of abuse/violence of the economic sort.  Racism is an attack against the dignity of another. That is violence.

Fill a community with violence at all levels; poverty, corruption, abuse, neglect, addiction, alcoholism, futility; all violence leading to more violence. It’s a cumulative, aggressive, destructive, constant. It creates rage.  Only Justice can reduce the cycle. But that’s the one thing they all dance around.

To keep us ‘infotained’, media feeds us Sioux Logo, Redskins Logo racism as if that is the burning issue in Indian Country. Seriously. Like none of this other stuff exists?

Children who are raped and abused and who are then punished by the system or ignored by the system when they disclose it, have nowhere to go with their anger and pain. It grows in them. It becomes the seeds of more violence as they get older.

There is no help for them. They are used as “Poster Children” so politicians can get a whole “lotta dollahs” into their charities, which they self promote themselves as ‘saving children’ when in fact, they save no one because they ignore the corruption that creates the ‘need’ in the first place. In fact, they chum around with many of the offenders, and speak highly of them in public speeches, because even though everyone in that tribe knows he’s a sack of crap, none of the good white folk in TV Land have a clue and they get the impression that these politicians who are self-promoting and saying all these sound-byte speeches that make the 6:00 O’Clock news, are “really trying to help those poor people who ‘can’t/won’t’ help themselves”..

We wait until those children who have nowhere to turn, and who suffer indignities every day; who suffer and who witness violence at a level you and I cannot imagine in our worst nightmares, and for whom there is no Justice because the system doesn’t want to hear about it because it would severely alter their ‘impressions of their political heroes’, become violent themselves.

When they do, we are witness to the end result and we condemn them for it. But we never question the circumstances that created them into that ‘monster’ who did that terrible thing, that time…

We never question our Senators who steal lands and sacred sites from the tribes to gift to their political allies and cronies who then mine them, log them, destroy them and the environment, leaving piles of radiation, sludge, or worse flowing into the rivers, aquifers and streams that make it toxic for those who would otherwise swim or fish in those waters.  The wild life that they would hunt, to feed their families, becomes sickly, scarce and unhealthy.

They have to rely on government handouts to live (most do) because unemployment is dependent on nepotism/favoritism and unemployment is 50-80% on reservations.

Without a car and without property as collateral, there is nowhere for anyone caught in that cycle, to go.

Education is pathetic. Kids are hungry, abused, acting out in classes. Teachers either don’t care or the ones that do are quickly put in their place so they can change nothing.

Some kids do manage to get an education and to escape the cycle… but that violence will always be in them, waiting to bloom. It affects their employment, social interactions and relationships. 

Corruption, abuse, and the systematic support for those who create the violence upon the community, and the level of injustice that is rampant on the rez, breeds futility into the hearts and minds of everyone that lives there.

Those who work at jobs outside of the rez have to put up with the racism that comes from a general public that was never, for all our generations existing on this land, taught ‘True History’.  The Indian is assumed to be lesser qualified, lesser able, and somehow, a ‘token’ employee in many cases.

People feel free to use racist terms talking to or about Indians.  The fact that our history has been taught so wrongly for so longly (sorry, had to) has created an even greater chasm between “us and them”. 

So, it is easy to think that they ‘choose’ addictions, alcoholism, violence. WE have choices and we don’t live that way because we made ‘good’ or ‘right’ choices.  Clearly, they made all the ‘wrong’ choices.

Listen up, Buttercup, you are not looking at people who made the wrong choices, you are looking at people who have suffered generational PTSD, lateral violence and a system so corrupt it will stun you when you actually look into it, and worse when you see who is behind it.

