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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.



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August 31, 2012
5th Mandated Report

Going to send you to the Social Services Page because it is just documents. The correspondence between Roger "Whistle Weenie" is classic.

The children, those "Sacred Children" who are the "Priority" with the Tribe, are still being housed with predators, pedophiles and still being hurt. The Tribal Council is still going on Road Trips.

Just like when they were all in Carrington, "getting coffee", rather than being at the Blue Building working on the issue of Children being raped. Children they say are sacred and a priority--- after Road Trips, after First Class Travel and bottomless expense accounts, after parties and casino junkets-- and after Coffee in Carrington.

You know where to find me.



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August 30, 2012
She Sang and She Danced, Everything Changed
--- Printer Version (3)

There was a posting from 2008 on Thomas Sullivan's: Remarks Presented at the Closing Plenary of the 11th National Indian Nations Conference: Strengthening the Heartbeat of All Our Relations This was a 2008 Conference.

I was impressed with his clear grasp of the issues in Indian Country and with the issue of Child Abuse in general. I am posting the writings that I find on the Social Services Page so that everyone can go and see for themselves.

The part that I found the most inspiring was the event that he heard about that inspired him and upon which he predicates his work in ACF.

A Story

I would like to conclude with a story about a young Lakota lady that I believe is quite
relevant to the issues we all deal with – inadequate resources to do the work we need to

In the Fall of 1984 Sue Anne Big Crow was a freshman member of the Pine Ridge girls
basketball team which traveled to Lead, SD, in the middle of the Black Hills, for one of
their first games of the year.

The Lead gym is small with little room for fans from visiting teams and so few traveled
to Lead to support their teams. This night the Lead fans were especially obnoxious with
war whoops, drumming, chanting “commodity bods” and other insulting comments.
Some in those stands probably remembered the response of the Lakota Nation to the 1980
Supreme Court decision about the taking of the Black Hills in which Justice Blackmun
wrote that this was the most egregious treaty violation by this nation. This decision
awarded $100 million to the plaintiffs who have, to this day, refused to take any of this
money demanding the only decision that will be satisfactory – the return of their sacred
Black Hills to them. Such an attitude was the cause, I am confident, of some of the
hostility from the Lead fans.

Typically the visiting team is first on the basketball court lead by their seniors. This night
the Pine Ridge seniors, intimidated by all the noise and hostility from the Lead fans, told
their coach they could not lead their team onto the floor. Freshman Sue Anne Big Crow
volunteered to lead her team onto the floor and she did.

When Sue Anne got to half-court she stopped, passed the ball to the senior behind her,
turned to the Lead bleachers and began to dance and to sing a song, both taught to her by
her grandmother. It was a traditional shawl dance, using her warm-up jacket as a shawl.
As she sang and danced, the Lead fans began to go quiet until there was total silence in
the gym when Sue Anne finished her dance and song.

As she took the basketball from her team-mate the Lead fans broke into loud applause
and clapping. That was the immediate effect of Sue Anne’s efforts. Years afterward the
results of her efforts were still manifest: Lead and Pine Ridge team members and their
parents visit back and forth, sharing holidays with each other, traveling throughout the
state and this nation as well as internationally together.

This was all accomplished by a 14 year old freshman wearing only her basketball
uniform. As I recall there isn’t much that’s less respected than a freshman in high school.
I often think back to this story when I am trying to sort through what I have accomplished
in a particular day or week. I have to admit that I have not yet measured up to the
accomplishments of this 14 year old freshman basketball player. After all I have the
benefit of age, education and position. How is it that a 14 year old girl, demonstrating
courage far beyond her age, a freshman, in nothing more than a basketball uniform has
accomplished so much with a dance and song taught by her grandmother?

That young lady would be a 30-year Old woman today. What she accomplished that one day, exceeds in and of itself, anything accomplished by the entirety of several Tribal Councils.

Another thing you will see in this report is that the problems we are talking about today, the child abuse, the rapes and worse; the living conditions and the fact that none of the government agencies charged with oversight of these agencies, were willing to do anything about it. They were aware of the problems and they ignored them.

You can go back 20, 30 or more years and find the exact same things and the exact same inaction on the part of those who were in positions of authority and power. We have multi-generational traumatic abuse ongoing to this very day-- and we are shocked and horrified by what we found at Penn State? The scale of these horrific, monstrous issues in Indian Country, and indeed, on Spirit Lake Nation, are hundreds if not thousands of times greater.

And still, government fights tooth and nail to do nothing about it. In fact, they move swiftly to remove anyone who brings these dire issues into the light, and even more swiftly to protect those who protect and abet the offenders.

The Tribe continues to say that Children are Sacred and Children are their Priority--- and continue to be no shows for meetings, and take road trip after road trip to casinos and spas, resorts and more.

If these families and children were my responsibility, and I dare say if they were any of my readers responsibility, we would not rest, much less go on serial junkets, until each child was made safe and received help.

The word "Priority" and "Sacred" apparently have very different meanings to the Tribal Council.

Timid Purdon's Office seems to be relatively unconcerned with any of these events. More than happy to have everyone filtered through FBI Agent Derrick "Destroy the Evidence" Trout.

There is clearly something about Spirit Lake Nation that prevents Purdon from even half way doing his job. Gee, any guesses? Clearly, we get a very different song and dance from the Tribal Council and the USAG Office.

If only they had the courage of a 14-year old freshman who walked out onto the floor where all that Hate was being shouted... imagine what these people could change in everyone's lives if only they had a fraction of her courage. That is what is lacking throughout this whole thing. That is why it keeps going on and getting worse: Lack of Courage.

Read Also, Childhood Sexual Abuse Paper written by Thomas Sullivan

You know where to find me.


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August 29, 2012
Walking On Eagles
--- Printer Version (4)

I just got a report in, and if you know anything about it, do give me details: Curtis Walking Eagle was arrested? If so, his inside knowledge of the Ronin Money Laundering Machine will be a big problem for everyone out there, and everyone connected to everyone out there.  So, waiting on details.

But, there is another Walking Eagle moving into a position of both Power and vulnerability: Darren Walking Eagle, whom we have covered in this blog-- years ago, also key to the Ronin Money Laundering Machine, has been appointed to a job that was never posted: "Chief Administrative Officer", and Marty Alex has been demoted to something that is sandwiched between his old job and Wanda White-Trottier. (Sorry for the mental graphic). (*serves up 'Brain Bleach' to the affected).

What is happening with this? Why was the appointment made while Whistle Weenie was in Shokapee? As Chairman, he is creating layers and layers of insulation between himself, the media, the occasional journalist inquiry, and any government investigation. 

Yup, he is trying to bury himself under more crap and more crap makers in order to stall off the inevitable. The hammer is coming down and he thinks that hiding behind nails will save him.

FBI Abuse Of Authority
Leave the Kids Alone

The FBI seems to not know nor care what the laws are regarding juveniles out there. Supposedly they are investigating one of the many murders that has happened in the past year or two, and one of the agents, despite the School Principal warning him to not interrogate a juvenile without their parent or guardian present, he said that he was FBI and "I can do whatever I want."

Apparently not. The School is now reinforcing the protection of children and enforcing the rules on that very issue. Normally, if these were children anywhere but on the rez, that particular agent would be hauled off. Does anyone know the name of the agent who attempted this abuse? I have my suspicions.

Further, his button-holing a child on campus is clearly an attempt to not only intimidate the child, but to paint a big bright target on that child's back, regardless of whether the kid knew anything or not.  Anything happens to that kid, there will be  Holy Hell to pay.

Anything happens to any of those kids you talked to-- without their parent or guardian present, is illegal.

But then again, the FBI makes their own laws, right? They don't answer to anyone?

Timid Purdon Loves Fish

Tim Purdon does not want to talk to anyone that has information to offer. He directs everyone to go through Agent Derrick Trout. That's right, the very same Derrick Trout who, at the murder scene of the two dead children, ordered the aunt of those dead children to take the clothes of the mother, and of the surviving child-- and LAUNDER THEM! Trout has a long history of destroying evidence, losing interviews, and this is the 'go-to' man for Tim Purdon. What could possibly go awry?

Who? Little Owl, That's Who

I am hearing more and more about Mark Little Owl and his history of abuse towards women who knew him, and his aggressive behaviors towards women who want nothing to do with him.  I want documents, people. He has a history and it is provable.  Makes him perfect for Tribal Social Services given that everyone they have had as their Director has harassed and abused women as well as lied, and embezzled. 

This is how Whistle Weenie makes "Children a Priority".

They are still counting on this all going away. They are still counting on all this fading from public interest. It's Football and NASCAR Season. I'm sure the Fighting Sioux Logo will find a way to pop it's feeble head up again if necessary.

Just remember: This is up to all of us to get cleaned up. We cannot accept vague statements without actual proof that things have changed and the children that are presently still living in homes with pedophiles, drug abusers; being neglected, raped and beaten... until we know that they are no longer in danger and are receiving the care and therapy they need to recover from all this and our lack of awareness of all this, remember-- it is always Open Season on the Children of Spirit Lake.  Especially so when the FBI wants to create a moving target for some murderer, just for sport.

The only thing standing between those children going missing, being murdered, becoming a legacy of abuse and addiction, is you and me and all of us beating the drums and demanding resolution. Demanding from Tribal Leaders, County, State and Federal Agencies, that they do their job. The job we pay them for. With OUR Tax Dollars.

We are their employers. They answer to us. Never forget that.

Bullies and Bozos

Reggie Roan Eagle is the one that went around the Blue Building demanding routers and emails from everyone. He is Marshall DeMarce's Right hand Man. Here's a clue, Marshall, Reggie: No one writes to me from the Blue Building. They know you spy on their emails and internet activity. That show of intimidation was laughable.

And, to add to Tribal Social Services as the Cover By Chaos Department: Monique, the mother of Bentley Grey Bear's love child (whom he has never acknowledged, never supported) was moved from Victim Services because she got caught shredding documents related to charges against Bentley Grey Bear for beating his wife and kids, into some position at Tribal Social Services where, apparently, no one dares to actually look.

So, how does it feel, as a woman who has been shunned by the father of her child, to destroy the paper trail of charges against that man, by his wife? Is there some sort of competition you win by protecting a man who beats his woman? Does he love you more now?

Office Pool

Like I said, it's football season. Typically, offices (illegally) make office pools to pick teams and final scores for the jackpot.

It's a little different on the rez right now. This office pool has men in sharkskin suits, at least 8 FBI agents present in the Blue Building at all times (not sure if they are there to protect the corrupt or investigate the corruption; it all depends on where they are from) and several other Agents from various government agencies, swarming over the rez in general. Again, not sure of where they are from or what their intentions are at this point, especially given that one FBI agent tried to paint a target on a school kid's back this week.

So the pool out there is: "Who will be arrested first?" Pick a name, pick a date, and pick an hour.

Alphabet Wars

FBI, BIA depending which office they come out of, either work together to protect the corrupt or work against each other to arrest or protect the corrupt.  Other agencies, all alphabets, are out there in this mix as well.

Example: Rod Cavenaugh was arrested in the morning on Monday. Hauled off in cuffs. And then, within an hour, the BIA had the warrant voided and Cavenaugh was not only 'un-arrested' he was, so I am told by several people, given a $2000 incentive-bonus for doing such a good job! Remember: Rod has not filed ONE REPORT in decade plus of working as the BIA Liaison, but they sure do jump to protect him.

They can't be moved off their stumps to protect the children out there, but wow, arrest Rod Cavenaugh? Boom! They move like panthers!

"The Children Are Sacred", "The Children are our Priority"-- and the entire Tribal Council is out of town, hiding out at Mystic Lake Casino in Minnesota. They plan on being out of town next week also. With Sacred Children Being their Priority, one has to wonder what could possibly be so urgent and important in Mystic Lake that they have to spend all that time there and not return calls?

Whistle Weenie has also decided to hide behind the Little Woman. A private cell phone that he has had for years, he now has his wife carry around for him so she can get the calls from reporters, investigators. Yeah, he's that cowardly.  And some people are afraid to ask him hard questions? Afraid of what? That he will piss himself?

You know where to find me.




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August 28, 2012
Missing Child, Urgent
--Printer Version (3)

Claudette Patricia Shively age 8 Shively

Please take a look at this little girl. I believe she could be in danger if not found soon. I wish I had a better picture of her. She is from Ft. Totten area. If you have seen her, call the number on the flyer: (406) 653-6216.

As is typical during times of crisis, the Entire Tribal Council is 'on a road trip'. They are gone most of the time these days. Children are their "Priority" but they can't seem to stick around during the biggest crisis, public scandal involving children on their rez. And now, this child has gone missing. I believe she is in danger.

The mother has custody, and the child is now abducted, but also, no one has seen her for awhile. Until this child is found safe and sound and returned to her mother, who has LEGAL Custody, she is considered ‘Abducted.

