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"There are two kinds of Evil in this world: Those who do Evil and those who do nothing about it."~ Cat West


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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not respond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

Update on Richard LaFuente

Richard LaFuente was freed from prison June 5, 2014 with no real explanation. He had been turned down for parole the previous June & was not due until 2016. He has no adjustment services to leap 30 years into the present.

Freedom is only the beginning. He and the others falsely accused with him need to be exonerated, and the real killers and their accomplices, held accountable.


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July 20, 2015
Of Apple Carts & Gatekeepers
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Last week we talked about the very brutal ending to the life of Rainy Iris Hill who had the misfortune of having Corey Ploium for a teacher, and how her life ended on New Year’s Eve right after having a very public fight with him in the Oberon Bar. 

It was well-known before and after he was her teacher, that he was having sex with students. When Four Winds booted him out (and they really can’t afford to be picky so you know it had to be really bad there for them to shove him out the door), he immediately found employment with the Oberon School District, teaching fourth and Fifth Graders… just the age he liked to sexually exploit.

It was easy for him to find employment as a teacher because his father, Kenny Ploium who was the Superintendent of Schools, appointed himself as the Principal of that same school, and hired his son, Corey.

This was great because it gave Corey a whole new crop of very young, very vulnerable little girls to exploit.  Any complaints would go of course, to the principal and he could round-file them and say his investigation showed no evidence… and if that was not satisfactory, complaints would be kicked upstairs to… you guessed it! The Superintendent!

This essentially made Kenny Ploium the “Gatekeeper” to prevent investigations and to block all complaints.  Kids had nowhere to turn and neither did parents.

My blog posted on Monday. Tuesday, Corey & Kenny Ploium made headlines.

So, it is somewhat surprising that the School Board investigated and when Corey was confronted, he simply submitted his resignation… but that did not stop the investigation. And, apparently, neither could Daddy.

The upshot of the investigation by the School Board was enough that they sought a criminal investigation of Corey Ploium and they fired Daddy.

The School Board handed over their information to the “authorities” and that’s when we run into yet another Gatekeeper.  Apparently, the sheriff, whom I am told is one of Corey Ploium’s best friends, is making statements that there is no evidence that Corey Ploium had anything criminal in his conduct.

So, until the Sheriff is also investigated by an outside party who is in no way connected to the child exploitation industry, this case will go nowhere.

Children are not safe in their schools. Investigations get shut down. Predators continue to prey on children with Gatekeepers protecting them from consequences, until we demand investigation of the predators and their Gatekeepers, nothing changes and no child is safe.

Gatekeepers go as far up the line as you can imagine. This kind of evil doesn’t start at the bottom and work its way up the ladder.  Evil starts at the top and is fostered all the way down the line. Otherwise corruption, child exploitation would be stopped with the first round of complaints, and not continue, as it has, for decades.

The examples I gave in previous blogs about the level of corruption in child exploitation in Great Britain extended all the way up to Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet Ministers, MI5 and Scotland Yard.  Everyone that was supposed to be investigating crimes against children were, for political and financial reasons, protecting predators, many of whom were family, friends, political allies or people with whom they also indulged in these crimes.

Remember when adults would come forward and disclose that as children, they were  exploited by famous entertainers, government officials and politicians? People automatically declared them ‘delusional’ and dismissed their statements without investigating.  Sent them for psych evaluations & then dismissed them for receiving psychiatric help. Boy was that a mistake!

It was understandable because all the Gatekeepers: Those running the Social Services programs, Police Captains, Scotland Yard, Members of Parliament, all were, in truth, protecting predators. The claims that had been dismissed, decade after decade, turned out to be true, and ongoing.

Great Britain is now in the process of trying to limit the scandal to those who are already dead, or too old and feeble-minded to suffer any consequences… but it is growing.

Same thing in Australia. Same thing happening there. 60 Minutes doing a piece on it.

You can see how the Gatekeepers keep reports, complaints and investigations from upsetting Apple Carts. That’s what they do. They protect those who could, if they go down, take a whole lot of people with them. 

Conversely, if they are protected, the person that protects them gains an ally, moves up the ladder, essentially prospering from the abuse of the children by protecting the abusers.  They also gain protection for themselves by having those in high places beholden to them or concerned that if they go down, they’ll bring others down with them.

It’s only a matter of time before the USA, like Great Britain and like Australia, have their child exploitation scandals erupt on a national level, with Gatekeepers and predators being exposed in years long exposés, reports and unending scandals that go back in time and up until the present.

You’ll be amazed at how much of it is centered in North Dakota. You’ll be amazed at how many people are involved in the chain of Gatekeepers.

You know that Marrianne McMullen and her crew at ACF will be revealed. They have already revealed themselves in the letters, emails, and memos they’ve put out to harass, threaten, intimidate, bully, and smear the whistleblowers who have only done their jobs in reporting child abuse.

You’ve seen them try to silence those who have evidence and who are doing their jobs. They are not doing this because they are incompetent. They are doing this because they are profiting from the evil and from protecting those who are predators. There is no other reason for them to turn their backs on children.