Yes, those who are violent and commit crimes need to be locked up. We have failed them and there is nothing more we can do. But if you ask me, we are locking up all the wrong Indians.  The ones we need to lock up first and for the longest should be those who have created the violence, perpetuated the violence, profited from the violence and corruption.  And along with them, their accessories: Every Senator, Representative, Attorney General, State Attorney General, Sheriff, Agency Head who has covered up their crimes… all of them who have conspired to silence the victims need to be arrested and charged with crimes ranging from abuse and corruption to rape and conspiracy to Human Trafficking…

When we see the violence erupt, individuals committing crimes and getting busted, we blame them individually for their violence. But seriously, it’s been a collective endeavor, from the time they were babies. Hardly seems ‘fair’ does it?

When you start locking up the REAL BAD GUYS, the rez will begin to heal.

But as long as all that is being done is files shredded to cover crimes against children, and more money thrown directly into the pockets of those who create, perpetuate and profit from the crimes, it will only continue to get worse.

The rez has a lot of violence. A lot of lateral violence, and it has to be brought out and dealt with, and that means that the root causes have to be made known.  The shame should not be upon those who inherit the legacy of violence, but in those who protect the offenders, the worst of which are the wealthiest, the most politically powerful and the system they have designed which gives the victims no options and no healthy ways to cope with the pain they have witnessed and endured.

The violence you see today, the mug shot on the TV or in the newspaper, is the Bad Guy, but not the Worst Bad Guy. They are only the outcome of a system built on violence, sustained by corruption and injustice.

The more Justice, the less violence; That simple.

End the violence.

You know where to find me.




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August 10, 2015  --- Printer Version (7)
Solving ONE of the Great Mysteries

Follow the Bouncing Ball and shout out when you realize the picture you are looking at has been under our noses for decades.

The incompetent and unqualified ruling over the qualified.  The sheer lack of integrity or even a moral compass in those appointed to head the top agencies of this nation, have, after decades, now generations, yielded more grief, more violence and more horror by their unwillingness to regard the victims as Human Beings, and the predators as monsters. 

A cycle of abusers being able to count on those at the tops of the food chains, to support and protect them from people such as Thomas Sullivan and his integrity and decency.  They have moved all their agency powers to stop Sullivan from doing his job, from filing reports of abuse, or from speaking to anyone in any agency or government office, whose job it is to act upon those reports.

Those who would rather just look surprised and ‘shaken’, or even ‘outraged’ when the horrors of child abuses surface because some journalist did their job and reported that the child who died at the hands of his or her abusers, had been reported multiple times, in the most urgent of terms… and nothing was done.

People like Timothy Purdon when he was USAG in ND wanted to be able to say he had never seen the reports so ‘not my fault’.  But he couldn’t, because Sullivan filed reports directly to him and directly to the heads of the agencies who should have been protecting the children by acting on the reports.

Purdon lied to media saying he had read and investigated all the reports and they were false… of course, that was messy because children mentioned in those reports ended up murdered or again, surfacing as a scandal of abuse, months later… So, they just gagged Thomas Sullivan and continue to harass him at his job with tactics straight out of  “Mean Girls” and “Poison Ivy”… They conspire with his supervisors to make sure they never have to be held accountable by anyone, and to do that, they had to stop him from doing his job and filing reports. 

They are the most incompetent, the most unqualified and they have the most power. Which is why these abuses continue and get worse. Which is why, instead of protecting children, they continue to protect the abusers and hope they don’t make the news, and no public scandal breaks out that could expose them all.  The ACF and the BIA are now championing changes to ICWA that would allow Tribal Courts to expunge/erase criminal histories from those who would want to access those children and the funds that go along with them.

What is the point of background checks if the felonies are erased?” one reader asked.

Instead of making it so certain crimes in the past don’t count, whatever that would be no one knows because they want to be able to expunge at will, for some reason.

Having felonies expunged, removed from your record means that no search by any employer, on or off the rez, would have a clue if you were the violent type, a fraudster, a child rapist, a sexual offender, a thief… or worse. But that is what they are pushing for.