Here is the Mother’s Plea:

I am writing for help or maybe someone to put my words out there. I
have a daughter, Claudette Shively that is missing. I am going to put
this right out on the table, she was in a foster home with her aunt,
Melissa Medicine Stone. She was put into foster care with her aunt
late 2007. I have had gotten custody back in may 2008. Spirit Lake
Social Services is the people who put My daughter in Melissa’s care. I
did what was ask from me to get back my daughter from Spirit Lake
Social Services. Myself and my daughter are enroll member of Spirit
Lake Tribe. When I show up on the Fort Peck Reservation to try and
pick up my daughter, it was Difficult  I had went into Fort Peck’s
court several times to have the court recognize a foreign judgment.
But there was a lot of hassle, a lot of nepotism. Family knowing
family. But that’s how it is with every reservation I had to deal
with. But this month with the right legal advice and the right Lay
Advocate. I had Fort Peck Tribal Court recognize a foreign judgment.

But in return I got excuses from the Wolf Point Police. When I got to
Wolf Point Friday, Aug. 3, 2012 I had contact the Wolf Point Police
and ask them to ad me with this order. Office George Lash, had taken
me to Melissa’s home but was told she had moved. But the thing was
when we got there. Everyone knew Melissa and her mother. Office Lash,
personally knew Melissa and  wasn’t trying to arrest her or have her
turn over my daughter. The police had said she wasn’t in Wolf Point
but they served her the court papers, Hmmm. So  I travel from Fargo,
ND to Wolf Point, Mt for the Wolf Point Police to tell me there’s
nothing they can do.  So I took the 9 hour drive back to Fargo, ND. My
Lay Advocate had went to Fort Peck Tribal Court and had gotten a order
to take child into custody. Well this time I thought this will be it.
The lay Advocate had me wait till they had taken my daughter into

Melissa had went on the run with my daughter to Red Rock, OK. My Lay
Advocate had try whatever he can to help me with getting her back. He
had called the Red Rock Police Dept. but was told that the Red Rock
Police Dept and ICWA was waiting on a pick order from their tribe. The
pick up order went through but then again I was put into the corner
and was told, my daughter wasn’t in Red Rock, OK. My Lay Advocate had
went to Wolf Point Police to get them to either put a kidnapped
charges or at less a Amber Alert. But was told this was a custody case
and they can’t not file anything. There was one Officer in Wolf Point,
Brian Irwin. Who has called the FBI and has said he would sign charges
against Melissa Medicine Stone. Nothing hasn’t not happen to this.

I have contact everyone, I think you could think of, I have talked to
Wolf Point Police Chief, several officers, Wolf Point Police, Red Rock
Police, ICWA workers, Judges, Clerk of Courts, mostly everyone that
can do something. Think the only people I haven’t contact was FBI. But
the Wolf Point Police had said they already contacted the FBI. They
had told Wolf Point Police that was a custody case. But custody was
already establish, and its me.

Melissa has text me that she had left Wolf Point because WPPD was
harassing her. She had left cause she wanted to keep my daughter (who
I have legal custody). Here are a few things I know she has said about
myself, I have never called or try to keep in contact with my
daughter. But every time I called it would be a excuses after another,
or she would changed her phone number. I have send my daughter gifts
for her birthday, Christmas, for school, winter clothes, even
Valentine’s(I think every women should have a valentine’s even if it
just your mom saying she loves you). I have miles and miles of
paperwork that shows I haven’t stop trying to get back my daughter in
my life. She had sisters and brothers who she may have forgotten
about. We all remember her and really miss her. She is the puzzle that
is missing from our family tree. I guess I am writing this to see if
you can get my words out there for your help or maybe point me in a
direction I can go to. I have court papers that I can send or email to
you, just let me know what you might want to see. I do have every
officers or important people I may have talked to times I called to
emails. If there’s anything more I can do just have my word heard just
let me know. Please contact me if you could help, thank you for your

Kenzie Goodhouse

Twenty-Nine Years Ago Today

"Those mother fuckers bludgeoned Eddie to death."

That is the message coming in through email. Whistle Weenie and his brothers and sisters, beat Eddie to death, and now, they are in charge of your programs, your money, and can do whatever they want. The BIA is running interference to protect the Criminals, the Thugs, the Pedophiles from any consequences.

Child Abuse They Can See

I read, with slight astonishment, that Allen DeMarce, Sr was charged with child abuse and received 6 mos sentence for 'slapping a child with an open hand'. Apparently, the DOJ can hear a child being slapped and make an arrest, but children being raped, beaten, sodomized, neglected or murdered-- aren't really a concern. Another feather in the cap, another notch in the old Attorney General Belt for Timid Purdon. Way to go, Timmy!

Remember: "Children are our Priority!" which is why so many are still living with one or more registered sex offenders under the same roof. Priority-- so they can all go on road trips and not have to deal with annoying 'questions' from 'media frenzy'.

What a fucking day.

You know where to find me.




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August 27, 2012--UPDATE --- Printer Version (3)
Hitting The Fan, Fed Games

Where to begin? Feds swooped down on the rez today. They arrested Rod Cavenaugh, Liaison for BIA-- the man who never files any reports. They then brought him back to the Blue Building for questioning, along with several others who were being questioned.

This, I assume, is in direct response to Thomas Sullivan's latest Fourth Mandated Report?

Tara Mullhauser, who is both out of the office and conducting business as if she is in her office, has sent a reply that shows she has absolute faith that the Tribe can handle all of this without any input from her. She is 'offering' to help, but not taking any steps to protect the children. Kind of like the police offering to help the mafia, but they keep saying "Don't need your help" and the police shrugging it off. Good job Tara! Let me know if you need anything! *Waves*

A man named Reggie during this time, went stomping through the Blue Building demanding to know where the Routers were and was 'taking emails' whatever that means. I take it to mean that during this raid and any other, they don't want anyone emailing me details, tweeting to me or any blow-by-blow accounts of the Keystone Kopps getting out into the light of day where we can all look at them. I have no idea who Reggie is nor which side he is on.

The BIA has taken a firm stance on protecting the corruption on the rez. If it goes down in SLN, it goes down everywhere and the BIA wants to make sure that never happens. To many highly placed operatives, Directors, Godfathers if you will, will go down shooting off their mouths and taking other highly placed government operatives down with them.

The scene, as it is playing out today on the rez is one of near chaos. The Feds are fighting with the other Feds as BIA moves to obstruct every warrant, every action, every arrest. Can you just see Yvette Rubidoux in a Commander Uniform? Looking over the scene as it is playing out? Or, picture her more as a Godmother of a Crime Syndicate, shredding documents? Hard to say.

Marcus Babbit, sent in by the BIA seems to have no knowledge of anything he is supposed to have studied up on for the past two weeks to prepare for this investigation. Doesn't even know the names of the players, despite the many reports he already has in his possession. Let me guess: Daddy got him this job? Or Mommy?

The Fargo Forum did an interesting piece. Once again, by my favorite, Chuck Haga: Online version. In this write up, which again, the Journalist never does a follow up question, just being a stenographer for whatever Roger Yankton wants to say, Weenie Boy declares that HE is the Whistle blower that brought all this to the attention of the government! Oh yeah, I am sure we have HIS Reports to refer back to. (*snarffle).  He has been trying to resolve this crisis--- by firing the whistle blowers-- the real ones.

That man must have a gall bladder the size of a football to declare himself as a Whistle blower when all he has done is abuse children, embezzle funds, and according to Kevin Dauphinais: Ordered Tribal Social Services to Shred Documents.  Yeah, "he's a whistle blower", all right. And I am the Queen of Sheba. Take off your shoes when you enter my throne room. Bring me grapes and hot coffee. NOW!

The BIA is seeing no problems that can't be handled out there. I guess child rape, baby selling, child trafficking, child suicide and child murder are not really big problems to the BIA? That's why they sent in the bedwetting idiot, Marcus Babbit, to run around in circles and 'look busy' while getting nothing done. We can call anything he says as misleading as following "Babbit Trails". Babbit the Rabbit. On scene less than a week and already, an Indian Name. Congrats.

Seems that some of the people involved in getting the problem investigated, including Molly MacDonald (I know!) have put together a Letter to the Editor which holds a level of outrage over the incompetent being sent to a crisis.  I support this letter. Now, if Molly will just cough up the documents I know she is keeping, maybe she can redeem herself in the eyes of the people she spent so much time abusing. I hope that Sister JoAnne Streifel and Betty Jo Krenz are not turning their backs on her, for a second.

It's an odd mix where those who are supposed to be helping are covering for the corrupt and those who were a part of the corruption, are changing sides. I can't really keep track anymore.

Bentley Grey Bear is still beating up on women and children. He still has his badge. Who can the victims call when their abuser is a cop on the rez? If you read the long letter about Tribal Truth by Steven Sitting Bear, you can really get a picture of how this kind of abuse is not uncommon on the rez, any rez, and how damaging it is to families and communities.  The devastation is immeasurable.

Ray Cavenaugh is another one. He is Chief of Police for the tribe. Or at least he was last time I checked. He is also an abuser of his own family and others.

Mark Little Owl, who is the new Director of Social Services, and hand picked by 'whistle blower' Roger Yankton, also has a troubling record. I am hearing from people who have had to deal with him as an abuser. Yet, there he is, at the top of the controls, with all the tribe's most vulnerable and defenseless, under him.

I don't have Little Owl's criminal history yet, but I will. Roger the Weenie Boy would never hire anyone that did not have the same bent as himself. He can't take the risk that his own family would be arrested.

I wonder why no one asked "Whistle Weenie" Roger Yankton's new Indian Name, why as Whistle Blower did he remove all the pictures of the Sex Offenders from the public buildings? Does that sound like someone who wants to protect the children? Or someone that wants to protect the sex offenders? I suppose Haga will get around to asking follow up questions the next time he is taking notes.

I just love the Fargo Forum, don't you? And all their affiliates. Well, it is important to 'get it on the record' and doing any kind of interview that actually asked follow up questions would be too 'journalismy' I suppose. Maybe journalism is different than when I was taught in school. Maybe the Forum should just do what I do and call themselves a Blog. The standards are much lower. So is the pay. I work for tips. :) . I take seriously the process of informing people. Not just reciting what the PR machines dictate.

This thing seems to be breaking new information by the hour. If there is anything I can update to add more to this, I absolutely will. This might be a very busy week.

And the Children are still being housed with pedophiles. What possibly could go wrong with that?

You know where to find me.



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August 27, 2012
Pssst! Pisster! Listen Up!
-- Printer Version (4)

I think your days may be numbered. I have to tell you this because I am hearing it more and more often. People are emailing me with the story they are hearing about you, and how you are the one, the only one that killed Eddie Peltier.  The story is loosely coming together and it goes something like this:

You were flirting with Eddie and he kept rejecting you. You came onto him with all you had and he laughed at you... and you went into the kitchen, got the frying pan (we have to keep that frying pan in the story) and you came up behind him and you killed him. Just you. And your brothers, God love 'em, have been covering up for you all these years.

First time I heard that story, I explained, in detail, how that could not even be remotely possible given that Eddie's murder was planned, in detail, and required Richard LaFuente (he was easiest to lure), an outsider, but related, to take the fall.

And then I heard it again, and then again... and then I realized:  Your brothers are getting jumpy. They know their freedom will be over soon-- so they need a fall guy, again, and this time it is you. They need for you to take the blame for everything-- Eddie's murder most of all.

Think about it, Pisster, the only way they can even hope to make this stick to you-- is if you are not here to defend yourself.  That means they have to get rid of you.

Everything they had going is all coming undone. Roger is unraveling by the hour. The only out he will have is if he tells this stupid story-- and you are not here to deny it.

It won't work. The facts of that murder, the real Truth, are coming through. All the lies are falling apart.

All the allies that once surrounded your family and kept them safe from the consequences-- they are dying, turning on one another, turning on your family-- they are all trying to save their own asses and they can't do that if they try to cover for you or your family.

You can't trust them and they can't trust you-- any of you.

The light is coming in. All those dark places, all those horrible, monstrous things, revealed, little by little. It came to this because of the children. The children they hurt. The children you hurt, the children that are being hurt.... it was their cries, their suicides, their murders-- their Restless Spirits, undoing the ties, turning the horses loose, turning the wind loose, turning the storms loose...

And you know what your brothers do, and you know what your mother does, and you know what your sisters do when they panic: They get mad, they get stupid-- and they pick a target.

This time, it's you. They will pull your body out of the slough and no one will know how you got there because they, your own family will tell the story of how you got crazy drunk again, and how you drove yourself into those cold, muddy waters... they always knew it would happen some day. You being so wracked with guilt over killing Eddie--- just you. Not them. That's the story. And it needs another dead body to make it work.

It won't work. "Hit and Run" despite how well planned your stupid brothers and their friends thought they had it down, fell apart on sight.

They are crazier now, more addicted now, and way more stupid than ever they were before-- look at how they put Weenie Boy in as Chairman! How 'brilliant' was that? Now, these crimes, small and large, come directly to his door-- and you know if he goes down, he will take everyone with him.

He'll cry and he'll whimper, and he'll sing like the proverbial canary, to cut himself a deal. The trafficking of children, that is hard time, and he is Chairman and Kevin Dauphinais has already charged that he, YOUR BROTHER, ordered him to shred documents! A felony or ten or more... so he is going to go down... and the family can neatly lay all those crimes on him as long as he's not looking at murder, Eddie's murder... so they will lay that one on you.