So, this investigation on Corey & Kenny Ploium is now in the hands of ‘authorities’, and many of those ‘authorities’ are ‘Gatekeepers’, So if we do not demand more, and we let them silence the voices of those who have spoken the truth, without putting up a fight to protect the children and investigate the predators and their Gatekeepers, and start roping them all in; if we just sit silently clucking to ourselves, we are enabling the worst kind of evil and violence to continue upon these children, the same as the children before them, and before them, and worst of all, the children who are walking into that same snake pit.

We will be allowing the cycle of violence an despair to continue to infect and infest our society.  Those who survive these horrors don’t grow up to be well adjusted, productive and hold a high regard for the law or for other citizens. They are angry, they are addicted, they are violent.  They have had all other options stripped from them, when they were just children.

Rainy had expressed to her family and friends that she was afraid of Corey. She was also afraid for her young daughter, Madison. If she went up against Corey she knew she would lose because he could, with the help of his protectors and Gatekeepers, marginalize her and shove her out of her daughter’s life.  She would have no way to protect Madison from Corey and his perversions.

Protecting her daughter was foremost on her mind. A woman like that does not commit suicide and abandon her daughter to the very man she was trying to protect her from.

She could not report him to the Sheriff because he and Corey were friends. I suspect that she had given enough evidence or documents that damned Corey, to the School Board, because it was shortly after her death, they began their investigation into the charges of him having sex with his students.  I could be wrong, but I think she was key to this thing going the way it did, and for Kenny being moved out of play so he could not cover for Corey.

Remember: The students we’re talking about here, are in 4th & 5th Grade.

He could dismiss their disclosures easily enough by only picking on the most vulnerable and then saying they were being molested at home and making it all up about him… that is one of the things he has done in the past, and it worked. Everyone dismisses a child’s story of rape, especially if that child is an Indian Child. So she must have come up with something very powerful and convincing because it got past one Gatekeeper, his daddy, and triggered an investigation, and it brought down Daddy as well as got Corey to resign without cooperating with the investigation.

That fight, that New Year’s Eve night in the Oberon Bar had to be something. It caused her to be killed that night and her death ruled a Suicide by one of the Gatekeepers.  It’s as though she’s reaching out from her grave. 

I don’t think this is over for Corey or for Kenny Ploium. I think there are a lot of Gatekeepers that will have to get involved to try and stop this, and they all take the risk that if they fail, they go down with Corey and his Daddy.


Will those on the School Board who took this investigation seriously and who found enough evidence to hand it over to the authorities, now follow up and make sure that it doesn’t go silent, smothered by Gatekeepers?

Speaking out is the only way any of this ends. Trusting Gatekeepers is how it got as bad as it is for as long as it has.  Vigilance.  The job isn’t done until the predators and their Gatekeepers are all taken down and their apple carts, all their ugly secrets spilled out in the open for all to see, to know and to loathe.

Those who are part of this evil web range from the local exploiter with ties, family or social, financial or political, to those in positions of power and authority. It goes into every agency, every department, from local sheriff, to State and Federal agencies and departments. 

It could not be otherwise, or those 13 Mandated Reports filed by Thomas Sullivan would have been investigated immediately and the children reported in them would have been moved into safety, rather than exploited, tormented and those like Baby Laurynn, murdered weeks before her third birthday because the USAG, ND, Timothy Purdon, refused to investigate a single report, and even went so far as to smear the reputation of Thomas Sullivan who filed the reports.

Even after that sweet little girl was so brutally murdered, he refused to investigate any of the 13 Mandated reports. He has blood on his hands… but he is a Gatekeeper, so he suffers no consequences and walks into an even higher paying job with no blemish on his record. There are some very powerful, political people who now owe him a lot for protecting them from investigation.

No blemish because those in Congress who investigated him and scalded him like a lobster for his lies and allowing children to die so he would not have to investigate, even after all that, there were those on that panel that also needed protecting and now, Purdon also owes someone who was his Gatekeeper, a big favor.

I’m sure it will be paid back, some day, some way. Perhaps when he’s caught with a child himself? Or someone in his life ends up dead and he needs it to be quickly labeled as a suicide? Who knows?

All I know is that the people all the way up the ladder who should have been investigating, who should have been protecting the children, have themselves been hurting the children and protecting the predators.  Just like in Great Britain. Just like in Australia.

Predators can’t exploit our children unless they have Gatekeepers to protect them from the consequences. Gatekeepers gain power by being owed favors and there is no limit.  Everyone is compromised, everyone protects everyone. It starts at the top. It’s protected from the top on down. And that’s where all of this will lead.

Eddie Peltier was brutally murdered back in August 1983. The reason the Turdclan got away with it was because they had Gatekeepers lined up like dominoes. If Hellekson didn’t help cover it up and frame the innocent, his drunken exploits, his behaviors, perhaps his exploitation of young children (boys mostly) would get revealed. And there were others who would have gone down with him if he and they did not work together to cover for the murderous Turdclan and do so by framing 11 Innocent young men who had nothing to do with it.