Back to the solution to the ‘mystery’ that seems to elude all of these agencies and the media who is supposed to inform us of where our government is failing us and how…

Step One: Victims seek rescue, protection and Justice. Failing to achieve any of those, after awhile, the children quit trusting that anyone that is supposed to protect them ever will.

Step Two: Victims seek escape. After years of enduring the abuses and having no physical escape, they seek other escapes: mentally, emotionally shutting down; going numb to the abuses, the violence and the indignities.

Step Three:  They seek to survive. They hold out hope, they disclose, speak out… teachers, social workers take reports. They have hope. But then those reports go nowhere. Police and other authority figures ignore or mock their telling.  Some are threatened. In some cases, those they report to become abusers by joining in with the abusers and taking the abuser’s side against the victim.

Step Four:  This is why some children, as young as three, attempt suicide. Many as young as Five, succeed. Those they leave behind, siblings and friends who also endure violence and abuse, feel abandoned and they too, move towards suicide.

The authorities are then ‘mystified’ that there are a rash of suicides. They act like they don’t know where it comes from.  This is where clusters of suicides come from. Kids don’t take their own lives unless they feel completely without hope, completely abandoned by those around them and by those who were supposed to protect them but turned their backs on them.

Now you know where that “Mystery” comes from: How it starts, the dynamic that makes it inevitable.  Now you know what you have to do to make it stop. How to prevent it in the first place.

Or, you can shrug your shoulders and continue in the dim shadows of excuses and empty rhetoric spewed out by those incompetent, unqualified at the top of that food chain that is sucking our children down that deep, dark hole, while they play games to see if they can undermine and discourage anyone who tries to do their job.  You know Marrianne McMullen and her Flying Monkeys are high-fiving themselves every time they harass and threaten Thomas Sullivan.  These dead children should be hung around their necks as ‘charms’.  Little trophies to their incompetence and their vile sense of political power plays.


One Mystery Down, Here’s another one

Those who survive past childhood without rescue, without protection and without Justice, continue down the only other dark paths open to them:

Step Five: They have shut down every part of them that ever connected to anything decent, or connected to other Human Beings. They seek escape from their Hells in belonging. They seek Belonging. They have the need, despite it all, to connect to others in order to feel worthy of anything in this life.  They pick destructive friendships and destructive relationships. They pick risky lifestyles… as if there was ever a choice open to them that had not been beaten out of them, raped out of them, when they were young.

If any of these fragile but violent connections fails, for any reason, they become more lost than before and again, seek escape in drugs, alcohol, violence, suicide…

The kids and young adults who act out this way do not even have to have been abused themselves, but to have witnessed unspeakable abuses to others, when they were younger.  They blame themselves for not being able to protect their mother, or their siblings from abusers and horrific acts of indignities.  Witnessing abuse is just as damaging as being abused.  The feelings are the same: Hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness.  Seeking rescue goes nowhere. Seeking protection yields only more abuse. Justice does not exist.

Step Six: The reactions to abuse are destructive behaviors. Destructive behaviors lead to inappropriate reactions to common events such as death or the break up of a relationship. The methods of escape: drugs, alcohol, violence, risky behavior, lead to shame and even more self-loathing, lack of self worth, sense of not belonging.

The cycle continues. By now, there are generally more children involved. The legacy continues. The abusers continue to be publicly praised and secretly protected.  Nowhere up the chain of authority or agencies, is anyone ever held accountable for their failure to act on the reports of child abuse.  A social worker will, from time to time, be thrown under the bus, but the supervisors who edited the reports to minimize the urgency and dismiss the dangers, are never named and shamed; never blamed or held accountable. They rise through the ranks.  They never rock the boat. They know how to protect the system and the system rewards them, repeatedly.

Meanwhile, children are dying, youth are growing up drug addicted, violent, or in cycles of degradation and violence against them from which they can never escape.

Once in awhile, a “thug” will pull a strong arm robbery, and go to prison. He or she will be told that ‘they made all the wrong choices in life’, and how it’s all their fault.