He can go down for these crimes, but he needs to buy himself a better deal… so he will sell the story of how YOU and YOU ALONE, murdered Eddie Peltier. It’s called “cutting a deal”. Too bad you won’t be around to admire their handiwork.

Either he sells them you-- or he sells out everyone in the family, and everyone connected to them. Everyone connected to Eddie's Murder, Sam Jackson's Murder, all the murders, all the corruption.. he sells you-- or he sells them all. Which do you think he will choose?

And you won't be around to defend yourself. Your chance to tell the truth will have gone by, like your brother's big ass truck, kicking up dust... blinding you.. your chance to tell the truth will be gone. You will be named by them and they will all stick to it, as the only one who murdered Eddie Peltier-- because he didn't want anything to do with you. You will sound so pathetic.

You will be remembered as the woman who murdered a man who didn't want her sorry ass. You will be remembered as the mother of a child rapist. You will not be remembered for raising your brothers and sisters while your mother went away for weeks, or months, and got drunk, and found a new boyfriend.  You won't be remembered as the one who protected your younger siblings from her drunken rage when she came back because she was kicked out, and she was mad at the world and ready to take it out on them.

No. None of that. Their gratitude to you-- is to make you their latest fall guy.

They are already test driving the story around town. Have been for the last month or so-- just when the heat started picking up on Weenie Boy, who can't get out of it because he is, after all, "Chairman".  Some 'prize' that was, eh kids?

They are test driving that story around because when the time comes and they need to buy their way out-- it will be over your dead body.

When Roger goes down for the crimes he's committed, especially where Children have been hurt-- he'll try to buy his way out by selling information on Eddie's murder.. he'll sell that story they've built. He'll sell you. The minute he is looking at handcuffs, they'll come to take you for a ride. He's been given the story to tell, and you can't be around to sell one of your own.

Besides, they could not bear to see you locked up. It's better this way. That's what they tell themselves. They're blaming you, for what they did, and turning it into them doing it as a favor to you. A 'kindness'. I think they will use the Lake. Either that, or some robbery at the gas station gone wrong-- they can take you and Jr. out at the same time, because they sure don't want him talking the next time he's dragged in for child rape. Or, perhaps, a fire...

But my money is on the Lake or the slough... fewer witnesses to deal with. It's better that way.

They have not settled on HOW they are going to take you out, not quite yet. But I am sure only of one thing: You must be taken out or they aren't safe. You are their scapegoat, their fall guy, all rolled into one. They'll move fast when the time comes. Let me know what they decide: Water? Fire? Robbery gone bad? How about a good ol' fashion OD?

Something tells me, that Coyote laughing in the field over there, we won't have to wait long.

It must be coming soon. I am getting more and more emails from people telling me this new story of how Eddie was murdered, starring you. It's an action flick. You take one mighty swing, and then another and another-- by the time your brothers got to you-- it was already too late, he was dead. You did it. They are innocent. Guilty only of trying to protect you. It's all your fault.

Is that what you want? Better start figuring it out, Pisster. This is not a joke. This is not a drill. This is real.

I need you alive, so you can tell the Truth. They need you dead, so you can't.

The time to make your move, and tell all that you know, is coming faster than a tornado. The rumblings, the wall cloud, it's all moving fast.

This is my last warning for you. Time is running out. Your time. I have miles to go. You may not make the next trip past the Lake.

You know where to find me.




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August 24, 2012
The Table is Set, The Cannibals Are Arriving
-- Printer Version (14)(Includes Sitting Bear's letter)

Because the corrupt are weak, they seek to corrupt people in places of power to protect them. There are weak people in places of power. It doesn't take much.

And, for a very long time, because no one listened, no one heard, no one cared, they got away with abusing the Spirit Lake Nation, with protection from above. (*Eyes heavenward, stop at government levels).

Money was stolen, drugs were manufactured and dealt, rapes, incest, assaults, arsons, intimidation all went on with a growing sense of hopelessness driving what was left of those who survived, to addictions, legacy behaviors, violence and suicides.  Child rape? Child porn? So what?

Complaints were sent up the line and ignored. Letters were written to elected officials, and writers were brushed off. Witnesses came forward, only to be intimidated as their information was leaked, immediately, to the thugs and the abusers they were reporting on.

People had nowhere to go. Media, for a very long time, months if not years, despite having credible reports and documents of abuses going on, chose instead to pursue the trivial "Fighting Sioux Logo" complete with press conferences, Honor Songs and Frank Blackcloud leading the Honor Song. I complained then that this was a disgrace, and I will continue to harp on it as an opportunity missed by those who KNEW and chose to ignore.

I am thrilled that WDAZ has done more stories on this, more interviews and kept on it. I am thrilled that the Grand Forks Herald and others in that conglomerate have done more stories on this. They ALL have to keep on this until those children are safe. We all have ringside seats in the shower room, until then.

Where the information was kept from the public at large, for so long, made it possible for more corruption, more drug manufacture, more embezzlement, more child rape, more murders, more child murders.

Now that we see, we hear, we know... they cannot hide.

They are still trying to tamp this down and put a lid on it. By 'They', I mean every government agency and all their accomplices and co-conspirators.  Up until now, they could count on media to ignore it. Media would just take their word for it. Media would just repeat/copy-paste their press releases on this and not ask any serious follow-up questions. To a certain degree, that is still happening. But there are more and more 'diligent' reporters getting informative pieces out there. (We'll use the word "diligent" again later. You'll see.)

It has come to the point where the weak, the corrupt and their cronies see the writing on the walls of Facebook and other places. In fact, everywhere they look, there they are-- more exposed for what they have done.

The table is set now. Pieces are being brought into the light. They are turning on one another. People have been murdered to keep this from being exposed, and yet, it keeps surfacing. Kevin Dauphinais, whom all of you know, was the Director of Tribal Social Services when the whistle blowers started making noise, embezzled possibly millions from the programs he was supposed to be administering, was never fired, but rather, casually, set his own departure time, three different times, (needed to tidy up some loose ends?) and then vanished into the safety of his ex-wife's arms in New Mexico.  All was forgiven between those two when he brought a truckload of cash with him. A good woman costs more?

Kevin being one of the first to turn on the group, made a phone call to Thomas Sullivan's office and confessed that he had shredded documents at the direction/insistence of Roger Yankton, Tribal Chairman. He literally, admitted to breaking the law, and named an accomplice. 

Timid Purdon's office has yet to find any crimes worth investigating, despite three Mandatory reports being filed so far. I do understand that he actually showed up on the rez this week. The alarms have been sounding for over a year, and yet, he only this week shows up now? What was his hurry? Yet, no criminal investigation? (We won't revisit his botched investigation of the murder of the two children more than a year ago--- but we will again, I am sure).

The Tribal Council has made themselves scarce. This morning they were in Carrington, all of them-- getting coffee. That's right. Their offices are in the Blue Building and there is a coffee pot there-- but they drove all the way to Carrington 'to get coffee'.

Joel, when he realized the person he had been standing in line behind Betty Jo Krenz, turned ashen white and crapped himself.  Come to think of it, I have had some inquiries from Nogales asking if I knew where he could be found. Why would they want to know? I told them I did not know. I don't live on the rez. Joel, who are your friends in Nogales and why would they be asking me where to find you? I'm going to tell them where you get coffee, okay?

Put a Lid on It

Aberdeen sent out Marcus Babbit, from their Law Enforcement Division. (Why didn't they send Donovan Wind? Nevermind). He came after Betty Jo Krenz telling her that he had been 'working "diligently" on this case for over a week'... *(There's that word again!) and could she fill him in?

What? Working "diligently" should mean he has read all the reports, documents delivered by Krenz to the BIA, which have been in the hands of the BIA in Aberdeen since June 14th, 2011. The BIA then issued on August 8, 2011 (signed and initialed by everyone on August 11, 2011) a lengthy 6 page report on the deficiencies in the program as run by the SLN Tribal Social Services. And yet, he seemed to know nothing about any of the players, any of the issues and wanted Betty Jo to 'fill him in'.

When she mentioned that Kevin Dauphinais had admitted to shredding documents, his response was: "And Kevin is who?" I know. "Diligently". Yet, he knows nothing, has read no reports, has no information-- all of which is easily available as it has all been filed with Aberdeen for over a year.

Today he has phoned Betty Jo Krenz three different times and put her on hold more than 5 minutes each time... and since she has a lot of calls coming in, and she has a lot of work to do, she just can't hang on the phone for 5 minutes or more while someone too important to talk to her, wastes her time.  Took him over an hour to call back each time-- so who knows how long he actually left her on hold? He has since labeled her, (get this!) as 'Difficult', 'Uncooperative' and not wanting to work to resolve these issues.

Yup, Mr. "Diligent" who knows nothing, can't make a phone call, labels a woman who has been fired, attacked, intimidated, threatened and harassed and despite it all, she keeps putting her chin on the line to get help for those children-- he labels her as the problem? That's his approach to this critical issue? Really?

Really? Why did Aberdeen send him? And why does he not have the report that was all signed off on by everyone in the BIA at Aberdeen, by August 11, 2011 (a little over a year now)? Report issued by Randeen Fitzpatrick, MSW, whom I am told was fired shortly after issuing that report.  If true, it would not surprise me. Lid on it. BIA acts swiftly to deal with 'troublemakers'. The corrupt? Not so quickly, so it seems. Those take time. Lots and lots of time. Tick, tock...forever.

Were those documents also 'shredded'? If so, Alice Harwood needs to answer for that. If not, he, Mr. Diligent, needs to answer for why he doesn't even know who Kevin Dauphinais is, given that the report was about him and the way he was running TSS.

I suspect that Aberdeen is doing what they have always done: Acted as a shield to prevent any reports from actually getting through. I have no idea why Aberdeen sent him. He certainly has not replaced the blatantly inept and corrupt Rod Cavenaugh as BIA Liaison on SLN. Rod still driving the government SUV, still has his office, still gets a paycheck. 

The BIA moved at light speed to retaliate against Dr. Tilus, but have yet to make one step towards Rod Cavenaugh, or even against Bentley Greybear, for their part in facilitating the abuse and corruption out there. Both "men" are known for beating the women and children in their families. Bentley, from what I hear, so regularly beats up on the kids, and grandkids that the neighbors can tell how long he's been home by when the screaming and thumping starts.

Bentley, your Daddy would be so proud of you! I know your mother is!

So, who do the children and spouses of BIA cops report abuse to? Right.

Aberdeen is just trying to put a lid on all this. Like hot coffee sold in Carrington to Tribal Council Members from SLN. Put a lid on it.

A Whole Slough of Evidence

Tara Mullhauser has made the statement that she had only become aware of these issues last January--- Oh boy. Tara, Tara Tara. Further, she states that she tried to help the tribe, but they refused her offers of help.

*Shaking my head*. You know that is untrue. Let me refresh your memory:

Remember? "Wanda A. Jackson, 43 of Warwick, ND passed on to the Spirit World on Sunday, June 19, 2011". That's the lead in obituary for the Social Services Secretary, Administrative Assistant who died a year ago in June.

Check your calendar Tara. Do you see you had a conference call with the Tribal Council and TSS that day? You did. Did you know that they were taping it so they could blackmail you later, in case you tried to turn on them? Oh? They didn't tell you they were taping it? That could be a problem later, if it ever shows up, right?

Did you think they were kidding when they said: "Turn off the tape."? You thought they were kidding, right?

Funny thing about that. Wanda Jackson, on her way back from visiting in Ross Acres, a man known for drugging drinks of his 'guests' without them knowing it, she drove right into the slough and drowned. Even funnier is that as she was rounding that turn, heading into those cold dark waters, her office was being ransacked, top to bottom. Someone, or several someones were looking for something. I wonder what it was? I wonder if they ever found it.

Good thing they had BIA on the scene to pronounce her not only dead, but dead from drinking and driving. They have magical powers. No autopsies required. They can close a case before the body is out of the water. They do it over and over again. It's how it is done in Indian Country. It's how the BIA works.

So, Tara, you say January, and you say you tried to help but that it was refused. Is that your way of separating yourself from the corruption? Is that your way of saying that you had no way of knowing? I see you are throwing it onto the Tribe. Any chance they can throw it back on you? Where is that tape? Do you know? Was that what they were looking for as they tore up her office? Or was it something more? Gee, if only we knew.

Tara, think carefully before you speak "On the Record" again. You may be trying to distance yourself from the Darkness, and maybe the Darkness just gave you a little more rope.

And don't worry about Wanda Jackson being killed the same day as your conference call being taped on speaker phone. And her office being ransacked while she was dying... all just an ugly coincidence, I am positive of that. Don't give it a second thought. Don't let the prospect of someone being silenced by murder even enter into your pretty little head.

I mean, it would, if any of it were true, and that tape existed, it could, tie you directly not only to the corruption, but to the murder of the woman who taped it. But don't worry, I doubt the BIA will ever reopen that case and actually investigate. They're not here for that. They're here, as you know, to keep lids on. Not to solve crimes. Not to protect Indians. Well, a few "very special" Indians maybe. But don't even give it a second thought. Forget I even brought it up. Lid is on tight. People are fired, transferred, discredited or permanently silenced.

