Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier
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Roger Yankton

aka "Weenie Boy"

 The Weenie Boy of Ft. Totten

Weenie Boy's Woes

Roger's problems are growing..but it wasn't always that way

To give you some background on this particular murderer, embezzler and wife beater we have to go back to the days when he had it all.

Back then, he ran the HUD Agency for the Rez.  Over the 20 some years he held that position, he had access and free discretion to use, spend, or keep, millions of dollars of government monies that were supposed to go for housing for tribal members. 

Since HUD was one of the most corrupt money agencies the Federal Government ever constructed, it was way too simple for someone as simple minded as Roger Yankton to use these millions of dollars as his own personal piggy bank.

A house here, a house there, easy and generous for his family and friends; difficult and protracted, some homes taking years to clear funding, for those he did not like. 

All the while, taking what he wanted when he wanted.

With his brother, James taking over the entire Tribal Police operation by first murdering Eddie Peltier and then falsely accusing Capt.  Melvin Grey Bear's son of the murder, James was able to effectively move the legitimate Captain of Police out of the picture and put himself in charge.  Of course, Spencer Hellekson, the drunk-as-a-skunk FBI agent  strongly supported the change of leadership, as it put his best friends in all the key positions. 

With James running the BIA, the Yankton boys, their mother and father and their sisters and half-brother (the other half we are not sure of species, but it could be human and is probably inbred), none of them had to fear being arrested for any crimes they committed. 

That gave Roger free reign, indeed, an obligation to raid the HUD Funds with greater speed and less discretion than ever before.  He was generous with those who were generous with him.  Dennis Fisher, Lynn Crooks, Spencer Hellekson, they all benefited from this arrangement.  You didn't expect them to live on their reported incomes, did you?

It is good to note here that Roger never graduated from High School, never could figure out the GED and reads at a 5th grade level, on a good day.  (Hey Weenie Boy!  I see your lips moving!)

None-the-less, he had absolute control over millions of dollars of Federal funds for over 20 years.

A New Cop Makes Life Uncomfortable.. For Awhile

But things began to change a little bit when a new BIA Cop, Chuck Trottier, was transferred from his post in Montana, where to hear him tell it, he was super cop and the crime rate was near non-existent.

Chuck came in all full of enthusiasm for the badge.  He had an instant dislike for the corruption he saw running rampant on the Rez.  He mounted an in-depth investigation into Roger's running of the HUD funds and in a few months he filed 23 counts of embezzlement against Roger and slapped the cuffs on him and carted him off to be arraigned in Federal Court. 

Before he could get the ink dry on his arrest report, Dennis Fisher came flying into court to drop the charges!  Money well spent, Weenie Boy!

But the arrest, regardless of the charges being dropped and the investigation being halted at the highest level, HUD decided Roger had to go.  Shortly after that, Dennis Fisher was arrested 3 separate times for shoplifting the expensive stuff.  Knives, the high end kind.  And he lost his job as a US Attorney because of the third conviction.  I guess the temporary kink in the money hose was having a serious effect on Dennis the Menace.

New Job, More Control

Roger then became the Head of Personnel for the Rez.  You want a job and a pay rate?  Talk to Weenie Boy!  Every casino job, every federal job, on the rez, must go through Roger's hands. 

Chuck was real busy being the super cop on the rez during this time and he had James Yankton fired from his position as Captain and Chief of Police and Weenie Boy immediately hired him into Head of Surveillance for the then under construction, Spirit Lake Casino.  James had a full salary before the place was even open!

Somewhere, Chuck lost it. Settled for the comforts in life.  He's another story.  Not worth telling at this time. Just a side note, tsk, tsk, and a sad shaking of the head.  I will tell you later, about why he didn't go see Sissy Big Track when she was dying and wanted to recant her testimony.

Chuck's wife, Mary, had a cushy job, probably still does, running the Commodities for the rez.  Everyone that needs help with food, go see Mary and she will have you fill out a form and set you up with "commods". 

Mary had some issues with Roger at the beginning.  I understand it was a real problem between Roger and Mary and Chuck.  But these days, when Mary walks into the Casino, she is treated like Royalty.  At least from what I have seen. 