Our society becomes more dangerous, more unbalanced, more violent and more hopeless.  It never touches us until it touches us and then it is as if it dropped out of the sky and landed upon us, with no clue and no seeking of where it all went wrong and who could have, when they were just children needing protection, rescue and justice, could have prevented the future that is our present nightmare.

You and I, we go about our lives, exhausted at the end of the day, and looking forward to the weekends, where many of us work yet a second or third job, just to make ends meet. We’re the lucky ones.

We are also the most easily targeted by those who’ve lost their way.  Those who caused these problems are too far removed, traveling in political circles far out of the reach of commoners such as we are, to be sought out and tracked down and the violence visited upon them.

They live in gated communities, and they vacay in foreign lands where they are served like gods by people who will grovel for a tip for bringing a drink down some hot sandy beach, to their umbrella.

You and I pay the price. You and I are the logical, easy to access targets of anger, built layer upon layer, generation after generation, of abuse, hopelessness, helplessness… all leading to rage with nowhere to go, until it finds somewhere to go, and some horrific crime is committed and we are sure that it was… it could only be perpetrated by someone less than Human.

Example: Lynden GreyBear is serving time in prison for the horrific crime of beating up very children he was related to; locking them in a room with only an air mattress, and then setting the place ablaze.  To be sure that the Fire Department would not be able to get to them in time, he went down the street and set another building on fire, figuring they would stop there and those babies he beat up would burn to death.

I know Lynden GreyBear. I know his parents, his grandparents and his relatives. He was an extremely talented artist. He was kind. But he was also living with his grandparents because, as they told me, “His mother was horribly abusing him.” They seemed shocked and unable to figure out why their daughter would be so abusive to her first-born child.  They never bothered to figure it out. They never looked. They just took him and raised him in their home.

Their sons, his uncles, are also alcoholic, drug users and rapists.  Gee, I wonder where Lynden went wrong?

One of his rapist brothers is also a Tribal Police Officer, a “special agent” with the BIA. (No one knows what that is or why he has that title). At one point, one of his other uncles was also a tribal cop, but was too drunk to show up for work and ended up getting fired.

His Grandfather was also a Tribal Police Chief, but he seemed to never be able to figure out any of the crimes committed right under his nose.  It was as if they were invisible. He could not figure any of them out. He was too close to those committing the crimes.

He knew James Yankton, Jr. was beating up people in the jail, but he didn’t think it was a problem. He heard stories of James raping women in his police car, but he disregarded them.  How could someone who wore a badge, same badge as him, be a ‘bad guy’? To him, it never made sense.

That was Melvin GreyBear, and he was my friend. But he was also blind on so many levels.  I think that emotionally, he just could not cope with what confronted him.

He was the one who didn’t buy the horrific murder of Eddie Peltier as a “hit and run”, and he wrote “Homicide” on the death certificate.  He had no idea that the murderer was sitting right next to him in the office. It took him years to see it.  When he did start investigating and looking in that direction (after countless witnesses told the same story about what they saw and heard that night at Celeste Herman’s house, where Eddie was beaten to death) it ended his career. The system turned on him. His youngest son was framed for the murder just to get him off the case and to take away his badge, preventing him from investigating.

He was always puzzled as to why the FBI ‘couldn’t see’ it.  Later, and it was years later, he realized they were part of the cover up.  James had bought the drunken FBI Agent, Spencer Helleckson, with all the forbidden fruits being assigned to the rez can bring to a man of his low character: Booze, underage sex, all the kiddie porn he could handle… and if Spencer Helleckson did not protect James and his family, the proof of his debauchery, his criminal sexual encounters, would all be laid bare.

Polaroids were big back in those days. The FBI has never fired anyone, and this level of scandal would open up a whole Pandora’s Box of scandals on all the reservations, so they gladly joined in on framing the innocent to protect the guilty, who could offer them, among other things, forbidden fruits of drugs, underage sex, gambling… without any fear of ever being exposed. They all ‘scratched each other’s itch’, and no one would rock that boat.