It's how criminal organizations have always solved "problems". You don't have any "problems" do you Tara? And, you weren't thinking of becoming a "Problem Child" for the BIA or the Tribe, were you? I mean that little throwing the Tribe under the bus by saying you offered them help and they refused, what was that? Coffee? Need a lid? There's a parking lot in Carrington that has lots of lids. But they are all dirty.

Where We Are Now

Kent Conrad's office is making a lot of waves on this, at the moment. We shall see where it goes. He stated publicly, that a staff member, whom he sent to Spirit Lake to meet with Tribal Council and Tribal Social Services, came back "visibly shaken" by what she had seen there. (I warned you it would scar you for life).

We hear that:

BISMARCK — North Dakota's state Medicaid director has been appointed as the temporary director of the state Department of Human Services.

Maggie Anderson will hold the job through the 2013 Legislature, which is expected to last through late April.

Gov. Jack Dalrymple announced the appointment Thursday. Anderson will replace longtime director Carol Olson, who retired last week.

Anderson is in charge of North Dakota's Medicaid program, which is run through the state human services department.

The program aids low-income North Dakota families and elderly people in nursing homes.

The human services department has about 2,100 employees and has a two-year budget of $2.6 billion.

It oversees a network of regional human service centers, the state mental hospital in Jamestown and a state home for developmentally disabled people in Grafton

I wonder if Sue Olson heard about her sudden "retirement" when she read it in the papers like the rest of us? You know this was not a planned retirement. People PLAN their retirements months and months in advance and a replacement is hired it to take over. You don't suddenly have to juggle department heads to get a 'temporary' replacement in a department that absolutely, now, more than ever, needs a FULL-TIME/PERMANENT Director.

Giving a graceful exit to the incompetent does not lessen the crime of negligence on the part of her department, nor of the State. Keeping things in a state of limbo with a temporary replacement helps no one. Don't shrug your shoulders at me and act like there is nothing you can do. Start by telling the Truth!

Last word from Kent Conrad was that he was requesting that Ken Salazar send in a Strike Team. Let's see if he's all talk or if things actually get done out there. Let's see if those in positions of power and authority want to fix this or just whitewash the crimes being committed as 'unintentional'. I guarantee you, they are all not by accident. Corruption is never an accident. And it has spread far and wide, High and low.

Darkness To Light-- Printer Version for following segment: (7)

This has been some week. Way too many things to post in just one blog posting.

But I want to leave you with this:

All that the government does or can do will only change the Darkness to Light out there if the people find in themselves the courage to stand up and tell the truth. Stand up and support one another. Come clean. Regain Honor.

One such person who is doing just that is a man named Sitting Bear. I will post his letter here. I want you to read every painful word of it. Remember that Archie Fool Bear was a mover and shaker in the mass distraction of the Fighting Sioux Logo issue. A great distraction creator. A man now exposed by his own son, for what he is and has done. In so doing, Sitting Bear has regained his Honor. It will have to be this way with just about everyone out there in Spirit Lake. This is how it is done.

He did not send the letter to me. But I got it. It needs to be read.

Once this starts happening, this Darkness will be banished by the Light. There will be a strength and a power that surges through Indian Country such as has not been seen in a thousand years. I promise you.

Tribal Truth

Active Citizens for Tribal Truth (ACTT), I like the sound of that. Very direct and optimistic, yet I can’t help but wonder what is meant by truth? If truth means something that cannot be questioned or denied, & everything else is a lie, then those seeking tribal truth should also be open to their own lies. Especially those that helped create many of the social problems we see on our reservation today. Problems like, 1/3 of our women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes, and 4800 annual reports of child abuse & neglect, problems that carry no monetary or popularity gain, so they are rarely heard on the council floor. These combined with many of our other social problems, such as suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out, that these problems are all related --- Immoral behavior is contagious. So when the innocence of our women and children are left alone, unprotected from the whim of immoral men, the future of our people does indeed appear bleak.

I hope we all wish to one day see a Standing Rock that is not covered in a thick fog of lies, greed & jealousy. Maybe the only way to achieve this is to pay a social price for each of our individual debts.  Debts that also reveal our personal sins, lies & acts that we’ve all done to hurt others, which reveal much about who we are as individuals, as families and as a community.

A universal truth is, that none of us, not me, or any of you reading this, are without sin, past mistakes, or selfish deeds. That is one thing we all share as human beings, but what separates those who take responsibility for their mistakes, from those who do not, is that those who won’t, lack morality, and will continue to hurt others without remorse. Common sense tells me that if our reservation is to ever move forward, towards a healthier future, free from the many social sicknesses of today. Then we must first admit to these debts. Expose those who don’t and hold accountable all those who are most responsible for creating these problems, no matter who they may be.

This is a confession of my lie, a debt as it relates to “tribal truth.” I write this knowing full well of the repercussions that are to come: the social stigma which will attach to relatives and me, the cutting of ties with many from my family, and many of you from our SR community. Regardless of the turmoil in my future, this affects all of SR, so you deserve to know.

I’m originally from Cannon Ball, but grew up in Fort Yates, a son of the then Standing Rock Police Captain --- Archie Fool Bear. Who is now the present day spokesman for the recently developed ACTT group. A citizen of Standing Rock who claims to seek the truth of Standing Rock: what Archie has yet to realize, is that all he has to do, is take an honest look at his own family to find this truth he claims to seek. I reveal this information only with the consent of victims and witnesses of Archie’s despicable acts.

Much like the poor social state we see our reservation in today, which is the result of immoral & selfish men. Men who created a system that allowed for: lack of accountability for criminal acts, and for the shameful squabbling for power over limited resources, or to the false loyalties of corrupted traditions. Our family has also been poisoned by the sickness of one of these immoral men. In our case, an egocentric wannabe prophet with no conscience or remorse for any of the evil acts he has subjected others to.

He had a way of convincing his victims (and witnesses) through physical abuse and intimidation, along with emotional, sexual and verbal abuse, that all must remain loyal to family (meaning him) and keep silent about his many evil deeds. He insured his family (and relatives) that no one was more important or powerful than the great Archie Fool Bear, the Police Captain who had the legal authority to imprison, discredit and hurt anyone who stood in his way. He assured us he was the sole reason for all good things in our lives; indebting as many of us to his will as possible. We were prisoners in his deranged and violent world. I think many of us who grew up in these types of environments try to normalize these sick worlds we are forced into, in order to mentally survive and attempt to function as normal members of society.

Which brings us to the ultimate lie of my family: it is a lie that has devastated and destroyed many lives, a lie that has burdened our family for more than 20 years. You see, I come forward today because I recently lost someone very close to me, someone who was also haunted with the same guilt of not being able to protect a loved one from Archie. One of the most honorable men I’ve ever known --- Drew Red Dog. He was my 1st cousin, but all who knew of our relationship, know that Drew and I were the closest of brothers. There was nothing we would not do for each other, or for those we care for. We confided everything to one another, most recently about the dark secrets in our family’s history. The sick & depraved crimes Archie subjected our family to have been weighing on both of our shoulders, our entire lives. The abuses we were told as children to never talk about, in order to protect the family, (Archie). Like our culture teaches, we were also taught to always forgive family, but neither of us could ever bring ourselves to forgive an un-remorseful and cowardly man.

Like many of you already have some knowledge of, Archie was investigated for child molestation in the early 1990s, charges that were never filed due to lack of witnesses and evidence. This is where my debt must also be paid. The details of what I witnessed have no place in a public statement such as this, but the one thing I will profess, and so will the victim of this crime, is that Archie Fool Bear did indeed molest his daughter --- my sister Kerry. Along with several other children during that time period, yes while he was a SR Police Officer & Captain.

I walked in on it happening when I was very young, around 9 years old. So long ago, yet I can still remember the fear in my sisters eyes when she looked to me --- terrified and helpless. The abuse continued and several years later, when Kerry was in High School, she worked up the courage, stood up to him, and reported Archie to the schools guidance counselor, Helen Lindgren. One would have hoped that Archie’s reign of terror on his family was soon coming to an end; I suppose in some ways, it did.

I do not pretend to be a saint, nor someone who will ever be. I have committed more sins than I care to remember, and feel remorse and take responsibility for each. But the most remorseful sin of my life was not standing by my sister when she needed me the most. You see, I lied to the FBI when questioned about the sexual abuse I witnessed. I was intimidated by Archie and was too fearful of his repercussions to stand with her. So his lie then became my lie, and is now our family’s lie.

A short time passed after Kerry exposed him: charges were never filed & everybody abandoned her. She was left with nowhere else to go, but back into the sick world she escaped from, which only gave credit to Archie’s story, (where of course), he claimed she was lying. She was then pressured into believing that the best thing for “the family” was for her to recant her statement to the authorities, thus sealing Archie’s lie for the next 20 years --- until now. He has been building onto this lie ever since. Using it as an excuse to hold a debt over Kerry’s life, constantly bombarding her with the reminder of her betrayal to family (him), the lie he created is now his only salvation, and he will do anything to protect it.

Since my lie to the FBI; I’ve been trying to rationalize that decision ever since. As if I had any control over my world then. Yes I lived in a highly abusive home where personal safety was non-existent. Yes I was very young, barely a teenager when questioned by the FBI. Over the last 20 years; counselors, therapists, family members and friends have all said the exact same thing. That we were brainwashed, physically assaulted, mentally tormented and powerless in an environment controlled by the most powerful man in our community, (at that time). The man with the highest authority to cease one's life or freedom --- a corrupt Police Captain. I’m often asked: Who was there to go to? Who was there to stop him? Who could have protected us under his roof? I am always told not to blame myself, that I was a powerless child, yet I still do and probably always will. Much the same way as my brother Drew did.

I think most of us, who were ill affected by Archie, have always held out hope, that there may be an ounce of good left in him, and he would someday come forward as the honorable man he portrays himself as, and admit to his sick depravities. Releasing Kerry from the shadow of lies he holds over her and also freeing Drew, myself and everyone else from the guilt we’ve carried in protecting “the family,” but I have come to realize that Archie has long since sided with evil and is far beyond reconciling his sins, and we can no longer carry his burden for him.

The reason I know he will deny the truth and avoid responsibility for the rest of his days, is because 2 months ago when he began physically and mentally tormenting another family member. I told him bluntly, face to face, that his behavior would no longer be tolerated & that he was to begin repairing his relationship with his daughter Kerry. That if he didn’t, I was not going to protect him any longer. His other children have since given him the same choice. He’s had every opportunity to avoid exposure & make the transition towards being a father & honorable man. But instead, he has once again chosen his lie and is again attempting to strengthen his hold over Kerry. Hoping to once again, cover the sinful tracks of his past. Since our conversation that day, several relatives have come forward & revealed many more abuses that Archie subjected our families to; (during that same time period), 20+ years ago. Abuses I had no knowledge of until only recently. This new knowledge along with his blatant lack of remorse and continued selfishness, has added even more reason for his public exposure.

I truly believe that the members of our reservation and my family both owe my sister Kerry a debt of great gratitude, because without her standing up to him, he would most likely still be enjoying his legal power & authority over all of us. He may have continued with his depraved acts on the innocent within his own family, everything that ceased when Kerry exposed him two decades ago. She knocked him back onto his heels, and he’s been trying to regain his footing ever since. If he had remained chief of police, who knows how many more families may have been destroyed, victimized & corrupted? So thank you Kerry, you are truly an unspoken hero.

Tactics he will use in the weeks to come will be the same complete denial of his crimes, he will use his past status as a police officer, and he will also utilize his criminal justice system knowledge. He knows that the success of his lie depends on discrediting all who know his truth. This is the key. To distort the truth, and leave a possibility open for his lie’s survival. This is a strategy most used by defense attorneys, (to create a reasonable doubt). This is how he has avoided the consequences for his crimes all his life. As long as he can get enough of you to doubt his accusers, his lie remains intact & his debt will remain unpaid.

Instead of coming to terms with his truth; that he molested his daughter (and other relatives’ children), and also mentally and physically abused his wife and son every day for as long as he could. Hoping to survive the judgment of his peers, he will go to his grave in denial. I made a statement to the authorities on Aug. 2nd, revealing all this same information I share with you today, yet most likely, he will never be prosecuted, or even questioned. A failed system he helped create. I know I have not a right to condemn another man, but I do take comfort in knowing that when he reaches the next world, God’s judgment will be swift and just. He may have learned to convince himself, of his own lies, but those lies will end at the foot of God.

For many years, I lost faith in the sanctity of family, because I never knew what that truly meant. Family to me meant protecting Archie’s lie; & I saw no honor in that --- thus I saw no trust in family. But I now realize that family means much more, it means protecting the innocence of women and children at all costs, because I know personally that the damage done is venomous & lifelong. That loyalty to good should never be compromised with evil, no matter what the costs. Lies do not fade with time, believe me, it is quite the opposite. It is not the son’s burden to carry the guilt of a sinful father, nor is it the nephews to carry that of the uncles. So for Drew & my self’s families, our payment to (him) ends & his debt to you begins.