Hellekson knew how to work USAG Lynn Crooks and other corrupt FBI agents, more than willing to beat up people and force them to perjure themselves. They knew how to break arms, rape wives, threaten children to get what they wanted. And they did.  FBI has been corrupt in Indian Country since Day One. Indian Country is where the FBI dumps it’s most corrupt, it’s most incompetent. It’s the dumpster for the Justice Department.

It doesn’t end with drug dealing, embezzlement of millions of dollars, and murder. It starts with Child Exploitation, rape, trafficking and it goes in all directions from there. It goes all the way up the line. We know it goes up to the top of all the Federal Agencies that are supposed to be investigating but choose instead to harass and threaten the whistleblowers.

We know the FBI won’t investigate. We know the USAG’s in most if not all the states, are corrupt when it comes to child exploitation.

Just like in Great Britain, when Scotland Yard covered up the crimes of those in High Places, they ended up having to cover up the crimes in low places because some of those in those low places were procuring children for those in the upper levels.

MI5 was even involved! Their top spy agency!

Because you see, the higher you go, the less the laws of the land can touch you because beneath you are people who owe you and who want you to owe them. Gatekeepers. Just like those above you, who owe you, for the same reasons.

The public has to engage and stay engaged. We have to demand more of our media than the political sideshow distractions. We have to demand more of our media than the celebrities behaving badly stories.

Media has to do its job and report on government. Media is the only Gatekeeper we have, and for the most part, they have failed us. Failed by not digging deeper and not going further into stories. Failed by not asking follow-up questions.

Now, we’ll see how far they take Corey Ploium’s story. We’ll see if they accept his Gatekeeper’s version of things, or if they demand proof.

We’ll see.

I’ll have faith in the system when the system brings down ACF’s top idiot, Marrianne McMullen. I’ll have faith in the system when Kevin Washburn and his cronies are investigated for destroying thousands of files of children who have been exploited, sold, abused.

When all Thirteen Mandated Reports are investigated and those who blocked the investigations indicted. Then. Maybe then

Until then, nothing stops.

You know where to find me.




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July 13, 2015
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For those who remember, Iris Rainy Hill was murdered a year ago on July 11, 2014. Her child molester boyfriend, Correy Piloum.  She had a child by Correy, and they got into a big fight at the Oberon Bar that night. It was a vicious fight. Quickly the local sheriff and the coroner went along with the ruling that she suicided.  I don’t think she did. She had babies to raise. She was a devoted mother. I think she had some dirt on Correy and she was ready to not just leave him, but to out him, and he knew it.

“Unsolved” deaths are a convenient solution on the rez for just about anything that ailes thos in power and those close to them. Correy, even after being caught seducing 8th grade girls, some even younger, was always allowed to teach in the classroom.  Good Teachers, or teachers willing to work on the rez, can’t be that hard to find, but apparently, for those with the appetite, access to young girls who have no avenue of reporting rapes by older men who are well connected to the powerful, not just in the tribes but those other powerful, politically connected who are attached to each other, one another, by their own crimes of lust, greed and worse. 

Dominoes. It’s Not Pizza, It’s What They Fear

There has to be something that keeps a USAG from investigating the rapes on Spirit Lake Reservation.  Hundreds of child rapes are reported every year, and yet, Timothy Purdon not only didn’t investigate any of them, he declared that a young girl who was raped on her thirteenth birthday by her mother’s 38-year old boyfriend, ‘wanted it’.

No, wait, that’s what the rapist said, and that was good enough for Timothy Purdon who declared that “there’s two sides to every rape story,” even when the victim just a few hours earlier, turned 13 and the rapist was 38.

Purdon wouldn’t investigate any of the rapes, and he would not investigate any of the murders if there was any chance that it could lead back to someone connected to someone who was connected to him. Dominoes.

Simple Rules

Even when the rapist gave the girl a disease.  Still, he never investigated.  Do you really think he would investigate the rape of a child who was claiming to be raped by a nice, upstanding (pun intended) teacher?  The pregnancies that resulted, well of course, why bother?  Don’t investigate rapes and later, don’t investigate the murders connected to those rapists. Simple rules.

The BIA, same BIA that shredded the files of abused children for 5 weeks straight to destroy reports and evidence of child rape, child trafficking and corruption, that same BIA and the Tribal Courts that hold Tribal Judges at the pleasure of the Tribal Chairman, removed the girl, but sent her to an institution, and did absolutely nothing to the rapist--- who just happens to be a member of the Turdclan, and the Turdclan is very well-connected to all the right people, especially those at the Federal Level, who not only helped them cover up the murder of Eddie Peltier, but to frame the 11 Innocent men who had nothing whatsoever to do with the murder, and most of them had nothing to do with each other.

Connections: No Web Can Exist Without Them

Those vile, evil connections that hold that web of power together, hold those it protects forever in its debt. You get nowhere in politics unless you agree to protect those who are connected.  Agree, and you get anything you want: Money, power, political office, judicial appointments, permanent government positions… and you stay connected by those sticky, stinking silken threads, visible only to them, and those who know them.