You might say that the abuse of children, and the protection of the abusers on that rez, is where the real power resides. It lead to Eddie’s murderers staying far from the investigation, even allowing James to do the investigating, the beating and the intimidation of witnesses, and those forced to perjure themselves.  You wonder why Judge Benson was so clearly biased in his courtroom? To the point where he ruled for and against an objection at the same time? (among other bizarre behaviors). It was because the laws did not apply to those who had that inside pull. 

Frankly, it would not surprise me to learn that Benson also partook in forbidden fruits. His character was wretched.  Lynn Crooks was just a power hungry, fame-seeking lazy bastard of a USAG who had the FBI and others do the dirty work of physically beating up, raping, and intimidating witnesses… so they would tell the story he wanted to hear, so he could get the conviction and be able to say later, when confronted with facts that contradicted testimonies: “I did not know that.” And to him, if it was any kind of a lie coming out of the mouth of someone who had both arms in slings, several broken ribs and their eyes blackened from beatings, it was just him ‘getting to the truth’.  Once it’s said in court, the real truth never mattered to him. In fact, it annoyed him.

Allowing the abuse of children to go on and allowing those agencies who are supposed to be protecting them finding ways to protect the abusers instead, lead to all kinds of horrors in this world. 

Abusing Children gives power to the abusers and those who protect them.

It leaves the rest of us, targets.

Lynden GreyBear didn’t just suddenly become abusive.  It was done to him. He was never healed. The anger never went away. It grew inside him until one day he snapped and his victims were children. Those children were the same age he was when he was being abused. 

Let’s all pretend that this is all a mystery. We have no clue ‘why’ or ‘how’… we only know there are monsters in our midst. Monsters who are time bombs.  Like that cop in Oregon who slaughtered his whole family because … his wife was leaving him… because… he was raping his children…. Because … when he was a child, he was abused for years without rescue, without protection, without Justice. 

And for years, he passed as a Human Being… until he became the monster… the same monster than hurt him, is what he became.

Step 1: Victims seek rescue, protection, justice.

Step 2: Victims seek escape, shut down all emotional, human connections, try to numb out the indignities they suffer while people in agencies supposed to protect them, harass anyone that tries to protect them.

Step 3: Victims seek escape in drugs, alcohol, at-risk behaviors, violence and suicide.

Step 4: The war within where they lose self-worth, cannot cope with the loss of any Human Connections they have made, i.e., romance fails, as it often does, they go deeper into destructive behaviors, more successful suicides.

Step 5: They are unable to parent their own children, hold any relationship stability, mistrust authority, blame society (and with good reason, if you listen, you’ll know).

Step 6: The cycle of violence continues. The legacy of abuse travels brutally through another generation.

And we all see the results playing out on our streets, in our schools, in the news… and we find it is a mystery how anyone could be the way they are.

Well, now you know.

The Anniversary

Eddie Peltier’s murder happened in August of 1983. It has never been investigated because those who profited and prospered from abusing children were able to frame 11 innocent young men for the crime, which they had no connection to.

If not for the forbidden fruits, and Spencer Helleckson being able to wallow in every vile behavior you can think of, would 11 innocent men have ever been sent to prison? Would the FBI, rather than protecting the abusers and their political ladders, instead be protecting the children?

How different would their world and ours look if things really operated the way they are supposed to?

How many children have been abused and how many have been murdered and how many lives have been utterly, tragically cut short, wasted because those in power protect each other?

How many more will suffer without protection, without rescue and without Justice before we demand and hold accountable those at the top of the Food Chain, the heads of these agencies, all of whom are appointed, and all of whom have harassed, threatened and intimidated anyone who dares report child abuse?