I am off-loading Archie’s burden back onto him. It is now his job to face this “tribal truth” he claims to seek. The truth, that it is immoral men like him that are most responsible for the mess we see our reservation in today. The primary reason why our families and community have broken down is because of a system he helped create; a corrupt system that allowed child predators and rapists to go un-punished, and the victims to go on --- un-protected. A shepherd would never expect a wolf to protect his herd, not even one disguised in police clothing. Yet on Standing Rock, this is what we have come to expect & accept.

I’m positive in the weeks to come; he will fight viciously to protect his lie and attempt to convince many of you, that he is the “victim” of some vast conspiracy plot against him. He’ll put on his humble man face and spread the word that his political enemies have gotten his children to lie about him, etc, etc... He will attempt to align himself with my brother Drew’s reputation, like he had anything to do with the great things about my brother. The truth is; Drew hated Archie for everything he’s done to our family. He expressed this to me (and others) on numerous occasions. Yet Archie, who never had a good thing to say about Drew, (until after his passing), in his sick & twisted little world, will try to use Drew’s death to his advantage. Don’t be fooled, my brother despised Archie and wished for him to be exposed.

He will spread baseless information (about me & anyone else, who knows his truth), to gain your confidence, just as he’s done in the past. He’s already begun his attack on Brenda & her family; spreading rumors that insinuate Brenda “may have” killed her husband. Knowing that Brenda knows his truth, he’s attempting to discredit her. He will also attempt to persuade Kerry to deny everything you’ve read today. He will claim to has taken & passed a polygraph, (lie detector test), which he didn’t. The truth is, he was offered the test to clear his name and he refused to take it. His lies will build onto one-another. The reason I know this, is because I have witnessed him do this my entire life. Cowardly selfish acts are exactly how he avoids responsibility for his depravities. But eventually his house of lies will collapse.

To answer the question why do I now come forward? After so much time has passed? The answer is that this isn’t a recent event, but rather a lifetime of living under his cloud of lies. I’ve come to realize that protecting “the family” means just that. Protecting those you love & who love you. It is time for both our community and my family’s healing to begin. Evil must first be acknowledged before it can be vanquished. Honor must be restored and our children’s futures protected. I will not go to my grave allowing Archie’s victims to go unheard, his crimes unknown or his lies uncontested. My brother Drew also desired that the truth be told.

My family’s lie reflects the lies of our community. As long as everyone keeps their silence about these deranged men, and our Law Enforcement System continues to turn a blind eye, their poison will spread and continue onto the next generations. Everyone needs to know the truth of Archie Fool Bear, (former Police Chief, One-time Tribal Councilman & Wannabe Chairman) so that history does not repeat itself. Those of you who have had similar experiences need to know that you’re not alone, that there is a healthier future, and we can do it together, as families of truth, part of one community. Men who victimize women & children are not men, they are cowards. There is no need to fear such people & I’m sure there are more. They have no place in our people's future. They never should have been a part of our past.

I do not take any pleasure in writing this, it is truly one of the most painful things I’ve ever had to do, but for the sake of truth, I know it has to be done. I have exhausted every option in allowing Archie to come forward (on his own) and save himself from the embarrassment of public exposure. I expect the worst is yet to come & that is fine. This statement is simply the “tribal truth” as I would testify to it, before judge, jury and God, and I will. I do not harbor any ill feeling toward the ACTT group or to the Fool Bear family, this is not an attack on them, but only an exposure of one immoral member, a member who has exploited and dishonored us all.

This is also my public announcement of dis-ownership of Archie Fool Bear, and anyone who will continue to support his lies. I do this in accordance with our customs and traditions, (publicly with cause). My loyalty has been misplaced in the corrupted traditions of a manipulative & un-remorseful tyrant, and it will now remain with those who need protection from such men. With this statement, I also announce the adoption of my traditional name, given by the late Joe Flying Bye, Mato Iyotake’ --- Sitting Bear. I sincerely apologize to my sister Kerry for not standing with her so long ago, and also for the prolonged suffering in silence that all other victims of Archie’s depravities have had to endure.


To Drew: I am honored to have known you. The truth has been told brother. Rest in peace.

Steven J. Sitting Bear, formally known as Steve Fool Bear

The man has found himself. So must we all. And we can therein, find one another and the unbreakable strength that unity for Good renders to those who stand in Truth.

You know where to find me.








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August 23, 2012
Response to Grand Forks Herald- Online version
Are you kidding me?
Printer Version-(3)

It’s the Legislature’s fault? It’s Obamacare? This Republican said this. The Democrat said that?
What parallel universe is promoting this as informing the public?

The abuse and neglect of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation has been going on for decades. Long before Obamacare and it has nothing to do with Republicans v Democrats.

Making this a political football is a disservice to constituents, to the public at large and most of all, does nothing to enlighten anyone or resolve the urgent issues that are a threat to the children on SLN.

It’s about CORRUPTION, Stupid. (Make that a bumper sticker, will ya? ).

It’s about Appointees at State and Local Levels finding excuses to do nothing and then pretending they never heard any complaints so they had no reason to investigate. It’s about Appointees at the Federal Levels not doing their jobs.

It’s about all those people in the chain of command, protocol, mandatory reporting NOT doing their jobs.

It’s not about “Sovereignty” as no one as far as I can see, has ever voted to make child neglect, child trafficking, and child murder “Legal in their Indian Laws”.

The comment from Delzer really should get a prize: “..“Is it our duty to go in and tell people how to live their lives, or is it for people to determine themselves how to live?”

Nah, don’t tell them that child rape, is anything they should be concerned about. What planet does he come from? You all elected THAT mentality to office? Seriously? Is he promising to “cut your taxes”? He may have well have said: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” If he is unwilling to take responsibility for his office, remove him.

I see nothing but politicians trying to make this into a political football, dodge their responsibility to oversee how funds are spent (Just cut programs because we only hurt the people who need them) and ignore the complaints as they come in.

What part of raping children is "Okay" if "that's how people want to live?" Does he think the children want to be raped? That the community wants their children raped? The same people who want to run every aspect of your life if you require social assistance, seem pretty okay with abuse of children ... if that's  how they want to live. That's how the predators want to live. Is that whom he is supporting?

Al Carlson says Delzer is "Right on all counts". Well, gee! That makes it okay then! Dumb and Dumber think this is no one's beeswax! Who elected these morons? You? You? Can you see what you have put into office?

Reports have been submitted over the years and gone nowhere. No one has investigated nor audited any of these programs. They don’t want to be bothered. They also can keep their jobs as long as they give cover to those who are corrupt.

I thought the excuse of the floodwaters rising in Devils Lake for the past 18 years was absurd—then along came the “Obamacare!” scare.

Are you really so determined to not have affordable care for everyone that you reflexively jerk away funding from programs without considering their impact or trying to figure out how to make them work? Are you seriously that unable to govern? What are you doing in office? Why did you run for office? Was it just so you could hold a title? Just so you could ‘cut taxes’ and keep the wealthiest in the State and Nation safe from paying their fair fare? Are you so dug into your ideologies that you can’t even think clearly to the impact?
And, are you so vapid that you think you can excuse your lack of leadership and governance by pointing political fingers at one another?

None of the people interviewed for that Grand Forks Herald Article by Chuck Haga, August 22, 2012, had anything relevant to say. Not one.

They were a red meat party. They were a distraction. The whole thing does nothing to shed any light on either the issue, nor offer any solutions. It was miles of excuses and politics.

Back to reality: The children are in danger. The children are being neglected and hurt. The funding has been restored, but nothing has changed. No one in government is making anyone in Spirit Lake Nation change one thing.

Whistleblowers are still being attacked, ignored as much as possible by those elected and appointed; the corrupt are still running things, and we have a well-written piece that tries to make it all about Obamacare, Legislature, Republican v Democrats…

How about you follow up on complaints when you hear them? Read them? How about you actually go out and investigate the crimes being reported? How about you make people do their jobs before you put them on the payroll?

Corruption is the danger to the children, not politics. Corruption.

I see that Timid Purdon, finally, yesterday, went out to the reservation. I have to wonder: “What’s your hurry, Timid? Thomas Sullivan has only filed 3 mandatory reports that have been ignored."

When someone at the State level, County Level, or Federal Level, tells you they knew nothing about this, they are lying. Straight up, they are lying.

They have known. And instead of moving to protect the children, they have focused all their energy on retaliating against those who made the reports. They have allowed whistleblowers to be threatened and intimidated. They have tried to construct ways to silence the reports. It would not surprise me one bit to find on down the line, that these local, state and federal agencies have conspired with the corrupt to make this all go away.

Imagine, if you can, how different things might be by now if Timid Purdon has done his job? If the FBI had done theirs? If State and Local agencies, instead of finding excuses and ignoring reports; instead of attacking and retaliating against people who were doing their job--- what if they had actually used the full force of their offices to investigate these crimes? What if they had gone in and seen for themselves, these children in the hands of pedophiles? Beaten, raped, sodomized, neglected, and suicidal? What if they had intervened instead of finding excuses to protect the corrupt?

Think about that. Hold your elected to a higher standard. Hold those appointed to Administrative level jobs, accountable. Hold your media to a higher standard of actually discussing the real issues instead of chasing Fighting Sioux Logo and Obamacare Rabbits down those many dead end trails.

Or accept that it’s hopeless and nothing anyone can do will change anything. Go buy more locks for your doors, and get a couple more guns as you wait, and wait, knowing that someday, all this will come to your door, to your children’s doors, to your grandchildren. All this you could have prevented if you had made yourself aware and educated about the facts.

You’ll find someone to blame when it does. When your child is the one attacked, addicted, killed by the inevitable chain of events that are set in motion when we do nothing to stop it once we see it. Blame the perpetrator, as if nothing in his or her life led to this. Blame the Democrats and the Republicans, whichever holds a view you voted against. Blame Obamacare that has nothing to do with all this (except exposing some knee-jerk politicians who just shrug their shoulders and think saying “Obamacare” is going to blind everyone to the fact that this has been going on for decades”) or, blame the rising waters of Devils Lake.

Act surprised. Act offended. Or act now and keep on them until this is done. All of them: Government, Media—all of them.

This is not the water rising in Devils Lake. This is something we can change, we can stop. But we have to do it together.

There is a legacy to abuse and corruption. It touches all of us eventually. This is ours to do. All of us.

Or: Lock and Load. Guns solve everything.

You know where to find me.




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August 20, 2012
Shower Scene --Printer Version (5)

A long time ago, there was a movie out by Alfred Hitchcock called "Psycho". It was iconic because of one scene above all the rest of the groundbreaking scenes: The Shower Scene. All you had to say was "Shower Scene" and people would remember the shrill violin music that sounded like a heart screaming-- and in their minds they would see the shower curtain, the water going down the drain, and the blood then going down the drain. They never actually saw the woman getting stabbed, and the movie was black and white, but it was so vivid, people could see it, and would recall seeing the woman being stabbed, and many thought it was in color.

That movie pretty much traumatized movie going audiences for decades. It just plain stuck and replayed, every time someone said: "Shower Scene".

Today, the movie has faded and the collective memory of that scene is for movie buffs who pride themselves on remembering esoteric trivia.

But, if you say "Shower Scene" today, another ghastly, graphic image appears in the minds of those who followed the Penn State Scandal, and who are traumatized not only by what happened to that one child in the shower, and to many more children before and since that incident... but a collective outrage over the fact that the man who witnessed it-- did nothing to stop it. Nothing.

The next morning, he reported it to the Head Coach-- Joe Paterno, national legend, and Joe did nothing. More and more children were hurt by the pedophile while those in authority ignored, looked the other way, found excuses to do nothing.  For years. Their silence, for whatever reason, made it possible for more and more children to suffer, be abused, tormented. They were, all of them-- "enablers". They all got something out of it too. Tickets. Memorabilia. Photo Ops. Invitations. Handshakes, backslaps, and to move in all the Right Circles.

And then the scandal broke. Legends of the Fall-- fell like rotten timbers, cut down by the Sword of Justice.

Collectively, as a nation, as a society, we are traumatized and offended by what happened, and that it was ignored, dismissed, covered up for decades. Those who knew-- did nothing.

And here we are today:

Thomas F. Sullivan, Director of ACF, has issued his Third Mandated Report. Nothing has been done to rescue the children named (redacted) in the First Report. More incidents of more and worse abuses have come to light, and those who are in authority, Tribal, Local, County, State and Federal--- have done nothing.

The one BS letter written and signed as if the writer was the Spokes Person for the Entire Tribe-- made the silliest excuses, from "High Employee Turnover" (Direct result of them firing people who were bringing up the problems, corruption and abuses) to "Flood Waters"-- as if the ongoing rising waters of Devils Lake was somehow the first and only priority of the tribe-- and until the waters stop rising, the tribe is incapable of protecting its children. "Children are Sacred".  All the while saying they ARE taking care of their children, despite the abundant proof to the contrary-- all being ignored. Yes, that letter had to be written by Vern Lambert. It's that badly constructed. That overblown.