Security Guards run up to greet her and even tell her which slot machines still have plays on them.  I saw that with my own eyes!  So, how bad is it between Chuck and the boys?  Hard to say.  Chuck retired, "for his health" back in 98.  Probably better that way.

How much more to Mary is there?  Does Chuck know?  Does he just look the other way because it is easier?  You bettcha!

Anyway, back to Weenie Boy

Can you believe they consider Roger the 'smart one'??  Gives an idea of what that bloodline is up against!

So, things are going good for the Yankton cluster for awhile.  James is no longer in charge of all the police, but he still has Spencer Hellekson to give him any information he wants on anyone, including me, anytime he wants it.  Or, he has Spencer squelch anything that might start to undo the ongoing criminal enterprises of the Yanktons.  Roger is running the Personnel Dept., and still has no diploma and not enough brain cells to get one.  But then again, how much smarts does it take to rip off people and steal money?  Apparently, not much.

Last year, to again gain access to HUD funds, Roger and his circle were able to install Pete Belgarde as the HUD Funds Mgr./Administrator.  Pete has always been a Yankton poodle boy.  He even helped them stage what they all figured was a believable hit-and-run scene with Eddie's body in the road that morning.  Pete vouched for everything they said.  He was an Ear Witness! Of course, people who did have High School Diplomas and better, saw right through the whole staging thing and that meant they had to concoct the whole other Keystone Kops mess that brings us to where we are today.

So, apparently, Pete is either not stealing fast enough or demanding to keep a larger share, or is just not doing the job to the Yankton specifications, so Roger is trying to get back into that job!  Not sure if he has succeed or not.  Tino White, head of the Tribal Council, was pushing (or being pushed, probably with cash) to re-instate Roger in the HUD job.

Heard it was near a done deal but it showed up in the web site and people got upset.  Really?  I find that hard to believe!

The Unhappy Days are Here

Roger is just not the same guy these days.  His woman doesn't take his crap any longer.  There is a court order for Roger to take the trailer out of his name and his ex's.  When she dumped his sorry butt, she gave him the trailer just so he would have no excuse to harass her.  

Apparently, unable or unwilling to make the payments, he has gone into default and tried to drag the ex with him.  Like I said, she won't take it.  He has had to put up a $500 bond.  It will cost him $1000.  he can't even come up with that!  He has had over 7 years to deal with this.  Stupid and lazy. I understand there is now a warrant out on him for the whole mess.

His own house is a wreck.  The bathroom is falling apart, the living room, closets.  A real junk heap and getting more wrecked by the day.  A pretty far fall for a guy who used to have total control over millions of  $$$ of housing monies! 

The Ex threw him out awhile back.  And now, all he has is Jeannie Charbonneau.  Jeannie has gone through all the Yankton boys  and I do believe this is Roger's second time around with her.  Been going on for years so hard to tell.  (Way to pick 'em Jeannie!)

Roger, the "man" that he is, is running to his mommie, Pauline Greywater, to see if she can do anything about the ex making threats to take him to court!  Maybe he wants her to rip off some more pensioners to give him the money?  No depth too low for the Yanktons to stoop in their never ending quest to be the laughing stock of Ft. Totten/Spirit Lake Reserve.

Gads, Pauline! It must make you real proud to know that your boys can go out and commit murders, embezzlement, rape and incest and get away with it, but when it comes to some little woman that won't take the crap, they just come unraveled and have to come running back to you!  What IS Mother's Day like around your place, anyway?

Maybe he can go play that favorite family game: Russian Roulette again.  Just like last time:  James will bring the gun and Weenie Boy and QBall can take turns seeing who can "win". 

The object of Russian Roulette, for most people, is to see how close you can come to blowing your brains out without actually blowing your brains out.  In the case of the inbred Yankton cluster, it would take at least 2 bullets, and then we might still not have a winner.

(Maybe if one of those bullets was given a map to where the brain is hiding, it might be able to find it?

Figure this:  Most families play Yahtzee or Bingo or cards for family time.  The Yanktons play Russian Roullette! AND they have not yet had a winner!

Maybe this will be their "clever" means of getting rid of QBall? 


"Uh, he finally got the Double R trophy."  And of course, being shot in the head, who would think that would kill a Yankton?