How many more children will grow up with that anger which will someday snap and cause them to do horrific things to other Human Beings and to themselves, while we laud and applaud political appointees whose visible records on these matters is clearly abominable?

It’s not like we don’t know. It’s not like we can’t see. It’s more like we are just like them and we want to be able to say: “It’s a mystery,” and “I had no idea.”

Well, mysteries solved.

You know where to find me.








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August 3, 2015
How Was The Pow Wow?
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Could you all get together for a short time and pretend that all the corruption doesn’t exist? Any good speeches? Do tell.

So, how are the Black Road Sundances so far? We’ve had a couple of them up here: People got struck and died last time so the attendance was way down this year.  People up here desperate enough for ceremony that they would attend last time, smart enough to know to stay away this time.  That’s what happens when a rapist runs the Sundance. People get sick. People die.

Don’t let your hunger for ceremony drive you into the darkness and despair of the Black Road Sundances.  You give your power, your energy and your spirit to the dances you attend. And then when you relapse into addiction, depression, or things just get worse and worse, it is because you went down that road, however good your intentions may have been.

Stick with the Pow Wows. You know what they are.

But if you did go to one of Chaske’s Black Road Sundances… tell me, did Kevin do the Kettle Dance again and did he get burned again? Or did he learn from last time?

He’s one of the ones that feeds off of your misery and suffering.  It makes him stronger.

Bad Medicine v Badder Medicine

Weird how his sister got booted off council. She’s been corrupt since Day One, but NLO wanted someone even a more sure bet in her place.  One thing you have to say for Myra, she is far more organized in her criminal dealings than any of the other Tribal Chairs before her.  She & her slimy son, Brian, stole millions from the tribe and yet, she got in again!

I sense there is competing Black Road Medicine at work. Better stand back a few steps so it doesn’t get on you.

Tribal Social Services Still Run By Idiot Directors

Chuck Sanderson

I in my young days did a lot of stupid things.  Okay.  And like other people they

have, too.  But unfortunately some of the -- some folks got caught.  I was lucky, I didn't.  Okay.  But that lingers on in their background check.  We have very good

people that because of one reason or another are disqualified because of background checks.


That’s his intro into the ICWA conversation.  He wants those who have criminal backgrounds to have those criminal records expunged so they can have access to children. See? It’s not about what’s best for the children, it’s about allowing criminals access to them.


He states that when he was young he did some things … and that he didn’t get caught. Now, I’m wondering what those things were and would they have disqualified him from having access to children?


The problem is that the children are NOT SAFE.  Tribal Social Services has had a practice of corruption and child trafficking. There were good homes the children were placed in, some after lengthy hospital stays for injuries sustained from profound abuse or neglect, and those Foster Homes nourished those babies back to health… most of them were not even compensated the amount they were supposed to get for the care of the children. In fact, many of the homes received not a dime from Tribal Social Services. What did Kevin Brownshield and the other Directors do with those funds?  No one knows because no one investigates.


When it became an issue that someone might look into the missing children, the missing funds, Kevin Washburn of the BIA embarked on a mission to destroy all the files of those missing children, and Kevin Brownshield went out and literally, sometimes with only a few hours notice, in the middle of the night, snatched those babies out of the hands of those who had cared for them and protected them, and returned them immediately to the same households that had nearly killed them or had severely abused them.


There were no trials, no hearings, just a round up of babies and no one knows what has happened to any of those children. Because the Files were destroyed, there is no record that those children ever existed. There is no record of their abuse. No record of their neglect. No record…. Tell me again: “Children are Sacred!”.


Now, Sanderson is the new Kevin Brownshield, and he thinks that the criminal records of those who want access to the children should be expunged.  Note that he did not say that the regulations should be loosened so that those with minor criminal histories could be allowed to raise a relative’s children if they passed certain criteria… but rather he wants their records erased.