The BIA has made not one single move to remove Rod Cavenaugh from his job with the tribe. He has failed to file even one report with the BIA and apparently, that is just how the BIA likes it. The BIA takes orders from Rod Cavenaugh, and he takes no orders from them. He goes on vacation when he feels like it, spends money without filing reports, and they just shrug. He's doing the job they want him to do, apparently: Preventing any reports from ever reaching the BIA, from or about Spirit Lake Nation, Child Abuses, rapes, and worse. If he doesn't file them, they don't have to ignore them. *Shrug*.

Tim Purdon is making big bold arrests and convictions on other tribes. Human Trafficking no less. But he won't even look at what is going on in Spirit Lake Nation. Why is he so Timid? Timid Purdon. But he defends his office doing nothing on Spirit Lake Nation reservation by pointing out what he is doing on other reservations. Does anyone see the total absurdity in this dance he is doing?

Timid Purdon took over a year to arrest an immediate family relative in the slaying of those two little children. And he won't say if there was a second offender. A year? Because he wanted to be 'really sure'. So, my guess is, Carrier Pigeons ran the test results back and forth. There is no way a close family member, if that indeed was the killer or one of the killers, would be hard to find. Tino Bagola never was hiding. He allowed a 'murderer' to walk freely in the community of the murdered children, for 14 months or more, even though he had conclusive DNA from the start? Does anyone feel safer with a USAG Office that poorly run?

Then again, when it comes to other locations, other reservations, Timid Purdon can be a real lion. What IS IT about SPIRIT LAKE NATION THAT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO DO HIS JOB?

Meanwhile: He has taken no action to investigate any of the claims laid out in the First, Second, or Third Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan's Office.

I feel like we are all being forced to watch that new Shower Scene, over and over again... only instead of just one man witnessing it, walking by, every single agency responsible is  walking by.  Tara Mullhauser, who only gave lip-service when Betty Jo Krenz personally presented her with reports and documents, essentially stating that because of "Sovereignty" the Tribe can do anything to the children they want to do. Sounds like an enabler to me.

Yvette Rubidoux in Maryland's BIA Office, was more than eager to jump in and penalize, take retribution on, retaliate against, Dr. Tilus for speaking up. She later rescinded the Letter of Reprimand, (How big of her!) and reinstated his promotion. She was flat stupid in issuing the reprimand and rescinding the promotion in the first place.  Dr. Tilus would have been transferred to another location entirely, and for the most part, not a problem to be dealt with.  It would have gone so much more quietly had not Rubidoux used the heavy hand of her office to retaliate against the person who was pleading for help for the children of Spirit Lake Nation.

In so doing, despite her assurances to the contrary, Dr. Tilus was forced to abandon his patients and they were without cover, and as far as I know, they may still be without cover. Damage was done to the most vulnerable people out there, all for the sake of retaliation and to make an example of a Whistle-blower.

And it all backfired on Rubidoux. She looks both inept at her real job of running the agency department, and she looks inept at 'putting a lid' on the scandal. I see absolutely no reason why she still has her job. She too, so far, failing to investigate one or any of the Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan; failing to investigate or fire Rod Cavenaugh, (Not even issuing a reprimand on his performance or lack there of, for over a decade), only using her authority to retaliate against those trying to get help to the children... she too, is walking past this Shower Scene, un moved by the screams of tormented children in the hands of abusers, pedophiles and child traffickers.

Sue Settles, BIA, has done nothing to investigate. She too, has been happy to allow the retaliations while doing nothing to protect the children, much less the whistle blowers. By now, we should be setting up folding chairs. The Shower Room is getting crowded. Some may break out in a sweat under the seamy, steamy conditions.

Roger "Weenie Boy" Yankton seems unfazed by all of this. He shrugs his shoulders and cannot figure out what all the fuss is about. He just wants the money from the State and Federal Programs to resume so he can continue to line his own pockets. He made the statement that Thomas Sullivan's reports are without specificity. I thought the first report was extremely specific. Did Roger not get an un redacted copy? He seems to just shrug it off. Not even curious enough to speak up pretend to investigate (mostly his family) the pedophiles who have abused the children he gave them.  He did, in the name of "Sovereignty" remove all the sex offender pictures from the Public Buildings. They were mostly his family anyway.

Roger is not just an enabler, he is a participant. He is in the shower stalls, and everyone else is just watching.

There have been attempts to intimidate, harass, attack those who are stepping forward-- but Timid Purdon's office can't be bothered with investigating those cases. The FBI just shrugs their shoulders. They already know who is doing all of this: Their friends in SLN. Which is probably why Timid won't even look at what is going on there-- I mean, the FBI is protecting the corrupt... what chance would a Timid USAG have?

Let's put Timid Purdon in one of the folding chairs, and the FBI in the shower stalls. They must be getting something out of all this perversion and corruption to stay silent, do nothing, destroy evidence that might lead back to--- old friends.

People are paying attention. This is not going away. What did we learn from Penn State? That people who enable the most vicious, atrocious crimes against children, are weak, and their insides are full of serpents.  They get angry if you make them do their job. They attack anyone that tries to protect the children. And there is no amount of embarrassment or humiliation they won't tolerate, no insult they won't endure.. as long as this thing 'eventually runs its course and people move on to other things'.

Why do you think the Sioux Fighting Logo was rubbed in your faces all this time? I know that one Journalist defended his constant reporting of it as "Important to get it on the record." Wow, sounds like a real journalist, doesn't it? Until you realize that he and his partner had the information, the reports, and interviews with the whistle-blowers for months and months and did nothing with it until it started blowing up in their faces.  Now they are happy to point to more than a dozen stories they've done on this issue... but all within the last few months. Before then? Crickets.

Take a bow, boys. I hope you get Pulitzer Prizes! Now, if you are through patting yourselves on the back, pull up a folding chair. Look around. This is the company you are in. And yes, they do all look so very familiar. Old friends?  Have you considered contacting any of your old pals from Fighting Sioux Logo Press Conferences to see if they give a shit about what is happening to the children in their community? Think you might be able to, as journalists and 'friends' maybe, get a statement out of them? No pressure.

Tara Mullhauser, after months and months of doing nothing, has promised that this week she will issue a statement or a report. It's. About. Fucking. Time.

Let's see what she gives out. Let's see what her excuses are. Let's see if she pats herself on the back for a job well-done. It's important, I think, to get this on the record.

The water is still running. The children are still screaming. There are a lot of folding chairs waiting for guests. There's a lot of shower stalls... and these images will scar you for life.

You know where to find me.



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*Updated: Dictionary   **Updated: Third Mandated Report (5 additional paragraphs)

August 13, 2012
Subtext Wrecks
  Printer Version (7)

I was heartened to see how many people responded, intelligently, to the snowstorm of nonsense put forth in that Letter to the Editor that I am certain Vern Lambert concocted.  Most people saw how Vern was just making excuses for why the Tribe was unable to do anything about the children being molested, tortured, abused, neglected and murdered.  It was as if he was saying: Because we are Indians, it's none of your beeswax what happens to our children.  Children are Sacred and soon as we can get the Lake to stop rising (been working on that for 18 years) we'll see if there is anything that can be done for the children. Blah, blah, blah... and more blah.

The Bottom Line is this: The problem has been getting worse and worse. Reports have been filed and ignored at all levels of government.  When the people who really cared about the children, saw that nothing was getting better; that pedophiles were still getting first pick of which children they wanted, and the abuses and neglect were no longer bordering on torture, but were actually torture, stood up and went outside the boundaries of corruption, the inept, and filed their reports directly with those in government who oversee these agencies, what happened?

The whistle blowers were harassed, received death threats, had received letters of reprimand, falsely accused, had the letter of reprimand rescinded (which would not have been necessary if Miss Yvette Rubidoux had done her job properly in the first place and investigated rather than reacting as if whistle blowers were the problem), promotions have been snatched away and then returned. 

The Tribe and various government agencies have conspired to attack the very people who are risking their own careers, safety and peace of mind, to protect the children.  They have done NOTHING whatsoever to investigate ONE case out of over 130+, of fraud, abuse, molest, rape or even baby selling.

They have engaged all their engines to attack the whistle blowers They have yet to apply any of their authority to investigate the crimes, behaviors or situations in the reports.

Thomas Sullivan, Director of ACF, has issued a Third Mandated Report. Three Reports??? How many reports had to be filed before Penn State was investigated? If it is a violation of Mandatory Report laws to not report child abuse, sexual abuse, child rape, neglect--- what do you call it when those who receive those reports-- either do nothing or attack the people who report? What do we call that?

All their threats and letters of intimidation carry a subtext, something understood without being said directly: " Do Not try to help the children of Spirit Lake, under any circumstances-- or else. "

Would we have accepted that from the Penn State Scandal? Why is it acceptable now? Why are those who have conspired to attack the whistle blowers, not themselves under intense criminal investigation? Is their job to protect the corrupt? To protect the pedophiles? Or to protect the children?

Murder Still Stirring

I am still not comfortable with Purdon's office waiting over a year to arrest someone in the murders of Travis Jr. and his older sister, Destiny.  Everyone was expecting Jr. Herman to be arrested. He was the one pointed out by the witness.

It does not take over a year to identify a close family relative and make an arrest. DNA tells you it is a family member and you can narrow your search rapidly on that. But they waited over a year to arrest the uncle of the slain children?

And when asked if there was only one killer... Purdon refused to answer. Can you imagine living in a community where you are pretty sure another killer is still on the loose? How reassured would you be that Purdon's Office is even capable of investigating or arresting, much less actually making trial if they took over a year to identify a close family member and won't even say if there was another person involved--- and everyone in the community KNOWS who else was involved.

Remember how bold Purdon was a few days after the murders? "An arrest has been made in this case." It was the children's Father-- and Purdon didn't say how minor the charges were against the father: "Drunk and Child Endangerment"

Now we get the excuse that they wanted to wait until Tino Bagola was arrested before they released the father? Why? Why did they have to wait? Why did they wait so long? Tino wasn't hiding.

Releasing the father is saying to the community that even though those dead babies were under his mattress for 2 or more days-- he had nothing to do with their murder.

By not saying if there is or is not another arrest pending in their murders, he is telling the community to just shut up and quit bothering him. He really doesn't care if you are safe.

And then he will bring out a string of arrests he has made in OTHER reservations-- as if that is somehow supposed to make the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation feel any safer on their reservation. 

What I get from all of this, is this: Purdon knows how to do his job and can prove it everywhere except SLN. For some reason, he is afraid, or compromised and unable to do his job when it comes to that snake pit.

Meanwhile, just knowing that there is another murderer walking free, related to the most corrupt and murderous family out there, gives no one in SLN a sense of peace, security, or trust for Federal Agencies that ignore reports, attack anyone that tries to make them do their job, and then looks the other way after children are murdered, allowing at least one baby killer, to walk around like he owns the place.  Maybe he owns Tim Purdon?

A lot can be said in things that are not said. More can be read into what is done badly and wrongly and even more can be told in what is not done at all.  Is there a Fourth Mandated Report that needs to be done? A Fifth? A Dozen? At what point will the government turn its sights onto the Facts of the Reports rather than on trying to find ways to silence those who make the reports?

Individuals who stand up to the criminal organization that thrives on the Rez, are also threatened and harassed. Tyson Littlewind and his posse walked up to a man in Leevers  County Market, who is fighting for custody of his child, and told him: "You're a Dead Man." They felt perfectly immune from any consequences of doing this. Threatening a man's life in a public place, is nothing to them.

He told them: "I will be outside", and he slowly walked home. His house is still getting the carloads of 'slow drive bys' and car occupants giving hard stares at his house, so the Police Report that was filed is, so far, just a piece of paper.

But I have news for Tyson and his thugettes: If that man so much as catches a cold, I will see to it that all eyes are looking your way and that you and every member of your family is being asked hard questions, until the case is solved. I don't care if you say he tripped and fell... you'll have to prove you had nothing to do with it. You are that stupid.

Joke Sentences

After watching Tribal Council and others steal the very fuel that was supposed to go to the poor, the elderly and those who really needed to heat their homes, cook their food, and then get off with pathetic, laughable sentences, surely the courts would go harder on the Vocational Rehab Director who embezzled from her program, right?  Money that was supposed to go to help alleviate the 80%+ unemployment rate on the rez, went instead, into her pocket.  Sentence came down to (Drum Roll Please) 3-1/2 months in a halfway house. Wow. (*Slide whistle).

What's the message there? Steal all you want. Don't worry if you get caught. We have prosecutors who know judges who, with a wink and a nod, will let you off with practically nothing. In fact, the expense of the trial, the investigation together will cost more than we will ever fine you.  Not worth it for the government to bother going after you criminals. (Wait! Purdon will show you a list of other criminals on other reservations that he has taken down and who have gotten severe sentences... just none on Spirit Lake Nation. Oh well.)

And, without missing a paycheck, Jolene Crosswhite remains on the payroll of United Technical Tribes College. I took this screenshot yesterday: UTTC


See? Easy.

Dictionary: Media Speak/Speak Media **Note: I have now created the "Dictionary" page.