Other politicians, other elected officials, other people just doing their jobs, have to fight and claw their way in a system stacked against them, and against us all, and they seldom stay in those positions for very long… only until someone more connected, wants it.  Then it all goes very smoothly, and none of us on the outside of that system ever sees it for what it is.

We don’t see it, that is, unless we have been connecting those dots for a very long time. Then it all becomes too clear.

Then all the seemingly bizarre details start to form a picture, the same picture, with the same players, over and over again. Coming into focus?

Looking Under Rocks

It doesn’t make sense that all the witnesses who told about Eddie’s murder were beaten, brutally, and forced to stay silent or to change their story, or to perjure themselves in sworn statements and court testimony, all to protect the real murderers, until you look under that rock and see what’s really there.

You don’t want to believe that much corruption exists, but then you see it again, when you see USAG for ND, one after the other, not just hide evidence, but orchestrate the harassment and intimidation, threats and abuse of those who know and speak the truth. You see it?

Motivating Factors

There are billions of our tax dollars that go into Indian Country, every year. Even more comes out in unaudited businesses, money laundering, and the proceeds from resource extraction, not carefully watched over, as you can tell by the pipeline leaks the media never mentions (about 10 a month, and none of them cleaned up to where the land or the water they damaged is clean again), and the trains that ‘explode’ ruining whole towns, killing citizens who were unsuspecting of the disregard for their safety, or the cost to the communities who always pay the biggest share of the damages… because the very, very wealthy who control our government, control the regulations that are weakened to the point of pointless exercise… and we think it’s all unrelated.

One Definition of Stupid Is someone who sees the same things happening over and over again and is surprised every time, but changes nothing.

And then you realize that the biggest child molesters are connected to the biggest businesses, the most violent and politically connected people, and that the reach goes up, and up, and up, into the halls of political appointees who are owed favors, and who owe favors; to very wealthy people and to other people who cover for them, and to other politicians/political appointees, owing and owed. Money, corruption, and getting away with it all depends on no one allowing any of the dominoes to fall.

If a domino is going to fall it must be isolated by any means possible so that it won’t fall on any other dominoes because once that chain reaction starts, it’s impossible to stop. Which is why, when Steven Bruce Cartier was caught with the biggest stash & cache of child rape images in the world (at that time, more than 1 Million images), no one connected to him was investigated. He became an isolated crime spree unto himself, despite working with several registered sex offenders on the rez alone… no one else was ever investigated. Isolated. Touch no other domino. Everyone safe.

Looking at it with that in mind, does it make sense that they decided without investigating anyone he was connected to that he was not connected to any other pedophiles on the rez? Even though many of the child rape movies were of children from the rez?


So, no one will upset that apple cart by investigating the suspicious death of a woman who had two or more children by her 8th grade teacher,  a man who never gets fired for sexually exploiting his students, and who never ever goes to jail for child rape, regardless of how many victims. 

And because that goes on, and murderers get away with murder and with framing 11 innocent men; and because a girl gets raped on her 13th birthday, all without investigation, all neatly swept under some pile of non-response, that darkness in the heart of this nation continues to poison those who have no voice, who are not listened to, and who are under constant corruption, but also it poisons the rest of us.  It poisons us because it is the cancer that eats away at our system, making Justice impossible. Cancer keeps our bodies from healing, and turns our immune system against us, protecting the cancer at our expense.

Justice impossible for Eddie Peltier. Impossible for the 11 Innocent men. Impossible for the victims of rape. Impossible for the victims of child trafficking. Impossible for those who dare to do their jobs, of reporting what is wrong, what is illegal and what is corrupt, and who are shut down, shoved aside, smeared and discredited, harassed and threatened; intimidated, attacked… you name it.

Once you connect the dots that the people who are doing the right thing, at every turn are set upon by the dogs of corruption and abuse, you realize it is because they are a threat to that web of evil and corruption. All those dots are connected.  All those connections come into focus and create a very ugly picture that we need to look at and see clearly if we are going to save ourselves, save our children, have a cleaner, safer future.

That evil goes deeper than just the rez. It goes deeper than just local, county, state and federal government, it goes to the very soul, the spirit of our nation because those who partake in that evil, rule over all of us.  The Cancer rules the system that hosts it.

The Cure Resides In First Defining The Sickness

Those who refuse to be silent are seen as a threat. Those who remain silent are seen as a potential threat. Only those who partake of those evils: The corruption, the rape, the profits from drugs, and the profits from the destruction of not just our lands and government, but our Justice System, the one thing we all thought was there for us; Only those who partake are safe because they have so much more to lose if they talk.

That broken Justice, where those who are victims are not allowed access and those who survive but are not allowed to thrive, but rather are shoved, broken and battered, into all nine levels of hell: poverty, violence, addiction, abuse, desperation, share this society with us.

They are assumed condemned. They are assumed to have made bad choices, by those who know nothing of the choices they had stripped away from them, like shabby clothing, by those who robbed them when they were just babies.

To break the cycle of abuse, addiction, violence, which creates disease of mind, body and spirit, we have to fight for Justice.