Fear of Women

I have seen Roger's woman and she can get in anyone's face.  His son-in-law is working as the Domestic Violence Investigator for the Tribal Police.  I guess that was supposed to keep Weenie Boy safe, but apparently, he's lost that magic touch with people and personnel.  (NOTE: Son-in-law is himself a wife beater and abuser, so this arrangement SHOULD have worked out better for Roger than it has.)

Weenie Boy used to sit and play Black Jack for hours on end in the Spirit Lake Casino, but now he just sits and stares at the tables.  My guess is that James won't give him an allowance big enough to cover his losses.  Roger always loses.

He has to stay at the casino for hours and hours because he cannot go home.  He's been booted out by a woman. Doesn't spend a real day at work either. Yes, he still takes a full day's pay from his job as Head of Personnel.  He just never has to show up and do any real work.

All he has to go home to is Jeannie?  No wonder he is growing roots at the casino! Have you all seen her lately?  Poster child for bad living, bad choices and no taste.

Another woman he really fears is me.  And I would not, could not, hurt a fly!  Phone the casino and page "Cat West" and watch them all twitch! 

Page Roger's ex and see if he vanishes. 

Weenie Boy fears what they all fear: The Truth.  That is the one thing they cannot fight, cannot kill.  They kept it down for a long time until people realized that the Truth is what will make this whole nightmare begin to end.  People used to be afraid to know the Truth.  Now they are talking about it and getting stronger.

They are all afraid of Beasely.  She quit being afraid of them a long time ago.  Now they all run around slapping each other on the back of the head because no one knows what to do with her.  Nothing they can do.  Everyone is watching.

Amazing how much "damage" a woman can do, eh?


End Game Scenarios

When he is in the office, he is trippin' out.  Every time someone walks by his office door, he has to crank his head around to see who it is.  Easily distracted.  He listens for footsteps he thinks might be the Feds coming to arrest him. 

They have all been told that when it happens, it will be a multi-location arrest sweep: James at the casino, locked behind his office doors, whimpering and wetting himself; Weenie Boy under his desk frantically phoning mommie; QBall the Screwball probably caught with some 4-yr. old; Pauline trying to shred documents at the Retirement Home she runs for the Tribe (for herself-- we'll get into that on another special page soon enough);  their half-brother Clark, if he has not blown himself up in a meth-mobile explosion, probably taken in as he is passed out drunk in his car..

So Weenie Boy twitches a lot.  Oddly enough, one of the things he did to "protect" himself, was have someone a whole lot smarter than him, install "spy ware" in all the computers that are operated on the Rez!  Casino computers, office computers, school computers, college, library computers.. all have "spy ware" on them so that he can find out who is talking to whom.

No sooner had I received an email about his twitching and twisting every time someone walks by the office door, than he immediately stopped doing that!  A teeny little mirror suffices.  Less obvious.  Right!

Only, now there is another problem: Spy ware means that someone smarter than them has all the information, including everything they put on their computers!  Now, where will all that end up?

No wonder Weenie Boy is twitching!

They want to know.  They hate knowing.  They really hate that everyone knows!

Weenie and Jr. have also had this web site banned from all Rez servers.  That really tells you how afraid they are of the Truth! 

The irony is that they get emailed, from multiple sources, copies of the latest updates to this site! Jr has put so many filters and blocks on his email that it takes 5 minutes for mail to get through them all! And yet, here comes the web site, emailed, right to his computer, and to Weenie Boy's, again and again, and again!

The other thing is, all of them, Junior, Weenie, Qball the Screwball and Jeannie Charbonneau are all dying to know what is being posted now!  They go out and get other people to download and print the site for them if they don't get it sent to them!

Talk about masochistic challenges!

Probably better Weenie Boy doesn't show up at the office and hangs out all hours at the casino, just staring, glaring, crying in his beer.  He wouldn't get any work done, so why pretend?

In the casino, he and his ultra paranoid brother, Jr, can keep an eye on one another..sort of.

I wonder if he thinks that if Jr sees the Feds coming with those long range cameras he has pointed from the casino in both directions of the highway ("One if by land.." ) and across the water ("Two if by sea..") that he will warn Weenie Boy?  Think he will invite him into the super secured office to wait it out?  

Or will he just bar the door and leave Weenie Boy outside, crying for his mommie?

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