Here's a Guide to the Subtext in Media:

Renegade, Warpath:

Generally used by media when speaking about Native American Issues and needing to belittle, diminish both the issues and the people (usually Native Americans) who are protesting the wrongs being done or the serious issues such as corruption, drug addiction, unemployment and abuse.  When you hear anyone in media using those terms, they want you to treat the story as a joke.

Media Frenzy:

Apparently used by those representing corrupt Tribal Governments when referring to any attention given to serious matters such as Child abuse, rape, corruption. As was pointed out by commenter in Hot Topics: ThompsonReader sez:

"Who ever wrote this letter claims that there has been a media frenzy. Are you kidding me? Two kids were found tortured and killed and stuffed between some mattresses and there were a few newspaper articles, a couple blurbs on the local news . Then nothing for a year. If those were white kids found in an expensive home in Fargo or Grand Forks, then you would see a media frenzy. The fact is that someone on that reservation wants everyone to turn their heads and stop looking so they can go about whatever it was that they were doing before. No one out there is demanding answers because they know that there is a lot of stuff that will be discovered that they want kept secret. I smell a rat."

So, that pretty much explains how 'Media Frenzy' can mean anyone actually talking about, discussing on any public level, these very real issues that should concern us all. Subtext: "Don't look!"

Further on the same topic, different page: FlyingNurse sez:

"Whenever an organization, any organization blames a whistle blower, they are in fact admitting guilt. If the whistle blower’s claims were false, they would have attacked them on those grounds. By saying the person with the candle (the one who dispelled the darkness and shed light on the subject) is the problem, they are in fact saying they do not deny the charges, they are just angry over getting caught."

Children Are Sacred:

When used by corrupt agencies, it means "How dare you question that we place babies, children, young kids, into the hands of known pedophiles!"

When used by People Who Know and Understand the ramifications of Child neglect, abuse, endangerment and are battling to get them real help and protection, it is a Plea from the core of their being to all Human Beings who should hold the same values.  Know the difference.


Perhaps the most abused word when it comes to First Nations Issues. Sovereignty was supposed to give Native Communities a certain amount of autonomy so that they could pursue their own land uses, their own economic plans, their own religions and to an extent, their own education and governance. It was intended as an interface between The United States and the Native American Nations, essentially the Nation within a Nation cogs and gears.

But it has been used to obscure, cover up and rationalize all levels of crimes against Indian Peoples, by their own Leaders. With the SLN Tribal Council voting, "In the Name of Sovereignty" to remove the photos of convicted sex offenders from the public buildings, they were saying that "We as Indians, will protect pedophiles, rapists, at the expense of the community. We are for Sex Offenders."

Other Tribes are outraged by even the thought of doing that. Which then brings us to the question: "How do we define Sovereignty? Are we one Nation within a Nation? Or are we more than 300 Separate Nations within One Nation with more than 300 different definitions of Sovereignty for each Nation?

What is needed is for All First Nations Leaders to gather in a Congress and vote on what, exactly, Sovereignty means and how it is defined for all First Nations. 

But for now, it means: "We protect sex offenders. Our people have no rights to seek legal recourse for any crimes or offenses we as their leaders, or our families and friends, commit against them personally or as a community."

Complex/ Too Complex:

It means: We can't really justify why we (Native Leaders/All other Agencies/ All levels of Federal, State County Government) we have ignored the crimes being committed. We cannot tell you why we have ignored the pleas for help. We cannot tell you why we have allowed these crimes to continue. We really don't want you asking us because you might find out that we have also been complicit, compromised, or that we have been bribed or that we are just plain incompetent.

See: "Sovereignty" , also "Children Are Sacred".

There are more phrases that are used and abused, and we can, if necessary, update our little dictionary as time goes on. But, from what I have read in the Comments sections listed above-- most people are already wise to all of this. Most people are not fooled and no one is bullied by being called 'racist against Indians'  because they are demanding these urgent situations be dealt with, expeditiously and for the children to be safe.

What does it say when Weenie Boy doesn't attend meetings in his own District? Being both the Chairman and the biggest No Show, shows contempt for community, and cowardice. My guess is he couldn't make it to the meeting because he was in the bathroom, crapping all over himself.  Prove me wrong.

And, Weenie Boy's sister, Jackie, continues to drag herself to that casino job she is not qualified to hold, never shows up on time for, and always looks filthy, unwashed hair, stinky breath, insults the employees and the guests equally? What does it say that she laughs as she gets help to smuggle in her cooler of beers to work? That explains the smell.

What does it say that no one from the County, the State or the Federal Government has, despite whistle blowers, Despite 3 Mandatory Reports... Despite the public outcry over the murders of the children, the embezzlement of funds... that none of the criminals involved have lost their job, or even been investigated? 

What does it say that those who are doing their job, standing up to the corruption, get no help from the very Government that is supposed to be protecting those same children? That in fact, that very government threatens, reprimands, intimidates those who are doing the right thing while those who commit crimes against children, continue to have free and complete access to the most vulnerable children-- what does that say to all of us? Anyone? Buehler?

The Subtext is clear. Government supports Criminals. Government protects criminals. Government is complicit in those crimes.

You know where to find me.



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August 10, 2012
The Orphan Joke  --- Printer Version (7)

Stop me if you already heard this one:

A man murders both his parents. He then demands mercy from the Judge because he is an "orphan"

I think of that joke every time I read that the Tribe is still justifying and rationalizing it's abuse, neglect and endangerment of children by saying " turnover, burn out, in Tribal Social Services is a major problem." 

Yes, by ignoring the reports, the warnings, and by threatening and then firing those who are doing their job, leaving only the incompetent and a few remnants of integrity, which you threaten and harass-- especially the firing part, does tend to create a 'problem with turnover and burn out,' in Tribal Social Services.

Same as saying: "We harass and abuse those who do their jobs, threaten, intimidate and fire them. None of this is our fault! We just can't keep good help!"

Losing the Funding because of Corruption and then saying: "We aren't getting enough money to solve our problems," also hilarious.

But Wait! There's More! If You Buy That, We'll Include...

... a bizarre, rambling letter to the Editor of the Devils Lake Journal, which was signed "Spirit Lake Tribe" rather than the name of the author, so no one really knows if that person is the Spirit Lake Spokesmodel or not... wherein there was no mention of the ongoing abuse and murders of the children as a problem.  Rather, the problem was:

Dr. Tilus: An eminently qualified and dedicated, knowledgeable and educated person who, after years of being ignored when he raised alarms about children being placed in harm, and being harmed, contacted every government agency responsible.

This caused embarrassment to the Tribe. And we know, embarrassing the tribe, especially where the corrupt have been running things for decades, is really much more of a problem than children being fed freely to pedophiles, their funds stolen by corrupt directors, and then dead babies showing up to embarrass everyone.

Thomas Sullivan, Director of ACF: Because he's over 1000 miles away... So, Dr. Tilus is too close and Sullivan is too far away? Is there a Mama Bear, Just Right in all of this nonsense?  It is his job to know what is going on. He is the Director of Region 8! But according to the coward who signs his name as "Tribe of Spirit Lake Nation" -- it's none of his beeswax. Clearly, offended when anyone in government actually does their job, I can see where this is the main concern for ToSLN.

Flooding:  I kid you not. Somehow, because the Tribe has been dealing with the flooding... they can't protect their children?

No One Talked To Us: Claiming that no one has sat down with the Tribe on any of this is also laughable.  The Tribal Council made themselves scarce, not returning calls, not being in... and everyone was trying to talk to them. Those who managed, got stock answer: "The Children are Sacred" (So we feed them to pedophiles and how DARE ANYONE EMBARRASS US by pointing it out!)

Not Enough Money: Of course. The Casino makes no money. (snort) And all the money that Social Services Director Kevin Dauphinais gave himself, his family, and took away from every Foster Child or fake Foster Child out there... was not enough as it was... so when they took that away, Kevin's family, started to run low on cash? Please, if you are not racist, give more money to these needy Indians (show sad Indian Faces) so they can, maybe, give some of it to the children and the programs for which it was intended. If you cannot send enough money for them to steal for themselves, consider sending more, so that someday, maybe, some of it will 'trickle down' to the people to whom it was actually owed. Maybe... (I told you they would start saying there was not enough money!) It's hard to get enough money for a program when you have to factor in the embezzlement, outright theft, and somewhere down the line, maybe the kids?

Outsiders: Yes, include me in this. We are all interfering with their up til now, easy life of taking what they want from the most vulnerable and not giving a crap whom they hurt, who got raped, who got murdered and who suicided.

I have news for youz: All this information came from the INSIDE. All that intimidation, threatening, harassing; all the beatings and the bullying, for some reason, just not keeping a lid on this anymore. Not like it used to.  We "Outsiders" are questioning the practices of placing children in dangerous homes, taking their money, feeding them to pedophiles. Don't we understand your noble 'sovereignty'? How does caring about what happens to the children, what happens to their families, what happens to the community hurt you? You call that 'racism'. Yes, caring about people is so racist. Caring about children is so racist. Questioning the corrupt practices of Tribal Agencies, Government, State, Local, Federal... that is just soooo racist!

Let's get our Warrior Faces on and go talk about Fighting Sioux Logo. Shall we? Here, I will sing you an Honor Song... Cameras ready? Anna one, Anna Twooo... anna Threeee.... (cue the bubble machine)

The letter rambled on as if they were making legally valid points, which they were not.  They try to make it sound like racism when people on the outside, looking in, horrified, demand protection for those children.

Unable to depend on intimidation, threats, attacks keeping those trapped inside from speaking, the writer now hopes to make it sound too complex for our simple minds to grasp how much they have struggled to fix what they keep breaking. They want to play the race card to shame us from looking at exactly what they are doing.

In fact, the writer opens up with how hard the tribe has always tried to protect children. Coffee through the nose on that one! Really? So, decades of placing children with known pedophiles, ignoring reports of rape, incest and aberrant behaviors, is how your tribe 'works diligently to protect the children'?  Clearly, if that is your best effort, and these problems are only getting worse, you are saying that your tribe is incapable of protecting any of the children. And that, my friends, is becoming more obvious by the day.

The Writer claiming to be the Spokes Person for the Entire Tribe, never signed his name. My money is on it being Vern Lambert who has a legalize, piggy Latin way of putting things so he sounds smarter than he is. It only works on really stupid people. It does not work on me, nor any of the rest of us.

Bigger Guns, Washington DC Comes Swaggering In

Yvette RubidouxMore concerned with how embarrassing this is than how urgent it is to protect those children, Yvette Rubidoux, Director of IHS in Maryland, without hesitation, without investigation, and without a hearing sprang into action to punish Dr. Tilus, one of the most respected in his field. It was fast, it was harsh, it was unreasonable--- and it showed that she has no business being in the position she is in.

He was denied the promotion he had already received, transferred to a posting that was a four hour drive from his home and given less than 12 hours to pack up and go; cut off from his patients, his computer restricted so he could not even access their files to help them in the emergencies created by having him abruptly uprooted from their lives and, despite what she says, there was NO ONE Covering for him and taking care of his patients in his absence.  Frankly, she and everyone involved in that debacle should be sued for the trauma and damage they have caused to the most vulnerable. Further, it is a chargeable offense if you force a doctor to abandon his patients.

When the Letter of Reprimand was published and posted, she suddenly reversed herself and wants to be seen as the hero in this for having rescinded the letter of reprimand, which was clearly retaliation for his doing his job. I still hope he sues the living crap out of her and everyone else in this debacle.

She has still done nothing to investigate the reports filed by Dr. Tilus and by Thomas Sullivan, Director of ACF Region 8. She just wanted to be the bully, embarrassed herself, now wants to pat herself on the back.

See? She can't be corrupt. She's an Indian! To her, the Children are sacred. (But Dr. Tilus is a menace!)

The Clown Car Ain't Empty Yet

The New York Times writer, Timothy Williams has done some excellent pieces on this story. Story Feedback

( I scraped a few of the replies for this piece, in the order they appeared. If you can get to the link, I'm sure you'll find more. Meanwhile.. These: Responses To NYT Article

"Half A Story Is Worse Than None At All

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my grave disappointment with the story “Officials See Child Welfare Dangers on a North Dakota Indian Reservation” by Timothy Williams. The story is an unfortunate example of the bias against American Indians that happens when stories are unsupported by the facts. Mr. Williams contacted me with regard to some data on the rates of child abuse on reservations. As the director of the National Indian Child Welfare Association I provided information to him that refutes his misleading claims of rampant child abuse on “reservations.” We also offered to provide data from published studies which help illustrate the complexities of Indian child welfare in reservation communities. The reporter chose not to pursue the facts but instead chose to paint all Indian tribes with the same brush. I expected a higher standard of reporting from The New York Times.

Terry Cross
Executive Director
National Indian Child Welfare Association
Weds 11:14PM

Considering Terry Cross's position, this level of unabashed ignorance and twisting of the content of the story is stunning.

"Unsupported by the facts"? Seriously? The facts were clearly well-researched and laid out.