We have to stand with those who are standing up to this evil. We have to do it for those for whom there is no more time, and for those who need to, at some point in their lives, whatever their lives are at this point, however hopeless, know that someone cared enough to fight for them and never gave up, despite the forces of evil that were moved against them.

We have to stand and fight with those who are standing up and fighting so that those children who are still children, still alive, still able to find refuge and repair if we win, will grow into a life that allows them to share their gifts with the world, and to be self-reliant, productive Human Beings, capable of raising their children without violence or abuse, neglect or worse.

Imagine that world. Imagine that future. It is what we are entitled to. It is what we should have.  It is the very least we want our children to have: A future with less violence.

That will only come if there is more Justice and we can’t have any Justice unless we demand the truth and know the truth when we see it and hear it.

If we know the truth, we know the lies.  We need to demand the truth and hold the liars accountable.

The Medicine Contained In 13

We can start with demanding that the 13 Mandated Reports be investigated and those results scrutinized by a Justice System that will hold accountable not only those who have been raping and trafficking those children, but those who profited from it and those who aided, abetted and those who, in positions of authority, ignored them.

Those 13 Mandated Reports must be connected to some very powerful, very evil people in very powerful positions, or someone with as much authority and a legal obligation to investigate, such as Timothy Purdon during his tenure as USAG ND, was so fearful of that he violated every rule, law and statute to not investigate them.

He was so afraid that he openly lied. Lied about investigating the reports and lied about Thomas Sullivan’s character and integrity, saying all the reports were false.

Something about those reports could possibly bring down a whole lot of people, a big portion of that evil and the webwork that keeps it so tightly woven together.  

Otherwise, why would a man who pretends to be such a hero to Indian Country refuse to investigate the most blatant cases of child rape on Spirit Lake?

There is no answer that will survive the Truth Test, save one: Purdon was protecting some very powerful people, people in very high places that either control his career or have something on him that controls his life. Only a man afraid of losing everything would sell his soul and allow child rapists, child traffickers and predators go free while institutionalizing, discrediting, blaming their victims.  Give me another reason. You can’t. There is none.

Once you see that, you realize you are seeing, some of you for the very first time, a tiny portion of that web, and who it connects to, and who is stuck to it. You begin to see more and more of it. Each line connects to other lines, hubs and connections. Some darker, some bigger, some very, very small.

Once you start to see it, the lies fall away, and you can see more and more of it. You see who has profited from allowing child rapists and traffickers to thrive.  You see that Tim Purdon, after being scalded in a Congressional Hearing, was allowed to keep profiting. He had to leave his job, but he gets to keep his license to practice law and he intends to use it to defend (the very powerful) in Indian Country who are accused of crimes. He immediately went to work for a very prestigious law firm, and they love his connections. He is a value to them. Profit. Protection. Who knows what else?

He can do that. You see, he knows others connected to that web, and they owe him to stay silent, and they owe him to help him defeat Justice for the Victims. And they pay well. They pay very, very well.  I guarantee that his clients won’t be rape victims.

So, all he lost was the prestige of being USAG, but he is still connected to the webwork that connects it to all those vital organs of our Justice System, and to all the systems that tie into that, and which, because we are all tied into the system, affect us all.

We are all related. We are all Connected. We must, if we are to save ourselves, do the work of helping those who are fighting to save the children in that one dark spot on the map.  That one dark spot where the most courageous, most decent, most overwhelmed people are fighting for Justice.

We cannot let that web of corruption and evil wrap them up and feed off of them until they are pale and empty of life. We must attack that web. We know it is attacking us.

Justice is our only way back to being civilized and having a more secure world. Justice is the only way we can keep the promises we breathed into the minds of our sleeping children when they were just babies, new to us, and to this world.  

Promises To Keep

Remember when you first held your child? Remember how they made the world all bright and new for you? Remember the promises you made to make their life beautiful?

It’s time to keep those promises to your children by keeping the promises to all children. You do that by demanding Justice for the children of Spirit Lake. You do that by accepting nothing less than the truth from those who have been lying to you.

Whatever it was that Betty Jo Krenz set in motion by speaking up in the face of the evil, it severely threatened that web of evil. It has not stopped attacking her. It has not stopped attacking Thomas Sullivan.

The corrupt attack because they are afraid. They are afraid of only one thing: The Truth. They don’t want you to see it and they don’t want you to hear it and they don’t want you to believe it. If you do, it will be their undoing.

Once you see that, it becomes more and more clear, all that has pushed against people like Betty Jo and against Thomas Sullivan is afraid of them, and those like them. From the small time classroom rapists, to the top dogs in the most powerful offices of our country, there is fear that someone doing their job the right way, can bring them down, shred their massive web of corruption and influence and end the darkness that has protected them until now.

This evil could not thrive without the corrupt, and they cannot survive without it. It’s the anniversary of another dead Indian Woman, who as a child was viciously exploited by those in positions of authority. The one who raped her and those who did nothing about it.