Erased records would mean that those with any degree of criminal convictions in their past would not show up on any background search, on or OFF the rez, and a convicted rapist could, for instance, be driving your kid’s school bus, or working for a company that comes into your house to make repairs…  That’s the BIA Way: can’t get where you want to go because you have a record? Destroy the files! Destroy the Records! There, problem solved.

The homes these children were ripped away from were the only sanctuary many of these kids had ever experiences.

Marva Tollefson was an amazing Foster Mother.  She is also enrolled and lives on the rez. But the children she cared for, who had suffered unspeakable sexual abuse at the hands of their father, were ripped away from her and forced to live in a home where they are exploited, neglected and abused. Why were they taken from her? Because the Director of Social Services at the time, a man who later had his license suspended (should have been pulled),  Paul Hutchinson, who was angry at Marva because she, at her own expense, hired an attorney to prevent him (Hutchinson) from forcing those children to return to their father, who was, at the time, under an active investigation for child rape.

Hutchinson was furious that she stopped him. So Hutchinson and his cohorts made false accusations against Marva, and had her license pulled, without any proof.

Later, after Hutchinson was fired, and there was no evidence that Marva had done anything wrong, her license was reinstated. (They took their sweet time about it. Pulled it within an hour, but took months after they knew she was cleared, to reinstate it).

Her former foster son ran away from the new abusive foster home he was placed in (again, as retaliation for him testifying against his father to protect his siblings).  One time, he hid in Marva’s backyard, under a box, for 3 days, only coming in because he was hungry and cold. It was November.

Tribal Social Services continued to threaten her if the children kept running away to be with her.

Sanderson has continued that practice. Marva has not been allowed to have those children she rescued and cared for, returned to her, and it’s been years now. 

So, Sanderson, instead of thinking or acting in the best interests of any child, wants to start erasing criminal histories of potential homes so that he can place kids anywhere and no one will know how much danger they are in.

Nowhere To Go

When the BIA, the FBI, the DOJ, HHS, IHS and the local Sheriffs all cover for the abusers and the predators, for reasons political or otherwise, the children have nowhere to turn.

Teachers file reports and the reports are ignored. Reports that should have children removed instantly and investigations started immediately, are routinely ignored.

The kids have nowhere to go.

And when you get teachers like Cory Ploium who is well-known as raping young girls in his class (he teaches 4th & 5th Grade), where do those kids turn? None of the agenices that are supposed to protect them will protect them. They get harassed, threatened and intimidated while the predators bask in the warmth of full agency support.

Cory Ploium used to child hunt at Four Winds school on the rez. He got fired from there, because I guess he got too many little girls pregnant? He immediately went to teach at Oberon Elementary School where his Daddy was the self-appointed principal, and on the Board of Supervisors.  (Cory later falsely claimed he was a Fire Chief of Oberon in the Obituary of Rainy Iris Hill, whom he’d fathered two children and whom he claimed hung herself after a fight with him on New Year’s Eve.  No investigation. He’s one of the ones that’s protected. His word good enough for the local sheriff.

Turns out that in 2009 Cory Ploium was fined a whopping $100 for --- ready for this? Teaching without a license!

A whole $100!  They didn’t even make him return the salary he took under what was clearly fraudulent circumstances.

So, he’s still teaching, I hear.

Rainy is still dead.

So, why would a school hire a man who had no credentials? Remember: It was his dad that hired him.

And the cost of getting ‘caught’?  $100.

What’s your child’s life worth?

Sadly, this system of protecting the predators goes on, on and OFF the rez. In fact, the same people who made it possible on the rez, are busy making it possible all over the land.  Where do you think these horrific stories of tortured and abused babies and dead children come from?

They don’t ‘fall through the cracks’.  They are reported, often dozens of times, and those reports ignored.  It’s been going on for over 30 years, getting worse not better. Why? Because agencies see greater political cache in protecting predators.

They get away with it on the rez, and they get away with it everywhere. If we don’t stop them where they are the most blatant, we allow them even more power.

You know where to find me.




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