If Terry Cross has valid information that "refutes" the reports of rampant child abuse, I'd like to see them. So would everyone else. He was very specific about which Reservation and was in no way painting all reservations with the same brush, as Cross contends. But He/she has to contend that or pretending to be racially offended by the article, would be laughable. He/She has to pretend he was being racist.  And yes, we all know how complex it is. So complex that those who commit the crimes are not investigated or punished and those who do investigate, are fired. We know.

It was rather refreshing to see the blowback on Terry Cross from those who responded to her/his faux indignation. Link is provided. Please go there and read for yourself.  People on SLN and other Reservations supported his story, 100%.  They called out Terry Cross-- a person you would think would have been on the side of the children, but whom it turns out, is just there to make sure no one looks, no one questions, no one speaks up.

It does leave people wondering why he/she feels it is more important to pretend like all of this is nothing, rather than stating a willingness to stand by anyone who is fighting this fight on behalf of the children and the families of Spirit Lake Nation.

Clearly, they do not want us to look. They don't like the Light Shining In on Their Dark Places.

The whole web of corruption is shuddering. Spiderlings in the person of Terry Cross, Yvette Rubidoux and "Mr. Spirit Lake Tribe" are desperate, to repair the curtains and webs of secrecy, apathy, indifference that have, for decades, allowed them to swallow children whole and spit their tiny bones out at our feet. They want us to think we are stepping on twigs. They don't want us to look down and see what has been underfoot and afoot, for so long.

Fans of Facts

For those who say 'there are no facts', I give you the Third Mandated Report.

How many Mandated Reports does it take for there to be action? Aside from threatening, harassing and intimidating those who are reporting, what 'Action' does our government intend to take? These are children and situations where children are in immediate and ongoing danger. 

What did we learn from Penn State? We learned that people in positions of power can cover up the most despicable behaviors and actions by other people in power for decades. We learned that people have been killed for investigating those people in positions of power, authority and influence.

What have we seen thus far in what is being reported as happening to the Children of Spirit Lake? The same exact practices that covered up Penn State, with the extra bonus of challenging anyone that reports the abuse as being 'racist' or 'not fully understanding the complexities', blah, blah, blah...

We have learned that people in Power protect other People in Power.

We have learned that children endure suffering, while these political games get played out. We have learned that all the brave, big mouth warriors who did not hesitate to stand up for, gather endless petitions for the Fighting Sioux Logo, remain dead silent on this issue. They will stand up for a Logo, but cover their eyes and ears when it comes to the children. Maybe the smell of rotting bodies will bother them-- but not very much and not for long. Already forgotten. Already looking for more excuses to know nothing, say nothing.

Please, O Brave Warrior Men! Write to me again and tell me how you will fight for these children! *Crickets.

An interesting point in this Third Mandated Report is a note that Kevin Dauphinais, another spiderling whose web has become undone, made a phone call to Thomas Sullivan's office-- to say he tried to bring all this to the attention of the Tribal Chairman, Roger Yankton and that Roger Yankton "made him shred documents".

Welp, that's a felony right there. Anyone investigating? Or is it too complicated?

Ironically, I wonder who prevented Kevin from doing his job and saving those 'sacred children' before Roger was Chairman? I wonder who made Kevin write checks to his step mother and his family as if they were fostering children when in fact, they were not. I wonder who made him not write checks to the real foster parents? I wonder. Don't you?

Are we Racist for wondering? Is it too complex and we can't wrap our tiny brains around this? Are we living too far away and we can't see, hear, know about what is going on?

Are Mandated Reports not factual?

Clown Car Backfire

Kevin, I hope you know that by trying to lay this all on Roger, and your phones and other communications all being monitored 24/7/365... Roger knew about that the minute you did it. You forget that QBall has a drug dealing offspring in Denver that is protected (or claims to be) by the FBI out there. He is one of the Hubs on the Web of Corruption.  He can buy/sell drugs, launder money, with no interference or threat of being arrested.  Wanna bet some of his friends there, or the corrupt FBI (that still hasn't investigated the murders of those children, still covers up for the Bald Man the witness watched commit the crimes) in Grand Forks has already given Roger all he needs to put a hit out on you? You think he won't?

You are no good to me dead, Toy Story. You need to protect yourself and your family.  Now, how are you going to do that?

If anything happens to you, we know where to look.

Clarice will sell you out, if she has not already, to cover her own butt. Who are you going to trust? I guarantee you, Roger knew about this before I posted it. 

If you want to email me your documents, I can make sure that killing you will do them no good and only make it harder on them. That's all I can do from here. Isn't it ironic? I'm your only hope. This is not a joke. I wish it was. You know it is true. You know what they will do. Your fake Medicine Man shit won't work. Start scanning and sending documents. Send in .pdf format at 300 DPI. That's all I can do for you from here.

The next time you hear a backfire-- it may not be a backfire. Watch your ass, Toy Story. They know where to find you.

You know where to find me.


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The Mountain

There were two warring tribes in the Andes, one that lived in the lowlands and the other high in the mountains.  The mountain people invaded the lowlanders one day and as part of their plundering of the people, they kidnapped  a baby of one of the lowlander families and took the infant with them back to the mountains.

The lowlanders didn't know how to climb the mountain.  They didn't know any of the trails that the mountain people used, and they didn't know where to find the mountain people or how to track them in the steep terrain.

Even so, they sent out their best party of fighting men to climb the mountain and bring the baby home.
The men tried first one method of climbing and then another.  They tried one trail and then another.  After several days of effort, however they had only climbed a couple of hundred feet.
Feeling hopeless and helpless, the lowlander men decided the cause was lost, and they prepared to return to their village below.

As they were packing their gear for the descent, they saw the baby's mother walking toward them.  They realized that she was coming down the mountain that they hadn't figured out how to climb. 
And then they saw that she had the baby strapped to her back.  ...How could that be??

One man greeted her and said, "We couldn't climb this mountain.  How did you do this when we, the strongest and most able men in the village, couldn't do it?"

She shrugged her shoulders and said "it wasn't your baby"

Jim Stovall
Bits and pieces 

August 6, 2012---Printer Version (5)

That's a great story. It can have many meanings depending on who is telling it, and how it affects you when you hear it. It's been told and retold in Sermons all over the planet. Different meanings to different people, but this is how it applies here.

What it shows to me, for the purposes of this posting, is: The Power of Love.

Love is stronger than Anger. Anger may get you on your feet, but it also defeats you. It clouds your thinking and you get angrier, more confused, and whatever you are trying to accomplish/achieve, will elude you because you are angry. Like those men who were unable to find a way up the mountain, despite their courage, their strength and their determination... their anger got in their way.

It was the Mother of the child, motivated purely by the love of her child, that found a way to rescue her child. Her mind was not clouded by anger. She was driven by the love of that child to find a way, and she did.

There is nothing more powerful in this world, than Love. Doing what you do for love is more powerful of a motivator than all the anger and all the money in the world.  Love can accomplish that which seems impossible to those who are merely angry.

Nothing Done In Anger Is Ever Done Well

Grandmother whispered that one to me, long time ago. I was a hotheaded kid back in the day. Righteous Indignation was my battle cry and Fury is how I moved. I hit a lot of walls back then. I have since learned to leave Fury behind and climb a few walls, use the currents of the winds and waters to guide me.  They are stronger and more powerful than ever I could be.

The men of the Lowlands were guided by unchannelled anger. Their anger and indignation, their 'wounded egos', blinded them to the trails and means by which they could have climbed that mountain. 

But the mother was guided by something more powerful than Anger, Indignation and Ego. She was guided by Love.

Love is the most powerful connection we can have to one another in this world. Towars our family, our friends, our fellow Human Beings.  Love will show us the way and Love will make us stronger than we ever thought we could be and we will succeed more and more quickly if we act with Love than if we indulge in self-pity, self-aggrandizement, wounded ego anger.

We have to look at each of these children as if they are our child.  We have to be willing to overcome the obstacles of ignorance, stereo-typing, apathy, contempt and misunderstanding, if we are ever going to make any of those children safe. Or for that matter, any of OUR OWN children safe.

Once you see the connection, once you feel the connection-- nothing can stop you. Nothing can stop US.

If you want this done right, do it with Love for those children, and don't stop working, looking, demanding accountability until those children are safe and you know it.  Make this about them.  By doing that, whatever you do, will succeed, because it's your child.

Sovereignty and the Myth of Helplessness

Sovereignty can only protect tribes or their members from investigations or prosecution from other Local, State, Federal Laws, where the Tribes have, individually or collectively, made a law of their own that allows them more rights or different rights. Period. That was the intent behind Sovereignty from the start and it remains the foundation of it today.

Unless each and every tribe has voted to make embezzlement, corruption, rape, child-rape, incest, assault and intimidation a "Right", unless they have that on the books, Sovereignty does not apply. Period.

Any State, Local or Federal Official who refuses to investigate or indict, any Justice System that fails to convict anyone for breaking those laws, is corrupt. Period.

Any government that refuses to be held accountable for allowing those crimes and others, under the auspices of "Sovereignty" is a corrupt government.

What that means, Dear Readers, is this: If Corruption, abuse, assault, rape, incest, murder, extortion, blackmail are not investigated and prosecuted, that Tribe is corrupt. So are the Government Agencies who refuse to step in and investigate, prosecute those same individuals and their tribal leadership.

You thought that all this time this blog was about corruption in Indian Country? Whom do you think runs it? Whom do you think profits from it?

We are ALL Connected. This is OUR Baby.

Unless we are fully prepared to tolerate this in our own communities, we must not allow our government to tolerate it in any community. Period.

It is not, as so many would like to say, "Government inefficiency" or 'wasteful government', or any of the other stereo-typed myths that make us think we cannot make our government work for us, work for the general good and safe-keeping, work for our best interests. Rather, it is clearly that too many government agencies have become, over decades of unaccountability, corrupt.

All this has festered in Indian Country for over 200 years. Now, at our doorsteps, on our streets, locked behind our own doors, we can see it.  Now that we can see it, we should know what we are looking at.

All this failure, all this trash, all these broken Human Beings, all this wreckage and despair-- this is what corruption brings.  And we have tolerated it for too long. We have believed, without question, every lie we are told as if equal to every truth we are told. This is what that brings us. This is OUR Doing. This is ours to fix.

Our Baby

We cannot fix 'them' unless we at the same time, realize that we have to fix 'US'.  By demanding better for them, we are by default, making things better for each of us. By finding and cleaning out the corruption there, we will see that it leads to other places, and we will keep sweeping, digging, sweeping some more, until we get it all... and that will make us all living in a better country.  This is not just happening to them, it's being done to them. WE are allowing it if we fail to act.  If we allow it to continue, it comes, as all things eventually do, to our doorstep.

In many ways, it is already here. We have been looking right at it but not knowing what we are seeing. Now, we can see it all differently-- more clearly, without the clouds of ignorance, anger and intolerance clouding our vision. 

We can NEVER look away again. Ever. Any of us. Ever.  This is why we have to work together.  It isn't just them, it's all of us. This is OUR Baby. All of us. We cannot unsee these horrors. We cannot close our eyes and pretend there is nothing we can do. We can never think again, about 'them versus us' or 'that's those people'. This is US. All of US. As battered and beaten down as we may look; as hateful and intolerant as we have been, we all suffer the same if we don't find a way to work together.  This is US.  If we fail to connect, to unite, to care and to love, we fail ourselves, our children, our grandchildren-- our Babies.

We need government to be accountable. We need it to be efficient. We don't need government to be smaller, we need it to be clean.  We need to hold those who are in positions of law, law making, law enforcement; those in position of policy making, and leadership-- accountable.

We need government that will protect us ALL from the corrupt, rather than a government that protects the Corrupt from Consequences of their actions. 

It starts here, where we can see it the clearest. It moves on into darker places and higher, to people we thought were pillars of integrity, but who were, in fact, feeding off the broken spirits of our children and spitting their bones at our feet; spitting laughing in our faces.

We will find the strength to look, and to see what we don't want to see. We will find that strength in the love we have for Our Baby.

This is our country. This is Our Baby, and We need to take it back. We need to learn to see one another, regardless of who we are, where we came from, where we live; we need to see each other as Human Beings, no enemies. We need to realize how much stronger and how much more power we will have if we learn to love our Fellow Human Beings as we love ourselves.  Love will make us stronger.

We cannot assume how anyone got the way they are. We can hold criminals accountable for criminal behavior/actions and crimes. We don't have to hate them. We don't even have to be angry at them. We just have to love them, as Human Beings, and find a way to end the cycles of corruption and abuse.  We can do that if we are not blinded by Hate, Anger, Ignorance and Wounded Egos.

It's a process. It's easier said than done, but it is the only way we can, in our lifetime, begin to end the cycles of horror and Human Wreckage both on the Rez, and in our own communities.

Follow and support those who do what they do for the love of Fellow Human Beings, rather than the condemnation of Human Beings or groups of Human Beings.  Those who bring Hate and Mistrust, weaken you, blind you, and keep you in fear. Those who bring the Love, bring a force so powerful, nothing in this world can defeat it.

We still have a mountain to climb. That's our Baby up there. The time is now.

You know where to find me.






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