And now, those scared people who rely on that web of mutual protection are desperate to reinforce their power and authority by denying Indian Children the same rights and protections of other children. They also want to silence any child that dares to speak up, by creating a law that would make them subjects of any tribe of their exploiter’s choosing, regardless of documentation, bloodline, enrollment.

If you want to silence someone, make them an Indian. Then you can take away all their rights, protections, hope and future.


Do you really think that web that connects the most evil won’t touch you or those you love and care for? Do you really think they care about children?  Our future resides in the lives of those they abuse.

Their profits and their power derive from the children they abuse and the children they allow to be abused, who will only grow into adults with ‘issues’ that will ‘discredit’ them before they can even tell their story. Doesn’t matter. No one wants to listen. If we did, we’d know it was the Truth and we’d know we have to do something. 

By not listening, not hearing, we too protect the predators and that web of corruption.  If you do listen, it will touch you.

Their stories will break your heart and make you angrier than you have ever been before. But they are the ones who will be arrested, taken to jail when they become violent, addicted, or they start touching…

Smells Like Desperation, Reads Like Corruption

The Corrupt have spent millions to craft a law so badly written that it defies basic Constitutional Rights of children and makes them the jurisdiction of Tribal Courts at any time in their life, even if you adopted them years ago, and if they have never been enrolled, nor their parents enrolled in any tribe, they can be taken from you. That’s how the law is written.

And to be sure they can protect the predators who want to have possession of those children, they have put in a few lines about expunging the criminal records of those who live on the rez who want to adopt or foster children. 

People like Clifford Littlewind, a registered sex offender, a convicted rapist, who had as many as 8 different children under the age of 8 residing in his home, and for whom he also collected monthly checks… who was not legally allowed to be around children, had them living with him. This new law crafted by Kevin Washburn and his friends at ACF, and of course Casey Family Programs, along with the encouragement of Heidi Heitkamp who approved of every measure in that illegally constructed ‘law’ by okaying without congressional vote, ‘rule changes’ that essentially made the children property of the tribe, any tribe that wants to claim them, and no parent could determine where their child was homed, regardless…

People like Clifford Littlewind would have his convictions ‘erased’ and he could have all the little children he wanted, without fear that some do-gooder would report him and that there would be any way those children could be removed from him.

He would have more rights than would those children. Whom does this law ‘protect’?

Nowhere in Heidi Heitkamp’s $4 Million “study” does she even mention “investigations” into the crimes being committed against those children.  She doesn’t want investigations. She wants the laws changed so there can be no investigations.

Without investigations, the Truth cannot bring Justice. The Truth cannot come out without investigations.

In Justice There Will Be Healing

Without Justice or any hope of Justice, what kind of community, society do you think will result?

Investigations can lead to Justice. Justice is the only antidote to the Evil that has demanded and received immunity from all consequences. Justice does more to heal poverty than all the money you can throw at the corrupt to make them stop being corrupt. 

All this twitching and retching by those who should have, long ago, investigated every case of rape out there, including those girls like Iris Hill in her elementary school classroom, is because they don’t want investigations.  They don’t want the Truth coming out.

Whatever Iris had that she was going to expose went silent when she was killed and those who fear one investigation would lead to another and another and another, ruled it a ‘suicide’, based on the word of the man she had been fighting with; made sure of that.

The same people don’t want those 13 Mandated Reports investigated because they will surely lead to another, and another and another investigation… that old “Dominoes Falling” feeling that grinds in the pits of the stomachs of men such as Purdon, who fear that even though he slipped away from Justice this time, he may not the next time… There’s a lot of people, some whose names you know, more whose names you don’t yet know, want to prevent investigations.

Lies only protect Evil. The only thing we can do is all of us demand investigations, demand the truth, and settle for nothing less.  When you hear the Truth, demand Justice.  Stand by those, stand WITH those fighting for Justice.  Give no rest, no peace to those who would deny Justice to the children.

Our children and their children’s future depend on it.

Never quit.

You know where to find me.





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July 6, 2015
Not An Accident
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Joe Charbonneau’s death still a ‘mystery’ around the rez. How he ended up with four bullets in his back and the back of his head belies the standard excuse “I feared for my life” that cops across the country use to justify murdering mostly unarmed people of color. 

Joe was shot by Terry Morgan, and Terry is, just like his uncle was, a BIA Cop and a member in good standing of the Turdclan. They know how to get away with murder. The FBI also not afraid to hide or manufacture evidence to excuse those killings (there have been several before and since the Murder of Eddie Peltier), in order to get away with it. 

Typically, they find someone to blame & frame, most times someone who was nowhere near the scene of the crime.

Not sure how it went down between Joe and Terry, but the people in the house where Joe ended up under a blanket, his blood spreading through the fabric and onto the floor, and a gun placed under that blanket with him.  The staging of that scene is reminiscent of other staged scenes, where the intention is to tell one story, but gives away the fact that it is staged, therefore, the story it tells, very different than the one intended.

Terry still won’t give a statement and the BIA acts as if no killing happened. Let’s just all forget it, ok? Nothing to see here. Until the next murder, and the next… this time, too many witnesses. Intimidation may or may not stick. We have the internet now.

Also Not An Accident

You are all familiar with the story of how Betty Jo Krenz was fired, threatened and harassed; intimidated and smeared by every agency from Tribal Social Services where she blew the whistle on child abuse, corruption and child trafficking at the government level.  You may think it has only happened once and that it could only happen in Indian Country because, well, “it’s complicated”.

You think when you read or hear about stories where children are viciously murdered while supposedly in the care of Social Services, Tribal, State or County, that it’s a rare thing and that an investigation will make sure that whatever ‘mistakes’ were made won’t happen again and more children won’t have the same horrible fate. I mean, that would be common sense.

But then you learn that for more than ten years, Casey Family Programs (now boasting that they are in the Driver’s Seat of all the Child Protection Agencies in ALL  50 States), conspired with the BIA, FBI, DoJ, HHS to not only put those children in the maximum danger on that rez, but in every State where they dictate policy and procedures, which are defined by the Harvard Study as a “Scam” that takes much needed money from the system (government grants) and which does not only do nothing to protect & keep children safe, but which actually does the opposite because it is based on pure garbage, from it’s inception in the 70’s.  Elizabeth Bartholet does a great job of disassembling the bullshit in that article. I quote it often.

It is the goal of CFP to remove children from Foster Care and keep them in their families, regardless of how abusive those families are. They never keep statistics that show how many children are in abusive homes, and how many children die or are tortured or go ‘missing’ (trafficked), once they are removed from safe homes and put into the dangerous homes.  They only count that children are less and less in Foster Care Homes.

They make it impossible for good Foster Homes to compete with a system that harasses them, threatens them and intimidates them if they try to report abuse or danger or crimes against children, while simultaneously placing children with unvetted or even criminally abusive guardians who, because they are abusers themselves, won’t question any of the actions or lack thereof, which put children in danger. In other words, those bad homes, by virtue of their lack of reporting, make CFP and the CPS agencies ‘look good’. 

In Florida, in 2009 alone, more than 200 children who were forced to either remain or return to abusive adults, were brutally murdered. But they found ways to ‘not count those numbers’, except when then Director of Florida DCF, George Sheldon, counted in the hundreds of dead children in his stats of “lowering the number of children in Foster Homes”.  If the child dies, it’s a win.  (Note: Mr. Sheldon is now head of Illinois DCF/CPS and promises to bring the same ‘success’ to Illinois that he had in Florida).

See: Miami Herald Series: Innocence Lost

Politics pays off. None of those responsible for the horrific policies that literally remove children from safe Foster Homes and places them back into the hands of their abusers, ever misses a paycheck.  Just be a good fundraiser for the party of your choice and it doesn’t matter how many children die, are raped or lives destroyed or taken, you will always have a job and lots of praise from those who appoint you.

Common Sense Need Not Apply

Because media is focused on so many other issues of our time, and because there is always celebrity misbehavior to distract media so they don’t have to give us relevant information, we don’t really know about these things. 

When we do hear about them, we are appalled and repulsed. We cannot believe that our government would deliberately place helpless little children in danger--- but they do.

We blame the Social Workers because they should be making these reports. They ARE making these reports.  The problem is, the way it is structured, the way CFP has mandated reports are processed, and all agencies must follow those rules or forfeit all government funding; The Social Worker turns in the report. That report goes up the ladder to several supervisors who never see that child but who know that investigations cost money and they don’t want to be responsible for the money it costs (promotions are not given to those who cost the agency money, but are to those who ‘save’ the agency money).  So those reports end up being ‘edited’ and watered down so they don’t reflect any real danger or urgency. 

Bumps, bruises, burns, whip marks become “scrapes possibly from playing rough with other children”.  Genital bruising, anal tearing is dismissed as “could possibly be caused by constipation”, etc. 

When the child’s mangled, tortured, broken and scarred body does emerge in a news story, it is the Social Worker who is blamed for failing to protect that child, not the supervisors who found creative ways to ignore the urgency of that and even multiple reports from teachers, neighbors, relatives, witnesses, and Medical Personnel.

Stacked up behind every one of these dead children is a history of ‘closed files’ (after the abuser promises to not abuse the child, the file is automatically closed and cannot be opened again unless there’s several reports indicating additional abuse. Continuing abuse has already been ‘closed’), tens and hundreds of reports of horrific bruising, beating, and disclosures to teachers, babysitters, medical personnel of sexual abuses. 

With all that, and with all the cases identical to that one that preceded it, hundreds of cases in one year, thousands in each decade, in each State alone, they claim that child “Fell Through the Cracks” of an “imperfect system”.  A system that refuses to change because it is powered by billions of our tax dollars going to a private organization that pays no taxes, and which states as its mission, to “cut the number of children in Foster Care in half.” And which moves towards that goal by sacrificing children on the altar of greed and ignorance, cruelty and depravity.

Any Social Worker that dares to do their job, and who uncovers ongoing or continuing abuse or corruption as did Betty Jo Krenz, is seen as a threat to that system and must be threatened, harassed, intimidated, smeared.. and of course, lose their job.

Take the case in Kentucky that just made the news. A Social Worker was told that a child’s case she was working on was given to a new Social Worker and her assignment was relieved (taken away). 

Then she gets calls from the child’s relatives saying that the child is in really bad shape. She attempts to get the new Social Worker to attend to it, but ‘that file has been closed’, and that Social Worker is not available to respond, supervisors are not interested in re opening that case, and she is told that it is not up to her to investigate.

The calls to her (because the new social worker won’t return calls) become more desperate. She goes to see what is going on and finds the child is underfed, dirty, hair in knots, and exhibiting strong symptoms of neglect and abuse.  She attempts to reopen the file.

What happens when a Social Worker does try to protect a child? She’s threatened with termination, insubordination, and if she is fired from that job, we already know the drill, she won’t be able to get a job in the field for which she studied so hard and so long, ever again. They will smear her to prevent her from ever trying to protect another child.

The Social Worker who closed that file? Who refused to return calls? Who refused to reopen an investigation? Their job is secure. They are precisely the kind of worker bee that CFP, therefore the CPS/DFC agencies want. “Don’t make waves. Don’t investigate. Don’t ask questions.”

And you wonder why these children are dying? You wonder why there are so many children on the streets? You wonder why there is so much child trafficking?

Kentucky is not the exception to the Rule, they are the epitome of the Rule that makes it unlikely, even impossible, to protect a child even if that is your job.  Those above you will stop you. If you proceed without their blessing, they will take you down like a load of laundry, snapping you off the line faster than you can grab your phone.

Common Sense would tell us that we want people in place who do care and who do their job and who will go the extra mile to protect the life of a child.  But that does not exist in the system.

There are clearly people in the system who care and who want it to change to where it protects children and makes them safe from abuse and neglect, but those above them, political appointees, dictate that will never happen.

The harassment, threats and intimidation that the Social Worker in Kentucky is experiencing only seems rare because most quietly leave their jobs and move on to other professions. 

But take a look at the non-stop threats, harassment, intimidation and smears leveled at Thomas Sullivan, Director Division VIII in Colorado, by his politically appointed supervisors because he dared to issue the Mandated Reports and Federally Required in the laws governing Children & Families.  He dared to issue the reports and the top down pressure has been criminal, in my opinion. Actually, interfering with a Mandated Report is considered a Federal Offense, but the system is corrupt in all directions so there is nowhere to turn to get the harassment and other violations, investigated, just like there is nowhere to turn to get an abused child case investigated.

If there were, the FBI would not have threatened him nor those who also filed Mandated Reports. They didn’t investigate the reports, they investigated those who made the reports as a tool of intimidation. The 13 Mandated Reports have never, to this day, been investigated.  Remember: Mandated Reports are to be investigated immediately.  It has been years.

The children listed in those reports have continued to suffer. Some have ‘disappeared’ because their records/files were shredded by the BIA (Same BIA that is currently trying to figure out how to cover up Terry Morgan firing 4 shots into the back of a fleeing man). Some of those children have died at the hands of their abusers.

Some of those children, just for spite, were removed from the safety of their nurturing and protective Foster Homes, and placed in homes with active criminals conducting drug dealing, and other crimes.  That is meant as a message, a warning to anyone who wants to keep protecting the children they have: “Make any waves and we remove your children and put them in a place where they suffer and you can do nothing about it.”

If you think Common Sense exists in that system, I can tell you this: There are caring, smart, educated and courageous people fighting to protect those children on the rez and throughout the nation, but they are under siege by politically connected, very powerful people who gain financially and politically by allowing the abuse to continue and children to be destroyed.

If you have the qualifications you can be hired. If you dare to do your job… look out.

It doesn’t matter is you work in Tribal Social Services, any State or County Agency; or if you are a Social Worker or a Director of Division VIII, the system will recoil and snap back on you if you dare to do your job.

Don’t Look Now

It’s happening everywhere because CFP is in all 50 States. Children are not considered a priority, even though they are the foundation upon which all possible futures are built.  The destruction of our children is the destruction of our best possible outcomes in the near future.

We have the longest campaign cycles of any country on the planet.  Politics has become a circus. We see more and more bizarre nonsense become ‘newsworthy’ by the day.

It serves a purpose. It keeps us angry, divided and it loads up the news cycles with repetitions of irrelevant comments that have nothing to do with running a nation, at any level.

Most of all, it keeps us distracted and without media taking child abuse seriously and journalists asking hard questions of those in high places, who always get a pass when the ‘system fails’, just writing down the fluff that is spoken to them without so much as a follow-up question, which in most cases would dismantle the mindless fluff rhetoric, we cannot see how Near and Far, High and Low, Deep and Wide this corruption goes. 

Worst of all, we cannot see the insecurities and threats we have today, come from the neglect of the children who were in danger 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 years ago.

And because we cannot connect the dots of the past to the addictions, violence and hopelessness of the present, we also cannot forecast the logical outcome of more abuse, neglect and corruption on our future and the future our children and grandchildren will have to live in in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 years from now.

So we do nothing.

You know where to find me.





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